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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.



Chapter 12- Reality Check

Xander: (I got up and took a long hot shower, went into my closet and picked out a pair of tight fitting jeans they showed off my ass and bulge perfectly, I picked a tight fitting shirt that said " Porn Star in Training" On the front. I put some gel in my hair. Grabbed my books and headed out of my room. I walked down the hall heading to grab something to eat. I walked with an air of confidence, so much so that everyone stared and I acted as if I hadn't notice. I made it into the cafeteria, grabbed a banana and a granola bar. Some kid that was walking my way with a tray of food, was staring so hard, that he tripped over his self and his tray went flying, I caught him, caught the tray, and all the food so that nothing fell, handed it back to the kid and started to walk out. When I was stopped!)

Josh: Xander, wow that was amazing, are you coming to sit with us.

Xander: (I smirk at him, and walk right up to him, move in a little closer to his ear and whisper. As Scott and the rest of the gang looked on in surprise at the seductive manor is which I was acting.) Josh, did I ever thank you for figuring out where I was being held at. (He just mumbled a no.) Don't you wish I would!(And with that I walked away leaving him standing there, drooling at how close I was to him.)

Jubilee: What was that all about?

Josh: I have no idea! But something is wrong with him!

Kitty: Remember we said he was going to need a period of adjustment.

Josh: I think he's moved past that and on to bitch-hood!

Jubilee: Josh!

Josh: Dude he just so used my feelings for him against me, and it worked!

Jubilee: Lets see what Scott has to say! (Walking over to the teachers table.)

Scott: Oh no, what now?

Jubilee: Scott, is Xander ok?

Scott: (I wish I knew, what is he in to Josh now!) He looked fine a minuet ago, why?

Josh: Nothing just wondering!

Scott: You guys just relax, it will take him a little while to get himself together!



Hank: What are the current trends in greenhouse gas emissions? Anyone?

Xander: Global greenhouse gas emissions have grown markedly since pre-industrial times, with a 70% increase from 1970 to 2004 alone. Over this period, emissions from the transport and energy sectors have more than doubled. Policies put in place in some countries have been effective in reducing emissions in those countries to a certain degree, but not sufficiently to counteract the global growth in emissions. Without additional measures to mitigate climate change, global green house gas emissions will continue to grow over the coming decades and beyond. Most of this increase would come from developing countries, where per capita emissions are still considerably lower than those in developed countries.

Hank: (Mumbling to himself) Its like he's reading out of a text book!

Xander: I don't see this written in the book in front of me, so there is no way I could be reading out of a text book!

Hank: Did I ask you if you were reading out of a text book?

Xander: No you just said I was reading out of a text book!

Hank: Since your coming from a very trying time, I'll allow this one outburst!

Xander: An outburst is a sudden display of emotion, and I know I was not emotional when I said that!

Hank: So you just think you're the most intelligent person in this class don't you?

Xander: I would never presume such a thing, when I don't even know what the other students are capable of!

Hank: So are you inferring that you are more intelligent then I?

Xander: You said it, not me!

Hank: You are excused from my class, please go to the professors office!

Xander: With pleasure!(I get up and look at the classroom full of students staring at me as if I had just killed a dog in front of them. I walk out and make my way to the professors office. Who does he think he is, I didn't do anything wrong. Just before I knock I hear the professor in my head telling me to come in.)

Pro-X: Xander, please have a seat! Do you think you may have gone back to school to soon?

Xander: I don't think so at all!

Pro-X: Than what seems to be the problem?

Xander: Professor, you can scan my mind and see what happened yourself, I didn't do anything wrong!

Pro-X: Thank you! (Reads his mind) Xander for the time being your excused from Hank's classes.

Xander: Although I do feel I could teach his class for him, I don't see how it is right for a student to not be allowed the same education as anyone else, just because the teacher feels threatened by the intelligence of a student. (Before he can even say anything I get up and walk out. This is bullshit, that blue fucker, is going to get me kicked out of class. Whatever I wouldn't be learning anything from him anyway.)

Pro-X: <Scott, Jean to my office.!> (Moments later)

Scott: Yes professor!

Pro-X: Xander has been removed from Hanks class.

Jean: What, why?

Pro-X: It seems that Xander and Hank had a battle of wits today! Hank sent him to my office. And after viewing what took place, I've decided that Xander shouldn't be in his class anymore.

Scott: So what are you saying, Xander is to smart for his class and Hank doesn't like it?

Pro-X: Hank asked a question, Xander answered it eloquently, Hank made a comment that its like he's reading it out of the book. Xander heard what he said, called him out on it, in a calm manner, but Hank tried to out wit him, but he couldn't. I don't know what has gotten into Hank.

Scott: I do, he's never had to deal with anyone smarter than he is. Just because Xander can remember anything he reads doesn't mean he doesn't understand it.

Jean: Actually your right, he complete understands the things he's read and is able to use that knowledge to achieve whatever it is he is doing.

Pro-X: Xander is very angry, understandably so, but he is trying to pretend everything is normal, when its not, he is trying to act cold hearted, as if he cares for no ones feelings what so ever, I feel he thinks if he closes his heart no one can ever hurt him again. If he continues down this path he will become completely self destructive.

Jean: We need to get him to talk about his feelings.

Scott: How, how can we do that, wait now that makes sense this morning when we saw him in the cafeteria the way he acted with Josh. If that's the start of this I would hate to see it escalate.

Jean: Were just going to have to sit him down and talk to him, make him share his feelings with us.

Scott: Sure you can hold him down, and I'll force him to talk!

Jean: Fine smart ass you come up with a better idea, and get back to me!

Scott: Its so hard for him. Hell I cant think what I would do if something like that happen to me.

In the Hanger-

Logan: Don't you have a class you should be in bub?

Xander: Nope, my teacher feels I'm too smart for his class so I got kicked out.

Logan: That wouldn't be Hanks class would it?

