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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 23-Out of space and out of time

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Scott: (I watched in horror as the light explosion destroyed the satellites in front of me, what would happen to Xander, the last time he died, Dr. Strange was able to bring him back, but not without the price of losing his memory. After the light disappeared Xander's body lay there floating in space.) Jean, can you bring him to the ship!

Jean: I've got him, get to the hatch!

Scott: (I ran over to the hatch, please let him be ok, I put on my breathing mask, opened the hatch up, as Jean brought him over telekinetically. I grabbed him and brought him down, sealed the hatch and carried him to and open space, laid him down, I checked to see if he was breathing, there was nothing.) He's not breathing and there is no pulse!

Jean: Give him mouth to mouth!

Scott: (I started to perform CPR but nothing happened.) Jean!

Jean: Scott, I don't sense him at all!

Scott: Not again, not again!

Madame Web-

Madame: (Alexander's body lay floating in air before them) It is time!

Man: He is the one!

Madame: I believe he has proven himself to you!

Man: Yes, he has!

Madame: It is time Alexander wake up!

Xander: (His eyes open, as his body moves into a standing position after laying suspended in air) Am I dead?

Madame: At this moment your body is dead, but your mind is very much so alive!

Xander: Why am I here?

Madame: There are things that must be explained, things you must understand!

Xander: Ya, think!

Madame: For as long as man has walked the earth, there have been champions, men and woman who protect the innocent, help the helpless, fighting for the greater good! Samson of Samson and Delilah, Jason of Jason and the Argonauts, Joan of Ark, and so on! There is always one chosen above all, one who's is a paragon of virtues, one with the courage to face evil in any form, one with heart, a heart so big it takes pity on an enemy, rather than kill!

Xander: So your saying I'm one of these champions?

Madame: No I'm talking about the guy standing next to you! Of course I'm talking about you!

Xander: So what does this mean, I still don't understand? Plus there are so many heroes out there, what is so special about me?

Madame: Your destiny is bigger than you understand! Yes there are many heroes out there, doing their part to pave the way for future generations of heroes. Alexander do you ever wonder what this power within you is, what its for, and why when you use it, it takes away your life force?

Xander: Yes I do, but no one seems to know what it is, or they know and wont tell me!

Man: Madame, not yet!

Xander: Ok, new player, who are you?

Man: I am beyond words! Beyond understanding! Beyond your comprehension!

Xander: The Beyonder!

Beyonder: Madame Web I thought you said he wasn't to smart?

Madame: Well that might have been an over exaggeration!

Xander: Its nice to know you think so highly of me, Madame Web! So I've read files on you, but what do you want with me?

Beyonder: I have watched you for sometime now, you've passed tests that I have laid before you! But all of this leads to something far greater. Your existence has created a rift between the veils, of the many earths that exist!

Xander: Why? How?

Beyonder: You have died twice now, you've been to another earth! This has corrupted the balance, you are an anomaly, your life should have been over the first time you died, yet here you are, your will to stay alive is beyond that which has ever been seen. But the universe demands balance, the time line of the future has been altered and now with this second death, the rift created from the first, has split almost completely, the many earths are moving closer together, if they continue to move, they will destroy one another, leaving all earths destroyed! Many have sought to escape through the rift that has been created, one is none other than Apocalypse, he has found his way from an earth that is created in his image, and seeks to enter through the rift into your world! But he is not the only one!

Xander: You said I passed tests, what did you mean?

Beyonder: Do you think you just so happened to be placed in places that require your assistance by accident? I have placed you strategically where you were needed most. To see how you would handle what was laid in front of you. When your powers have not been working, it is because I made it so!

Xander: What, how could you do something like that, if anyone had died...

Beyonder: But they didn't! You had to prove yourself, and that you did. You continued to fight, knowing there was a chance that you would be killed!

Xander: Do you find fun in testing people? I know all about the secret wars!

Beyonder: Its what I do! Its what needs to be done!

Xander: What are the powers of the prophecy?

Beyonder: In time all shall be revealed!

Xander: Why does the power take away my life force?

