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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.


Chapter 16- Alexander I don't think were in Kansas anymore!


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Xander: (We run out of my room and gather in the common room.) What's happening?

Jean: Someone has blown out the front of the school! Are defenses are being knocked out!

Pro-X: <X-Men we are being attacked by Morgan Le Fay! Alexander I want you secured in the lower levels!>

Scott: You heard him Xander, get down stairs!

Xander: Fine! (I start to make my way to the elevator, when Morgan appears in front of me, I fall backwards.)

Morgan: So you lived to see another day! Impressive, but it only means I get to take your life a second time!

Scott: Get away from him!

Xander: You have no power here!

Morgan: Try this!

Xander: (She holds out her hands and starts shooting some sort of magical beam at me, I hold up my wrist and block the attacks!) You were saying!

Morgan: Amazonian bracelets, your father must have paid a hefty price for those. The Amazons don't allow men on there island!

Xander: The point still remains that you have no power over me!

Morgan: Watch and learn little boy! Spirits of air, sand and sea converge to help set me free, in the wind I send this rhyme, bring death on him before his time!

Xander: (A wind picks up and speeds around me, swirls of lights start at my feet and wake their way to my head, and then I was sent into blackness spinning, and landed on my ass. I look around and I was still at the school, only difference is the school was dark. Where did everyone go!) Scott! Jean! Anyone? (What the hell did she do, make everyone disappear! I walk to the professors door and knock) Professor, are you here? (I open the door to find the professor having sex with some lady I couldn't see her face.) Oh, I'm sorry!

Pro-X: No problem kid, you want a stab at this, I'm almost done with her?

Xander: No thanks I'm good, I've had my quota of hoe this week! (Ok I could have gone my whole life without seeing the professor have sex! This is ridiculous, I walk to my room, and walk in, maybe Scotts in here, I walk in and see Scott sleeping in my bed) Oh thank God, Scott, wake up!

Scott: What's going on, cant a guy get some sleep around here?

Xander: (I start hugging him) I don't understand what happened, one second Morgan Le Fay was casting a spell on me and the next thing I know, I'm on the floor by myself in the common room!

Scott: Get off me kid!

Xander: Sorry, I'm just happy to see you!

Scott: I don't know how you got into the school, and I don't care, we don't take intruders lightly!

Xander: Scott, its me Xander! Don't you know who I am?

Scott: Stop talking to me like you know me!

Xander: (Just then Pyro comes walking into the room, I remember everything he did to me) What the hell are you doing here?

John: Scott, who is this and why is he in our bedroom?

Scott: Some crazy kid thinks he knows me or something!

Xander: What are you talking about, you two are together? (Scott grabs John and starts kissing him)

Scott: Does that answer your question?

Xander: This doesn't make any sense. How could you be with him after what he did to me?

John: What I did to you, are you on drugs or something I have never seen you before!

Xander: You tortured me, violently tortured me!

John: Sounds like fun, but you have the wrong guy!

Xander: Where is Jean, she'll know what's going on!

Scott: How do you know Jean?

Xander: The three of us are suppose to be best friends! Just tell me where she is? (He shoots me with his optic beams sending me flying through the wall!)

Scott: If you know Jean, then you must be apart of the resistance!

John: Making you an enemy to us! Can I kill him honey, please let me kill him!

Scott: (Kissing John) Don't play with him to long, I still want to tap your ass tonight!

Xander: I think I'm going to be sick! (As John approaches me, I stand up and punch him sending him flying into Scott! I go over to the window and fly out of it! This is crazy, something has to be wrong with Scott. He would never be with John, unless he was under mind control or a spell. I need to find Jean, he said something about her being apart of the resistance, if I were a resistant where would I be. As I'm flying through the night sky, I see explosions of lights up ahead, if there is a battle I might find Jean there. So I fly at super speed and when I get there, I am shocked at what I see, Jean is there, but she is battling along side Mystique, Quicksilver and the Scarlet witch are there, and they're all working together to stop sentinels, but these sentinels are different, they all have an X on there right side chest plate. What the hell is going on here, am I in Bizarro world! I fly over to Jean) Jean, I have to talk to you!