Xander: Sure is! What are you doing?

Logan: Messing around with my Jeep.

Xander: Boring!

Logan: You have a better idea?

Xander: Lets go find some bad guys to beat up!

Logan: Got some aggression you want to get out?

Xander: To say the least!

Logan: Alright, I'm itching for a fight myself! But you tell Scott, I'll tear you to shreds myself!

Xander: Our secret! (We get in his jeep and drive into town, I'm sure he really didn't take me out to get into a fight, he probably figured I could use some air, away from the school. And he was right, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I don't want to stop to think about it either.)

Logan: You know, a long time ago some really bad guys, did some experiments on me, I don't remember much about my past, only last few years. It sucks really bad, don't know if I have a family, or if their dead for that matter, hell I don't even know how old I really am.

Xander: Why are you telling me this?

Logan: If you'll let me talk, maybe I could finish a sentence. My point is, life throws curve balls, you just have to learn to adjust your swing. Its not easy, but a man is defined by the moral choices he makes in the situations he's in. An awful thing happened to you, don't let it destroy you, or the one who did it to you wins!

Xander: Thanks for sharing!

Logan: There doesn't seem to be anything going on today, maybe the bad guys took the day off or something.

Xander: Like that would ever happen. Its ok, the drive was good enough.

Logan: Want to head back?

Xander: Sure, Scott will have a hairy conniption if he finds me not on the school grounds.

Back at the Mansion-

Kid #1: Check this out!

Kid #2: Dude, is that shit for real?

Kid #3: Ya, some guy was getting paid to do this shit, to that guy, its all over the net! Damn dude, got messed up big time!

Xander: (Hearing this I lose my temper, walks over grabs the laptop, lifts it and throws it down, breaking it to pieces. But not without Hank being a witness to this.) Do you guys think its funny to watch someone being tortured?

Kid #1: My mother got me that laptop! Your getting me a new one!

Hank: Xander, what is wrong with you?

Xander: Back off Hank!

Hank: You have a real attitude problem!

Xander: And you need to get out of my face!

Hank: Your out of control, destruction of property, Disrespecting your elders!

Xander: Your just looking for any reason to ride my ass! (At this point a bunch of students have surrounded us.)

Hank: I don't need to look for a reason, you freely giving me reasons! You have everyone fooled here, thinking you're this sweet kid, I've had my eye on you your nothing but a trouble maker!

Xander: For someone who's suppose to have such a high I.Q. you sure act like the biggest kid I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

Hank: Were going to the professors office, I've had enough of your mouth for one day!

Xander: (He puts his hand on me, grabbing me.) DON'T TOUCH ME! Get your paws off me! (I grab him and flip him over my shoulder!) You have no right to touch me! No one does!

Hank: If it's a quarrel you want, it's a quarrel you shall have!

Xander: (He grabs me again, this time lifts me up and sends me flying into a wall, I fly back at him, punch him sending him flying, he grabs onto a pole, spins back and flies at me, landing on top of me.) I said don't touch me, you ape! (I use my optic beam and send him flying up in the air, as he comes down I punch him sending him flying out the second story window and landing with a thud. I go over to the window, and fly down and land next to him.) Your suppose to be a teacher. (I start whaling on him, punch after punch, till someone comes up behind me and grabs onto my shoulders.)

Scott: Xander, stop it, what are you doing?

Xander: He touched me Scott, I don't want to be touched, tell him to stay away from me. (I fly up and around the school till I get to my window I open it up and go inside, I land my bed, and just start crying into my pillow.)

Scott: Hank are you alright?

Hank: I'm fine, but that kid is a menace, this is the last straw, using your powers against another on this property is grounds for expulsion!

Scott: Just calm down Hank!

Hank: Don't tell me what to do! That boy is a danger to everyone around him! He broke Tony's laptop for no reason, I saw it myself!

Scott: That's not like Xander!

Hank: Oh, I think it is, and you all are to blind to see, but not me, and now he assaulted me, I want him out of the school. I'm going to speak with the professor right now! Come morning he's out of here!

Scott: Sounds more like a personal vendetta to me! He's not going anywhere!

Hank: Oh you think so!

Scott: I don't think, I know, if he leaves, Jean, and I leave!

Hank: Don't speak for Jean!

Scott: I can and will speak for her!

Hank: Will see!

Scott: Yes we will! (I walk back into the school and to Xander's room, I don't even knock I just enter. He's laying on his bed, crying into his pillow, I go over to him and lay down next to him and bring his head onto my chest.) Xander! What's going on with you today! Talk to me!

Xander: I don't know Scott, I just don't know anymore, I cant stand to be touched by any guy, John made sure of that. You're the only one I trust, you're my brother!

Scott: Did you break that kids laptop?

Xander: Scott, they were watching the video of John torturing me, I lost it when I saw it, but at least I only broke the computer and not them!

Scott: That's a good way to put it, but it was still wrong!

Xander: I know, but I couldn't help it, hearing them talk about it like it was some kind of cool thing happening to someone, it was real and it happened to me!

Jean: (Entering the room) Sorry I didn't knock, but the students said you got into a fist fight with Hank!

Xander: He acted like I grabbed the laptop and broke it for shits and giggles. He knew they were watching the video of what John did to me, I know he did. I don't know why he hates me so much, and I just don't have the energy to care anymore. He got me kicked out of his class today for what, just for being smart!

Jean: I know all about, (Lays down next to Xander, Scott's on the other side.) it, we heard everything from the professor. Plus it turns out Scott just offered for us to leave the school if he tries to get you expelled!

Scott: Sorry Jean, for bringing your name into it!

Jean: Please, you did the right thing, you know I've got the Summers men's back at all times!

Scott: I love you!

Jean: I know!

Xander: Can we focus on me!

Scott: Right, right!

Jean: Who are you again!

Xander: Jean!

Jean: Cool my names Jean too!

