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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.


Chapter 19- I'm a what?

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Xander: (I flew to the place where Spiderman kissed me. It was our spot after all, and as I arrived he was already standing there.) Spiderman!

Spidy: (Grabbing and hugging Xander) I'm so happy your alive, when they told me you where dead, I lost it.

Xander: My life has been a roller coaster since I last saw you, and dieing was just the icing on the cake!

Spidy: So what's going on, Peter told me you sounded like you were crying on the phone!

Xander: It kind of goes like this, after you dropped me off at the school, I was befriended by someone there, and we became closer than I ever thought I could be with someone, so much so that I started to fall in love, and I thought he was falling in love with me, I mean he literally went to hell and back for me. And last night everything was perfect, I finally told him how I felt and he told me how he was in love with me, he told me the sweetest things, we made love, not sex, it was making love, I felt it with everything in me, I knew this man loved me. And then today he turned into the biggest jerk, he said the meanest things, told me I meant nothing, that I was nothing more than a piece of ass! And that he needed a woman to give him what he really needed!

Spidy: Oh Xander I'm sorry, you don't deserve that! I have to say it but some guys are like that, they'll say anything to get into you pants and then leave the minuet they get what they want!

Xander: I'm sure people say this all the time, but he was different, I've had sex with him before, but last night, its wasn't about sex it was about becoming one with one another!

Spidy: Xander I really am sorry you have to go through this, but these are lessons that everyone has to learn at some point in their lives!

Xander: I would never hurt anyone like that, I could never be so cold! (Just then a big white cloud came out of no where and started pulling me and Spiderman into it.) What's happening?

Spidy: Hold on to me!

Xander: I cant reach you!(He shoots a web at me and pulls me to him, we suddenly land on the ground.)

Spidy: Madame Web! I should have known!

Madame Web: Well now you know!

Xander: I don't understand, you know her?

Spidy: Yes I know her, from time to time she likes to give me cryptic messages and riddles to help me with things that are happening or going to happen!

Xander: Then why am I here?

Madame Web: Because this time I'm here for you Alexander Strange!

Xander: Me? Why?

Madame: Because you are about to face a darkness on the horizon! You think you know who you are? What you are? What's to come? Everything that's happened to you, was only to prepare you for what lays ahead!

Xander: What are you talking about, I don't understand?

Madame: Its no wonder you two are friends, he's just as slow as you Spiderman!

Spidy: Come on Madame Web, I think you can do better than that!

Madame: Why do I have to get the blonde ones!

Xander: Hey now, just cause I'm a blonde doesn't mean I'm stupid!

Madame: Your father told you that your mother is dead did he not?

Xander: Yes, Morgan Le Fay killed her!

Madame: Did you ever asked your father about who your mother was, and not just her name, cause I know that you know it. I'm talking about where she was from, who is it that she was?

Xander: Well since you seem to know so much about me, you know that I just found out who my father was, and then I died, and then I was on another earth, oh ya and lost my memory, so I'm sure you realize not a lot of time to sit down and have a real one on one with my father!

Madame: You got spunk kid. Now you know where the first part of your journey begins, find out about your mother, which will take you to who you are, and what your to become. Challenges are ahead of you, someone close to you will die, and there will be nothing you can do to stop it, will you still find the courage to fight on?

Xander: Who will die, if you know tell me, if I can stop it, help me!

Madame: Sorry, but that's all you get for now! Which is way more than I should have given you! One last thing before I go, when it comes to love remember not everything is as it seems!

Xander: Scott?

Madame: You get a gold star! Goodbye for now and good luck! Spiderman, I'll see you later!

Xander: (And just like that we were sent spiraling back down to the roof top) What does all this mean, and what did she mean about Scott? I have more questions and no answers!

Spidy: I wish I had some answers to give you, but I'm afraid this is your journey!

Xander: Someone close to me is going to die, and there is nothing I can do about it, how do I live with knowing that? (Professor X's head appears in front of us)

Pro-X: < Alexander you need to get back to the school at once, your needed! >

Xander: < I'm on my way! > Spiderman, thank you for meeting me here!

Spidy: If you need me again, you know how to get a hold of me, good luck Xander!

Xander: (I lift up his mask and kiss him) Thanks for being there! Goodbye!

Dark Dimension-

Dormammu: What did you think would happen, Dr. Strange, you would come here and rescue your wife, and you would live happily ever after?

Dr. Strange: That's exactly what is going to happen!

Dormammu: Umar do you hear this mortal man, he actually thinks he stands a chance against us!

