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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 22- Its only the beginning

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Xander: (We landed in the wilderness, but the place was unlike anything I had ever seen before, it was prehistoric in nature.) Scott, where are we?

Scott: I have no idea! But at least this time we are together! I'm glad you jumped in front of me, I don't think I could of handled being separated from you again!

Xander: I cant believe my father did that! When we get home, I'm putting up some sort of security from people entering into my room without permission!

Scott: Well at least this sheet came through with us, we cant rip it up and use it to cover ourselves!

Xander: Oh I don't know I kind of like the idea or running around this place naked with you!

Scott: (Grabbing him and kissing him) Before we start thinking about sex, we need to scope out the place and try and figure out where we are at!

Xander: Well I cant imagine this to be the place my father had planned to send you too. My bracelets must have effected the portal he opened the same way it did when Morgan tried to kill me!

Scott: Agreed, he did say it would be worse than hell, and this seems like a paradise!

Xander: You just had to jinx us didn't you! (A large T-Rex came out of the trees and started coming towards us! I grab Scott and start to fly up with him) Scott, something is wrong!

Scott: Being chased by a dinosaur, and you think something is wrong!

Xander: That's not what I'm talking about, my powers, its taking a lot out of me to carry you and to fly!

Scott: Well can you at least get us to that clearing up there, cause he's right on our tail?

Xander: When we get back home your going on a diet! (I fly us up using every bit of strength I have, up to the top of a mountain side!)

Scott: I think I know where we are! The Savage Land!

Xander: I remember reading about it! But that doesn't explain what's happening to my powers!

Scott: Will figure it out, but for right now lets go find our friends the Fall people!

Xander: We need some real clothes while were at it!


At the home of Dr. Strange-

Dr. Strange: Clea, I've made a grave mistake!

Clea: What is it, what's happened?

Dr. Strange: I went to see Alexander, and what I found...

Clea: What, what did you find?

Dr. Strange: I found one of the teachers raping our son!

Clea: WHAT? You cant be serious, maybe you only think you saw that?

Dr. Strange: My beloved, he was on top of Alexander, they were both naked!

Clea: Our son is super strong, Stephen no one could rape him! I think its time to face the reality that our son is gay!

Dr. Strange: NO! I will not believe it, my son cant be gay! Its impossible!

Clea: The same way being a mutant is impossible? Yet our son is a mutant! I will talk to him at once!

Dr. Strange: Wait! You cant talk to him!

Clea: Why not he is my son?

Dr. Strange: After catching them I threw Scott off the bed, and was about to send him through a portal, when Alexander jumped in front and now both of them are gone!

Clea: Stephen, tell me you didn't! What has happened to you all these years, this is not like you, you are angry all the time, and your temper is always getting the best of you!

Dr. Strange: I know, I know, I want to change its just that, things have just gotten so out of control, and I haven't been able to breath and stop, to give myself time to adjust!

Clea: Ok, how do we get out son back?

Dr. Strange: His bracelets have sent him else where from where I intended to send Scott!

Clea: Are you saying you don't even know where you have sent out son?

Dr. Strange: He could be anywhere!

Clea: Then quit standing around and FIND MY SON!


Zahran, in the Savage land-

Xander: (We came to an area that looked like something out of Medieval times. People where staring of course wearing sheets as underwear had to draw tons of attention!) Maybe this was a bad idea?

Scott: It was your idea!

Xander: Since when does anyone listen to me! (A caravan of men on horses where headed our way, and stopped as they approached us!)

Man: What manner of dress is this?

Scott: Our clothes were taken from us, and this is all we were left with!

Man: And where do you hale from?

Xander: (Before Scott could even answer, these blue skinned people started attacking!)

Man: The Sun people are attacking, men to your posts!

Scott: Xander, come on!

Xander: Right behind you! (We run following behind the man that just stopped us. ) Scott, shouldn't we help?

Scott: We don't know what is going on here, we can protect anyone from harm but we mustn't interfere with their battles!

Xander: You're the boss, boss! (Giant stone that are on fire are being catapulted through out the area. One was heading for a family that hid within the confines of their home.) Scott I have to save those people!

Man: Come with me this way!

Scott: Come on Xander, your powers aren't working right!

Xander: I have to try! (I fly up to meet the rock, I cant move at super speed and so it feels like it takes forever to get there, as it approaches it hits me, I grab on trying to push it back in the other direction, it take so much out of me, but I am finally able to send it back, hitting the catapult breaking it! I head back to the ground weakened.)