Xander: Your not funny! Ok well maybe a little, but I'm not going to laugh!

Jean: Your not! Get him Scott!

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, stop, ha, tickling me, Ha, please, I'm begging you!

Jean: Alright! Now spill it!

Xander: I, tried being mean today, not really mean, more like protecting my heart from anyone ever getting in, it seems like I'm just always getting hurt emotionally, maybe its cause I don't hurt so easily physically, it's the universe's way of balance.

Scott: So that thing with Josh in the morning was about what?

Xander: Just me being an ass, trying to push people away!

Jean: Maybe you just need a break from here, and from everyone?

Xander: I already went driving with Logan! Opps!

Scott: You did what? That jerk how could he take you off the grounds!

Xander: I was going to take off, he just did it, so that he could be there with me, rather than me being on my own!

Scott: Xander, you cant just run every time things get ruff!

Xander: I just don't know how to be me anymore!

Jean: Why don't we send him over to the Fantastic 4, for a week, give things time to settle down around here, and a chance for you to just clear your head!

Scott: I don't know Jean, there always battling something!

Jean: All the more reason. Xander needs to get back up on the saddle, learn to ride again. it's a brilliant Idea if I do say so myself!

Xander: Why would they want me to stay there?

Jean: They're are friends, and anyone would like to have you around!

Xander: Ask Hank that question, and get back to me!

Scott: I'll deal with Hank! You know what maybe your right Jean, this might just be what the doctor order!

Jean: I might be right, I am right! I'm always right!

Scott: Right!

Jean: I'll go call Sue, and ask her! Although I know the answer is yes, you get some sleep and will drop you off in the morning!

Xander: Thanks guys, I don't know how I ever lived without you guys in my life!

Scott: Alright, go to bed and will see you in the morning!

Xander: Scott, wait, don't go, cant you just sleep in here tonight! I don't want to be alone!

Jean: I'll take care of everything Scott, you just stay here! (Kisses Xander) see you in the morning!

Xander: Goodnight!

Scott: Alright, scoot over!

Xander: Thanks for staying! Can I take off my clothes?

Scott: I don't mind, I hate sleeping alone anyway! And its your bed, if you want to sleep naked then do it.

Xander: I know you only sleep in the nude too, so you have to get naked too!

Scott: Are you sure about this, maybe it might be to much!

Xander: I cant let him have that kind of control over me, I mean cant I have something that evil doesn't touch, something I get to say this is mine and evil cant take this away from me!

Scott: I wish that was the way life worked, hell I wish I could take all the pain away from you, but I cant. But I promise you, you will get through this. Alight, but don't go waking up and throwing me out the door if my morning wood is sticking up your ass!

Xander: I wont, I might take it for a ride though!

Scott: Xander!

Xander: Scott! I know, were at school, not camping!

Scott: That's not it, I don't want you to get hurt!

Xander: How can I get hurt when I'm with you?

Scott: Good point! Ok I don't want to get hurt! Last time you throw me out a whole in your bedroom wall!

Xander: Hello, bad dream, of Hank! Wont happen again!

Scott: Your crazy!

Xander: Scott, he never did anything to me sexually!

Scott: Xander, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want too!

Xander: I want to tell you! He's so stupid, he had the chance but he was so caught up in having control, he never did what he really wanted to do. At the end when he was about to, you came, and he left! All the torture he did to my body, I think it would have been worse if he had raped me!

Scott: I'm sure it would have.

Xander: I just hate the feeling that I didn't have any control, there was no way to fight, no way to stop him, all I could do was stand there and watch as he abused my body!

Scott: It wont ever happen again!

Xander: He's still out there, waiting, maybe even watching. He's waiting for his chance to try and take me again!

Scott: Not going to happen!

Xander: You know you really need to stop making those kinds of promises!

Scott: Why?

Xander: Cause I always wind up being taken!

Scott: That's a low blow!

Xander: Nope this is! (I grab his cock and pull)

Scott: You little shit!

Xander: Sorry I had too!

Scott: Lets go to bed!

Xander: Just don't let go of me, and please be here when I wake up!

Scott: You couldn't get rid of me if you tried!

Xander: I'm counting on that! (I lay there, smelling his sweet scent. I wish he wasn't my brother, he is so perfect, and maybe I could have made him mine. I don't know. Wishful thinking I guess. He's such a gentleman, he could have taken advantage of me grabbing his nuts but he didn't, I'm sure he's afraid its to soon. Maybe it is, but I don't know, its Scott, I would do it. What am I thinking he's my brother, I need to get those kinds of thoughts out of my head. After 20 minuets I feel asleep, feeling safe and secure. I woke up a couple of hours later, to his cock wedged in the crack of my ass and him spooning me, oh how I wanted to have him inside of me, but I knew better, if he wanted it he would have tried something with me last night. Well maybe? I rub back and forth on his cock, slowly I don't want him to wake up. I lick my hand and wipe the crack of my ass, I grab his cock and point it towards my hole and push the head in really slowly, he's still snoring away, so I push back all the way to the base and just keep it right there, I want to jack myself off with him inside me but I don't want to wake him up, so I fall back to sleep with him inside me. What a feeling.)

Scott: (I wake up to find my cock inside his ass, Xander, that little horn dog, there is no way it got in there by itself, so I slide it in and out a couple of times it just feels so good, wow how I would love to just fuck his ass so good, but this isn't the time. He's been through so much. But damn this kid has the tightest ass ever, there is no way my cock isn't going to explode in his ass even if I don't fuck him. But since he put it there I'm going to leave it inside him, and go back to bed.)

Xander: (I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 7am already, wow his cock is still inside me, I thought for sure it would have been out by the time I woke up. My luck it didn't. I start rocking back and forth, and start to hear light moans coming from my sleeping Scotty, I keep this up for a good ten minuets, till I start shooting my load, and then I hear)

Scott: Oh Shit, Fuck , Fuck, I'm cumming, Fuck, What a fucking way to wake up!