Umar: You've lost her before, what is so different about this time?

Dr. Strange: I have a secret weapon! How can you do this Umar, she is your daughter?

Dormammu: And my niece, what is your point?

Dr. Strange: What do you wish to gain by keeping us apart?

Dormammu: Clea betrayed me once to rescue you, she will remain in punishment for her crime!

Dr. Strange: That's it, because she betrayed you, come on you can do better than that!

Dormammu: The princess tried to overthrow us, is that not enough for punishment?

Dr. Strange: The throne is rightfully hers!

Dormammu: Be that as it may, it is mine now!

Umar: So you still love her, after so much time apart?

Dr. Strange: She is my wife I will always love her!

Umar: Then tell us where is the child?

Dr. Strange: I will never tell you!

Dormammu: Are you willing to let Clea die, to save your son?

Dr. Strange: Clea is his mother, she would die for her son, as would I!

Dormammu: We shall soon see!

Back at the mansion-


Pro-X: Logan if you will!

Logan: I was on a mission with the Avengers, and as you know your father is on the team, we were overwhelmed with enemies coming at us from all sides, your father preformed some kind of spell and it was by no means a little spell I'm talking about a spell so big it completely drained him. He saved our lives, some kind of demon with a head that was on fire, attacked him in his weakened state your father wasn't able to defend himself, and he was taken!

Xander: Who was this demon?

Logan: I don't know!

Pro-X: We will do everything we can to help you find him!

Logan: That's the thing Xander he telepathically told me that he doesn't want you to try and find him, that he wanted us to protect you! That this was all about you and not him!

Xander: You cant tell me my father was taken and then tell me nothing to do anything about it!

Logan: I didn't want to tell you, the professor insisted that we do!

Xander: Well I'm glad someone is trying to hide anything from me! I cant handle myself, I think I've done alright so far!

Jean: Xander we should trust that your father knows what he's doing!

Xander: And what if he doesn't, what if he just thinks he can handle this but really he cant! Do I take that chance with his life?

Jean: I cant tell you what to do, but I can tell you we will be right by your side whatever you decide!

Xander: Professor, Madame Web came to see me today, she told me (I fill in everything that happened) so this must be what she was talking about!

Pro-X: That is very possible!

Xander: Than you also realize why I don't think its wise for any of you to help me, she said someone close to me would die, and I'm not taking a chance with your lives!

Pro-X: Alexander, the X-men know what they are getting themselves into, its not your decision to make!

Xander: I have an idea!

Pro-X: What is it?

Xander: If we don't know who took him I think I know someone that would! (I close my eyes and concentrate real hard. <Topaz, Topaz I need you!> In a puff of a smoke he appears)

Topaz: Master Alexander you called!

Xander: Topaz, thank you for coming!

Topaz: You know I will anytime you need me sir!

Xander: Topaz, my father has been taken!

Topaz: No, he is on a mission with the Avengers!

Logan: Topaz, I'm right here!

Topaz: I don't understand, he would have been in contact with me if anything happened to him I would know!

Xander: The man who took him, well demon who took him, his head was on fire or made of fire! Do you have any idea who it is?

Topaz: Great Hera! Dormammu has master Strange! By the eye of Rau, how can this be!

Xander: Dormammu? Who is that?

Topaz: Dormammu is a 6-foot humanoid with a flame-cloaked head. His sister, Umar, is more human in appearance, though her head also bears a mantle of flames. The siblings were once two of the Faltine, a race of extra-dimensional energy-based beings. However, they became greedy, bonding matter to themselves to accumulate power. The other Faltine exiled the siblings to a dimension known as the Dark Dimension, where they accumulated power and eventually came to rule. Dormammu is composed of pure mystic energy, eclipsing even the greatest of sorcerers in terms of raw power and the ability to manipulate the forces of magic, including Dr. Strange, which is increased and replenished by worship th roughout various dimensions. Among many examples, he is capable of matter transmutations, inter-dimensional teleportation, size transformations, time travel, creating artificial beings, vastly powerful magic blasts, changing his appearance, or empowering others. He can draw upon the power of the entire Dark Dimension, but is somewhat more limited when present in another universe.

Xander: GULP! I'm not scared! Why does he want my father!

Topaz: Forgive me but I cannot tell you the answer to that question!

Xander: Topaz this isn't the time for secrets, my fathers life is at stake!

Topaz: Master Alexander, this is not your battle, your father knows well what he is doing, if you were to go there, you risk undoing everything your father has done to be protect you!