Scott: Xander, you did good, but I don't want to lose you, so please listen to me! I was trying to say I could just bust up the rock with my optic blast!

Xander: Now you tell me!

Man: What manor of Sorcery is this!

Scott: Were mutants, with special abilities!

Man: Queen Leanne will want to see you at once!

Xander: But your people, we have to help them!

Man: The guards will hold them back, they can not hope to get through!

Xander: (Whispering to Scott) I have a very bad feeling about this!

Back at the mansion-

Jean: Professor their gone! The room was a mess, which is not like Xander, and they just wouldn't leave without telling me!

Pro-X: And you've used Cerebro, and came up with nothing?

Jean: Yes, I just have a really bad feeling about this! (Logan entering)

Logan: I checked out the room, and I could smell the scent of Dr. Strange!

Jean: (Oh no, what if they were doing something sexual and he came in!) We need to call him, if he knows anything!

Pro-X: (Calling Dr. Strange) Dr. Strange, this is Charles Xavier! (Before I could finish my sentence he appeared)

Dr. Strange: If your calling to tell me Alexander is missing I know already!

Jean: Well than, where are they?

Dr. Strange: I accidentally sent Alexander through a portal, and I don't know where!

Jean: But Scott is with him right?

Dr. Strange: (Rolling his eyes) Yes he is!

Pro-X: So how are we to find them?

Dr. Strange: You attempted Cerebro?

Jean: I did and found nothing!

Dr. Strange: I will continue to search for them, I'll be in touch! (Disappears in a puff of smoke)

Jean: I'm really starting to not like that man! He wasn't telling us something!

Pro-X: I agree! I will attempt to use Cerebro myself!

Jean: I have a class right now, so I'll be back after!

Queen Leanne's Castle-

Kamin: My queen will see you know!

Xander: Thanks for the clothes! (We enter the queens room, its huge, there are statues, servants and her throne which is huge! She is beautiful in her own blue way!)

Scott: Your majesty! (Bowing down, notices Xander didn't bow down, and hits him)

Xander: Ow! (Getting the point I bow down)

Leanne: I understand that you saved some of my townsfolk!

Scott: Xander, she's talking to you!

Xander: Oh, yes, um, I guess I did!

Leanne: You are strangers to our land!

Scott: Yes we are, and we need to find a way back to our home!

Leanne: I was told that one of you was able to fly?

Scott: Yes, we are mutants!

Leanne: I see, so you said you were brought here! Who is it that brought you here?

Scott: Dr. Strange!

Leanne: Why here, why now?

Scott: It was by accident that we were brought here! A spell gone wrong if you will!

Leanne: You must understand I cant take the chance that you might be working for our enemies!

Scott: I appreciate the position you are in, if you have any kind way of allowing us access to get a message to our friends, we will be gone before you know it!

Leanne: There is no means of communication from the Savage Land, and the outside world!

Scott: From here, or anywhere?

Leanne: No where on the island! Those bracelets, I have seen them once before, where are they from?

Scott: A gift from an Amazon queen!

Leanne: A gift! Do you take me for a fool? Those bracelets on a man, impossible! Those come from an Island of Amazon woman, no one would dare set foot on that island, they would be killed! You killed one of the Amazons and took the bracelets?

Xander: I am Prince Alexander of the Dark Dimension, they were a gift to me from the Amazon queen herself!

Scott: Xander, what are you doing?

Leanne: Prince Alexander, that would mean you are the son of Clea?

Xander: I am!

Leanne: Then you are an enemy to me! Guards arrest these men!

Scott: Now look what you've done!

Xander: No, I think that's what she was planning to do the hole time! (I grab Scott, and fly out of the window) Where to now?

Scott: As far away from there as possible!

Leanne: It is no coincident that they are here now, Ka-Zar, must know what we are planning to do, he must have sent for them!

Kamin: Then we should move up the time table!

Leanne: We are awaiting the last piece of equipment from Mister Sinister! I want you to take a party, and scout the surrounding area, any sight of them, kill them on the spot!

Kamin: Yes my queen!

Scott: How are you holding up?

Xander: I wish I were at full strength, but other than that I'm ok!

Scott: If we could find the Fall people, I have a friend, Ka-Zar, he'd be willing to help us!

Xander: I take it you don't remember this place very well?

Scott: Lets see the last time I was here, Mister Sinister help the professor and Magneto captive, we came to rescue them, I got captured, I lost my powers because they had this collar on me, point is no I don't remember!

