The following story is a work of fiction. This story is a product of the author's imagination and does not bear any resemblance to actual events. The celebrities depicted are fictionalized and do not reflect the actual personalities or sexual orientation of said people. This story also contains explicit dialogue and depictions of sexual acts between adults and/or between adults and minors, which may be either homosexual or heterosexual. If you are underage, please do not read.



The porn flick on the television was loud, nearly drowning out the sounds of the fevered stroking of the enormous cock in the hands of the guy watching it. He licked his lips and panted heavily as his bright blue eyes watched an 18-year-old white girl being gang raped by six older, extremely well-endowed black men. The rapists yelled horrible obscenities at the poor girl, who at the moment was taking ebony dick in all three of her tight holes. Gagging could be heard coming from her throat, but the relentless sexual pounding of the men kept her subdued, and three more black men stood around stroking their dripping penises awaiting their turn at bat. The figure on the couch across from the TV was beating his own meat hard as he watched the scene, dribbles of thick pre-cum spurting every so often from the tip of his dick, a 10-inch sexual masterpiece all its own.

The guy was about 30 years old, but his normal demeanor and looks made him look about 5-6 years younger. He possessed brown hair, parted in the middle, which flopped on either side of his head. He currently had stubble around his full nearly-red lips, cheeks, and chin. He was totally naked, leaning back on the couch with his thin legs spread, and sweat glistened off the smooth chest of his small frame. His hands gripped his monster organ, which was large enough to accommodate both fists, and he was rapidly stroking up and down waiting for his cum to erupt from deep inside his low-hanging big balls. On the TV, the black man who was forcing his chocolate member deep into the slut's throat let out a yell and announced he was cumming. The guy felt his own nutsack draw upwards and prepare to pump its sperm.

Ding-dong!! Ding-dong!!

"Aw, fuck!!" Vincent Kartheiser shouted. Annoyed that someone was disturbing a great jerk-off, he screamed at the front door, "Go the fuck away! I'm fuckin' busy here!!" He went back to beating his meat when the doorbell rang again. "Shit!" Vinnie exclaimed. He jumped up and pulled on the grey sweat pants that was laying on the recliner next to the couch. He switched off the porn and went to the door, lighting a cigarette along the way. He opened the door and said, "What the fuck do you want?"

Standing on the stoop was none other than Aaron Carter. "What up, motherfucker?" the blond singer said. He was wearing a tight black wife beater that showed off his toned physique and bare, tattooed-covered arms. Skin-tight black leather pants, black sneakers, and mirrored sunglasses completed the ensemble. Gold hoop earrings in each ear twinkled in the sunlight, and a thick brown cigar protruded from Aaron's mouth.

Vinnie's scowl changed to a wide grin. "Holy shit, man, I was gonna fuckin' beat your ass. Glad it's you. Come on in, bitch."

Aaron entered, saying, "You suck dick with that fuckin' toilet mouth?"

Taking a drag of his cigarette, Vinnie grinned. "You fuckin' know it, slut." He blew smoke into Aaron's face and plopped down on the couch. "Whassup?"

Aaron sat down next to Vinnie and drew heavily on his cigar. "Here's your movie, dude. Fuckin' hot shit on that thing."

Vinnie took the DVD Aaron handed him and put it on the end table next to the couch. "Fuck, yeah, man. That shit gets me off. I love watchin' older dudes bangin' kids. I knew you'd like it. Bet you shot your load all over the fuckin' place."

Aaron nodded. "Watched it four times, man. That scene with the kid getting' plowed on the back of that Harley was the best. Fucked my boy to it. Fucked him hard, too."

"No, shit," Vinnie said. "You're gonna have to bring that little fucker over here so he can take a ride on a real cock." He grabbed his still hard member through his sweat pants and rubbed it. "Think he's ready to take my johnson?"

Aaron drew on his cigar. "Oh, fuck, yeah. Nick's raped him. Your cock's no bigger'n my bro's, so he can take it."

Vinnie finished his cigarette and extinguished it. "Fuck, man, that was a rhetorical question. I'd make him take it whether he fuckin' wanted it or not."

Aaron leaned back on the couch, and for several minutes, neither boy said anything. Aaron quietly smoked for a couple of minutes and then asked, "So, whatcha been up to today?"