Xander: Sorry! It was in there when I woke up, I kept trying to get off it, but something kept sucking me back on!

Scott: Ya I'm sure that's what happened!

Xander: Hey I'm innocent!

Scott: Does that make me the devil!

Xander: If the cock fits!

Scott: Ya it fits, a real tight fit! How did you sleep?

Xander: Like I had a cock up my ass all night, I mean good! To bad you were asleep during all the activities.

Scott: Its just like me to miss all the action! Alright I'm going to go to my room shower and change!

Xander: NO! don't leave me!

Scott: Come on you have a big day today!

Xander: ya, ya, ya! Use me and leave me!

Scott: Last time I checked I was asleep when you decided to ride the Scotty express!

Xander: Details! Details!

The Baxter Building-

Jean: Here we are!

Xander: Wow its huge!

Scott: Wait until you see inside!

Xander: (We enter and ride up an elevator and get to a door, knock, and are greeted by Sue Storm, and Reed Richards.)

Sue: Hey guys, come in! (Hugs Jean)

Reed: So you must be Xander! Pleasure to meet you.

Xander: Nice to meet you, I love your place!

Sue: Wait till you see the rest! (In walks Ben Grimm.)

Ben: Hey guys! So this is Xander, I thought he was a kid! This looks like a man to me!

Xander: I like him already!

Ben: Come on I'll show you to your room, so you can put your stuff away!

Xander: Great, thanks!

Reed: So how's he doing?

Scott: He actually opened up and talked to me about it, he said that John never did anything sexual, and that it was mostly torture stuff, not that its any better, but he felt if he had raped him he would have been worse off. So I think he just needs to gain back some self confidence, and realize he's in control again and he should be fine!

Sue: Will do everything we can to help him gain back that control!

Jean: Guys lets not forget he has super hearing!

Scott: So how are those Yankees doing?

Jean: Subtle isn't he!

Ben: So that's pretty much it kid, I'll let Reed show you his laboratory!

Xander: Thanks, I cant believe you did this all yourself!

Sue: He sure did do it all himself, and I have those long lonely nights in bed alone to prove it!

Reed: Honey!

Jean: Well we need to get going now!

Sue: So soon you just got here!

Jean: We still have classes to teach!

Scott: Xander, have a good time, don't give them any trouble!

Jean: Ya like that would happen!

Xander: Are you trying to say I'm not capable of causing problems? Cause I thought Scott was the only Summers with the dull personality!

Scott: Keep it up, kid. Remember your not to old for me to put you over my knee!

Jean: Sorry Xan, but your just as much a goody-to-shoe as Scott is!

Ben: (Burp) Then I'll make sure to rub off on him before he goes back home!

Sue: Now your in trouble!

Jean: Ben, I want him back the same way we left him!

Ben: Yes Mommy!

Xander: (Hugging them) I'll be fine. They seem really nice! Unless is this like Annie, where from the outside they think miss hanagin is nice, but really she beats them. Am I going to have to start singing, it's a hard not life for us!

Sue: And he's funny too! Him and Jonny should get along great!

Scott: Alright were out of here. Call me Xander, whenever!

Xander: I will! Love you guys! Bye!

Ben: So what do you want to do first?

Xander: I'll start with cleaning the windows that way the water that comes down, I can mop up afterwards!

Sue: Ha, ha, ha, your too much!

Ben: I was getting ready to eat a banana split, you game?

Xander: Sure!

Reed: Don't you want to see my lab?

Xander: (Looking back and forth between the two.) Yes!

Sue: Boys, boys, I'll bring both of you a banana split to the lab!

Xander: Whoosh! Thanks I really didn't want to have to chose!

Reed: Come on!

Xander: (After showing me all around his lab and the different projects he was working on, he asked me a bunch of questions, surprised that I was smart and knew things he didn't expect me to know, he was great about it. unlike a certain blue furred Hank. I think I'm going to like it here.)

Reed: So from my understanding you have super strength. Do you know how much you can lift?

Xander: Here let me show you.(With that I pick up Ben and raise him over my head.) I once lifted a sentential into the sky!

Ben: Hey put me down!

Xander: Sorry!

Reed: Fantastic!

Sue: {Lunch is ready, if you boys are done playing with your toys!}

Ben: {Lunch! Were coming!} Sue is the best cook!

Xander: Great, cause I didn't eat anything this morning! So I'm starved!

At the table-

Jonny: (Comes walking in) Guess who just signed a deal for a bud light commercial?

Sue: Jonny I thought we said you weren't going to do any commercials for things we don't all support?

Jonny: Come on Sue, I couldn't pass up this chance, there's going to be 12 super models in the commercial with me!

Ben: The only way he can get a girl is if she's empty headed!

Xander: Ha, ha, ha!

Jonny: Don't be jealous, one day you'll meet a nice rock girl to play with!

Sue: Jonny! We have company!

Jonny: You must be my stiff, I mean Scotts younger brother!

Xander: Jonny Storm, so I take it your mother still dresses you, its nice to know she still familiar with the softer side of sears!

Ben: I knew I loved this kid! (High fives Xander)

Jonny: Got spunk that's for sure! So maybe your not like your brother!

Xander: Actually if I can even become half the man he is, I'll be really lucky!

Jonny: Who knew Scott was such a cool guy! So how long you staying rug rat?

Ben: As long as he wants!

Jonny: You know I'm just messing around right?

Xander: (If he wasn't so hot I would totally hate on him) I guess!

Ben: I already told him all about you!

Xander: May I be excused for a moment!

Sue: Please Xander, our home is your home!

Ben: Jonny go easy on the kid, he's had a ruff time!

Sue: I told you already Jonny!

Jonny: I was just messing around!

Reed: He's here for a reason! Scott's are friend, and his brother needs some help we all need to do our parts!

Jonny: Ok, ok, I'll chill!

