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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.


Chapter 18- it's a thin line between love and hate


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Dr. Strange: You must know my son better than I thought if you were able to discern that this wasn't not the real him!

Scott: There were so many things that he said and did, that I just knew it couldn't be the Xander we know!

Jean: Well the sooner we get our Xander back I'll be much happier!

Scott: No kidding, who knows what he's going through where he's at! So Dr. Strange, will you be able to open the portal long enough for us to go get him and return?

Dr. Strange: I wont need to, I have made two potions one to take you all there and one to bring you back!

Scott: Than lets bring Xander home!

Alternate Earth-

Xander: (This evil professor wasn't going to give up till he had Scott back, so yet again we were in another battle, this time I'm chasing Northstar, now I thought I was fast this guy in unbelievable, but the worst part is he slaps his hands together cause a blinding light to appear, and I am unable to see anything. Scott seemed to have his hands full fighting Omerta, the guy was invulnerable to every thing, and had super strength, but Scott seemed to be holding his own, Jean was dealing with Sunpyre, I don't know how long she was going to be able to keep up her shield blocking the plasma blasts being thrown at her. I need to catch this guy and help them out. So I wait for him to turn the corner and I fly up and around going backward, hoping to cut him off, if he thinks I'm following him, he wont expect me to show up ahead of him, as I start to hear him approaching, I fly out from behind the building and close line him, with the speed he's flying at, he was instantly knock ed out. I fly below and grab him taking him back over to Mystique) Here I brought you some trash!

Mystique: You better help your boyfriend before Omerta breaks his back!

Xander: He's not my boyfriend! (I look over and see that Omerta is holding Scott in the air with both hands getting ready to bring him down upon his knee breaking Scotts back, I fly at him and punch into his stomach, I catch Scott as he falls) I've got you!

Scott: My hero!

Xander: I have to knock him out!

Scott: He's invulnerable, so I don't see how your going to do it?

Xander: With a little trick I learned from your counterpart on my world! (I fly over and go to grab Omerta, when he flips into the air kicking me with his foot, sending me spinning backwards!)

Scott: He taught you how to get kicked in the face, I don't see how that's suppose to help!

Xander: Smartass! (I fly back at him and dodge his punches, flip him around and put him in a sleeper, I squeeze for all I'm worth, raising him into the sky, the higher we are, the harder it is to breath. Till finally he doesn't move any longer! I bring his limp body down to Mystique) I think I've filled my quota for the day!

Mystique: That you did!

Scott: Not bad for a days work!

Xander: (Jean enters the mind of Sunpyre and gives her a mental attack that knocks her out, and brings her over to where we are.) So what happens to them now?

Jean: Hank and I will reverse the brainwashing and bring them back to our side! Xander we couldn't have never accomplished all we have without your help!

Xander: Shucks Jean I didn't do anything!

Mystique: Humbleness in someone so young is worthy of respect!

Scott: Kid-o you've helped to get back over 30 brainwashed mutants, we stand a better chance of ending the professors goals of world domination!

Xander: Its nothing you guys wouldn't have done!

Scott: So maybe its fate, maybe you were supposed to be brought here to help us, to be apart of our lives, my life, maybe your suppose to stay here with me?

Xander: Scott I...(A portal opens before I can even finish my sentence and my evil twin is floating in the air out of it, behind him is Jean she must be levitating him, and then my Scott)

Scott: Or maybe its wasn't meant to be at all!

My Jean: Xander, your alright, thank God!

Xander: But how did you guys find me?

MY Jean: It was all Scott! He knew it wasn't you and here we are!

My Scott: (Running over to Xander and lifting him up into a hug and spinning with him) You really have to stop doing this to me, a man can only take so much!

Xander: I thought I wasn't ever going to see your again!

My Scott: That will never happen!

Scott: Cough, cough!

Xander: Oh, ya, sorry, Scott, this is Scott, Jean, Jean, and you all know Mystique! Only this one is a good Mystique!

My Jean: Wow, we look exactly alike!

Jean: Its amazing!

