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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories?



Chapter 10- What happens between brother stays between brothers

P.S. I want to give a special thanks to Tavon, Jordan, Harry, and Patrick. You guys rock!

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Xander: (Friday was finally here, this week took forever to get though. Between training with Scott 3 hours a day everyday, although I feel I have learned a lot and I feel amazingly confident in my ability to handle myself. We haven't had a moment like the other day in the shower, hell we haven't even spoken a word about it. I don't care though, I was finally going to go camping with my brothers. As much as I was excited to hang out with them. I was really relived to be getting away from my confusion of Bobby and Josh. Kissing Josh was great, he's a lot of fun, carefree and just plain without drama. Bobby, is a different matter altogether, now that I know the reason he's been acting the way he has, I cant help but feel sorry for him. I mean if my mother was about to die, I would be broken up too. I just don't know if I'm ready to carry that burden. That might sound selfish, but I have enough on my own plate, I'll be there for him, to listen and support him, but I really do n't think I'm looking to be in a relationship just yet. I want to meet the right person, someone who takes my breath away, leaves me dizzy with a kiss, butterflies in my stomach when he's around, strong, confident, caring, someone like) Hey Scott, is Alex here yet?

Scott: Yes, you ready to go?

Xander: You bet your butt I am!

Scott: Then lets get going, your friends are waiting outside by the car.

Xander: Let me just grab my bag! (I grab my bag, and we walk downstairs and out the front door! The whole gang is outside.)

Xander: Hey guys!

Jubilee: Scott are you sure we all cant go with you guys?

Scott: Sorry, maybe next time!

Amara: Its going to be boring here with out you Xan!

Xander: I'm going to miss you guys too!

Alex: We can cancel if your going to miss your friends!

Xander: What! I don't think so I have been waiting all week!

Alex: Relax I'm just kidding!

Xander: Bad joke!

Josh: < Hey don't get into to much trouble out there, alone with two hot guys! >

Xander: < Brothers, hot BROTHERS! >

Scott: Alright gang, we've got to jet! Say goodbye!

Xander: Jubes, I want a full account of everything that happens while I'm gone!

Jubilee: Ok, have fun, love you!

Amara: Bye Xan, I miss you already!

Josh: See you!

Kitty: Bye!

Xander: Bye guys! (I look over to see Bobby standing on the porch, he waves and I wave back at him. Poor guy!)

Scott: Let the fun begin!

Alex: What do you know about fun?

Scott: I'm MR. Funtastic!

Xander: I think were in trouble Alex!

Alex: Its going to be a long weekend!

Xander: Can I have radio control! Jubilee made me a CD for the trip!

Scott: Great, isn't she into heavy metal?

Xander: No smarty, R and B, hip-hop, and Dance! Just put this in the CD player already, you'll see, you'll like it!

Scott: Wait this is one of my favorite songs.

Xander: Its Weezer's "Beverly Hills" me too, I love this song! (So I start singing) "Were I come from isn't all the great my automobile is a piece of crap my fashion sense is a little whack and my friends are just as cool as me, I didn't go to boarding schools preppy girls never looked at me why should they I aint no body got nothing in my pocket" come guys together, "Beverly hills that's where I want to be, living in Beverly hills, Beverly hills" Woo!

Alex: Your out of control! Woo hoo!

Scott: Damn you can sing too! He must have gotten all the talent in the family!

Xander: You haven't heard anything yet! (A couple of hours later we find ourselves there. We set up camp, getting everything ready, the tents the gear all out, a pit for a fire.)

Scott: Why do you run and get us as much firewood as possible!

Xander: Right! Firewood. (I run off into the woods and get tired of going in slow motion to get the wood so I super speed and set up a pile next to where the fire would be made)

Alex: That was quick. Alright who's for swimming!

Scott: I could sure use a swim its hot as hell out here!

Xander: Last one in, swims naked!

Scott: Fine then you cant use your powers!

Xander: Deal, ready set, cheaters! (They take off running before I even finish, so as I make my way to the lake, I figure I might as well cheat too, I blow really hard and send them flying in the air above the water, and I run into the water, and look up as they come splashing in!) You both lose, take off the clothes!

Alex: Fine with me I prefer skinny dipping anyway!

Scott: Me too!

