Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based around the Thunderbirds movie. If the thought of two guys together offends you, you may wish to leave now.

I hold no rights, this is just a work of fiction from my twisted mind.

This part is just a small one to set the plot of the story, the next one will be longer. If you like this please email me drew_sutton@msn.com.

Spring break is nearly here, most of the other students are going home but not me, see i've got no home to go to anymore, my parents were killed in a car crash and my older brother wouldn't take me so now i live at the school. I hate this time of year, my best mate Alan is like the only family i have but now i'm not gonna see him for a while and this is the last lesson of the day and it's the only one we dont have together, my life sucks. The final bell, everyone started running out of the room to go meet their parents, i leave but not so fast and walk to my locker, i'd nearly finished putting my stuff in the locker when i felt a hand on my back

"hey how's it going little dude"

"dont call me that, i'm only two months younger than you"

"calm down Drew, i'm joking"

"i'm sorry, it's just you're now about to leave and i hate it"

"i know you do, i wanted to talk to you about that, i...."

"tracy", the head yelled down the corridor

"now what have you done?"

"nothing, i hope"

"you have a visitor", Alan started walking off

"Drew, come on mate", i grabbed my cell phone closed my locker and ran after him, we reached the end of the hall and there was a women standing there "lady p, what are you doing here?"

"hello Alan, your father is held up in business so he asked me to come pick you up, will any of these charming boys be joining you?" all the other guys started yelling, who wouldn't want to go with them? she's really pretty!

"just Drew", what the heck is he on?


"yeah that's what i wanted to talk to you about, i spoke to dad and he said you can come stay with us over spring break"


"yeah, come on lets get out of this dump"

"hang on i haven't got my stuff"

"you dont need any of it"

"my clothes idiot"

"boys you've just given me an idea, before i take you home i'm going to take you shopping, come on", she started walking off so i guess we haven't really got a choice in this, we followed her outside and there was a massive limo there "parker we're going shopping"

"quite me lady", this is a cool limo, i stood there looking at it until Alan pushed me in

"you are such a dork"

"i really gotta stop being around you so much then"

"you love being around me" Alan replied

"whatever mate"

"oh to be a teenager again, step on it parker but try not to hit any children" bleedin heck this car moves, it didn't take us long to get there "come along boys" Penelope said practically dragging us out of the car, we went into the store and she started finding clothes for us, i swear women live to shop, she found a pair of shorts and a t shirt "Andrew, what do you think of these?" i pulled a face "they aren't that bad, are they?"

"its not that lady p, he hates being called Andrew"

"oh sorry, lets try that again shall we, Drew, what do you think of these?"

"they're really great but i dont think the school allowance will stretch to that amount"

"i said i'm taking you shopping, you dont have to worry about that"

"no you dont have to do that lady penelope, its not fair"

"dont argue with her"

"alan, i cant it isn't fair, she doesn't know me i cant expect her to buy me things"

"nonsense you're a friend of alan's, of course i can, now stop arguing and try them on", i cant believe this is happening, what have i done to deserve this? i took the things from lady penelope and went to a changing room, i've got to get her something as a thank you but what do you buy the lady who has everything? oh well i'll figure it out. Once i'd got changed i left the room and went to meet the others, lady penelope was there but alan wasn't

"hey where's alan?"

"he's trying something on, do you like them?"

"yeah they're really nice, are you sure about this cause i.....", i looked up and alan was leaving a changing room in a suit "whoa"

"you like him don't you?"

"yeah he's cool, just dont tell him i said that, he'll get a big head"

"do i have to have this lady p?" alan asked, i started laughing a bit

"yes you do, and stop laughing drew, you're having one too", damn it, no dont complain idiot she's being nice to you, she passed us both a load more clothes and we went to try them on, i put the suit on first, lady p is so good a guessing sizes, it fits perfectly, i left the room again and alan came out too

"what do you think?" i asked him

"its cool, now you just need to find a date, that should be hard"

"i dont see girls queuing up for you"

"shut up and get changed dork"

"you're just jealous cause i look good in a suit and you dont"

"oh i look good in anything" he replied, what a pratt talk about loving yourself, i went back in and tried on the rest of the stuff, once i'd finished i gathered all the stuff and left the changing room, talk about good timing alan was then leaving too "finished dork?"

"yeah, what about you tart?"

"done, where's lady p?" alan asked, we looked around and couldn't see her, then on of the sales assistants came up to us

"lady creighton-ward asked me to tell you that she'll meet you back at the limo, if you'd give me your items i'll charge them to her account", we done all that and went outside, lady penelope was waiting at the limo for us

"sorry about that boys i had to take a call, alan your father said dont forget to tell drew"

"i wont"

"tell me what?"

