Alexander The Newest of The X-Men

Written by Mouddy

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( ) Personal thoughts

< > Telepathic conversations

Chapter 1

It's never been easy being me! My life has always been a bunch of up hill battles! I'll just give you a quick history! I've never known who my parents where, for as long as I can remember I was in a foster home. No one started adopting me till I was 13 years old. Anytime a family came to adopt, I never got past a week in their home, before I was returned to the foster home. Why you ask! It's simple really, foster parents want a normal healthy child, and me well I'm a mutant. Yes that's right a mutant, and who wants to raise a child that's not normal. I would enter a home, and wind up breaking everything I touched. So my whole childhood was spent going back and forth from one family to another and finally back to my foster home. Your probably asking yourself, well what the hell is his mutant ability? Well to be honest I don't know what kind of mutant I am. Each set of foster parents sent me back, because my strength was more than they could handle, and it freaked them out, hell it freaked me out. Well maybe I should take this opportunity to describe myself to you. First off my name is Alexander, I don't know my last name as no one knows who my parents were. I'm 17 years old, 6'1, blonde hair that hangs down right above my eyes, and piercing ocean blue eyes, I have full red lips. I work out a lot, so my body is pretty well built, not overly bulgy, but enough that people tend to stare at me. The reason I work out so much stems from a rough childhood, see the other kids in my foster home use to use me as a punching bag, and well I couldn't defend myself, so I started working out, to make sure no one would hurt me again. Kids were always pretty mean to me, but Ms. Mitchell always use to say "their just jealous of your pretty boy looks". Whatever that means. Now that I've bored you with my past, let get started with my present. I woke up today with the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. Rain was poring outside, the lightning lit up the sky, and the thunder made it sound like it was a war zone outside. I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, I followed my normal routine, brush my teeth, and step into a hot steaming shower. That's when it happened, I was shampooing my hair, when suddenly I felt these hands grabbing me from behind. Two guys had grabbed my arms on either side, they pushed my down onto my knees, I couldn't see anything with shampoo coming down my face. But I felt someone in front of me.

Alexander: Let me go!

Boy: I don't think so fag boy!

Alexander: What do you want from me?

Boy: I'm here to give you what you need, see you've been checking us guys out, and now your going to find out what happens, to faggots like you!

Alexander: (After he spoke I knew it was the Bain of my existents, none other then Adam Porter himself. Him and his goons always gave me a hard time, but they've never taken it this far)

Let me go!

Adam: After I'm done with you!

(With that said, next thing I knew he was shoving his cock in my mouth, I started gagging when he shoved it down my throat, my eyes opened and began to sting with the soap getting in. I did the only thing one could do in a situation like this, I bit his cock, big mistake next thing I knew I was punched hard against the face, only thing is I didn't feel any pain, but Adam, well next thing I knew he was screaming bloody Mary)

You son of a bitch! My hand, what the fuck is he made of? Fine you don't want to suck my cock, I'll just have to punish you another way! Turn him around!

(He grabbed my hair, I suppose he did so for the shampoo that was on it, cause the next thing I knew he wiped it on my asshole, and rammed his cock in all the way two seconds later)

Alexander: Noooo! Get the fuck out of me!

(I felt the most intense feeling I have ever felt, it was like the anger inside me built up and needed to be released, and that's exactly what it did, cause the next thing I knew I was throwing the two guys holding me down against the wall, I got out from under Adam, picked him up and threw him up against the wall)

So what you think you're a big man, the only way you can get someone to have sex with you is to rape them?

(With that being said, I punched him in the gut, lifted him over my head and threw him against the wall, were after he hit it, he fell landing on his friend, I stuck my head under the shower that was still running, and washed the shampoo out of my hair, turned and looked at them, to find that Adam's arm was completely bent backwards)

Oh my God! What have I done?

Adam: You broke my arm, you mother fucker you broke my arm!

Alexander: I, I didn't mean too, I just I..

