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Gay love story. Celebrity. Adult. Explicit sex. Five chapters.
A young man rescues a popular Eastern European porn star from a situation and is rewarded with danger, adventure, love and new-found self-respect as a gay man.


Chapter Two

Break a Leg, and More

As Jody headed for the stage, I said, "Break a leg!" He looked stricken until Carl explained that it was an American theatrical expression that meant Good Luck. He smiled and ran on stage. A couple of beats later Carl made his entrance, then it was my turn. I boogied into line with Jody and Carl up stage. The audience seemed transfixed, apparently with awe at seeing Jody in the flesh.

We moved down stage, Jody slightly in front. He made several moves, turned and wiggled his butt. That woke the audience up. Then, he stepped back; we traded places and did likewise.

We moved back up stage and began to squirm out of our shirts. The audience began to clap in time with the music as we twitched with the beat and inched the shirts up our torsos and over our heads.

Tossing the shirts aside, we turned and headed down stage again. We turned and flexed every muscle in our upper bodies to the delight of the gathering. They whistled, stamped and yelled for more.

Moreover, we were ready to oblige. We traded places again and whipped off the breakaway shorts with a flourish. Then, we turned our backs and boogied up stage to torture the audience some more. We hooked our thumbs in the waistband of the briefs and began to strip them off at an agonizingly slow rate. When they were just below our hips, the beat of the music moved into high gear and we danced our way out of them.

As we kicked the briefs out of our way, we turned and the beat changed once more. The stage lights dimmed and a spotlight came up on each of us. Our red, white and blue G-strings fairly glowed.

We pranced down to the footlights and began to work our hips in time to the violent beat. Now, the audience was on its feet, shouting, clapping and whistling. We turned and moved, highlighting every part of our bodies. Guys were standing at the footlights waiving money. We squatted and turned in every direction, allowing them to stuff the G-strings. Wave after wave of them came forward. We laughed and winked and even kissed a few of them.

I was having the time of my life; I had never felt so liberated. As the guys stuffed money into my G-string, I felt their many loving pats and caresses on my crotch, butt and legs. I was full of sexual energy and they were appreciating it. And I deserved their appreciation!

The music changed again, announcing the finale. We backed up a few steps, with Jody in the center, and began to thrust our hips forward in the most suggestive moves yet. My dick had been half-hard from the beginning and it now began to fatten in earnest. I glanced at Jody and Carl and found them in the same state. We grinned at each other and Jody nodded.

He took a step forward and began to massage his G-string lewdly. Carl and I looked quickly at each other and began to do the same. We came abreast of Jody and I noticed the tip of his cock sprouting from the G-string. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what he was about to do.

Oh God, he did it!

He flipped his cock and balls out of the skimpy garment and danced a few steps that made his stiff dick swing in a circle. The audience hushed for a heartbeat and then erupted into wild cheering.

Carl and I checked each other and simultaneously liberated our hard cocks. Then we looked to Jody for the next move. With a laugh, he grabbed his dick with both fists and began to buck his hips in time with the music. We did likewise.

The feeling was incredible! My dick was instantly rock hard and I felt as if I could shoot my load right then. I was jacking off before several hundred horny men who wanted to see me do this more than anything in the world.

For several more minutes, we danced, jacked, and flipped our cocks and balls, to the heated delight of the audience. Suddenly, our natural reproductive urges took over and we began to bump and grind our fists in earnest. Through a lust-filled haze, I became dimly aware that two guys in the front row had whipped off their shirts and were yelling for me to shoot on them.

I glanced quickly at Jody and Carl and saw that they were about ready to explode too.

We danced forward to the footlights and began to pound our dicks in time to the intense music. Perspiration dripped from every part of my body as I hunched, longing for relief. At last, I felt the telltale tingling in my balls, signaling the point of no return. I thrust my hips forward and screamed as jet after jet of cum shot forth. They showered over the bare-chested guys in the front row and landed on members of the second row.

Moments later, I regained my senses and glanced over to see the smiling faces of Jody and Carl as they shook the last drops off their dicks and stuffed them back into the G-strings. I did the same and we danced back to stage center arm in arm. We turned as the music ended and the spotlights winked out.