Vinnie again grabbed his dick. "Was in the middle of jackin' off when you showed up. That's why I fuckin' yelled when you rang the fuckin' doorbell." He looked at Aaron and licked his lips obscenely. "And since you're here, fucker, and since you interrupted me, I think you oughta fuckin' make it up to me." He reached over and snatched the cigar out of Aaron's mouth. "Gimme that, bitch. I got another use for your fuckin' mouth." He put his hand between Aaron's legs and squeezed the growing boner he found there. "Looks like you want it, too." Aaron breathed hard. Vinnie let go and removed his pants, letting his blood-engorged horse cock free. It bounced against his skinny torso, the head reaching above his belly button. Pre-cum flew a bit up his abs, and Aaron licked his lips at the sight. Although Vinnie's cock was 10 inches like Nick's, it was much thicker. Vinnie put the cigar in his mouth and puffed. "Whatcha waitin' for, you hot slut. Get on this dick." He grabbed Aaron by the back of the head and pulled his hair. "Suck it."

He pulled Aaron's face down to his crotch, and the blond singer wrapped his pink lips around the head. Once it was in his mouth, Vinnie shoved his head down until Aaron's lips met the hairy pubes at the base. Aaron choked, and Vinnie grunted around the cigar in his mouth, smoked streaming from the corners. "Take my fuck stick, bitch. You know you like it." He kept pressing Aaron down and felt his cock being squeezed by the boy's throat. "That's it. Fuck!" Holding Aaron's head, Vinnie began fucking his hips up into the singer's face. Aaron wasn't ready for such a face-fuck and kept gurgling around the invading penis. This vibrated Vinnie's shaft, and the older actor groaned in pleasure. "Fuck," Vinnie moaned again. "Gonna fuckin' rape that throat, bitch. Make my dick feel good."

The actor didn't let up. Aaron blinked away the tears in his brown eyes. He knew what was going to happen when he came to Vinnie's house. He knew he was going to get raped. Vinnie may have not been as built as Aaron, but he was very strong despite his thin frame. He also was extremely rough in bed, as Aaron well knew. The first time he had met Vinnie was on the set of Another Day in Paradise when Aaron was only 11. Nick had already taken his cherry the year before and had raped him repeatedly since. Vinnie, 19 at the time, had spied Aaron several times while he was filming one of the two sex scenes in the movie. The younger boy had been standing to the side with a hand in his pocket, quite obviously masturbating. When the scene was done, the crew took a two-hour lunch, at which time Vinnie had taken Aaron to his dressing trailer and proceeded to rape the young boy twice in a row brutally, unloading his cum once in the ass and once in the mouth. From that time to this, Vinnie had a power over the Carter boy that couldn't be broken. Whatever Vinnie wanted, Vinnie got, and Aaron always gave in to the older boy.

Aaron's gag reflex had finally relaxed, and Vinnie took full advantage of it. He grabbed Aaron's head with both hands now and started to really pound his face. The older boy pulled his cock out until the head was just behind the singer's lips and forcefully shoved the entire length back in, over and over. Several minutes later, he pulled out completely and puffed the cigar while he smacked and wiped the schlong over the beautiful face which now looked at him in submission. "Good boy. You like my cock?"

"Yeah," Aaron breathed out.

"You always have, slut," Vinnie answered. He finished the cigar, put it out, and lifted his legs. "Eat my fuckin' ass out, bitch. I want that hot tongue of yours fuckin' deep in my pussy. Do it!" He reached down and pushed Aaron's head into his crack. Aaron instantly stuck his tongue into Vinnie's musky hole and moved in all around. "Shit! That's the way. Oh, fuck, Aaron. Lick me, baby!!" Vinnie gyrated his hips, his hand pulling blond hair as he tried to force Aaron to deeper into his ass. "Love your tongue in my fuck hole, bitch! More!!" Aaron obeyed and stuck his oral muscle deeper into the musky orifice, moving it around. Vinnie moaned and grunted, quickly puffing the cigar heavily.

Finally, after several minutes of this, Vinnie pushed Aaron away and stood. "Damn, you're a good bitch." He crushed out the remainder of the cigar and grabbed Aaron by the top of his head. "Now, slut, suck my dick and make it real wet. I'm almost ready to fuck your brains out." Aaron opened his mouth, and Vinnie shoved his cock down the boy's throat forcefully. Holding the head steady, Vinnie pumped in and out. He got off on watching Aaron struggle to accommodate him, but the singer didn't choke much this time. When his baby-maker was dripping with spit, Vinnie withdrew it and ordered, "On your knees, faggot. Time to breed." Aaron stripped completely and got on all fours in the floor, and Vinnie smacked him hard on the ass. "Assume the position, fuck boy!"

Aaron knew what this meant. He placed his head and shoulders on the floor, leaving his smooth ass high in the air. He spread his legs for easy access to his pussy and waited. To his master, this was the ultimate submissive position for fucking. When he was horny, Vinnie Kartheiser liked to make his prey know that he was in charge, and no other bodily arrangement said it best to him like the way Aaron now lay. The Carter boy felt Vinnie's cock rub up and down his opening, and he asked, "You're not gonna use lube?"