Xander: I'm tied of being protected, it seems like everyone who has anything to do with me, is risking their lives to protect me, maybe its time I faced the danger and save others lives instead! If you wont help us, it still wont stop me from going to the Dark Dimension! I'm going to save my father!

Topaz: Sir, your greatest weakness is magic, and now you want to go to a Dimension that is soaked in magic, it will be suicide!

Xander: Topaz, would my father do it to save my life?

Topaz: Of course he would!

Xander: Than I truly am my fathers son!

Topaz: Then it will be an honor to fight along side you sir!

Xander: Then you will come with us?

Topaz: I have serve Dr. Strange my whole life, I am bound the Family name Strange! Yes I will join you!

Logan: Count me in, he's my teammate!

Jean: Scott and I as well!

Xander: I would prefer it if Scott didn't come!

Logan: Would it be alright if Northstar comes with us?

Xander: Northstar, I fought him on the other earth, is he good here?

Logan: He is, and he will be joining the school when we return!

Pro-X: Very well, good luck to you all!

Logan: We leave in thirty minuets!

Topaz: I shall return, I must go home and get some things together!

Xander: Thank you Topaz!

The Dark Dimension-

Umar: (Throwing Dr. Strange into a cell!) Have your moment daughter with the man you love, for when I return one of you shall watch as the other is killed!

Cleo: Damn you mother, leave him out of this!

Dr. Strange: Can it really be you, after all these years!

Cleo: Yes my love it is really me!

Dr. Strange: My beloved, but how, I watched your die at the hands of Morgan Le Fay!

Cleo: She made it appear as if she had killed me. She struck a deal with my uncle Dormammu. He granted her more powers if she brought me back here, and to allow you to believe I was dead!

Dr. Strange: It has been so hard all these years without you, I have made so many mistakes, my heart died when I thought you were dead!

Cleo: The only thing that has kept me going is the knowledge that you and our child were safe!

Dr. Strange: Oh Cleo, I have been a horrible father, he hates me, I have not done anything right by him!

Cleo: You are to hard on yourself, I know you my love, if you did anything you did it out of love for him!

Dr. Strange: He doesn't feel that way, he thinks I abandoned him! I just tried to hide him from a life of trials and tribulations, but all I did was send him down a harder, lonely path. He has endured struggle upon struggle!

Cleo: And I am sure he is a magnificent young man because of it!

Dr. Strange: Oh he is, and then some, my beloved, he looks just like you! And his heart, and the passion he has, I couldn't have never asked for anything more in a son!

Cleo: What did you tell him about me?

Dr. Strange: Only that your name was Alana, and that he looked just like you, and that you died saving his life!

Cleo: How sad that as a mother I was only able to hold him in my arms but a single time! How I've longed to have my family back together again!

Dr. Strange: We will be together again, I promise you, you will hold your son in your arms once again!

Cleo: Oh how I do wish!

Back at the mansion-

Jean: Do you want to tell me what happened today between you and Scott?

Xander: Jean, he just isn't the person I thought he was!

Jean: Xander, I know more than you think I do, please you know you can talk to me!

Xander: (I fill her in on everything.) I was just a young stupid fool, or how do they say, I'm young dumb and full of cum!

Jean: Xander, your way more than that, well the cum part is true. But seriously, that doesn't sound like Scott to me at all. I know him better than anyone, he loves you something fierce. So much so we've argued over it!

Xander: Then you tell me, why is he sitting over there with that walking bucket of trash?

Jean: I don't know, but I promise you when we get back I will help you to get to the bottom of this!

Xander: I don't know if I want to know!

Jean: Of course you do, love hurts Xander, its what makes us grow!

Xander: If that's the case, would it be alright if I don't grow anymore, I'm to tired emotionally!

Jean: Then when we get back you just get to be 17, and when you turn 18 you can start growing again!

Xander: (Hugging her) Thanks!

Jean: Alright lets go say goodbye to the others!

Xander: (We walk over to our friends) Hi guys!

Jubilee: Why are you guys wearing your X-men suits?

Jean: We have to go on a mission!

Kitty: What? Why aren't we going with?

Xander: Were going to rescue my father!

Rogue: Oh my God Xander, what happen to him?

Xander: Some demon took him and we have to go to the Dark Dimension to get him back!

Josh: Hey I know I've been weird towards you since you've been back, but if you need help you know you can count on us!

Xander: Thanks Josh that means a lot coming from you!

Jubilee: Xander, please let us come and help you!