Xander: (I had to go to the bathroom. I just needed to call Scott, I know he was joking but I hate when people talk about him. Lucky for me there is a phone in the bathroom. I call Scott!) Hey!

Scott: You've only been gone a few hours, you miss me that much!

Xander: More than you'll ever know!

Scott: I miss you to kid-O! So what are you guys up to?

Xander: I just met Jonny Storm!

Scott: What did you think of him?

Xander: Jerk!

Scott: I agree! But he has saved the world on a number of occasions! So we need to give him brownie points for that!

Xander: If you say so! Alright, I got to get back, were eating lunch!

Scott: Alright, have a good time!

Xander: I'll call you later! And you need to get me a cell phone! Bye! (I walk back to the table and finish my food. When I'm done I start taking the dishes to the sink)

Sue: Its alright honey I got it!

Xander: Its ok I don't mind!

Jonny: I hear you can fly, so when your done playing house wife, you want to race!

Xander: Would love to make you eat my dust!

Ben: In all fairness kid Jonny's real fast!

Xander: I've seen him on TV I don't think he's all that fast!

Jonny: Pretty cocky kid, how about we put a nice hefty wager on it!

Xander: I don't have any money!

Jonny: So we don't have to play for money! Whoever loses has to be the winners slave for a day!

Sue: Jonny!

Reed: Aside from the bet I would love to test how fast your able to fly Xander, if that's alright with you?

Xander: No problem, I don't mind at all!

Ben: Don't make the bet kid unless your sure you can win!

Jonny: Come on your not chicken are you?

Xander: Your on, get ready to be my slave, cause your going down!

Jonny: Big words coming from a little man!

Xander: I'm not little!

Jonny: Ya, get back to me when you can grow some chest hair!

Reed: Xander I just want to hook up some sensors to you so I can get readings while your flying.

Jonny: Well lets do this already!

Ben: Kid are you sure you know what your getting yourself into!

Xander: Trust me I know what I'm doing. (After putting some sensors on my chest and temples, we were ready to go, we went on top of the Baxter building to take off from there.)

Jonny: Flame on! Get ready to start cleaning my room!

Xander: Just keep talking!

Reed: Alright you both know the route you'll be flying! I want a fair and clean race Jonny! On three, one, two , three! Go!

Xander: (We take off flying, through New York, between buildings, above the bridge, its amazing, the rush of the air, being so high above it all. I stay neck and neck with him, I know I can go faster, but I want him to think he has a chance, and then at the end I'm going to just punch it and leave him dead in his tracks.)

Jonny: What's a matter kid not getting tired already?

Xander: You wish, I haven't even broken a sweat!

Jonny: I'll give you some credit, your at least still keeping up with me!

Xander: I'm keeping up with you in case you haven't noticed I'm a head, ahead of you as it is. I haven't even begun to try yet! (I turn myself upside down so that I'm looking at the sky above as I fly, just to drive him crazy. Alright it's the final stretch time to kick it into over drive. I start to fly super fast and was ahead of him, when I hear with my super hearing, there's a bomb about to go off, in a building. So I fly downwards to the building, there's a man holding a detonator.)

Guy: Is that all the money?

Lady: That's all of it!

Guy: Nobody move or this place goes buh-bye!

Xander: I don't think so buddy! (I fly at super speed grab the detonator out of his hand, take the money bags, and throw them back over the counter and carry him outside to the waiting police.) Here you go officers!

Guy: Now you've done it, I have a partner and he's going to blow up this building!

Cop: Kid can you get all the people out?

Xander: On it! (I fly in and out taking people out of the bank, the bomb goes off but there is still all the people in the building above the bank, he must have had the bomb below the building, exploding one of the support beams, the building is starting to collapse from one side not holding its own, I fly over to that side of the building and push with all my might holding the building in place. I wish Scott was here, he would know what to do.)

Jonny: Damn kid, your holding a giant building up, do you know how many floors the place has?

Xander: Jonny, shut up and do something, I cant stay like this forever! (Just then Reed and Sue and Ben get there!)

Reed: We need to secure this side of the building! Xander you just need to hold on a little longer!

Xander: (Grunt) No problem! (Grunt)

Reed: Jonny you come with me, we need to burn some cement to get it to hold. You guys help Xander hold the building up!

Xander: I can hold it just get as many people out of here as you can, if they cant get the building to stay up, to many people will get hurt!

Sue: Just hang in there, will get them out!

Xander: (I look down to see all these people standing there watching, I guess it would be kind of amazing to see some kid holding up a building. Sue is bring people out on an invisible shield, Ben is catching people in a net that are jumping out of windows. All of the sudden I start to feel the building move up more and more.)

Ben: Xander, Reed says to move the building up slightly, as you feel it move!

Xander: Got it! (After a few more minuets of pushing the building up, its back as should be. I fly down, and land next to Ben, the rest of the fantastic four joining us.)

Reed: Great job kid that was amazing!

Sue: I'm so proud of you!

Ben: That's my main man!

Jonny: Are you sure you didn't do that to back out of our race!

Xander: Last I checked I was beating you! (All of the sudden we were being attacked by camera's going off in our faces. They must have been used to this as they just smiled and posed. Reports started asking questions.)

Rep #1: Mr. Fantastic is this a new member of the team!

Rep #2: Jonny are you being replaced?

Rep #3 Hey kid can we get a name?

Reed: He's just a friend of the family!

Ben: His name is Powerboy!

Jonny: I'm training him to save the world!

Xander: (Its all just to much for me, so I fly up and out of all those people back to the Baxter building! Training me to save the world my ass! A little while later they came out and joined me on top of the building)

Jonny: Why'd you leave, they were starting to like you!

Xander: I don't think the X-men would like it so much if I was all over the news.

Reed: Xander I've been going over this data on you, and the results I've found are amazing.

Sue: With as fast as you were flying, your super hearing still was able to pick up what was going on in that building?

