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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.



Chapter 20- I Object!

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Northstar: (I look and saw Xander falling so I flew caught him took him over to Jean, and flew back up and started flying from every direction punching Dormammu, at the speeds I can fly hitting him, it's the equivalent of a mach truck. He started shrinking in size. In a puff of smoke Dr. Strange and Clea appeared!)

Dr. Strange: Get back I'll handle this! Dormammu, you've hurt my family for the last time, I'm going to send you where you wont hurt anyone ever again! Powers of spirits here my call, I ask that you come and set us free take this demon from our midst to a place of torture not bliss!

Dormammu: Not this time, did you think I wouldn't come prepared! Your powers wont work on me this day! I want the boy!

Jean: Rogue, see if you cant weaken him enough for me to enter his mind and wipe out the knowledge of who Xander really is?

Rogue: You got it! (I fly up and over to him taking off my glove, Dr. Strange is keeping him distracted long enough for me to come up behind him and absorb his powers from him.) Jean now, I don't know how much longer I can hold on! (Before I can even finish my sentence I'm hit from behind, as I'm falling)

Umar: What have you done to my brother? Dormammu, we must retreat, will come back for the boy later!

Jean: Not so fast, you have something I want!

Umar: What's that?

Jean: Your memory! (Holding my hands to my head I concentrate real hard, trying to wipe their minds of Xander! They disappear!)

Rogue: Did it work?

Jean: I know I got his memory, I'm not sure how much she still knows!

Northstar: We need to get Xander back to the school!

Jean: You fly him there, will meet you!

Dr. Strange: You will not take his back to the school, he will be going home with my wife and I! You bring him to this place, endangering his life, when you know there are people after him!

Jean: You said he wasn't in danger, that they didn't know who he was!

Northstar: Jean, what do I do?

Jean: Take him to the school!

Dr. Strange: Unhand my son you queer!

Clea: Stephen! What is the matter with you, how do you think Alexander will feel once he wakes up?

Dr. Strange: It doesn't make a difference he's never going back to that school again, his life is constantly in danger since he's been there. I've had enough, I'm taking him home!

Jean: <Northstar, go fly with him now, just do as I say!>

Dr. Strange: Your not the only one with telepathic abilities Miss. Grey!

Kitty: (I hold onto Dr. Strange and phase into the ground with him giving Northstar a chance to fly away!) That should hold you!

Clea: My husband what did you do to him?

Kitty: He'll be fine!

Dr. Strange: (Reappearing as Northstar takes off with Xander) What is the meaning of this. You do understand this is kidnapping, he is my son and he is a minor still. Clea, let us go, we will get to the school before they can even blink!

Jubilee: We are so in trouble now!

Jean: Come on we have to get back to the school!

Back at the mansion-

Northstar: (I flew to the school and arrived in mere minuets, as I made my way to the med bay Logan was coming down the hall) Logan!

Logan: What happened?

Northstar: We were attacked by Dormammu and Umar, I don't know what happened to Xander!

Logan: Where are Jean and the rest?

Northstar: Their right behind me! But that's not the only problem! Dr. Strange is trying to take Xander home with him, and I left him arguing with Jean!

Logan: That's just great all we need is for Dr. Strange to go loco on us! {Hank can you please meet us in the med bay, right away!}

Hank: { I'll be right there}

Logan: Set him down over here!

Northstar: Come on Xander you have to be ok!

In Xander's mind-

Xander: Not you again!

Madame Web: Its nice to see you too!

Xander: I don't understand how am I here?

Madame: Your unconscious! And I just entered your mind!

Xander: Someone hit me from behind!

Madame: That would be your grandmother!

Xander: Should have known he wouldn't have come alone!

Madame: You do understand this is only the beginning?

Xander: Well I didn't think it would be as easy as saving my dad and calling it a day! Why couldn't you have just told me that girl was going to die?

Madame: Could you have done anything to save her?

Xander: I could have just let him take me! I could have lured him away, I don't know It's just that she's dead now and its all my fault!

Madame: Innocent people will always be caught in the cross fires, that's a part of life. You'll never be able to save everyone! When you have the powers that you do, what matters most is what you do with them, you chose to use them to help others, when you could have easily gone the other way and used them to serve your own purposes!

Xander: How do you deal with the deaths?

Madame: You mourn them, and never allow their deaths to go in vain, you continue to fight to make the world a better place, one battle at a time!

Xander: Was this the big evil on the horizon?

Madame: I'm afraid not kid, this was just the beginning. Something bigger has been set in motion! You need to get your house in order!

