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Gay love story. Celebrity. Adult. Explicit sex. Five chapters.
A young man rescues a popular European porn star from a situation and is rewarded with danger, adventure, love and new-found self-respect as a gay man.


Chapter Five

G-Strings and Things in Lala Land

When we landed in Los Angeles, the weather was the opposite of that which we left. Bright sunshine blessed us from a cloudless sky. I wish that I could say that Carl and I were clever enough to brighten our collective mood enough to match.

During the drive back to West Hollywood, Jody sat in the back seat appearing to be more thoughtful than morose. I wondered what was running through that beautiful mind of his. Carl and I chatted about what we had to accomplish before returning to our jobs tomorrow. We also spoke about the five shows scheduled for the weekend. Jody brightened somewhat and joined in this discussion.

Finally, we approached the subject of sleeping arrangements. A knowing look passed between Carl and I that said we didn’t want Jody to be left alone. Carl had a two-bedroom apartment, but his roommate had moved out last month, taking all the furniture from his bedroom and most of the living room and dining room furniture. So, we decided to camp at my place. Jody diplomatically volunteered to sleep on the fold-out couch in my living room.

We spent the rest of the day doing chores and actually had fun. We washed our clothes; Carl and I called our bosses to report in; we went grocery shopping; I prepared a light lunch; we made a run to Carl’s apartment for more of his clothes; and Carl and I took Jody to a department store and treated him to several changes of clothes. By the time we returned to my apartment, Jody’s eyes were twinkling and he seemed like his old self. He insisted on recreating the meal he prepared for me the night we made our fast getaway to San Francisco. It was delicious, and after we killed three bottles of wine, we were three very mellow guys.

Neither Carl nor I wanted to bring up the subject of Ted, but Jody did. “I am missing him terribly.” At our sympathetic looks, he continued. “As I told you Andy, the night we met, when I have sex, I always look for love.” He smiled, perhaps self-deprecatingly. “You both know that I have had sex with many men. So, as I say, I always look for love. Sometimes I find it, as I did with you Andy. But, most often, it is only sex. How would you say…mechanical…a game…to take one’s pleasure. It is pleasant, but still I look for love. And now I think I have found what I have always been looking for with Ted. This is most distressing for me because now I am about to leave this country.”

Jody, do you think Ted feels the same way?” Carl asked hesitantly.

I am thinking so, but I would like to make sure.”

Throughout this discussion, I noticed Jody checking his watch every so often. When I poured the last of the wine in our glasses, he asked if he could use my telephone, then he asked me to show him how to make a long distance call. He handed me a piece of paper. I unfolded it and read Ted’s telephone number. I placed the call. When Ted answered, I greeted him and handed Jody the receiver. They carried on a long conversation in Czech while Carl and I cleared the dining table.

We washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, all the while stealing kisses and finding excuses to touch each other. When we emerged from the kitchen, Jody had prepared his bed on the couch, stripped to his underwear and was engaged in another conversation with Ted. Jody was smiling dreamily and it appeared their talk was about to turn rather graphic, so Carl and I kissed Jody and yelled “good night” to Ted in the general direction of the telephone receiver.

Safely inside our bedroom, Carl undressed me and began to run his hands over my chest. I stopped him and said, “No Carl, I want the pleasure of exploring your body first.” Then I undressed him, picked him up and laid him gently in the middle of the bed. I climbed between his legs and allowed my eyes to feast. Never had I beheld such masculine beauty, and he was all mine. He watched me intently, eyes glowing, breath short. His chest, crowned by erect nipples, rose and fell in short movements. My eyes roved down his body to his hard column of male flesh. The love of my life offered me his body and soul to worship. And I did.

My hands and my tongue and lips alternated between this genitals and every other inch of his body, bringing him close to orgasm, then letting it subside until he sat up in bed and bellowed, “Andy, I can’t stand it anymore! Please finish!” Obediently, I retracted his foreskin and took him into my mouth. In seconds, his whole body jerked violently. He buried his fingers in my hair and filled my mouth with the essence of him. I swallowed quickly, once, twice and a third time before he relaxed and simply quivered.