Jean: Unless you're here to help, stand back!

Xander: Jean, its me Xander!

Jean: Kid I don't have time for this we have our hands full here!

Xander: Will you talk to me, if we get rid of the sentinels?

Jean: Sentinels, these are X-men! If you actually think you could get rid of them! Do it and you'll buy yourself 5 minuets with me!

Xander: Ok! (X-men, this is a backwards world. I fly and punch through the chest of a sentinel, I don't have time to mess around, so I pick him up and throw him into an open space, move on to the next one and continue to do the same thing till there are none left standing. When I'm done I fly back down to Jean) Done, can I have my five minuets now!

Jean: We could use someone like you on our side kid, you got mad skills!

Xander: I don't understand what's going on here! Since when are X-men Sentinels?

Jean: The X-men created those sentinels to help catch or kill mutants that wont cooperate with him!

Xander: Professor X, but that's crazy, the professor believes in peace!

Mystique: Who is this guy, and what planet is he from! Xavier wants world domination!

Xander: Don't you work for Magneto?

Mystique: How dare you speak his name!

Jean: Xavier killed him years ago!

Xander: Ok I'm in the twilight zone! Nothing makes sense, nothing is as it should be! Scott, is with John, professor is evil, Magneto and Mystique are good! I don't understand what happened!

Jean: How do you know all are names, how do you know Scott?

Xander: Where I come from the professor is good, Magneto is evil, Mystique and the brotherhood of evil work for him, John tortured me, and you Scott and I are best friends!

Jean: I'm sorry but I've never met you before!

Xander: Morgan, Morgan Le Fay, she did this, she cast some spell on me and I wound up here!

Jean: Morgan Let Fay, that's not possible she was captured by Dr. Strange years ago!

Xander: Dr. Strange, that's my father! Please don't tell me he's evil in this reality?

Jean: He is!

Mystique: If he's your father, how do we know he didn't send you here as a trap to try and catch us?

Xander: Jean, you can read my mind! (She puts her hands to her head and scans my mind)

Jean: I saw the world he speaks of, its so bright and full of hope. Lets take him to Hank, and see if he can make heads or tails of this!

Back in the real earth-

Scott: What did you do to him?

Morgan: That spell should have killed him, but instead I think he's been sent to a different reality! Still there are a infinite number of earths, to find which one he is in, could take forever, Dr. Strange, will now feel the loss of his son, forever!

Scott: Bring him back! Or I'll kill you myself!

Morgan: Ahahaha, never! (In a puff of smoke she disappears)


Dr. Strange: This better be important, nobody talks to me that way!

Scott: Your bracelets didn't work! Xander is gone!

Dr. Strange: What, tell me exactly what happened!

Scott: Morgan, tried casting a spell to kill Xander, but it sent him to another earth instead!

Dr. Strange: Then the bracelets did work, they interfered with her spell and sent him to another earth instead. But which one, he could be anywhere!

Scott: You can open a portal cant you?

Dr. Strange: I can, but to where, we cant check them all! I told the professor he needed to be with me!

Scott: This is no time for blame, we need to figure out a way to find him!

Dr. Strange: We need to get Morgan Le Fay, if we can capture her we might be able to reverse the spell!

Scott: I'll assemble a team!

Dr. Strange: No, to many people will just get in the way, I will go, you are welcomed to join me!

Scott: Fine!


Alternate Earth-

Hank: In protecting you the bracelets changed the course of the spell sending you to this earth! As to how to get you back, I'm afraid the only ones that would know how, is Morgan Le Fay or Dr. Strange!

Xander: Great, he's evil and she's missing!

Jean: Then will find Morgan and get her to help us!

Mystique: You want to risk your life for some kid we don't even know, when there is a war going on out there!

Jean: I saw his mind, he knows and trusts me, I cant turn my back on him.

