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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.


Chapter 2 - Finding out who I am

( ) Personal conversations

< > Telepathic conversation







Alexander: (Jean had brought me down to the kitchen were I ate, I must have looked like a dog who's never seen a meal before as I ate, but I couldn't help myself I was just so hungry. After finishing my second plate of food, we made our way to Pro-X's office, he said he wanted to just have a quick word before we called it a night. I was nervous to see what he wanted to talk about, but up until this point they have been treating me very well.)

Pro-X: I hope you enjoyed your meal!

Alexander: I did thank you very much! Pro-X: Tomorrow Scott will take you on a tour of the grounds, since its Friday, you wont have to start classes till Monday morning, Jean will have a schedule ready for you, of all the classes you will have to take. Before you go to bed, I would just like to ask you if you wouldn't mind allowing me to scan your mind.

Alexander: (Ok, shit, what does he mean scan my mind) I don't understand?

Pro-X: I simply want to enter your mind, to see about your abilities, what they may be, its just a way to insure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Alexander: Do you think I could be dangerous? Could someone be hurt by me being here?

Jean: No, no, nothing like that, Alex, is it ok if I call you that?

Alexander: Xander is fine!

Jean: Xander, we just want to find the best course of action, to better help you, Professor Xavier, is in no way trying to find out the secrets you hold privet. Your perfectly safe, and maybe this is a way for us to learn to trust one another.

Xander: Alright I'll do it! (I hope I don't live to regret those words)

Pro-X: Just relax your mind!

Xander: Ok! (and with that he brought his hands to either side of my head. I don't know if I'm suppose to be feeling anything, I sit there trying not to think of anything sexual, which in turns makes me want to think of sex even more. I feel a tingling in my head, and the next thing I know my mind is spiraling downwards, I find myself standing outside the foster home, I grew up in, it's a dark cold night, raining hard, I look from my left and to my right, how am I here, when suddenly I see a man holding a baby, walking up the steps, the man is wearing a trench coat, and a hat, I cant see his face, I follow close behind him, he knocks on the door, Ms. Mitchell opens the door and lets the man into the foray)

Ms Mitchell: How may I help you?

Man: Please, you must take my baby!

Ms Mitchell: I don't understand?

Man: I have to leave him here with you, his life is in danger!

Ms Mitchell: Are you going to come back for him?

Man: I'm afraid I wont make it through the night, please, I have to go before they find me, tell my son his mother loved him very much, and that I loved him more than anything in this world, and that he may not understand why we did this, but hopefully one day he will be able to understand. Tell him if I had a choice, his mother and I would never have left him here, but we did it to save his life, to give him a chance to live a normal life. Please just remember to tell him, we loved him very much, and that we will always be with him!

Xander: (And then he took off into the dark cold rainy night. My whole life just crumbled before my eyes, my heart, my mind was in over drive, I suddenly couldn't breath any longer, I was gasping for air, and then everything just went black)

Pro-X: Dear God!

Scott: What is it what happened to him?

Pro-X: Jean please move quickly, lets get him to the med-bay!

Jean: I'm on it!(I lifted him telekinetically and made my way to the elevators. What happened, what did pro-X see, that would trigger Xander passing out like that. Poor kid, whatever it is it cant be good. One hour later)

Professor what happened, what did you see?

Scott: Yes, what did you see?

Pro-X: I saw many things, this poor young man, from the first day of his life, till today, has had nothing but one hard day after another, there was not only one incident of rape today, there were two, one at the foster home, and then again at Central Park. Not to mention daily beatings, no friends, no emotional bonds, not knowing what the meaning of love is, or if he has ever been loved. The memory he saw before he past out was of his father dropping him off at the foster home, when he was just a baby, I could not see the man, he was afraid, he asked the lady at the foster home to give him a message, that him and his wife only gave him up for they had no other choice, his and their life were in danger, and that giving him up was the only way to save him, he also said if he never came back for him, it meant he was dead.

Scott: (He looks like an innocent angel as he lays on the bed resting) So I take it he had no idea of any of this?

Pro-X: I believe until tonight he had no idea of any of this. I don't believe the woman ever relayed the message his father left for him. He passed out from emotional overload, it was just to much for him to handle it, and who could blame him.

Jean: What about his powers?

