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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.



Chapter 21- Within the mind


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The Wedding-

Emma: You will not ruin my wedding day!

Xander: And you will not destroy Scotts life!

Emma: (Time for no holds barred! I begin to send the students after that little shit!) Get him out of here!

Xander: I'm not going anywhere! (One by one students came trying to attack me, and I just flung each one trying hard not to hurt anyone) They cant stop me!

Emma: Never send a man to do a woman's job!

Xander: (Alright, Jean you better be ready for this. She began her mental assault on me, I was floating in the air, grabbing onto my head, I tried desperately to fight off her attack, but of course there was no real way to stop it.) Scott, don't let her do this to me! (I could only hope he loved me enough to overpower the control she had on him!)

Scott: Emma stop this, your killing him!

Emma: He's gotten in my way for the last time!

Scott: Emma, please I'm begging you stop hurting him!

Emma: You care more for him than you do us?

Scott: Us? I don't understand?

Emma: I'm pregnant Scott, I'm having your baby, and he's trying to destroy our family!

Scott: Baby, but we haven't slept together?

Emma: Scott, what's wrong with you of course we have!

Xander: Scott, she's lying, please help me...

Scott: Xander, please Emma your killing him! My head, the pressure, I cant take it (Falling to his knees, his nose begins to bleed) what's happening to me! This isn't right, none of this is right!

Emma: I'll kill you for this!

Xander: Ahhhhhhh! (Passes out and his body hangs limp)

Scott: Xander, NOOOO! (Passes out)

Emma: (Dropping Xander to the ground.) Scott, what have I done! (I try using my mind to wake him up, but nothing works, I fear that I have overloaded him)

Jean: < Xander, I need you to wake up! Xander can you here me?> Come on Xander, wake up!

Xander: Ah, my head, am I dead?

Jean: No honey your not!

Xander: Did it work, did he snap out of it?

Jean: You've only been out a minuet! He's still over there with Emma!

Xander: (We walk over to him!) Scott! Get away from him, you've cause enough damage to him, I swear to you if he isn't ok I'll kill you myself!

Emma: (Crying) He wont wake up, I've tried everything and he wont wake up!

Jean: Emma, I know you've been using mind control on him, and if the mental strain you've cause kills him, heaven help you!

Emma: I love him! You have no idea, I love him!

Jean: You've put his life at risk, is that what you call love, his brain could be shut down, he could be in a coma!

Emma: Why, why did you have to ruin our special day, we were going to be a family!

Xander: You cant control someone into loving you, what you did was sick and twisted!

Emma: You don't know what your talking about, your just a kid!

Xander: And I'm the kid that he really does love, nothing you've done has stopped him from loving me!

Jean: We need to get him down to the med bay!

Xander: I'll carry him!

Emma: I'm coming with him!

Xander: The hell you are, when he wakes up this time you will not be around to brainwash him again!

Emma: Stop saying that he loves me, and I love him, I'm having his baby!

Xander: I heard him he said he never had sex with you!

Emma: He doesn't know what he's talking about, we have had sex!

Xander: Will see! (I fly off with him Jean following behind us! Everyone looking on, not understanding what the hell is going on. We get down to the med bay, Jean hooks up wires and starts to run tests on him, the professor joins us, and Jean and I explain everything to him. They both try entering his mind, but nothing seems to work!)

Pro-X: There is nothing we can do now but wait! I'm going to speak with Emma!

Xander: Speak with her, don't you mean remove her from the school?

Pro-X: I need all the sides of the story before I can make a decision!

Jean: Xander, I told you we would need proof before the professor would do anything!

Xander: I'll worry about her later, right now, what are we going to do about Scott?

Jean: Like the professor said, we've done all we can, we've entered his mind, it's a complete blank! It's like he's not there!

Xander: If only there was a way to locate and join his consciousness!

Jean: The professor went into the astral plain and searched, but it was like a jumbled mess!

Xander: Maybe there is a different way!

Jean: What?

Xander: Maybe a spell could do what telepathy couldn't?

Jean: Your going to ask your father?

Xander: No! Too many questions! I'll do the next best thing! TOPAZ, TOPAZ I NEED YOU! (In a puff of smoke he appears)

Topaz: Good day Sir!

Xander: Hello, Topaz, thank you for coming I need your help!

Topaz: However I can be of service, I am at your disposal!

Xander: Topaz, my friend here, something has been done to his mind. We've tried telepathy as well as the astral plane, but nothing seems to work! Is there any kind of spell, that would allow me to enter his mind and locate him?