Beyonder: I have told you enough for the moment! We shall meet again!

Xander: But there are still so many things I don't understand!

Beyonder: All things in its own time!

Madame: Alexander, it is time, you must return to your body!

Back at the mansion-

Scott: (I laid Xander's body on a table in the med bay, the Professor, Jean, Logan, Hank, Ororo, all stood around his body. The professor called for Dr. Strange and his wife. In puff of smoke they appear)

Clea: (Running to Xander's side) My baby! (Crying) This isn't real it cant be real!

Dr. Strange: (Looking at Scott) This is all your fault!

Scott: (Logan holding him back) MINE, you sent us there, you put his life in danger, and for what! Tell me you have a way to bring him back again, TELL ME!

Dr. Strange: (Looking down) I don't! His death at the hands of Morgan Le Fay, was one of mystical origins, this is not!

Scott: Damn you, Damn you Strange!

Xander: (I take a deep breath, it feels as if I have held my breath underwater, for far to long, and I have come up for air. I gasp and cough. I open my eyes and I am surrounded by familiar faces. Oh great my father is here, don't want to answer any questions, hell don't even want to try and explain what just happened. I just want to be alone with Scott, tell him everything that happened! Everyone is looking at me, I try to talk, but no words come out. What would I say. Maybe I should act like I don't have my memories!) Do I have something on my face?

Clea: Your alive, it's a miracle!

Hank: I don't understand, it is scientifically impossible, he's been dead way to long!

Scott: Xander! Your crazy kid-o! (I want to run and hug him, but this isn't the time)

Dr. Strange: My son, how is that you are still alive?

Xander: I could ask you the same thing, how many times have you cheated death?

Jean: But you do know who you are?

Xander: Yes, thank God!

Clea: Do you remember what happened?

Xander: I remember, is everyone one on the Savage Land ok?

Jean: Yes, you did it you destroyed the satellites!

Xander: And Queen Leanne?

Pro-X: She is still at large, however I'm sure she return soon or later!

Logan: Ok, I don't know about any of you but I really want to know what happened all this time, while you where dead, where were you?

Xander: Professor, can you connect everyone to my mind, so I can show you, its to complicated to tell?

Pro-X: No problem!

Xander: (The professor connects our minds together and I show them all that transpired!) Now that you have all seen that, its time for everyone here that knows anything about all of this to start talking, there is no more keeping secrets, there is no more protecting me, I want the truth, all of it now!

Jean: <Go Xander, give em hell!>

Dr. Strange: Your not ready for the truth!

Clea: Stephen, we cant keep trying to protect him, his destiny is chasing him, and if he isn't prepared...

Dr. Strange: I will fight his battles for him, until there is a night within a day, he can not be told! (Grabs his wife and disappears in a puff of smoke)


Pro-X: Alexander, please do not strain yourself!

Xander: Until a night within a day? More riddles, more questions without answers!

Scott: Xander, will figure this all out!

Xander: Apocalypse, Sinister, Beyonder, prophecy! What do they all have in common, what am I missing? Wait, Sinister said (Turning to the professor) that you know more than your telling me about these powers, what do you know professor, what aren't you telling me?

Scott: Xander you cant believe anything Sinister says!

Xander: Scott, please, I need the professor to talk now!

Pro-X: Alexander, you must know that anything I've discovered is only the surface of what is really happening, and I in no way was keeping this from you, I was waiting for the right moment! Your mutant abilities are just that, mutant, the power that lays dormant within you, is something far ancient in nature. Your mother was born of a mutant and an old one! An old one is a being that has been here before man or beast walk the earth! As far as I have learned this old one watched the humans of this earth, when he came across your grandmother, a woman who was not the evil person we know today, back then she was uncorrupted by evil. He fell in love with her, and entered the body of Orini, your grandfather. He slept with her and so your grandmother found herself pregnant with your mother. The power that was passed down overwhelmed your grandmother and consumed her, so much so that she has sought to capture you to gain that power!

Xander: So I have the power of an old one! But what is the power?

