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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.


Chapter 15- Trying to get back to normal

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Xander: (It was a long night of trying to sleep but only doing it on and off, every time I closed my eyes, I would feel like I was being followed, I would see flashes of lights, and hear the faintest noise of something growling. At some point I must have moved and lay my head upon Scotts chest, he must be used to me doing this, cause his arm was around me. It felt so right, yet if we thought we were brothers, kind of makes this a little gross.)

Scott: Hey, are you up?

Xander: Ya, sorry about being all on top of you!

Scott: Don't worry, like I said before I'm used to it. You were restless last night, did you get any sleep?

Xander: Not really!

Scott: Bad dreams?

Xander: I don't know, it was weird, felt like something was chasing me.

Scott: There is a lot we don't understand, about how your father brought you back. Will talk to him and find out all we can!

Xander: I'm not ready to talk to him just yet!

Scott: There is no pressure, but just remember he is your father! So lets get showered and go get something to eat, we have a big day ahead of us!

Xander: Do we shower together too?

Scott: Wh-what!

Xander: I mean like communal showers!

Scott: Oh! You have your own shower in here, but we do have a locker room that we do use after training and stuff!

Xander: So I should wait for you here?

Scott: I'm only across the hell and one door over to the right, if you finish first just come into my room, I'll leave the door opened.

Xander: Ok! (He left, and I stripped out of my clothes, and stepped into the shower, the water felt amazing as it rushed down my body. I couldn't help but look at how well built I am, I must work out. And I am please to know, my cock is so big, nice and thick, I wonder what Scotts cock looks like. Now I'm hard, and like it is so natural for me to do, I grab my cock and start to stroke it, doesn't take me long to shoot, I must not have shot a load in a long while. I get out of the shower, and look in the mirror, I look at myself, studying my face, hmm, he said I look just like my mother, I wish I could have met her. I walk over and find an outfit to wear, I sure have a lot of tight fitting jeans and tee shirts, I must like showing my body off, I don't feel like I'm overly confident. Who knows, but I do like what I see. I finish and Scott isn't back yet so I walk over to his room, and open the door, I walk in to find him walking out of the bathroom with no clothes on, and wo w talk about a huge cock, this dude is packing heat!) OMG, I'm so sorry! (But I couldn't move I just stayed staring.)

Scott: Its, my fault!

Xander: Since your not rushing to cover yourself up, I'm assuming I should be used to seeing you naked!

Scott: I told you we were close!

Xander: Well I guess that makes sense since I thought we were brothers! Plus I feel like I should be more shocked but somehow I'm not. So the group that came up to me last night, who are they? (I watch as he finishes drying himself off, and starts to put on some clothes, wow what an ass, this guy has a body on him, I cant help but throw a woody. Calm down, calm down!)

Scott: Jubilee, was the first girl to talk, then Kitty, then Rogue, the Josh, and last was Bobby. That's pretty much your group of friend, well Jaime too, but he wasn't there yesterday.

Xander: And where all close, did I share everything with them?

Scott: That I cant say, I know there are a lot of things, that only Alex and me know!

Xander: Like what?

Scott: Listen kid-o something's I feel you should learn on your own, slowly. Lets go eat I'm starved! People are going to have a lot of questions, what are you going to say?

Xander: Well my father brought me back from the grave, isn't really a story I want to go around saying!

Scott: So we say we just thought you died, but your father took your body to his home to allow you to truly heal!

Xander: Sounds good to me! (We make our way down stairs, and I cant tell if people are staring cause were two fine guys, or the fact I'm a dead guy walking. I'll go with the latter one. We grab some breakfast and make our way over to where Jean is sitting.)

Jean: Hey guys!

Xander: Hi! Thanks for the bail yesterday!

Jean: I always have your back!

Xander: So I've been told!

Jean: Your friends are just really happy that your back and ok, I don't know if Scott told you or not, but we had a memorial service and everything for you. The students took it really hard.

Xander: Well I hope you guys wouldn't have thrown a party!

Jean: Well at least you didn't lose your smart-ass side!

Xander: How is it possible that I don't have memories, but I know things, like I'm a mutant, this is a school for mutants, I know I'm book smart, I know equations, formulas, history and so on. Is that normal?

Jean: I don't know, whatever your father did to bring you back, only he knows what's happening to you. Did he not say anything?

Xander: I kind of left before finding out any of that!

Jean: Well, we can run some tests and see if we cant figure things out on our own.

Scott: I agree, we should also test to see that your powers are ok, they were out of whack before!

Xander: I guess you weren't kidding when you said we had a full day ahead of us. I better go over there and say hello, they keep looking over.

Scott: You'll be fine. I'll come get you in a few!

Xander: Thanks! (I walk over to the gangs table.) Is this seat taken?

Jubilee: Its your seat, we always save it for you!

Xander: Thanks! So what are you guys talking about?

Kitty: We just heard Emma Frost is going to be starting today!

Xander: Is that bad?

Jamie: Only if you don't like look at big hooters! She's could knock you out with them, their so big!

Josh: What do you know about big boobs!

Rogue: Emma used to be evil, and did a lot of bad things to a lot of people here at the school including Jean!

Xander: Do I know her?

Kitty: You met her before!