I held him in my mouth, motionless. He tasted so good I couldn’t let him go. Bless him, even though his staff was in its most sensitive state, he let me nurse at his teat while he tenderly stroked my head. Only a real lover would allow that. I loved this man with all my soul!

After many minutes, I pulled off him. With my head still bowed, I said with a voice full of meaning and emotion, “Thank you Carl.”

My lover grasped me by my shoulders and pulled me on top of him, hugged me tightly and began to babble. “Oh Andy, I don’t know what to say. That was wonderful. You were wonderful. I love you so much. That wasn’t just sex; that was love. I could feel it in your touch. Oh my God, I’m so happy!”

I stilled his voice with a tender kiss. “That WAS love you were feeling Sweetheart. I don’t want to sound corny, but I was worshiping at the alter of your body. I love YOU Carl Coletti; I can make love to your body; I can tell you I love you; but I hope you also can just plain sense the love I have for you. I’m sending it to you all the time.

I do. I can feel it like a vibration even when I’m not touching you. But, it makes me want to touch you.” He stroked my back lightly with his fingertips. “You feel so good laying on top of me.”

Yeah, when I touch you I just can’t seem to get close enough.” I bent my head and met his lips with mine. I sucked his lower lip very gently until he was humming with pleasure. Then I tenderly pried his mouth open with my tongue and explored the glory of his wonderful orifice. He tasted so sweet, delicious. Oh my God, I almost came!

Carl cupped my face between his hands and broke our kiss. With a look of determination on his face, he said, “Andy, I want you inside me.”

I gave him a loving smile and stroked the side of his face. “You’ve done that before?”

Yes, I can do it easily. But I want YOU inside of me! I want to feel that loving vibration I talked about inside of me.”

I rolled off him and motioned for him to raise his legs. I retrieved a tube of lubricant from the bedside table and knelt before him. What a sight! “Carl, if anyone could exactly define the term ‘bubble butt’ you can. You’re absolutely beautiful!” I said fervently.

He looked between his legs at my throbbing dick and chuckled. “Well, I see one part of your body that appreciates my butt.”

For that remark I nipped his leg lightly with my teeth and he chuckled again. Then, I lubed myself and pressed forward. He moaned approvingly. I continued pressing forward until I was completely inside him. I stopped and held us in that position. My eyes closed, I concentrated intently on what I was feeling. The lining of his rectum encased my shaft lovingly. His body heat warmed me. My most sensitive organ was inside my lover! I settled myself on Carl and kissed him.

How long can you last?” he panted into my ear.

As long as you want.”

Andy, I want to feel you inside me as long as possible!”

In an hour, I had roused us to heights I hadn’t dreamed possible. My erection throbbed inside Carl. Periodically, I began to buck my hips. Similarly, Carl began to writhe and flex his leg muscles. His head lolled on my shoulder, mouth slack, but his hands continuously stroked my arms as I ministered to him.

At last Carl whimpered, “Oh God Andy, it’s too much. My nerves can’t stand any more.”

Me too Baby,” I croaked and brought both of us to orgasm. I shuddered as I erupted inside of him, and Carl froze in mid-stroke and ejaculated, quivering as wave after wave of pleasure overtook him. As the last cycle of our orgasms left us, I leaned forward into his arms, completely spent. I turned out the light and curled on my side next to his body. As I drifted off to sleep I heard a hoarse whisper, “I love you.”

The alarm clock sounded most rude at six o’clock the next morning. Both Carl and I groaned in protest, but we knew this was a workday. Thankfully, it was Friday. He gave me a sweet kiss and a smile. Wow! That energized me for the day. I tried the same on him with similar results. We jumped out of bed and headed for the kitchen. But, we stopped short in the living room to observe Jody laying on his back with streaks of dried semen plastering his stomach and chest, with splotches on his face. The telephone rested next to his pillow.

Well, I guess we know how Ted feels about Jody now,” Carl whispered.