Xander: Its nice to know I'm not the only one who winds up in weird situations!

Scott: Ya, but at least this time I've got you with me!

Xander: I have to tell you, the only reason I have freaked out this whole time, is because I'm with you, and it feels amazing! But I have to land now, I'm getting warn out!

Scott: You had to wait till we were over the jungle didn't you!

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, next time I can ride you!

Scott: Now, that I would like!

Xander: (We landed in the jungle, I have to sit down, just to get some of my energy back. Scott, checked around to see if we had any company!)

Scott: Coast looks clear for now!

Xander: So how about I take that ride now?

Scott: Are you horny baby?

Xander: Do you fancy as shag, Austin Powers?

Scott: Get over here and kiss me!

Xander: (I run over and jump into his arms, and we start to kiss, we take our clothes off and I kneel before him and start sucking on his massive cock, looking up at him, I cant believe this hot guy is actually mine, which only gets me turned on even more, so I start swallowing his cock, down my throat, I gag but still continue to do it, I take his cock and lick all up and down it, and start chewing on his balls, I hear moans escape his lips, so I continued licking, he turned around, and bent down, this is new, so I dove right it and started licking up and down his crack, which made me hungrier for more, I dove right into his hole and started sticking my tongue in and out, I spread his ass cheeks as far apart as I could and really went to town on his ass, it took everything in him not to fall over, I was like a wild animal, the more I ate, the more I wanted. I started fingering his hole, I would lick and the stick my finger in, pump him a few times, and then start licking again, he moaned more and more, and started getting louder and louder, so I took my other hand and started to milk his cock with it, I started using two fingers, licking and then sticking, his knees started to shake I knew he was getting close and I didn't care)

Scott: Xander, I'm so close, I'm about to shoot!

Xander: (I kept pumping my fingers in and out, but moved body in front of his cock, and started sucking him hard and long, till he rewarded me with his sweet tasting man juice!)

Scott: Oh, fuck Xander, that was fucking hot, you have the hottest mouth, those fucking sweet ass full lips of yours, the way you use them, drives me fucking crazy!

Xander: Only the best for you!

Scott: Your turn!

Xander: Wait, Scott! (I handed him his clothes and quickly put mine on!) I hear something!

Scott: What is it, I don't hear anything!

Xander: I still have somewhat of super hearing! We better get out of here! (As we started to make our way through, we were surrounded by ape men, that looked like something out of Planet of the Apes!)

Paru: I am Paru of Botor, and you are trespassing!

Scott: I'm sorry, were lost, we are looking for the Fall people!

Paru: Come with us, king Mele will want to see you at once!

Xander: Please let them be good monkeys! (There tails were long, and a few of the ape men, swung using their tails from tree to tree, it was the wildest thing to see. We arrived in an area, that once you looked up, you saw the most amazing tree top village. I couldn't believe something like this really existed!)

Paru: My Lord, these outsiders, are looking for the Fall people!

Mele: What do you want with the Fall people?

Scott: Our friend, is Ka-Zar, we are searching for him! We are trying to get back home, and are hoping he will be able to help us!

Mele: You are wearing clothes of the Zarhan people, they are a known enemy of Ka-Zar!

Scott: Are clothes were taken from us, as we passed through the village of Zarhan, we were given clothes.

Mele: And the queen let you leave there?

Scott: Well actually she tried to jail us, but we got away before she could!

Mele: You do understand that the Savage Land is in a state of war, right now?

Scott: We noticed something was going on, but as to what we are unsure of!

Mele: You seem like a trust worthy man, I do not smell fear coming from you at all! You may rest up here, have something to eat, and we will send you on your way to the village of the Fall people!

Scott: Thank you king Mele!

Xander: (We were escorted by two younger looking guards. To what looked like an empty hut, it had a cot inside and not much else!)

Jeerka: My name is Jeerka, I will be with you for the remainder of your stay. This is my best friend Talus, if you do not mind, may he stay with us?

Scott: Sure, we don't mind! Is there a place for us to wash up?

Jeerka: Yes, I will take you to the hot springs! Follow me!

Xander: (Hot springs, mm sounds like fun, we made out way to an area that was hidden with in a mountain wall, once inside it was a beautiful looking lake with a waterfall.) This is amazing!

Jeerka: My I ask you a question?

Xander: Sure anything!

Jeerka: Before we found you in the woods, we saw you doing things with this man, I want to know, what was it?

