This story is a work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter

between two male celebrities. This story in no way reflects upon either man's sexuality or preferences.

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Aguero bolted

"You must get tired of these things man" Sergio Aguero sighed.

"Nah man. Love it" Usain Bolt responded flashing his famous grin.

Aguero and Bolt were together doing a promotional event ahead of the Manchester Derby. In between interviews the two had quietly sloped off into an empty hotel suite.

The two kicked back on a couch in the suite both sipping on Diet Coke bottles.

At 6ft5in Bolt was an imposing figure, especially in contrast to the relatively diminutive Aguero standing at just 5ft8in. Aguero was trying to act cool around the global mega star. It was a weird situation for him. Usually the Argentine was the most famous man in the room but with Bolt that was not the case. Also, usually Aguero was the hottest man in not only the room but in the vicinity too. Again this was not the case with Bolt around. Bolt's endless muscles, dark skin, easy charm and disarming smile undeniably made him one of the hottest athletes in the world. Aguero's latin looks, cheeky grin and famous pert ass made him one of the EPL's most handsome studs but in comparison to Bolt he felt rather inadequate.

The two had been shooting the breeze for a little while when Bolt slouched back on the couch and rested his legs on the black coffee table before him. As he did so his impossibly lengthy cock slid to the left. Across the other side of the table Aguero let out an involuntary gasp. Had he just seen Bolt's cock through the leg of Bolt's shorts? Surely not. It couldn't have been. Even a man of Bolt's size could not have a cock that big Aguero reasoned.

Internally, Bolt smirked. Aguero's gaze had not shifted from his crotch since lifting his legs. Whilst Aguero had been deciding whether he had just seen Bolt's cock his eyes had been locked on Bolt's shorts.

Once Aguero had concluded that he hadn't seen Bolt's cock he looked away, cleared his throat and tried to say something: nothing would come out.

Bolt decided to have a little fun. He too cleared his throat, gave his lengthy cock a little jolt and lifted his left leg onto his right. Again Aguero gaze focussed intensely on Bolt's package. That really was his cock. Yep, no doubt about it.

Fuck it was massive Aguero thought. He couldn't hazard a guess at its girth but it was long. Very long.

Bolt didn't say a word. He didn't need too. It was clear to him now that he was going to have more than a little fun during this break.

Aguero nervously sipped on his Coke some more. Neither man said anything. Bolt just teased some more, jolting his cock a little, it slipped further down his left thigh. Not only could Aguero see the Bolt cock through the shorts leg but the shorts now obscenely outlined Bolt's member.

"So man. Yo seen sumthng yo like?" Bolt finally broke the silence.

Busted. Aguero gulped. Here he had been thinking that he had been acting remarkably cooly to say he had Bolt's cock on show before him. Clearly not.

"Just chilling man." Aguero replied meekly. He reached over to get another swig of Coke.

"No worries man. No need to be nervous. Fuck man. I love me a power bottom on my Bolt cock" Bolt grinned.

Aguero spluttered. What had he just heard Bolt say? Power bottom? WTF.

"Err man... er... sorry I wasn't err... it was just there..." Aguero was basically incomprehensible.

Bolt could have let him squirm some more but he came to Aguero's rescue.

"Look man no worries. I need a good fuck and man you should have just said. Fuck, we could have got it on straight away. Now I'm gonna have to fuck you quick."

"No, no man. I don't..." Aguero began to protest.

Bolt however wasn't listening. He was removing the NBA jersey he had been wearing: "Man it's no problem. In fact you'll be doing me a favour. I need to drop a load."

This was all happening too fast for Aguero to comprehend what was actually happening.

Bolt was now towering over Aguero who was still sat on the couch in the same position as when his eyes had honed in on Bolt's cock and given away his deepest desires. Bolt put a hand on the smaller man's shoulder: "Cheer up. I'm sure my Bolt cock will be a nice fit for your juicy footy booty."

Aguero realised this was it. He either got up and left, however awkward that would make the rest of the afternoon or he relented and let Bolt have his way, however awkward it would be having Bolt's cum seaping out of his ass during the remaining interviews.

In reality it was no contest. Aguero looked straight ahead at Bolt's package which was already beginning to fill out. He then looked up at the Jamaican. He flashed a smile and nodded his head.

"Good boy" Bolt smiled back.

Aguero took off his training shirt and reached out for Bolt's still clothed cock.

"How is it?" Bolt enquired as he guided Aguero's hand down his cock's full, impressive length.

"Fuck man. It's huge" Aguero whispered.

"Like it?"

"Oh yeah."

