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Gay love story. Celebrity. Adult. Explicit sex. Five chapters.
A young man rescues a popular Eastern European porn star from a situation and is rewarded with danger, adventure, love and new-found self-respect as a gay man.


Chapter Three

Sanctuary in The City

While Carl and I each called our bosses to inform them that we had “family emergencies” and would be out of work for a few days, Jody packed several changes of clothes for us. Next, I called the airline and made reservations for the midnight “red eye” flight to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Carl and Jody made plans to get us to the airport.

While we were closing up my apartment, I took my 22-caliber target pistol and a box of shells out of their hiding place and put them in my jacket pocket. I showed the gun to Carl who nodded his agreement, but I didn’t let Jody see me because he was frightened enough already. On our way out, we made sandwiches of the beautiful meal Jody had cooked for me. With a sigh, I locked the door, I hoped not for the last time.

We moved down the back stairs as quietly as possible into the parking garage, where Jody and I crawled into the trunk of Carl’s car. Rather than lock it, I held the trunk lid closed in case we had to make a fast exit. Carl donned his hat disguise, slid into the driver’s seat and we were ready to leave.

All three of us were extremely tense which made the relatively short forty-five minute drive to the airport seem like an eternity. Carl parked in the long-term parking garage and extricated us from our hiding place. I reluctantly dropped the gun and shells into the trunk. I knew we would never be able to get them on board the plane. As I slammed the trunk lid, I looked into the distance at the long walk we had to make to the terminal. With a sigh, I looked at Carl and Jody and said, “Well, I’ve successfully fought off a couple of muggers in my time, and I can do it again if I have to.”

Carl squeezed my arm gently. “Andy, no one will ever hurt you again while I’m around.”

We gathered up our carry-all bags and made our way to the terminal, breezing through the security check. It was only then that we noticed that it was almost time for the plane to board. We raced down the concourse and arrived at the gate just in time for the boarding call. Carl and Jody looked over the passengers for anyone who appeared suspicious, while I looked for the two goons who beat me up.

As we boarded, we scanned the faces of passengers already seated. Satisfied at last that we weren’t going to be immediately attacked, we settled into three seats on the back row of the plane. Jody took the window seat, Carl took the middle and I sat on the aisle. We held our collective breath as we watched the rest of the passengers board. We didn’t relax until we saw a flight attendant close the door and we heard the plane’s engines start. As we taxied to the runway, Carl used his cell phone to call his uncle Mario to advise him of our arrival time at the San Francisco airport.

Five minutes into the flight, Jody and Carl buried themselves under a blanket to try to sleep. I leaned back in my seat, trying to relax, but my eyes wouldn’t close. I looked at the tufts of sandy and dark brown hair sticking above the blanket and smiled, giving full recognition to how much these two men meant to me. My heart swelled with the feeling. I had never felt this much love in my life. Before I had met them, I was a loner, a gay man wrapped up in his own--well what?--my own self-loathing? No, I didn’t loath myself. Rather, I think I resented being a gay man having to hide who he was for most of his life. So, it wasn’t me that I resented, it was the conditions under which I thought I had to live. And it made me uptight. It made me suppress my feelings. I had never really loved anyone or anything in my life, much less myself. Now, I realized I loved at least two people, as well as myself. And, it felt good.

The part of the blanket covering Carl’s face slowly slid down. Carl was starring at me with no expression on his face. His arm slid out from under the blanket and his hand found mine in my lap. He twined his fingers loosely with mine, closed his eyes and within two minutes was snoring softly.

I must have fallen asleep myself. But, suddenly I felt someone staring at me. My eyes popped open to see a young male flight attendant standing in the aisle looking at me with an expression of recognition. All of my muscles suddenly went tense and my stomach knotted with fear. When we were looking for suspicious characters, we didn’t think about the flight attendants. They could probably smuggle weapons aboard. I wondered if we were about to get our throats cut. Not without a fight! I slowly withdrew my fingers from Carl’s hand and balled my fists, ready to go on the offensive.

