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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

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Chapter 24- Soul mates

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Jean: (I ran back downstairs to Scott and the others) Scott, he took him, he took Xander!

Scott: What! Who took him?

Jean: Dr. Strange!

Bishop: Damn it this is all your fault Cable!

Cable: My fault what did I do?

Bishop: You pissed him off and he went to his room!

Cable: You cant blame me if the kid is a baby!

Bishop: This is exactly what happened, Dr. Strange took him and Sinister finds him!

Scott: What do you mean?

Bishop: In the history files, Dr. Strange took his son from the school, trying to protect him, he planned to take him somewhere and start a new life, where no one new who Xander was, but somehow Sinister finds out where they went and goes after him, he catches him!

Scott: If Sinister can find him so can we!

Jean: Bishop the files never said where Dr. Strange took him to?

Bishop: No they didn't!

Cable: Why don't we go after Sinister and let him lead us to the kid?

Scott: That's the smartest thing you've said so far!

A Secret Base-

Stryfe: Sinister he is on the move!

Sinister: The chip is working then, have your team prepared as soon as they stop, move out! Kill anyone you have to, but harm a single hair on that boys head, and you wont live to see another day!

Stryfe: Don't get your panties in a twist, I know the score!

Sinister: Victory is soon at hand! I will be a God among men!

The year 2004-Home of Dr. Strange-

Clea: This is unforgivable Stephen!

Dr. Strange: As long as he is alive, he can hate me all he wants!

Clea: How do you know the potion worked?

Dr. Strange: I couldn't just perform a spell, with the bracelets he wears! The potion was the only way to, I have been working on it for a really long time, its perfect!

Clea: Playing with his mind its wrong, others have done it to him, we are his parents, the ones he should trust the most, doing this we are no different then them!

Dr. Strange: Tell me Clea would you rather him dead, would you rather the X-men dead, tell me Clea, what is the right thing to do?

Clea: There is always another way Stephen, this is wrong no matter how you try to paint it!

Dr. Strange: We will give him a chance at a normal life! This time with both his parents! Just trust me, he wont remember nothing but his two parents who love him, his home here with us, don't you want a second chance to do it right?

Clea: You know I do, but this is not the way!

Dr. Strange: Clea, this conversation is over, in time you will see this is for the best! (Xander enters the room)

Xander: Good morning!

Dr. Strange: Do you sleep well son?

Xander: Like a rock! (Kisses him mother) I have a big day today!

Clea: Your not leaving without something to eat!

Xander: Mom! I'll eat a big lunch!

Dr. Strange: Alexander, at least drink your orange juice and eat a piece of toast!

Xander: Fine! Where is Topaz?

Dr. Strange: He's running an errand!

Xander: Does that mean I can take the car to school?

Clea: NO! I'm not ready for you to be driving!

Xander: (Looking through his back pack) I feel like I'm forgetting something! You wont let me fly to school, you wont let me drive!

Dr. Strange: Alexander, we already talked about this, your not to use your powers!

Xander: I know, I know! (Xander's friend Mark enters the back door)

Mark: Good morning Dr. Strange, Mrs. Strange!

Clea: Hey Mark!

Dr. Strange: Mark!

Mark: You ready to go Xand?

Xander: Bye!

Dr. Strange: Home after school, no diddle dallying around!

Xander: Yes Dad!

Mark: Topaz isn't taking us?

Xander: No, and they wouldn't let me drive either!

Mark: Your parents sure are strict!

Xander: You don't have to tell me! Come on or will never catch the bus!

Later at school-

Xander: I cant believe the Fantastic Four are speaking at our school today!

Mark: Are we going to try and sneak in back and get their autographs?

Xander: You know we are! (After the lecture by the FF, Mark and I snuck back stage and waited for the FF to walk our way, they were talking to a teacher about a School for mutants, The Xavier School for gifted youngsters! A school of mutants just like me, finally there would be others that I could talk to, people that would know what I'm going through. They started walking our way!)

Johnny: Sue, this is the last school lecture I'm going to!

Sue: Johnny, we talked about this, we have an obligation, you cant just focus on the money making side of things!

Johnny: What other side is there?

Xander: Hi, sorry to bother you, but we were just wondering if you would sign this poster for us?

Johnny: It'll cost you kid!

Xander: (When he grabbed the poster and maker out of my hand, I had the strangest sensation that we've met before. But I know that's impossible!) Actually I want Mr. Fantastic's autograph, he's my Idol!

Johnny: What, stretch is your idol?

Xander: I plan on being a scientist one day, and well he's just the coolest!

Mark: I want yours Johnny, Xander here is a bit of a book nerd!

Reed: I'd be happy to sign this for you! It makes me proud to know there are still young scientist out there!

Xander: I read your article on molecular regeneration in the Scientific Journal!