Xander: Wow how embarrassing I didn't know we had company. Well, when two people feel an attraction to one another, sometimes they like to show how they feel by making the other person feel good!

Scott: Wow did you really need to say all that! Do you know what sex is?

Jeerka: We are not permitted to discuss this until we are of age!

Scott: How old are you?

Jeerka: I am 23 years now!

Scott: Ok you way past the age of the talk!

Jeerka: But you did it with another male! Is this not frowned upon?

Scott: Well, in some places and by some people it is, and by others it isn't. Not everyone does it in the open for everyone to see. We thought we were alone, had we known someone was watching we wouldn't have done it!

Jeerka: How do you know if you like a man more than you do a woman?

Xander: Do you know what an erection is?

Jeerka: Yes!

Xander: Do you get it when your around guys or girls?

Jeerka: When I am with my best friend, I am always with erection!

Xander: That's how you know! (At this point we took off all our clothes and got into the hot springs, the water felt so good!)

Jeerka: Are you going to do again what you did earlier?

Scott: Well its kind of a privet thing! Let me ask you, do you want to try doing stuff with your friend right now, we wont say anything?

Jeerka: I would very much so, each day it becomes harder not to want to touch him!

Scott: And you Talus, do you feel the same way?

Talus: (Looking down at his feet) Yes!

Scott: Then why don't you two go enjoy each others bodies, will stay here, and you can come back when your done!

Jeerka: Thank you sir! Thank you both! (I take Talus and walk a little ways away, but enough that we can still see them. I take the memory from my head of what I had witness the outsiders doing, and begin to do it with Talus. I start by kissing him, are hands roaming each others body, it feels so good to finally be able to press my lips to his, his furry body pressed up against mine feels amazing, we take off our clothes and I make my way down his body, I cant help but kiss every part of him, I must be doing something right because I hear him moan, and know that it is a good sign. When I get to his cock, I start to lick it, and swallow it down, it must have been the most amazing sensation because he grabbed my head and started to scream and moan with pleasure. He grabbed me and pulled me up and started to kiss me again, and then did the same thing that I did to him, we continued to take turns doing this, but past this I had no idea what to do next. I looked over to see wha t the outsiders were doing, and saw the one with glasses shoving his dick into the other ones ass, it disappeared inside and then came back out, in and out, I could hear the boy moan in pleasure, so I knew what I needed to do. I grabbed Talus and turned him around, I did as I saw the boy do earlier that day and started to lick and his but hole, Talus moaned in pleasure, after a while I kneeled behind him, and start to put my cock in his hole, he moaned again, and then put his hand back to stop me, then slowly he pulled me closer and a little more slid in, and then all the way down to the base, I started to move in and out, and looked over to see again if I was doing it right, I saw, the boy sitting onto of the man with glasses, he was bouncing up and down on his cock, so after a little more of doing this from behind, I pulled out and laid down, Talus looked over and saw what they were doing and knew what I wanted him to do, he came and sat on my dick, and bounced up and down on it, we were both moaning in pleasure, I grabbed Talus dick and started to pull up and down on it, and then the strangest sensation came over me, my whole body tensed up and I started to feel something shooting out of my dick, and I moaned and moaned, and Talus, tighten his ass on my dick, and then started to shoot a white cream from his dick, as he moaned and moaned. Some hit my face and I was so taken aback by everything, that I wiped it and licked it, and was in love with the taste, I grabbed some more and put it to Talus mouth and he licked it up. This was the start of a new level in our relationship!) I love you Talus!

Talus: I love you too!

Xander: That was amazing! Its always amazing with you!

Scott: And it looks like they just had the best moment of their lives!

Xander: Glad we could help someone out!


Back in Zarhan=

Leanne: Have you found them?

Kamin: They are with the tree people!

Leanne: The tree people will aid them in reaching the Fall people! Go to Mister Sinister now, tell him the time has come, we need the last piece!

Kamin: Yes my Queen!

The cave of Mister Sinister-

Sinister: What do you want know?

Kamin: Queen Leanne, wants the last piece, she grows tired of waiting!

Sinister: It will be ready by morning!

Kamin: No more games Sister, have it by morning or I will have your head!

Sinister: Last time I checked, you already gave me head!

Kamin: Be quite someone could here you!

Sinister: That didn't stop you from howling when I shoved my cock into your ass!

Kamin: Why must you play with my emotions like this?

Sinister: I have told you a million times, leave your queen and be with me!

Kamin: I told you this is the final battle, after the queen destroys the people of the Savage land she will rebuild and rule it all. Then and only then will I leave her!