Jean: Guys, we already have a team ready to go, I'm sorry guys but you have to sit this one out!

Kitty: Is Scott going?

Xander: No he's not!

Rogue: Are you going to tell us why you smacked him earlier?

Xander: I'm sorry guys, but I just cant talk about it! (Scott and Emma start to walk by us)

Scott: Jean is something going on, your wearing your X suit?

Jean: Just going on a mission!

Scott: A mission, but I wasn't told anything?

Jean: Because your not included in this one!

Scott: What's the mission?

Jean: Why don't you just worry about the slut next to you, instead of the mission!

Emma: Aw Jean are you jealous because the better woman got him in the end?

Jean: The only reason you have him is because I don't want him! If there was a competition you wouldn't stand a chance!

Emma: Your trying to compare my heavenly body, to yours, you look like olive oil, you need to go find your Popeye!

Jean: At least I didn't have to pay for my body, how much did those fake dolly Parton tits set you back, and we all know that you wearing padding in your ass, and those lips, hi trying to hard to be Angelina Jolie!

Scott: Enough! Emma is perfect just the way she is, she never got plastic surgery everything is real!

Xander: Jean, don't waste your breath and people that are way beneath you, we have an important mission to get to anyway!

Scott: Your going on the mission too!

Xander: No I just like to wear my X suit, it shows my body off perfectly!

Scott: (Shaking my head, its like a fog is trying to be lifted) Xander, what, I, but it could be dangerous, you need me, I need to go with you!

Xander: I have a REAL MAN going with me already, Logan! And the days of me needing you are over with!

Emma: Zoe your such a little boy, Scott is far more man than Logan will ever be!

Xander: THE NAME IS ALEXANDER BITCH! Jean lets get go! (I hug my friends goodbye and Jean and I leave)

Jean: I hate her!

Xander: Me too, you can be the president of the I hate Emma Frost club, I'll be vise president!

Jean: Deal!

Xander: I really don't get it, I mean how the hell could he act all worried all of the sudden like he really cares!

Jean: Well I did sense confusion coming from him!

Xander: Confusion, please, its been about him and me for so long now, and she just comes along and he's like a dog in heat for her!

Jean: I wouldn't be surprised if she was using mine control on him!

Xander: She wouldn't!

Jean: Oh she would trust me, I've dealt with her and she doesn't ever play fare when it comes to getting what she wants!

Xander: Madame Web said, when it came to love, nothing is as it seems, you don't think that's what she was talking about do you?

Jean: Like I said before when we get back I'll help you get to the bottom of this!

Xander: (We get to the mission room, and as I walk in Logan and Northstar Jean-Paul Beaubier, and let me tell you hubba, hubba, this guy is way better looking then the one I fought. In the sense his hair is long and black, but its white on top of the black in the shape of a white star. He was wearing an X suit that was half black and half white with a white star on the side of his chest leading to half of the back, he had red sunglass on, he is so built, and my goodness his package just hung out there for everyone to see.)

Jean: < Are you suppose to be depressed over Scott?>

Xander: < Hi, have you taken a look at this guy! And Scott who?>

Logan: Xander this is Jean-Paul, also known as Northstar!

Northstar: Hello, nice to meet you!

Xander: I'm charmed, I mean ya, um nice to meet you too!

Jean: < DO you know he is one of the few openly gay super heroes?>

Xander: < Thanks for sharing!>

Jean: < I`m just saying, your single he`s single!>

Xander: <He's just eye candy! I can look!> (Topaz appears)

Topaz: I have brought a potion to open a portal to the Dark dimension!

Xander: One last time, if you don't want to go, you can leave now, no hard feelings! (Nobody moves) Alright lets do this! (He throws the potion a portal opens and we all walk through)

The Dark Dimension-

Dormammu: How much longer will you allow your wife to suffer, tell me where is your son?

Dr. Strange: You bastard, she's your flesh and blood, torture me and leave her be! (I watch in horror as the whip my beloved wife, she is strung up, as they whip her again and again. Yet as any great mother would do for her child, she doesn't even let out a whimper!)

Cleo: D-don't say a word, my love! Never say a word no matter what happens to me!

Umar: Why do you fight us, we will let you and your husband go, just give us the child, you can always have more!

Cleo: If you had a heart mother, you would know the meaning of sacrificing everything for your child!

Umar: (Smack) You have only seen your child once, how can you possibly be willing to die for a child you don't even know!

Dormammu: Break her fingers! One at a time! I want to hear her scream!