Xander: hmm, I wonder why Jean didn't say anything!

Bobby: Can we ask you something?

Xander: First I want to just say, Scott and Jean said that you guys are my main circle of friends, so I would like it very much if you guys just treated me like you used to. So ask anything you want. Oh, and just to get this out of the way, my dad saved my life, that's how I'm back!

Bobby: Well that was my question!

Xander: Can I ask you guys something? Am I dating anyone? (I notice that Bobby and Josh look at each other. Did I do something with both of them)

Kitty: Your not in a relationship with anyone, trust me we would know!

Xander: Am I picky or does no one find me attractive?

Jubilee: Please, everyone in this school wants you!

Xander: Ya, I'm so sure! (Scott walks over)

Scott: You ready to go?

Xander: I have some test I have to do I guess I'll see you guys later! (Jean, Scott and I walk to an elevator) So I heard Emma Frost is going to be teaching here!

Jean: I wanted to tell you, I just didn't think you would remember her!

Xander: I don't, but from what I gathered I don't think I would like her!

Scott: Be nice, she's been through a lot!

Jean: And she's done a lot Scott, don't forget what she did to me, and Betsy, and others for that matter!

Scott: She's changed, you know the professor wouldn't let her teach here if she were still evil!

Jean: I think she has something on the professor, and that's why he's letting her teach here.

Xander: So when am I going to meet the professor?

Jean: He should be back today, he had a conference in DC!

Xander: (We got to the floor we were going to get off on, I bent down to tie my shoe, they got out of the elevator, and started walking, after I finished tying my shoe, I started walking out, when this big blue ape like man, comes walking at me, I don't know what it was about him, but I suddenly had flashes of fighting him, he was choking me, I started to back up, I tripped and fall back on my ass, and tried moving backwards away from him) S-stay back!

Hank: Its ok I wont hurt you, I'm a teacher here!

Xander: (I start breathing really hard) P-please stay back!

Scott: (Running back) What are you doing Hank? Xander its ok! I'm here!

Hank: I'm sorry young man, my appearance tends to startle people when they first meet me. My name is Dr. Hank McCoy!

Jean: Hank don't you know who he is?

Hank: No, should I?

Scott: Are you playing some kind of game?

Hank: Scott, I really don't know who he is!

Jean: Xander, do you know who he is?

Xander: I, I just had a flash of him choking me!

Hank: I would never!

Scott: You've done it to him before!

Hank: What are you talking about, Scott you know me, I would never harm a student!

Jean: Hank your serious, you have no idea who he is?

Hank: Yes I'm very serious, but I would like to get to the bottom of this. As soon as the professor returns. I am truly sorry for scaring you.

Xander: I'm sorry for freaking out!

Scott: So does that mean his memory is starting to come back Jean?

Jean: Well I cant be sure, but I'm sure it has something to do with, the traumatic experience he had with Hank before, that triggered it!

Scott: So being in the same kind of situation might bring back his memory?

Jean: Most likely!


Bobby's room-

Bobby: So does this mean you don't want anything to do with me now that Xander's back?

Josh: Why would you say that?

Bobby: The way you kept staring at him!

Josh: I could say the same thing about you!

Bobby: Its not everyday you see someone come back from the dead!

Josh: Plus I already told you we never did anything but kiss twice!

Bobby: Same here!

Josh: And its as if nothing changed he's glued to Scotts side!

Bobby: Ya but Scott isn't gay!

Josh: Can we not do this now, can you just be kissing me right now!

Bobby: I can do that! (I grab Josh and start kissing him, I cant help but think of Xander, and it drives me nuts, so much so that I start to rip Josh's clothes off, like an animal I attack, biting his nipples, grabbing his dick, he's rock hard instantly, I am so horny, that I just turn him around and dive right into his ass, eating him out, shoving my tongue in and out of his ass, he's moaning, which just gets me hotter.)

Josh: Fuck ya, eat my ass out, fuck your tongue feels so good, aww fuck, fuck me, I want your cock inside me.

Bobby: (I don't even wait for a second I stand up and get behind him, spit on his hole and rub my cock head all over it, and then shove my cock in, all the way down to the base)

Josh: Fuck! Slow down, its not a pussy you know!

Bobby: You can take it, come on I know you want it!

Josh: Fuck, just give me a second to get used to it!

Bobby: (I start rocking my hips back and forth, I cant wait any longer I need to pound his ass hard, I keep picturing that its Xander on all fours in front of me, begging me to fuck his ass. And with that thought I start my assault on the sweet ass in front of me, I start pushing in and pulling all the way out, till he starts moaning, and I know he's getting into hit now, so I start fucking him hard, I grab his hips and push all the way inside him, his ass feels so good around my cock, pound, pound, pound, I fuck him so hard, I know his ass is going to be sore after this) I'm close were do you want me to shoot my load?

Josh: In my mouth!

Bobby: Fuck ya, my kind of guy! (I fuck for a few more minuets) Fuck I'm going to cum, turn around fast! (He turns around and starts sucking my cock, I grab it and start jacking it, he sits there holding his tongue out, waiting for my juice) Fuck ya, I'm coming, eat my load, fuck ya swallow it all, mmm that feels so fucking good!