Johnny: You actually read that! Kid what's wrong with you, your parents don't let you have a TV in the house?

Xander: You know Mr. Fantastic is working on break through technology, that can one day change the face of the world, he's giving less fortunate people a fighting chance, he's giving them hope for a better tomorrow, what are you doing to help people, and sleeping with all the girls you can get your hands on doesn't count!

Sue: He's got you there Johnny!

Johnny: I guess even nerds have to have fans!

Xander: Sorry, I don't mean to be rude I just take Mr. Fantastic's work very seriously!

Sue: You just made his day! So what's your name?

Xander: Alexander Strange!

Sue: Your not related to a DR. Strange are you?

Xander: That would be my father!

Sue: We didn't even know he had a son, that's odd!

Xander: You know my father?

Sue: Very well indeed!

Xander: Please, you cant say that I talk to you at all, he would be so mad at me!

Reed: That doesn't sound like him, why would he be mad?

Xander: He doesn't want me talking to super heroes or mutants, at all! He thinks its to dangerous for me!

Reed: Well your secret is safe with us!

Xander: Then can I ask you a question?

Reed: Sure!

Xander: You were talking about a school for mutants, what's that all about?

Reed: it's a school to help young mutants coming into their powers, a place where they can have a chance at a being free to be themselves!

Xander: Awesome, so where is this school!

Reed: Well, I don't think it's a good idea to tell you if your father doesn't want you around mutants! (A teacher walks over)

Teacher: What are you two doing, I'm sorry if there bothering you, don't you two have classes you should be getting to?

Xander: It was great meeting you guys, you too Johnny! Thanks for everything! (I'm so finding that school if it's the last thing I do! We went to our last two classes and the school day was over.)

Mark: You better get home or your dad is going to freak!

Xander: You go on without me, I have something I have to do!

Mark: Your going to be grounded for a week, see you later!

Xander: Later! (I made my way to a pay phone and searched through a phone directory, and found the number it didn't have an address, so I called, a woman answered the phone) Hello, I was told that this was a school for mutants, and well I'm a mutant and I was wondering if there was anyway I could come and check this place out?

Woman: What makes you think you're a mutant?

Xander: I can fly well sort of, I have supper speed, super hearing, super breath should I go on?

Woman: No that is way more than enough! How did you hear about us?

Xander: I over heard a conversation by the Fantastic Four! If it's a problem I'll understand!

Woman: No, it wont be a problem at all, when did you want to do this?

Xander: Would now be good? (She gave me directions and I walked into the alley and made sure no one was looking and took off, it was a rocky flight, see I don't really get to use my powers so I`m not really good at this, I finally made it there, it was huge, how amazing is this going to be! I got over the school and saw some people standing at the front of it so I attempted to land next to them, instead I went crashing in to a bush.) Ow! I'm alright, don't worry happens all the time!

Scott: Are you sure your ok?

Xander: Ya, sorry, I'm not use to flying all that much!

Scott: I could tell by your perfect landing!

Jean: Hi I'm Jean, this is Ororo, and Scott!

Xander: My names Alexander Strange, but you can call me Xander! (Wow that guy is the hottest guy I've ever seen in my whole life!)

Jean: <He is isn't he?>

Xander: What the heck was that?

Jean: <Your not the only one with powers!>

Xander: That's awesome!

Scott: So when did you first notice your abilities?

Xander: When I was about 13, I was running home I was late as usual and I knew my dad was going to have a fit, anyway, next thing I knew I was two counties over, I started to freak out of course, I called my mom and she came and picked me up.

Scott: So your parents are ok with it?

Xander: Well they are ok with it, but they wont allow me to talk to other mutants, and they just don't get how hard it is having all of these powers and not being able to tell anyone!

Jean: So they don't know you're here?

Xander: My dad would probably turn me into a snake and lock me in cage if he knew, he really doesn't want me talking to people with powers!

Ororo: You said your last name was Strange, so is your father Dr. Strange?

Xander: The one and only!

Ororo: I've known your father for a long time now, he has never mentioned having a son!

Xander: That's twice I've heard that today, I'm starting to take it personally!

Scott: I don't understand why would he not want you around others like yourself, especially when he himself works with other mutants!

Xander: it's the mystery that is my father!

Ororo: Well I have a class I must get to, it was nice meeting you Xander, we will see each other again!

Xander: I hope so!

Scott: Well why don't we walk around and show you the school?

Xander: I'd go anywhere with you! Sorry that didn't come out the way I meant it!

Scott: Sure kid-o I believe ya!

Jean: <Ya right you didn't mean that>

Xander: (Blushing) Ok now your embarrassing me!

Scott: (Grabbing him around the neck and messing his hair) It just means we like you!

Xander: (We walked around the school and they should be the classrooms and the dormitories, the grounds, we talked and joked and it was like I belonged right with them, and we made out way to the cafeteria and grabbed a drink and sat down) This place is off the hook!