Mystique: If you die, what chance does the resistance have?

Jean: Then I guess you better have my back and make sure I don't get killed!

Xander: Jean, thank you! Can I ask a question?

Jean: Ask away!

Xander: What happened to Scott, how can he possibly be evil?

Jean: When the war between mutants started, Scotts brother Alex was one of the first to get killed, Xavier was going to kill Magneto and Alex tried to stop him, the professor killed Alex, as Scott and I watched, Xavier changed Scotts memories and made him believe that Magneto had killed him, he couldn't change my memories and I tried to tell Scott to show him the truth but nothing I did worked, and since then he has been by Xavier's side!

Xander: This earth sucks! Poor Scott, I cant believe Alex is dead! What about Jubilee, Kitty, Bobby, Josh, Rogue, Jamie?

Jean: Pyro caught Bobby and has him somewhere, Josh got killed trying to rescue him. The girls are on a mission!

Xander: Where is Bobby being held?

Jean: Somewhere in the mansion!

Xander: I could go and rescue him!

Jean: What about getting you home?

Xander: Well you guys are going to need sometime to find where Morgan is, in the meantime I could go and get Bobby back, it's the least I can do!

Jean: There are defensives at the school, there is no way you could get in without them knowing.

Xander: it's a chance I'm willing to take! Is there anyway you could save Scott?

Jean: What do you mean?

Xander: I mean if we could get Scott away from the professor, could you break the hold he has on him?

Hank: Actually there is a way, I have created a telepathic amplifier, Jean you could use it to make Scott see the reality of what happened!

Jean: Are you sure your strong enough to get into the school?

Xander: I learned everything I know, from Scott and you!

Jean: Than I'll take that as a yes!

Back in the real earth-

Scott: We've been all over Gods green earth, she's nowhere to be found!

Dr. Strange: She's around, she would want to gloat over what she's done!

Scott: You cant do some sort of locator spell?

Dr. Strange: I've tried everything I know, she isn't staying in one place long enough, were just going to have to continue following her until she stops long enough for me to track her!

Scott: I sure hope Xander's doing better than we are!

Alternate earth-

Xander: Alright you know the plan, five minuets is all I need!

Jean: Be careful!

Xander: Thanks! (Were outside of the school grounds, I stand a few feet away from Jean, and start to spin myself like a drill and dig through the ground. The defenses don't take into considerations that someone would break in from under the school. I come out of the ground and am in the garage. If I run at super speed I should be a blur to anyone that maybe monitoring the grounds, although I doubt anyone is, seen as how the professor was having sex earlier, and I don't even want to think about what that sick-o is doing with Scott. Who would have thought Scott would be gay in another earth. I get to the elevators the door opens, I stick my hand through the floor of the elevator and lift it up, and jump down into the elevator shaft, you need a code to get into the lower levels, I'll have better luck this way. I free fall down to the bottom, and pry open the doors with my hands. I enter and use my super hearing to listen for anyone, mostly hoping Bobby will make some sort of noise. I hear someone talking, I move closer following the voice. Its John!)

John: Come on doggy bark for me! I'll give you a treat!

Bobby: Fuck you!

John: As that anyone to speak to me! You're my pet, when are you going to accept that?

Bobby: Why don't you let me out of these restraints and I'll show you who's the pet!

John: We've already had that battle and you lost!

Bobby: If Scott hadn't tricked me into thinking he was good again, I would have never fallen for your tricks!

John: My boy toy Scott, such a good actor!

Bobby: Enjoy it while its lasts, when he finds out the truth...

John: (Smack) He'll never find out the truth, professor made sure of that!

Bobby: Doesn't matter my friends will come to save me!

John: Like your lover Josh! Don't forget what happened to him when he came to save you!

Bobby: You bastard don't you dare say his name!

John: Josh, Josh, Josh, I fried him to a crisp! You should have heard his screams, Bobby, Bobby, I love you!

Bobby: (Tears) I'll kill you, just wait, I will kill you!