In the med lab-

Jean: Everything is coming back normal!

Scott: Well that's a good thing right?

Jean: Yes its very good! As for the memory loss, only Dr. Strange can answer that. I cant find anything!

Xander: Since you guys know me best, can I just ask, was my life bad before?

Scott: Before you came to the school, you had a pretty hard life yes!

Xander: Then maybe I don't need to remember!

Jean: Your past is what made you who you are!

Xander: I'm just starting to think maybe its not that important! Maybe I should just be happy to start with a clean slate. (A woman comes walking in, I have no shirt on, so I grab Scott and move him in front of me and look around him.)

Jean: Emma, I'm with a patient right now, this isn't a good time!

Emma: Hi Scott, I came to see if you would help me to get settled in?

Scott: Emma, I'm sorry but this really isn't the best time!

Emma: (Tears start to roll down her face) I-I just, I'm sorry, I'm just having a really hard time, I keep waiting to see my students come walking up to me, and then it hits me like a ton of bricks their all dead!

Scott: Emma, I'm sorry, how callous of me, sure I'll come help you. Xander, I'll only be gone a little while, Jean will be finished running test by the time I get back!

Xander: But Scott!

Emma: (Sob, sob, sob,)

Scott: (Leaning in) Xander, look at her, you'll be fine, I'll be back before you know it!

Xander: (I look at Jean, and we give each other the same face. As we watch them walk out together.) Jean, she was so faking that!

Jean: Your telling me! She's a conniving slut! She's wanted to get her meat hooks into Scott forever. He's just to nice a guy, to realize when someone is playing games with him.

Xander: Can he really be that naïve about people, I mean come on I have no memories of people, yet I know she was faking that whole thing!

Jean: We're just going to have to watch his back!

Xander: I agree! I just feel really protective of him, like he needs me or something!

Jean: Trust your instincts, cause that's how you relationship with him is.

Xander: Hmm! (I don't get it, but I sure as hell am jealous that she was able to take him away from me so easily. My emotions are all over the place, they're just so strong for him. I really don't think I'm going to like her very much!)

The Danger room-

Jean: Well it seems like all your powers are still working! And you went through the files on everyone, and you still remembered everything you just read, so I would say everything is working fine!

Xander: (Floating in the air) Did I used to love flying before?

Jean: Yes you did!

Xander: Cause its amazing! I could stay doing this all the time!

Jean: Speaking of time that jerk Scott, has been gone for over two hours!

Xander: She probably has her claws sunk deep into him! (The gang come in)

Jubilee: Are we all going to train?

Jean: I don't see why not!

Xander: Me too?

Jean: Yes you too, you need to get back into working with your team!

Xander: Do I get to pick a cool code name?

Kitty: You already have one Powerboy!

Xander: Powerboy, that's so unoriginal!

Jean: Scott names you that!

Xander: So I felt bad and just took it to make him feel better!

Jean: Ha, ha, ha, you were really excited about it before!

Jubilee: Your name is famous, you worked with the Fantastic Four, and you were on the news, everyone knows your name now!

Xander: Powerboy it is!

Jean: Alright guys, what program do you want to run today!

Bobby: Lets do Program 52, war of the Sentinels!

Rogue: We do that all the time!

Bobby: And we still are scoring low on it!

Jubilee: Lets go against the teachers this time!

Jean: Why don't we save that for when the teachers are really here!

Xander: I would really like to go against the brotherhood something tells me that is something I should be ready for!

Jean: Ok to make everyone happy, will have the brotherhood attack, as well as sentinels! Your objective will be to protect a populated area, destroy the sentinels and capture as many members of the brotherhood!

Xander: (Jean goes up to the command controls. The room changes and becomes a rural town, school, restaurant, trees, houses. It looks so real.)

Jean: {Commencing program in 3, 2, 1.}

Bobby: {Rogue, Powerboy, take to the sky. Jubilee, Shadowcat you've got the school. Multiple man you've got the restaurant, Elixir you be ready to heel!}

Xander: (I wouldn't have done it that way, but I guess its his show. I mean come on he's spreading us to thin, makes them more vulnerable. Oh well, the brotherhood arrives below, they're attacking the kids at the school, Jubilee and Shadowcat are on it, I fly above keeping an eye on them.) {Rogue, sentinel 12 o'clock!}

Rogue: {I'll set um up you bat um out!}

Xander: {Got ya!} (She flies up and grabs the first sentinels hand and starts to spin around with him, damn girl is strong. She sends him flying my way, so I start flying fast, aiming myself for his chest and fly straight through, I love to see that he's falling straight for the school, so I super speed, and get ahead of his body, press my back against the front of him and slow him down, and move him back to a open area behind the school. I fly back up Rogue is grabbed by one of them and he's squeezing the life out of her, I fly up to her grab his metal finger and break them off, freeing her.)

Rogue: Caught me by surprise!

Xander: {Rogue, lets allow them to come down to the ground, it will be easier to get them quicker!}

Rogue: {I see, smart plan}

Xander: (If they are already on the ground and I knock out as many as I can, I wont have to worry about where they fall. We fly down, and they follow us, Rogue grabs the foot of one of them and flips him back, she flies around to his head and rips it off. I fly straight through the chest of two of them, allowing them to fall down, as I go to do the third, I hit the chest and bounce off, flying backwards into the ground.)

