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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories?



The home of Morgan Le Fay-


Morgan: The prophecy child is none other than the son of Dr. Strange! I will have my revenge on Dr. Strange by taking the power and killing his son!

Beast: I have helped you all I can!

Morgan: You have helped me enough! With the Civil war taking place, and the death of Captain America, the world is in an upheaval, Dr. Strange, is weakened as we speak, he soon will not have enough power to even save himself!

Beast: Then my debit to you is cleared?

Morgan: I suppose so! Your mind shall be cleared of all memories of me!

Beast: I prefer it that way!

Morgan: Don't be so dramatic, you were under my control you had no choice but to do what I asked!

Beast: Doesn't make it any easier!

Morgan: Time to prepare the final stage of my plan!

Xander's room-

Scott: I don't want you going out on anymore patrols.

Xander: I'm not letting you go out there without me!

Scott: Xander, I've been taking care of myself since you were in diapers! I'll be fine, you on the other hand are having problems with your powers!

Xander: Scott, if anything happened to you, I just don't know what I would do! Alex is gone on a mission somewhere, dad is God knows where. Your all the family I have!

Scott: Nothing is going to happen to me. I know how to take care of myself! Your so stubborn, what am I going to do about you?

Xander: (Oh I can think of a million things! Stop it Xan!)

Scott: Earth to Xander! Your day dreaming again!

Xander: Sorry, your question threw me off!

Scott: I'm going to go to bed, will talk about this tomorrow when the professor runs his tests on you in the med bay!

Xander: Wait, Scott!

Scott: Wait for what?

Xander: Cant you stay the night?

Scott: I barely ever sleep in my room! People are going to start talking!

Xander: What are they going to say, brothers are sharing a room!

Scott: Alright I'll stay on one condition, you have to give me a full body massage cause I hurt all over!

Xander: I give the best massages your going to love it!

Scott: So all this time I could have been getting daily rub downs from you, and you've been holding out on me?

Xander: I thought you would think I'm a freak asking you to let me massage you!

Scott: Hell no! When are you going to get it through your thick skull nothing you do freaks me out, I love everything about you, hell you're the first person I've been completely comfortable around next to Jean that is. I'm so free with you, I love being around you, you make me laugh, I've never felt closer to anyone. You've become my best friend, I don't remember what my life was like before you came into it.

Xander: (Why is the perfect man my brother!) Wow, I think that has to be the most amazing thing someone has ever said to me! Alright lay on your stomach, your about to get a massage like you've never had before.

Scott: Yes sir!

Xander: Sir, I like that! Lets get your shirt off! (I take off his shirt, mmhmm he smells so good,) The pants too!

Scott: Why?

Xander: Full body massage, that's what you said!

Scott: Fine, but you have to do all the work! Take them off yourself!

Xander: I can do that! (I put my hands underneath his stomach and my hand lightly brushes his cock as I'm trying to get to the button on his jeans. After that I zip the zipper down, and he raises his ass in the air, I pull down his jeans, and his underwear comes down a little revealing two perfect mounds of ass! Oh well I did say full body!)

Scott: Hey what am I suppose to do if I get a hard on?

Xander: Just don't turn over!

Scott: Smart ass!

Xander: (I start massaging him, from his shoulders down, soft moans escaping his lips, I get to his ass and massage the large mounds in front of me, and he moans again. Shit, Jean!) Scott can I ask you a question?

Scott: Just don't stop massaging me!

Xander: Why didn't you ever tell me Jean and you are together?

Scott: Who told you that?

Xander: Jonny Storm did!

Scott: What was he talking about me for?

Xander: I was talking about you!

Scott: All good I hope!

Xander: Like I have anything bad to say about you! And no changing the subject!

Scott: Caught me! Its complicated kid-o!

Xander: What could be so complicated, either your together or your not?

Scott: Why is it so important?

Xander: I just thought you would share everything with me!

Scott: Do you tell me everything?

Xander: That's not the same thing!

Scott: What! Your keeping secrets from me you little shit!

Xander: Scott, stop! I'll squeeze your balls if you don't stop.