Xander: Yes, its always on, its kind like this, imagine you have the TV on, the radio on in every room, and someone in front of you is talking, you would have to block out everything and just focus on the voice in front of you. That's what its like for me all the time.

Sue: Wow, I don't know how you do it. My head would explode.

At the mansion-

Jean: Scott get over here check this out!

Scott: What is it?

Jean: Check out the news!

{ The newest member of the Fantastic Four, Powerboy, held up the Andrew's building, then pushed it into place, after a bomber blew up one of the pillars, after Powerboy caught his partner before he escaped with the money he stole from the First bank of New York. Powerboy declined to answer any of the question asked, and flew away. Jonny Storm aka the human torch told reports he was training Powerboy to save the world! Will bring you more updates on the mysterious Powerboy as we more reports come in. This is Shannon Star with channel 6 news!}

Jubilee: Alexander the newest member of the Fantastic four! I don't think so. Scott you better do something!

Scott: (Ring, Ring) Speak of the devil! Hello!

Kitty: Put it on speaker phone!

Scott: Hold on I'm putting you on speaker phone!

Xander: Scott! I don't want to be on speaker!

Scott: To late!

Jubilee: Your not quitting the X-men mister, its bad enough you left and didn't say anything.

Xander: Quitting the X-men what are you talking about?

Jean: So you haven't seen the news yet?

Xander: No!

Kitty: There saying you're a new member of the FF!

Xander: I left without saying anything, stupid reporters!

Scott: You did a great job though!

Xander: Thanks, only I wish you were there!

Scott: You did a great job on your own!

Xander: I'm not kidding Scott, I was racing Jonny when I heard someone talking about a bomb, and well I left the race and flew to the bank caught the robber but he had a partner and well he blew up apart of the building and I was holding up the building before it could collapse, after that I froze I didn't know what else to do, and if the FF didn't come when they did I don't know what I would have done other than continue to hold the building up!

Scott: You did the right thing, tell me something what was the first thing you thought of after you held the building in place?

Xander: I wish Scott was here, he would know what to do!

Scott: No really?

Xander: I swear to God that's what I said to myself!

Scott: Thanks, but what was the next thing!

Xander: To use my optic beam to burn the bottom of the building turn it into cement and then blow and freeze it.

Scott: See there you go, if no one had should up that exactly what you should have done. You just need to learn to trust your instincts. Your on the right path!

Jean: Were all proud of you!

Kitty: especially now that your famous!

Jubilee: Don't forget your friends!

Xander: I could never forget my friends, especially since you're the first real friends I've ever had!

Scott: Did you beat the socks off of Jonny!

Xander: He wont admit it but he knows I'm faster than him!

Scott: That's my boy!

Xander: Alright, bye everyone, Scott get me off speaker!

Scott: Ok your off!

Xander: I have to go now, I just want to say, I miss you!

Scott: Me to kid-o!

Xander: Alright, I'll talk to you later! I need a cell phone, so I can call you whenever I want. Bye!

Scott: Will see! Bye!

Jean: He sounds like he's doing much better doesn't he?

Scott: Ya he does! I just wish he would trust in himself more!

Jean: He'll get there just give him time!

Jubilee: Josh why didn't you say anything?

Josh: I really don't have anything to say to him right now!

Kitty: Why not?

Josh: What he did yesterday hurt a lot!

Jubilee: Give him a break, I'm sure he's hard enough on himself about it!

Josh: Ya, I'm sure he's losing sleep over it!

The Baxter building-

Jonny: You almost ready?

Xander: Do I have to go?

Jonny: Were going to have fun, I'm going to show you how the famous live!

Xander: With their nose in the air, looking down at everyone, no thanks!

Jonny: What was that?

Xander: I said I'm ready! (I step out of my room, in a Abercrombie and Fitch outfit! His eyes just went all bugged eyed.) Is it that bad?

Jonny: You look amazing, you clean up well!

Sue: Come here you two I want to take a picture! (Click, Click, Click, Click)

Jonny: Ok time to go!

Sue: Not to late Jonny!

Jonny: I'm going to show the kid a good time, one that I'm sure life at the Xavier school, he never gets to see.

Xander: Oh boy! (We walk out of the building to be attacked by swarms of reporters, Jonny just seems to eat this up, I keep my head down and walk to his car with him. We drive to downtown, wow its amazing out here, I always loved sex and the city, and now I know what the attraction was. The lights the people, the streets were filled with energy. We pull up to the front of a night club. The valet takes Jonny's car.)

Bouncer: Welcome back Jonny!

Jonny: Hey Mickey!

Bouncer: Your favorite table is ready for you!

Jonny: Thanks!

Xander: (He tips the guy, looks like a hundred dollar bill. We go inside and I am just floored this place is huge, and here I thought the hot spot was cool. There are dancers in cages, a great light show, and three floors of fun. We make our way to where his table is, and you can see the whole dance floor from there, there are already girls there waiting for him.)

Jonny: Hello ladies this is my boy Xander, I want you to give him the special treatment!

Xander: Jonny, really I'm fine. (Hi uncomfortable party of one!)

Jonny: No way kid tonight's your night the skies the limit!

Xander: Don't forget how old I am!

Jonny: All the more reason!

Xander: Don't you get tired of dating a million different woman?

Jonny: Not everyone can be like your brother and Jean!

Xander: My brother and Jean? What are you talking about?

Jonny: Those two have been in love forever! They have been through hell and back for one another.

Xander: Oh!(What the hell is he talking about, their just best friends.. I need to find out. Although I love Jean I couldn't think of a better person for Scott, I cant have him anyway, he's my brother. I hate this, I hate feeling the way I do about him. I'm going to scream) Hey I'm going to get some air.

Jonny: You alright?