Yeah, I’m glad,” I admitted, “but knowing how Ted feels is going to make getting on that airplane that much more difficult for Jody.”

Um hum, poor guy. Now that I have found you, it would kill me to loose you now.” I gave him a deep kiss for that tribute.

Let’s get ready for work. Should we wake Jody?”

Yeah, after the coffee’s made and we’ve showered.” He gave me a wicked grin. “We could shower together and save time.”

Carl, that’s flawed conventional wisdom and you know it. But, let’s do it anyway.”

When we were dressed, I sat on the edge of Jody’s bed and began running my fingernails lightly through the flakes of dried cum on his body. He moaned, gathering my fingers into his hands and brought them to his lips. Then, he woke with a start. He stared open mouthed at me for a second then gave me a silly little grin. “I was dreaming it was Ted stroking me.”

I laughed. “I take it you two had a satisfactory conversation last night.”

Jody looked down at the flakes of cum and gave me a self-satisfied smile. “Yes, very satisfactory.”

Carl came breezing out of the kitchen and placed a sloppy kiss on Jody’s forehead. “We’ve got to go to work Jody. I don’t like to leave you here alone, but we’ve got to keep our jobs.”

Jody sat up and stretched. “That is okay . . . cool, as you say. I have an errand to run today that will keep me occupied.”

Carl and I passed questioning looks between us. When Jody didn’t elaborate, I said, “That’s fine Jody. Would you like to meet Carl and me at the French Market for lunch?”

I would be happy to meet you there if I have completed my errand. Would you please show me how it is you find someone’s address and telephone number? In Prague we have a book for such purpose.”

We do too.” I retrieved both the white and Yellow Pages books for him.

He seemed delighted. “Ah yes, we have books alike. In this one people are listed in order by their name, and in this one they are listed in order by what they do.”

I nodded my head. “Right, now we must go to work.” I jotted down my phone number at work, as well as Carl’s and handed the slip of paper to Jody along with my cell phone. “Here, if you have any difficulty while you’re out and about, call one of us.

Jody stood and planted kisses on our cheeks. “Thank you. I will be sure to do so. If I cannot meet you for lunch I will greet you at the Interlude at five thirty.” Carl and I scampered off to work.

Jody didn’t show up at lunch, and Carl and I speculated that his “errand” probably involved buying a present for Ted.

True to his word, Jody appeared at the Interlude on schedule, where it was time for another shave down. As I said previously, body shaving is a sensuous act, and regardless of our changed relationships, all three of us ended wearing erections. I shaved Carl with new eyes though. God, my man was beautiful!

By the time we had a light dinner, massaged mineral oil into our skin and squeezed into our costumes, it was show time. I had wondered throughout the day whether our jerk off finale would affect my relationship with Carl, either on my part or his. It was true that Jody and I had been all but lovers during the first set of shows and the act-ending jerking off didn’t color our feelings for each other. Nevertheless, it was with a slight feeling of trepidation that I prepared to mount the stage to a packed house. Carl must be psychic, because he slid an arm around me and murmured, “Don’t worry about jerking off on stage tonight. It’ll just make it that much sexier knowing that your lover is standing beside you and you’re going to get to sleep with him tonight.”

I gave him a squeeze. “How is it that you always know just the right thing to say at the right time?”

It’s just one of my more endearing qualities,” he said with a wink.

Then, we bounded on stage to give a real crowd pleaser. Carl was correct; all three of us must have been feeling extra sexy, for our jets of cum reached the third row of customers. Our cocks remained half-hard between shows and we were steaming for the eleven o’clock show.

We rushed home and started shedding our clothes at the door. Jody bounced naked onto his bed and picked up the telephone, intending to call “you know who” no doubt. Carl and I were naked by the time I shut our bedroom door.

We argued affectionately about who was going to do what to whom, and settled on a long, slow sixty-nine, nursing each other, savoring the sight, scent, taste and feeling. Our simultaneous orgasms were strong, but we fed each other no more than a mouthful of cum. Not surprising, given our two earlier performances.