Xander: Easier said then done!

Madame: Why do you insist on making things harder than they are?

Xander: Every time I turn around my life is changing! I don't know how to keep up, I don't know what's expected of me, and quite frankly I don't know how to handle it!

Madame: We all have problems with our parents, you get over it, your father cares about you, quit giving him such a hard time!

Xander: So I take you know everything that happened?

Madame: Of course I know!

Xander: Then you know he will never truly except me cause I'm gay!

Madame: You don't know that for sure, he's your father. In the end he will except you for who you are. Its not easy being a parent, you don't understand the struggles they go through, worrying about you, trying to protect you.

Xander: I've been on my own for so long, having to worry about myself. Its not an easy thing for someone to come along and try and take charge of my life, I don't know how to just hand that over to him!

Madame: You don't need to just meet him half way!

Xander: Your right, I will try harder! Now I know that's not what you came to talk to me about!

Madame: No that isn't, but I needed you to have a clear head! You need to wake up, Spiderman needs your help, him and Black Cat are facing the sinister six. You need to get to the New York correctional facility, you haven't a moment to spare!

Xander: How do I wake up?

Madame: Like this!

Xander: (I suddenly felt like I was free falling, and then I shot up like a bat out of hell in the med bay)

Northstar: You're awake!

Xander: I have to go!

Logan: You aren't going anywhere!

Xander: Spiderman is in trouble, I need to get to him now!

Logan: Kid I think you bumped your head to hard, you never even saw Spiderman!

Xander: Logan, I have no time to explain I have to go! (I run out of the room and over to the elevator, Northstar following behind me.) What are you doing?

Northstar: I'm going with you!

Xander: Its to dangerous!

Northstar: All the more reason for me to go and have your back!

Xander: I'm going to get into a lot of trouble for this!

Northstar: Then we get in trouble together!

Xander: (As we get off the elevator I come face to face with my father and mother) Father!

Dr. Strange: Your alright, thank God!

Xander: Yes, I'm sorry but I have to go!

Dr. Strange: Your coming home with us!

Xander: Please I don't have time for this! (Suddenly I warped in glowing ropes) What are you doing?

Dr. Strange: This is for your own good!

Xander: Mother don't let him do this to me!

Clea: Stephen, this is madness, your going to make him hate us!

Dr. Strange: He wont listen to reason what will you have me do!

Pro-X: (Coming in) You will untie him at once! This is not the way!

Dr. Strange: They were so close to capturing him tonight, he had no business being away from the school!

Xander: It was my choice, when will you learn I'm not a kid! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! (I break through the ropes)

Dr. Strange: That's impossible, no one can break out of my enchanted ropes!

Xander: I'm not no one, I'm your son! (I run at super speed to the door and fly away, Northstar following right next to me)

Northstar: Your really fast!

Xander: Your not so bad yourself!

Northstar: Your dad is going to be pissed off!

Xander: I'll make it up to him when I get back!

Northstar: So can you tell me how you know that Spiderman is in trouble?

Xander: You wouldn't believe me if I told you! (We arrive outside the jail, to see Vulture, Electro, Chameleon, Lizard, Shocker and the Green Goblin about to unmask Spiderman, and the Black cat!) Northstar, a blinding light would be great right about now!

Northstar: One blinding light coming up!

Xander: (As he claps his hands together he creates a blinding light, I fly through knocking everyone over in my path, I grab onto the chains holding Spiderman and Black Cat together) Glad to see me?

Spidy: I could kiss you! How did you know I was here?

Xander: Madame Web!

Spidy: I'll have to remember to thank her later!

Black Cat: Who's the little stud?

Xander: I'm Powerboy, nice to meet you Black Cat! What do they want?

Spidy: They kidnapped Mary Jane Watson and said if we released the Green Goblin they would set her free, but of course it's a trap!

Xander: Well what's the game plan?

Spidy: Capture them all, and find Mary Jane!

Xander: That guy up there is Northstar! He's here to help too!

Spidy: Spider-friends GO FOR IT!

Xander: (I fly up to Northstar) We need to capture all of them!

Northstar: I've got Electro!

Xander: I'm going after the Green Goblin! Be careful! (I fly up and after the Green Goblin, he starts shooting missiles at me, I fly around dodging and the few that do hit me, only hold me back for a second.)

Goblin: Get off my tail!

Xander: What are you scared of a kid? (He releases a net and I get caught in it, it shocks the hell out of me, pure electricity I start falling back to the ground, Spiderman must have seen he shoots webbing and I'm caught in the air. I break free, and wave at Spidy. I fly back up and use my optic beam to blast a hole in the Goblins hover board, he start spiraling downwards, I fly and catch him) One villain going down!

