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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

Chapter 14- To hell and back

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At the home of Dr. Strange-

Scott: (As we appear in the home of Dr. Strange, my heart sinks before my very eyes, in a glass coffin, is the body of Xander) What have you done to him?

Dr. Strange: I needed to preserve his body, if we succeed at what we are about to do!

Scott: What are we about to do?

Dr. Strange: There is a ritual that I have located, that if preformed correctly we stand a chance at bring Alexander back to life!

Scott: If that is true, tell me what I have to do?

Dr. Strange: What I am about to ask you to do, is no easy task, there is a chance you might not make it back at all!

Scott: I donít care, if there is a chance to bring him back Iíll take it!

Dr. Strange: We havenít much time, the first object is the stone of al-Sandi! I will open a portal for you, that same portal will be opened but only for a thirty minuet window. (Handing him a map) This map will guide you to where you need go, however you need to be cautious there are traps all around. Are you ready?

Scott: (I look over at Xanderís body, and know what I must do!) Ready as Iím ever going to get!(He opens a portal, I step through and am at the opening to some catacombs, there is a torch to my right, I take it off, and with a light use of my optic beams I set it on fire. Using the map I start making my way through the maze of tunnels, as I walk I set on a square that sets off a series darts flying through the wall, as well fire shooting out of the wall further down, and at the very end, blades swinging. Ok time to put what Iíve learned in the danger room to good use. I look at the tunnel walls, and see a rope at the top, the darts only go so high, if I grab on I can shimmy across the rope without getting hit, so I throw the torch so that it lands right before the spot where the fire is shooting out of the wall. I jump up and grab the rope and start making my way across, when Iím all most to the end I feel the rope start to tear apart, if I donít time this right Iím going to fall, the darts shoot out, my hands let go of the rope, with my feet I continue to hold and swing and flip landing right next to the torch. Close! Now for the fire, there are three sets of fire shooting out, the first one shoots, then the second and so on, I count the beats between each shot of fire, and one to three, go, one two three go, oh shit, I roll and do a summersault making it underneath the last one. The swinging blades, there is only a log underneath it so I donít have any room for error, I have to balance myself, and make it across, here goes nothing, the first one moves slow so I make it across with ease, the second one is a little faster, so I have to get my timing just right, the third is super fast, as Iím about to cross the third one a second blade comes out of the opposite side, I flip up into the air and land on top of the blade, and start swinging back and forth take a nose diver and land on the ground making it through. Iím in an opening, I walk into a big room, when the door behind me closes, I walk to the center of the room and take a good look around, the map says a door should be directly ahead of me, but I donít see one. All of the sudden a door appears on the other side of the room, and out walks a real live Cyclopes, Cyclopes vs. Cyclopes, alright lets see if I can live up to my name, I shoot him with an optic beam and does nothing, so thatís not going to work, I just need to make it around him, and get to that door, its time of a little defensive action, let him come to me, he waves his hand trying to grab me, I flip backwards, thatís it keep coming, I just need him to bend down to get me, and hit his head on the wall behind me, that should do the trick, I start shooting optic beams at this head, trying to get him angry so heíll come to get me, as soon as he gets right in the spot I need him to be, I stand there waving my hands, he bends down to grab me and bam hits his head, I take off running under his legs, an d get to through the other side of the door. I look at my watch only ten minuets left, this next room should hold the stone Iím looking for. In the center of the room on a podium, sitís the stone. I highly doubt I can just grab it without something happening, so I take a look around the room, I donít want to go back the same way I came, so I check for every option to get out. There is a rope on my left holding a chandelier up in the center of the ceiling, and a window directly opposite the way I came in. I walk over to the Stone, its glowing red, in the shape of a octagon. I grab it ever so slowly, and it feels like an earthquake has struck, the floor beneath me starts to fall away, till there is only pillars left standing, I jump from one to the other make it to a pillar in front of the rope holding the chandelier, I time it just right jump and grab the rope, shoot an optic beam, as the chandelier comes down, I am being pulled up, I swing the rope, pulling myself forward an d flip jumping out of the window, itís a down hill slope so I roll, and roll down the side of the, until landing at the bottom. With two minuets to spare, I make my way back to the portal, its starting to close as I get there so I run and jump through landing on the floor in Dr. Strange is home!