Bolt pushed Aguero back on the couch and dropped his shorts. At last Aguero saw the full magnificence of Bolt's mighty member. So magnificent in fact that Aguero's jaw literally dropped. Bolt took this as an invitation, dropping a long kiss on the smaller man's lips. Their lip embrace muffled Bolt's gentle moans as Aguero really started to work Bolt's cock, pulling and stroking the long shaft with everything he had.

Aguero eyes were closed so lost in the moment was he. Even when Bolt broke off the kiss Aguero's eyes remained closed, taking in the sensations which were overwhelming him. His eyes only opened once he felt the hard dark head of Bolt's cock brush against his tingling lips. Instinctively, Aguero opened his mouth letting his tongue slip out and welcome the hard pulsating cock of Bolt who simply guided his cock inside.

It didn't take long for Aguero to get into giving Bolt a real good blow job.

He played with Bolt's cock as if he were a kid with a new toy. He gave the shaft long, long licks. But Bolt's cock was simply too long for him to manage a lick right up the entire length of the shaft. Whilst this defeated him, the length of Bolt's throbbing cock meant that Aguero could easily beat it with his hand while his tongue lavished the round, inflamed head and the end of Bolt's shaft.

"Yo man, look up" Bolt said to Aguero who had momentarily taken the most of Bolt's cock head in his mouth. Dutifully a stuffed Aguero looked up at the Jamaican stud.

"Smile" Bolt chuckled and immediately took a picture of the cock-stuffed Aguero.

A concerned look flashed across Aguero's face. "Yo no worries man. Just fo' me man." Bolt chuckled. "Come on yo, get working on ma Bolt cock"

Aguero followed Bolt's instructions. He took as much into his mouth as he could, licking and sucking Bolt's lengthy rod. Aguero could only see Bolt's dark meat and kept dark bristly pubes but he could hear Bolt's breath sharply shorten as he bobbed back and forth on the ever slicker cock. Every now and then as a wave of sensation surged through him, Bolt would let out a deep guttural grown - Aguero knew he was doing a good job.

"Man, yo sure are good at this" Bolt said, placing a big paw on Aguero's bobbing head. Aguero didn't let up and so didn't reply. "Shudda had you down for a dirty sub boy."

Aguero ignored Bolt's increasingly breathless chat and turned his attention to Bolt's low-hanging balls. Bolt's balls were every bit as impressive as his cock. Big, low hanging and aching for attention, Aguero was giving them a thorough tongue inspection. He continued to beat the Bolt shaft with his hand while his tongue played with the dangling sack.

"Suck 'em" Bolt gasped. As with every other instruction or indeed command, Aguero complied, shoving his head under Bolt's cock, inhaling his smell and sweat. He took as much of each ball as he could in his mouth. He strained his mouth, lips, neck and throat to welcome them as much as possible. Few of the many sluts Bolt had fucked over the years had been able to take an entire Bolt ball in their mouth and whilst Aguero wasn't one of the sluts who was able to take a ball full, Bolt was impressed. Aguero was definitely in the top 10% of cocksuckers.

Bolt withdrew his cock.

"That was fun and all" Bolt languidly said to his cock sucker "but bend the fuck over man"

Aguero was effectively man handled over the side of the couch bent over the arm and propped up by a couple of cushions.

No words were exchanged, as Bolt rummaged in his pockets and found his little lube sachet. Thats right, Bolt had a lube sachet with him pretty much at all times. No condoms. Just lube. 'Dirty fucker' Aguero thought to himself.

Bolt started to rub his thick cock over the mightily impressive round mounds of Aguero ass. Bolt effectively hugged the tight body of Aguero as he ground his cock over Aguero's increasingly twitching hole.

Without saying a word Bolt drove his fat dark tongue inside Aguero's pink hole.

"Dios mio!" Aguero exclaimed, letting his head drop forward. Within moments Bolt was quite simply devouring the Aguero hole. It was one of the hottest arses in the EPL, bar none. It was muscular, firm but fleshy, round and brown. In fact it was the very definition of a bubble butt. If it wasn't designed for ploughing it was definitely designed for twerking. Aguero could barely believe that someone like Bolt would be so diligent in servicing it - but he sure was. Bolt now had his nose firmly embedded in Aguero's deep crack while his tongue ate out the fleshy, pink, wrinkly entrance to Aguero's hole.

"Yo gotta a hot arse man" Bolt said matter-of-factly as he gently tugged on his still throbbing cock before heading back down and into the Aguero pussy.

Bolt continued by fondling Aguero's also hard cock tugging at the hard shaft as it leaked pre-cum. He moved his hand from his own cock, bringing it to Aguero's ever loosening entrance.