Pro-X: The old one pre-dates written word, there is no name for him, there is no record of him, it is just known that he existed! I'm sorry, but I don't know what the power is!

Xander: There is no test, nothing at all that we can do to figure it out?

Pro-X: I'm sorry but there isn't!

Xander: I don't understand why my father insists on keeping me in the dark, if I am in another situation when I have to use that power, who knows if I will survive it!

Scott: Then you don't use the power until you know how to control it!

Xander: Easier said then done, you know I could never stand by and let something happen to people if I have the chance to use my powers! I'm so frustrated I cant stand it!

Scott: Xander, will figure all out, step by step!

Xander: All these people are after me, some are being freed because of me, and who knows how many people are going to get hurt because of my power! How do we prepare to battle all of these people, how?

Scott: Xander please calm down, we will do what we always do, stand our ground, and fight to win!

Pro-X: Alexander, your panicking, please you must calm yourself. The X-men have faced many of these villains before, and we still live to tell the tale, you must have faith in your teammates!

Xander: I'm sorry, really I am, I'm just angry with my parents, I'm scared, I'm confused, I'm tired!

Jean: Xander you've been through a lot, why don't you go take a shower and rest for a while?

Xander: Great idea, but you have to know this doesn't end here, we need to be prepared, if what Madame said is true, time is running out and a major battle is ahead!

A secret base-

Sinister: Stryfe, without a doubt Cable will be here, you must be ready to kill him! He can not prevent us from capturing the boy!

Stryfe: What so damn special about this boy?

Sinister: He is the key to the ultimate power!

Stryfe: Whatever, as long as I finally get to kill Cable!

Sinister: Just remember the boy is to remain unharmed!

In an alley-

Bishop: Cable, you cant just kill him, you could change the future, causing more damage!

Cable: More damage, their all dead, everyone of them, and its all his fault!

Bishop: It wasn't his fault, we are here to prevent it all from happening!

Cable: (Holding his gun up) This is how we are going to prevent it!

Bishop: I would have never brought you with me if I knew you would not listen to reason! Your reason for wanting him dead are completely personal, and have nothing to do with what's happened in the future!

Cable: Don't go talking about stuff you don't understand!

Bishop: What's not to understand, you think he's to blame for your mother and father not being together, I'm telling you he has nothing to do with it!

Cable: Lets just get to the school!

Bishop: I swear to you, if you do anything to try and harm him, I will do whatever it takes to stop you!

Cable: You do what you need to do and I'll do what I have to do!

On the world of Apocalypse-

Apocalypse: All most there, just a little bit more time and the rift with will be wide enough to get through!

Minion: My Lord, what do you suppose created the rift?

Apocalypse: There is only one thing that could have caused this, the death and rebirth of the prophecy child! This has been ordained long ago!

Minion: By who my Lord!

Apocalypse: By the old one, my father!

The home of Dr. Strange-

Clea: Damn it, Stephen why are you being this way, talk to me?

Dr. Strange: Its better if you don't know!

Clea: I will not except that as an answer! I'm your wife damn it, talk to me!

Dr. Strange: I've tried to keep him safe, I tried to keep anyone from knowing who he really was, and now everything the mystics have foreseen is coming to pass!

Clea: What is it, what did they see?

Dr. Strange: If our son lives, all of the X-men will be killed, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it!

Clea: My God, how, why?

Dr. Strange: Apocalypse will use him, once he learns, if he hasn't already that Alexander is his blood relative, he knows he will be able to control him!

Clea: Then why not tell him that my father was possessed by an old one. That the power within him is that of a Hell God!

Dr. Strange: Need I remind you of how you reacted when you found out?

Clea: That's not fair, I was already going out of my mind, If you hadn't brought me back from the edge...

Dr. Strange: You would have killed everyone in the palace! Now imagine his power, and that anger together, he will destroy everyone and everything! He has enough power in him to destroy this planet, and create a new one in its place! Apocalypse knows this, the others that are after him, who knows what they know!

Clea: What do you suggest we do?

Dr. Strange: We have to get him out of here, out of this time, to a place where no one knows who he is, and no one can ever find him!