Dr. Strange: You made it without a second to spare!

Scott: State the obvious much! Whatís next?

Dr. Strange: (Throwing a potion to Scott) For your next task you must drink this potion which will allow you to breath underwater. You must go to the city of Atlantis, seek the aid of the Sub mariner, Namor! You must retrieve the eye of roué! Namor is the only person alive to know the location of the eye!

Scott: Do you think he will be willing to help?

Dr. Strange: That I can not say! You have one hour for this task!

Scott: (Once again I look at Xander laying there, knowing that I must do all of this to bring him back, for I realize he completes me! Dr. Strange opens the portal, I drink the potion, and jump through the portal, and find myself swimming in the ocean, able to breath, if this was any other time I would find this completely amazing, but Iím on a mission to save my true love. Atlantis, the lost city, if I didnít already know it existed I would never believe it, even after seeing it with my own eyes. I am quickly greeted by guards!)

Guard: Surface dweller, how dare you try to enter Atlantis?

Scott: Please this is of utter importance I must speak with the Sub Mariner!

Guard: Do you take us for fools, what know ye of the Sub Mariner?

Scott: He is a friend to my people, tell him Cyclopes of the X-men is here! (After a moment he returns.)

Guard: It seems today is your lucky day! He will see you!

Scott: Thank you! (We make our way inside, this place is amazing the pillars the architecture, so ancient yet so beautiful.)

Namor: To what do I owe this visit?

Scott: Namor, I am on an urgent mission, and I require your assistance, the life of someone I love hangs in the balance!

Namor: And why should I care?

Scott: Namor, your beef is with Wolverine not me, I help you without ever asking for anything in return, now I implore you, please you are the only living person to know where I can find the eye or roué!

Namor: What do you know of the eye of Roué?

Scott: I know thatís it is the only thing standing between life and death, for the son of Dr. Strange, and someone very dear to my heart!

Namor: Dr. Strange, hmm, so he has a son! Because you are a man of honor and courage, I shall help you. But I must warn you, this is by no means an easy endeavor that we are about to embark on!

Scott: I would lay down my life, if it means life for my friend!

Namor: Then let us go, and save the one your love!

Scott: Thank you! (We swim down lower in the ocean, the deeper we go the darker it is.)

Namor: I shall call of the aid of some of the bottom dwellers, to light us a path!

Scott: (He puts his hands to his head, as if sending off a telepathic signal, ellís start lighting up the path that we are us.) We only have forty-five minuets left!

Namor: Why?

Scott: The ritual he must perform, must be done within a certain time period. You know how he is, never giving the full information!

Namor: All too well! What is so special about this boy?

Scott: He sacrificed his life, to save the X-men!

Namor: You speak of him in a way that seams more than a friendship?

Scott: I donít know what it is really, we were just starting to figure it out! (Out of no where he grabs me and kisses me.) What was that for?

Namor: I have always wanted to do that to you, and just in case I would never have the chance again, I took this opportunity. This way!

Scott: (Strange fish-man! We swim through an opening in a rock formation, itís a tight fit, but we make it through. In the opening, we swim only to come face to face with what likes like I gigantic looking squid. It grabs each of us, in one of its tentacles, and starts to squeeze the life out of his, Namor tries to use his telepathic abilities to talk to the creature but it has no effect, I use my optic beam to hit the tentacle holding me, and once free I do the same for Namor!)

Namor: Come on this way! I donít want to hurt the creature if we donít have to, heís just protecting his home!

Scott: Not a problem donít really want to fight him either! (I follow him through a passage way when we come to a wall, that has some sort of writing on it.) What is it?

Namor: We need to get through this wall, and the only way is to push the right blocks in the right order!

Scott: So do we know the order?

Namor: You donít, but I do!

Scott: (He pushes six blocks and the wall raises, when its finally lifted completely, there is a big room.) Is it in here?

Namor: If all things could be so simple! We need to go further down a hole in the center of that room. I am warning you now, there is no room to move, you can only go down and then back up when we are finished, if you donít like closed spaces, I would advise you do not enter.