Scott: Hey twin of mine, can we compare our privets to see if there the same size?

Xander: Scott don't mind him, he loves to joke around all the time!

Scott: Who's joking, I'm really curious!

My Scott: So you just couldn't live without me, you had to go and find a twin of me?

Xander: Who else would I go to? The safest place I know is with you!

My Scott: Thanks for taking care of him, he's very important to us!

Scott: It was my pleasure, he's one hell of a kid!

Evil Xander: (Waking up) No, no, no, you brought me back here, I don't want to be here, I want to go back to your world, it was so much fun!

Xander: Fun! What's he talking about?

Evil Xander: Oh I left you quite a mess to clean up when you get back home.

Xander: What did you do?

Jean: More like what didn't he do!

Xander: Scott how did you know it wasn't me?

My Scott: Because he may look like you, but there is no one that could ever be like you!

Scott: You can say that again!

My Scott: Sounds like he has the same effect on me on any earth!

Scott: If you mean blood pumping, heart racing, cant stand to not be near him, then ya, he has that effect!

My Scott: You two didn't?

Scott: No he wouldn't let me!

My Scott: Oh!

Xander: Jean what will you do with him? I mean he's another version of me you know, I cant stand to think he couldn't turn good!

Jean: Will try to rehabilitate him I suppose, I mean he wasn't brainwashed!

Xander: Maybe having you two to help him and teach him, he could become good in time?

Evil Xander: Hey I like the way I am, and quit talking as if I'm not even here!

Xander: You know you don't have to be evil, your choosing to be evil!

Evil Xander: Its just so much fun being evil! Hell you should ask Logan all about it!

Xander: Logan, why would he know anything about it?

Evil Xander: Lets just say I don't think he'll ever be able to look at you the same way again!

Xander: Oh God you didn't?

Evil Xander: Oh I did, and let me say I can still barely sit, he's an animal that one!

My Scott: Please enough of that, I still cant get the visual out of my head!

Xander: You saw them doing it?

My Scott: No I walked in on a kiss they were having, and a conversation I wish to forget!

Evil Xander: Your just jealous, you wish that was you I said that to!

My Scott: Not if you were the last person on earth!

Scott: Well I guess its time to say goodbye?

Xander: I guess it is!

Scott: You take care of yourself kid-o! Will never forget you here, and what you did to help the resistance! Thanks for saving my life!

Xander: I'll never forget any of you either, and thanks for everything you did for me, I'm going to miss you! (I hug him, and cant help but wish I knew what would happen between me and my worlds Scott, cause if nothing comes of it, I really would just want to stay here with this Scott!)

Jean: Thank you just doesn't seem like enough for all that you have done. You've helped to save millions of lives, and helped me to bring my family back together, there just isn't any words!

Xander: You don't have to thank me, I've learned a lot from my time here, things I can take back with me, that have made me a stronger person!

Mystique: I don't like anybody, but your just something else, your courage and selflessness to help us is worthy of a true hero! Good luck to you with the evils of your world!

Xander: Goodbye my friends, may we meet again some day!

Scott: He twin, you better hold on to him, he's the special one, the one that only comes around once in a lifetime if you know what I mean!

My Scott: I think I do, and believe me I know!

Xander: (Scott throws a potion on the ground and a portal opens up, I wave bye to my friends and walk through the portal, we arrive on the other side and are in the home of Dr. Strange!)

Dr. Strange: Alexander your back!

Xander: Hello Father! (He hugs me and after my run in with my evil father, I am happy to see my good father, so I hug him tightly!) I'm happy to see you!

Dr. Strange: I love you son!

Xander: I love you too!

Dr. Strange: I should have sent you away sooner if I had known you would have this kind of reaction to seeing me!

Xander: I just learned that I'm lucky to have you for a father, the other Xander wasn't so lucky!

Dr. Strange: So maybe now we can take the time to get to know one another better?

Xander: You can count on it! I would like that very much! I'm not taking anything for granted any more!

Dr. Strange: You just made my day!

Xander: I have to know something, what happened to Morgan?