In the outer hallways-

Topaz: We are very close! I must ask all of you, no one here can know he is the son of Dr. Strange!

Xander: Its alright Topaz we will use our code names!

Topaz: When you see your father you must not act as if you are his son, act only as if he his a friend!

Xander: That wont be hard!

Northstar: I'm sorry but I do not know your codename!

Xander: Powerboy! (I love his French accent!)

Topaz: Through here!

In the throne room-

Dormammu: Do it again, do it again, make her howl!

Dr. Strange: I'm going to kill you Dormammu, for every bit of pain you have caused her I will rain it upon you ten fold! (Again Umar breaks another of Cleo's fingers, bending it back)


Umar: Daughter, stop this madness just tell your husband to tell us where the child is!

Cleo: With my very last breath I will never tell you where he is!

Xander: There he is, that must be Dormammu!

Topaz: Yes and that is his sister Umar.

Xander: Who is that woman?

Topaz: That is Umar's daughter Cleo!

Logan: Dr. Strange's wife Cleo?

Topaz: Please let us just get them out of here!

Xander: He's married, he never said he was married!

Jean: Powerboy, you can ask him yourself when we get out of here!

Xander: Your right. Ok Northstar, if you could use your powers to create a blinding light, that will buy us enough time, Topaz you get Dr. Strange, Logan can you free his wife, I'll fight off Dormammu, for as long as I can till you get out of here, Jean you'll be my back up!

Topaz: Sir you must not fight Dormammu, he is pure magic energy, you wouldn't stand a chance!

Xander: You forget I have these bracelets to protect me against magic! There is no time to argue, please lets to this! (Northstar flies in first and slaps his hands together creating a blinding light! Topaz vanishes and reappears next to Dr. Strange, Logan runs over with his claws out to free the doctors wife.)

Dr. Strange: Topaz my friend how did you find me?

Topaz: Please sir, just drink this your powers will be restored!

Dr. Strange: (As I drink the potion made by my trusted friend, I suddenly look over to see that my son is here.) Topaz what have you done, why is he here?

Topaz: He was coming with or without me, I thought it best to be with him!

Dormammu: You are nothing more than a child, do you actually think you could stand up against me?

Xander: Do I look like I'm shaking in my boots?

Dormammu: I will snap you like a twig!

Xander: (He starts shooting magical beams at me, I block them with my bracelets, I fly as close to him as I can get and punch him again and again, it does nothing to him)

Dormammu: Ha, ha, ha, you can not best me boy! I will break your arms off and use them to pick my teeth!

Dr. Strange: You'll have to face both of us!

Dormammu: With pleasure!

Xander: (Dormammu waves his hand and all these creatures appear all around us) I'll get the three on the right!

Dr. Strange: I don't have to tell you to be careful!

Xander: Its still nice to hear! (I've wanted to find my parents for as long as I've known, and here I finally know my dad, and what have I done, I've been sitting around angry at him, when I should have been getting to know him, loving him, he's still trying to protect me, if we make it through I'm going to get to know him. I start fighting these creatures, I thought it would be easy but there a lot tougher than I thought. Two of them tackle me down to the ground, and out of no where Northstar appears)

Northstar: Need some help?

Xander: No I love having these things sit on me! (He runs with a force so quick knocking one into the other.)

Northstar: How did you know what kind of powers I had?

Xander: Oh I had to fight your evil twin on another earth! (I kick upwards sending one of the creatures that was flying at me, back into a wall sending him through)

Northstar: No really did you read a file on me or something?

Xander: I'm not kidding! Behind you! (He moves so fast and winds up behind the creature lifting him at the waist and flipping him over his back into the ground! As I'm fighting I see Logan being suspended in air, while Jean is helping my fathers wife, back to the entrance to where we came in from. Topaz, starts a magical battle with Umar, as their battle goes on, Logan falls crashing to the ground)

Logan: You got this covered?

Topaz: Yes, help the rest!

Xander: (Logan makes his way over to us, and starts to claw through the creatures that continue to be created by Dormammu.) Dr. Strange shouldn't we just get out of here?

Dr. Strange: Did they get Cleo out?

Logan: Yes, she's with Jean!

Dr. Strange: Then the rest of you follow, I will help Topaz!

Xander: I'm not leaving this room with out you!

Dr. Strange: Your concern pleases me!

Xander: (He waves his hand and Logan, Northstar and I suddenly appear in the hall way with Jean) What did he do!

Logan: Don't worry he knows what he's doing, lets start getting out of here they wont be far behind!