Goblin: One hero blinded!

Xander: (He hits my face with a pumpkin which explodes and I am unable to see a thing, I drop him, and grab onto my eyes! I need to wash my eyes out, I know I saw water, but I cant see where to go! Suddenly I'm hit by missile after missile, I cant do anything without being able to see.)

Northstar: Need some help!

Xander: I need water now! (He flies me to a fountain near by and I stick my head in the water washing my eyes out) Thanks! But I still see spots! (We fly back I go after Shocker coming up behind him and lifting him by the waist and slamming him down behind me, I grab his belt and rip it off, and do the same to his wrists, I fly him up and hang him on a light post!) That should hold you! Don't go anywhere!

Shocker: GET ME DOWN!

Xander: (I love to see what's going on and see Black Cat fighting Black Cat, that must be the Chameleon, but which one, I fly over to them)

Cat: Get him!

Black cat: No he's the fake!

Xander: What's my name?

Black: Powerboy!

Xander: (I lift the Chameleon up into the air) Nice try! (I hit him over the head with my fist and knock him out) That's two down!

Black: I'm going after Electro!

Xander: I have a score to settle with Goby! (I fly over to where the Goblin is!) Did you think I forgot about you!

Goblin: You've ruined everything, I had Spiderman right where I wanted him!

Xander: That's what friends are for! If you had any you would know what its like to have someone to watch your back! (I punch him in the face sending him flying and landing on his ass, he throws razor bats at me, I use my bracelets to block two and flip backwards allowing the other three to pass right over me as I flip. Then I fly straight at him, and we start to fight hand to hand. I punch his face he blocks, he punches I block, I spin kick sending him flipping side ways and he lands face down on the ground, I rip off his helmet!) Its over!

Goblin: Its never over, I still have Mary Jane!

Xander: Tell me where you is?

Goblin: Let me go and I'll tell you!

Xander: Tell me and I'll let you go?

Goblin: She's tied to the top of the bridge, but before you think it's a simple rescue, you should know, the bridge has explosives set to detonate, the whole bridge and anyone on it, will die, if you don't let me go!

Xander: You win this time! (I throw him, he slides across the ground. I fly up and over to Spiderman) We have to go, Mary Jane is tied to the bridge and there are explosives planted all over!

Black: Go, I'll warp it up here, and meet you guys!

Xander: (We take off to the bridge, leaving Northstar and Black Cat to gather the criminals.) I'll locate the bombs, you get Mary Jane!

Spidy: When this is all over, I have a special thank you waiting for you!

Xander: If its what I think, I'll hold you to it! (I fly looking for the bombs, as I find the first one, I realize what the hell am I suppose to do to stop it from going off. Come on Xander, think, you've read stuff on this, time to use your brain. I know if I use my freeze breath, and freeze the bomb, I collect the four bombs I find, I look over to see Spiderman is fighting with Venom!) Spiderman what do I do with the bombs?

Spidy: Can they still go off?

Xander: I just bought a little time by freezing them!

Spidy: Well I kind of have my hands full, so cant you throw them into the air and set them off, away from the populous!

Xander: (As I fly away Spiderman continues his battle with Venom, it sounded like they were ripping apart the bridge, Spiderman kept flipping and dodging Venoms assaults, Spidy would shoot his webbing at his feet and yank him down, and then yank him to him and punch him, making him fly back. I threw the bombs as high as I could and shot an optic beam causing them to explode, Northstar and Black Cat arrive and help to subdue Venom while Spidy made his way over to Mary Jane!)

Black: You guys were amazing thank you both for showing up when you did!

Northstar: If it wasn't for Powerboy knowing were to find you guys we never would have come.

Black: (Grabbing them and kissing each on the cheek) However you found us, thanks!

Xander: Well you just made our day!

Spidy: Hey, Xander I want you to meet Mary Jane Watson!

Xander: Hi, pleasure to meet you!

Mary: I've heard so much about you, its nice to put a face to a name. You really do live up to all the hype!

Xander: Whatever was said, its all lies!

Spidy: Ya, right, you're a little demon child!

Xander: Thanks a lot!

Northstar: I hate to cut this short but shouldn't we be getting back to school. I mean we did leave against your fathers will!

Spidy: What?

Xander: Thank Northstar, we really need to work on your big mouth!

Spidy: Your dad is going to kill me!

Xander: He has no idea I came to help you!

