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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

Chapter 11- Revenge

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Hank's Lab-

Xander: (Coming out of being sedated hands and feet strapped) Wh-what, where am I? Why am I tied up!

Hank: Don't struggle I have given you a power suppressor.

Xander: Why are you doing this to me?

Hank: You're a threat to us all, and everyone is blind to that fact but me!

Xander: A threat! I'm the threat I think you are, have you lost your mind, I'm just a kid, let me go Hank!

Hank: After I'm done with you, you'll be released.

Xander: Done with me! What do you plan on doing to me?

Hank: Just a little genetic manipulation I learned from Sinister. (He has a long needle) I wont lie this is really going to hurt!

Xander: Hank please don't do this, Scott help me, anybody! Please Hank do it! SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT, HELP ME!!!! (Just then Scott comes running into Xander's bedroom)

Scott: Xander wake up, Xander!

Xander: No, Hank don't do it! (He wakes up at the touch of Scott's hand on him, and grabs him and throws him through the wall. At this point others come running to see what has happened.)

Logan: Scott, are you alright!

Scott: I'll be fine, go check on Xander!

Logan: Xander, what happened?

Xander: (Getting out of his bed in a fit of anger) I wont let you hurt me! (Punches a surprised Logan, sends him flying back out the door.)

Logan: I don't know what's wrong with you bub, but you need to snap out of it!

Scott: Xander, look at me, its Scott, your brother, look at me, calm down, your safe, I'm here!

Xander: S-Scott?

Scott: Yes Xan, its me, you were just having a bad dream!

Xander: (Running to Scott and hugging him) Scott, it was horrible it was so real!

Scott: Your ok now, I'm here!


Later that morning-

Xander: (I'm walking down to go to breakfast, and as I walk through the hall and the common room, everyone is staring at me, and whispering things, like I don't have super hearing. "He freaked out, threw Mr. Summers through a wall, and beat up Logan too. I heard he's on drugs. I heard he has multiple personalities." Finally friendly faces, Jubilee, Amara, Kitty and Josh come running over to me.)

Josh: How are you doing?

Xander: Other than being labeled the school retard, fine I guess!

Jubilee: Who cares what anyone says!

Kitty: People talk about Amara all the time!

Amara: Thanks Kitty! What she means to say is people are always going to talk, since they have no lives anyway.

Josh: So what really happened?

Xander: I had the most horrible dream, Hank was doing some kind of experiment on me, and I guess at some point Scott came running into my room, and I threw him through the wall, and then punched Logan. I feel like such an idiot. I have to go to the professors office after we eat!

Kitty: You mean it was only a dream! We heard someone broke into your room!

Xander: Doesn't take long for the rumor mill to start turning around here does it!

Jubilee: Not in this school. Come on lets go eat!

Xander: Ya lets go and sit in a room full of everyone talking about me! (We went and ate, and of course everyone sat staring at me, and putting their own spins on what they thought happened. I said goodbye to my friends and went to the professors office, I knocked on the door, and was told to come in.)

Pro-X: Hello Xander, please have a seat! I spoke with Scott, and he filled me in on what you were dreaming about! So I wanted to talk to you about Dr. McCoy. Is this the first time you have had a nightmare concerning him?

Xander: To be honest sir, its not.

Pro-X: Are you afraid of him?

Xander: There is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way, and this isn't just about him wanting to put me in a box and study me.

Pro-X: Hank has never hurt anyone, he actually is very opposed to violence unless there is no choice!

Xander: I'm sorry professor, I don't know him that well, but I cant change the way I feel.

Pro-X: You do realize that you are going to be starting classes today with him as your teacher. (Scott and Jean enter)

Xander: If I have no choice in the matter, then I have to take his class!

Scott: Professor is it completely necessary for him to be in Hank's class!

Pro-X: < Scott, if we handle this by sheltering him, he will always seek the easy way out of any bad situation. If he deals with it head on, he will learn to face his problems head on. > He needs the classes he has to complete his course studies, so yes he must take Hank's class.

Xander: It will be fine, it was just a dream I'm sorry I caused all these problems! May I go so I'm not late on my first day!

Jean: Will walk you!

Xander: (Walking down the hall) Scott I'm sorry about throwing you, are you sure your not hurt!

Scott: I told you I'm fine kid-O don't worry so much! That's my job!

Jean: If you need us you know where to find us! Have a great day!