Rogue: {Their adjusting to your powers!}

Xander: {Time for a different game plan!} (Using my optic beam I burn the heads off of two of them, by the time I get to a third one, it no longer works. Ok so I have to continue changing tactics. I fly up into one and dig my hands into his chest, and fly back into two more behind him, slamming them into the ground, the weight destroys the ones behind the one I'm holding onto, after I'm done with that I grab the one I was holdings head, and rip it off.)

Kitty: {Powerboy, we could use some help at the school!}

Xander: {On my way} (I fly over to see quicksilver running circles around Jubilee, she's floating in the air as he created a whirlwind around her. I use my optic beams to level the ground below his feet making him trip and sending him flying.)

Jubilee: {(Pant) Thanks (Pant) for the save!}

Xander: {I got your back}

Scarlet Witch: Winds of destiny CHANGE!

Xander: (As she says those words, Shadowcat goes flying into Jubilee both of them rolling onto the ground! I take a deep breath and blow, blowing Scarlet Witch into the wall of the school! When I turn around fire is being shot at me, I back flip landing close to the ground, and when I see who shot the fire, flashes of me being tortured by this guy, flash in my head, I lose control, anger rushing over me, I fly at him, landing on top of him and I start punching) You son of a bitch! I hate you, I hate you!(as I continue punching the room around changes back into that of the Danger room. I'm crying at this point.) I wont let you hurt me, I wont let you hurt me!

Scott: (Running up and grabbing Xander) He's not real, it isn't real, he cant hurt you.

Xander: AHHH! (I whale my arms out, and fly up into the air. And scream with everything in me, and fall backwards through the air.)

Scott: Rogue catch him! (Rogue flies up and catches Xander bring him down slowly. I take him out of her arms and set him down.) Xander, are you ok, talk to me!

Xander: S-Scott will save me, he'll come for me!

Scott: Somebody get me some water. Xander your alright, I'm here, I've got you baby!

Jean: Everyone the session is over! Xander will be alright!

Xander: (Snapping out of it, putting his hand on his head) Whoa! Hey, you finally decide to show up!

Scott: Ya, and not a second to late!

Xander: I just saw that guy, and these memories came back of him torturing me! It was so intense, I was just filled with such anger I wanted to kill him!

Scott: Its over now!

Jean: Seems like any traumatic situation is setting off his memories.

Xander: Seems to me like I have a lot of those! That's twice in only a few hours! What took you so long?

Scott: Emma, needed help moving her stuff around in her room, and every time I tried to leave she would ask me to do something else! I couldn't say no!

Xander: Ya, well you need to learn, she has your number Scott and she isn't going to be afraid to use it!

Scott: I'm not worried about her, she's harmless!

Xander: Harmless like a rabid dog!

Jean: Ha, ha, ha, I love this kid!

Scott: Why don't you go take a shower, I'll wait for you!

Xander: Sounds good! (I walk into the locker room, take off my clothes, and walk naked to the shower, Bobby and Josh are already in there. They both are right next to each other, so I go to the next shower head!)

Josh: Are you ok!

Bobby: Scared us!

Xander: embarrassed more than anything! (They both are looking me up and down, so I figure turn about is fare play!) So who are you guys dating! (They both stand there stupefied) Ok I didn't think that would be a show stopper!

Bobby: Were both single I guess!

Xander: You guess, you mean you don't know if your dating someone! (Since they like what they see, I give them a little show, making sure to touch my cock and balls, then I drop the soap and bend down to pick it up, I hear and "Oh" From behind me)

Josh: I'm talking to someone!

Xander: Do I know them, or I mean did I know them?

Bobby: No!

Xander: You guys are sure acting weird, I don't know if that's the way you usually are, but you are! (I drop the soap again but this time in their direction, I walk over to them) Could you hand me the soap? (As Josh kneels down to pick it up he comes face to face with my long semi erect cock, Bobby is just staring down from my cock to Josh) Slippery sucker isn't it?

Josh: Um, I, um, ya it um is!

Xander: You know what forget about it, I'm done here!(I walk away leaving them standing there. Sheesh I guess there not gay, totally could have made a move but they didn't. Mostly they just seemed shocked by how big my cock is soft! I dry off throw my clothes on, fix my hair, look back to see them still in the shower, and walk out!)

Bobby: What the hell was that?

Josh: I think he's just trying to figure us out. Probably doesn't know if he can trust us enough to tell us about himself!

Bobby: I was talking about you getting ready to suck his cock if he had moved in any closer!

Josh: Hey, its not everyday you see a cock that huge soft staring you in the face!

And you were looking too!

Bobby: (Dropping his soap) Opps, I dropped my soap would you mind?

Josh: Not at all!

Bobby: (As he kneels down in front of me I grab his head, and shove my cock down his throat, as he chokes on it, I pull out a little, and then back in again.) That's it suck that cock, milk it baby! (Damn how I wish those were Xander's red full red lips sucking on my cock. He fucking looked so hot naked, and his new found confidence just makes him that much hotter!)

Josh: Hey, look, I don't mind that you think about Xander, I know you liked him a lot, but come on, I'm sucking your cock and all you can think about is him. I let it slide earlier today while you were fucking me, but this is getting ridiculous!