Scott: No I can do this. (As we go down, I cant help but think, I should have stayed up there. But I didnít, there is no way to move, I can barley kick my feet to swim. Finally down to an opening, we enter another big room. A big creature appears out of no where.)

Creature: Who dares approaches the eye of roué?

Namor: It is I, Namor! I am protector of the eye of roué!

Creature: Forgive me it has been way to long since I last saw you, my Lord!

Namor: I must take the eye, a mans life hangs in the balance!

Creature: Only one whoís intentions are pure may touch the eye!

Namor: Thank you guardian of the eye, it shall be returned to its rightful place, after its task is completed!

Scott: (After that we swam back up and went back to Atlantis.) Thank you so much for this, I will return it as soon as we are done!

Namor: Good luck my friend! I do expect that you will bring this young man here for me to meet one day!

Scott: You helped to save his life, you know I will! (I leave and make it to the portal, I enter it.)

Dr. Strange: He helped you, you really do have friends in high places!

Scott: Whatís next?

Dr. Strange: Iím afraid that for the final item, you will literally need to go to hell!

Back at the mansion-

Jean: Well were could he be?

Logan: All of his stuff was at the camp, still set up its as if he vanished into thin air!

Pro-X: I couldnít locate him using Cerebro.

Jean: You donít think, oh God, he cant be, no I would know, I would feel it if he were dead!

Logan: Calm down Jean I donít think its anything like that, there was no struggle. Where ever he went, it was willingly!

Jean: Where are you Scott?

Joshís room-

Jubilee: You cant stay here forever!

Josh: Please I just want to be left alone!

Kitty: We are not leaving you alone!

Bobby: Girls why donít you guys give us a few minuets alone, will come meet you guys. (After they all leave) Josh, its hard, I know it is, its hard on all of us. He was a special guy, who got the shit end of the stick a whole lot!

Josh: Iím just so lonely here, and he was the first person I thought I actually stood a chance with!

Bobby: Youíre a hot guy, there are plenty of guys out there, that would die to be with you!

Josh: You think Iím hot?

Bobby: Iíve always thought you were hot!

Josh: Why didnít you ever say anything?

Bobby: Because I never even admitted to myself I was gay till recently!

Josh: Bobby, will you kiss me?

Bobby: I thought you would never ask! (I lean in and start kissing him, we make out for a while, till he sensed Jubilee coming back to the room!)

Josh: That was amazing!

Bobby: Will have to finish this later! (I grab his cock) I want to taste that!

Josh: Will you tie me up and make me your whore! Like the fantasy you told us about?

Bobby: If your willing to do it, I would love to make you my personal whore-boy!

Jubilee: (Knock, Knock) Guys, something has happened to Scott, heís missing!

In Hell-

Scott: (Dr. Strange, has opened a portal for me, leading me into Hell. Iím here to find Hades, ruler of Hell, although who would want to rule it. As I pass through different areas, I look on in horror, at what I am seeing. Every direction has a different punishment taking place, woman hung by their hair, with fire coming out of their eyes, and mouths. Men tied up at the wrist, with someone behind them shoving what looks like a hot poker up their asses. Others are tied and lowered into a vat up boiling water, their skin being peeled off, and then they are pulled out, and the skin re-grows! I come to a big arch way, I walk in and straight ahead of me is a thrown.) Lord Hades!

Hades: When my men told me there was an intruder in the underworld I couldnít believe it, yet here you stand. What brings you to the pits of Hell?

Scott: I am here on a mission from Dr. Strange!

Hades: How is the good doctor?

Scott: These are troubled times!

Hades: What is this mission?

Scott: The soul of his son has been trapped here in the underworld, by Morgan Le Fay! To save his son we need the soul!

Hades: Ah, Morgan Le Fay, that witch has evaded death for to long! What makes him think it is hidden here?

Scott: He was able to trace the last spell she cast sending his soul here!

Hades: And what do I get out of this, for nothing comes with out a price?

Scott: Dr. Strange said to tell you, do not forgot who brought you back your wife Persephone, after she was taken by the Amazon queen!