Clea: He will never agree!

Dr. Strange: I not going to give him an option!

At the mansion-

Scott: (Speaking to a sleeping Xander) Life is just getting more and more complicated isn't it. Your going to have to trust me, and know that I'm not going anywhere, and I will protect you with my life. Now more than ever we have to stick together, we have to trust each other, and for once you going to have to start following my lead. You do have the biggest heart I have ever seen, but that heart is going to get you killed one day, and this 9 lives of yours are starting to run out, and you haven't even hit 18 yet!

Xander: (Eyes still shut) So you do realize your robbing the cradle?

Scott: (Starts tickling him) You little shit, you were awake this whole time?

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, stop, please, ha, ha, ha, ok, ok, yes I was awake, I here the sound of your voice and you want me to stay sleeping?

Scott: So will you listen to what I said?

Xander: Scott, I do trust you more than anything, and I know I should follow your lead, you've been doing this for years and years and years ...

Scott: Do you really want me to start tickling you again?

Xander: No, but you get what I mean, and I know, but sometimes, there is this thing within me that takes control, the awareness that tells me what needs to be done and then it just happens!

Scott: Xander, this isn't about us, when I say the things I'm saying to you, if we weren't together, I would still say this to you, I don't want you to die, I want you to live a long and healthy life! But you keep going at the rate you are, who knows what will happen, you might not be so lucky to wake up ever again!

Xander: So were together?

Scott: What are you talking about?

Xander: You've never said it, I have never said it, what are we, boyfriends?

Scott: I've never really thought about it, I don't know, I guess we are!

Xander: So you guess we are, you don't know? That's refreshing to know!

Scott: Xander, neither you nor I have ever been in a relationship before of this kind, I know I'm not ready for labels!

Xander: Are you embarrassed of me or something?

Scott: That's not fair!

Xander: Relax I'm just giving you a hard time, I don't know about all the coming out of the closet stuff! When the time is right and we are both agreed, will do it together!

Scott: I am so lucky I found you!

Xander: Your lucky, I thought I was the one that found you!

Scott: I think we're pretty much even on the number of times we've found each other!

Pro-X: <X-men to the front of the school now!>

Scott: Come on we've got trouble!

Xander: (We make our way to the front of the school and join the rest of our team! I cant see so I float upwards to look and see to men standing there, one with a big gun! Next thing I knew he was shooting at me, I tried to move but he hit a part of the mansion and the bricks came falling down on me, can this day getting any better? I stood up throwing all the bricks off of me. I flew up and then straight at the guy, and moved my upper body back and kicked his face with my foot, sending him flying backwards) Are you that weak that you have to sucker punch a guy?

Bishop: Cable stand down, I told you already, I wont ask again!

Cable: We can try this your way, if it doesn't work, we do it mine!

Scott: Cable, what the hell do you think your doing, do you ever learn to not shoot first and ask questions later?

Cable: Hello to you too dad!

Pro-X: What is this all about, why have you come here from the future?

Bishop: The time line leading to the future has been altered!

Pro-X: If that's the case how is it that you still remember what the old future was like, shouldn't your memories be changed as well?

Bishop: When Witness created these wrist bands they protected us from losing the memory of what was!

Xander: (News flash, he just called Scott dad, these guys are from the future, and he just called Scott dad, yes I know I said it twice, but don't you think its worth saying twice?)

Scott: What caused this change in the timeline?

Bishop: (Pointing at Xander) He does!

Xander: I do, I think you have the wrong guy buddy!

Cable: Does he look like he has the wrong guy?

Xander: I don't remember talking to you!

Cable: When ever your ready go at it, just let me know?

Xander: You just want me to kick your ass don't you?

Cable: Are you sure your not going to hide behind your X-men?

Xander: (Getting in his face) Does it look like I'm hiding?

Jean: Cable back down now!

Cable: Aw, come on mom, just let me do it, for you!

Xander: Are you drunk or something, aside from the fact that your breath sticks, your talking crazy talk, Jean and Scott aren't your parents!