Xander: If your both doing it, then I might as well join in! (We take off our shorts and whip them out of the water! I cant believe I'm skinny dipping with them, this is going to be the best weekend! We start messing around in the water, trying to dunk each other, they take turn throwing me, and I notice they sure like to put there hands under my ass as they throw me, and I cant help but throw a woody! So figure two can play at this game, I'm strong enough to pick them up so I grab Alex first and make sure to let my hand grab him between ass and balls. And then do the same thing to Scott! After a little bit of swimming we get out and go lay on the beach and sun tan for a little while, I take this opportunity to completely check them out, talk about killer bodies these guys were built like brick house, what I wouldn't give to rub their pecs and abs, even with semi-hard cocks I cant help but be impressed, I already know Scotts has ten inches, but Alex easily has to be bigger than that, I know mine is impressive at 8, but damn I sure got snuffed compared to them.)

Alex: I'm getting hungry so I'm going to go start a fire so we can make some hot dogs, hello Xander jr. Someone's excited!

Xander: (Damn checking them out, I got hard, I cover up quickly with my hands.)

Alex: Don't worry, it happens to me all the time!

Xander: I, its, um! (I fly up and back to camp to put on some clothes, I don't want them to think I'm a freak, getting hard checking out my new found brothers, when they both coming walking up)

Scott: Xander, don't worry, were use to it, every time we go camping, I have to deal with mister permanent hard on over here!

Alex: Like your someone to talk! We always put our sleeping bags together cause it gets cool here at night, and I always wake up to his hard on sticking me in the ass!

Xander: So you don't think I'm retarded?

Scott: Nope here look he's hard too!

Alex: Take your shorts back off Scott, show him that your excited too!

Xander: Alright, I get it, its cool!

Alex: We prefer to stay in the buff the whole time we camp, we were going to ask you if you minded, but then you threw out the whole last one in has to swim naked, so we figured you would be cool with it!

Xander: I am, I mean, I believe you should try everything once, twice if you like it!

Alex: My kind of guy!

Scott: Just remember what happens between brothers stays between brothers!

Xander: You guys rock! (We made the fire ate some hot dogs, talk about ourselves, are lives, they told me about what happened to them when they were younger, and how mom and dad, had to throw them out the airplane, to save them, and how they got separated and years later the professor figured out that they were brothers and how they've been getting to know each other better ever since. We made a bond to always stay together, they told me they would always be there for me no matter what, we're really bonding and it felt amazing, we stayed naked the whole time and it was so liberating. I wanted so much to tell them that I'm gay, but I was afraid to, I mean come on what if they don't want to be naked together anymore. Evil I am! Sorry but I'm a horny guy, and I've only gotten to mess around a few time, and one of the times I was under mind control so I don't even get to say I enjoyed it. It was dark now, we were sitting on our sleeping bags and talking around the fire.)

Alex: So Xander, your still a virgin aren't you?

Xander: What!

Scott: Come on you know you are!

Xander: Just cause you two are old farts who's age gives away that you have had sex. You don't have to assume that cause I'm so young I haven't done anything!

Alex: I'll take that as a no!

Scott: A big fat no!

Xander: You cant be this hot and still be a virgin, ya all are just jealous cause I can have anyone I want!

Alex: Is that right!

Scott: Well I'll give him that much he's better looking that you Alex that's for sure!

Alex: Quit beating around the bush, are you or aren't you?

Xander: Fine a virgin in what way?

Scott: Now there's a way!

Alex: Forgive him Xan, he's a prude!

Scott: Am not!

Alex: Are too!

Xander: And I'm suppose to be the baby of the family!

Alex: Have you had sex with a girl?

Xander: Your just not going to let this go until you get an answer! Fine I have never had sex with a girl! You happy, just go ahead make fun of me!

Scott: Aw are you saving yourself for marriage!

Xander: Hello did you guys forget I lived in an orphanage all my life, kind of had no girls there, remember!

Alex: Ha, ha, ha, but you've been at the school for a while now, and we know the girls are crazy about you, I mean come on your hot as hell, shit I'd do ya!

Scott: Ya I see all the girls chasing after you all the time, hell just the other day two students came up to me asking if you were single!

Xander: I'm a free agent right now, just testing the waters, you know sticking my feet in to see if the water is warm enough to jump in!

Alex: Then you sure must be Jacking off a storm everyday, I know I cant go a day without having me a piece of ass! If I don't get some, I wind up acting like Scott over here, who never gets any, that's why he's always in a bad mood!