Spidy: That's good the last thing I need is for him to zap me into another dimension!

Xander: You know I would just come find you!

Spidy: Ya you would, wouldn't you!

Xander: You saved my life, I am forever indebted to you! Now we have to go, Spidy let me know when you want to meet for that thing we have to discuss!

Spidy: I'll call you I promise!

Xander: (Northstar and I begin flying back) Jean, that was really awesome of you to come with me, I mean you didn't have to yet you did, it means a lot!

Northstar: That's what friends are for and you did say I was your friend right!

Xander: Yes you are! Now lets see who's faster, I'll race you back to the mansion! Go! (We flew so fast, it felt amazing the wind blowing my hair, the stars in the sky. We made it back to the school, it was a tie, but I think he let me tie him) Next time no holding back!

Northstar: Then maybe we should put a wager on it, the loser has to be the sex slave of the other!

Xander: Oh great the horny teenager is back! Lets go see who much trouble I'm in! (We walk in and make our way to the common room, and are ambushed by Jean and the others!)

Jean: Oh Xander, thank God your ok!

Xander: So what happened with my father after we left?

Jean: Lets just say him and the professor went head to head over you!

Xander: So on a scale from one to ten just how much trouble am I in?

Jean: We want to hear all about where you've been?

Xander: (After telling them all about it, the whole room suddenly stopped and made a circle around something that was going on in the middle of the room. Those of us who could fly floated above the heads of everyone so that we could see, but looking on I wish I hadn't Scott was on his knee in front of Emma.)

Scott: Emma, there isn't another person in this world, that could ever love me the way you do. You have brightened up my life, and filled me with love and hope and happiness. Emma Frost, will you marry me?

Emma: OH, SCOTT! (Tears rolling down her face) I cant believe this, yes, yes, I would love to marry you!

Xander: (The room started clapping and people started cheering. And I wanted to throw up. This is a nightmare, he is out of his mind, he completely lost his marbles.) Jean, is that really happening, is he really going to marry her?

Jean: Xander, I told you there was something fishy going on, and now I'm absolutely sure. I think Emma is up to her old tricks again, I think she has Scott under mind control!

Xander: So what are we going to do about this?

Jean: I don't know yet, but tomorrow we better come up with something!

Xander: And tonight?

Jean: You go take a shower and sleep!

Xander: Fine! (Just then Scott walks over to us)

Scott: Did you guys see that?

Xander: (Mumbling) Unfortunately!

Scott: Jean, if you were a guy, I would ask you to be my best man, but your not. Alex is away on a mission in space, so I was wondering if you Xander, would be my best man. You were my brother, and you are my best friend, would you do this for me?

Jean: Scott, I don't think this is the time for this!

Scott: What, come on, you guys should be happy for me, I'm actually happy!

Xander: Are you seriously asking me to be your best man, do you have any idea how this makes me feel?

Scott: Just what I was hoping it would make you feel, that you Xander Strange, are the only person I would want standing by my side on my wedding day!

Xander: (My eyes are watering, he wants me by his side, but not as his man, not the true love he told me I was. I tried to talk I couldn't say anything!)

Scott: Thanks Xander, don't forget, apart of being a best man is throwing me a bachelor party! I'll see you guys later!

Jean: Xander, don't be upset, will get to the bottom of this, will stop her!

Xander: Don't be upset the man I love is about to marry that evil enchantress, and ask me to be his best man, and your telling me not to be upset!

Jean: Honey I need you to keep a clear head, if were going to stop her, you cant be emotional!

Xander: Your right, no time for emotional, will stop her!

Northstar: Sorry to bother, but I was wondering where am I sleeping tonight?

Jean: Oh no, in all that happened earlier we completely forgot to find you a room!

Xander: He can bunk with me!

Jean: Are you sure?

Xander: Ya, I'm already used to having him around!

Northstar: You make it sound like a chore!

Xander: What can I say you're the brother I never wanted! Jean, I'll see you in the morning! Please come up with some great idea!

Jean: Oh thanks, no pressure there!

Xander: Love you! (We start walking to my room)

Northstar: A plan for what?

Xander: Stopping an evil woman for ruining someone's life!

Northstar: Can I help?

Xander: Ya, by listening to my rules and following them!

Northstar: Do you rules start with undressing you every night?

Xander: They start with no opening your mouth and blabbing stuff, anything I tell you needs to stay between us, got it?

Northstar: I'm sorry, where I come from people are open about who they are and their emotions. You hide, rather than speak what's on your mind, its really not a way to live you know!

Xander: Your right, but that's just the way things are here, so work with me please!