(I did the only thing one could do in a situation like this, I ran, I ran to my room, and as fast as I could I put some clothes on, what was happening to me, I have never hurt anyone in my whole life, what they did was wrong, but two wrongs don't make a right. Surly I was in a hell of a lot of trouble now, I would be kicked out, worse go to jail, I broke his arm, even if I told them, that he tried to rape me, who would believe me, there are three of them, and one of me. No I have no choice, but to run away, I mean I was only waiting till I was 18 and then I was going to leave anyway, I was going to go find my parents, so I guess now is as good a time as any. I had no belongings so there was nothing to pack, that's when I heard them, they were pounding on my door, I was trapped, I'm not going to jail, so I did the only thing I could think of, I busted my window, it was only two stories high, I could make it, so I jumped out, I landed with a loud thud. I looked at the ground and it was like a made a crater from landing. I heard sirens so I took off running, and I never looked back. I must have run for over two hours without stopping. Ok maybe it wasn't that long but it sure felt like it. Where was I going, I don't even know how I would begin to search for my parents, and that's even if there still alive. The rain doesn't even seem to be letting up, I'm soaked to the bone, thank God it's spring, the weather isn't to bad. After I stopped running, and started walking, I never stopped, I must have walked all day. I knew this place, I've seen it on TV, you know Dick Clarks New years rocking eve. It's time square. It was already 6:30 pm, I was wet, I was tired, and I was hungry. I have no money, so buying something was out of the question, I have no idea what I'm doing, or what I'm going to do. At this point needless to say I was getting scared. I've never had to worry about where I was going to eat next. It was so dark out, I just needed to find some place to get warm, I would have to figure out a way to eat later, as I walked I found myself in central park, so I walked through it, and found a mini bridge in the middle of the park, I walked over the side of the hill and went in, at least under this bridge I could get out of the rain. Once I got to the middle I sat down and started to think about all the events of the day, and I just lost it, I started crying, why was my life such a mess, why has everything that could go wrong, go wrong, for me. Just like that I was out, I fell asleep. I don't know how long I had been asleep, but I heard voices, my heart sank into my stomach, I opened my eyes, to see five guys surrounding me, great here we go again, I jumped up and got to my feet)

Hey, I'm not looking for any trouble guys!

Guy: Well it looks like trouble found you!

Alexander: I don't have any money!

Guy: Well that's not good, no that's not good at all, how are you going to pay us, for sleeping in our hotel here?

Alexander: It's the underside of a bridge!

Guy: That just so happens to belong to us The Central Park gang!

Alexander: I'm sorry, if I had known I never would have stayed here!

Guy: Sorry isn't going to cut it kid! Will just have to take it out in trade!

Alexander: Trade? I don't understand?

Guy: Trade kid, you know, you slept here, now you pay us with sexual favors, but those pretty boy lips to good use!

Alexander: You've got to be kidding me, twice in one day, look please just let me go, I wont come back here again!

Guy: No can do kid, I mean come on what will people think, if I let you go, they'll start talking about us, saying we've gone soft! No, there is no other choice, its time to pay up kid!

Alexander: (I turn my head towards the opening, and I yell)

Officer, over here help me!

(As they all turn to look, I take off running in the other direction)

Guy: Nice move, get him boys!

Alexander: (I run and scream the whole time)

Somebody help me please!

(As I'm running, next thing I knew I was being lifted off the ground, and thrown into a nearby tree, I crashed and landed on my back, how the hell did that happen, I pick myself off the ground, I look back and their quickly approaching me, so I start to run again, I here a whizzing noise behind me, I turn my head and there is a big ball of fire headed my way, I can start to feel it getting closer, I turn my head again to look its right on my tail, so I dive onto the ground, and watch it fly over my head. They must be mutants. I scream again)

Somebody please help me!

(The ground below me starts to shake, and I feel the earth rise, and take me up with it, I jump off only to land face first on the ground, and that's when they all surround me again)

Guy: Did you actually think you could get away from us?

Alexander: Please don't hurt me, I'm begging you!

Guy: I like when pretty boys beg, but it wont do you any good! Hold him down boys!

Alexander: Please! Stop!

(I look up, and that's when I see him, I cant believe my eye's can it really be the one they only Spiderman?)

Spiderman: You heard the kid, let him go!

(Swinging on a web, he does a black flip and lands behind the leader of the pack)

Guy: If it isn't the friendly neighborhood Spiderman? I'll only say this once stay out this!