Xander: I'm not leaving with out him!

Logan: Xander trust me, he's just buying us sometime is all! And he would want you to stay and protect his wife!

Xander: Alright! How is she doing anyway?

Jean: She's very weak right now, we need to get her some medical attention!

Logan: As soon as Dr. Strange gets here, he'll be able to heal her!

Northstar: Maybe we should scout ahead?

Xander: Sounds good to me!

Logan: Don't go to far!

Xander: (We fly ahead, checking to make sure no is coming!) Thanks for your help today!

Northstar: I'm sure you would have done it for me!

Xander: Are you kidding I would never help anyone that speaks French it goes against everything I believe in!

Northstar: Please say your joking with me!

Xander: Parlay vous Francis?

Northstar: We, we mousier!

Xander: I would totally help you out!

Northstar: Then can I count you as a friend when we get back to school?

Xander: You just helped me save my dad, you've reached friend status!

Northstar: I love the way you dimples show when you smile!

Xander: (Blushing) Thanks! (Umar appears in front of us)

Umar: Your father, you came to save your father, you are the son of Dr. Strange?

Xander: No, I'm the sun of Alexander the Great, ever heard of him! Northstar, a distraction would be good right about now!

Northstar: One light show coming up!

Xander: (Clapping his hands together a blinding bright light appears, he grabs me and we fly off, we get back to the others.) Um we need to get out of here now!

Logan: Did you get yourself into trouble?

Northstar: Umar is on her way!

Xander: (Dr. Strange and a hurt Topaz appear!) Topaz, your hurt!

Jean: Dr. Strange now would be a good time to get us out of here!

Topaz: Cough, cough, the potion, cough, is in my pocket sir!

Xander: (Dr. Strange grabs the vile and throws it on the ground creating a portal we all run through it arriving back at the school) They cant follow us through can they?

Dr. Strange: No they can not!

Jean: <Josh, get to the mission room now please!>

Xander: (Josh comes running through the door) Josh, can you heal them please!

Josh: Consider it done!

Xander: Why did they want you, what is this all about?

Dr. Strange: Alexander, we have much to talk about, but please its going to have to wait!

Xander: You cant keep trying to hide things from me, it almost cost you your life, and that of your wife, which is something I would think you would want me to know!

Dr. Strange: My wife, who told you that she was my wife?

Xander: (Not wanting to get anyone in trouble) I heard Umar say that!

Dr. Strange: Alexander, I'm your father and I'm going to ask you to trust me, just this once please do as I say, I need you to leave the room, I will come find you when we are done here!

Xander: I just helped to rescue you guys, and you don't trust me enough to be here!

Dr. Strange: Its not that at all, please just do as I say!

Xander: You know what I was feeling guilty for not getting to know you more, for not giving you the chance to really be my father, I should have known better! (I storm out of there, I'm tired of him treating me like I'm breakable, damn it cant people just be honest and stop playing games!)

Northstar: Hey wait up!

Xander: Jean-Paul, when a person is storming off it kind of works better if you don't follow!

Northstar: I know I just thought maybe you might like some company is all!

Xander: I'm sorry, I know you mean well, It's just I'm tired of being played, it seems like every time I turn around anyone I let into my heart, plays me for a fool!

Northstar: I'm sorry, I know the feeling!

Xander: Sometimes I think it would have been better if I had just stayed in the foster home, I never would have met any of these people, and I wouldn't be dealing with this emotional rollercoaster, I know that sounds harsh, I love my friends, but its just so much work, I never know what anyone truly wants, they say one thing, and then do another, I feel like sometimes I feel like, you know what let me stop, I'm sorry I'm just rambling on and on!

Northstar: Its ok, I actually like hearing you talk. You have a lot on your mind, and I'm a great listener!

Xander: That you are, cause I sure just gave you an ear full of my life's drama! (He leans in and kisses me)

Northstar: I'm sorry I shouldn't have, I just, I...

Xander: Its ok, I mean it was great, I'm just I cant right now!

Northstar: Please, I just wanted to do that since I saw you take charge on the mission. I'm sorry if I over stepped!

Xander: Would you like to go meet my friends, yes lets go meet them!

Northstar: You're the boss!

Xander: I'm not the boss! (We walk into the common area, and I see the gang sitting there) Hey guys! I want you to meet Jean-Paul, he's new here! This is Jubilee, Kitty, Rogue, Jamie and Bobby!

Northstar: Bonjour!

Jubilee: When did you have time to meet a new student, I thought you were off saving your dad!