Xander: Ya, ok, thanks! (First class was history, none of my friends are in my class so I take a seat in the back, this way people have to work to stare at me, turning their heads. Of course the teacher calls on me, I'm sure I'll be getting this a lot today.)

Teacher: Xander, What can you tell me about Cleopatra?

Xander: Cleopatra was 17 or 18 when she became the queen of Egypt. She was far from beautiful, despite her glamorous image today. She is depicted on ancient coins with a long hooked nose and masculine features. Yet she was clearly a very seductive woman. She had an enchantingly musical voice and exuded charisma. She was also highly intelligent. She spoke nine languages (she was the first Ptolemy pharaoh who could actually speak Egyptian!) and proved to be a shrewd politician. In compliance with Egyptian tradition Cleopatra married her brother and co-ruler, Ptolemy XIII, who was about 12 at the time. But it was a marriage of convenience only, and Ptolemy was pharaoh in name only. For three years he remained in the background while Cleopatra ruled alone.

Ptolemy's advisors - led by a eunuch named Pothinus - resented Cleopatra's independence and conspired against her. In 48 BC they stripped Cleopatra of her power and she was forced into exile in Syria. Her sister Arsinoe went with her.

Teacher: Very good!

Xander: (The rest of the day went pretty much the same. Now it was time to get to Hank's class. Yippy for me! This should be fun.)

Hank: Do you know anything about on biological heat engines?

Xander: In thermo synthesis an organism functions as a heat engine . This analogy between dead machines such as the steam engine and living organisms may seem farfetched. In the steam engine water is thermally cycled: liquid water is heated in a boiler, where it turns into steam - a phase transition. The expanding steam performs external work. In the condenser the steam turns again into liquid water, the reverse phase transition.
In the two thermo synthesis mechanisms a protein or a membrane is similarly thermally cycled, and undergoes a phase transition to an unfolded or more fluid state. The external work consists of the synthesized ATP. In a steam engine the product, mechanical work, is obtained outside the system, while in thermo synthesis the product is formed inside. Here ADP and phosphate are 'pushed together' to form the ATP that is released. The difference in topology, 'inside' and 'outside', is however not important. (I wasn't about to let him make me look stupid, so I had to shut him up.)

Hank: Mmhmm! Interesting!

Xander: (Argh, interesting, interesting is that all he ever has to say. Finally my day was done, I was walking down the hall when I saw Kitty so I went up to her.)

Kitty: Xander, just the person I was looking for!

Xander: What's up?

Kitty: I need to ask you for the biggest favor in the world!

Xander: Oh no, just how much trouble am I going to get in!

Kitty: Xander, I need to go into town, just for a little bit, its very important!

Xander: What for?

Kitty: If I tell you, you might not want to take me!

Xander: I'm not going to take you unless you tell me!

Kitty: I need to go meet Lance, he really needs to talk to me, and well after what happen the last time I saw him, I just have to talk to him!

Xander: I don't get it why ask me?

Kitty: Cause you're the only one that didn't make a big deal out of me dating him, and well the only other person I trust that can fly is Rogue, and there is no way in hell she would take me, she plain hates the idea of us dating.

Xander: Alright I'll do it, but you have one hour, cause I have to meet Scott, and he'll flip if I don't show up.

Kitty: Thank you, thank you, I love you!

Xander: Ya, ya, ya, lets go. (I fly us into town, making sure not to be seen. I land in an empty alley.) I'll wait here! Don't forget one hour!

Kitty: Xander you're the best! Wish me luck!

Xander: (As I'm sitting around waiting, I hear someone shouting for help, from the other side of the alley, I look but I don't see anything. So I walk down the alley, when someone jumps from behind me and injects me with something I fall to the floor, and everything goes black.)

Kitty: (One hour later) Xander? Xander where are you!

Guy: Hey are you looking for your friend that was waiting here?

Kitty: Yes, did you see him?

Guy: I saw him walking through the alley, and then some kind of mutant took him!

Kitty: Oh my God, why didn't you do anything?

Guy: Do I like stupid or something, I would never go up against those mutants.

Back at the mansion-

Kitty: Guys, guys come here, we've got big troubles.

Jubilee: What is it, what's wrong?

Kitty: Xander, someone took him!

Josh: What, who?

Amara: We have to tell Scott! (Jean comes walking by)

Jean: Tell Scott what?

Kitty: Jean, Xander, its Xander!