Scott: Hey, hey, hey now. I can get some anytime I want!

Alex: Ya, ya, ya whatever you say! Sheesh all this talk about sex, is giving me a nice hard on!

Scott: Me too!

Xander: You know you guys are really free about your sexual sides! I never expected that!

Alex: Well there is this little initiation you have to go through being our brother!

Xander: What I have to suck you guys off!

Alex: Now your talking!

Xander: Shut up!

Scott: We have this game we play, we jack off and whoever comes first, has to do whatever the other asks him to do, no questions asked!

Xander: (Are they messing with my head, maybe they know I'm gay and there trying to bring me to say it to them. Well lets shock them a little shall we.) That sounds pretty boring!

Alex: Boring! I don't think so it can be a lot of fun!

Xander: Ya but see your already use to stroking your own cock, so you know how to make it last as long as you want, or at least after my years of doing it I know how, and trust me I can make it last a really long time.

Scott: So what did you have in mind?

Xander: Well if we jack each other off, then you wouldn't be able to control it cause come on everyone knows another hand is way better than your own.

Alex: I'm game!

Scott: Fine me too!

Xander: That's not it, the rule is no rules, meaning that you can do whatever you want to get the person off!

Alex: The kid has balls, I'll give him that!

Scott: Hold on a second, let me get this straight, were each going to jack off the other, to see who comes first, and we can do anything we want to get that person off, like what?

Xander: Anything your imagination can thing of!

Alex: Scott's a prude remember!

Xander: Than I guess he'll be the loser!

Scott: Alright you two, no holds barred!

Alex: Xander your in the middle!

Xander: Why do I have to be in the middle!

Alex: Cause I'm older and I said so!

Xander: Fine, it will just make it easier for me to beat you, at the game genius! (Alex dives right in and grabs my cock and starts playing with it, I grab his and Scotts at the same time, and start stroking, Scott grabs my balls and starts playing with them pulling them and lightly smacking them, once he smacks them I let out a moan.)

Scott: You like that huh!

Xander: (He does it a couple more times and I cant help but moan again, were all leaking pre-cum at this point and its starting to feel really good, too good, I have to do something, and since neither of them are making the first move. I lean over and start sucking on Alex's cock, exposing my ass to Scott, who doesn't waste anytime licking his finger and sticking it in, I let out a loud moan.)

Scott: Now that's tight!

Alex: Fuck ya baby brother, keep that shit up, damn he knows how to work those sweet lips of his!

Xander: (That's all the encouragement I need, I swallow his cock making my way up and down, I deep throat it, I almost have all of him in.)

Alex: Fuck ya Lorna never does this for me! Fuck your mouth is so hot, I love you baby, keep sucking your big bro's cock!

Xander: (I work him up real good, sucking while I play with his balls, stopping to lick the head of his cock, tasting his sweet pre-cum, he grabs my head and starts moving it up and down, I let him take control and he just rams my head up and down on his throbbing meat.)

Scott: Sounds like he's really good, why don't you let him give me a try!

Xander: (like music to my ears, I've wanted to taste him for so long, that I don't even hesitate to get off Alex's cock and move to Scott's this didn't go unnoticed.)

Alex: Damn boy, looks like you really wanted to have Scotts monster down your throat, fuck that's hot, take his cock baby brother, work him like you just did me.

Xander: (Hell ya I'm going to work him, I start milking his cock for all I'm worth, Alex takes and moves my body to I'm sitting on my knees and giving him full view of my sweet bubble butt, he dives in and starts eating my ass out, fuck I moan so much that I vibrate on Scotts cock!)

Scott: Fuck ya that felt amazing, I've wanted to fuck your mouth so bad for a really long time now, fuck ya take that cock, show me how much you want me, that's it, you're a fucking stud, mmm baby work my cock over good!

Alex: Stand up Scott!

Xander: (Scott stands up and I never miss a beat on his cock, Alex comes around and to my surprise takes my cock in his mouth and starts working my over, I don't know if I can take it I'm so horned up from being with these two studs. Scott holds my head still and fucks my face I gag, and moan at the same time, so he just continues to pound my face with his cock, I grab his ass and pull him into me, his cock down my throat and I just hold him like that, he just moans with pleasure, and starts back up, Alex is sucking me and fingering my ass using two then three fingers, I start to go crazy he's hitting my g-spot I need to have these cocks in my ass, I want Scott to be my first, so before Alex gets any ideas, I take Scotts cock out of my mouth.) Scott, fuck me please, I want you inside me!