Northstar: Anything for you sexy!

Xander: Your so sleeping on the floor tonight!

Northstar: Oh come on, I want bite you to hard!

Xander: Your going to wind up raping me!

Northstar: Only if you ask me to!

Xander: I might just take you up on your offer, maybe I would stop thinking about him if I did!

Northstar: Are you going to tell me who he is, and what happened?

Xander: He is a man, that I fell in love with, that I've been in love with, who I know in my heart of hearts loves me too, he's saved my life many of times, he gave me hope, he taught me how to love, how to trust in others, he taught me how to be me.

Northstar: Sounds like a really great guy, so what happened?

Xander: I don't know, he went from telling me how much he loves me, to telling me I was only a roll in the hay!

Northstar: Maybe he's just scared?

Xander: Well Jean thinks he's under mind control! Were going to get to the bottom of this!

Northstar: Well if you need me I'm willing to help!

Xander: I know you are, and thanks! Now I'm going to take a shower!

Northstar: Can I join you, maybe wash your back?

Xander: You really have a one track mind you know that?

Northstar: Only when it comes to such a sexy guy!

Xander: (I take off my clothes, yes all of them. And walk into the bathroom while he watches, I'm tired of being good all the time. I never play around, I keep waiting for Scott, well not this time, this time I'm a free agent, if he can sleep with Emma, I can sleep with whoever I want. I left the door open so will see if he gets the idea and comes in, if not oh well its his loss. As the water runs down my body, I soap myself up, what a long day, if not battling my own demons I'm battling other peoples. Why would Emma do this to him, how could someone be so evil. Stop your not going to think about them. Sure enough I felt hands behind me) Took you long enough!

Northstar: I wasn't sure at first, but then I thought what do I have to lose, other than my arm if you wanted to rip it off!

Xander: I would rather have your hand on my cock!

Northstar: I can do that and then some!

Xander: Then get to work buddy, you have to earn your keep around here! (He kneels down in front of me, and starts to swallow my cock whole, as he's working my dick over, I hear with my super hearing, someone moaning in pain, calling out my name, my heart sinks into my stomach, its Scott, I move Northstar out of my way grab a towel and run super speed into Scotts room, he's tossing and turning in his bed, his nose is bleeding and he just keeps repeating my name over and over again) < Jean, I need your help, I'm in Scotts room there is something wrong with him!>

Jean: <I'm on my way!>

Xander: Scott, wake up, Scott, its me Xander, I'm right here! Scott please wake up!

Scott: Xan-Xander, I, I, haven't been able to find you, I, lost you, how do I find you, Xander, how do I fine you.

Xander: I don't understand what your talking about, I'm right here! (Just then Emma enters the room)

Emma: Andrew get away from him this instant! Scott, your bleeding, what did you do to him, you little monster?

Xander: What did I do to him, the question should be what did you do to him! (Jean enters)

Jean: Xander, what's the matter?

Xander: Jean, he was shouting for me, he just kept going on about how he was trying to find me, but he couldn't! And his nose is bleeding!

Emma: You did something to him, why else would his nose be bleeding, you need to leave this room at once!

Xander: I'm not going anywhere, till I know he's ok!

Emma: He is my fiancé, I will take care of him, now I wont ask again, get out!

Jean: Emma, we aren't going anywhere till we know what's happening to Scott!

Xander: (Emma just looks at Scott and doesn't say another word, and suddenly Scott, wakes up and sits up in his bed)

Scott: What's going on, why are you all in my bedroom?

Emma: I felt that there was something wrong with you and I came as quickly as I could, and I found Anthony sitting next to you, I don't know what he was doing, but your bleeding from your nose. Did he hit you, you know you can tell me!

Scott: I don't think so, I don't know why I'm bleeding but I'm fine!

Jean: Scott are you sure, cause Xander said you were shouting for him, you were saying things, like you cant find Xander, your looking for him!

Scott: Xander's right there, I don't know maybe it was just a bad dream is all!

Xander: Scott, it was real, that wasn't a dream, I heard the pain in your voice, you were frantic!

Emma: Don't be such a drama queen! Now Scott please tell them to leave us be!

Scott: Thanks for your concern guys, but my fiancé and I can handle things from here!

Xander: The names Alexander, I'll start wearing a name tag for you to read!

Emma: Whatever you say Antonio!

Xander: (Jean and I walk over to my room) Jean, I swear he was scared, lost, confused!

Jean: And he was bleeding through his nose. Hmm, I wonder, maybe his subconscious is trying to break out of the mind control that I believe him to be under, and the strain is causing the nose bleeds!