We took six bows to thunderous applause and whistles, and then ran backstage to the hugs, kisses and enthusiastic approvals of Jake, the owner and various stagehands. The owner was dumbfounded when we told him that the jack off wasn't planned. Nevertheless, he wanted it included in the eleven o'clock show.

We were on such a high that we promised him gallons of cum before midnight. But, as we gathered our discarded costumes and returned to the dressing room, I began to wonder if I could jerk off in public again, ON DEMAND. True, the act was a total turn-on to me, but the show we'd just concluded was spontaneous, in response to a new awakening in me. Then I remembered that Jody and Carl had the same response.

In the privacy of the dressing room, I asked them how it was that all three of us responded the same way. They really didn't know. Carl commented that it could have been a combination of the erotic nature of the act itself, our reaction to each other and the reaction of the audience to our performance. I wondered aloud whether they could jack off again on cue. They said they had done it before and would have no trouble doing it again. I said I wasn't so sure that I could. They grinned wickedly at each other and Jody assured me that they would see to it that I was sufficiently aroused to perform at eleven.

With that, we showered and retired to the fold-out couch, with me in the center.

The eleven o'clock show was as successful as the first. The two shows on Saturday were turn-away crowds, as was the Sunday afternoon show. Personally, the orgasms that capped those performances were as intense as the first.

Jody made much more than enough money to return home from the first four shows, but, at the pleading of the owner of the Interlude, he consented to stay for one more weekend.

Monday night Jody, Carl and I went out to dinner and the staff and patrons of the restaurant mobbed us. We loved it! Obviously, we were still on a high from our successful performances. Moreover, we were looking forward to continuing our success the next weekend.

Tuesday night there was a spring in my step as I walked home after work. I was looking forward to seeing Jody; he had proved to be a passionate lover last night. He had kept me on the edge of an orgasm for nearly two hours with his sweet kisses, supple body and nimble fingers. I don’t know why my scream, as I rolled over the threshold of delight, didn’t wake all of my neighbors. And this morning he sent me off to my job with the promise to have a sumptuous dinner waiting for me tonight. In addition, he promised a “special” desert afterward. Wow! I hoped for a repeat performance of last night. My cock became painfully erect at the thought.

It wilted slightly when I saw a black limousine parked in front of my apartment house. My thoughts raced. Had Jody decided for us to go out for a fancy evening? If so, I hoped he hadn’t spent too much of his air fare money. Had the owner of the Interlude planned something special for us? On the other hand, maybe the limousine didn’t have anything to do with Jody and me.

I passed the vehicle, giving it a critical glance. Its windows were darkened for privacy so I couldn’t tell whether anyone was inside. As I took the first step up to my apartment, two large men emerged from the black behemoth and spoke to me. They said that they were trying to locate Jody Marek on behalf of a person called Mr. Pellegrini who wanted to speak with him. One man looked short and squat, even though he was taller than I was. However, he had a small, weasel face. The other just looked the same except he was taller and beefier, like a professional football player. I felt like a child in the presence of the two.

Somewhat taken aback, I asked who Mr. Pellegrini was. The men moved closer to me and the larger of the two explained that Mr. Pellegrini was the person who invited Jody to this country and he expected Jody to fulfill his contract to make a male video.

They apparently did not know that Jody was upstairs in my apartment. At least that’s where I hoped he was, since I didn’t see any lights on in my place. So, as my heart began to race, I hastily explained that because Mr. Pellegrini had not met him at the airport and did not answer his telephone, Jody had returned to the Czech Republic.

The men stepped even closer to me as the larger one smiled evilly. He thought otherwise since he saw our performance Sunday afternoon and heard that we were thrilling our fans at a restaurant last night. He explained further that Mr. Pellegrini had made an unexpected trip to Mexico, but now he had returned and was ready to do business.

Busted for my lie, I began to sweat profusely. I smiled shakily and said that we were celebrating his departure last night and that he had taken a midnight plane out of LAX afterward.