Dr Strange: She's somewhere were she can never hurt you again!

Xander: Its crazy my enemies here, where my friends there, and Morgan of that earth, died trying to get me back home!

Dr. Strange: Help sometimes comes from people we least expect it too.

Xander: I'm sorry to cut this short, but can we go home now, I've been living in underground tunnels, and I know you guys aren't saying it, but I stink!

Scott: Oh thank God you said it, I didn't want to hurt your feelings!

Xander: Thanks a lot! (We all got a good laugh out of that, and headed back to the school) I'm not ready to face anyone yet, I mean I don't know exactly what the other Xander did to them, so I would rather wait till morning, that way you can fill me in first!

Scott: The only thing Is I really don't know what he did, I only caught the Logan thing!

Xander: Why do I have to face the music, when I didn't even do anything?

Jean: They'll get over it once they find out it wasn't you! And if they don't they can deal with me!

Xander: They may have looked like you guys, but I have to tell you, no one could ever take your places! I missed you guys!

Jean: We missed you to!

Scott: I think the other me was kind of Gay!

Xander: Oh he was, and if you think walking in on the other Xander and Logan was bad, trying having to walk in on the other you and Pyro!

Scott: What!

Xander: I don't even want to think about it, I still get stick to my stomach when I think about it!

Scott: Come on lets go inside! Through the front door!

Xander: Aw man! (We walk in and make our way through the common room, Logan is the first to come walking by he just looked at me and put his head down and kept walking. That's just great, what the hell did my evil twin do!)

Jean: I think its best if we just tell the others right now, that way by morning they should be fine!

Xander: I guess your right! (We walk over to my gang of friends and Josh gets up and walks over to me and punches me in the face, only thing is he forgot its going to hurt him more than it will me)

Josh: (Gabbing his hand in pain) Damn it! You know you have some nerve showing your face around here!

Kitty: Ya we've voted you off the island!

Jean: Guys wait a second, there is something you don't know!

Bobby: We don't want to know! We don't care!

Xander: Hey, it wasn't me!

Josh: What then it was your evil twin from another dimension!

Xander: Well ya, it was an evil me from another world!

Kitty: Give us a break already!

Jean: No guys we're serious, when Morgan attacked the school and went after Xander, she sent him to another earth, and we got stuck with the other world's Xander, and he was evil! Our Xander has been stuck there all this time!

Jubilee: I knew it couldn't be you, I knew you could never be that mean!

Xander: I hoped you guys would figure out it wasn't me, but all this time passed and I thought he must have fooled you guys really good cause no one ever came for me!

Jean: Well Scott did figure it out, but come on who would believe a story like that?

Xander: I'm sorry for everything he did, but it wasn't me! (Josh gets up and starts to walk away!) Josh, I cant change what he did, but you cant blame me for it!

Josh: I just need some time!

Xander: Bobby! (Bobby goes following after him) What the hell did he do to them?

Jubilee: A lot! Your never going to believe what he did!

Kitty: Jubilee!

Jubilee: Aw come on its our Xander, we have to tell him!

Xander: (After filling me in on all that has transpired, and after I told them all about my adventures.)

Jean: The thought of the professor being evil that's just crazy!

Kitty: He tells you he caught the professor having sex, and all you can comment on is him being evil!

Xander: When he offered her to me, I about died! I was like whoa, who knew the professor had a night life!

Pro-X: < I heard that!>

Xander: Opps! Sorry professor! Ok I think that's my queue to go to bed!

Jean: I'm heading to bed too, I'll see you guys in the morning!

Xander: Night! (Scott and I walked to my bedroom, when I opened the door and entered I thought I had the wrong room) What the heck happened here?

Scott: He changed your room, and your wardrobe for that matter!

Xander: Leopard sheets, give me a break!

Scott: Pretty out there huh! Well I'm going to get going so you can rest!

Xander: Wait, Scott!

Scott: Just kidding, I just wanted to make sure it was you!

Xander: Not funny, and I don't get it!