Basking in the afterglow, we kissed softly for a long time. Finally, I snuggled into the crook of Carl’s arm and lay my head on his shoulder, listening to his heartbeat.

Carl chuckled softly and tweaked my nose. “Well Sweetheart, did jerking off beside me in front of several hundred horny gay men affect our relationship?”

I laughed aloud. “No, I still love you very much.” I paused. “You know, we’ve never actually agreed on a commitment.” I paused again and took a breath. “But I’d like to make one to you.”

Carl stroked my cheek and kissed my forehead. “I’d like that. Do you want to make it formal?”

Suddenly an idea flashed across my vision, raising the hair on my neck and sending a shiver through my body. “Carl, I know that you and I love each other. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you as your lover and equal partner, and that’s enough. But I’d like to do something to symbolize that.”

What Baby?”

Let’s buy rings to wear and have Jody put them on us. After all, he brought us together.”

Carl squeezed me hard. “That’s a great idea. Let’s do it tomorrow.” That settled, we relaxed and slept until nine o’clock the next morning.

We burst out laughing when we saw Jody. “Damn, no wonder he’s a porn star; he must be a regular cum factory,” Carl commented at the sight of Jody, covered with even more dried cum than yesterday morning. “I hope his dick holds out.”

Laughing harder, I said, “I hope my telephone holds out too. I wonder what shape Ted’s in this morning.”

Jody’s eyes popped open. He stretched and smiled. “Good morning.”

We plopped down on the bed and each smacked one of his cheeks with a wet kiss. Then, we told him of our plan. He agreed with a broad smile.

An hour later, we were poring over cases of rings at a jewelry store in the Beverly Center. I learned later that Carl noticed a simple band with a square-cut crown in a Florentine finish. He didn’t point it out to me but watched me closely and eventually saw me spot it. My eyes lingered on it a while; I scanned a couple of other patterns, but my gaze returned to the elegant design. As I pointed to the ring, he said, “That’s my choice too.” I looked at him with surprise. “Spooky huh, the way we think alike?”

We gave our choice to the sales clerk, who checked our ring sizes and went to procure our wedding bands from stock. All the while, Jody had been wandering around checking out other display cases. When the clerk returned with two velvet-lined boxes, Jody hustled over and exclaimed, “Oh, those are perfect!” The clerk looked up with recognition in his eyes. “I would like two of those too, in size eight and one-half, please.” Carl and I glanced at each other with a look that asked how Jody knew what Ted’s ring size was.

The clerk said, “Certainly Mr. Marek,” and looked at Carl and me with renewed interest. Then recognition dawned in his eyes once more. He left for the stock room and returned with two more velvet boxes. He opened them and displayed them for Jody with a flourish.

Jody picked up a box and caressed the ring lovingly. “Oh, but they are beautiful!”

Gentlemen,” the clerk said addressing us all, “I’d like to offer these rings to you at a forty percent discount.” We looked up in surprise. “I attended your eleven o’clock show last evening,” he said primly. “It was spectacular. I was in the third row in front of Mr. Marek.” Then, all four of us dissolved into peals of laughter.

Over a spectacular lunch, we decided to hold the ring ceremony at the beach. At home, we changed into shorts and sandals, picked up several large beach towels and a bottle of Champagne and headed west. We chose a relatively secluded beach in Malibu.

The weather was perfect: warm sunshine and a cool sea breeze. We spread our towels and sat looking at the breakers for a while. This was exactly right. No wonder most of the Earth’s population wants to live at the beach. Finally, Jody moved in front of us and asked for the ring boxes. Opening them, he set them before us. He sat studying us for a moment before he spoke. “Andy, you have something to say to Carl.”

I smiled shyly. This was my idea and I hadn’t given any thought as to what I was going to say. But, as I took Carl’s hand, I was aware that I didn’t have to plan what to say. “Carl, you are the person I love most in the universe. You possess all of the qualities I hold dear within myself and I would like to spend a lifetime sharing them with you. I pledge to be your friend, companion, and lover for all my life.” As I finished, my voice wasn’t exactly steady.