The shorter of the two quickly stepped behind me and grabbed my arms while the big bruiser drove his fist into the pit of my stomach as hard as he could. No sound came out of my mouth, so I could clearly hear him calmly command me to have Jody on these very steps at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. As he withdrew his fist from my midsection, he chuckled softly and reminded me that Jody’s dick had better be hard and ready to make a movie. Then, they coolly entered the limousine and it drove away.

I don’t ever recall feeling so much pain. I huddled miserably on my front steps for several minutes until the veil of red spots faded from my sight and my breath returned. I gulped air as if I had been under water for several minutes. But this caused the spasms of pain to worsen, so I just shivered and sobbed as I crossed my arms over my stomach.

Eventually, I was able to drag myself to my front door and fish my key out of my pocket. As I crawled into the entry hall, Jody, nude and beautiful, emerged from the kitchen carrying a bowl of potato chips. Unable to speak, I reached out to him with a pleading look. With a shocked expression and shout of surprise, he set the bowl on the floor and started toward me. At that moment, a wave of nausea knotted my stomach and I threw up at his feet.

I must have passed out, because I was suddenly aware that I was lying on the living room couch. I could feel an ice pack under the back of my neck and Jody was kneeling beside me, mopping my face with a cold washcloth. My stomach still shuddered occasionally from its ill treatment, but otherwise I felt much, much better.

As my eyes flickered open Jody began speaking in torrents of Czech and plying my face with dozens of kisses. At my blank look, he switched to English with some effort. “Oh my God, I was so worried! What happened to you? Are you ill? Where are you hurting? How can I help you?”

I smiled feebly and pressed my fingers to his lips to stop him. He helped me to a sitting position and I noticed the room. It was beautiful, lit with about two dozen candles. Garlands of artificial flowers decorated the shuttered windows. Arrangements of real flowers graced every table in the living room. I glanced into the dining area and noticed the table lavishly set for two with china, crystal, silver, flowers and two tall white candles.

I began to sob uncontrollably, overwhelmed by my shaky physical condition, my fear for our safety and my feelings for the special man in front of me. It was more than I could process at once; I couldn’t speak; all I could do was clutch Jody to my breast and cry for several minutes. He sensed that this was what I needed and simply held me.

When I had cried myself out, he retrieved two glasses of wine from the table and I motioned for him to sit beside me. As we sipped the wine, I explained what had happened, ending with the comment that Mr. Pellegrini must be a gangster. Jody was unfamiliar with the word and I had to define it several different ways until he understood. Then, his normally sweet brown eyes grew hard and he began to berate himself for becoming involved with such a person.

Finally, I calmed him and we sat holding hands, each occupied with his own thoughts. We had to decide what to do. I turned to Jody and asked, “Do you want to go ahead and make the movie for Mr. Pellegrini?”

Jody’s eyes flashed angry sparks. “Andy, how could you think that I would do work for a man who would harm you?”

I presented him with a rueful look. “Well, if you don’t then we had better think about leaving town, or we will be in real danger. Remember, these people are criminals and won’t think twice about taking what they want. They won’t harm you, but they would probably kill me and…”

Jody’s eyes widened when he saw the horrified look on my face. “What are you thinking?”

Carl!” I shouted. “He’s in danger too! We’ve got to call him!” I fished my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed his number. He answered on the second ring. “Carl!”

Hey Andy,” he drawled, “What are you calling me for? I thought you two love birds were going to spend the evening making whoopee.”

Carl! Be quiet. We’re in trouble. Get over here as quickly as you can.”

What’s the matter?” he asked with alarm.

The guy who brought Jody here showed up. He’s a gangster. He sent two goons over here looking for Jody and they roughed me up.”

I could hear Carl’s intake of breath. “Are you all right?”

Yeah, I’m a little sore, but I’ll live. Look Carl, they saw us at our show on Sunday, so they know who all three of us are. You’re in danger too. Come on over here, but make sure you aren’t followed. Wear a hat or something as a disguise. I’ll be watching for you and open the gate to the underground parking garage. Park in the back, out of sight. Bring a change of clothes. We may have to leave town.”

Right, I’ll see you in ten minutes.” He hung up.