Scott: Every time I go to leave this room, you stop me with a "wait Scott", but when he was here he couldn't wait to get rid of me!

Xander: So you never slept in here with him?

Scott: Nope!

Xander: That's a relief!

Scott: Why?

Xander: Cause I don't like the idea of sharing you with anyone else!

Scott: Really now! And did you sleep with the other me!

Xander: Well, we kind of all slept in sleeping bags on the floor! He was next to me! Nothing happened I swear!

Scott: Hey I was just kidding, relax!

Xander: Sorry, I just know how I would have felt if you had slept with the other me!

Scott: I only have room in my bed for one Xander!

Xander: Is it just me or did we have the gayest conversation ever?

Scott: Ha, ha, ha, I think we did!

Xander: Well I wont tell anyone if you don't!

Scott: It'll be our little secret! So you saw a lot of action while you were there!

Xander: Scott it was wild, I had to rescue you, well the other you, from the mansion as well as Bobby, and its like everything you and Jean taught me, before I lost my memory came flooding back.

Scott: That's great, so did your remember anything else?

Xander: Scott, I don't care if my memory comes back or not, I'm not going to waste another second, I have you the real you here in front of me, and I have to take a chance, I have to know!

Scott: Know what?

Xander: If this means anything to you the way it does to me! (I grab him and kiss him, it's the most breath taking kiss I have ever had, and as I kiss him everything comes back to me, I remember it all, even his last words before I died!)

Scott: Xander, that means more to me than you'll ever know!

Xander: Scott, I remember I remember everything!

Scott: Then you remember how much I love you, and how much I want to be with you!

Xander: Scott I have been waiting for this moment for so long!

Scott: The moment is finally here, now stop talking and kiss me!

Xander: I love you Scott! (We start kissing, I feel like I'm flying yet I'm still on the bed, I cant keep my hands off of him, I start ripping off clothes, as he takes off mine he suddenly stops.) What's the matter?

Scott: You need a shower big time!

Xander: I stink I know, but, I don't want to be away from you again!

Scott: That's why I'll be joining you in the shower, lets go stinky!

Xander: (We strip off our clothes and go into the shower, I turn on the water and let it run over my body, he comes up behind me grabs the soap and a wash cloth and starts to wash me from head to toe, making sure to take special care of my cock and balls, and then my ass, after he's done he takes the shampoo and washes my hair, his fingers massaging my scalp) Scott this is the best shower I have ever had.

Scott: Its about to get better!

Xander: (We start kissing, my cock is hard the whole time, he makes his way down my body, sucking on my nipples, licking down to my belly button, and then kneeling before me, he looks up at me as he takes my cock into his mouth, he slowly moves up and down, swallowing my cock down to the base and back up again, I moan again and again, his mouth is amazing on my cock. I take my cock out of his mouth and lift him up to me, I start kissing him, I need to be kissing him.) Do you know how much I love you?

Scott: Almost as much as I do!

Xander: Scott, you are the perfect man for me, so much so that even when I didn't have my memories, you were still the only person I could think of. I just want to hold you and never let go.

Scott: I'm not going anywhere, and believe me, I don't think I have ever wanted to be with someone the way I want to be with you.

Xander: Lets get out of this shower, and into the bed, I need to have you in me!

Scott: I've been dying to be inside you again!

Xander: (He lifts me up in his hands, and carries me over to the bed lays me down)

Scott: Xander I love you!

Xander: (With that he starts kissing me, I roll over with him and make my way down to his cock, its throbbing so hard, I start up and down motions on his cock, faster and faster as he moans with pleasure, he grabs my head and holds it in place and starts ramming his dick down my throat, unable to take it anymore, he gets up and pushes me down on my stomach and kisses me from the neck down, he spreads my ass cheeks apart and starts making out with my hole, he shoves his tongue in and out) Scott, that feels so good, but I need you in me, please give me what I want, I want you inside me, I want to be one with you, I don't want to know where you begin and I end! (He moves his cock up to my ass and starts to slowly push it in, he bites my ear and then whispers)

Scott: You're the only one for me, your all I think about, your all I want! This isn't sex, this is love, I'm making love to you!

