Adam Rickett's Guest Performance 3


Part Seven: Floor Show

But Damien was lost for words. The cotton of Adam's Cks, cradling his hot sweet cock and balls, was rubbing all over his mouth, his eyes, his nose. He could not speak. He could barely breathe. All he could do was want. He wanted Adam Rickitt, like he'd never wanted anything in his whole life.

His young cock, bursting from lust and frustration, was pulsing against his shorts. He let his hands come to his shorts. He rubbed his cockhead with two hands through the cold fabric, and he moaned with pleasure and looked up, with his beautiful blue eyes, at Adam's towering taught frame standing over him.

"Umm. Umm. Um. Yeah! You DO fucking like that, Damien!"

Damien's head was spinning. All the blood in his young body seemed like it was in his cock. He was thrashing now. His hands cupped the backs of Rickitt's legs - just below the knees - feeling the soft downy hair and the warm skin over the taught muscle. He tried to hump his crotch against his master's leg. When he succeeded and his cock touched Adam's knee, through the fabric of his Umbros, he was in heaven: kneeling in front of this porn-star, the star's crotch in his face, his hands on the lads' sexy legs, and his tooling thrilling against the stud's knee!

"Uugghgggg! Adam! Adam! Adaammmhphph!"

"About time we got those shorts off you, mate! You might do yourself an injury!" Adam stepped away from the moaning kneeling student, and ordered him to stand up. Damien did as he was told, but almost cried out in pain as his shorts tightened as he stood and pulled his eight inches of cock hard against his belly.

"Shoes first, stripper-boy!" Adam was running the show.

Damien tugged one of his tennis shoes off, then the other.

"Over here!"

He threw them to Adam, who caught one in his right hand. The star then brought to tennis shoe to his face, smelled the canvas, then licked the rubber toe of the shoe.

"Socks, too!"

As Damien stooped to remove his blue football socks, he stared dumbfounded and lust-crazed as Adam licked the toe of the shoe, making it really wet like he was giving Damien's shoe a blow-job, then rubbed the wet rubber all over his naked chest and hard abs. It was like the stud was in love with this shoe.

"Socks over here!"

Damien did as he was told. With one hand Adam caught one of Damien's soccer socks, while with the other, he pressed the sole of the tennis shoe against his throbbing erection in his Cks. He masturbated with that shoe while Damien looked on amazed, his beautiful blue eyes begging for sex, his cock rock-hard and begging for release.

"Now let's see what a young college soccer-player keeps under his shorts, Damien!"

Damien, in a trance of lust and humiliation, pulled down his Umbros. They fell to his ankles. He kicked them over to Adam. He wore nothing underneath. He never did. His eight inches of stiff student cock slapped hard against his taught belly.

Adam looked at the naked lad and grinned from ear to ear.

"Here, catch! I want you to perform for me, show-boy!" Adam threw Damien one of his own socks. With the other, still firmly in the actor' s fist, he began rubbing his chest, then his belly, then his crotch, then his hairy thighs.

"Wank for me, boy!" Adam's command was all that Damien needed. He pulled the blue football sock over his straining boymeat, stood with his legs apart, and began beating his meat through the cotton, as he'd done so many times in his college bed.

He couldn't believe it. No. Fuck . No! It wasn't possible. Carefully and with a grin that could make Alan Shearer cream his shorts, Adam unbuttoned the fly of his boxers, pulled out nine inches of beautiful blond boytool; and started wanking - right in front of Damien's pretty eyes!

Adam pulled Damien's other sock over his stiffness, covering every inch of his cock with the blue cotton, and the two lads, each in the prime of his youth, each built and beautiful and horny as a jack-rabbit, stood facing each other - wanking .

They moaned as they stared at each other loving the ripple of muscles, the tensing of veins, the hanging open of the mouth, in the sheer pleasure each boy was giving himself.

"Put on a show for me then, drama-boy!" snarled Adam, slowly easing off his wanking, and throwing Damien's sock to the ground. He had his naked cock now in his right hand, the muscles of his right arm flexing and tensing under the taught blond skin. "Put on a show for Adam. I wanna see you fucking lose your load, Damien."