While I was talking to Carl, Jody cleaned up the mess I made in the entry hall. I noticed that he had dressed too. He looked subdued. I wandered over to the front window and peeked out, watching for Carl’s car. Jody slowly snaked his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. “Andy, I am so sorry to have you and Carl in such a mess I’m in. I apologize for your trouble.”

I turned around and gathered him in my arms. “Oh Jody, don’t be sorry. Meeting you has been the most liberating experience for me. It’s changed my life. I would have been the poorer if you hadn’t appeared in it.”

He smiled shyly and started to speak; but, just then I heard a car in the street below. It was Carl’s. I hurried to the telephone and dialed the garage door code. In less than two minutes, we heard Carl’s knock on the door. I opened it and Carl rushed into my arms. “Oh my God! Andy, are you all right?” He released me from his fierce hug and took my face in his hands.

Yeah, I’m fine,” I smiled at him.

He hugged me again and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re okay.” I returned his warm affectionate hug. It felt so good. Then, I looked over his shoulder and saw Jody smiling with a pleased expression on his face.

Carl released me and kissed me on the cheek. He walked over to Jody and gave him a warm hug and kiss, then led us to the couch and looked at me for answers. “So, tell me exactly what happened. I’m kind of in the dark here.”

I started at the beginning and gave him a blow-by-blow (no pun intended) description of what occurred on my front steps. I also expressed the opinion that Mr. Pellegrini must be involved with organized crime. Carl listened and the expression on his face became more grim by the minute.

When I stopped talking, he fiercely slammed a fist into his palm and exclaimed, “Damn, I thought I was through with that shit!” He relaxed and sighed heavily when he saw the questioning looks on our faces. He looked at the floor when he began to speak again. “My real name is Carlo, Carlo Coletti. I was born and raised in New York. My mom disappeared when I was a little kid, and my dad died mysteriously when I was ten. Then, I went to live with my uncle Luciano.” He looked at me. “We’re an Italian family,” he said stressing the word “Italian."

You mean you were raised in a mob family?” I asked incredulously.

Yeah, but I didn’t realize it until I was in high school. I think Uncle Luciano suspected early on that I didn’t have the temperament to be initiated into the family business. I wasn’t sure of that though, so as soon as I graduated from college I told him I was gay and headed for the West Coast.”

How did he take the confession that you’re gay?” I asked softly.

He wasn’t real thrilled, but he loved me very much. My leaving town hurt him more. Hurt me too, because I loved him, although I couldn’t condone what he did for a living.”

Do you still keep in touch?”

Yeah, we talk on the phone at least once a month,” he said wistfully. Then he became all business. “Now look, I know how Pellegrini and his friends work. We’re in deep shit. They won’t hurt Jody, but they’ll do whatever it takes to us to get Jody to perform for them.” Jody started to protest, but Carl smiled broadly and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “But, we don’t have to worry, because I’m going to call Uncle Luciano right now.” At my raised eyebrow, he said, “He’s got contacts all over the world. He’ll find out all about Pellegrini and take care of the situation.”

I gave him a wry look and asked, “Take care of the ‘situation’? Are you being delicate with your words?”

He smiled grimly. “You don’t want to know.” He went to the phone and dialed. Someone answered and he began to speak rapidly in Italian. He paused for a few seconds, greeted his uncle and began speaking in Italian once more--at a machine gun pace--, sometimes angrily and sometimes forcefully. He paused occasionally to let his uncle respond. After the last long pause, he began to speak very softly and lovingly. Finally, he said good-bye and hung up. His eyes were moist when he looked at us, but he spoke matter-of-factly. “He wasn’t pleased about our situation.”

He’ll help us then?” I asked.

Sure. He loves me.” He smiled ruefully. “But he would have to protect us anyway because I’m family. The mob has its own code of ethics. He’s going to make some calls right now. Says it won’t take too long to resolve the situation. But, one of those calls will be to my uncle in San Francisco. Uncle Luciano thinks we ought to fly up there tonight and stay with Uncle Mario until all this blows over.” Jody and I nodded our heads, not sure at all that this would blow over any time soon. Nevertheless, I gathered us into a group hug and we began to prepare for our trip.

To be continued. Chapter three, Sanctuary in The City, will be posted soon.

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