Topaz: Sir, what you are asking for is something very dangerous to perform, even for a master of the craft!

Xander: Please Topaz, I'm willing to take that chance, he's, he's the man I love!

Topaz: The man you love?

Xander: Yes, Topaz, the man I love! Tell my father if you must, I don't care, I'm not willing to lose him, I'll do whatever it takes!

Topaz: I would never divulge your secrets to anyone, not even your father!

Xander: That's good to know!

Topaz: But sir if you use this spell there is a chance your consciousness could be lost forever!

Xander: Topaz he went to hell to save me, what kind of man would I be if I didn't do everything within my power to save him!

Topaz: Your as honorable as your father! (With a wave of his hand a paper appears in his hand) Here is the spell, do be careful sir!

Xander: I will, and you were never here!

Topaz: Never where! (In a puff of smoke he disappears)

Xander: I really love that guy!

Jean: He definitely comes through for you! Are you sure you want to do this?

Xander: Do you really need to ask me that?

Jean: I know, I just want to make sure!

Xander: (Laying down on the bed next to Scott!) Here goes nothing! Life to life and mind to mind, our spirits now will intertwine. I mould my soul and journey to, the one whose thoughts I wish I knew! (Passes out)

Jean: I hope this works for both their sakes!

Inside Scotts mind-

Xander: (I appear outside on a beach. The sun is shining and it's a warm day out, I don't know where I'm at, but I know the spell must have worked because I'm not in Kansas anymore. I hear and airplane and look up, and see that it is smoking, and suddenly see to boys being thrown out of it, a parachute goes off and they start to slowly come down. Half way down the something happens to the parachute and two boys are separated as they come shooting down into the water, I try to fly to save them but I don't have my powers! I watch in horror as they crash into the water. One of the boys appears on the shore where a man and his wife find him. Next thing I know the scene changes and I'm inside an orphanage. Its here I realize I'm witnessing Scotts past, I see him being pushed between five boys, it makes me so angry I just want to smack them all. He's crying as they continue to pick on him)

Kid #1: I know, come on bring him into the bathroom!

Xander: (I follow them into the bathroom)

Kid #1: You two stand guard, yell if someone comes!

Scott: (The voice I was hearing was Darren Galore. He pretty much beats up every kid, at the orphanage we were at, see he was 16 the oldest kid in the place. Anyway, he came up behind me and grabbed me threw me up against a wall, put his arm against my throat, so there would be no way I could scream, he took his other hand and punched me in the gut again and again, the wind was completely knocked out of me, when he realized couldn't take it anymore he let me fall to the floor. I stayed on all fours trying to catch my breath, it hurt so bad, he came around and stood in front of me, I punched him in his nuts, which only made him madder, he punched downwards and clocked me in the jaw making me spit out blood. He grabbed my head, looked me straight in the eyes and said.)

Darren: I've wanted to do this for a really long time, now don't fight me, it will only make it worse for you if you do, I can make this gentle for you , or I can make you wish you had never been born!

Scott: (I knew it was a no win situation for me, so I went along with him, I put up no fight, he pulled down his pants reveling the biggest dick I had ever seen, he grabbed my head and told me)

Darren: Open your mouth and watch your teeth, every time you bite me, I'm going to sock you in the head!

Scott: (So I opened as wide as I could and he just started ramming his cock in and out of my mouth)

Darren: You're a good little faggot, just keep doing what your doing, and I'm going to reward you with a very special treat. That's it you fag, just like that, fuck ya use your tongue your getting the hang of this, I'm going to use your mouth again and again! Fuck that's it I'm about to shoot my load fuck ya take it! Don't let one drop hit the floor or I'm going to make you lick it up!

Scott: (Like I had a choice, he rammed his cock down my throat as this salty stuff ran down my tongue, I was gagging, I wanted to throw up, but he said if one drop hit the floor I would have to lick it up, so I wasn't about to let that happen! I thought ok I did it, its over, boy was I wrong, his dick never went down, he just kept going in and out of my mouth with it, he grabbed my head and pulled me off of his cock, turned me around, held my ass cheeks apart and shoved his cock into my tight virgin ass, I couldn't believe what was happening to me, it hurt so bad, I just cried and cried as he rapped my ass, I never stopped crying and it never felt anything but bad, finally he pulled it out of me grabbed me by the hair and turned me around jacked his cock off till he shot his load all over my face, I was still crying, and he just stood there laughing and laughing at me, he spit on my face and told me)

Darren: If you ever tell anybody about this, I will make sure you never talk again, I will rip your tongue out and feed it to you, now take care of your hard on there before you leave!