Xander: Ya, I'll be right back! (I make my way up the stairs to an out door patio. There are tons of hot people making out, talking. Seems like everyone is in love. I go over to the railing and lean over and stare off into the night sky. Then the most amazing song comes on Where I Stood, by Missy Higgins. And I cant help but think of Scott, how could life be this fucked up falling for the wrong guy, my brother no less, he completes me, I feel like I can do anything when I'm around him. These words are so perfect. So I call Scott but don't say anything, just play the song for him. "I don't know what I've done, or if I like what I've begun, but something told me to run and honey you know me, there were sounds in my head, a little voice whispering that I should go and I should end and when I found myself listening, cause I don't know who I am who I am with out you, all I know is that I should, and I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you, all I know is that I shou ld, cause she will love you more than I could, she who dares to stand where I stood. See I thought love was black or white, that is wrong or it was right, but you ain't leaving without a fight, and I think I'm just as torn inside, cause I don't know who I am, who I am, without you, all I know is that I should and I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you, all I know is that I should, cause she can love you more than I could, she who dares to stand where I stood, and I wont be far from where you are if ever you should call, you meant more to me than anyone I ever loved at all, but you taught me how to trust myself and so I say to you this is what I have to do. Cause I don't know who I am, who I am without you, all I know is that I should, and I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you, all I know is that I should, cause she will love you more than I could, she who dares to stand where I stood, she who dares to stand where I stood." A tear runs down my cheek . I hear him saying hello, again and again. I wonder if he's thinking of me as he hears the song play. I hang up the phone. Its time to end these feelings once and for all, it can never be. The words resounding in my head, I guess its better to be far away from him and find out about him and Jean. Time to move on. Jonny comes walking up.)

Jonny: Hey what's going on?

Xander: Nothing, just a dose of reality.

Jonny: Is that a good thing?

Xander: If realizing you've fallen in love with the wrong person is a good thing.

Jonny: That's harsh, but we all do it!

Xander: You don't do it, you don't fall in love with anyone you just sleep with them.

Jonny: That's not true, you don't understand what its like for me, sure I'm hot, great body..

Xander: Jonny!

Jonny: Ok, so ya I get girls, but I get them because they like that I'm a celebrity, its not real for them. Its empty, its lonely.

Xander: Then why do it?

Jonny: Because it beats being completely alone! They temporarily fill that void!

Xander: I guess I understand. And you're a lot deeper than I gave you credit for.

Jonny: There is a lot more to me than most people know, even my own family!

Xander: Really, care to share?

Jonny: How do I know I can trust you?

Xander: I'll tell you my big secret!

Jonny: Deal!

Xander: I like boys!

Jonny: I knew you wanted me!

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, your so full of yourself!

Jonny: Don't tell me you haven't thought about what it would be like to have my hot muscle body naked in front of you?

Xander: Your Jonny bloody Storm who doesn't think of you while their jerking a huge load!

Jonny: Flame on! Lets go kid, will come back for the car!

Xander: Where are we going! (He just keeps flying so I get next to him and we fly through the night sky. We finally arrive at some mountains next to a river bed.) What are we doing here?

Jonny: I love this place, I come to clear my head sometimes!

Xander: I can see why its very beautiful.

Jonny: Xander don't get mad but...

Xander: (He leans in and kisses me, its so intense, I can feel the heat from him, I lose control, and give in to the passion, we lay down on the ground, him on top of me, and make out feeling each others bodies up and down, I can see why the girls come back for more, his body is bulging with muscles, but there is only one muscle I'm interested in right now, and it's the one pressing against my thigh.)

Jonny: You're an amazing guy, you know that.

Xander: Your not so bad yourself. (We rip off each others clothes, and continue to make out, he starts kissing and licking me, down my neck, to my chest, making sure to stop at my nipples and lightly bite them, I moan, he continues down wards, licking my belly button, before he gets down to my cock. He licks up and down the shaft, and then takes my low hanging balls into his wanting mouth. He moves back up to my cock, and swallows it whole, paying special attention to the head, after a few minuets of this he makes his way back down to my balls then lifts them and starts licking downward, he lifts my legs, and gives me a warm tongue bath, loosening me up, as I continue moaning, he sticks a finger in, and then another, pulling them out, and pushing them in.) Fuck me Jonny, let me feel you inside me.

Jonny: I've been thinking about doing this all day long!

Xander: You don't have to think no more, you can have me! (He gets up and lifts my legs over his shoulders and slides into me, ever so slowly making me feel every inch of his monster cock, I moan in pleasure.) Fuck me Jonny!

Jonny: Oh ya, your hole is so tight, feels so good around my cock.

Xander: Oh, fuck ya, you feel so good, I needed this so bad! (He stays fucking me for well over a half hour, the man has stamina, I have been so close to coming but stopped myself.)

Jonny: Oh, yeah I'm ready to shoot my load, I'm going to fill you good, Xander I love you!

Xander: I'm coming, I'm coming, I love you too Scott! (Oh shit, I didn't just say that, He shot his load, without moving, he just stayed looking at me, as we both came, I don't know if he was waiting for me to correct myself or what. I just couldn't say anything. Damn it!)

Jonny: I just told you I love you and you say I love you too Scott, is this some kind of joke!

Xander: It just came out. I was just thinking if Scott, knew what I was doing he would kill me, and that's why I said Scott!

Jonny: He's your brother, that's sick!

Xander: Its not like that!

Jonny: I would hope not! I just told you one of the most important things in my life that no one knows, I kind of wish you didn't have to ruin the moment, with thoughts of your brother!

Xander: It was perfect, and I thank you for being so honest with me. Forget about the Scott thing please!

Jonny: Its forgotten.

Xander: Are you mad at me?

Jonny: No, just kind of feel vulnerable right now!

Xander: (I lean in and start kissing him.) Hey can you heat the water, so we could jump in!

Jonny: Ya hold on! Flame on!

Xander: (He heats the water and we get in, and splash around, its so nice and hot in here, we start kissing for a while.)