Pro-X: His powers haven't fully manifested themselves. So far, much like Scott, he is able to shoot optic beams from his eyes, as well as super strength, self healing, he has the ability to fly, as well as super speed, and super hearing. However I don't believe he has even begun to use any of those abilities. Quite frankly his potential is quite extraordinary. We need to run more test as well as a run in the danger room to fully classify him.

Scott: Professor, your not going to do that right away are you?

Pro-X: Let us wait until tomorrow, and see how he feels. I'm sure were going to have to answer a lot of his questions, before he's willing to do anything else.

Jean : What are you going to tell him?

Pro-X: The only thing I can, the truth.

The next day.

Xander: (I woke up to find Scott sleeping in a chair next to me. What the hell happened. How did I get down here. Last thing I remember was beating off in the, no that was way before, that's right I was in the professors office when I blacked out. He looks so peaceful and I don't want to wake him up, but I need answers and I need them now) Scott, Scott are you awake?

Scott: Oh, hey, how are you feeling?

Xander: That's a loaded question?

Scott: Yes, I suppose it is. Look kid, the professor does things in the best interest of a person, he would never intentionally hurt anyone, you need to know that.

Xander: I really don't feel that he did anything to hurt me, I just want to know,

everything he learned. And if what I saw was true. (Just then the professor and Jean entered the room)

Pro-X: Hello Alexander, did you sleep alright?

Xander: Yes, thank you sir. Professor, I need to know was that real, what we saw yesterday?

Pro-X: Yes it was, that was your father, and that is the message that he gave the woman to give to you!

Xander: I don't understand how is it that, that memory was in my head, I mean I was just a baby, how could I possibly remember it?

Pro-X: Our mind is like a video recorder, recording data and storing it, that memory was there, but the only way to pull it out, was using my telepathic ability. What I'm trying to say, you never would have remembered without the help of a telepath.

Xander: (I couldn't help it tears began to run down my cheeks, I mean all this time the memory of my father, and his final words to me, where there in my head, and I never know it) So, so I'm sorry for crying, but do you think he's dead, professor?


Pro-X: Please Alexander don't ever feel the need to say your sorry, for showing emotions. However I don't know if your father is truly dead or not. But what I can tell you, is that if you want us to, we will use every resource available to us to find him.

Xander: (I wipe the tears away) Do you really mean that, I mean that isn't a bad joke, you really truly mean it?

Pro-X: Ha, ha, ha, yes I really truly mean it!

Xander: (I couldn't help myself, I jumped off the bed, and ran over to him, and hugged him, I quickly realized what it is I had just done and let go as fast as I ran over to hug) Oh, oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean too, I just got excited, I'm sorry.

Pro-X: Its quite alright, young man, that doesn't happen to often, although I am not against it I fear people are just afraid to hug me, for whatever reason.

Xander: (as everyone in the room began to laugh, my face went all shades of red. But at this point I didn't care, I mean I always wanted to find my parents but really never had a clue as to where to begin, now I just found my first step)

So what happens now?

Scott: First will go get showered and changed, have a little breakfast, and then a tore of the school, I do have a few classes to teach today, do you think you might want to sit in on them?

Xander: That would be great!

Jean: Do you think your up for some tests today as well?

Xander: What kind of test? Like E = MC2 tests?

Scott: Ha, ha, wise ass! Jean do you think we could do that another time?

Jean: Its up to Xander, I just need a half hour with you in here, and also a run at the danger room!

Xander: What's the danger room?

Jean: The danger room, is a room created to challenge and gauge the students of this school through exercises in battles, team work, it has holographic technology, robots, traps, projectile firing devices, mechanical dangers such as presses, collapsing walls.

Xander: Wow, sounds amazing, so how hurt am I going to get if I do this?

Scott: Ha, ha, why would you think your going to be hurt?

Xander: If something bad can happen, it usually does, when it comes to me that is!

Pro-X: Alexander, I promise you, you wont be alone in there, and you will be safe!

Xander: Than I don't see any reason why not!

Scott: Alright then, kid-o lets get going! Breakfast time.