Spiderman: Now what would be the fun in that?

(He holds out his hands and sends to web shooting and attaching to the two guys standing next to me, and pulls sending them flying behind him, he flips upwards and lands on the leaders shoulders, grabs on with his hands and flips backwards sending him flying in the other guys. At this point I stand up, and feeling and overwhelming need to throw the two guys left standing next to me, I grab them lift them up, and send them flying to the pile Spiderman already started)

Alexander: Your, your s-s-sp

Spiderman: Spiderman!

Alexander: Spiderman, behind you!

(The leader holds out his hand sending fireballs flying at Spiderman, he flips up out of the way, I move over to the side out of the way, and then I see this light in the sky flying towards us, as I get a closer look, it's a woman flying towards us, there's a red glowing light all around her, her hair is long and red, she has what looks like a fire mask around her eyes, she's wearing a yellow outfit, with flames on her wrists, and waist, with red boots, she sends fire out of her hands at the leader hitting him, and sending him flying)

Spiderman: Your an angel, Firestar!

Firestar: Anything for my favorite spider!

(The ground comes shooting up at Spiderman, he flips off the ground onto a tree, when the earth is sent flying at him, he flips off the tree and starts shooting webbing out of his wrist hitting a the guy moving the earth in the face covering his eyes. Firestar makes a circle of fire around two guys encasing them in. Just watching Spiderman is getting me so turned on, I know this isn't the time for those kinds of feelings, but its Spiderman, I mean really how often am I going to be able to be saved by him. As I start to get horny from watching him, my eyes start to burn, not just any kind of burn, I'm talking full on fire burning, and that's when it happens, I start shooting some kind of beams out of my eyes, its burning lines anywhere my eyes look, one hit's the leader of the pack sending him flying into the ring of fire, that Firestar made around two of the goons. Spiderman, and Firestar look at each other and make there way over to me)

Alexander: Make it stop, make it stop!

Spiderman: Calm down, kid, you need to relax!

Alexander: How can I relax, I have beams shooting out of my eyes?

Firestar: (Landing next to me, she puts her hands on my shoulders)

Honey, listen to me, you have to calm yourself, your mutant powers, are kicking in overdrive, and there tied to your emotions, the only way to get them to stop is for you to calm down.

Spiderman: That's it kid-o just breath, in out!

Alexander: (They beams stop, leaving my only my natural ocean blues)

Thank you! For a second there I thought it would never stop!

Firestar: (Looking back at were the goons once where)

Spidy It looks like they got away!

Spiderman: I'm sure well catch them again!

Alexander: I don't know how to thank you, if you hadn't come along...I

Spiderman: Don't worry about kid, but what I would like to know is what are you doing down here alone at night? I mean your parents must be worried sick!

Alexander: If I had parents, maybe they would!

Firestar: You can trust us, you know that right?

Alexander: Yes!

Firestar: Then tell us, did you run away from somewhere?

Alexander: I ran, I..

Spiderman: Its ok kid!!

Alexander: I was in a foster home, and well things got really bad there and well I wound up here, and then those guys, and then you guys!

Firestar: We should call your foster home, and let them know your ok!

Alexander: No! You cant! Look thanks for the save, but I got to go!

(And just like that I took off running, I don't know if I really thought I was going to get away from them, but I ran nonetheless, it took them all of two seconds to catch up to me)

Spiderman: Hey, now we only want to help you! You don't have to go back there if you don't want to!

Alexander: I don't want to!

Firestar: But we should at least call, I'm sure someone there is worried about you?


Alexander: No one is trust me!

Spiderman: Do you have a name kid?

Alexander: Alexander! But you can just call me Xander!

Spiderman: So, Xander, did you know you were a mutant?

Alexander: Yes, I just don't know, what my powers are exactly!

Spiderman: (Looks at Firestar) Xavier?

(She nods to him)

Look, Xander we have a friend, who runs a school, for mutants, its Xavier school for gifted youngsters, we could talk to him, and I'm sure he would be more than happy to take you in. They can help you to learn to control your powers, and you wouldn't have to live on the street!