Back at the mansion-

Scott: (That was so bizarre, who would call and play that song. Those words its as if someone was trying to tell me goodbye. I don't know, but there was chills running up and down my spine.)

Jean: Scott, are you ok?

Scott: What, oh sorry was in deep thought.

Jean: I can tell, penny for your thoughts.

Scott: I don't know just had a phone call, whoever it was didn't say anything, they just played me a song.

Jean: Secret admirer.

Scott: No, I think it was more of a break up song.

Jean: Really, hmm, that's odd!

Scott: Your telling me!

Jean: So who are your love interests anyway?

Scott: Like I have time for love interests. Between my duties, teaching, and most importantly Xander. Who has time!

Jean: I don't even get a mention?

Scott: That's cause you know you're my best friend, and that I would die for you, so I shouldn't even have to mention you, it goes without saying.

Jean: I know, I just hate seeing you alone all the time. I know you love Xander but you cant deny yourself a love life.

Scott: Jean, he needs me, and really I love that feeling of being needed. He's made me feel alive again, and to be honest its better than a one night stand any day of the week.

Jean: As long as your happy, that's all that really matters. But a good role in the hay, never hurt anyone.

Scott: Don't worry I always have our homemade videos and my right hand, to get through the horny moments!

Jean: No fare your suppose to make me a copy, to use with my Frisky Ferret!

Scott: Gross, Jean, gross!

Sunday at the Baxter building-

Jonny: I had an amazing week with you!

Xander: Me too, you don't know how bad I needed this!

Jonny: Trust me, I do. You're the first person in a long time that I got to be myself around. You made me feel truly special, and not in the fake way!

Xander: Right back at you. For a moment there I completely forgot about the life I left behind. To bad its time to get back to reality.

Jonny: One last kiss before you go!

Xander: (I lean in and kiss him, he holds on to me so tightly.) Whoa, need to breath here!

Jonny: Sorry! I'm just really going to miss you!

Xander: Then you'll just have to come visit me now wont you?

Jonny: Count on it! I got you something!

Xander: What, why?

Jonny: Its no big deal, its just my Fantastic Four jacket, I want you to have it!

Xander: Are we going steady?

Jonny: So you'll always feel close to me!

Xander: Jonny, your so sweet!

Jonny: You bring out the best in me!

Sue: (Yelling from the next room) Come on guys, Scott and Jean are here!

Scott: Hope he wasn't to much trouble.

Ben: Please, he fit right in with us!

Sue: He's an angel!

Reed: He's a scientist in the making!

Jonny: Do you always talk so good about me when I'm not in the room?

Reed: Not you, Xander!

Xander: Wow thanks that's a complement coming from you! Scott, Jean, I missed you guys so much! (I run and hug them, I just cant let go.)

Scott: We missed you kid-O!

Jean: Life's not the same without you!

Xander: Thank you guys for having me, Reed I learned so much from you, at least now I have an idea of what I would like to study in school. Ben, you are the coolest guy I know, thanks for helping me with my...

Ben: Zip it, its between me and you!

Xander: Ok, Sue what can I say about you, other than your one hot chic! (Jean smacks my head) Hey I want to come back!

Sue: Sweet talker! This kids a lady killer!

Xander: And you Jonny, your like the scarecrow in the wizard of oz, I'm going to miss you most of all. Thanks for taking me out and showing me what a night on the town is all about, and don't worry I wont tell Scott about the stripers!

Sue&Jean: JONNY!

Jonny: Your so dead!

Scott: Come on, time to go! See you guys later!

Xander: Bye everyone!

Back at the Mansion-

Scott: Nice jacket!

Xander: Jonny gave it to me!

Scott: Jonny gave it to me!

Xander: What!

Scott: Is he all were going to hear about, Jonny this, Jonny that!

Xander: That's the same thing they said, Scott this, Scott that.

Scott: Bragged about me huh?

Xander: Well no one has a cooler older brother!

Scott: Don't you forget it!

Xander: I'm going to find my friends! (I leave him, but he has me thinking now, he looked so annoyed about me talking about Jonny! Don't do it, you said you weren't going to think about him again. He's out of my system, that's why I got so into Jonny, to get him out of my system. I get to the common room and am attacked by the girls!) What's going on!

Jubilee: You tell us Mr. celebrity!

Kitty: What was Jonny like?

Amara: Did you party with him?

Rogue: He said you were joining them, is it true?

Xander: They were all really cool, and yes we partied and he really does know how to party. No I'm not joining them, I already have a team. So where's Josh at?

Jubilee: He went to his room once he saw you coming!

Xander: I owe him an apology don't I?

Jubilee: He was hurt pretty bad by what you did!

Xander: I know, I don't know what got into me!

Jubilee: Go make peace and come back, we want details!

Xander: Like when I accidentally walked in on him while he was getting out of the shower!

Kitty: I'm going to kill you get back here, we need to know how big he was!

Xander: (I walk to Josh's room and knock on his door.) Josh open up!

Josh: What do you want?

Xander: I want to talk about what I did!

Josh: There is nothing to talk about, I'm over it!

Xander: Then why are you still hiding in your room? (He opens the door)

Josh: I'm not hiding I was doing something!

Xander: Super hearing remember, you were standing at the door!

Josh: Whatever!

Xander: (I make a puppy dog face) Joshy, please don't be mad at me I was a jerk, but I'm sorry.

Josh: Yes you were being a jerk!

Xander: I'm scum!

Josh: you're a sis pool of scum!

Xander: Pond scum! Scum that scum runs away from!

Josh: Ok! Your forgiven!

Xander: Thanks now come down the girls are waiting for us!

Josh: You don't want to come in and make things up to me?

Xander: Josh, don't start! Come on already their waiting!

End Chapter- I ended the chapter here for a reason, big things are happening in the next chapter, everyone's world is going to be turned upside down...So get ready because everything you think you know, is about to change...Same X time...Same X channel...