John: (Smack, Smack) You'll never have the chance to do anything, your locked in the safest place, no one can ever get in here!

Xander: (Entering) Really cause I just got in here! (I hit him with my optic beams sending him flying into the wall!)

Bobby: Who are you?

Xander: A friend! (I go over to him and rip out the restraints that are holding his hands and feet! He's to weak to walk so I hold him up) I've got you!

Bobby: We cant leave him there! You need to kill him!

Xander: Trust me there isn't anyone I would rather see dead than him, but killing is something I cant do! (At this point John got up and sent fire in my direction, I move as quickly as I can and set Bobby down!) Stay here!

John: Your not leaving with him!

Xander: Who's going to stop me! (He sends fire at me, I take a deep breath and blow freezing the fire all the way back to the source. I run to him and punch him into the wall, I start punching till I'm sure I knock him out. I then take him to a table and tie him onto to it.) There stay put! Some people are very excited to see you Bobby, lets not keep them waiting any longer! (I pick him up and make my way back to the elevator, I fly us up and exit the main floor!) <Jean, can you hear me?>

Jean: <Yes!>

Xander: <I've got Bobby, were at the garage, can you take it from here, so I can go back and get Scott?>

Jean: <I see you, I've got him!>

Xander: (She raises Bobby, and he floats through the air to her. I make my way back into the school and to Scotts room. He's sleeping, I stare at him for a moment, I wish I could remember everything about him, why is he so damned important to me. I mean since I've been back from the dead, he has been so great, and has told me so much, but it doesn't explain the feelings I have for him. Also since everyone is pretty much the opposite of who they are on my world, does that mean if Scott's gay here, he's not on my earth. Oh well, I cant think about it now. I go over to the bed and lift him up ever so gently as I turn around to leave, I'm greeted by the professor, Colossus, and to my utter surprise this earths version of me, and damn if he doesn't look evil! I hit Scott on the head with my fingers, to make sure he stays knocked out, sorry!)

Pro-X: And just where do you think your taking him?

Xander: Away from your insanity!

Evil Xander: Surprised to see me?

Xander: I don't understand, Scott had no idea who I was?

Pro-X: After you rude interruption earlier, I did some investigating, and discovered that you were from an alternate earth, so I found the version of you from this world!

Xander: Why would you want to help him Xander, he's evil?

Evil Xander: I have a score to settle with Morgan Le Fay, she tried to turn me good. He's willing to help me, so I'm here to help him!

Xander: You know where Morgan le Fay is, cause I have a score to settle with her too?

Evil Xander: Of course I know where she is, but that doesn't mean I'm going to tell you!

Xander: What difference does it make if you tell me, I'm obviously not going to be getting out of here.

Evil Xander: Your right, Father has her locked up in one of his never ending mazes within the Manor!

Xander: The Manor! Thanks for the info! (I shoot an optic blast on the ceiling above them bringing it down on them, I know it wont hold them for long but I just need to get out the window. I fly through, and over to where Jean is.) Get Scott out of here, I'll meet you later!

Jean: What are you about to do!

Xander: (Pointing at the window that evil Xander is coming out of) Stop them from following! Now go! (I fly up and at Evil Xander, and we both punch at the same time, its like an atomic blast, sending us both backwards into the ground. Damn I pack a punch. I get up and fly at him, taking him into through the walls of the school and coming out the other side. Weakness, the only thing I can think of is magic, and I don't know any, damn why couldn't I have picked up a spell or two from my dad. Wait a second, I have the bracelets, he doesn't. I take my hands and put them together and hit him with the bracelets facing out, bam, bam, from the side from the other side, and then again from the top knocking him into the ground, that should keep him down for a few. Colossus comes running at me, and I know this is going to hurt me, but I kneel down and time it just right and hit him with an uppercut that sends him flying through the air and through the building. Now is my chance, I f ly up and out of there. And head back to Jean)

Back in the real earth-

Dr. Strange: For the last time Moran where is my son?

Morgan: I told you I have no idea where he is, the spell I cast back fired and sent him into another earth!