Xander: (He bites into my neck and it drives me wild I push my ass back onto his thrusting cock, allowing it to slide all the way in. He starts to slowly move in and out, I grab onto the pillows as I moan harder and harder with each thrust) Scott, you feel amazing inside me, you don't know how much I wanted this, no needed it! (He grabs me by the hair and lifts my head to the side and starts to kiss me as he moves deeper and deeper inside of me, he starts moving with quicker motion, I here his breathing become harder, I know he's getting closer, he pulls out of me and turns me around, he lifts my legs around his waist and slides back inside of me, he grabs my cock and starts to stroke it, I start to moan louder and louder, he starts to kiss me, and then he's looking straight into my eyes and says)

Scott: Xander I love you!

Xander: Scott I love you too! (He starts shooting his load into me, as I start shooting mine all over my chest, after he's done he starts to lick the cum off my chest and comes up and kisses me, then just falls on top of me)

Scott: You have the sweetest ass, I could stay inside you all night!

Xander: If I remember correctly you have before!

Scott: That's right I did didn't I!

Xander: But I'm not complaining, as long as you hold onto me and never let go!

Scott: I can do that!

Xander: (We stayed like that until we fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and got out of bed, I stared at him for a few minuets, I just don't believe after all this time its finally read between us, no misunderstandings, nothing confusing, just real love! I take a shower and go to get dressed to discover all the clothes that should be mine are so not, hello what the hell happened to my stuff. Leather pants, short sleeve muscle tee shirts, tight ass jeans. Evil Xander! I could kill him, I loved my clothes.)

Scott: Hey, you got up with out me!

Xander: Sorry I really needed to take a shower. What the hell happened to my clothes?

Scott: Your twin got you some new stuff! But hey I think you would look hot in those leather pants!

Xander: Zip it! Are you ever going to get out of bed lazy, I'm starved, I haven't eaten a good meal in I don't know how long!

Scott: You go ahead I'm going to shower and then I'll be down!

Xander: Don't be long I kind of don't want you out of my sight for a little while!

Scott: Well then come here and give me a kiss before you go!

Xander: With pleasure! (I jump on the bed and start kissing him, and then get up and head out and make my way down to the cafeteria, I grab two plates of food and sit at my usual table, and slowly but surly one by one my friends begin to appear)

Jubilee: What give your glowing?

Xander: I'm just really happy!

Jubilee: Spill it!

Xander: Cant a guy wake up with a smile on his face?

Jubilee: Not in this school!

Xander: Oh come on now, look out side the sun is shinning, the birds are singing, spring is in the air!

Jubilee: Don't make me hurt you!

Xander: Everything is just so perfect, I'm back, I have my memories, and well lets just say, nothing could be better then the way my life is right now!


Scotts room-

Scott: (I just cant wipe this smile off my face, I finally have everything I want. Knock, Knock, Knock) Come in its open!

Emma: Scott darling, you have been MIA for far to long, I'm starting to take it personally!

Scott: Sorry Emma, been busy trying to find Xander, he's been missing!

Emma: I heard. You seem really happy, is there something going on that I should know about?

Scott: Nothing that I can talk about!

Emma: Oh, I thought you trusted me?

Scott: I do, its not that, I'm just holding another persons secret!

Emma: (I hate secrets, more than that I hate competition especially when I don't know who it is, so I have no choice but to invade his mind, and what I find out makes me sick to my stomach, that evil little shit turn this straight man gay. Scott has never been with a man before, the poor thing is confused, lost, he's lost all emotions since that bitch Jean broke up with him, I have to help him, I can save him, he just needs the love of a real woman. I'll fix this with a little mind control, just enough to send him my way, you know get the ball rolling! I'll be able to get him back to playing for the right team. Scott, your falling in love with me, I'm all you can think about, last night was a one time thing, you just needed to get that out of your system, it wasn't real, it meant nothing, you need a woman, a real woman, to satisfy you, you need me, cause you cant get from a man, what you know you can get from me, you will do everything you can to be with me, romance, well thought out romantic dates, you are falling for me Emma Frost!)