Xander: (I stood there in disbelief of what I had just witnessed. Why didn't Scott ever tell me he was raped. Here I thought he wouldn't understand what I had gone through, yet he went through it and far force than what had been done to me. The scene once again changed and we were in the backyard of the orphanage. Once again the school bully was picking on Scott, as well as his gang of jerks. They were punching Scott and pushing him, he was crying, and the next thing optic beams started shooting out of his eyes hitting the orphanage. The place started to catch on fire, and the kids were running and screaming, Scott started panicking and who could blame him! Once again the scene changed and this time I was inside the X-jet, the X-jet was out hovering above the water, and Scott was yelling Jean, Jean, and trying to get out, Logan was holding him back, I looked out and I saw Jean, standing holding the jet up telekinetically, with her other hand she was holding back the water from flooding them next thing I knew Jean was crushed in the water, and the X-jet sped off. How could they just leave her there, when did this happen, how come they never told me about this. And again the scene changed this time I was on the ground at the lake. I was watching Scott standing near the water, he began yelling "JEAN, JEAN, WHY, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME HERE, ALONE!" I wanted to run and grab him and hug him, but I knew I wasn't here for that. Why was I being taken from one point in his life after the other. Why was I seeing this? The scene changed again and this time we were in the back of the school and Scott and Jean were talking. If things are still moving forward in its time table, then I assume Jean lived after what happened to her before, I'll have to ask sometime.

Jean: I don't know what to say Scott, this is just as hard on me as it is on you!

Scott: Then why do it?

Jean: Because Scott, its not fair to you, or me!

Scott: Jean, I love you, please maybe we just need time!

Jean: Scott, you love me because you feel safe with me, your not in love with me there is a big difference between the two!

Scott: If the way I feel isn't love, then what the hell does love feel like, because right now I feel like my heart is being ripped out!

Jean: Scott, one day someone will come into your life and you will know what love really is. I don't want you to miss that chance at something so special and pure. And I don't want to miss out on that myself, we owe it to ourselves!

Scott: Jean when I watched you die, I thought my soul would die with you, I couldn't breath, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. My world came crashing down, and the only thing I could think was, how am I going to live with out you.

Jean: Scott, we've been everything to one another for so long now, we are kindred souls. But it can never be more than it is for you and I. I will always love you, I will always be there for you, but I am not in love with you.

Xander: (I stand there wishing I hadn't seen this, something so personal between two people it should never have been witnessed by another's eyes! The scene changed again, and this time he was in the med bay sitting in a chair next to me, well the me that was laying on the bed in the med bay.)

Scott: They say when a person is unconscious they can still hear what a person is saying to them. I don't know if that's true, but I have seen a lot in my life so why couldn't this be true. Xander oh, Xander how I wish life could be different for a lot of different people, especially you. You've been through so much and your just so young. I know the types of things you've been through, hell I could write a book on the things that have happened to me. Its never easy, life that is, but the things we go through, they're there to make us stronger, teach us about who we are, and how to handle what life has to offer! I'm rambling, sorry. Its just that this is so new to me, these feelings I have for you, I mean first off you're a guy, and although I have had an awful experience with a guy, see I was raped in the orphanage, I never talk about it, although I probably should, but anyway aside from that, you're the first guy I have ever had these feelings for, and it scares me, I me an I have only ever been in love with Jean, and well that didn't turn out well, but right now at this moment I understand why she ended it between us. I think she knew me better than I knew myself, she knew that I would one day fall in love, and that I would fall in love with another guy, I've never given her credit for truly knowing me. The reason I'm telling you all of this is because I know with all my heart that I love you. I cant stand to see you in pain, and I cant stand to know you were in pain, I want to take it all away, I want to show you that there is more to life then the pain you've known, I want to be the one to give you the world, the one that you know you can turn to and that I will be there for you always, in the saddest moments, to the greatest moments. I want to be the one standing by your side through it all. I care about you so much its overwhelming, but in a great way, a way that fills me up, I want to be apart of your life in everyway, I want to be you r friend, your confidant, your lover. I see the way you look at me, and I want so much to reach out and touch you, to hold you in my arms and kiss you. Maybe one day I will be strong enough to face my fears, and tell you how I really feel about you, maybe one day you'll love me the way I love you! Maybe someday! For now I'll be there to teach you the skills to survive in this world, be the mentor you I know you need, be the friend you never had, and be the one you finally allow to love you!