Jean: What about Xander?

Kitty: Someone took him, he's gone!

Jean: < Scott, you need to meet in at the front door now! >

Scott: What's the emergency?

Jean: Scott, Xander's been kidnapped!

Scott: It must be Tuesday! Are you kidding me right now?

Jean: Scott, I'm serious, Kitty and him went in to town and when she went back to meet him he was gone, a man told her he seen a mutant knock him out and take him.

Scott: The professor, he can use Cerebro to locate him! Come on!

A basement-

John: (Its been a couple of hours now, I brought Xander here, I tied his arms up at the wrist, in the middle of the room. I had stripped off all of his clothes and put a collar around his neck that doesn't allow him to use his powers. I throw water on his face.) Time to wake up sleeping beauty. (I smack him a few times really hard.) I said wake up!

Xander: Wh-what's going on!

John: Welcome to Jonny's dungeon, my name is John and I'll be your host!

Xander: (I try to free my hands but I have no strength to do it, my powers are gone.)

Let me go you son of a bitch, I'll kill you I swear!

John: Let you go, ha, ha, ha, I don't think so I went to a lot of trouble to get you here. No were going to have a lot of fun together, actually I'm going to have a lot of fun.

Xander: Scott will find me and when he does your dead!

John: (Smack! Smack!) No one is going to find you, I've rigged this place, so that it cant be detected by anyone, not telepaths not even Cerebro. I learned a lot from my days at the school. Now, I feel like a work out, so I'm going to start by using you as a punching bag. (I start punching his stomach, again and again, his face, his chest, I love this, I have control over this son of a bitch, and I'm going to make sure he knows it.)

Xander: (Bam) Ahh, your pathetic, (Bam) ahh, you cant even take me without tying me up, your not, (Bam), even a man!

John: I'll show you what a man is! But first I think I'm going to gag you!

At the mansion-

Pro-X: I've done all I can do, whoever has him is blocking Cerebro from being able to detect him.

Scott: There has to be something we can do.

Jean: Alright, lets start with a list of who knows about him, who wants him, and who has the capability of shielding Cerebro.

Scott: Damn it, what about Magneto, he already took him once, maybe he came back and did it again?

Pro-X: I've already thought of that, I've sent a message to him, now I'm waiting for a response.

Scott: Why don't we just go there?

Pro-X: Go where, if it was Magneto, he could be everywhere.

Scott: I cant just sit here and do nothing.

Jean: Scott, will find him.

Scott: Jean something is different I have a really bad feeling about this!

Kitty's room-

Kitty: (On the Phone) Lance please if you know anything tell me.

Lance: I swear to you I don't know anything!

Kitty: How convenient is it that you would call me, and give me the idea to ask Xander to take me to you, and then all of the sudden he's missing. No one knows that we were there but you.

Lance: I'm tired of you blaming me whenever someone from your friends goes missing, either believe me or don't.

Kitty: Fine bye!

Jubilee: What, did he tell you anything?

Josh: Does he know anything?

Amara: Talk already!

Kitty: (Starts crying) He doesn't know anything! I should have never asked Xander to take me. Now he's missing!

Jubilee: You cant do this to yourself, you didn't know this was going to happen.

Kitty: Who knows what's happening to him now!

Josh: Lets go find out what Scott and Jean are doing. Or just go and find him on our own.

Three Days Later


At the Mansion-

Pro-X: (At the front porch) Eric I am asking you, please, do you have the boy?

Magneto: If I had him, you would know!

Scott: Its been three days, no games do you know where he's at or not?

Magneto: Calm your boy down Charles. Remember you asked me here! I will do everything in my power to find him!

Jean: And return him to us?

Magneto: I just said to find him, I never said anything about bringing him back here!

Josh: You son of a bitch, if you do anything to him, I'll kill you myself!

Pro-X: Josh, I told you no one was allowed out here, go back inside.

Magneto: Feisty!

Rogue: (Flying up from behind I grab onto Magneto, I only need to hold on for a second to take some memories from him.)

Magneto: (Grabbing her and flipping her over his shoulder) Charles I expected more by coming here. Your students attacked and now payback is in order! I'll be seeing you, all of you! (Flies off)

Pro-X: All of you, just what the hell did you think you were doing, there is no telling the retaliation he will rain down on us now.

Scott: Rogue did you learn anything?