Cable: What did daddy not tell you about his son, while he was putting you to sleep at night?

Xander: That's it you're a dead man! (I punch him in the face, he flies backwards, and regains his balance and flips himself up in the air and lands on his feet, he comes at me and we begin to fight, he punches I block, I round kick, he blocks, I flip over his head land behind him and kick back he grabs my foot and pulls me around him, I kick my other foot as he's spinning me, and we both flip backwards landing on our feet, Scott and Jean run between us)

Scott: Stand down both of you!

Xander and Cable: (At the same time) HE STARTED IT!

Jean: We all need to sit down and talk, no more fighting, do you both understand?

Cable: Just keep him away from me!

Xander: Don't do me any favors!

Bishop: If you two girls are done with your lovers quarrel, we have serious work to do, and little time to do it in!

Xander: (Just then the Marauders showed up, Sinister must of sent them, they included Vertigo, Sunfire, Arclight, Blockbuster, and a man I didn't know)

Stryfe: Hello Mum, hello dad, hello brother!

Cable: I've got your brother right here! (Holding his gun)

Stryfe: I'm sure you do brother, but that wont help you not this time! Vertigo now!

Xander: (Vertigo creates sonically induced sensations of vertigo, everyone started grabbing their heads and falling to the ground, I flew up high enough to where it didn't effect me, and shot her with an optic blast sending her flying back.)

Stryfe: Don't harm the kid, Sinister wants him alive!

Scott: Xander...

Xander: (Interrupting) I know, stay by your side!

Cable: Good doggie will give you a treat when this is all over with!

Xander: Bite me! (I really hate that guy! Sunfire started battling against Iceman, and I was pretty sure Iceman would beat him. Its been a really long time since I've hung out with my friends, I wonder how everyone is doing! Arclight, held up her middle finger at me and made a motion for me to come closer, there was no way I was backing out of this, I took a fighting stance and held out my hand and waved her over, she came running at me jumped in the air and landed on my chest kicking me backwards)

Cable: You big sissy cant even fight a girl!

Xander: When I'm done with her me you and you are going at it!

Cable: If there's anything left of you, I've got my money riding on her!

Xander: (I took a deep breath and blew her 50 yards away) You were saying! (Blockbuster came up behind me and punched me in the head sending me straight into the ground, I was so dizzy I felt like a building just landed on my head. He grabbed me by the back of my hair and started punching my face into the ground again and again. I started to spin myself at super speed sending him flying back off of me, I landed and picked him up and threw him to the same place I threw Arclight!)

Stryfe: Retreat! Retreat!

Xander: That wasn't even a fight, your giving up that quickly?

Stryfe: I'm from the future too kid, we did get you in the end, and one of your teammates there helps us to do it! They hand you over without a second thought! So I'll be seeing ya!

Xander: Your lying!

Stryfe: Will see!

Xander: (I fly after him and crash into what must have been a telekinetic shield! I land on the ground with a thud)

Cable: Cant let you do it, he might have been baiting you!

Xander: You did that?

Cable: Jean is my mom and I do have all of her powers!

Xander: Why save me I thought you wanted me dead?

Cable: That hasn't changed!

Xander: Go to know!

Cable: They don't want you dead, they want you alive, and in their hands you're a massive weapon, I'd rather kill you first before they can get their hands on you!

Xander: What is your problem with me?

Cable: To many to list!

Xander: I don't even know you!

Cable: But I know you, you home wrecker!

Xander: Home wrecker, you are on some serious ass drugs! You really have no idea what your talking about!

Cable: HI, I'm from the future do you want me to tell you your fortune!

Xander: (Getting in his face) I don't, and I don't know and I don't care what your problem is, if you don't stay out of my face, I will kick your ass so hard you wont need a time machine to get back to the future, my boot will do it for you! (I fly off and into my room, this is ridiculous why does he get under my skin so bad, I don't even know him, he doesn't know me this is insane)


A secret base-

Sinister: Did you plant the chip on him?

Stryfe: Everything went as planned!

Sinister: Are you sure, we cant afford any mistakes not when we are this close!