Xander: (I couldn't help but stand there crying, if I've never been sure of anything in my life, I know right now, that this man really is my soul mate. I love this man, more than words I love this man. The scene changed again and this time we were in the woods, it was dark outside, what was this moment, what am I suppose to see here? And then I hear Scott!)

Scott: Xander, Xander where are you, I cant find you anywhere, please say something do something, I know you here.

Emma: Scott you don't want him you want me, I'm here, I'm all you need!

Xander: (I see Scott standing in the middle of the woods, surrounded by Emma, she's all over the place anywhere you look there is an Emma standing there.)

Scott: What have you done to him, I need him, I want him back!

Emma: Scott, when will you learn, Xander is gone, you wont ever see him again, I'm the only one for you, I'm the only one who can love you the way you need to be loved!

Scott: Damn you, I could never love you, you've trapped me here, and taken away the one I love. You disgust me, get it through your head, you mean nothing to me and you never will!

Emma: Scott, I have you right where I want you, you can never leave, in time you will learn to love me and only me!

Scott: Xander, Xander please just say something, I'll follow your voice! Xander please!

Xander: (I couldn't help I just reacted) Scott, I'm right here!

Scott: Xander, I can hear you, just keep talking!

Emma: What no, how can this be, you cant be here!

Xander: Wait, you can here me? Scott, can you hear me!

Scott: Xander, yes, I can here just keep talking!

Emma: No! I wont let you have him, he's mine, I'll kill you before I let you have him!

Scott: Don't you harm him, you stay away from him!

Xander: Emma, you've gone to far this time, there is no way for you to win, I don't care what you do, how are you try, to keep us apart, nothing will work, nothing can ever keep us apart, we will find each other always, because that's what soul mates do they find each other!

Emma: Soul mates, don't make me laugh, your nothing but a child, you could never be on the same level with him he's a man!

Xander: The connection we have is stronger than anything you could ever comprehend! If you had a heart you would know that no matter what you try to do to separate real love it always knows how to find each other! (At the moment Scott found me) Scott!

Scott: (Hugging Xander) Oh God, its really you, I've been looking for you so long now, I didn't think I would ever find you!

Xander: You always find me, you always have, and you always will! I love you Scott Summers!

Emma: What a touching scene, enjoy this moment because it will be last one you will ever see together!

Xander: Scott, where inside your mind, Emma put these barriers up, you have to fight her, it's the only way to break free once and for all!

Scott: How, I don't know what to do, I've tried everything!

Xander: Its your mind, take back control, get her out of your head! (Emma, focuses her mind and creates rock people out of the dirt! They start heading towards us!) I don't have my powers!

Scott: But you have the training I gave you, now its time to put them to use!

Xander: Scott, you have to get to her, the real her, and fight her! I'll take care of these things!

Scott: Alright, I know you can handle yourself, I'm not worried!

Xander: (He grabs me and kisses me and takes off. My battle now begins, I can do this, I find thick stick on the ground and step on it, flipping it up and catching it. I run forward and flip up and come landing as I hit one of the rock creatures on the head, I spin and hit him again, pull the stick back and hit one trying to sneak up behind me. I flip backwards three times to make sure I'm not trapped. And begin the next battle I'm grabbed from behind as two come from the front, I kick up my feet, kicking the two in the face sending them flying back wards, I then kick back my right foot, hitting the one behind me in the face, causing him to lose his grip on me, I take the opportunity and grab his arm and flip him over my head and he breaks into a thousand little pieces!)

Scott: (I don't know exactly what I'm suppose to do, how do I figure out which one is really her. Come on Scott think outside the box! Wait this is my mind, he said take back control, if this is my mind, then I should already have control of my mind. I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, and one by one the Emma's start to disappear, till there is only one left standing, and I go to her!) The games over Emma Its time for you to get out of my head!

Emma: Scott, listen to reason, stay with me, look at him!

Scott: (I look at him and see him fight with such finesse, I realize just how proud I am of him, he really has become a man before my eyes)

Emma: And look at me, you can not think to compare him to me!

Scott: No I cant, because he surpasses you, in morals, strength, beauty, and honor! You have nothing, you're a sad excuse for a human being, the only way you could ever get a man is to use mind control, your nothing! I banish you from my mind now and forever!

Emma: Scott no! Please don't do this to us, I could give you the world!

Scott: Never! (With all the will power I have I push her out of my mine. Explosions begin to take place within my mind, all the barriers that she has placed begin to explode one by one, and last but not least, she explodes!) Its over!