Rogue: The only thing I got was that he thinks Pyro might be involved, he's been missing for three days now as well.

Scott: That's a start! Professor now you can try and locate John, and we can track him to Xander!

A basement-

Scott: Xander, I'm here, wake up baby, I'm so sorry, it took me so long but I found you, your safe now.

Xander: I knew you would come for me, I just held onto the hope you would somehow find me. And you did.

Scott: I'll always be able to find you, were connected, like one.

Xander: Kiss me Scott! (He leans in and kisses him, it's the most passionate kiss, Xander has ever had.)

John- (I remove the gag I have on Xander. And smack him a few times to wake him up.) Wake up you fucking asshole!

Xander: S-Scott!

John: No douche bag! Were you dreaming again! When will you learn, he's not coming for you.

Xander: (Barley able to speak) W-at-er!

John- You want some water huh! What if I piss in your mouth will that do!

Xander: Please, water!

John: Alright, although you've pissed enough on yourself as it is! Here drink up!

Xander: (Gulp, Gulp, dribble, dribble.) Cough, cough, please let me go! You cant keep me here forever!

John: Oh, I thought you said you were going to be rescued by Scott! Where are all your friends now? Ha, ha, ha! Time for some more fun!

Xander: (My body aches all over, my mouth, and lips all dried up, I'm bruised all over, my wrists feel like the rope is cutting straight through them. My balls hurt so bad as he has them tied and something heavy weighing them down, the nipple claps have made my nipples numb.) What are you going to do now?

John: See that camera over there! Well I have this web site so that all of these people are watching everything that I'm doing to you. Now guess what, they are offering to pay me, to act out their fantasies on you! So now its time to start making some money off your dumb ass! First, I'm going to set this hot poker on fire and burn your chest! Aren't you glad you asked!

Xander: John, this is insane, you cant be serious!

John: Cant I! Try this!

Xander: (I see him burning the poker, this is a nightmare, wake up Xander, wake up, this isn't real!) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



John: Now who's the bitch! (I've burned his chest again and again. The more he yells the more I want to hurt him.) Time for the next fantasy. The next one wants me to punch you around a little, I can do that! (For the next fifteen minuets I beat the crap out of him, from head to toe.) Next we have a guy that wants me to assault your ass, with some dildos and not just any dildos (Holding one up) this 16 inch dildos. Do you think you can handle that, cause if you cant I wont do it. Sike! (I pound the dildo in and out of him, he's screaming like a little bitch, the tears rolling down his face makes this worth every second of it.) Had enough yet!

Xander: Y-you mother fucker, when I get out of this, and believe me I will, your going to regret the day you ever put a finger on me! (I spit on his face.) Your still a worthless piece of shit, you'll never be a man!

John: (Smack) Moving right along. Next this guy wants to see me cut you, would you like that, to cut that beautiful smooth skin of yours. Get ready because here it comes.

Xander: You mother fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

4 Days Later-

At the mansion-

Pro-X: Nothing, I haven't been able to locate him.

Scott: Then we have to try something else, this is to much!

Jean: Alex and Lorna are doing everything they can to help, so is everyone we have outreached too!

Scott: I-I cant do this, I feel like my heart is being cut out! What would John want with him, what could he possibly being doing to him?

Logan: Vengeance! He must blame Xander, for his being caught!

Storm: Is John capable of hurting him?

Logan: Someone with as much rage as he has, is capable of anything.

Jean: Logan! (Giving him a look and then nodding her heads towards Scott.)

Piotr: Professor, Dr. Strange is here to see you!

Pro-X: Send him in please!

Dr. Strange: Hello everyone! Charles it is good to see you again! I'm sorry it has taken me so long, but I had Avengers duties that I couldn't get out of.

Pro-X: I understand, it is no problem at all.

Dr. Strange: So is the young man here?

Pro-X: No I'm afraid not!

Dr. Strange: No matter, anything that belongs to him shall do!

Pro-X: Piotr shall take you to his room!

Dr. Strange: I shall return shortly!

Jean: Professor, why didn't you tell him about Xander, maybe he could help!

Pro-X: Jean, I told you before that something wasn't right, well after much thought on the matter, I have come to the conclusion that I feel Dr. Strange has something to do with, the changes in memory!

Jean: So why are you letting him go into his, ah, I see what your doing, you are brilliant.

Pro-X: We shall learn much, when he returns, if I don't feel he is connected, then I will ask for his help!