Scott: Are you sure you want to go that far!

Xander: I have wanted you inside me since the first time I woke up and saw you sleeping next to me in the med bay. Please make love to my ass.

Alex: You better do it Scott before I jump in there, and beat you to his tight ass!

Scott: I don't think so, that my cock was made to break in that sweet ass!

Xander: Fuck ya! Alex give me your cock!

Alex: You're a fucking hot ass mother fucker, take my cock, while Scotty too hottie pounds this shit out of your hole!

Xander: (He doesn't have to ask me twice, I start sucking down his cock, as he already had my ass nice and wet, Scott rubs his cock up and down my crack, I moan, I want it so bad, slowly he starts to enter, its so huge, I pull of it, he rubs my back and slowly enters again, I push out as he's pushing in, and the head enters then a little more, I start moaning, and take Alex's cock all the way down, to take my mind off the pain.)

Alex: I don't know what your doing Scotty but keep it up, cause your making him hungry for more of my cock, he's fucking taking it all the way down to the base, this kids amazing, fuck ya baby work that cock!

Scott: Fuck me your so fucking tight, your ass is gripping my cock so fucking hard, fuck ya, baby that's it take my cock, fuck ya!

Xander: (Fuck ya my dreams are coming true, Scott is inside me working my ass out good, moan after moan escape me as he works my ass over with his huge meat, Alex just pounds his cock in and out of my mouth, I'm getting so close to shooting and I'm not even touching my cock, Scott starts going crazy on my ass, pounding away and not letting up) That's it Scott fuck me with your huge ass cock, I love it, I can feel every inch of you, fuck your amazing, don't stop keep fucking me.

Scott: Fuck ya baby, your ass feels so good around my cock, so nice and warm, and tight, I'm getting so close, I want to shoot my load down your willing ass.

Alex: I want to try that ass out, switch up for a minuet so you can cool off!

Scott: Fucker! Alright switch!

Xander: (I guess I don't get a say in this, as Scott pulls his cock out of my throbbing ass, I feel so empty I need to be filled with cock, that I start panting.)

Alex: Fuck ya, your hungry for more huh, don't like the feeling of being without a cock up your sweet ass. I got one for you, hold on tight!

Xander: Fucccckkkk me! (He shoves his cock all the way in, in one swift motion, and just starts pounding my ass. Scott comes around and lays underneath me he takes my cock in his warm mouth and starts sucking on it, his cock is waving in the air looking so inviting I cant help but take it in my mouth and suck it down to the base.)

Alex: Oh ya, you're fucking boy cunt is just what the doctor order, fuck ya, were going to do this again and again, cause I cant get enough of this sweet ass. You'd like that huh, you want your brothers fucking your ass good, braking in our baby brother in the ways brotherly love. Moan for me, tell me how much you love having your brothers fuck your ass, sucking on our cocks, tell me how much you love servicing your brothers.

Xander: I want it, I need my brothers, for everything, and I'll do anything for you guys, I love you guys.

Alex: Fuck I'm way to close!

Scott: I get to shoot my load in him first!

Xander: Just don't leave me without a cock in my ass. (Scott switches with him Alex starts sucking on me while I suck on him and we all start to shoot at the same time)

Scott: Fuck, I'm coming, I'm shooting my load in your ass! Fuck, I love you guyysssss!

Xander: (Alex swallows my load, I swallow his load, and Scott shoots his inside me, Alex comes out from under me, Scott, lays on top of me as I lay down, and we all just sit there soaking in what just happened. After moving around I was in the middle with them on either side of me they both lean in and kiss me at the same time. I put my head on Scott's chest and he played with my hair, and I fell asleep shortly after. I woke up a few hours later, I was on my side and had Scott's arm around me, we were spooning, I felt his cock against my ass, it was hard, I couldn't resist, I grabbed it and stroked it gently a few times, and started rubbing the head up and down my crack, pre-cum starts leaking, and I use it to lube up my hole, I take his cock and put it up to my wanting hole, and start to push back on his cock, till it goes all the way down, I slightly moan, trying to keep quiet. But Scott must have felt this cause he started whispering in my ear.)