Sinister: You understand that when the last Satellite is complete, she will use them to create a worm hole that will completely destroy the Savage land! Her kingdom included! You know I don't care what happens to anyone here, but you, and if you stay you will die!

Kamin: If that is my fait then I will die with my queen, I made a pledge to her and a pledge to my people, I can not turn my back!

Sinister: What about me, what about us?

Kamin: You know I love, you are the only one I have ever loved, but I am honor bound!

Sinister: Then I am afraid this is good bye, my love! (Kisses him) The satellite will be ready by morning. If you change your mind, I will be here, waiting, but once she begins, I will open a portal and leave this place, with or without you!

Kamin: I will carry you in my heart always, for I am eternally yours!

The Fall People-

Ka-Zar: It is good to see you again my friend!

Scott: And you, Ka-Zar. How is Shanna, any children yet?

Ka-Zar: She is good, no children, this is troubled times we live in!

Scott: What has happened here?

Ka-Zar: Queen Leanne, has sought to take control of the Savage land, for such a long time, but now she has gained many allies, including Mister Sinister!

Scott: Sinister is here, now?

Ka-Zar: Yes, I'm afraid so, he has been making weapons for the queen, and she has slaughtered many people with them.

Scott: But why would he help her, that doesn't sound like him at all?

Ka-Zar: I do not know the answer to that question! But whatever the reason, he has helped her to gain almost 40 percent of the Savage Land!

Scott: We will help you whatever way we can! We need to get a message to the other X-men, is there anyway to do so?

Ka-Zar: Our village was destroyed and all our equipment with it! The only way is going to be in the cave of Sinister himself!

Scott: Then we have no choice, we must contact the X-men!

Ka-Zar: Then rest now, we leave at dawn!

Dawn The Cave of Sinister-

Sinister: Take the satellite and get out now!

Man: Yes my Lord!

Sinister: (Speaking to himself) That fool, he's willing to throw his life away, and for what, so that stupid woman, can have her revenge on a land, so ancient! Why couldn't he just have come with me! Maybe there is a way to save him, maybe if I open a portal right as the worm hole starts to swallow this land, and I take him out of here, he cant be mad at me, once he sees that everyone is dead, that nothing is left. Yes, that's what I will do, I must prepare, knowing her there is only a couple of hours left, before she destroys everything!

Xander: (I heard everything he said, and told Scott and Ka-Zar!)

Scott: We have to move quickly, if what he's saying is true, the X-men are needed!

Ka-Zar: You know how to find your way back yes?

Scott: Yes, go, get your people ready!

Ka-Zar: She has begun the war! May your X-men arrive in time to help us!

Xander: They will! Good luck!

Ka-Zar: Good luck to you, my friends!

Scott: Alright there is no time to lose!

Xander: I'm starting to not believe in coincident, every place I've been too, its like there is always some sort of war going on, and help is always needed! And each time I was sent there by accident!

Scott: I see your point, and agree!

Xander: (We make our way through the cave and arrive inside, we check all of the equipment looking for a way to contact the school!)

Scott: Found it! {Cyclopes to X-men come in X-men, Cyclopes to X-men come in X-men!}

Storm: {This is Storm over!}

Scott: {Storm, this is a level one priority, we need the X-men to come to the Savage land, I am sending my coordinates now. Sinister has found a way to create a black hole, that will swallow the Savage land, we need back up immediately! Over}

Storm: {We will be there as quickly as we can. Do be careful!}

Scott: {You know me! Cyclopes out!}

Xander: Scott, look what I found! Its plans for 25 satellites, she plans on opening portals placing the satellites, and directing their aim to the Savage land. That's how she's going to create the wormholes!

Scott: Then we have to get back to Ka-Zar and tell him, we need to get to Zarhan and destroy the satellites before she has a chance to put them into space!

Sinister: (Entering) You wont have a chance to warn anyone! Scott Summers, who would have thought you would come straight to me, and save me the trouble of going after you?

Scott: Sinister, you're a mad man!

Sinister: Some may call me that, though through history most geniuses where thought of as madmen!

Scott: How could you do this, all those people, do you not care for human life at all?

Sinister: I care about your life! Why, you know I value your life more than anything! Your genetics hold the key, to destroying Apocalypse, and you know how bad I want that!

Xander: You'll have to go through me!

Sinister: And who might you be little one?

Xander: Powerboy!

Sinister: (Using his mind) The power, you, this must be my lucky day!