Carl’s eyes were moist as he smiled at me. “Andy, you too know just the right thing to say at the right time. As I’ve grown to know you, you’ve confirmed the impression I had of you when we first met: You are good, honest, courageous, strong, confident, kind, generous, patient, and loving. I value these qualities in myself as I would value them in a life mate. So Andy, I pledge to be your friend, companion, and lover for all my life.” His voice broke completely as his last words tumbled out.

Tears trickled down Jody’s face, but he smiled brightly. “Andy, please give me your left hand.” I extended it and he placed the shiny gold band on my finger. “Now Carl, please give me your left hand.” Carl did likewise. When Jody had placed the ring on his finger, he took our hands in his and said, “I have many good friends, but you, Carl and Andy, I love most of all. You have demonstrated to me, in many ways, the true meaning of friendship. I will cherish you all my life. And you give me the great honor today of demonstrating my friendship with you by allowing me to bless your partnership” He squeezed our hands and gave us his benediction. “I wish that it may flourish forever.” His smile dissolved into a crooked grin. “Now, you may want to seal your union with a kiss,” he said before he broke into a fit of giggles.

I took Carl’s left hand and kissed his ring. He took my hand and did likewise, before our lips met in a tender-but-passionate kiss. Then, we all seemed to settle back to earth. We opened the bottle of Champagne and drank it as we basked in the warm glow of the moment.

As we donned our costumes at the Interlude that evening, I whispered to Carl, “Has Jody said anything about sending one of his rings to Ted?”

No, he hasn’t. He called Ted this afternoon after we got back from the beach. Of course, he was speaking Czech, but I could tell he was talking about rings, and I heard him mention our names several times. So I guess he was explaining our ceremony to Ted.”

Well,” I signed, “He hasn’t made reservations to return to Prague either. I sure hope he’s not setting himself up for a fall.”

Me too. Have you noticed how he smiles every time he looks at us? Like he’s so pleased with his handiwork?” Ted laughed.

Yeah, I told you he was psychic. He sure knew what he was doing with us, and I’m happy about it,” I said, planting a big wet one on Carl’s lips.

Our two shows Saturday evening were sellout successes. At the end of the second show, I noticed the jewelry clerk in the front row in front of Jody. As we entered our jack off routine, I also spotted the airline steward in the front row before me. We smiled at each other. He blew me a kiss and mouthed, “I love you.” I shook my head and pointed to my wedding ring. He made a face, then laughed and took off his shirt, baring his chest. I obliged him by splattering his front with all of my cum. At the end of our last curtain call, he finished mopping the cum off his chest with his shirt and waved it at me shouting, “My travel shirt. I still haven’t washed the other one.”

Man,” I thought, “I love this job. Too bad it’s going to end tomorrow.”

We were more circumspect when we got back to my apartment this evening. We sat at the dining table and counted our tips. Jody finished first and fished his ring boxes out of his pocket. He opened them, went to his bed and set them on the side table. He smiled at us, set the telephone beside his pillow, and began to undress. This was our signal, so we retired to our bedroom.

In seconds, we fell naked into bed. Carl rolled onto his back and I snuggled next to him, resting my face on his shoulder. “Sweetheart, please hold me tonight.” He wrapped his arm lightly around my back and we drifted off into the Land of Nod.

The following morning, we chuckled anyway, even though the sight of our cum-covered friend in the living room was no surprise. We roused him with kisses and ruffled his hair. He smiled as always and gave each of us a hug before retiring to the bathroom.

I offered to cook breakfast instead of going out, since we had to be at the club in a few short hours. The guys agreed readily even though they had never tasted my cooking. I surprised them with eggs Benedict and a chilled Riesling at an elaborately set table. After the second bite, Jody announced that I would make someone a good husband. I gave him the bird with a sweet smile and kissed my partner.

In return for my chef’s duties, Jody and Carl cleaned the kitchen, then we set off for the club.