"wait until we're on the way mate", ok now i'm nervous, we put all the stuff in the car and set off, "ok before i tell you, you've gotta promise me that you wont tell anyone about this ever"

"hey you know you can trust me"

"yeah but i just wanted to check, ok you've heard of the thunderbirds right?"

"who hasn't"

"well my family is the thunderbirds"

"you're joking right?"

"no, lady penelope is one of our undercover agents"


"yes i am, it's ok parker you can go for it now"

"quite me lady", it was a couple of minutes before i realised what was happening

"is this thing flying?" i asked


"ok just checking, i wasn't sure if i'd been smoking something" we continued chatting for a while then i looked out of the window, we were approaching a massive island "whoa, where are we?"

"tracy island, its home", man this place is awesome, i've gotta be dreaming

"we cant land just yet me lady, thunderbird one is now coming in", i looked out of the window again and thunderbird one came flying past

"bloody hell", i saw the swimming pool open and it landed inside, "i'm dreaming right?"

"nope", this is quality, once the pool had closed parker landed the car "we'll go put the clothes in the room and then find the others", we got out and went into the main building, alan lead me up a few stairs and then into a room "just chuck the bags on the bed, we can sort them out later"

"this is your room?" i asked, alan nodded "bleedin heck mate this is bigger than the dorms at school"

"dork, come on" Alan replied dragging me out of the room, he never stays still for a minute, he's always gotta be doing something, like now most people would just walk to wherever it is we're going, not alan he's gotta run there and he calls me the dork. We ran downstairs, through the lounge which is like the size of a football pitch and then into the kitchen, lady p, parker and a few other guys and a girl about our age were standing by the table "dad!" Alan said running up to him, ok now i feel like a dork! i stood there like a right idiot and then noticed lady p calling me over, phew thank god for that, i walked over to her

"Drew darling i'd like you to meet tintin"

"hey how's it going?"

"not bad thanks, you?" she asked, wow she's nice

"ok now school's finished", bleedin heck why does he always sneak up on me? "jeez don't do that"

"dork, come on i want you to meet my dad", here comes the running again, man why won't he stand still? "dad this is Andrew", oh evil look time

"nice to finally meet you Drew, Alan's told me a lot about you"

"nice to meet you too Mr Tracy"

"call me Jeff", now Alan's brothers are here too

"and this is Scott, Virgil and Gordon"

"hey" i said then my cell rang, i took it out of my pocket and looked at the display oh that's just great my brother "Jake, how's it go....", he wants to know where i am "i'm at a friends....", he wants me to go back to the school? is he totally insane? there's no way i'm going back to that dump til after spring break "get lost Jake", i ended the call and put the phone back into my pocket

"everything ok?" Jeff asked

"yeah just my dumb bro...." it's ringing again...Jake, doesn't he get the message?

"chuck it here" Scott said, i gave him the phone and he answered it "hello?.... he's busy.... no he won't be available til after spring break.... he's having a life, you should try it", he ended the call and then turned the phone off "i don't wanna see that turned on until you leave ok"

"man he's gonna be pi... ticked off"

"if he gives you any trouble just send him to us"

"thanks", i wish i had brothers like these guys, i love Jake but he's a pratt, the only reason he wouldn't take me in after mom and dad died is cause of his girlfriend, she never liked me and told him that if he takes me in, she'd leave him, bitch.

We continued chatting for a while when another women told us dinner was ready, as we were going over to sit down lady p came up to us and said she had to be going, damn it i totally forgot about getting her something, well the least i can do is thank her again "Lady Penelope, thanks for all the clothes"

"that's quite alright Drew", damn it i really wish i had something for her! ok she'll probably hit me but i gave her a kiss on the cheek "take care Drew"

"you too" i replied, the others had stopped and were looking at us, as i got back to them Virgil pulled me into a head lock

"someone's got a crush"

"have not!", i managed to squeeze out of his grip, he smiled and out his arm around me, what the hell! i put my arm around him too, man these guys are great, i was really nervous earlier but now i feel like i've been here years

"come on sprout", well it's better than being called a dork.

After over an hour we'd finished dinner, man i am completely stuffed! that was the best dinner i've had in a long time

"shall we hit the sack?" Alan asked

"it's only half nine"

"i know but i wanna take you to part of the island at sunrise, it's beautiful and we'll need to be up at four"

"alright then", we said night to everyone and then went to Alan's room, we put all our new clothes away and then went to bed "night"

"night mate"