Scott: I'm glad you like, it really is a home to most of us!

Jean: To bad the professor isn't here to meet you, next time though!

Xander: I really wish I could live here, I cant believe the way students all freely use their powers, not afraid of getting themselves into trouble! So is it just me or do you guys feel like we know each other?

Jean: Well Scott here never usually never warms up to people this quickly, he's usually a big stiff!

Scott: Who me, I always like this, I don't know what she's talking about!

Jean: Ya right! But ya its weird isn't it, you fit right in with us, your breaking up our usual two some!

Xander: So instead of the dynamic duo, we can be the three musketeers!

Scott: All for one and one for all!

Jean: Oh God he loves that movie!

Xander: The man in the iron mask?

Scott: Yes!

Xander: That's mine two, Leonardo DeCaprio did such a good job! I sometimes feel like that's me, always having to hide who I really am!

Scott: Well now you have us kid-o, where not going anywhere!

Xander: Going anywhere shoot, what time is it?

Jean: Its going on 6:30!

Xander: I have to go, my dad is going to kill me!

Scott: What are you going to tell him?

Xander: I hate to do it but I'm going to lie and say I was working on the props for the school play!

Scott: When will we see you again?

Xander: When do you want to see me again?

Jean: As soon as you can come back!

Scott: Ya, here's my cell phone number just call and tell us your coming!

Xander: You guys are the best, thanks so much for everything!

Scott: You can use it anytime by the way, will always be here for you if you need to talk or anything.

Xander: Somehow I know that!

Scott: No get out of here, and watch your landing!

Xander: I'm never going to live that down am I!

Scott: Not if I can help it!

Xander: Goodbye! (I flew home and crash landed down the street in an alley. I ran home and tried to creep through the back door. That wasn't happening my mom was standing right there!) Hi mom!

Clea: Alexander where were you, you know your suppose to be home straight after school!

Xander: You know mom I'm almost 18 years old, how long do you guys plan on treating me like I'm five?

Clea: Honey listen you know your father does dangerous work, and that he has a lot of enemies, if they find you, they would do God knows what to you, to get back at him!

Xander: Like that would happen, no one even knows he's my father!

Clea: Why would you say that?

Xander: I've never met a single one of his friends, do any of them even know that I'm alive?

Clea: Sweetheart, every thing your father does is to keep you safe, you have to know that!

Xander: I guess, I just don't like being treated like a kid all the time, its like he doesn't trust me or something!

Clea: Your father does trust you, it's the rest of the world he doesn't trust when it comes to you, one day when you're a parent you'll understand!

Xander: Ya like that's ever going to happen!

Clea: Your young one day you'll want kids!

Xander: I don't think so mom!

Clea: Is there something you want to tell me?

Xander: Like what mom?

Clea: I think you know what I'm talking about!

Xander: Maybe one day mom, but today isn't that day!

Clea: You know you can tell me anything right, nothing will ever change the way I feel about you, you're my son, I will love you no matter what!

Xander: And that's why you're the best mom in the world!

Clea: That doesn't mean your not still in trouble for not coming straight home!

Xander: Come on mom, you were young too, you know what its like to night have a life at all!

Clea: I know, just don't tell your father!

Xander: Thanks mom, I have homework to do, I'm going up to my room!

Clea: Dinner will be read in a half hour!

Xander: Thanks mom! (I went to my room and laid down on my bed, images of Scott flashed through my head, I couldn't help myself, I just connected with him, I don't know what it is about him, but I get so weak in the knees, my heart skips a beat, when he smiles, the way he laughs at me the way he walks, the way I think he looks at me, not really sure if that was all in my head or not. I could tell he was built through his clothes and boy oh boy what I wouldn't give to see him naked. I started to get horny just thinking about him, so I unzipped my pants and started rubbing my cock through my underwear, I rubbed it for a few minuets before I pulled my boxers down and released my swollen member, the cold air felt so good on my hot cock, I started thinking about what Scott's cock would be like, its probably really big, it has to be bigger than my 8, then I started fantasizing about going down on him, swallowing his cock, his legs spread open balls hanging down, I lick up and do wn his shaft, give his balls a hot tongue bath, as he's moaning, saying my name over and over again, telling me what a hot job I'm doing, he grabs my head and moves it back up to his cock, I take it into my mouth and he moves my head up and down faster and faster, I'm getting very close to shooting, so I start thinking of him grabbing my head holding it down and he tells me he's going to shoot and I suck harder as I'm playing with his balls, and he starts to shoot his load inside my mouth, and I start shooting my load all over my chest! I cant help myself I start to take the cum off my chest and bring it to my mouth and lick it off my fingers. Then I hear my mom yelling that dinner is ready, so I clean up and go down stairs to eat)

Dr. Strange: How was school?