Hades: I knew he would throw that back in my face!

Scott: Please will you help us?

Hades: Very well (With a wave of his hand and orb appears in front of him, reaching out and grabbing it) This is the Soul you seek! Tell the Doctor my debit to him is paid, do not call on me again!

Scott: Thank you, you can never know how much this means! (I take Xanderís soul and make my way back to the portal, Its so hard to believe this little orb is the soul of my loved one! I make it back through the portal!)

Dr. Strange: At last! Scott Summers, I can never thank you enough for what you have done today!

Scott: You can thank me by bringing him back to life!

Dr. Strange: You are free to go, this portal will take you back to the campground!

Scott: I donít want to leave, I want to be here when he wakes up!

Dr. Strange: I am sorry, but that is not possible!

Scott: Your crazy if you think Iím going to leave this place with out him?

Dr. Strange: You have no choice, if all goes well you shall meet again!

Scott: STRANGE! (He holds out his hand sending me flying through the portal and landing on the ground at the camp!) Mother fucker! (I look around and because I hear someone walk up)

Alex: Scott! I knew you would come back!

Scott: What are you doing here?

Alex: Jean called and said you were missing, that Logan came to check on you and you were gone but your stuff was still here!

Scott: I was working with Dr. Strange, speaking of which I need to get to his place, right now!

Alex: Whatís going on?

Scott: There is a chance he can bring Xander back to life!

Alex: What? Scott, I want him back to but thatís impossible!

Scott: Do I really have to remind you how many times has your girlfriend died and come back to life?

Alex: Thatís different!

Scott: Alex I donít have time to argue, whatever heís going to do, heís going to do it right now and I have to get back there!

Alex: Fine but Iím going with you!

Scott: Where is my car?

Alex: Logan and Ororo took your stuff back to the mansion. Come on my car is over here!

Home of Dr. Strange-

Dr. Strange: Topaz, I will need you as my conduit so that I donít get stuck in the ether realm!

Topaz: Of course sir! Do be careful!

Dr. Strange: I have one chance and one chance only! (Opening a portal to the ether realm, I float through, the space is endless, with glowing orbs filled with the souls bound to this realm. I must focus all my energy to fine Alexanderís soul self, to integrate his soul with his soul self. I must avoid all the souls flying past me, if I should make contact with any soul the consequences could be dire. Finally after a long search I have located his soul self! I bring the two orbs together and with a wave of my hand, and a few words, presto they become one! I make my way back to the portal, and with the help of Topaz I am back on the earthly plane!)

Topaz: What now?

Dr. Strange: The Stone lays upon his forehead, the eye on his chest! Now for the spell, Power of the souls arise, course unseen across the sky, come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here, blood to blood I summon thee blood to blood, return my son to me! (Scott and Alex enter at that moment. As the orbs explode, in an explosion of light, the glass coffin glows.)

Scott: Did it work, is heÖalive?

Dr. Strange: Just give it a momentÖAlexander?

Scott: (I look in shock as he opens his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes! Heís alive my baby is alive! I finally have a chance to show him how much I really love him! I watch as Dr. Strange waves his hand making the coffin disappear!)

Dr. Strange: Alexander, how do you feel, do you remember anything?

Xander: What, I donít understand, where am I, who are you people?

Scott: Xander, do you know who I am?

Xander: I donít know, am I suppose to know you?

Dr. Strange: What do you remember?

Xander: I, I just remember being bathed in a warm bright yellow light. And then being here!

Scott: It went wrong, the spell you did, its all wrong!

Dr. Strange: No it worked, heís alive. But ripping him out from where he was at, is bound to have some side effects!

Alex: You call this a side effect, he doesnít even know who we are.

Xander: Can you tell me who you guys are?

Alex: Were you brothers! Iím Alex, and this is Scott!

Xander: My brothers!

Dr. Strange: Please give me some time with him!

Scott: Iím not leaving him!

Dr. Strange: I will only ask you once more, please leave me and my son alone!

Alex: Son what are you talking about, heís not your son?

Scott: Alex, stop! Xander is his son!

Xander: My father? But how can I not remember you?