Vinnie replied by first hitting Aaron's ass, causing the boy to yelp. Then, the actor said, "Who the fuck is in charge here? I fuck you the way I want to fuck you. After all this fuckin' time, I thought you'd learn that, you fuckin' bitch." He hit Aaron again for emphasis. "Who's the boss here, little whore?" He hit Aaron again, much harder.

"You are," Aaron whimpered out.

"Damn straight," Vinnie said, and with that he rammed Aaron in the ass, bottoming out in one thrust. Aaron screamed as he felt his love button get smashed by the giant dick head as it pushed deeply. "That's it, faggot. Scream you're fuckin' head off!" cried Vinnie as he felt the singer's walls close around his donkey dick. Without waiting for Aaron to get used to him, Vinnie turned into a wild animal--his only thought was now abusing his helpless victim to get him off. Since he had lost his virginity at age 13, Vinnie almost never fucked anyone, boy or girl, gently. When the urge to mate took over, the actor liked to fuck as rough as possible because it gave him maximum satisfaction. He'd raped more boys and girls than even he could remember, and now was no different. Aaron was a hole to bang at the moment, and the only things important to him were the pleasure he derived from knowing the degradation of using someone else as a sex toy, the sheer ecstasy his dick was feeling now, and the anticipation of shooting his nut. Vinnie barely spoke as he rammed his enormous schlong in and out of Aaron. He repeatedly slapped Aaron's ass and occasionally uttered obscenities at the boy. For his part, Aaron whimpered and squealed, but he felt utter lust as he felt his insides yield to one of the two men in his life that knew what kind of a slut he was. Nick liked to fuck him just like this, and though Aaron enjoyed being on top, he would always bottom for his brother and Vinnie. They brought out the whore in him.

Vinnie started thrashing his head, his brown hair whipping violently around his head. Sweat dripped from his face and torso as he continued his assault. He occasionally glanced down to see his cock appear and disappear into the warm tunnel in front of him in almost a blur. He saw one of Aaron's hands move underneath, and he knew the boy was jacking off. "Yeah, motherfucker," Vinnie spat out, "jack that dick!! Shoot that fuckin' load!!"

Aaron groaned and began ejaculating all over the carpet in long, heavy spurts. Puddles of cum formed underneath him as his cock jumped in his pumping fist. His ass squeezed Vinnie's cock as he came, and he felt his master withdraw from him. He felt an emptiness after the brutal fuck and wished Vinnie would enter him again. His master, however, had other plans. Aaron felt his head being grabbed, and he turned to see Vinnie standing over him, beating his giant cock rapidly. "In your bitch mouth," Vinnie breathed. "I want you to eat my babies." Aaron tilted his head back, opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue. "Good little bitch," Vinnie moaned. He placed the head of his cock on Aaron's tongue and screamed, "Swallow it all, faggot!!" His cock head erupted in a volley of sperm. The long spurts quickly covered Aaron's tongue and face. Vinnie held on to the top of the boy's head, his palm against the forehead, and let two more eruptions happen before he rammed his entire cock straight down Aaron's throat. The blond boy gagged violently at the sudden penetration, but he submitted, knowing that Vinnie wanted to do it that way. The older boy shouted, "Look at me while you eat my cum, bitch!!" Aaron turned his brown eyes up at his rapist and saw Vinnie stick out his tongue, which was long enough to touch under his stubbly chin. Aaron gulped as Vinnie's cock kept shooting seed into his throat, but it was so much it started backing up on him, and white semen began to ooze from the corners of his mouth.

Vinnie held Aaron's head steady while he felt his penis pulse and jerk in the boy's throat. He loved watching Aaron try in vain to swallow all of his baby batter, but he knew that he produced so much that no one yet had been able to swallow it all. Besides, he like watching the cum sluice down his victims' faces and necks.

After finally squirting the last of his man juice, Vinnie pulled his cock out of the warm orifice and smacked it all over Aaron's boyish face. He rubbed the head under the boy's nose. Aaron sniffed the odor of the cum there and almost became intoxicated with it. Vinnie bent and licked Aaron's face clean of the cum, his long tongue moving obscenely over the skin almost as if it had a life of its own. He then bent down and scooped up large globs of Aaron's cum off the floor and shoved his fingers into the singer's mouth to feed him his own sperm. When all the cum was gone, the older boy lifted Aaron to his feet and pushed his tongue deep into Aaron's mouth, and they shared a long, passionate kiss. They went to the bathroom, washed their faces and hands, and redressed in the living room. Vinnie lit up cigarettes for both of them, and they sat side by side on the couch. Vinnie took a long, deep drag of his cigarette and placed his full lips over Aaron's thinner ones and breathed smoke into the singer's mouth as his tongue once again pushed inside. They sat there for quite awhile, smoking and making out. Their sexual needs, for the moment at least, satisfied.