Scott: (As I watch him start to choke her, I grab his arm to stop him, he just looks at me, and I go flying backward) Dr. Strange, you cant kill her!

Dr. Strange: Why not, she has tried to kill my son twice now!

Scott: What would Xander think when he found out you killed her?

Dr. Strange: You live to see another day Morgan! But tread carefully there wont always be someone there to stop me! I call upon the ancient powers unmask us now and in all hours, show us well and thoroughly reveal her minds secrets to me! (Almost like a movie being played in mid air, we see the scene that took place at the school when Morgan cast the spell.)

Scott: What good does that do I already told you what happened?

Dr. Strange: I might be able to reverse the spell and bring Alexander back!

Alternate earth-

Xander: How is he?

Jean: He's going to be fine! Whenever he wakes up that is, what happened to him?

Xander: I tapped a finger on his head, to keep him knocked out so I could get us out of there!

Jean: Remind me never to piss you off!

Xander: How's Bobby doing?

Jean: Thanks to you he's much better!

Xander: Glad I was able to help!

Scott: (Waking up) Wha-what happened, where am I?

Jean: Scott, your safe now your no longer under the professors control!

Scott: My head, I feel like I got hit my Mack truck!

Xander: Sorry, that would be my fault, I tried to do it as lightly as possible!

Jean: Do you remember everything that happened?

Scott: Unfortunately, it was like being trapped in a cage and having to watch someone else live your life!

Jean: Xander her saved you!

Scott: Thanks kid-o, sorry about knocking you through a wall!

Xander: No problem!

Scott: So who are you and why are you helping us?

Xander: I'm from a different earth where we are all close friends, I'm trying to find a way back, and in the mean time I couldn't stand around and not help you out!

Scott: Another earth, are you serious?

Jean: He's very serious, I scanned his mind, and saw everything!

Scott: Wow that's amazing! Oh, God, Bobby, he's trapped in the basement of the school! We have to rescue him!

Jean: Xander already got him out, he's resting!

Scott: Wow aren't you just a busy little beaver! So what do we need to do to help you out.

Xander: Morgan Le Fay is trapped inside the home of Dr. Strange, we need to get her out of there, she's the only one that can help me! And wow did that ever sound crazy! Most of my enemies in my world, and good in this world, minus Pyro he's just plain evil in any world!

Scott: Isn't that the truth!

Xander: Weren't you the one kis...

Scott: Finish that sentence and I'll put you over my knee!

Xander: Not saying a word!

Jean: So we mount up and head over to Dr. Strange!

Xander: I don't want to put your lives at risk, I can do this myself!

Jean: You just accomplished in one night what I thought was impossible to do, and now you think we're not going to help you? I thought you said the three of us are like the three musketeers?

Xander: Actually those were Scotts words!

Scott: I said that?

Xander: My Scott!

Scott: He must be one smart guy! I can already see why he likes you so much!

Jean: I'm going to get some stuff together and talk to Hank, you two get ready we live in thirty minuets!

Scott: So you want to explain to me what that look was you gave me, when you saw John and I kiss?

Xander: Mention him or that kiss again and I'll throw up all over you!

Scott: Are you and I together on your world?

Xander: I don't know, I lost my memory and was only with my Scott, for a couple of days, when I got sent here. We seem pretty close, we sleep in the same bed, and are always together, and he worries about me, and is protective of me, and well I am of him two, I don't know I'm so confused about that, and he wont flat out tell me if he likes me in that sort of way!

Scott: He'd be crazy not to your hot as hell, I sure wouldn't mind being with you!

Xander: I'd kiss you but you have John-breath!

Scott: Nothing a little mouth wash wont fix!

Xander: Try the whole bottle!

Later at the home of Dr. Strange-

Xander: Jean, can you sense her in there?

Jean: He's got this place rigged good, I cant read anything!

Scott: So we do it the old fashion way with a little B and E!