Scott: You naughty boy, did you miss having my cock in your ass?

Xander: Yes, I did, I need you in me, I just want you so much!

Scott: Xander, ah, you feel so good, ah, I love feeling my cock in your tight ass. But I want to see your face, turn around!

Xander: (I turn around and he gets on top of me, I raise my legs and wrap them around his back as he enters me, we lock eyes, and the need for each other out weighs anything else, he leans in and finally the moment I've been waiting for he gets closer. Were about to kiss, when)

Alex: HEY! No fare playing without me!

Xander: (I got so scared, I flew up with Scott into the air, he never came out of me, he just continued, fucking me.)

Alex: Hey get back down here!

Scott: You so know how to kill a moment Alex. Sorry Xan.

Xander: Were coming back down! (I floated us down, Scott stayed inside me, he was already moaning, and I knew he was getting close, he pulled out and Alex took over, Scott came up and shoved his cock down my throat until he shot his loaded in my mouth, I swallowed it all, he tasted so sweet. He turned around and started sucking on my cock while Alex fucked my ass, as Alex started shooting it sent me over the edge and I shot my load down Scotts throat.)

Alex: Lets go for a swim to wash off, what do you say guys!

Scott: Cool with me!

Xander: Where my brothers go, I go!

Back at the mansion-

Jean: So you mean to tell me you think this is mystical in nature!

Pro-X: Yes, someone implanted these memories mystically.

Jean: Who?

Pro-X: I don't know!

Jean: Why would someone go to all the trouble of making everyone think he's Scotts brother, it just doesn't make sense.

Pro-X: Your right it doesn't make sense. But right now I have no idea what motives are behind this. We need someone with knowledge in mystical affairs.

Jean: Why don't we ask Colossus if he would be willing to contact his sister, Magik?

Pro-X: Perfect, would you be so kind as to ask him, there is something I need to do!

Jean: Sure professor. < Piotr can you come to the professors office please. > (Moments later)

Piotr: What can I do for you?

Jean: Were in need of someone with a mystical background. We were hoping you would ask your sister.

Piotr: Problem this is not, let me make phone call!

(Ten minuets later)

Pro-X: Illyana thank you so much for coming on such short notice. So Jean has explained the situation to you. Do you think there is something you can do?

Illyana: I believe I can! Jean is bringing a personal item. I shall use to it to try and make a connection.

Pro-X: I'm sure you'll understand when I say, this must remain confidential no matter what you find.

Illyana: You have my word.

Jean: Here's his brush, I thought it would work better if you had hair on it.

Illyana: That's perfect. Using my Soulsword I should be able to disrupt whatever magic is being used, be it a spell or such. I will need a few moments.

The home of Dr. Strange-

Dr. Strange: Topaz, someone is trying to connect the spell on Alexander to me!

Topaz: How could anyone find out about the spell?

Dr. Strange: I don't know. But if they want to find out the truth there going to have to go through me. Their not dealing with just anyone, their dealing with the Sorcerer Supreme! I will find and bring this person into the astral plane, and wage my battle there. (Entering the astral plane he changes his form, and makes a connection with Illyana, he pulls her in.)

Illyana: How dare you summon me here, who are you?

Dr. Strange: Magik I should have known it was you!

Illyana: You have me at a disadvantage you are?

Dr. Strange: Why are you trying to locate me?

Illyana: That must mean your behind the spell! Why have you created this false reality for Alexander?

Dr. Strange: Do not concern yourself with something that is beyond your comprehension. This is none of your concern, do not continue with your search.

Illyana: If you know who I am, you know what the Soulsword can do. I want the answer I seek, and I will do what I must to get them.

Dr. Strange: Yes, I know all I need to know about your sword. I do not fear it. But you should fear me.

Illyana: What, what are you doing to me, get, get out of my head!

Dr. Strange: You should have never come here. (Waving his hand) You will forget all that has transpired here, you will go back and say there is no spell, and you will never try to do this again. Tell the person or persons who asked you to do this to contact Dr. Strange he is the only one that can help.

Illyana: I will never try to do this again. Contact Dr. Strange.

Dr. Strange: (Waving his hand) Be gone! (Leaves the astral plane and returns home)

Topaz: Who was it?

Dr. Strange: Magik, she will lead the one behind this to me.

At the Mansion-

Illyana: (Reappearing)

Pro-X: Have you discovered the source?