Scott: If that`s suppose to be a threat, its not, sounds fun actually! So what's your big secret?

Xander: It wouldn't be a secret if I told you!

Scott: Mystery boy! Well I guess I'll just have to find out now wont I?

Xander: You don't want to know, trust me!

Scott: I want to know everything about you! And really now you should know there is nothing you could say to me that I wouldn't want to know.

Xander: Your doing it again, I asked you a question, how are you making this about me?

Scott: It comes with being older! Xander, Jean and I have a long history together, one that I cant give you all of the information about, she would need to tell you.

Xander: I'm not even asking you for details, all I want to know is why you didn't tell me you guys are together?

Scott: I want to answer you, I have a really good reason for it (Like the fact that I fell in love with you from the moment I met you. But I'm not gay, and I don't understand these feelings and I'm scared.) and quite frankly since I've met you, we've been through so much stuff, that there was never a time that the subject came up. Look if you can give me one good reason why you need to know, other than just cause you want to know, I'll tell you.

Xander: Your insufferable!

Scott: That I am. Can you get back to my massage already?

Xander: Lay back down, jerk!

The next Day-

Xander: I cant believe Captain America is dead!

Jubilee: I know, and Logan is somewhere with the New Avengers fighting the Hand. Electra has gone insane or something! I'm so worried about him.

Kitty: We all are, the school is so empty now, Storm is taking Sue Storms place on the Fantastic Four's team. So many parents made their kids leave the school and go home!

Xander: I've never seen Scott so stressed!

Rogue: The professor hasn't even spoken since mutant registration act went into affect!

Josh: I know, and we've been out everyday patrolling. He just sends us out to help with the riots on the streets.

Xander: Since this all started my powers have been on the fritz! Oh shit, I'm suppose to meet them in the med bay! See you later guys!

The med bay-

Pro-X: If my theory that Dr. Strange is the mystical power behind Xander's memories. Its safe to say that Xander's recent flux in his powers, is due to the fact that Dr. Strange nearly died at the hands of Electra, causing him to have to use all of his powers to bring himself from the edge of death. Until he is recovered fully, I'm afraid Xander's powers with continue to fluctuate!

Scott: Then for his safety I don't want him going back out on patrol!

Jean: Scott, were needed now more than ever on the streets!

Scott: I'm not willing to risk his life!

Pro-X: I don't think we have a choice in the matter, he insists on being by your side whenever you leave the mansion!

Xander: (I hear them discussing me, I cant help but eavesdrop on them.)

Jean: Scott, I already told you this is no way to live your life!

Scott: I have a life, I have Xander's life, next to our missions, he's my only priority.

Pro-X: How do you think Xander would feel if he knew you were putting your life in dander for him, he wouldn't want that Scott! You cant protect him forever! Whatever the powers of the prophecy are, there about to do what they are meant to do. He's emitting some sort of energy, we don't know what that means, anything could happen, he's like a ticking time bomb getting ready to explode.

Scott: As far as he is concerned his older brother is taking care of him! And if you guys insist on letting him go out there with the chance of him getting killed, my face will be the last face he sees, my face protecting him with my very last breath. And if he does explode, I will be right by his side, I wont let him face it alone.

Pro-X: What will you do when he discovers that you are not his brother?

Xander: (What the fuck!)

Scott: Continue to be there for him! Nothing will change between us, I don't need to be blood related to love him!

Jean: I'm more concerned that he will hate us for not telling him the truth!

Scott: How many times can a person be lied to about who his family really is! I just think it would be best for us to find out what Dr. Strange knows about who Xander's real parents are!

Xander: (He's not my brother, unbelievable how could they lie to me, all this time I've been feeling guilty for my feelings for Scott, and he knew that he really wasn't my brother! And explode, am I a ticking time bomb, and as mad as I am, I cant let anything happen to anyone, especially Scott. I think its time I get to the bottom of this once and for all! Time to go see Dr. Strange!)

Pro-X: Check the door!

Jean: (I run and stick my head out the door only to see Xander getting on the elevator!) Oh no I think Xander heard everything!

Scott: We have to go after him!