Scott: Come on Alex Iíll explain everything to you. Dr. Strange I wont be far!

Dr. Strange: Your name is Alexander Vincent Strange, I am Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange. Your mothers name was Alana, you look just like your mother, the same eyes, hair, lips. She was a beautiful woman, so full of life, she could light up a room with her smile.

Xander: Sheís dead?

Dr. Strange: We can talk about it another time!

Xander: Please I need to know!

Dr. Strange: Yes, she was murdered by Morgan Le Fay, when you were born!

Xander: Why?

Dr. Strange: Morgan is a twisted psychopath, she believed that she was in love with me, and hated your mother for being with me. I was helping a friend, when your mother went into labor with you, Morgan disguised herself as a nurse, entered your mothers room, while trying to take you away, your mother battled her, I arrived right as she killed your mother, she died saving your life.

Xander: (Crying) What happened to Morgan?

Dr. Strange: I trapped her in a hell dimension, where recently she escaped and tried to kill you!

Xander: Why donít I remember anything?

Dr. Strange: She actually killed you, and I brought you back to life, with the side effect being youíve lost your memory!

Xander: Will I get it back?

Dr. Strange: Only time will tell, my son!

Xander: Why did that guy say that I was his brother?

Dr. Strange: itís a long story maybe you should just rest right now, and Iíll answer your questions later.

Xander: No I need to know!

Dr. Strange: In order to keep you safe, I had to keep the fact that you were my son a secret, you were living in a foster home until six months ago, when you went to live at the Xavier school for gifted youngsters. Somehow people were on to the fact of who you really were, and what you could do. In order to keep you safe, I changed the memories of a few people, allowing them to believe that you were their brother, in order to keep you safe.

Xander: How could you do something like that, who do you think you are to play with peoples lives like that. Did you see that guys face when he found I wasnít his brother.

Dr. Strange: I had no choice, if I had to do it again, I would do it all over again. You are my son, your safety is my only concern.

Xander: My safety, you just said you put me in a foster home, so what about my emotional well being, what about mentally.

Dr. Strange: I love you, youíre my son, everything I have ever done, was for your wellbeing.

Xander: Iím at a loss, have I ever even met you before today?

Dr. Strange: No you havenít! Doesnít mean I havenít been watching over you, your whole life!

Xander: Watching! So, basically I have been without a mother and father my whole life, and the only family I ever thought I had just walked out that door! Iím out of here!

Dr. Strange: Alexander please donít go, we can talk about this, I want the chance to make it up to you, to be the father you deserve. Alexander!

Xander: (I cant listen to him right now, I feel so lost right now, I donít remember anything, and from what heís told me, I am kind of glad. But those two guys, they genially seemed hurt, I need to talk to them. This house is like a maze room after room. After a few minuets I finally made it to a door and as I was about to open it I heard arguing from the other side, so I stood and listened.)

Alex: How could you not tell me, I cant believe you knew all this time!

Scott: Alex, I swear we werenít sure, Xander had already been through enough mind games, I didnít want to break his heart, and I never had the chance to tell you. When he died I was so angry, I couldnít think straight, and I just didnít want to add to your pain by telling you he wasnít our blood brother!

Alex: The point is Iím your brother and you didnít trust me enough to tell me!

Scott: I do trust you, it wasnít about you. Tell me would it made a difference if you knew, you loved him like a brother, what would have changed by knowing?

Alex: The only difference it would have made is that right now I would know that you trusted me, instead I know you donít trust me! Iím out of here!

Scott: Alex, Alex, please come back here! Damn it!

Xander: So your just as deceitful as my father!

Scott: Xander, no, wait, you only heard part of a conversation, you donít know the whole story!

Xander: I donít need to! (I run out the door and catch up to Alex.) Alex, Alex wait a minuet!

Alex: Xander what are you doing?

Xander: I want to talk to you, I need someone that I know will be honest with me!

Alex: Xander, Scott will be honest with you!

Xander: The way he was honest with you?

Alex: Scott, did it for a good reason, I donít agree with what he did, but Scott is the most trustworthy guy I know. Sometimes he just tries to protect me like Iím a little kid, and I just hate that.