Xander: He was on the mission with us!

Kitty: Oh, so Jean let him go but wouldn't let us go!

Xander: Logan brought him!

Rogue: I think we've met before, don't you have a sister!

Northstar: A twin sister Jeanne-Marie aka Aurora!

Rogue: That's right we met last year! How is she?

Northstar: She is doing great, Logan set her up with Alpha Flight team!

Xander: So are we going to go out tonight, cause I think Jean-Paul needs to see the night life around here!

Kitty: Hell ya, only do you think they'll let us out after what happened the last time we went out?

Xander: I'm sure Jean will come with us so I don't see a problem!

Northstar: I don't have any clothes!

Xander: Your in luck I just acquired a whole wardrobe that has nothing in it I like lets go to my room and you can pick out what you like!

Northstar: Thanks, you truly are a kind person! It was nice meeting you all, I will see you later!

Xander: (We walk to my room) Twin sister that must be fun!

Northstar: We only found each other recently, our parents died when we were little, I don't even remember them, I didn't even know I had a sister, if it wasn't for Logan, we would never have met!

Xander: I'm sorry about your parents, I know what that's like, I only just met my father, and the was only cause I died and he brought me back to life, and my mother was killed when I was a baby, saving my life.

Northstar: Aren't we just a match made in heaven!

Xander: They could make a soap opera based off of our lives, the life of the hot and gay!

Northstar: I never said I was gay!

Xander: Neither did I, yet that didn't stop you from kissing me!

Northstar: So if I do it again, you wont be mad?

Xander: I might throw you out a window!

Northstar: Fine I didn't want to kiss you anyway!

Xander: You so want to kiss me! (He starts taking off his clothes) What are you doing?

Northstar: Relax, I'm only changing into this outfit!

Xander: I have x ray vision anyway so I already know what you look like naked!

Northstar: No you don't!

Xander: You'll never know! Don't you want to take a shower first?

Northstar: Only if you plan on joining me!

Xander: Your just a horny guy aren't you?

Northstar: No, I just know what I like!

Xander: Can I take a rain check on that?

Northstar: I'm a patient man, and I'm not going anywhere!

Xander: Good to know! You can shower first!

Northstar: I'll try not to use all the hot water!

Xander: Don't worry it never runs out! (He takes off his underwear and stands in front of me naked, he was about six foot one, 195 pounds of pure muscle, and his cock had to be nine inches long uncut!) Wow, your not shy are you?

Northstar: Just wanted you to see what you could be having!

Xander: Just keep making this harder than it already is!

Northstar: So you are hard!

Xander: I meant the situation not my dick! Although I'm not going to lie it is hard! Now go take your shower!

Northstar: I'll keep the door open incase you change your mind!

Xander: GO! (I should just go in there I mean what's the harm right, he's single, and Scott dumped me. Then I'd be using him, before I could even make a choice there was a knock on the door.) Come in its open!

Dr. Strange: Alexander, I'm sorry if your upset with me, but you need to know, there are a lot of things you don't understand, things that I haven't been able to tell you about. Remember how I told you about how your mother died. Well the woman we rescued today is your mother!

Xander: Sh-she, its, that's, but you, I...

Dr. Strange: I didn't know she was alive, I thought saw her die saving you, I had no idea it was all a trick, to deceive me!

Xander: But why, why would they do this to her, to you, to us?

Dr. Strange: Maybe it will be better coming from your mother!

Xander: You said my mothers name was Alana, her name is Clea! (She enters)

Clea: (Grabbing Xander and hugging him) My beautiful baby, oh my son, let me look at you, look at you, you're a man, you are so handsome. I am so sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, to watch you grow, to read you bedtime stories, to hold you when you cried.

Xander: Am I dreaming, I mean are you really her, are you really my mother! (Tears running down his face) I have dreamed of this moment my whole life, to be standing in front of you, looking into your eyes, hearing your voice, oh mother, how I have wanted to just have you hold me in your arms and never let go!

Clea: I will never let you go again, I'm here with my family now, I love you, my son!

Xander: I love you mother! (Coming out of the bathroom naked)

Northstar: Hey did you miss me...oh I'm sorry!

Dr. Strange: What is the meaning of this, Alexander why is this young man in your bathroom?

Xander: He doesn't have a room yet and he needed a shower and some clothes!

Dr. Strange: The why did he just ask you if you missed him?

Xander: I don't know, he was being funny, he just helped to save you, don't you think the least I could do is lend him some clothes and let him take a shower!