Xander: (I run out the school front doors, my friends all see me, and I take off flying into the air, their yelling for me, and I come crashing down to the ground, I get up and try again, and since I have no time to explain what's going on I fly away. I'm on a mission!)

Scott: Jubilee did you guys see Xander?

Jubilee: He just came running out and took off flying!

Scott: Damn it!

Kitty: What's going on?

Scott: We have to find Xander that's what's going on! Jean, we need to get to Dr. Strange, if he heard us, than that's exactly where he's going!

In the air-

Xander: (I have no idea where Dr. Strange lives, so I'm going to go to the next best thing. The Fantastic Four, they know everyone. I fly to the Baxter building, go inside and knock on the door.)

Jonny: Xander, I cant believe you're here!

Xander: (We hug) Jonny, I wish this was a social call, but I need your help!

Jonny: Anything you name it!

Xander: I need to find Dr. Strange, and I need to find him now!

Jonny: Come on will get the information from Sue.

Xander: (We go into Reeds lab) Hi guys!

Jonny: Sue, Xander needs to get to Dr. Strange right now!

Sue: We would take you but we have a mission that we have to get ready for.

Xander: Its ok this is something I need to do myself!

Sue: Here you go, these are the directions, and good luck!

Xander: Do you guys need any help?

Jonny: Thanks but were going into outer space, I don't think the school would be to happy if we took you. Come on I'll walk you out!

Xander: Thanks guys, good luck on your mission! (We get to the front door, and Jonny grabs me and kisses me.) What was that for?

Jonny: For luck!

Xander: Thank you, please be careful! (I leave the building and fly away, I follow the directions to his home, I arrive, and stand at the front door. What the hell am I going to say to this guy, hell would he even talk to me. I have to do this, before I can even knock on the door, the door opens! Ok, I take it I should enter! I walk inside and the door closes. Just a little freaked out here! This short Asian man comes walking up.)

Topaz: What can I do for you?

Xander: Hi, my name is Alexander, and I'm here to see Dr. Strange!

Topaz: I'm afraid he is indisposed at the moment!

Xander: Please you don't understand I have to speak to him now!

Topaz: I'm sorry, he is not in this realm!

Xander: What do you mean, what realm is he in, can I go there?

Topaz: Dr. Strange was very badly hurt, he is healing himself! He will be in another realm for some time!

Xander: What do I do now?

Topaz: Dr. Strange can contact you as soon as he is available.

Xander: I don't have a phone!

Topaz: You don't need one! He can find you anywhere you are!

Xander: Thanks! (I leave, this sucks ass, what the hell do I do until he contacts me, I cant go back to the school, not know. All of the sudden there is a bright light, and then a woman standing before me) Whoa, who the heck are you?

Morgan: Morgan le Fay!

Xander: Sorry, I forgot I was standing in front of the door. (I start to walk away)

Morgan: I am here to see you!

Xander: I'm sorry I think you have me mistaken for someone else I don't live here!

Morgan: Alexander Strange! Is that not you?

Xander: Alexander, yes, Strange no!

Morgan: Are you not the son of Dr. Strange?

Xander: Like I said before, your looking for someone else! I have to go!

Morgan: You don't know do you?

Xander: Don't know what? (All of the sudden the front door opens)

Topaz: Morgan le Fay, you have no business here, leave now!

Morgan: Did your master send you out, what's the matter is he not feeling well?

Topaz: Alexander, leave now!

Morgan: I don't think so, Al-fraza!

Xander: (With those words there were suddenly glowing ropes around my hand and feet.) What the hell, what did you do to me!

Topaz: Finite!

Xander: Whoa! (The ties were gone)

Topaz: Get out of here now!

Morgan: Don't go to far, I'll be with you in a moment!

Xander: (They start a magical battle, I take off flying, what the hell was that all about, Morgan le Fay I read about her, what did she mean, is Dr. Strange my real father. This is getting ridiculous, every other week I have a different family. I think I should just go back to the school, at least there if she tries to attack I'll have back up. I fly back and as I'm flying there is a big light in the sky and then Topaz appears in the sky.)

Topaz: Alexander, your friends are in grave danger!