It was apparent on our arrival that everyone was sad that this was our last show. The stagehands and technicians greeted us with their usual hugs but then turned away with soulful faces. Even Jake was down. He almost cried when he hugged each of us. But, bless Jody, he contrived a plan to give Jake something else to think about. He slipped one of his rings onto his finger and flashed it surreptitiously before Jake. Carl and I took the cue and did the same. Jake looked suspiciously from one of our hands to the other as we chatted about the upcoming performance. Finally, he could contain his curiosity no longer. “Uh guys, I noticed that you’re all wearing identical rings.”

Yeah,” Carl drawled, “It’s funny the way things work out, isn’t it?” and drew the three of us into a group hug.

Jake stammered, “Oh yeah, I guess,” and walked out of the dressing room, closing the door behind him. And, it was a good thing too, because we three burst out laughing and fell into a heap on the couch.

That broke the somber mood. We continued to laugh and tease each other, tweaking a nipple here, pinching a butt there, while we dressed, until we were entirely worked up for the performance.

Moreover, we made it a good one. It was probably the best of the entire lot. We had the crowd eating out of our hands. When it was time for the finale the audience was whistling and stamping and clapping, egging us on. Our bodies were at one with the music. We worked ourselves to fever pitch. Our final ejaculation was thunderous. All three of us were panting and wiping sweat as we stuffed our half-hard cocks back into our G-strings.

After the third curtain call, Jody signaled for silence. Carl and I looked at each other quizzically and stepped back, giving him the floor. When the audience was still, Jody said, “Since this is our last show,” the audience groaned, and Jody smiled, “I wish to make a small speech. I have loved coming to America.” The audience erupted into thunderous applause. Jody had to signal for quiet once more. “I have found all the Americans I have met to be friendly and generous.” He signaled for Carl and me to move beside him. “I have made good friends here, especially Andy and Carl whom I love very much. You will note that they wear identical rings.” He signaled for us to show them to the audience. “They have found love with each other and have become a couple.” The audience applauded wildly. “And I have found my true love here also.” He looked down and to our not-total surprise, Ted appeared in the front row. Jody bent down and retrieved the fourth ring box from the pocket of his shorts, and opened it, extracting the ring. He reached out, took Ted’s hand and pulled him onto the stage. Facing a smiling Ted, he took his hand and placed the ring on it. “Ted, will you wear this ring as my life partner?”

Ted grasped Jody’s hand and said in a clear loud voice, “It is my desire to be your partner forever Jody.” Then, they kissed to the sound of complete pandemonium from the audience. Carl and I took the opportunity to engage in a deep kiss as the curtains closed.

We had to save all of our questions until we said our good byes to the staff of the Interlude. Back in my apartment however, we opened another bottle of Champagne and demanded answers from Ted and Jody.

Jody explained that he had applied to the Czech consulate to extend his work visa until his application for an emigration visa could be approved. Furthermore, he intended to make a home in this country with Ted. He went on to explain that he had a university degree and could find suitable work in San Francisco. He would study hard and when he was allowed to take his citizenship test, he would gladly become a US citizen.

Somehow, I had no doubt that whatever Jody bent his thought to he would accomplish. It also occurred to me that those late night telephone calls to Ted must have consisted of more than just pillow talk.

Carl and I noticed that they could hardly keep their hands off each other. Seeing the need for a full evening of privacy, Carl jotted down his address and handed the paper and the key to his apartment to Ted, saying, “Go forth young lovers and enjoy being together as much as we are.”

We kissed them good-bye with promises to talk on the phone tomorrow morning.

God,” I remarked to Carl as we strolled into our bedroom, “what an adventure the last two weeks have been.”

Yeah, but you handle yourself very well in a pinch. That’s just one of the things I love about you Andy. I’m going to enjoy living with you just to see what happens next in your life.” By this time, I had removed his shirt and clamped my lips tightly to his right nipple. I bit it for that remark.

Ouch! But, I’m going to enjoy loving you even more.” That was the right answer and I believed him.

The End.

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