Dr. Strange: That better be all this is!

Xander: And what exactly is that suppose to mean? Do you think I was having sex with him?

Clea: Stephen, please!

Xander: You know what I'm really kind of done talking to you, can you please get out of my room!

Dr. Strange: This isn't the time for this, you need to know what's happening!

Clea: I will tell him. Alexander I am the queen of the Dark Dimension, you are the heir to my throne, My mother Umar and her vile brother, want the power that is inside you, as well as wanting you dead. They fear that you will one day overthrow them and take your rightful place on the throne. They will stop at nothing to achieve this there goal!

Xander: (I'm a prince a real live prince!) Wait, so that's why they took you and tortured you all these years?

Clea: That's why your father has kept you hidden all these years, to keep you safe!

Xander: I'm so sorry, you've been missing, tortured for 17 years, separated from your husband, I cant even begin to think what you have gone through! I'm so sorry mother!

Clea: You have nothing to be sorry for, I've heard about your life and all you've been through, and I'm just sorry I haven't been able to be there for you. But that's all going to change now.

Dr. Strange: Will you come home with us?

Xander: I think you two need sometime together alone time. And I told you before this is my home.

Dr. Strange: This is a time for family, we can protect each other!

Xander: Unless I'm gay then you wont be able to protect me right!

Dr. Strange: Your not gay, Alexander please, come home with us!

Xander: Mother, you know where to find me, and I will come see you. But I'm sorry I wont leave here!

Clea: I understand, Stephen let us go, he will be fine!

Dr. Strange: Why do you have to be so stubborn?

Clea: He's his fathers, son, he's just as stubborn as you are!

Xander and Dr. Strange: (At the same time)Were nothing alike!

Clea: Ha, ha, ha, you both were saying?

Xander: (Hugs and kisses his mother.) I love you mother!

Clea: I love you too my darling son!

Dr. Strange: No matter what you think my son, I do love you very much!

Xander: And no matter what you do to drive me insane I love you to father! (With a wave of his hand the disappeared!)

Northstar: I thought they would never leave!

Xander: I'm so sorry I completely forgot you were in there!

Northstar: No you didn't!

Xander: Did you miss me! Who comes out of a bathroom saying that!

Northstar: I didn't think there was anyone in here, I would never have done that.

Xander: Its fine, at least I know how my father would be if I came out to him.

Northstar: So you're a prince, should I bow when entering your presence?

Xander: Only if you know what's good for you! (After taking a shower and getting dressed we all met up and made our way to the hot spot)

Jean: So your majesty, how does it feel to be a prince?

Xander: Prince Alexander Strange, it does have a ring to it doesn't it! You know its funny I only a the name Alexander when I first came here, and now its grown in size!

Jubilee: I cant wait for Amara to come back, she's going to flip when she finds out there is royalty other than her in the school!

Kitty: So does that mean you have tons of money or what?

Xander: Good question, I'll have to ask the next time I see my mother! Mother, can you believe that, mother, mother, mother, I love the sound of that.

Northstar: He gets really excited of the smallest things!

Jean: You haven't seen anything yet!

Xander: Hey now why aren't we dancing? Come on guys! (We all get up and make our way to the dance floor, we dance and are having a great time. Then the roof to the hot spot was ripped off, we all looked up as the crowd started screaming and running out. I look up and its Dormammu)

Kitty: Who is that, he's gigantic?

Xander: Its Dormammu, Jean we need to get everyone out of here!

Dormammu: If you give yourself up freely, no one will get hurt!

Xander: Your in our world now, your powers are not the same here as they are in the Dark Dimension!

Dormammu: You have no idea what I am capable of!

Xander: And you don't know what I can do! (I fly up and hit him again and again, this time he goes flying back onto the ground. I fly over to him, he waves his hand and hits me dead on sending me flying into the parking lot, I hit the ground I'm only dazed for a few, I look around to make sure no one got hurt, people start running by me, I look up and he send energy bolts at me, I raise my wrists to block, and one goes right next to me and kills a girl instantaneously, I look on in horror, someone close to you will die, she didn't mean that I would know them, it was that they would be near me. And there was nothing I could do, I fell to my knees looking at the young girl who's life had just ended and it was all my fault.) NOOOOO! YOU SON OF A BITCH! SHE WAS INNOCENT!

Dormammu: I told you to come willingly, now someone paid the price with their life!

Xander: I'll kill you for this! (As I fly at him and start punching, I'm hit from behind and I start to fall as everything goes black) Father!!!!

End Chapter-

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