Xander: What's happening? (He waves his hand and a portal opens, I can see a big battle going on inside.)

Topaz: The Skrull have been impersonating Electra, the Hand's army is now under the control of the Skrull, and the war to take over the earth has begun. Enter through the portal to your friends, they are going to need your help. When he can, Dr. Strange will meet you on the battle field. Do be careful sir!

Xander: Thank you Topaz! (I fly through the portal, it's a war zone bodies everywhere, heroes fighting heroes, you cant tell who are the villains and who's not! I fly above the fight, dodging attacks, looking for Scott! I see him, he's fighting members of the Hand, as someone is coming up behind him with a sword, ready to punch it through his back, I fly faster than I ever have, and land between Scott and the ninja, and catch the blade between my hands, I push it back hitting the ninja in the head and knocking him out.)

Scott: Nice timing! But saving my life doesn't mean I'm not really pissed off at the way you took off today!

Xander: (As we fight the ninja's all around us,) You should have told me Scott! I've been living with guilt everyday!

Scott: Guilt over what?

Xander: Look out! (Two ninja's are coming at Scott, I grab onto this shoulders and flip myself over him, bring my feet down on their heads knocking them to the ground!) Guilt over being in lo...(Bam, Pow, I'm sent up in the air, and land on my back! I look up and see Morgan Le Fay, floating in the air above me.)

Morgan: You didn't think you would get away from me that easily did you?

Xander: What do you want from me?

Morgan: I want the power inside you, and revenge on your father! Your father tried to hide you from me, but did not succeed! Now with your death I will have my revenge on Dr. Strange! Who knew you would be so much fun to torment.

Xander: What makes you think I'll be that easy to kill?

Morgan: Ripping the power out of you will kill you instantaneously! Power of shadows take shape, look like a vicious young star, seek out this wretched young creature and destroy him, where ever he...are!

Xander: Ya like that's going to work! (Me and my big mouth, this large demon creature appears in front of me, I take several steps back, as I hear his growling. He waves his hands as to try and scoop me up, I feel the wind from behind me carry me into the sky, where he brings his claw like hands together and traps me inside. I feel like I'm being smashed, I cant, I cant, all the air being pushed out of me, I cant take it, I cant. And then suddenly I hear. "you can do it, find your opening and escape, on boy!" I don't know who that was, but they gave me the inspiration I needed to get out of this, the demon pushes in again, and as he pulls out, I fly through an opening in between his fingers, flying backwards landing on my feet!)

Scott: Oh thank God! I tried everything, but nothing hurts him!

Xander: (Holding my hand straight out!) Leave this place and do no harm! (I look over to my right, and see the light pole, I fly over and rip it out of the ground, don't ask me how I know what I'm doing, I just know to do this) Storm! I need some lightning! (She sends a lightning storm at me, I let it hit the light post and once the light busts I know there is enough juice I point it at the Demon and a light show begins and he explodes!) Is that the best you can do?

Morgan: That was just the beginning!

Xander: (The battle wages on, every which way I look all of my teammates are fighting. I want to help, but this witch isn't going to leave until one of us is down! She starts sending beams out of her hands at me, which I dodge, I cant get hit I don't know what will happen, my main weakness is magic! Suddenly I feel all weird inside, she's chanting some words, I fall to the ground grabbing my stomach! My friends are in trouble and I know what I must do, I start to glow from head to toe, glowing a yellow glow! Before I know it its like I exploded from the inside the light went in every direction, all of the ninja`s are disappearing, all that is left standing are my friends) Scott!

Scott: (Looking over when I hear Xander calling me, my heart sinks into my stomach, he's glowing, what the hell did she do to him. I run over to him as quickly as I can, punching ninja`s and then the all disappeared.) Xander! What's happening to you?

Xander: I don't know, its like my insides are being pulled apart!

Scott: You bitch what have you done to him? (I shoot my optic beam at her, and she holds out her hand and deflects them!)

Morgan: I released his true powers, now Freeze!

Scott: I cant move! What are you doing!

Morgan: This!

Xander: (I look up to see a golden sword coming at me, she stabs me straight through my chest!) Ahhhhh!