Jean: I see!

Josh's room-

Josh: <Hey you guys (Jubilee, Amara, Rogue, Kitty) come into my room. >

(Moments Later)

Kitty: What's going on?

Josh: Take a look at this!

Rogue: How can you watch porn at a time like this?

Josh: Its not porn, some dude is torturing this guy anyway people want, they just have to pay. But that's not what I want you to see, look at the guy, I know you can barley see his face, through the bruises and blood and his hair, but doesn't that look like Xander?

Jubilee: How did you find this site?

Josh: A friend of mine sent it to me, its like the most viewed website right now!

Rogue: I cant tell if its him. I mean he's jut beat up to badly.

Kitty: Who's doing the torturing?

Josh: I just turned on the site, and I'll I've seen is that guy hanging there like that. Maybe its intermission!

Rogue: Intermission, this is barbaric!

Jubilee: Well lets wait till were sure, we don't want to get anyone's hopes up for nothing.

A basement-

John: (Smack, punch, smack) Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Here lets take that gag out. There that's better, now what are you trying to say?

Xander: (Barley able to speak) H-he'll come for me!

John: What's that I cant hear what your mumbling. Speak up!

Xander: I know he'll find me!

John: Ha, ha, ha, you still think he's going to come save you, Ass wipe, its been a week and no one has found you. No one is going to. What gives you this hope that he will?

Xander: He's my brother, and he loves me!

John: (Smack, punch) Loves you, he doesn't love you, no one does. I know, the professor, made him befriend you, the professor wants to use you, I heard them talking, your some kind of weapon. Your nothing more then a means to an end! Now its time for some flogging.

The mansion-

Josh: Its Xander professor, we saw John, torturing him!

Scott: Cant we piggy back the connection and locate where its transmitting from.

Alex: Lorna you can do that cant you?

Lorna: I can try, Josh pull of the website, and everyone be quite I need to concentrate.

Jean: Come out here Scott, lets give her some space!

Scott: I want to be ready to go the second she finds him!

Josh: I'm coming too!

Jubilee: We all are!

Pro-X: I don't think that is necessary!

Kitty: Please professor we have to go, we saw the way he looks, if there is going to be a fight we need to be there.

Pro-X: Its up to Scott!

Kitty: Thanks professor!

(15 minuets later)

Lorna: I got it!

Alex: I could kiss you!

Lorna: So what's stopping you! Come on guys lets go!

Scott: {Professor we are ready to go.}

Pro-X: {Your cleared for take off}

Scott: Buckle up everyone this is going to be the fastest we've ever gone before!

At the Basement-

John: Now asshole I have saved the best for last. I'm going to rape your ass till it bleeds. I'm going to fuck you so hard shits going to come out your mouth!

Xander: (Mumbling) Scott where are you!

John: What are you mumbling about!

Xander: He's coming for me, Scotts coming for me!

John: Ya you just keep on telling yourself that. Your pathetic hoping that your savior Scott is going to come rescue you! Your all mine, everyone forgot all about you. Hell they probably don't even remember who you are. They were relieved to get rid of you. All your crying all time, Waa, Waa, poor me, poor me, now shut up and take it like a man! (I step behind him grab his head back by his hair,) You ready for the fuck of your life! Can you feel that, rubbing up and down your crack, I'm going to enjoy this, and when I'm done I'm going to keep my cock there and piss in your ass, watch the blood come poring out. (Beep, Beep, Beep) What! {Perimeter breached} It cant be! (I run over to my computer and check the camera's I have placed, it's the X-men.) You've got to be kidding me!

Xander: I-I told you he would come for me!

John: Today's your lucky day, but don't get to happy, next time we meet, I'm going to finish you off!

Xander: Cough, Cough, you'll never escape!

John: I wont huh? Guess what I already prepared for every possibility...I have my way out of here! (Smack) I'll be seeing you! (Grabs him by the hair and kisses his forehead. Walks over to a wall and pushes a button and escapes through his hidden passage out of the building.)

Xander: I knew he would come for me! I knew it, Scott! (Boom, the door explodes open, everyone comes in, Scott and Alex run up to Xander.)

Alex: Girls stay back, till we find something to cover him with!

Scott: Xander, oh baby! Alex get his legs free!

Xander: I knew you'd come, I knew it this isn't a dream, your really here, you found me...(Passes out)

Scott: Xander, Xander, stay awake, stay with us, Xander!