Xander:(After taking a shower, Scott came by to pick me up, he brought me a pair of jeans and another tee shirt. It smelt just like him, I think I'm starting to get emotionally attached to this guy. I don't know what it is about him. But I have time to figure it out, and the journey is the best part. We made our way down to a cafeteria, as we approached my stomach started turning, I started getting so nervous I felt like I was going to throw up, I just wasn't good in large crowds like this, all the people staring at me, like I was some kind of freak. Jean must have heard my thoughts cause the next thing I knew she was talking to me)

Jean: < Xander, its alright don't be nervous, everyone hear is just like you, coming here from different walks of life, some of these kids use to live on the street, or were thrown out of their parents house, for being a mutant. Everyone is here to learn to control there powers, and learn more about themselves just like you >

Xander: < Sorry, I just get really nervous around people, I'm really shy >

Jean: < Did you ever stop to think that people stare at you cause your like a ten, your super model hot, look at you, your in Scotts jeans and a tee shirt, yet you still look like you should be on a billboard on the side of a building >

Xander: < Wow thanks, your very kind, and now I'm turning red, and Scott is looking at me like I'm crazy, you will be sitting with us, yes? >

Jean:< 5,4,3,2,1> Hey guys!

Xander: Hey Jean!

Jean: Scott tell Xander the only reason people stare at him is because he's super sexy!

Xander: Jean!

Scott: She's right, hell I could never get those jeans and that tee shirt to look like that, little man you got it going on!

Jean: Wow, Scott didn't know you could get down with the latest lingo!

Scott: I'm just full of surprises!

Xander: If you two are done embarrassing me, can we eat?

Jean: Yes boys lets go eat!

Xander: (as we walked into this ocean of students my face lit up like a Christmas tree, it was like the room stopped, everyone fell silent, forks and spoons frozen in mid air, anyone standing up stayed still in that spot, while all eyes were on me, or at least that's how I felt until Jean snapped me out of it)

Jean: < Earth to Xander just breath, you don't want to hyperventilate do you >

Xander: < No I don't, but I cant help it, there just all staring >

Jean: < Yes they are, of the hotness that is you >

Xander: < Note to self, ask Jean to help you build self confidence >

Jean: < Ha, ha, anytime, cause that will be easy >

Xander: (We get our food and sit down to eat, I keep my head down, while I'm eating, and I can still feel their stares from across the room. I'm just going to have to get over it, I'm not a little kid, I might have led a sheltered life, but now I'm in a whole new world I need to play by their rules)

Ororo: Hello Alexander, how are you doing?

Xander: Fine thank you!

Ororo: I hope things are going well for you so far!

Xander: These two are showing me the ropes, you tell me?

Scott: Thanks a lot kid!

Jean: I'll remember you said that, and use it against you later!

Xander: No really, Scott and Jean are grrrr...

(This big tall blue fury man/gorilla, hell if I know comes walking up to us, I about shit my pants, so I stopped talking and just put my head down)

Hank: Hello there you must be Alexander, my name is Hank, Dr. Hank McCoy!

Xander: Hi!

Hank: I'm the doctor here at the school as well as your teacher for arts and science. I look forward to seeing you in class on Monday.

Xander: Yes sir!

Scott: (leaning over and whispering) Don't let the look fool you he's a giant teddy bear.

Xander: Thanks I'll keep that in mind the next time a giant blue man comes walking up to me!

Jean: Don't look now but here come the girls!

Scott: They just cant see a hot stud like yourself, and not want to come over and get the scoop on you!

Xander: Gulp!

Scott: Your too much!

Xander: And you love it!

Jean: Hello Jubilee, Amara what brings you to the teachers table?

Jubilee: I know your not going to act all innocent, while your sitting with the evidence!

Jean: Why whatever are you talking about?

Jubilee: Funny girl! Hi I'm Jubilee, this is Amara!

Xander: Xan-alex-Xan

Jubilee: Well which is it, Xan or Alex?

Xander: Alexander!

Amara: But you prefer to be called Alex?

Xander: Xander really!

Amara: I like it!

Jubilee: So why are you sitting with these two stiffs, why don't you come sit with us, and meet the cool guys on the block?

Xander: Any relation to J-Lo from the block?

Jubilee: Ha, ha, ha, nice one I like him, sexy and funny!

Xander: (My cheeks were burning) < Jean a little help here >

Jean: < Sorry Xan but I really think you should go over there, who knows you might meet someone you like >

Xander: <I already met you and Scott>

Jean: < Someone a little younger >

Xander <Pay back, I don't know how, I don't know when, but I will think of something>Sure I'll go with you!

(We walk over to the table were I'm greeted with hellos from everyone sitting down)

Jubilee: This is Bobby, John, Jaime, Josh and kitty!

Xander: Nice to meet you guys! (Wow now here are some hotties, my hormones are on overdrive)

Kitty: So like what are you powers?