Bobby: I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!

Josh: Well if you want a piece of me again, you better get him out of your head!

Bobby: Like you weren't thinking the same thing, I don't have to be a telepath to know!

Josh: True, but while I'm blowing you, I'm not thinking of him, I'm thinking of pleasing you!

Bobby: That's not fare, I don't know what your thinking, you should read my thoughts!

Josh: If you weren't screaming them I wouldn't be able to hear you!

Bobby: I wont do it again, come on suck my cock!

Josh: You know I seem to be doing all the work all the time!

Bobby: And you love it! (I grab his head and lead him back down to my cock, he struggles a little bit, and then gives up and goes back to sucking me off. With in minuets I shoot my load down his throat, he gets up and looks like he's about to kiss me, so I quickly turn around and wash my cock off and leave the shower!)

Josh: Fine I'll finish myself off!

Pro-X's office-

Pro-X: Dr. Strange I will not force him to leave the school!

Dr. Strange: Charles be sensible you don't know what Morgan Le Fay is capable of, your putting the whole school at risk!

Pro-X: If she attempts anything on this school, we will deal with her!

Dr. Strange: She's not after your son, she's after mine!

Pro-X: And what makes you think he would go with you if I did kick him out!

Dr. Strange: We wont know unless you try. No one can protect him from her, like I can!

Pro-X: Then we tell him that, and let him make his own decision! Here they come now! <Enter please! >

Scott: Hel..What is he doing here?

Xander: Father!

Dr. Strange: Alexander, please I need to talk to you!

Xander: I'm not ready to talk to you yet!

Pro-X: Alexander, please come in for a moment, there is something of great importance that you need to know!

Jean: Its alright Xander, just hear him out!

Dr. Strange: Alexander listen to me, the she-devil Morgan Le Fay is back and she will stop at nothing to kill you! You must come with me so that I can protect you!

Xander: How does she even know I'm alive?

Dr. Strange: Your talking about a centuries old powerful witch! Of course she knows your alive, the magic's I used to bring you back to life, could not but be easily known to others!

Xander: Are my powers still effected by magic?

Dr. Strange: I'm afraid there was nothing I could do to remove that weakness from you.

Xander: But Jean you said the school is able to prevent intruders?

Jean: Yes it does!

Dr. Strange: The school isn't able to protect against magic!

Xander: I'm not going to spend my life running, and if my friends are willing to stand by my side, then a stand I will take!

Pro-X: Dr. Strange is there no spell you could cast around the school as sort of a detector of her presence?

Dr. Strange: I suppose I could! Alexander please, I am your father, I have spent to many years separated from you, I want to be apart of your life!

Xander: I want that too, I just want it on my own terms. It was your choice to stay away from me, I could have lived with you my whole life! I know what you said, you did it to protect me, but it doesn't make sense to me, if you wanted to protect me the safest place I could have been was with you!

Dr. Strange: (Waving his hands to silver bracelets appear in both of his hands.) These are bracelets made of Fiminum Mystique, it's a silver that can only be found on an hidden Island within the Bermuda Triangle, wear them and they will help you to block magical attacks!

Xander: How did you get them?

Dr. Strange: I asked a favor of the queen of the Amazons!

Xander: Thank you!

Dr. Strange: If ever you need me my son, just call out my name and I shall appear!

Xander: (In a puff of smoke he disappeared!) I feel so guilty! But I just don't know, how to feel about all that he's done!

Scott: He's your father, in time you will learn! I had the same problem with mine!

Pro-X: Well its good have you back Alexander!

Xander: Thanks for having me back! And thanks for all you did to get to the bottom of the mystery that was my father. Jean told me how you knew there was something going on!

Pro-X: I told you the first time we met, that one day you would view us as your family, and I'll tell you again, we are your family!

Xander: That means a lot! Now I'm sorry, but I am starved, after the long day, and work out in the danger room.

Scott: Come on lets go eat!

Jean: I'll meet you guys there, I'm going to talk to the professor about Hank!

Xander: I'll make you a plate! (We walk to the cafeteria, gather our food, and a plate for Jean, and sit down, I wave to my friends, they yell for me to come over there.) I'll come after I've finished eating!

Scott: Its as if you've never left!

Xander: Everything just feels so natural here. I must have really liked this place!

Scott: How could you not when I'm here!

Xander: That's very true, your one of my favorite things so far!

Scott: Xander, that's sweet, you know there is something I wanted to talk to you about!

Xander: I'm to clingy huh, like the little brother you never wanted!

Scott: Ha, ha, ha, no nothing like that. Its...(Enter Emma)

Emma: Scott, your sitting all alone, here let me join you!

Scott: I'm not alone Xander is sitting right in front of me!

Emma: How sweet your being charitable!

Xander: (Charitable, I'll give her charitable knocking her into next Tuesday!)

Emma: So Scott, I was wondering if you would come by tonight, and help me with something?

Scott: Well...

Emma: Great then it's a date, lets say around 10!

Xander: (Is this lady out of her mind! Oh, wait till Jean hears this! Speaking of Jean here she comes) Jean, here's your plate of food!