Firestar: I was there a while back, it's a great place, professor X is a great man, and there are a lot of students just like you there, learning, growing, you could make friends!

Alexander: I don't know what to say?

Spiderman: Firestar, why don't you fly ahead and let professor X know where coming!

Firestar: Alright, I'll see you guys there!

(And just like that she flew into the air and away, leaving a trail behind her of red fire)

Spiderman: Hope you don't mind grabbing on! (He grabs me around my waist, I put my arms around his neck, he holds his hand up and shoots a web into the air, and pulls us up, and we start soaring through the night sky)

Alexander: Woo! This is amazing!

Spiderman: Ha, ha, ha, I'm glad your having fun on the spider express!

Alexander: (I cant believe how awful my day started, and now how its ending, me Alexander in the arms of Spiderman, flying in the sky, off to a start a new life, one that I hope and pray will be better than the life I'm leaving behind. For right now, all I can think is that anything would be better, I'm tired of being and feeling alone, maybe at this school, my life will change, and I cant start feeling like I'm apart of something)

Spiderman: You ok?

Alexander: Am I ok? I've never been better! I'm flying with Spiderman, do you know how many fantasies I have had about you? (Oh I just didn't say that, I cant see his face to see what kind of reaction he's having, I hope he doesn't drop me)

Spiderman: Fantasies huh?

Alexander: You know what I mean, what kid doesn't think about flying through the air with you? (I hope he buys that)

Spiderman: Un-huh!

Alexander: What?

Spiderman: Oh, I don't know, just I feel something poking my side!

Alexander: (My face goes ten shades of red, I have a hard on and its pressing against him)

I'm so embarrassed!

Spiderman: Don't be, the first time I swung across the night sky, I had the biggest boner!

Alexander: Really?

Spiderman: Yes really, and were guys, the blowing of the wind gives us a hard on!

Alexander: Spiderman, I love you! You rock!

Spiderman: Xander, your not so bad yourself kid!

(I grab onto him, and lay my head on his shoulder, he lands on top of a building sets me down, and looks straight at me)

Alexander: Are you ok?

Spiderman: You just remind me, of myself before I became Spiderman!

Alexander: Really?

Spiderman: Yes! You know, I'll always be checking up on you, and I'm always here if you need me!

Alexander: You don't know how much that means to me!

Spiderman: (He pulls a card out of the bottom tights)

This is my friend Peter Parker, anytime you need to get a hold of me, you just call him, and he will get word to me right away!

Alexander: (I start to cry, tears rolling down my eyes)

I don't know what to say!

Spiderman: You don't have to say anything, life isn't always fare kid, I had a tuff time growing up too, but I had an uncle that made all the difference in the world to me, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be the man I am today. (He lifts the bottom part of his mask, showing only his lips, and kisses me softly on the lips, I raise my hands to his head, and hold onto him, as I kiss him back, I swear I saw fireworks, I never wanted the kiss to stop, but it did)

Look kid, live by these words, my uncle said them to me, and now I'm going to pass them to you. With great powers, comes great responsibilities! If you meditate on those words, you'll always do the right thing. Now lets go!

(We swung the rest of the way in silence, but it was great, his words rung in my head, my lips still felt the presence of his lips. My hero, he saved me, he was kind to me, and most of all he treated me with love, and it felt amazing. We arrived at what looked like a giant mansion. Nothing like a school, or what I thought it would look like. I could see Firestar, standing on the porch, there was another long red headed woman standing next to her, a man in a wheelchair, a black woman with hair so white, and a man tall man, with reddish brown hair, I wear my song glasses at night, song must have been written for him. I was starting to get nervous, I'm a pretty shy guy, obviously not being surrounded by new people often. We landed in front of them all, my head went straight down, I do that a lot when I get nervous, I find it easier not to make eye contact, so I just look at the ground.)

Xavier: Hello, Alexander, my name is Professor Charles Xavier, and starting from my right, we have Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe, Jean Grey!

Alexander: (Shyly) Hi!

Xavier: Why don't we go inside, you can get cleaned up, and I'm sure your very hungry!