Xander: (The rock men disappear and I look over to see Scott standing, there is no Emma's anywhere to be seen. I run over to him and jump into his arms!) You did it!

Scott: I couldn't have done it without you! (Kisses him)

Xander: Are you ready to go home?

Scott: More than words can say!

Xander: Return us now through space and time, back to our own body and minds!

Back in the med bay-

Jean: (I've been standing watching over them for so long now, I don't know what to think, is Xander lost forever, will Scott ever wake up. And like a bolt of lightning they both shoot up at the same time) You guys are back, you did it!

Scott: We did it!

Xander: We are the greatest team!

Jean: Group hug!

Xander: (We hug each other)

Scott: You guys, I'm so sorry for everything you guys had to deal with!

Xander: So you remember everything that happened?

Scott: I was watching it all, but unable to do anything about it! I'm sorry about all the things I said to you the day after, well you know when!

Xander: It wasn't you, it was all Emma! She said she was pregnant with your baby, it isn't true is it?

Scott: I never slept with her, but we can never be sure of what she did!

Jean: Well its nothing a pregnancy test wont clear up!

Scott: Lets go find her!

Xander: (We get up stairs and go to the professor office) Anyone nervous!

Pro-X: Well come back you two!

Scott: Its good to be back! So where is she?

Pro-X: I'm sorry to say she has left the school!

Jean: But why did you allow her to leave?

Pro-X: I didn't have any control over the matter, she used her powers to escape!

Xander: Professor do you know if she was truly pregnant or not?

Pro-X: I'm afraid she is the only one with the answer to that!

Jean: She the evilest person I have ever met!

Scott: Then I guess only time will tell, but I'll take comfort in the fact that I know I never slept with her! Now I'm starved, is there any of my wedding cake left!

Xander: (We all had to laugh at that) Come on Jean will fix us something to eat!

Jean: What you little shit, how about you make us something for a change?

Xander: I can boil water, does that count!

Scott: Pizza it is then!

That night in Xander and Scotts bedroom-

Xander: (I came into the room, and quickly clean at super speed. I lit candles all around the room. Turned off all the lights, and put on some music. I have Scott back and I'm not going to waste another second showing him how much I love him! He comes into the room) Hello lover!

Scott: Wow what's all this?

Xander: A welcome home present!

Scott: I need to go away more often!

Xander: (I pull the covers off of me revealing my naked body!) And leave all this!

Scott: Maybe I don't have to go anywhere, maybe I have everything I need right here!

Xander: And don't you forget it!

Scott: So you have a roommate now, aren`t you afraid he might show up?

Xander: Well there suppose to get him a room, but with all that has been going on its taking longer. But to answer your question no, him and Logan are spending the night together!

Scott: Just say you were lonely without me! Wait what Logan?

Xander: I've never felt more alone in my whole life, then the days I had to spend away from you! And yes Logan, will talk later about that!

Scott: Xander, what a road we've been on since we've met!

Xander: I have to tell you I almost lost faith in us ever being happy, but now after being in your mind, and everything I seen and learned, I know its all been worth it!

Scott: There has never been a moment when I didn't know you were the one for me, it was always just about reaching the point where I could actually have you! It seems like the more of the struggle we have the more I know I want you!

Xander: Then I hope the struggle continues cause I always want you to want me! Scott make love to me, its been so long since I've had your hands upon me, I need you, I love you!

Scott: With pleasure!

Xander: (We take off our clothes and begin an intense make out session, his lips feel like fire upon me, his body torching me, the heat between us could melt the everglades, we move into a 69 position we swallowed each others cock and balls, he fingered my ass first with one finger then two, and then three I couldn't take it anymore) Scott, please I need you inside me, I need you to make love to me!

Scott: Anything to make you happy lover!

Xander: (He lubed up my hole and entered in, he started with slow motions in and out, looking into my eyes the whole time, he would kiss me, and fuck me, and then started to get into it harder and harder before I knew what happened he was stroking my cock and shouting)

Scott: I'm cumming Xander, I'm shooting my load into your sweet ass!

Xander: I'm cumming too, fuck you are amazing! (And then in a puff of smoke my father appears)

Dr. Strange: What the hell get off my son!

Xander: (With a wave of his hand he sends Scott flying off me!) Father wait, you don't understand!

Dr. Strange: What's not to understand, he's raping my son! I will send you to a dimension that will make hell look like a vacation resort!

Xander: Father no! (I fly as super speed and get on top of Scott to block him from being hit and suddenly we were both falling into a portal!

End Chapter-