Emma: Wow what's that smell, oh, hello Jean! Well, I need to go speak to Charles, see you later Scott. By Alan!

Xander: Its not Alan! (She just walks away, God I hate her) Well my appetite is ruined!

Jean: Me too!

Scott: Oh come on guys, she's just having a hard time adjusting to life here!

Jean: Scott your about two seconds away from me spilling my drink on you!

Xander: Scott has a date tonight with little miss sun shine!

Jean: What! Scott you didn't!

Scott: Its not a date, she needs me to help her with something, and I was trying to say no, and she just didn't give me the chance to say it! What was I suppose to do?

Jean: Scott, you know she wants you, she's wanted you since back when she kidnapped me, and brainwashed Firestar!

Scott: Jean, she isn't the same person as back then and there is not a chance of us getting together, I don't like her like that!

Xander: Not to interrupt but can we go somewhere and get something to eat?

Jean: Sounds good to me!

Scott: I don't know if its wise to leave the grounds, we still have Morgan Le Fay, to worry about!

Xander: Come on, I have these nifty bracelets, and the two of you, will be ok!

Scott: Fine, but if you get killed I'm not going to go back to hell to bring you back!

Jean: Just like old times, he can still get you to do anything!

Xander: Its my JedI powers! (We start to walk out and the gang ambushes us!)

Jubilee: And where do you think you guys are going?

Jean: To get something to eat!

Kitty: Hello last time I checked we served food here!

Jubilee: Were so going with you guys!

Scott: This is a recipe for disaster!

Xander: Please Scott, for me!

Scott: Don't give me the face! (Leaning in and whispering) Fine but you are so giving me one of your world famous massages tonight!

Xander: I give world famous ones?

Scott: Yes you do, and your going to!

Xander: Sounds good to me! (Ok this just keeps getting weirder and weirder, my would be brother, and I give him massages, and what the hell was he about to say before the wicked witch of the west interrupted? We went into town and ate at the ground round. It was cool they had karaoke, so we all took turns going up there.)

Scott: You going to go sing?

Xander: Only if your coming with me!

Scott: You have a great voice, I sound like nails on a chalk board.

Xander: Come on it will be fun!

Scott: What song would we sing?

Xander: Hate that I love you by Rhiana and Neo!

Scott: I find it amazing that you remember things like that yet have no idea who we are!

Xander: Who cares lets sing! (We go up there and start singing, he wasn't kidding he's horrible so I help him out, and sing his parts with him. Everyone is cheering and laughing, when we here an explosion coming from outside.)

Scott: Xander you stay by my side, this could be a trap!

Xander: (We all make our way outside to see what's going on. it's Power Man!) What is he doing?

Scott: Do you know who that is?

Xander: Its Power man Erik Josten he's apart of the Masters of Evil group. Wait there Whirlwind David Canon and Cardinal, Donald Clendenon! There trying to rob the bank we have to stop them!

Scott: You don't have to do anything, they're guns for higher, Morgan could be behind this all.

Xander: Scott, how would she even know where here, and why would they be robbing a bank, if they were after me. Please I'll stay close. (Just then Cardinal starts shooting at using his energy blasters, one is heading directly for Scott, so I grab him and fall to the ground on top of him as the blasts hit me in the back, we lock eyes and for some reason it's the most intense stare I've ever felt.) Aren't you glad I didn't listen?

Scott: You never listen!

Xander: (I stand up and help Scott up, and turn around and use my optic beams on Cardinal, he flies around and dodges my attacks.) Scott I have to take to the air!

Scott: Do it just be careful!

Xander: I will!(I fly up and into the air, and chase after him, he shoots back at me but I dodge through the air. I catch up to him, grab his leg, and pull down sending him flying to the ground. I land beside him.) Crime doesn't pay!

Cardinal: Hello lover, what's a sexy thing like you trying to stop me for?

Xander: I'm an X-man, its what we do!

Cardinal: We could use a boy like you on our team, come on pretty boy, I'll take real good care of ya!

Xander: I already have a team! And trust me you could handle me!

Cardinal: Trust me boy I could teach you things that would make your feet curl!

Xander: Stop calling me boy! (I punch him sending him flying into a tree.)

Cardinal: Is that the best you can do?

Xander: Try me! (He comes at me with a punch I block, I kick he blocks, punch I block, I grab him and flip him over my back, he pulls me down with him, I land on top of him)

Cardinal: If you wanted to be on top boy you should of just said so!

Xander: I'm not your boy!

Cardinal: Your cock is telling me you are! Nice and hard and you haven't even seen my sweet cock yet!

Xander: That's it I'm going to show you who's the boy here! (I grab him by the collar and lift him up over my head and throw him towards a car, he crashes threw the front window. I fly into the air, and he flies out of the car hits me straight in the stomach and flies into the wall of the building behind us. I wedge my leg between us and kick him out, he flies out of the building back outside landing on his ass. I fly out there he comes at me, sends me flying backwards and landing on the ground, he still on top of me, and he starts kissing me, what the hell, all of the send he is sent flying off of me I look to see Scott standing there, he hit him with an optic blast.)

Scott: Your suppose to be fighting not kissing!

Xander: I wasn't kissing I was fighting, he's the one that came out of nowhere and planted a wet one on me!