Morgan! Ahahaha! Now the power will be mine!

Scott: Nooo Xander!

Xander: (I look up to see Dr. Strange appear! He starts battling Morgan!) Scott, I think I'm dying!

Scott: (Finally able to move, grabs Xander's head and rest it in his lap.) Xander, no you cant die! I need you, there is so much I haven't told you, so much I want to show you in this world!

Xander: Cough, cough, Scott, I'm sorry, I should have never ran away!

Scott: Its doesn't matter, I should have told you that we weren't really brothers before, I just didn't want you to get hurt again!

Xander: I understand why you did it! The guilt I was talking about earlier, cough, cough, is that I've been in love with you, I want to be with you, together, as lovers!

Scott: Xander, I want that too, I want to be with you, I'm sorry I was so scared to tell you, I have just never had feelings for a guy before, not till you, you opened up my heart again, you made me feel loved again, you taught me how to love again. I cant lose you not now, not after finally telling you, Xander don't you understand you complete me!

Xander: At least now I know you wanted me the same way, please Scott do one last thing for me!

Scott: Anything, name it!

Xander: Kiss me, I mean really kiss me, I need to kiss you! (He leans in and kisses me, finally, the fireworks I've been waiting for, the feel of his soft lips against mine, he has taken my breath away!)!

Scott: Xander! Xander! Noooo! (As the tears run down my face I am thrown back, and pure energy shoots into the sky out of Xander's body! Dr. Strange does some kind of spell on Morgan and she disappears in a circle of white orbs.) Can you save him?

Dr. Strange: I don't know!

Scott: You're his father, do something, its not fair, he was so young! Save him damn you!

Dr. Strange: I don't know if I can bring back the dead! I will do my best!

Scott: You let her kill your own son, you could have prevented this all!

Dr. Strange: I know! It is all my fault! Now stand back, (Leaning over Xander's lifeless body.) My son, your dead and its all my fault, I thought I was protecting you, all I did was write your death sentence.) Noooooo!

Scott: Xander I love you! (Dr. Strange floats above Xander, holds out his hands, and in a puff of smoke him and Xander are gone! I fall back down to my knees defeated. I just lost the love of my life, after just finding him, confessing my love for him, if only I had told him sooner things may have been different! The anger fills me up, till I feel I cant breath anymore! I stand up and with the full force of my optic beams I let loose my rage into the sky!)


A few days later at the mansion-

Scott: (After the battle was finally over, we gathered our wounded, and came home. No one spoke a word, how could anyone speak what is there to say. The professor set up a memorial service in the court yard. Everyone was there, from Spiderman, Firestar, The Fantastic Four, the professor got up to speak first!)

Pro-X: It is never easy to lose a loved one, and today we mourn the loss of a beloved friend, Alexander Strange! This young man who in such a short time crept into our hearts, and became a true friend. From his first moments with us with his infectious smile, no one was able to resist him, you couldn't help but feel love for this young man, his innocence was something to admire, his bravery in the face of danger was only surpassed by his selflessness to protect the innocent. Alexander died so that others may live, if we try to uphold the standers he has laid down for us, we will truly be X-men!

Alex: Xander was not only my brother, he was my friend! I'd like to say he was just like me but that wouldn't be true, he was a mix of Scott and myself. I always felt that there was something missing between me and Scott, and when we found out Xander was our brother, I knew what it was. He sealed the cracks in our family, making us whole again. I love my brothers, and Xander was truly a Summers, standing up for what he believed in. He will be in our hearts always. I love you Xander!

Jean: (Tears running down her cheeks) What can I say about Xander that would truly describe him, there are no words, he was the most positive person I have ever met, in the face of all his hardship, he still managed to find the silver lining! More than anything all he ever wanted was to be loved, to find a home to call his own, I believe he found all of those things here, with all of us. (Others got up to speak and afterwards gathered to eat and talk.) Scott, why didn't you get up to say anything?

Scott: He's not dead Jean, he's not dead!

Jean: Scott, we all saw what happened, I wish he were alive, but he's not!

Scott: I wont believe it, I cant.

