Fic: Afraid of the Dark II

Afraid of the Dark 

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Never happened therefore it's fiction.

Rating: NC-17.

Summary: Jason falls victim to Michael John's terribly gone awry prank.

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Afraid of the Dark II

"Bye, Michael." Jason said, his blue eyes following Michael's exiting figure. When Michael was gone, Jason turned around and met with David's hazel grey eyes. "A corn maze, David?"

David smiled and nodded, clapping his hand on Jason's back, drawing the boy in for a friendly embrace. "Yes, a corn maze."


Most of the afternoon was spent the same as before with the older singers hanging out together and Jason tagging along like a love-sick puppy hanging onto David Cook's every word. They started the afternoon with lunch at a small café downtown and migrated further into a nearby college town to attend a late afternoon football game. Jason was sandwiched between David and Michael while David Hernandez, Jason Yeager, and Luke Menard surrounded the trio. After the game was finally over as the sun was setting, everyone vacated their seats except for Jason, who was so mesmerized by the beauty of the setting sun that he failed to realize everyone had left him behind, again. Pouting, he descended from the stands and hurried to the parking lot to find David Cook leaning against his motorcycle, smoking a cigarette. Jason ambled over to David and asked the rocker everyone's whereabouts.

"Where's everyone?" The boy asked.

David didn't reply immediately. He drew in another puff before exhaling breathily into the crisp autumn air. Smiling, he answered, "Out to the strip mall for a quick bite before meeting up at the corn maze."

"Okay." Jason responded, his hands digging deep in his jeans, nervously chewing his bottom lip.

"C'mon, don't act all shy around me." David playfully punched the boy on the arm. "Hop on the bike."

Jason nodded and hopped on the bike behind David. David, coming prepared, handed the boy a helmet and then put on his own helmet. When David felt the boy strapped against his body securely, David took off in the direction toward the strip mall. When they arrived at the pizzeria, Michael had already left with his posse in tow. David mocked annoyance as he guided the boy to one of the tables in the patio area of the restaurant.

"Fuckers left before we even got here." David muttered under his breath.

Jason flinched at the profanity, which David noted immediately and quickly apologized.

"It's okay," Jason assured him. "Just not used to all that kind of language from where I come."

David offered the boy a smile.

"You're absolutely precious, you know that, right?" David mused while teasing his foot with Jason's underneath the table. "So fuckin'- I mean freakin' beautiful."

"Thanks. I guess." The boy responded, shrugging his shoulders.

Rose dusted over the boy's cheeks and Jason diverted his baby blue eyes from David's piercing grey eyes. David's eyes continued to burn through Jason's delicate skin as he could not take his eyes off of the beautiful boy before him. Even without the aid of make-up and studio lighting, Jason never failed to take anyone's breath away and at this very moment David was rendered breathless by the boy's ethereal beauty with the sun setting behind him. David contemplated whisking the boy back to their apartment and taking the boy as his own, but Michael's incessant vibrating texts quickly crushed that thought. David quickly waved down a waiter and ordered a classic New York style combo pizza for him and Jason to share.

An uncomfortable silence befell them as they waited for their pizza to arrive. When it did arrive, David dug into the pizza while Jason nibbled on his slice, his eyes never wavering from David's hungry face. Once or twice, Jason couldn't help but giggle at David's sloppy eating habits. The giggle earned him a hard kick to his shin from David as the older singer hauled the boy away to his motorcycle parked just outside of the pizzeria.

"Hold on tight, eyelashes."

"Um...okay," Jason responded, wrapping his arms around David's waist and holding on tight.

David didn't waste any time. As soon as he felt Jason's arms around his body, he sped off into the night, heading toward the world's self proclaimed largest corn maze.


David skidded to the dirt paved parking lot, spinning a bit to a halt in a nearly deserted parking lot. Jason was the first to get off the bike. He removed his helmet, allowing some of his dreads to tumble down to his chest. David smiled appreciatively and jumped off his bike, tossing his helmet on the ground. He grasped the boy's wrist and dragged him into the corn maze. The ground beneath their feet was a little damp from an early morning shower and the air smelled of the eager beginnings of autumn. David led Jason through the maze, not saying much other than pointing at the stars here and there to keep the boy amused. After much trudging across the corn maze, David figured they had arrived at the center of the large corn maze. He turned around and smiled devilishly at the boy.

"Tag! You're it!" David shrieked, taking off in the direction back toward the corn maze's entrance.

Jason quickly followed pursuit but lost David among the many different paths toward the entrance. There were so many paths to choose from, but only one would lead him out of this maze. He chose a path toward his right and followed it for several yards, only to return to the same spot he was standing at when he had chosen his path.

"David!" The boy whined.

When he received no response, Jason crouched down on the ground and uncovered a piece of rock. Using the rock, Jason traced his path along the way to avoid taking the same path over and over, again. It appeared he was making progress because for the last several yards he didn't encounter his markings. Chuckling to himself, he continued to trace his path toward his freedom from the maze's madness when suddenly everything turned pitch black. Not even the lingering moon could save him. Jason quickly shot up. His heart palpitated violently in his chest. His hearing heightened, he could hear no noise from miles away other than his beating heart and heavy breathing that was getting closer and closer. Along with heavy breathing came the emerging footsteps.




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