Bolt began to probe the hole with his forefinger before sliding it in inside.

"Oooo si" Aguero sighed.

Bolt poured some lube onto his fingers, then slid two deep inside Aguero eliciting muffled moans from his new fuckbuddy.

"Yo ready now man" Bolt announced.

He withdrew his fingers. Licked the hole one more time. Slapped Aguero's buttock and then mounted. He pressed his own groin against

Aguero's arse, grinding and rubbing his hard cock against the almost pleading entrance.

Taking aim, Bolt placed the head of his mighty cock in contact with

Aguero's hole. Aguero was almost whimpering even though his arse was actually empty. Heeding this caution, Bolt only slowly inserted himself.

"Dios mio" Aguero repeated as his ring stretched wider than ever in his quarter century. He wasn't sure whether his ring would stretch enough. Bolt however was sure. He was insistent and clamped his hand on Aguero's shoulder and pushed once more. Aguero's hole yielded. Just. Aguero just gasped:

"Fuck. Grande no?"

"Yo had not'ing yet bro" Bolt grinned

Bolt began slowly inch-by-inch slipping his cock into the tight, tight tunnel of the Man City star. He paused, withdrew an inch or two and thrust two or three inches in.

It wasn't long before Bolt had found his fucking rhythm. He inserted slowly, pulling nearly all the way out, pausing a second, and then slowly returning to the hilt. Every time he thrust back in, he felt Aguero's body tense. Aguero, gritted his teeth, let his head drop and just let the Jamaican lightning bolt ravage his arse.

Bolt quickened his pace and increased his force, prompting Aguero to reach back and grip his arse cheeks as if to urge him on. Not that Bolt needed any encouragement whatsoever.

"Yo a good slut" Bolt commented as he pounded Aguero from behind, his thighs slapping against the smaller man with each thrust. The pounding was so intense couch creaked and shaked. Without warning, Bolt raised his big black hand and brought it down on the tight brown smooth ass below him.

"Gracias" Aguero gasped.

"Gracias?" Bolt smirked. "Fuck yo real is a slut" and with that he landed a second smack. He then grabbed hold of Aguero's slender hips and pumped harder still.

If Aguero was in the top 10% of Bolt's cocksuckers, he was in the top 5% of bottoms he'd fucked. So much so that he was struggling with his dick. Having not yet blown a load yet he was now fighting the urge to

cum. He also knew that at some point they could be caught and they would be needed for another interview but he wanted to fuck Aguero's tight arse for as long as he could.

Bolt planted a hand on Aguero's right shoulder, holding on to it to steady himself as his dick pounded in and out. This was his typical power bottom fucking and he had concluded that Aguero needed and deserved a Bolt powerfucking.

"Fuck man" he said as he rhythmically but forcefully ploughed the Aguero arse, his heavy balls slapping noisily.

Aguero could feel that Bolt's thrusts were becoming shorter and

shorter. They were also becoming harder and harder. It was clear that Bolt was going to blow.

Then suddenly it stopped.

Bolt withdrew his cock. It glistened but also throbbed angrily. Bolt's entire torso was heaving. He was really struggling to control his cock from exploding.

The hand on Aguero's shoulder now forced the stud back up off the couch and down into his knees. No words were exchanged, Aguero opened his mouth and welcomed Bolt's cock once more.

Aguero stroked the base of Bolt's shaft with his right hand and it only took a few quick sharp strokes and Bolt's knees locked. Aguero locked his lips around as much of the head of the Bolt cock as he could and stroked several more times. The Bolt body was rigid, he uttered a couple of guttural Jamaican grunts as he fired shot after shot of hot thick cum into Aguero's hungry mouth.

"Fuck man. FUCK." he grunted. 7 hours worth of cum filled Aguero's cheeks, who hungrily swallowed every last drop of Bolt's massive load.

"Every fucking drop" Bolt grunted. Aguero looked up and nodded as much as he could with a cock and cum filled mouth.

"Fuck man what a mess yo made" Bolt smirked as he looked at the couch. He'd literally fucked the cum of Aguero who'd blown on the arm of the couch mid-pounding.

Aguero, slumped on the back of his calves, still on his knees and simply shrugged his shoulders enjoying the afterglow of the pounding he'd just endured.

"Yo did a good job" Bolt said as he patted Aguero on the head reached for a cushion to wipe his cock down.

"Back to work then." he chided.

The rest of the afternoon, interview after interview Aguero's arse still twitched as the sensations of the Bolt fucking made his arse muscles spasm in post fucking glory.

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