Alexander: (I turn to Spiderman, hoping he is going to come in with me)


Spiderman: Sorry kid-o, but this is were we part ways, but remember what I told you. Professor X and the gang will take good care of you, I'll be back to check in on you soon. (He walks over to me and gives me a hug, I hang on for dear life) Ha, ha, ha, you'll be fine I promise you! ( And just like that, he shoots a web into the air, and starts to swing away)

See ya kid!

(I stand watching him swing away, till I can no longer see him anymore)

Firestar: I have a test tomorrow, so I better get going myself! (She walks over and hugs me)

Alexander: Thank you again, for everything!

Firestar: Whatever Spidy said to you, make that double for me! Anytime you need me, I'll be there! (She kisses my forehead and takes off flying into the night sky)

Alexander: (as I wave my hand) Bye!

Xavier: Scott will show you to your room, you'll be able to shower, and change into some warm clothes, and come down and get something to eat.

Jean: When your ready to come back down, Just think my name and I will hear you, and come bring you down!

Alexander: But how?

Jean: < like this, I'm a telepath I can hear your thoughts as well as talk to you, telepathically>

Alexander: Wow that is amazing! Can you all do that?

Scott: No, not all mutants have that ability, Jean and the Professor here, are both able to do so!

Alexander: Fantastic! I just never realized!

Xavier: There are many different types of mutants, all with different abilities, such as your self! Here at the school, you will learn, about your powers, how to use them, what they are, as well as other mutants, there abilities, how they work, as well as how not to use your powers for evil. Being a mutant, doesn't make us Gods among men, however many mutants feel that is the case, and go around using their abilities for evil means. One of our most important rules is that we never use our abilities on other members here at this school, not on a teacher or the other students. (Good cause I want my secrets to remain mine) Your secrets are yours!

Alexander: But I thought you said you don't use your powers on others?

Xavier: Ha, ha we don't, but when your letting thoughts run freely like that, a telepath is able to pick up those stray thoughts. But don't worry, will teach you to protect your thoughts.

(As we reach the stair way leading to dorm rooms)

Scott, will take you from here, and will meet with you later, lets say a half hour, you just call Jean and she'll come get you!

Alexander: Thank you very much, professor X, thank you for everything.

Xavier: We are a family here, son, and hopefully, you will soon feel apart of that family!

Alexander: (I go from no family, to having everyone offering me to be apart of there family today, what a day) Oh dang! Sorry!

Xavier: < Don't worry, Alexander, I know you'll feel at home here in no time>

Scott: What's wrong?

Alexander: Oh, I was saying something in my head, and the professor heard!

Scott: I've been here for years, and still they sometimes catch me off guard and hear my thoughts as well.

Alexander: (This guy is amazing, he walks with this confidence to him, he seems so powerful, yet has a tender side to him, as we walk he is talking, trying to make me comfortable. Did I say how hot this guy is, shit I need to watch that, I don't know who might hear me, shit what's he saying)

Sorry, what did you ask?

Scott: Ha, ha, I was just saying, this is your room! Your mind wondering?

Alexander: Sorry, its just that so much has happen today!

(We enter a room, its huge, there's a big window, where your able to sit and look out, there is only one bed in here, are they giving me this whole room, to myself)

Scott: Don't look so shocked! Yes this room is all yours!

Alexander: You can read my mind?

Scott: No, not at all, I just saw the expression on your face!

Alexander: Oh, sorry, its just at the orphanage...I mean..uh

Scott: Its ok, you can trust us here. Hey here, I'll let you in on something. I use to be in an orphanage too.

Alexander: Really!

Scott: Yes, so I know what you could have gone through!

Alexander: (Did you almost get raped, picked on, always felt like your never wanted)

Scott: Your doing it again!

Alexander: Sorry!

Scott: Its ok, look there are some sweat pants and a tee shirt on the bed as well as some underwear, don't worry there mine and I washed them, well maybe I did.

Alexander: (My face went ten shades of red)Your serious?

Scott: No, I've been known to joke every once in a great while. There clean. Will get you clothes of your own, tomorrow. I'll see you in a few down stairs. Don't forget just shout for Jean, in your head, and she'll come get you.

Alexander: Great, I cant thank you enough!

Scott: You really need to stop saying your sorry and all the thank you all the time. Later.