Xander: Maybe we should tell the professor?

Jean: She has even the professor fooled, they all think she has changed, they would want proof, and that is something we don't have, well not yet anyway!

Xander: I cant stand to see him like this, knowing he's trying to fight it, I knew he loved me!

Jean: Will stop her, don't worry, that I promise you!

Xander: I know Jean, goodnight!

Jean: Goodnight!

Xander: (Poor, Scott, what has she done to you, and why do these things keep happening to us, maybe it's a sign that we shouldn't be together. Maybe all that will come from us being together is pain and suffering! I don't know, I just know whatever is happening to him, its killing him! And I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and do nothing!) Northstar!

Northstar: Thanks for leaving me to take a cold shower!

Xander: I'm so sorry!

Northstar: What happened to you?

Xander: A friend was in trouble!

Northstar: And while I was going down on you, you remembered?

Xander: No, my super hearing heard him calling out my name!

Northstar: Is everything ok?

Xander: I don't know! I'm sorry, but I'm really ready to go to sleep now!

Northstar: I understand!

Xander: (We hop into bed, and all I can do is think of Scott, wishing he was here right now with me, how did I ever doubt him, I should have known better, I mean he figured out that my evil twin wasn't me and here I couldn't even tell there was something wrong with him.)

In Scott's room-

Emma: (Its becoming a strain keeping this hold over him. He's fighting this, and the more he fights the more he weakens the hold I have over him. I have to move up the wedding day, I know Scott and he's a man of honor, if the situation is right, he would never leave his wife, I know exactly what I need to do to keep him if he continues to break the hold I have on his mind!)

The next day in the Cafeteria-

Xander: I don't know if he's gay?

Northstar: He's just such a vision of beauty!

Xander: Piotr is a nice guy your should just talk to him!

Northstar: What would I say, hi would you like to fuck me!

Xander: Its what you practically said to me!

Northstar: That's different, he looks like he could crush me with his finger!

Xander: Really cause last time I checked I could crush both of you at the same time!

Northstar: Ya, but you don't look like you can!

Jubilee: (Running over to them) Have you guy heard yet?

Xander: Heard what?

Jubilee: Scott and Emma are getting married this Saturday!

Xander: What, no, you cant be serious!

Jubilee: Its all over the school! Jean and the others are coming right now, she needs to talk to you!

Northstar: Xander are you ok, you look like your going to explode?

Xander: I'll tell you everything tonight!

Northstar: Ok!

Jean: (Walking over) Xan, did Jubes tell you everything?

Xander: Yes, what are we going to do?

Jean: Betsy and I have a plan, you just need to play nice for right now, she cant know where trying to do anything!

Xander: Play nice, like what throw him that bachelor party he wanted?

Jean: Yes, were going to have to get him away from her, and the way she's always with him, that might be our best option!

Xander: Fine! So does that mean you guys are going to throw her a party?

Jean: You should know by now, I don't do anything half assed, I always cover all the bases!

Xander: All hale queen Jean!

Jean: And don't you forget it! I see you later!

Xander: Ok guys, we have a bachelor party to throw!

Jubilee: Are you going to have stripers there?

Xander: Cause any of us are old enough to get strippers!

Jubilee: I bet Logan would hire some!

Northstar: Speaking of Logan, I have to go talk to him, I'll be back to help you!

Xander: Just leave when it comes time to do some actual work!

Northstar: You know it! (I walk to Logan's room, I knock on the door)

Logan: Who is it?

Northstar: Its me Logan!

Logan: I know I can smell you! Come in!

Northstar: Then why did...(Wow he's only wearing a pair of tight ass shorts that leave nothing to the imagination, he's working out so his body is all sweaty and his muscles are all bulging!) Wow!

Logan: Put your tongue back in your mouth bub!

Northstar: I'm, um, just, um, ya, wow!

Logan: So was that suppose to be a complete sentence?

Northstar: I was just saying I didn't know you were so huge! I mean your muscle is so big!

Logan: I get it! Logan have big cock!

Northstar: I meant your body muscle not your cock, although your cock looks like it deserves to be kneeled too!

Logan: Then why are you still on your feet?

Northstar: You mean you would let me, that I can, that you want...

Logan: Yo! Bub, get on your knees already and take care of my big problem here!