Xander: Breaking and Entering it is then! (We break in the front door and start making our way through the house, its like an endless maze of room after room.) This is getting us nowhere, every room looks the same!

Jean: I cant sense anything.

Scott: If you're his son, the house should listen to you too, cant you somehow get it to show you where she's at?

Xander: I don't know, never spent anytime here!

Scott: Come on kid-o just try!

Xander: (I concentrate really hard trying to focus on being in the room that has Morgan in it. And the room starts to spin and suddenly stops, and there she is tied up to a wall.) I did it!

Scott: Yes you did, great job!

Jean: Morgan, where here to help you!

Morgan: That demon child would never help me!

Xander: I'm not the Alexander you know, I'm from another earth!

Morgan: What manner of trickery is this?

Xander: No really, I fought the Alexander of this world, and he said you were here, we came to find you, and to ask for your help in returning me to my world!

Jean: He speaks the truth!

Morgan: How is it you came to be here?

Xander: In my world, you are evil, you killed my mother and are trying to kill me. You said a spell and I was sent through a portal and brought here!

Morgan: There are in infinite number of earths, you could be from anyone of them, I don't know if I can send you back to the one you belong in!

Scott: You have to try, you're his only hope!

Xander: If you knew the spell cast to bring me here, would that help?

Morgan: I believe it will, maybe if I reversed it! Can we get out of here first!

Xander: Ya, I really don't want to run into my father! (We start making our way out when daddy dearest appears at the front door)

Dr. Strange: And just where do you think you going?

Xander: Father, please you don't understand, she's the only one that can help me!

Dr. Strange: She killed your mother, and has been trying to turn you good, how can she ever help you?

Xander: I don't have time to explain can you please just trust me!

Dr. Strange: Trust you, you deny me as your father, you wont talk to me, you wont live with me, and yet you want me to trust you, I don't think so!

Xander: (He raises his hands, sending beams at us, I raise my wrists and block them) Father its no use, your magic wont work against these!

Dr. Strange: So you've learned a few tricks have you!

Xander: I am your son aren't I! (Just then the front door slams open and my evil twin enters!)

Evil Xander: Hello father, I'm home!

Back in real earth-

Dr. Strange: I have it!

Scott: Your sure this will work?

Dr. Strange: I'm the Sorcerer Supreme of course it will work!

Scott: Cocky much!

Dr. Strange: Scott, he's my son, I have to get it right!

Scott: I know I'm sorry, I just keep losing him, and I don't know if I can take it, I love your son, he's a big part of me!

Dr. Strange: He's lucky to have a friend like you, your like an older brother he never had. I am very grateful!

Scott: (Older brother, who wants to sleep with him!)

Dr. Strange: Spirits of air, sand and sea converge to help set me free, in the wind I send this rhyme, bring death on him before his time! (A portal begins to open and then closes back up!) I need more power behind it!

Alternate earth-

Dr. Strange: How can this be, two of you?

Evil Xander: He's not from this world!

Xander: it's a trick father, he's not real! <Jean send the spell to Morgan and tell her to do it now, once the portal is I will make the house move my father and evil me to another part of it.>

Jean: <You got it, and good luck to you!>

Evil Xander: Look who he's with, and who he's trying to save, would your real son ever do that?

Dr. Strange: I don't know, you both look exactly alike!

Morgan: Spirits of air, sand and sea converge to help set me free, in the wind I send this rhyme, bring death on him before his time!

Xander: (The portal opens and as I try to make the house move them, I am hit with an optic beam from my evil counterpart! In the portal we are able to see Dr. Strange and Scott of the real earth.)

Evil Xander: Is that your real home, is that where you were trying to go!

Xander: Get away from that portal!

Dr. Strange: Morgan what spell have you cast, what is the meaning of this!

Morgan: To save your good son, I opened a portal to send him to his rightful home!

Dr. Strange: Then it is the last spell you will ever do! Out of time out of gain know only sorrow no only pain!

Xander: (I watch in horror as Morgan is spun into a whirlwind of dark smoke and disappears into nothing.) What did you do to her?