Damien stood naked before Adam Rickitt, gazing at the actor's perfect body, staring into his beautiful blue eyes. There, for all Adam's gaze to delight in, was the handsome college soccer-player he'd seduced in a matter of minutes. He was buck naked, and his eight inches of pure hard boycock was sticking out proud, sheathed in his Adidas football sock, held in the firm grip of his right hand. The boy was wanking for all he was worth. He was wanking like he was in love with his sock. He was wanking with all the lust and sex-madness that Adam created wherever he went.

Adam smiled and continued to wank as he watched the show - just like watching a porno solo movie back home in Manchester - except Damien was sexier, fresher, and younger than any solo artist Adam had ever seen: and he was right here in his own room, doing whatever Adam could command. Damien was achingly sexy, and what he was doing while playing with himself was a real turn-on. Adam stroked his meat, his abs tensing, his breath short, as he watched Damien's show.

The lad had his young eyes closed, his head thrown back, the lovely young muscles in his neck standing out as he clenched his teeth and slid his hand up and down his erection. The sock he was wanking with was now soaking in pre-cum. He groaned deep in his throat. Noises, animal gruntings, and some muffled inarticulate words:

"Mnmnn! Unmnnnph! Aaaaa....Adam! Yeagh! Umnmnph! C'mon, Adam, stud, ugh, make me do it! Yeagh! Ughghg! Adam! Aaadam!"

Adam smirked. He stepped over to Damien's side, and kissed the boy's left shoulder. Then with the purposefulness of a lover, he put his two hands round Damien's back and chest, interlocking his fingers and resting them on Damien's right shoulder, cradling the masturbating young tough. Damien's body thrilled at the touch.

"Come on puppy-boy, let me hear you pant like a doggy." With that Adam began to lick Damien's left ear, lapping and slurping and driving the boy mad with desire.

"Ughh!" Damien wanked and wanked as Rickitt's hot tongue wetted his left ear, his shoulder, and the muscles of his straining neck.

"Good little wanker". Lick.

"Special little puppy". Lick.

Adam's torture was having it's effect on his prey. Damien's breath was coming in short spasm, he was panting like an dog on heat.

As Adam licked the boy's ear, he ground his hard meat, out from the fly of his Calvins, against the naked flesh of Damien's hip.

"All for me! All for Adam! Come on, Damien! Come on, studpuppy! Do it for Adam!"

The college lad's breath was gulps, his legs were going weak, the muscles in his calves tightened up, his balls were contracting into his fit young body. With a final jerk of his fist through his sock, he shuddered his aching tool, arched his back, and let his orgasm tear though his young body. Shock after shock of pleasure and release seared though him, from his handsome head to the muscles of his calves. And he shot.

"Ffuuuuuuuck! Aaaaghghgh! Aaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaam!"

He shot his pent-up wad like only a college soccer-player can! Hot spurts of cum drenched the blue sock, now soaked, drenched in cum, and heavy on the lad's tool.

Adam was hard as a rock, and his rock was grinding into Damien's hip. Damien was spent. He let the drenched cum-soaked sock fall with a dull splat to the floor, but as he did so, he scooped up the gobs of jizz on his softening cock, and licked it off his own fingers.

"Oh Damien, you like eating cum, do you?!" Adam was so turned on seeing a young stud his own age lick his own semen off his fingers, his mouth hung open in lust and his tongue ached to taste that precious fluid.

Damien's lust was abated. He'd shot his wad, and now stood naked in front of Adam Rickitt, vulnerable but maddeningly desirable to Adam who thirsted for that taste of cum. Adam released his lover from his embrace, and stooped and picked up the cum-drenched sock from the floor, He turned it inside out. With one hand he cupped the nape of Damien's neck to hold him where he wanted him, and with the other, like a window-cleaner's apprentice, he began smearing and wiping the warm white semen all over Damien's handsome face: into his eyes, his lips, his ears, his neck and Adam's apple. Damien let Adam have his way, so weak was he having blown his load. Adam let the sock fall to the ground. He came right up to Damien, naked chest to naked chest, Damien's softening cock rubbing against the hardness of Adam's standing stiff through his boxers. Like a cat with cream, Adam began to lick Damien's face, sucking up the thick white gobs of cum he'd smeared there, savouring the acrid taste, and moaning deep in his throat.