Xander: I donít want to be coddled right now, I want someone to that will give me the truth, someone to tell me about my life!

Alex: Then Scott will be the best person for that, you two are really close!

Scott: (Walking up) Alex, Xander, please hear me out. Alex, Iím sorry, I just wanted to protect you, I wont ever keep the truth from you again, no matter if I feel itís the right thing to do. Xander, Iíve been to hell, literally, and back for you, if you had your memories you would know that we trust each other completely!

Xander: Just please, no lies, no hiding anything, I donít want to be babied, I want to know the truth about the life I had.

Scott: I promise! Come on lets go home!

At the Mansion-

Xander: (We arrived at the mansion and walked in the front doors, people began staring at me as if they were seeing a ghost walking through the halls. I wondered if I was friends with any of them. But then again, if I were, wouldnít they want to come up and talk to me. I was starting to get nervous, maybe I should have stayed at Dr. Strange house, I could have locked myself in a room. All of the sudden this beautiful long red haired woman comes running at me, and hugs me)

Jean: I cant believe my eyes, youíre here, your really alive! But how?

Scott: Xander, this is Jean, the three of us are like the three musketeers!

Xander: Hi!

Jean: I donít understand?

Scott: Xander doesnít remember anything past today!

Jubilee: (The whole gang comes running up) XANDER! Oh my god! Its really you right, this isnít a joke!

Kitty: Xander, your alive!

Scott: < Jean, itís a little to much for Xander, I want to get him to his room! >

Jean: Alright guys! Its bed time, and Xander has had a long day, we can do this tomorrow.

Kitty: But Jean, we want to talk to Xan!

Bobby: Guys, leave it alone! Heís back will have more time with him later!

Xander: Iím sorry! I donít feel so well!

Scott: Come on Iíll take you to your room!

Xander: Thanks! (Having a bunch of people expecting you to have a reaction to seeing them when you have no idea who they are is a lot to take in at one time. I just need to breath for a moment. We get to my room, I look around trying to see if anything is familiar. But nothing is, I sit on my bed, and Scott sits next to me.)

Scott: Are you ok?

Xander: Ya, I guess so. I just couldnít handle not knowing who they were, the way they looked at me, like I should have feelings for them, but I donít, and I feel bad.

Scott: It will just take some time, maybe the professor can help to get your memories back.

Xander: I hope so.

Scott: Well Iíll let you sleep and come get you in the morning.

Xander: Wait, Scott, donít go!

Scott: (When I heard him so those words to me, my heart sank into my stomach, he has so those words so many times asking me to stay with him, and all those times I could have made love to him, kissed him, been so close to him, and I didnít. Now here we are, him asking me to wait, yet he doesnít even know who I am.) Yes Xander?

Xander: This might sound crazy, but would you stay with me tonight! I woke up in a coffin, I donít want to be alone.

Scott: Its not crazy at all, actually every time I go to leave you here at night, you always, stop me saying wait Scott, donít go! So Iím kind of used to sleeping here!

Xander: Oh! (I was sleeping with a guy I thought was my brother, was I that much of a baby!)

Scott: Your doing it!

Xander: Doing what?

Scott: You always stare off into space, thinking of something, that I wish you would just say out loud!

Xander: Sorry, I do that a lot huh?

Scott: Yes you do, and you say sorry and thank you a lot, maybe your starting to get back some pieces of yourself!

Xander: I donít know! Maybe I am! What do I sleep in?

Scott: Well, never mind, here Iíll get you some sweats and a tee shirt!

Xander: Thanks! (We both change, I couldnít help but turn around and look at his body, as he took off his clothes, he had his back to me, so at least I wouldnít get caught, I guess that solves the million dollar question, am I gay, I guess I am, cause Iím sure getting a hard on from this guy. We lay in bed, were both still as houses.) Scott, you awake?

Scott: Yes!

Xander: Scott, thanks!

Scott: For what?

Xander: For staying with me! I donít know, something just feels so familiar about this all!

Scott: Taking care of you is what I do best!

Xander: Somehow I know thatís true. Goodnight!

End Chapter-