The flight attendant opened his mouth and whispered, “It’s you.”

I regained my ability to speak and whispered, “Who were you looking for?” in as menacing a tone as I could muster.

The attendant smiled and said, “You were performing at the Interlude Friday night.” He squatted down beside my seat and continued. “You shot your load all over my chest,” he said with a sense of supreme wonder.

I relaxed and dissolved into quiet chuckles, amazed at the turn this conversation had taken. “You must have been one of the guys in the front row that took his shirt off.”

Yeah,” he said breathlessly, “I’ve had a hard on for days thinking about you.”

I chuckled again. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show.”

The kid blushed and said, “I wiped your cum off with my shirt and now I sleep with it under my pillow.” He grinned impishly. “I may never wash that shirt again.”

I couldn’t think of a reply to that, so he continued nodding toward Carl and Jody. “Are these the other two?” I nodded. “Are you guys going to do any more shows?”

Yeah, next weekend.”

Great, I’ll be back to see you. I’ll be wearing a different shirt. Will you cum on it?”

I had to laugh aloud. “I’d love to. Then you’ll have two shirts, one to leave under your pillow at home and one to take with you when you travel.”

It was the kid’s turn to giggle. “What a great idea.” With that, he leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips. “I’d sure like to do more than that with you.” He noticed Carl’s hand in my lap. “Is he your boyfriend?”

I looked at Carl’s sweet peaceful face and a swell of wonderful feeling rose within me. Looking back at the kid, I whispered, “No, but we’re very close. I love him a lot.”

The attendant gave me a lopsided grin and a wink. “Then there’s hope for me. See you next weekend.” He stood up and walked back to the galley.

I sighed and grasped Carl’s hand once again. I took one more look at his face and noticed that he was wearing a small smile.

The plane landed on time and Mario Coletti was waiting at the gate for us. He was a big, jovial man with a broad smile and great shock of snow-white hair. He was a foot taller than Carl and swept the lad into a bear hug that lifted him off the ground. They both laughed and kissed each other’s cheeks repeatedly. “Oh, my little Carlo, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you.”

I know Uncle. It’s been at least six months.” Mario returned Carl’s feet to the ground and turned to us. Carl introduced us and Mario favored us with hugs and kisses as well. I blushed furiously, but Jody took the gesture in stride.

Once in Mario’s car, he rattled on about his affairs and asked Carl about his life; however, he made no mention of Uncle Luciano or the family in New York. Soon, we were in the city and I was surprised when Mario parked in front of a huge Victorian house bearing a sign identifying it as a bed and breakfast inn. As we unloaded our bags, I looked quizzically at Carl who murmured, “Uncle Mario isn’t in the family business. That’s why he lives on the West Coast too.”

Mario led us into an elegant hallway that ran the full length of the house. He paused in front of a well-polished door with shining brass hardware. “Well boys,” he said gesturing to the door and to one across the hall, “I have two rooms available for you.” He glanced at his watch. “It’s after three o’clock and I understand you’ve had a long hard day. So, I suppose you’ll be wanting some sleep. Here are your rooms. Have a good night’s rest. Sleep as long as you want to and I’ll have breakfast waiting for you whatever time you get up.” With that he waived to us and walked upstairs.

Carl smiled at Jody and me. “Well guys, we made it in one piece. But I’m dead tired.” He gave each of us a kiss on the lips. “Good night.” He went into the bedroom and closed the door.

I turned to the door across the hall, but Jody placed a hand on my arm. “Wait Andy, you should go sleep with Carl.”

I looked at him incredulously. “What?”

Yes, go sleep with Carl. He loves you.”

Jody, what are you talking about?”

I know he loves you. When we were rehearsing alone he talked about you constantly, about what a nice person you are, about how he admires you, what a smart man you are, and . . . how sexy you are.” The last he said with a crooked grin.