Scott: Bring him over to where Jean is!

Xander: Alright! (I walk over and lift him over my shoulder, I cant help but smack his ass.) Who's the boy now? (I take him over to where Jean is) One baddy for ya!

Jean: The police should be here any minuet!

Xander: I'm going back to help! (Power man has grown to 60 feet and he's waving off everyone like their flies.) Rogue you hit him low I'll hit him high.

Rogue: You got it sugar'!

Xander: (While Rogue punches his stomach, I go for the face, upper cut, he grabs me in his hand and is squeezing the air out of me, I struggle with all my might, but nothing, so I did the next best thing I bit his hand, he dropped me like yesterdays news. I flew downwards and came flying up aiming for his chin, I flew so fast that when I hit him he flew into the air, and started falling back down) Rogue help me! (I flew as fast as I could under him, and Rogue did the same thing and we lifted him and took him over and set him down in a cleared area.) Damn that was close!

Rogue: How do we make him small again?

Xander: Hell if I know! (Jean flies over to us.) Jean how do we shrink him down to normal size?

Jean: You don't, I do!

Xander: Oh! (She puts her hands on either side of her head, and sends a telepathic message to his brain causing him to shrink back down to normal size.) Wow I'm impressed.

Jean: Come on the others already got whirlwind, and the police are loading them up!

Xander: (I pick him up and we go over to the police truck after I set him down the police take him away)

Cardinal: Hey kid, I'll be out and when I do, me and your ass have some unfinished business. I will make you my boy!

Xander: Ya I'm so sure, you just got cock blocked and your still making threats!

Scott: Lets go! The Shield agents will take it from here.

Xander: I was wondering, I didn't think police would be able to handle mutants. (We get back to the mansion.)

Jubilee: Thanks for another fun filled adventure Scott!

Scott: it's the last time we go out, you guys always get me into trouble.

Kitty: Ya right, you love taking us out and you know it!

Xander: (Leaning in to whisper to Scott) I guess its time for that massage!

Scott: You bet your sweet ass it is!

Xander: My sweet ass?

Scott: it's a figure of speech!

Xander: If you say so! (Emma comes walking up)

Emma: Scott, its already 11, you were suppose to come to my room at 10.

Scott: We ran into some X-men trouble! We're just now getting in!

Emma: Oh, I understand! Now if you will just come to my room, everything is ready!

Scott: What exactly am I helping you with?

Emma: I would rather show you, then tell you!

Xander: Scott, are you kidding me right now? (He looks at me with pleading eyes) Emma he just got in from a battle don't you think this could wait until tomorrow?

Emma: Aladdin this is between adults, now hurry off to bed!

Xander: The name is ALEXANDER! Get it through your head!

Emma: Very well now, its really past your bedtime little one!

Xander: I give up! (I walk over to Jean and the gang.) She is really starting to piss me off and its just her first day here.

Jean: Just wait its going to get worse!

Jubilee: Ya well I don't want to watch her, play games with Scott! I'm going to bed!

Kitty: Me too! Night guys!

Xander: I'm going to get something to drink! Anyone want to join me?

Jean: Don't stay up to late guys, I so mad right now, I'm going to my room!

Rogue: Me too!

Josh: I'll join you!

Bobby: Me too!

Xander: Great! (We go into the kitchen, and pull out some soda pops!) So what's on your minds guys?

Josh: Do you think Scott's banging her right now?

Xander: (He better not be! Ok what the heck am I saying, wow, I really like this guy, but he so into her, I mean why else would he run every time she calls!) I hope not!

Bobby: Why?

Xander: Cause I don't like her at all, and she is so not his type!

Bobby: What do you think his type is?

Xander: I actually don't know, I mean I might have known before, but now I have no clue. But something tells me its not her!

Josh: Would you do her?

Xander: Hell no!

Josh: If you didn't hate her so much would you do her?

Xander: I wouldn't touch her to scratch her!

Bobby: Wow, you really don't like her. So who would you do?

Xander: Here at the school?

Bobby: No on mars!

Xander: I don't know, I mean, I'm pretty much meeting everyone for the first time, and don't know who I liked before, so its really hard to say!

Josh: Come on you have to have an idea!

Xander: Who would you guys do?

Bobby: We ask you first!

Xander: I'll stick to doing it myself, with my right hand! Now who would you guys do?

Josh: I've only been using my hand too!

Bobby: Well up until a few days ago I was doing the same!

Xander: And who you doing now?

Bobby: I cant say, the other person and me agreed!

Xander: Nobody's here, we can keep your secret! Right Josh?

Josh: Leave me out of this, its his secret!

Xander: Fine, how bout I ask you guys if your into guys or girls, I mean come on your never know!

Josh: Xander, I've kissed you before!

Xander: What, no way?

Josh: Wow am I that ugly?

Xander: No its not that, I'm just not gay!

Bobby: We kissed too!

Xander: Wow was I a whore or something?

Bobby: No, you never even went past kissing either of us!

Xander: So today when we were in the showers, did you guys do it when I left?

Bobby: Yes!

Josh: Well he did it, and left me hanging!

Xander: That's cold!

Bobby: You were kidding about not being gay right?