Alex: Come on lets get him back to the med bay fast!

Scott: I'm going to kill that son of a bitch, look at what he's done to him!

The med bay-

Jean: He should heal up now that the collar is off. His healing factor should work. How could someone do something like this?

Scott: Jean look at him, how is he ever going to come back from something like this?

Jean: He's been tortured for days its not going to be easy, he has a long road ahead of him!

Scott: I cant help but think, ever since he came here, nothing but bad things have happened to him. I feel like its all our faults. I think it would have been better if he never came here.

Jean: Scott, don't talk like that. Do you actually think living on the street would have been better. He's become a stronger, more open person since he's been here. We've watched as he's changed into a young adult!

Scott: I know, I just hate seeing him like this!

Jean: Scott you haven't slept in days, I've given him a sedative he'll be out for a long time.

Scott: I'm not leaving his side. When he wakes up I want my face to be the first thing he see's!

Jubilee's room-

Josh: I cant believe John did all those things to him!

Kitty: Did you see the burn marks!

Rogue: The burn marks, did you see the cuts, and that thing hanging from his balls!

Jubilee: I don't think I'll ever get that picture out of my head, he was just bruised and bleeding, everywhere.

Josh: I'm going to kill John if I ever see him!

Rogue: I don't think he'll ever show his face again!

Josh: I went into his head when we first got there, he was so scared, his mind playing tricks on him, he didn't know what was real from what wasn't. He just kept repeating Scott will come, he'll save me over and over again!

Kitty: Like I've read in those situations a person holds on to a shred of hope to make it through the situation their in, and it helps to give them the strength to get through.

Jubilee: I called Bobby and told him, he flipped out and said he should have finished off John a long time ago, he knew he was a loose canon waiting to explode!

Rogue: Were really going to have to be there for him. He's not going to be the same after this, we just need to give him time, to come to grips with it!

The home of Dr. Strange-

Dr. Strange: Those fools, I was there with them, had they just told me what was going on I could have found Alexander right away!

Topaz: Is there nothing you can do for him?

Dr. Strange: I can heal his wounds quicker than waiting for his powers to heal him. But emotionally, if I take away the memories of what happened, it will come back to haunt him later on in life. Its better that he face it now.

Topaz: I still think you should go to him! He needs his father!

Dr. Strange: I told you as soon as I figure out how to extract the powers out of him, freeing him from being this prophecy child, I will tell him everything. But not until that day comes, will I tell him.

Topaz: He's already dealt with so much, I'm afraid you are taking to big of a risk with his emotional state of mind!

Dr. Strange: Time will tell my friend, time will tell! I will go into the astral plane and heal him now!

The next morning-

Pro-X: Jean, something isn't right, someone has helped in healing Xander!

Jean: But professor he has self healing!

Pro-X: Yes and he would according to my estimations been healed by tomorrow, I fear whoever is behind the altered memories has somehow found a way to get to Xander and heal him.

Jean: Scott's been with him all night, if someone had gotten in here he would know!

Pro-X: I don't believe it was done here, I believe it was done on the astral plane! Someone is going to a lot of trouble to keep themselves anonymous!

Jean: Maybe were better off not knowing, Xander's been through enough, to break the news to him that Scott's not his real brother, would just send him over the edge.

Pro-X: The truth always comes out, in the end it always does!

In the med bay-

Xander: (Waking up! I looks over and sees Scott sleeping on the oh so familiar chair. I'm back I'm really home!) Scott! Scott wake up!

Scott: Xander! You're awake!

Xander: Scott, you're a sight for sore eyes!

Scott: I don't understand you don't have a mark on you!

Xander: I had a dream last night, and this man surrounded by bright lights, came to me and he healed my body, I don't know if it was an angel, but the way he smiled at me, after he was done healing me, he looked at me as if he knew who I was. I don't know if it was real, but I don't care, my body doesn't hurt anymore!

Scott: Xander, (Hugging him) I was so scared I was never going to see you again. I did everything I could do to find you!

Xander: The whole time I was there, the only thing I was sure of, was that you were going to walk through those doors and save me! I just knew you would! (He begins to cry) He tried to take that hope away from me, but my heart wouldn't let go, my heart knew that the one person in the whole world that would never stop until he found me was you, and you did! You found me!

Scott: I told you I would always find you, and I always will!

End Chapter-