Stryfe: Blockbuster did it exactly like you showed him to, I saw it myself!

Sinister: Those fools, they should know me better by know, they never learn!


Back at the mansion-

Xander: (Ok I stormed off to my room 20 minuets ago, Scott should have been here by now. Maybe he doesn't want to explain things, every time I think I know him, something else always comes out and he becomes like a stranger to me. Argh I wish I could be mad at him, I hate that he keeps things from me, but then again people have their reasons for secrets, just check out my family.) TOPAZ, TOPAZ, please come here I need you!

Topaz: Master Alexander, welcome back!

Xander: Thanks Topaz, but please just call me Xander, you're my friend, I'm not your master!

Topaz: Yes Xander sir!

Xander: Topaz, I trust you, you've come through for me a million times, more than my father ever has. Please, you know what my parents are keeping from me, tell me what it is?

Topaz: Sir, your father knows best, he does things for your safety, he loves you, I have spent many years, hearing him cry himself to sleep over you and your mother. I have watched as he watched you, and have seen the pain in his heart, that he couldn't be near you, if he hasn't told you, believe me he is doing it for a good reason!

Xander: He could have kept me with him Topaz, I don't feel sorry for him it was his choice!

Topaz: You see all that is taking place, you know all the dangers that lay behind every corner waiting for you! He knew of all this, and he set out to save you from ever having to deal with this! You cant imagine what it is like for him to know what would happen to his own son, if the wrong people got their hands on him, and now his worst fears are coming to life!

Xander: With everything he did to protect me I still wound up in harms way, so what did he really accomplish?

Topaz: He did what he thought best, there was no way to know this would happen!

Xander: He should know destiny always gets its way, one way or another!

Topaz: I'm sorry I have to go, he is calling me now!

Xander: Thank you Topaz! (He disappears in a cloud of smoke. I lay there in my bed wondering what is happening downstairs, but there was no way I was going down there, and then there was a knock on my door.) Finally, come in its open!

Jean: Xander, what are you doing in here?

Xander: Its my room!

Jean: Xander there are some things you need to know!

Xander: And Scott is to afraid to talk to me about them?

Jean: No he wanted to come up but I wouldn't let him, I wanted to be the one!

Xander: Oh!

Jean: Its hard for him, I just wanted to save him the pain! Cable is Scott's son, See what happened is this Sinister wanted to destroy Apocalypse so he took my DNA, while I was dead, which is another story for another time, anyway, he created a clone of me, she was programmed to love Scott and to seduce him into bed, it worked, and Cable was born, and sent to the future, to protect him from Apocalypse ever finding out, years later after my return, we found out about Cable, he came back from the future, to help us destroy Apocalypse, and we found out the truth!

Xander: Who is Stryfe?

Jean: He is a clone of Cable!

Xander: I think I have a head ache now!

Jean: Its not easy to talk about that time in Scotts life, you have to understand so many bad things happened to him!

Xander: Jean, I'm going to tell you something and you cant say a word, this is just between us!

Jean: Of course!

Xander: When I was in Scotts head, I saw a lot of pain full things through out his past and one of them was about you! It killed me to see it, and I would never tell him about it, I just wish he would share his feelings and his past with me.

Jean: Xander, he's just worried about you, he thinks you've dealt with to much in your young life, and he doesn't want to burden you with his baggage is all!

Xander: But isn't that apart of being in a relationship with someone?

Jean: Yes it is, and in his own time he will share it with you!

Xander: I'm a patient man, I can wait! I don't like it, but I can wait! (Just then my father appears, he waves his hand and Jean knocks out on the bed) What have you done to her?

Dr. Strange: She is just sleeping, she will be fine!

Xander: Are you going to hurt everyone you find in my bedroom when you show up?

Dr. Strange: I wont have to!

Xander: What do you mean?

Dr. Strange: You wont be staying her anymore, your coming with me!

Xander: (Before I can even blink he throws a potion at me, and I am out like a light ball)

Dr. Strange: One day you will thank me for this!

End Chapter-