The Acting of Buffy, Volume 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a trademark of Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox, Joss Wheadon and UPN. This is a work of fiction, and does not represent the actual sexuality of those mentioned.

It was a couple of weeks after all of their experiences at the changing room. Nick sat down on his computer and went to his favorite porn sites. He sat there for twenty minutes jacking-off. All he could think about was that day, and he wanted it to happen again.

The next day, Seth, Nick, David, James, Marc, Emma and Sarah all sat at a table eating lunch in a classy LA restaurant. Both the girls left, and the boys were all alone. Seth dropped his napkin and went to pick it up. Sitting across from him was Nick, and Nick was wearing shorts today. Seth could see all the way to Nick's very hard cock. Seth started imagining Nick in all sorts of erotic poses. Seth, as well as Marc, didn't know about the others sexcapades a couple of weeks before. A second later, Nick got up to go to the bathroom. Seth knew that Nick was as hard as hell, and no one can piss when their cock is that hard. Seth told the group that he was going to go to the bathroom also. Seth entered the bathroom looking for Nick. He opened the doors to all the stalls, the last one contained Nick. When Seth opened the door, he saw Nick sitting there, his pants down, stroking his hot 11-1/2 inch cock, surrounded by mounds of hair. Seth looked down in awe, "shit, sorry man, it's just," Seth started.

"Fuck, I don't care. But, you seem to, you seem to care a lot" Nick said as he looked down to the bulge in Seth's baggy jeans. "I see that you could use some wild love. Besides, we've all seen you naked already, remember those werewolf scenes?"

"No, no. I'm not gay" Seth stuttered out.

Nick pulled Seth into the stall. He started to unbuckle Seth's belt, he brushed against his cock while doing this. "No, I...I...can't, I won't, I don't want to" said Seth

"Yes you do, and you will" reinforced Nick. He pulled down Seth's pants, leaving on the boxers. Nick grabbed Seth's crotch, seeing that Seth wasn't fully hard. He started massaging it until it became good enough.

"I..." started Seth, interrupted by Nick, "shut up and kiss me" demanded Nick.

"OK" agreed Seth. Nick then pulled off his and Seth's shirt, then underwear. "Are you...going to fuck me?" questioned Seth

"Only if you'd like me to, would you?" answered Nick. Seth nodded sweetly. They both bent in for a kiss, but Nick pushed Seth down to his penis. "Suck it" Nick yelled. Seth was new at this, but he had thought about it before. He leaned down to Nicks pulsating cock. He took the head in his mouth. He applied some saliva as he moved down on the fucker. Nick then pushed him all the way down, where his nose touched Nick's pubes. Seth moved in and out, in and out, with the aid of Nick, pushing Seth's head forward and backward. "Fuck, Fuck, you've never done this before? I find that hard to believe you mother fucking cock sucker," screamed Nick between moans. Seth kept on pounding Nick's cock. Seth started to jack himself off, moving up and down. Seth reached to Nick's chest, and tweaked his nipples until they became hard. He stopped sucking and went on to sucking the newly hard nipples. "Fuck, you do me so right" exclaimed Nick. They then heard the door to the bathroom open, and then two recognizable voices.

One voice said, "hey, where the fuck do you think Nick and Seth went?" questioned one familiar voice.

"How the hell should I know?" answered the other one. They both knew that these were the voices of James and David

"We left Marc back, thinks we should get him?" asked David.

"No, you can do me fast right?" told James as he reached to David's jacket and pulled it off.

"Guys!" yelled Nick still inside the bathroom stall. Seth shook his head and put his finger over his mouth. "Relax, it's ok" reassured Nick. David and James walked in, seeing both of them naked in there.

"You wanna?" asked James. All, except for Seth nodded. Seth didn't know what to do. David went and locked the door to the whole bathroom while getting undressed.

Soon, David and James stood there naked, showing their long dicks. Seth finally understood.

James took the lead, "Seth, who do you find most attractive, me, Nick or David?"

"Uhm," he pondered, "I guess you David," he said.

"All right then, you go over there," he pushed Seth over to David, "and I'll do Nicky over here."

James went to Nick and started stroking both of their cocks. James lay on the floor while Nick started to lube up. "Get ready for a fuckin' ride" said Nick. He sat on James's cock and started to jump up and down on it.

"Shit, you mother fucking ass hole, you're goin' make me want to cum to early," yelled James.

"Good" said Nick as he continued going up and down. He started stroking his own cock as he talked.

David and Seth looked on. "So, what do you want to do?" questioned Seth

"That!" David answered enthusiastically, "But don't worry, I'll ride you, you know, since this is your first time." David made Seth lie down, Seth's cock straight in the air. David lubed both of them, and started to do what Nick and James were.

"What...should...I... do? Question Seth between moans.

"Talk dirty to me" replied David.

"Okay. You dirty fuck, fuck me harder. If you don't I'll stick something longer in you're whore of an ass hole" Seth started.

"Please do," said David.

"SWITH" yelled James. Nick and David switched. Nick walked over to Seth, and was ready to sit when Seth said, "wait! I want to be on top".

"Fine by me" said Nick. Seth did the same as David, and it went smoothly after a few seconds.

"Fuck me you cock sucker. My dick should go up your whole man pussy," shouted Nick. With that he pulled Seth down, his whole cock going into Seth. Seth continued what he was doing before. "You bitch. Fuck me faster, harder, faster, come on!!!!" screamed Nick.

Then there was a knocking at the door, and a muffled voice said, "guys, are you in there? The door is locked, and I need to piss"...

To be continued.

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