Scott: What are you talking about?

Sinister: Scott, had I know you loved me so much, why all the years of torture I have caused you. If I had know you would bring me the prophecy child, I would, oh who am I kidding I still would have tortured you!

Xander: What do you know of the prophecy?

Sinister: You have not even begun to tap into the power that lies within you boy. With that power, I could destroy Apocalypse myself, and then take over the world!

Xander: (Ok I'm at half strength I really don't want to battle this guy here and now. I turn to Scott, grab him and fly out the way we came) Sorry Scott I didn't know what else to do!

Scott: You did the right thing, now that he knows who you are, we have bigger problems to worry about, but for now we have to deal with the problem at hand!

Xander: (I wonder if what Sinister was thinking of using my powers for, if that's what Madame Web was talking about, what's to come she said, I wonder! We fly back to Ka-Zar and tell him all that is happening. He gathers his men and we make our way to Zarhan, the queen must have been ready for anything, because her army's were ready and waiting. Scott had me fly him and Ka-Zar to the castle!)

Scott: We have to destroy the satellites, the X-men should be here shortly. Xander, do you think you can handle all of this?

Xander: With great powers comes great responsibilities!

Scott: I love you!

Xander: I love you too! Watch your back! (We storm the castle and begin the battle to get to the satellites, even though my strength is not at full power, I easily overcome the men that attack me. I keep an eye out on Scott, I know he would be mad, but I cant help myself, I don't want anything to happen to him, not while I'm around, I would never be able to forgive myself!)

Leanne: They've almost breached my throne room! Kamin, it is time open the portals!

Kamin: Yes my queen!

Xander: (I get to the two doors leading to the Throne room and start to punch the doors, to get them open. Not the same without my full power! Finally I break through, but its to little to late the last satellite is being sent through the portal)

Leanne: Your to late, it has begun!

Xander: Why would you do this, don't you realize you will die too?

Leanne: I wont be here to die boy!

Xander: (She open a portal and escapes through it) Kamin, how could you help her to destroy your world?

Kamin: She is my queen!

Xander: Your queen who left you here to die!

Kamin: it's a punishment I deserve!

Xander: You're a fool! (A portal opens and Sinister steps out!)

Sinister: Kamin, come with me if you want to live! (Looking over) Ah we meet again!

Xander: (I start to move back towards the door) You'd let this world be sucked into a worm hole, even with me still here, you'll never have a chance to get the power within me!

Sinister: The X-men are here, and as usual they will stop the worm hole from happening! For he who fights and runs away lives to see another day! On that day boy, I will get you!

Xander: What is this power that is within me?

Sinister: You really don't know do you! Tisk, tisk, tisk, shame on Charles, if you want the answers, ask your beloved professor, until we meet again boy!

Xander: No wait tell me! (He grabs Kamin and leaves through the portal! I fly out and find Scott) Scott, the satellites are gone!

Scott: Come on lets get outside!

Xander: (I grab onto him and fly out the window, we see the X-jet approaching, I fly us and meet them as they land)

Jean: What's happening?

Scott: There's no time, we need to get into space!

Hank: Have the satellites been sent into space already?

Scott: Yes!

Hank: There isn't enough time, he wont be able to make!

Scott: We have to try!

Xander: Scott, I know what I have to do! I love you more than anything in this world! (I grab him and kiss him and fly off)

Scott: Xander, No we can do this together! Damn it, come on we have to help him!

Xander: (I fly as fast as I can, and as I start to get into the outer atmosphere, I feel my power begin to raise, maybe it was something in the Savage land messing with my powers. I start to be able to fly faster and faster. I've been told I could breath in space, I've never put it to the test, but I'm about to find out the hard way. Just in case I take a deep breath and hold it. Once I'm in space, I spot the satellites, we were wrong, there isn't 25 there are 125 satellites, I cant think about that now, I start with my optic beams, as I'm flying and smashing some into others, I shooting the others down they start shooting beams at the earth, I know what's happening down below, I have to move faster, I start to fly through the satellites destroying them as I go through them, but its just not enough, I see the X-jet, they begin to shoot them down, but I know in my heart it will be to late. That's when it happens I begin to glow, all I know is the feeling inside me, that mor e than anything I want all of the satellites destroyed, before the millions of people can be killed, and out of my entire body shoots the yellow light, and each one hit's a satellite, and then like a giant explosion, all I can see if the glowing yellow light, and it's the last thing I see, before it all goes black)

End chapter-