Scott: Whoa, wha, what was I saying?

Emma: I don't know what were you saying?

Scott: (I look at her and I am overcome by her beauty) Emma, you look breath taxingly beautiful. And you smell so good!

Emma: Why thank you Scott you say the sweetest things! Now, I'm going down for breakfast!

Scott: Will you allow me the honor of escorting you?

Emma: I wouldn't have it any other way!

Back in the cafeteria-

Jean: Someone is very hungry!

Xander: What can I say I'm a growing boy!

Kitty: Its his third plate but who's counting!

Jean: So Josh and Bobby haven't come down yet have they?

Xander: I think their going to be avoiding me for a while! Who can blame them!

Jubilee: That's stupid, its not your fault you weren't in control of what the other Xander was doing!

Xander: I know but he sure did a job on them, I'll try and talk to them today!

Jean: Where is Scott, I thought for sure he wouldn't let you out of sight now that your finally back!

Xander: He should have been down here by now, said he was going to, what the hell is he doing with her? (I look up to see Scott and Emma walking in holding hands, I feel like my insides are being ripped out!)

Jean: I told you it was only a matter of time before she got her claws in him!

Xander: But, but, you don't understand, that's not possible, he would never, he couldn't be, this is crazy! I need to talk to him! (I walk over to them) Scott can I talk to you?

Emma: Oh, welcome back Aden!

Xander: Its Xan, you know what never mind, Scott, I need to talk to you now!

Scott: Xander, cant it wait, Emma and I are about to have breakfast!

Xander: (I grab Scott and force him out of the room) Scott!

Scott: Xander let go of me!

Xander: Scott what's wrong with you, what are you doing with her?

Scott: You know I think I'm starting to fall in love with her!

Xander: What, Scott are you listening to yourself, what about last night, what about everything you said to me, you told me you loved me, I was the only one for you!

Scott: Oh grow up, when you're a little older, you'll understand, you say things like that to get what you want, and well I wanted to fuck your tight ass, and that's exactly what I did. It was just a one night thing, don't going getting all emotional on me, where guys, you didn't think it could go anywhere did you?

Xander: (The tears just start to roll down my face, he starts to walk back into the cafeteria, I stop him as he gets inside the room.) Scott, please, I know you don't mean that, you love me, the way I love you, you didn't fuck me last night, you made love to me!

Scott: Oh get a grip, oh come on don't start crying, are you a little girl or a man, men don't cry. Look I'm not gay, I just used you to get off that's all, don't make such a big deal out of it. We both enjoyed it, we both got off. You'll be fine, you'll find someone your own age. Me I need a real woman to give me what I need and Emma is all woman, have you seen the curves on her, and that rack, she's got some tits on her! Now get out of here kid! I got a date to get back too!

Xander: I HATE YOU SCOTT SUMMERS! (I smack him and everyone stops what there doing and looks at us, I just lose it and start to break down)

Scott: Are you done yet, you really are immature!

Xander: (I take off out of there running to my room, how could he do this to me, how could he use me like this, and then be such an asshole to me, everything he said was a lie, it was all a lie! I should have known better than to think that he was gay, he's just a horny bastard looking for the best way to get off. I cant stay here I've got to get out of here. I call Johnny Storms phone there is no answer. I call Peter Parkers phone and he answers) Hello Peter Parker, this is Alexander, I'm a friend of Spiderman he told me if I ever need him I could contact him through you!

Peter: But he told me you were dead!

Xander: It's a long story, my father is Dr. Strange and he brought me back to life!

Peter: it's a miracle, I know Spiderman will want to see you!

Xander: Can you tell him to meet me at our spot, he'll know where that is!

Peter: Your spot, oh your spot, yes, yes he'll meet you there, how long?

Xander: I can be there in twenty minuets!

Peter: He'll be there!

Xander: Thank you so much, goodbye! (I go over to my window and fly out, I'm going to go see Spiderman!)

End Chapter-