Xander: Well you two should know, seen as how I kissed both of you! But I'm not looking to advertise it! I'm just getting my life back, not looking to complicate it.

Bobby: That's cool neither are we!

Xander: So if I wasn't doing either of you, who was I doing?

Josh: We have no clue!

Bobby: I don't think you were doing anyone, you were always with Scott, and at the time you thought he was your brother.

Josh: Although when Magneto had you under mind control you must have done something with John, because you said something, and told me you would tell me about it later and never did.

Xander: Hope I had a good sex life, cause now I'm a virgin all over again. I'm going to head to my room now!

Josh: You want some company for a little while?

Xander: Sure I just want to get out of these clothes! (We head over to my room, I know the only reason these two are coming with, is because their hoping to get some action with me, but I don't think I'm ready, I need to figure out some stuff. We get into my room) Hey you guys chill for a second I'm going to take a quick shower. (I go into my bathroom and strip take a shower real fast and come out naked, they both looked at my cock, while their tongues hung out.) What you guys have seen me naked already. (I put on a tee shirt and a pair of silk boxers) So what you want to talk about?

Josh: Dude your hot as fuck!

Xander: Thanks! (I lay down in my bed and put my hand in my boxer and start stroking my cock.) So what all have you guys done together?

Josh: I've sucked him, and he's fucked me! Very one sided!

Bobby: Josh, its not like I meant it to be that way!

Josh: I know, it just sucks is all!

Xander: Well why don't you guys kiss and make up, and bobby let Josh have a turn?

Bobby: Will that prove to you that I do like you?

Josh: Hell yes it would!

Xander: (Bobby leans in and starts kissing Josh, I just stayed stroking my cock, Josh started taking off Bobby's clothes, wow didn't actually think they would go through with it in front of me. Josh starts going down on Bobby's thick cock, Bobby puts his head back and looks at me, I can see the hunger in his eyes, he really wishes I was the one doing that to him. I point my hand at Josh, and Bobby lifts his head off of his cock and pulls down his pants and starts sucking on his cock, Josh is looking at me, these boys need to get there head in their own game. Then I hear someone walking down the hall, my super hearing really does come in handy. Its Scott, I hear him say, "Xander better still be awake".) Guys, stop you need to get your clothes on, Scott's coming!

Bobby: What, why do you say that?

Xander: Super hearing!

Josh: He's right I sense him down the hall!

Xander: Can you guys get out the window?

Bobby: Ya, I slide us out!

Xander: Thanks for the hot show, maybe you guys can finish it for me another time?

Josh: Count on it!

Bobby: Maybe you'll join us next time?

Xander: Will see, go he's at the door! (They bolt out the window, I close it behind them, and super speed to my bed, I lay on top of the covers with my hands behind my head! He comes in)

Scott: Xan, you awake?

Xander: Who wants to know?

Scott: Who else would be at your room this late at night?

Xander: Is your girlfriend finished with you for the night?

Scott: She's not my girlfriend!

Xander: Well she certainly acts like she's got you whipped!

Scott: I just feel sorry for her!

Xander: Whatever, its none of my business! So what can I do for you Mr. Summers sir?

Scott: I just thought maybe you couldn't sleep, and wanted me to stay the night with you?

Xander: Well hello I am still up, laying on top of my covers, waiting for you!

Scott: Oh, ya, right! Nice boxers!

Xander: There not really my size!

Scott: That's cause there mine!

Xander: Oh, sorry, do you want that back?

Scott: Ya take them off right now!

Xander: Only if you want to see me in my birthday suit!

Scott: Don't worry they look better on you anyway!

Xander: So really what did she want you for?

Scott: To help her set up her room, but up some stuff, and put together some shelving! Nothing that exciting!

Xander: Did you wish it was something more exciting like oh I don't know, sex!

Scott: I don't want to have sex with Emma!

Xander: Then who do you want to have sex with?

Scott: That's for me to know and you to find out!

Xander: Your insufferable!

Scott: You've said that to me before!

Xander: Its good to know, that I know you so well even without my memories!

Scott: Its kind of freaky! The things I want you to remember you don't, and the things you do are peculiar!

Xander: I suppose it will all come back to me in time. Scott are you gay?

Scott: What, what kind of question is that!

Xander: I just don't understand some things, you say we were always together, we sleep in the same bed, I wake up on your chest and you act like its normal, I see you naked and you blow it off, that guy kissed me tonight and you looked pissed, I just don't get what are relationship is?

Scott: Its one where I love you and you love me, and I went to hell and back to save you, and I always will. I love being with you, and you love being with me. Why don't you just give it time to figure it all out naturally?

Xander: Your really good at dodging the question asked!

Scott: it's a specialty of mine!

Xander: Its so not cute!

Scott: But you love me either way!

Xander: My head cant grasp the loving part yet, but my heart is in overdrive with love for you, its so confusing!

Scott: Like they say follow your heart!

Xander: One more question?

Scott: Shoot!

Xander: You were about to tell me something earlier today, but we were interrupted by the old hooker!

Scott: Xander, she's not a hooker.

Xander: Scott, what were you going to tell me?

Scott: I was going to tell you that...{Beep, Beep, Intruder alert, Intruder alert}

Xander: You've got to be kidding me right now!

End Chapter-