The Acting of Buffy

This story is pure fiction and does not represent the sexuality of the mentioned people. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a trademark of 20th Century Fox.

It was a long day filming an episode of "Buffy". Nicholas, who plays Xander in the show, had just gotten off of the stage. He went into the "quick" dressing room, where there were mainly lockers. He ran into Seth, who plays Oz and David, who plays Angel. They were both getting changed, ready to go to makeup. They left and Nick was all alone. About ten minutes later, James, who plays Spike, came in. He was all sweaty; he had just come from a scene where Sarah beat him up pretty bad. "Hi Nick," said James in a whisper. Nick was taking off his pants, and since he doesn't wear any underwear, James could see the full Monty. "What a dick you have." said James, in his real accent.

"Thanks, but I would prefer it if you didn't...hey, give that back," yelled Nick. James had taken Nicks pants. "Go an' get them," he said as he through them in the hall. Nick put on a towel and walked out to the hall where he saw Joss.

"Hey," they both greeted, and then they left. When Nick walked back in to the changing room he saw James jacking off. "Whoa!" yelled Nick. "What the fuck should you care, you're not one of the faggots, are you?" questioned James, wishing the answer would be yes, "cock sucker," he whispered. "Hey, I'm not gay, besides, if I were, I wouldn't have sex with you!" Nick yelled across the hall. "You're not good enough for me," retorted James.

"Oh yeah? Get on your fucking knees and prepare for heaven you gay jack ass," Nick said. James grinned. James sat on the bench, he took off his shirt and pants, and he pulled down his briefs, showing his 10 inch cock. He had more hair on him then a woman. Nick sat on his knees and took the whole cock in his mouth. He dropped his towel to reveal his now hard 11-1/2 inch fucker. He sucked it, pumping in a rhythm, when soon James exploded. Nick gulped it all down. "My turn" said Nick.

He made James lie down on the bench. Nick crawled up James's body, licking everything. He got to his mouth, and they kissed, James tasting his own cum. Nick moved up to James's mouth and shoved in his cock. James took it whole and sucked it as if it were a lollipop. Nick came in a matter on minutes.

They both got up, and then got changed again, right as David walked back in. He was naked; he had just finished shooting his naked scene, where he came back from hell. James and Nick both looked at each other and licked their lips. James got unchanged again, and showed David his cock, seeing if David was in. David saw his penis twitch, until it rose into a full hard-on. Both Nick and James whispered, "Goody, goody, we've got a fuck buddy".

"No, no, I won't. I'm a girl fucker, I love the feeling of my stick entering a woman's pussy, and the feeling is like..." David tried to think, put Nick interrupted ". Like sticking it in my ass?" finished Nick. "How 'bout a threesome?" asked James. David nodded and he undressed, pulling his boxers down and revealing his 11 inch banger. "Shit, let me have him," said Nick, "I'll do you James at the same time". With that, they all sat on the couch, James on the bottom. Nick lubed up his mother fucker and slipped it in James. Without warning Nick felt David inside him. Nick and James yelled with pain, which were then moans of ecstasy. They all moved in one direction for about two minutes when suddenly someone walked in and said, "Shit, can I have some of that?"

To Be Continued

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