Northstar: Your wish is my command! (I drop to my knees and crawl over to him, start biting his cock through his shorts, I continued for a few moments till I couldn't take it anymore I had to taste him, I pulled down his shorts, and like I suspected he wasn't wearing any underwear. I grabbed his massive cock and started licking the head, swirling my tongue all around it, licking up and down the shaft, and sucking his balls into my mouth, he started leaking sweet pre-cum which made me hungry to eat it up, I would suck it off the top of his cock's head, and then he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. He just kept pounding his cock in and out of my mouth, the more I gagged the more intense he would get, his moans filled my ears like music, the more I knew he was enjoying this the more I wanted to please him.)

Logan: That's one hot mouth you got there, work my cock boy!

Northstar: (He didn't have to tell me twice, I was loving every inch of him. I continued working is cock till my jaws couldn't take it anymore. He must have sensed this cause he growled and lifted me up and threw me on his bed. He grabbed the pack of my pants and yanked them down. He started slapping my ass, the more I whimpered the more he smacked)

Logan: Grrrr, tell me you want more?

Northstar: Again please, I've been a really bad boy, and I need to be taught a lesson!

Logan: Daddy's going to give you a lickin!

Northstar: Give it to me daddy un huh un huh!(He continued spanking me till my ass cheeks were bright and red, then he spread my ass cheeks apart and grabbed onto my hips and shoved his cock all the way into the base.) Ahhh, fuck me!

Logan: Oh fuck ya I'm going to fuck you, this is my personal property, you understand me, I want this ass anytime I say, no one is to touch it but me, or unless I am there and telling you to let someone touch it, you got me boy?

Northstar: Logan, are you serious?

Logan: When I'm fucking you, you call me sir or master!

Northstar: Sir, are you trying to tell me you want an exclusive relationship with me?

Logan: Jean-Paul, I know you've felt home much I care about you, I'm just not go with words if you know what I mean. I brought you here not only for the school, I brought you here to keep you close to me, so I can watch over you, take care of you, and hoping you would feel the same way for me as I do for you!

Northstar: I never thought in a million years that you were into guys, your so butch! And I never thought you were into me! I don't know what to say!

Logan: Just say you will, tell me you want me, tell me you'll be mine!

Northstar: I will, I am, I do! (He pulls me by the hair and turns my face and start kissing me, the chemistry between us is wild, he starts taking long strokes, pulling all the way out and ramming it back in to the base, his long strokes are driving me wild) Fuck me master, give your boy your hard cock, fuck me hard show me how much you want this boy!

Logan: Fuck ya slut boy, you're my little bitch boy, I'm going to use you good pound your ass for hours, fill you with my cum again and again.

Northstar: Yes sir, I want your cum I want you to fill me up, breed my ass, give me your baby makers.

Logan: Fuck I'm going to shoot inside you boy, you ready to take my huge load?

Northstar: Give it to me, I want your load, please sir shoot inside me, I need your cum, I need you to shoot your load inside me! (With that he began to shoot his load inside me, as he grabbed and stroked my cock I shoot as well.) That was amazing!

Logan: Its only the beginning!


Xander: Alright so the party is this Friday, starting at 8pm!

Scott: Great, thank you so much for doing this for me!

Xander: (I'm doing it for us, I wont let this bitch hurt you) My pleasure!

Scott: Xander, I almost forgot to give you the ring, (Pulling it out of his pocket) your suppose to hand it to me! What do you think!

Xander: (When I saw the ring, everything just became so real, I couldn't help myself I started to cry)

Scott: (When he started crying, something inside me became so enraged, I started getting confused, mad at myself feeling like I'm hurting him and I don't understand why.) Xander, don't cry, I, I cant handle seeing you cry, I, ahh, my nose!

Xander: Scott! (He fell to the ground and started shaking, his nose bleeding!) Scott, can you hear me, Scott! (And right on time, Emma appears!)

Emma: What have you done to him, this is the second time, are you trying to kill him! Get away from him, right now, I'm not asking you again!

Xander: Your doing this to him, you bitch, your killing him, how can you do this to him, he has never been anything but nice to you, and this is how you repay him! (Jean comes)

Jean: Xander what happened?

Emma: Art did something to my Scott, you saw him last night with him, and now here again! (Just a little flick of my mind, and Scott should be up any second now)

Jean: Emma you know damn well that Xander has nothing to do with what's happening to Scott!

Scott: Ahh, my head, don't tell me it happened again?

Emma: Yes it did, and all I have to say is that boy better stay away from you, every time he's around something happens to you!

Scott: No, he's harmless!

Emma: Scott, if you love me you'll stay away from him he's evil!

Jean: Emma you...

Xander: Jean, lets go!

Jean: I cant wait to bring her ass down!