Illyana: I'm afraid there was no spell I wasn't able to detect anything, I feel your best chances lay with Dr. Strange.

Pro-X: Thank you for everything I greatly appreciate all that you have done for us.

Illyana: I'm sorry I couldn't do more. I'll just go say goodbye to my brother before I leave.

Pro-X: Goodnight!

Jean: Bye! So what do you think?

Pro-X: Hmm this is very odd, very odd indeed!

Sunday Night at the Mansion-

Xander: I cant believe how quickly this weekend flew by.

Alex: Neither can I little bro!

Scott: Will do this again soon!

Alex: Really soon!

Xander: Watch out guys, I'll start to think you only want me for my ass, and not for being your brother.

Alex: You better never think that. Me and Scott have been messing around for as long as I can remember. We were just all to happy to see you got into it to.

Scott: Xander, it's the ultimate brotherly bond, and you know I love you with all my heart.

Xander: I know guys, I was just messing. I have never felt as loved in my life. Woo hoo, life is great!

Alex: Kid you need to remember what happens between brothers stays between brothers.

Xander: Do we have to get out of the car?

Scott: Why you want to sleep in here or something?

Xander: No dufus, getting out means that the weekend is really over, I think I'm going to cry.

Alex: Get him Scott!

Xander: Ahh, no, ha, ha, stop, ha, ha, I, hate being, ha, ha, tickled. Get off me!

Scott: Come on get out of the car.

Xander: You guys suck!

Alex: I have to get going, I have a woman to get home to, and she goes crazy when I've been gone this long.

Xander: Alex, I'm going to miss you, I had an amazing time, your one of my favorite brothers.

Alex: One of them huh!

Xander: I cant ever chose. I love you both!

Scott: You better chose, don't forget you live with me 7 days a week!

Alex: Just call me and I'll come help you kick his ass! Come here and give your brother a hug!

Xander: (We hug, I cant help but get emotional, we bonded on so many levels, I just feel so intensely close to them.) I love you Alex, please be careful driving home, and tell Lorna I said hello!

Alex: Will do little bro, see you later Scotty to hottie!

Scott: Bye bro, call me when you get home!

Xander: (He takes off and we walk inside the school.) So now what?

Scott: I'm going to go check in with the professor, and Jean.

Xander: Then I guess I'm off to find my friends.

Scott: Alright, if you get hungry let me know, will eat together.

Xander: (I hug him hard.) Thanks for everything. (I take of to find my friends. I go to my room drop of my stuff, and then go over to Jubilee's room, not there, go to Amara's room not there. Where can they be.) < Josh, Josh can you hear me? >

Josh: < Hey are you back? >

Xander: < Unless you can do this to where we were camping! >

Josh: < Smart ass, were in the back yard get out here. ?

Xander: (I run and super speed and am out there in two seconds. Everyone gets up and exchanges hugs, I cant believe how excited I am to see everyone.) Wow I missed you guys!

Jubilee: We did too! Did you have a blast, or was it boring?

Xander: Awesome time, my brothers are the greatest, we swam, canoed, kayaked, hiked, mountain climbing you name it. Anything exciting happen here?

Amara: Nope another boring weekend!

Xander: What you guys cant have fun without me?

Josh: We still had to deal with the last of our punishment, so what fun could we have.

Xander: Where's Bobby at?

Kitty: He went home, for his mother!

Xander: So he told you guys, that's good. Well I'm going to meet Scott to get something to eat. I'll catch you guys later. (As I walk away, Josh comes running up behind me.) What's up?

Josh: So, do you think you might be up for a little company tonight!

Xander: Why, what did you have in mind?

Josh: I have a very vivid imagination!

Xander: Good to know, I'll keep that in mind, if I decide I want a little company.

Josh: If you decide?

Xander: Bye Josh! (I fly up into the air, leaving him talking. I just don't want to do anything I mean come on I just had the most amazing time, and am not ready to replace the memory with another one just yet. I want to be able to stroke as many times as I can, remembering having my brothers inside me, and all the wild stuff we did this weekend. Wow this feels amazing soaring through the sky, its so free up here, no worries, no drama. Oh Scott what am I going to do about you! But I guess that's tomorrows problems. For tonight, I'll fly for a little bit longer and then meet Scott to eat. To bad it wont be him I'm eating.

End Chapter-