Xander: Well, I'm really not sure what they are, I'm suppose to take some tests today, and find out!

Kitty: So like your going to the danger room then?

Xander: Ya!

John: So how do you not know what your powers are dude?

Kitty: Don't mind him, he always seems to have a bug up his ass!

Xander: Well I know I have super strength, and I can shoot optic beams out my eyes, but the professor said I had more powers than I realize!


John: Don't worry I'm sure stick up his ass Scotty will make sure you find out what they are!

Xander: Please don't talk about Scott that way!

John: Why you in love with him or something?

Jubilee: John, that's enough!

Xander: Scott, has helped me so much in the short time I've known him, he deserves respect, weather in front or behind his back! (I had no idea what I was doing, confrontation is not one of my strong suits, but I wasn't going to sit back and let this punk talk about Scott)

John: Dude you are defiantly trippin, Scott is the most straight laced up tight, jerk I have ever met!

Xander: Maybe he's like that with you, cause your nothing but a cocky punk, who cant seem to tell his head from his ass! (As the words left my mouth, I know them to be fighting words, but I couldn't help myself, the blood in my veins boiled at the sound of his voice as he spoke words against Scott. And just like that he got up and grabbed me by the front of my shirt and punched me in the face, little did he know, it didn't hurt me at all, and only achieved him a pain in his own hand)

John: What the hell is your face made of, you freak?

Xander: I'm only going to say this once get off me! (And with that, he pushed me to the ground and tried to hit me once again, I wanted so much to stand up, and the more I thought it the next thing I knew I started floating upwards, taking him with me)

Let go of me! (I grabbed his hands and threw him off, he went flying down and landed with a thud. My only problem now was how the fuck do I get down, I start whaling my hands about trying to swim down, but I just kept floating up till I was at the ceiling my back pressing against it. I didn't understand, was I doing this, or was someone else forcing me up) Jean, Scott, Help!

Jean (Raising herself into the air, she was now face to face with Xander)

Xander, your flying!

Xander: Really, I thought I was catching fish! Now tell me something I don't already know!

Jean: Ha, ha, honey the way you willed yourself to float up is also the way you need to will yourself to float down! You control your powers they don't control you!

Xander: You mean I have the ability to fly!

Jean: Yes honey your doing it yourself! Now concentrate, will yourself to be on the ground!

Xander: Alright will myself! (So I concentrated on being on the ground and slowly I started floating down till I landed on my two feet. If everyone wasn't staring before they certainly were now)

Jean: Alright, shows over everyone, time to get to classes!

Scott: Not you John, you get to stay right here!

John: What, why I didn't do anything?

Scott: I'm sure you didn't, cause your such the little angel!

Jean: John, go get your hand looked at, and you have detention after school today and all of next week.

Scott: Just what kind of example do you think your setting for the other students, beating up on the new kid?

John: Whatever! Can I go now?

Scott: Will see you after school!

Jean: Xander are you alright?

Xander: (I watched as John left, when he got to the door he turned around and made a gesture of a knife cutting the neck. Great my first day and already I have an enemy) He didn't hurt me, he actually hurt his own hand hitting my face! What's up with that anyway, is my face made of steel?

Scott : No your just hard headed!

Jean: I'm impressed two funnies in one day Scott, you going for a record?

Scott: So what happened?

Xander: Do I have to tell? (Scott gave a look that I knew I had no choice)

Fine! He was talking smack about you and I just stuck up for you is all! Next thing I knew he was on top of me!

Scott: Look kid-o, I appreciate you sticking up for me, but its not necessary, I'm used to kids talking about me, I ride them hard, to make them strong! I'm not here to win any popularity contests!

Xander: Well, sorry but this is all so new for me, having people in my life that I actually like, when he started talking crap, my blood boiled and I couldn't just sit there! It was actually exhilarating to stand up for someone, seen as how I have never been able to stand up for myself!

Jean: Awe, your to adorable for words! Now as for the flying!

Xander: Now that's a power I'm so going to enjoy having!

Jean: Ya well we need to get you trained in your abilities before you suddenly fly away outside and never come back down!

Xander: Never thought of it that way, that wouldn't be to good if I floated up into the sun, now would it?

Scott: Were not ready to lose you, when we just found you!

Xander: (Is this guy for real)

Jean: Yes he is for real! Come on lets go get started on some tests.

End Chapter 2