Alexander: (I took off my clothes and threw them in the trash, I was going to start a new life, and that meant throwing the old one out starting with my clothes. I walked into my bathroom, and turned on the shower to really hot, I wanted to wash away all the things that have been done to me today, minus of course Spiderman's kiss. That I want to keep forever, still I need to wash these big ole lips. Time to relieve my poor cock, having a hard on in sweats wont be my idea of fun. I take the soap and lather my cock and balls real good, I'm only about 8inches and medium thick, with nice low hanging balls, their my favorite things to play with, right before I shoot I love to slap them, it makes my orgasm that much more intense. I start thinking about Spidy and his hot lips as he kissed me)

Meanwhile- Downstairs

Pro-X: He's obviously been through a lot, to what extant I am not sure!

Scott: (Walking up to them) Well, I got out of him, that he was living in an orphanage! So there is no telling what he could have gone through in there, and trust me I saw a lot in my days. Jean: Well, maybe he'll allow one of us to read his mind, other than that will have to make him feel as safe as possible here, and hope that he will come to trust us enough to tell us.

Pro-X: Spiderman, sent me a message telepathically before he left, saying that he's in a really bad place, and to make matters worse, the Central Park gang tried to rape him.

Ororo: Oh, God no, the poor child!

Jean: That is horrible, I cant imagine what he must be going through emotionally. We just need to be as supportive as possible.

Pro-X: Agreed.

Jean: He's calling me! I'll be right back!(With that she walks away)

Scott: (If they only knew I've been through the same thing back when I was an orphan. It kind of goes a little something like this. I was about thirteen years old, I used to get picked on by Darren Galore. He pretty much beat up every kid, at the orphanage we were at, see he was 16 the oldest kid in the place. Anyway, one day I was in the communal showers when he came up behind me and grabbed me threw me up against a wall, put his arm against my throat, so there would be no way I could scream, he took his other hand and punched me in the gut again and again, the wind was completely knocked out of me, when he realized I couldn't take it anymore he let me fall to the floor. I stayed on all fours trying to catch my breath, it hurt so bad, he came around and stood in front of me, I punched him in his nuts, which only made him madder, he punched down words and clocked me in the jaw making me spit out blood. He grabbed my head, looked me straight in the eyes and said "I've wanted to do this for a really long time, now don't fight me, it will only make it worse for you if you do, I can make this gentle for you, or I can make you wish you had never been born" I knew it was a no win situation for me, so I went along with him, I put up no fight, he pulled down his pants reveling the biggest dick I had ever seen, he grabbed my head an told me to open my mouth and watch my teeth, every time I bite him, he said he would sock me in the head, so I opened as wide as I could and he just started ramming his cock in and out of my mouth, telling me what a good little faggot boy I was, and to just keep doing what I was doing, and I would be rewarded with a very special treat, I had no idea what he was talking about until all of the sudden his legs started shaking, and the next thing I knew he was moaning "I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming! Swallow it all, don't let a single drop fall on the floor" like I had a choice, he rammed his cock down my throat as this salty stuff ran down it, I was gagging, I wanted to throw up, but he said if one drop went on the floor, and never finished but I didn't want to find out what he would do, so I swallowed. I thought ok I did it, its over, boy was I wrong, his dick never went down, he just kept going in and out of my mouth with it, he grabbed my head and pulled me off of his cock, turned me around, held my ass cheeks apart and shoved his cock into my tight virgin ass, I couldn't believe what was happening to me, it hurt so bad, I just cried and cried as he rapped my ass, I never stopped crying and it never felt anything but bad, finally he pulled it out of me grabbed me by the hair and turned me around jacked his cock off till he shot his load all over my face, I was still crying, and he just stood there laughing and laughing, at me, he spit on my face and told me "if you ever tell anybody about this, I will make sure you never talk again, I will rip your tongue out and feed it to you, now take care of your hard on there before you leave" he laughed as he walked away. I couldn't believe it after what he just did to me, I was sitting there with a hard on. I got under the shower, and started washing myself off of the nights events. My dick wouldn't go down, so I did the only thing I could, and jacked my cock off till I shot my load)