"Oh, Damien, your cum's so sweet! Mmnm! Mnmn!"

He let his hands wander over Damien's naked body s he licked he slurped up that precious liquid, like a cat cleaning her kitten. Licking the last sticky trails from Damien's closed eyes, he finished his cleaning and hugged the lad close to him, arms round his back, cock grinding mercilessly into his belly.


Part Eight: And So To Bed

 "Damien," Adam almost breathed the words into Damien's ear, licking the lobe and wetting the hair on the lad's temples, "Damien. You gotta pay Adam back now for being so good to you. Don't you, puppy?" His hard rod poked and stabbed at Damien's stomach, and Adam thrust his slim hips.

"You feel that cock, boy? It's sooooooo dry! It needs a good wetting."

Damien groaned and leaned into Adam's embrace, letting the star jab him in the abs with his hot piece of boymeat. He was exhausted and spent, but he knew he had to do it.

"You wanna suck my cock, puppy?" Lick of the ear.

"Ugh. Yeah. Mnmnmn" Inarticulate groans in the college boy's throat.

"I can't hear you Damien. What was that?!"

"Please can I suck your cock, Adam?!"

Adam's tongue traced a line from the edge of Damien's shoulder right up to the back of his ear.

"What was that, sexpuppy?"


"Yes, Damien, take my boxers off and make me hot and wet, really wet."

Adam stepped back from the lad. His two feet on the ground by the four-poster, he leaned his back against one of the posts, and looking straight into Damien's blue eyes, stretched his arms up above and behind him, circling the post above his head. As Adam stretched, every single muscle in his young torso was exhibited for Damien to gaze upon. His armpits showed a trace of fine blond hair, but the rest of his perfect torso was smooth and soft, and the colour and sweetness of honey. He kept his hands above him, posing for the college lad, and beckoning to come and suck on his penis.

"C'mon, lad! Come and suck me. You asked for it. You begged for it!"

Damien was down at Adams knees, his hands resting on the white socks, his face an inch from the actor's erect penis.

"Take my shorts off."

Damien's hands travelled up Adam's legs, from the cool white cotton of his sock to the white fabric of his CK's, caressing the muscle of the boy's calves and thighs, as his fingers loved the silkiness of the blond fur on these perfect young legs.

With Adam's cock staring him right in the eye, and Adam's naked torso towering over him, Damien's hand went to the waistband of Adam's boxers and eased them down, over his towering cock, over his muscular thighs, the wetness of precum soaked in the fabric wetting the hairs on Adam's upper thighs, and smoothing them dark against his tanned skin. Down to his ankles.

With the nimbleness of a boxer, Adam stepped out of the shorts, and still stretched like a slaveboy tied to a pillar, presented himself to Damien in all his twenty year-old glory.

Damien kissed the tip of Adam's cock. He pressed his tongue gently, tentatively, into and under the foreskin. Adam winced and ground his back into the tall post for the bed.

Damien opened his mouth and took the glorious cockhead into its hot, wet confines, sucking gently and stroking the firm meat with his tongue all wrapped in the hot liquid of his saliva. Adam groaned and threw his head back, his blond hair falling across his tightly closed eyes.

Damien began sucking in earnest, like a young colt not yet weaned, sucking milk from a mare. Running his hands all over the flesh of Adam's legs, he was thirsty for the milk that only this boy could give him.


Adam let out a groan as his abs tightened and his hips thrust. Damien was driving him over the top. He was aching in his belly, tingling in his crotch, and begging in his head for release.

But not like this.

He pulled own his hands from above his head, and taking the kneeling boy's head in his hands, he pulled the youngster off his rigid pole.

"That's all you deserve for now, puppy."

Get on the bed, and be a good little doggy, and Adam might give you something later."

Damien knew in his guts what was expected of him.

As Damien stood up and climbed onto the four-poster bed, Adam saw that the boy's cock was hard again and smiled his shit-eating grin.

"On all fours, Damien."

Damien did as his young master told him. He climbed up on the bed and was on hands and knees, his head facing the elaborately carved wooden headboard, his naked ass facing Adam Rickitt as his watched his boy position himself. With the deftness and fitness of a soccer-player, Adam stepped up unto the bed behind Damien. Kneeling behind the lad, he placed his hands on the cheeks of the boy's ass, and began to massage them.