Dr. Strange: What she deserved!

Xander: (I ran at him and evil Xander grabs me, we start to fight, and I get knocked into the floor, as I come back up I spin kick him, and it sends him flying into the air, and through the portal, which closes behind him) No, what have I done!

Jean: Scott we need to get out of here, Xander come on will figure another way!

Dr. Strange your not going anywhere!

Xander: The hell we aren't harm a hair on my friends heads and I will show you pain! (I grab Scott and start to fly out the front door, Jean following behind me, we make our way back to the safe house.) I cant believe this, Morgan is gone, and I sent an evil version of me to my world. Who knows what he will do to them.

Scott: Will find a way to get you home I promise you!

Jean: Will track down every mutant with the ability to open a portal and get you back to your earth, and bring the evil you back here.

Xander: Oh, Scott, please know me well enough to know that's not the real me!

Scott: If your Scott is anything like me, you can count on him to know!

Xander: I hope your right!

Real earth-

Evil Xander: (As I came out of the portal I was greeted with a hug, from this worlds Scott, to my surprise. If I'm going to be stuck here I better play along.)

Scott: Are you ok?

Evil Xander: Yes! It was nothing I couldn't handle!

Dr. Strange: I'm sure that is true son!

Scott: What was it like where you were at?

Evil Xander: Very different from here I'm sure!

Dr. Strange: Are you tired, hungry, do you need anything?

Scott: Maybe you'd like to get out of those clothes, where did you get an outfit like that!

Evil Xander: (What's this guy talking about, this is one of my favorite outfits, hell it was my only outfit! I was wearing black leather pants, combat boots, and a muscle tee!) I like this outfit! I would really like a shower if that's alright!

Dr. Strange: Are you going to stay here, or go back to the school?

Evil Xander: (School, I must not live with him in this world either!) I would rather go back to the school!

Dr. Strange: (Something isn't right with him, maybe I'm reading to much into it.) Very well, but you are welcomed to come here anytime, you know that son?

Evil Xander: Yes father I do!

Scott: Well thanks again Dr. Strange, you always come through.

Dr. Strange: Anything for my son!

Evil Xander: (Anything for my son, my ass.) Goodnight father!

Back at the mansion-

Evil Xander: (Scott brought me to my room and I took a shower, I got out dried myself off, hung the towel back up and walked into my bedroom naked. To my surprise he was still there.) Did you need something?

Scott: Wow, Xan! Give a guy some warning before you flash him! (Damn did he look edible or what. He is really making this hard on me, I think I'll give him a few more days to adjust before I tell him the truth about the way I feel.)

Evil Xander: Why are you embarrassed by what you see?

Scott: Not really!

Evil Xander: (Not really huh, I wonder if I bone this guy or something! Not really my type looks like he's to needy, and way to much of a goody -goody!) So its pretty late I think I'm going to crash!

Scott: Ya, I'm pretty beat myself!

Evil Xander: (I stand there looking at him, as he takes his shirt off, pulls down his pants leaving his boxer briefs on, and hops into the bed. Damn, the guy sleeps in my bed, he must be the other me's boyfriend. Shit!) So you sleep here too I take it!

Scott: Oh that's right your memory, its isn't back yet is it?

Evil Xander: Right, memory's not back yet! (Good shit, don't have my memories. No one will be the wiser that I'm not this worlds Xander!)

Scott: I can just go to my room if you want to be alone! I just stay in here sometimes when you know, you cant sleep at night!

Evil Xander: Ya thanks, I'm just warn out and want some you know alone time, me time! (Fucking A, this worlds Xander must be such a fucking spas cant sleep by himself, what does he get scared and wet the bed too.)

Scott: No problem, don't forget I'm right across the hall and one door to the right if you need me!

Evil Xander: That's cool, good to know! (Finally he's gone! I walk around looking through drawers and the closet, damn this kids a geek. Need to steel some real clothes when I get the chance. But all in all this is going to be one hell of a ride!)

End Chapter-