I was flabbergasted. “But Jody, what about us? I love you.”

And I love you too. But in a week I will be returning to Czech Republic, and I will probably never return to America. My life is there. Your life is here. You have much living and loving to do.” He looked at me thoughtfully. “You have never had a lover have you?”

I looked at the floor. “No, I haven’t.” I had dated dozens of guys, but I had never found one to love.

But now you are ready for a lover. You have much love in you to give and you are ready to receive love too.” He gestured to Carl’s door. “He too is ready to give and receive love. Go be with him and see if it is not true, that which I say about each of you.” He kissed me softly on the cheek and went into the bedroom, closing the door without looking back.

I was speechless. My mouth opened and closed like a fish. I looked around me, standing alone in the hallway. I looked back and forth between the doors behind which were the two people in the world I loved the most.

I suddenly became exasperated. Shit! What was I supposed to do now? I looked toward heaven and silently asked, “Would someone fucking tell me what I’m supposed to do now?”

Suddenly, all my strength seemed to leave me. My body sagged and I felt as if I would fall. As I put out my arm to catch myself, all my weight came to rest on Carl’s door. To my horror, it opened slowly as I pulled myself upright. Apparently, it hadn’t latched when Carl closed it.

I stood framed in the doorway like a statue. Carl looked up. He was shirtless and sitting on the edge of the bed in the midst of removing his shoes and socks. We stared at each other for a few seconds. I looked briefly toward heaven once more, realizing that someone or something had made a decision for me. I shook my head to remove what must have been a silly expression on my face and asked quietly, “Can I come in?”

Carl stood as if hypnotized and nodded. I took a few steps into the room and closed the door. I turned to him and felt myself shaking. I muttered, “Can I stay here tonight, please?”

He jerked involuntarily and I noticed a sudden rush of tears to his eyes. He brought his hand to his mouth as if to hide trembling lips, an unusual gesture for someone so masculine in words and actions. After a quick recovery, he said quietly, “I’d like that very much.”

I made a move to the opposite side of the bed and he quickly motioned me to his side. Both of us smiled shyly as I stepped up to him, letting my bag fall to the floor. Our eyes locked. Neither of us seemed to be able to blink. I removed my jacket and began to unbutton my shirt. His hands came up between mine to finish the job. My shirt fell to the floor unnoticed along with the rest of our clothes as we undressed each other.

As we stood face to face, naked, we broke our stare and allowed our eyes to roam the other’s body. We had seen each other nude many times, but this was a moment of new discovery and we savored it. Supremely satisfied with what we saw, our eyes locked once more and we began to explore with our hands. As our eyes gazed into the bottomless well of the other’s soul, our fingers roamed freely, with feather light touches, caressing, memorizing. I leaned forward and inhaled the scent of his musk. My mind reeled. I had to taste him too. My lips and tongue caressed the soft skin below his ear. Ah, ambrosia. I knew that all five of my senses were at play when I heard him moan with pleasure. Suddenly, I was overcome with the desire to give him as much pleasure as my soul could bring forth. I gathered him into my arms and my lips traveled up to his, pressing forth for the ultimate soul kiss.

Neither of us was even aware that we had erections until we pressed together in a crushing embrace. The moment our genitals touched, we exploded into shattering orgasms. Our mouths broke apart in silent cries of ecstasy, but we held our embrace as we rode the sex storm, quivering and moaning.

Minutes later, still panting, we found that neither of us could speak. Carl smiled weakly and pulled me onto the bed. I picked up my shirt and cleaned us up, and we settled on our sides facing each other, hands clasped, foreheads touching. As our breathing returned to normal, we realized that we were exhausted; the physical and emotional roller coaster of the day had caught up with us. Carl reached over and turned off the lamp. I settled on my back and he snuggled up to me, resting his head on my shoulder, his arm thrown across my chest. We sighed and were asleep immediately.

To be continued. Chapter four, Double Czech, will be posted shortly.

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