"You got me wet, puppyboy, and I'm gonna have to use that lube before I dry up again." As he said this he forced two fingers up Damien's hole, making the undergraduate wince and tighten, and yell out in pain.

In a moment of realization, a huge sneering smile lit up Adam's handsome face.

"You never had it up the ass, boy?"

Damien could do nothing but groan whimper. He was in pain, scared, but had a raging hard-on and would do anything for this sex-god who was putting him through his paces.

"You're a fucking virgin studboy, aren't you, Damien?"

But there was no time for a reply. With the knowledge that this would be the cocky young stud's first fucking, Adam was raging with lust.

He placed his hands on Damien's hips, and positioned his nine inches of manhood. In for the kill.

"Aaaaaghghghg! Aaaaaghg!"

Damien yelled in agony as Adam Rickitt's iron-hard tool pierced his virgin boyhood.

"Aaaaagh! Aaaaghg!"

"Take it puppy! Take it! You've been begging for it!"

The two sexy young lads were a sight to behold. The fit wide-boy undergraduate on all four, his tousled schoolboy hair flopping in his face, naked and pinned by the stud who'd broken him in. The blond star, every muscle perfect, clad only in his white socks and a grimace of pain and pleasure, pumping it into the lad under him.

Adam eased out, flexing his hard chiseled abs, and causing Damien to moan as if his whole world were being taken away from him.


The lads breath was fighting in and out of his lungs. He was sweating like a footballer in the 80th minute. His cock was rock hard and aching for release.

Adam bucked his young hips and thrust his tool even deeper this time into Damien's hole. Then in and out; the pain and pressure, the boyfucking pleasure of gut-clutching raw sex.

Adam heaved and groaned. Damien winced and whimpered. The fit young lads were in perfect union. Only one thing remained.

Adam bent his torso over, wincing with the pain of it, so his sweating chest was almost touching Damien's broad. With one hand still on the college boy's hip to steady him in his pounding, he reached the other hand round underneath the lad and took hold of his pulsing tool. He wanked the tool like it was his own cock.

Now they were at one. Adam fucked the boy, like a prize stallion mounting young colt. The sweat poured from their bodies. Their breath was hot and painfully drawn. Their handsome faces both screwed up in pure ecstasy.

Adam's long blond hair was soaking with sweat, and as he thrashed and fucked, and as he wanked Damien off, drops of perspiration rained onto Damien's back. Lost in pure lust, Adam licked up his own sweat from his lover's back. The sensation drove Damien over the top.

""Aaaaagh! Yeaaagh!"

At once he clenched the muscles of his ass, clamping down on Adam's pulsating pole, and felt the gut-churning power of orgasm soar up inside him from the very depths of his being.


As Damien began bucking like a dying animal, Adam could hold back no longer. He threw his head back, sweat scattering from his hair, his eyes scrunched tight shut, his teeth clenched in ecstasy. As he felt the first spurts of warm and gelatinous cum shoot out of Damien's cock into his wanking hand, he let himself go to the power of his orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Damieeeeeeeeeen! Agggggggghg!"

Spurt after spurt of Adam's cream was propelled into Damien's guts as Damien himself gushed out his hot white cum all over Adam's hand, the liquid spurting onto the bed and over his abs and chest.

Supporting his weight on Damien's bent back, Adam withdrew exhausted, smearing the last drops of his studjuice over Damien's ass. He drew his right hand to his beautiful mouth, swept back the fringe of his hair, and smeared his face with the Damien's warm and sticky cum.

Damien dropped exhausted onto the bed. Adam sat back on his haunches, looking in wonder at the perfect body of the boy he'd just fucked, and savouring the taste of the lad's love as he licked his lips.


Part Nine: Après-Sex

 Damien woke up with a bewildered moan. Where was he ? What time was it? He was hot. He was exhausted. He was also immeasurably sexually satisfied.

He woke up because a hand was on his head, tousling his hair.

"Puppydog. Time to wake up!"

He opened his eyes to see Adam Rickitt sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at him. Smelling of freshly-showered lad, Adam was scrubbed, dressed and was ready to go out.

"Party in the Warden's Garden. Remember?

See you there."

- To be continued in the event of favourable reader response. -

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