Xander: You and me both, I'm so close to ripping off her head!

Friday night-

Xander: (It felt like it took forever to get to Friday, I avoided Scott as best I could all week, I figured she did something to him that if I come in contact with him, he has some sort of attack, causing him to bleed! The party had begun, I still didn't know what Jean had planned, all I know is that she needed me to throw this party and to get him away from Emma!) Hey you having a good time?

Scott: This is great, you did an awesome job!

Xander: Anything for you Scott! (Jean and Betsy come in)

Scott: Hey no girls allowed!

Jean: We just needed a word with you!

Scott: Oh, what about?

Jean: Could you just come with us?

Scott: Jean, there's a whole party going on for me here!

Jean: I promise its just for a moment!

Xander: Scott go ahead I'll keep everyone happy while your gone!

Scott: Oh all right!

Xander: (I watch as they leave and hope Jean knows what she's doing!)

Northstar: Where is he going?

Xander: They just have something to take care of real quick!

Northstar: So, no strippers huh!

Xander: I was hoping you would be stripping tonight. Unless Logan wont let you!

Northstar: Well if I can get him to order me to do, then he would be fine with that!

Xander: You guys have one strange relationship!

Northstar: But he cares for me, and right now I need that!

Xander: Hey as long as your happy, I'm happy! Shh, here comes Logan!

Logan: Hey boys what's going on?

Xander: Oh, I was just trying to get Jean-Paul to strip for us, but he said he wouldn't do it unless you told him too!

Logan: After the professor and Hank leave I think that would be a great idea! So ya, you are going to do it when they leave!

Northstar: Yes sir!

Logan: Good boy, now I'm going to get a drink, stay out of trouble!

Xander: You are out of control!

Northstar: Anything to please my man!

Xander: I guess! (What's taking them so long! Now I'm starting to get worried! Emma enters and I about shit my pants, she's suppose to be out with the girls!)


Xander: He's in the bathroom! Calm down!

Emma: Don't tell me to calm down, I knew you were up to something! I can feel Scott panicking!

Xander: < Jean, Emma is here!>

Emma: I heard that you idiot I'm a telepath!

Xander: Just thought you needed some help!

Emma: The hell you did!

Xander: (And then she slapped me, and I actually went flying, I read about her diamond form, but damn that was not cool!) Oh no you didn't!

Emma: Yes I did, don't mess with me kid, you'll never beat me!

Xander: What do you think, everyone was put on this earth to serve you?

Emma: More or less I think they were, you included!

Xander: (She begins a telepathic attack on my mind! I fall to my knees instantly, I feel like my brain is being cooked from the inside out! Jean and Scott and Betsy arrive.)

Scott: Emma what are you doing to him?

Emma: Scott, they're trying to break us up, I know that you think they're your friends but they aren't!

Xander: Ahhhhh! (the angrier she gets the more intense the pain, I cant take it anymore and I pass out!)

Jean: (Together Betsy and I break the connection Emma has to Xander mind! I then send Emma flying through a wall, she wasn't ready for that, and I really hope it hurts)

Scott: Jean, what did you do that for!

Jean: Scott, look at what she did to him!

Scott: I'm so confused, I don't know what to do! (I'm frozen I need to go to Emma, but something is pulling me to Xander, its like a tug of war, and I cant seem to win!)

Emma: Scott, come here this instant! Jean, this is far from over!

Jean: You don't have to tell me, your going down bitch!

Xander: (Waking up) Anyone have any aspirin!

Jean: Are you ok!

Xander: Only if you tell me it worked!

Jean: I'm sorry Xander, she put up to many barriers in his mind, we started getting through some of them, but then you said she was here.

Xander: So what do we do now!

Jean: What we learned while we were in his mind, is that you are cause Scott to fight the mind control, he wants to break it, he has this need to be with you. And because of that he's having these mental seizures, hence the nose bleeds. I think if we can trigger a big enough scare within Scott, about you, we can get him to break free of the mind control!

Xander: So how do we do that?

Jean: You stop the wedding tomorrow, and get Emma to try and kill you!

Xander: Hello, did you see what she did to me today, I'm pretty sure she could kill me without giving it a second thought!

Jean: But you'll have back up!

Xander: I guess its only fair he went to hell for me, I might as well almost die for him!

The wedding-

The priest: If anyone here objects to this holy union speak now or forever hold your peace!

Xander: I object! (The crowd goes wild)

The Priest: I'm sorry, young man do you understand, what your doing?

Xander: That woman is controlling that man, she is forcing him to marry her!


End Chapter-