Pro-X: I'm sorry Scott, I used Cerebro and there was nothing!
Jean: Dr. Strange would have given word to us if he was still alive! Right now the other students need us, they need to hear your words.

Jubilee: (Crying) I just cant believe he's gone!

Kitty: I just keep expecting him to fly in any second!

Josh: (Crying) With that big smile of his, I loved him, and I never got a chance to show him just how much.!

Rogue: Looking all innocent with those big blue eyes!

Bobby: I'm going to miss him so much!

Spiderman: Hey can anyone join your conversation?

Jubilee: Yes!

Spiderman: I'm going to miss him, I was suppose to come back and visit him, but I never had the chance!

Firestar: We both should have made a point to come visit. But from the sounds of it, it seems he fit right in, he was lucky to have you guys for friends!

Kitty: We were lucky to have him as a friend, he's saved, helped, and been there for each of us.


Ben: Scott, I just don't have words for how sorry I am. I loved the little guy!

Sue: Its just not real! I feel like I'm having a bad dream!

Reed: Were all really sorry! If there is anything we can do, please let us know!

Jonny: He was counting on you to protect him, all he could do was talk about Scott saved me, Scott will show me, if I become half the man Scott is I will be lucky! YOU DIDN'T SAVE HIM! (Starts hitting Scotts chest)

Scott: (I grab him and start hugging him) I'm sorry Jonny, I'm sorry!

Jonny: I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I just, I'm going to miss him, he was just so special!

Logan: Scott, if you need anything, well you know! I loved the kid, he was something else!

Ororo: Scott, were here if you need us! He will truly be missed!

Hank: I didn't know him that well, but...

Scott: How dare you, how dare you even be here (I go to punch him but Logan grabs me) let go of me Logan, you hated him you made his life harder than it needed to be, get out of here, GO!

Hank: I'm sorry, I'll leave, but I have no idea what you are talking about!


Jean: Scott calm down the students are watching!

Scott: I cant be here, I have to get out of here!

Jean: Scott, you didn't even tell Alex about Dr. Strange!

Scott: Don't say anything he doesn't need to know! I got to go! (I walk away and Alex comes running after me.)

Alex: What's going on I saw you fighting with Hank!

Scott: I cant believe he had the nerve to show up, and then try to act all innocent!

Alex: Where are you going?

Scott: I have to get out of here, I just cant be here without him, its to hard!

Alex: Where you going to go?

Scott: I was thinking of going up to where we went camping!

Alex: Can I come with you!

Scott: Alex, you have things to do, its alright I can go by myself!

Alex: How long will you be there for?

Scott: I don't know! A week maybe more!

Alex: If your not back here by Friday then I'll come up there!

Scott: Alright sounds good, Alex I love you bro you know that right?

Alex: Of course I do! I love you too!

Scott: Call me if you need anything! (I go inside and go to my room and pack a bag, I walk over to Xander's room, I walk over to his bed and sit down I lay on his pillow, I take in the smell, its just like him, I walk over and open his closet and grab his favorite sweater and put it to my nose, I put in my bag I'm taking it with me, there is a picture of us on the desk, I take it out of the frame and put it in my pocket. I go down to the garage and get into my jeep, and drive, I turn the radio on and the song, Where I stood, by Missy Higgins starts playing as I'm listening to it, I suddenly realize Xander must have been the one to play this for me, when he came back he asked me about Jean, He must have played the song after he found out. Damn it, I should have told him, I should have just let him completely in and told him everything. I get to the lake set up my gear, and walk over to the water. I strip off my clothes and jump into the water, I just swim and swim trying to wash everything away. I get out of the water and lay down on my towel. I start to cry I cant help myself, I lost my soul mate, and I don't know what else to do! After a while I go back and make a fire and sit in front of it. All of the sudden in a puff of smoke who appears?)

Dr. Strange: Scott! I have to talk to you!

Scott: Tell me he's alive?

Dr. Strange: I cant!

Scott: Than we have nothing to talk about!

Dr. Strange: Scott I need you to come with me!

Scott: Tell me what the fuck you want!

Dr. Strange: If you ever really loved Alexander you will come with me right now!

End Chapter-