Xander: It was great!

Dr. Strange: Anything happen today you want to talk about?

Xander: (Guilty party of one) What are you talking about?

Dr. Strange: The Fantastic Four was at your school today!

Xander: Yes we had an assembly today, and they spoke!

Dr. Strange: Is there a reason you didn't tell me about this?

Xander: Because I knew you would do what your doing now!

Dr. Strange: Look son, you might think I'm being a hard ass on you, but I'm your father and its my job to protect you, I love you son!

Xander: I love you to dad, its just to much, you don't let me do anything, go anywhere, I'm 17 dad, you have to stop this, I feel like you don't trust me, and your not giving me a chance to be me, learn about myself, what I'm capable of!

Dr. Strange: I do trust you, but you have to understand in my...

Xander: (Interrupting) In your line of work yada, yada, yada, you've been saying it all my life, its just not going to cut it anymore, what are you going to do when I turn 18 and go to collage?

Dr. Strange: I'm planning on locking you up in a box and throwing away the key!

Xander: Please tell me your joking?

Dr. Strange: You'll find out when you turn 18!

Xander: MOM!

Clea: He's just kidding!

Xander: He finally decides to make a joke and that's what he choose to make a joke about!

Dr. Strange: Just please for now, stay away from people with powers!

Xander: Then I guess I have to leave home!

Clea: Xander!

Xander: What only he's allowed to joke! I'll make you a deal, you give me some room to hang out with friends and be young, and I will stay away from Mutants!

Dr. Strange: You have to tell me where your going at all times!

Xander: Deal!

Dr. Strange: I'm giving you an inch, please don't try to take a mile! I'm really trusting you here ok, don't let me down!

Xander: I promise you I wont! (We finished eating dinner and I went up to my room. I decided that I should call Scott and tell him the good news.) Hello, hi Scott!

Scott: Who is this, how did you get my phone number?

Xander: Its me Xander, you gave it to me today!

Scott: I know I was just kidding!

Xander: Well you scared the hell out of me!

Scott: So what's going on Kid-o?

Xander: I talk to my dad and he's going to start giving me some space to spread my wings!

Scott: That's great, so then your coming here for sure tomorrow?

Xander: Do you want me to come tomorrow?

Scott: Do I have to beg you, cause I'm not super big on the begging, well unless someone is begging me!

Xander: Can I please, please, please come see you tomorrow?

Scott: What am I going to do with you?

Xander: I'll see you tomorrow mister Summers!

Scott: Goodnight!

Xander: Wait Scott!

Scott: Yes!

Xander: Goodnight!

Scott: Your silly!

Xander: (I hung up the phone feeling like I was on cloud nine, I could feel the smile on his face over the phone, and now I'm floating above my bed, this is really going to be the start of something great! I fell asleep and woke up and went to school, I counted every minuet of the day waiting for the final bell to ring, I really wanted to get back to my new friends. Mark is great, but he doesn't know my secret, and I'm not ready to tell him and see if he would flip out or not. School finally ended and I took off running to an alley and flying to the school. I finally arrived and Scott and Jean were waiting outside, I didn't want to fall so I slowed myself down and floated to the ground landing on my feet!)

Scott: Damn!

Xander: What?

Jean: He just lost 20 bucks!

Xander: How?

Scott: I bet you would crash land, she thought you would float down!

Xander: Thanks for all the faith in me!

Jean: I'm so glad you made it!

Xander: Me too! I've been so excited all day!

Scott: So we have a fun filled afternoon for you!

Xander: Sweet! What are we going to do?

Jean: We have this room here at the school where we practice using our powers, we thought it would be great for you to have a chance to see what your made of!

Xander: So great to me point the way! (We went through the school and made our way to an elevator and then existed into a lower level of the school) This place is huge!

Scott: You do understand we can never let you leave now that you've seen this place?

Xander: Your kidding right?

Jean: Nope I'm afraid not!

Xander: You guys are starting to scare me!

Scott: Your not going to pee your pants or anything?

Xander: No but I will fly through the walls to get out!

Jean: Not necessary, we just ask that you never tell anyone about this!

Xander: Your secret is safe with me, hell I'm the Fort Knox of secrets! (We walk through a pair of sliding doors, into a giant black room) Awesome!

Scott: Welcome to thunder dome!

Xander: Two men enter one man leaves!

Jean: Somebody gag me, I have to deal with two Scotts now!

Xander: Twice the fun! (Scott punches in some codes on a computer in the wall and the room changes completely. Its like we are outside on a river somewhere!) Wow its so real!

Scott: Alright, Jean and I are going to show you how it works, will go first and then when you feel like joining in, do so!

Xander: Ok! (They fanned out and robots started flying out and shooting beams at them, Scott started using his optic blast and shooting them. Jean started floating in the air and must have been using telekinesis, she sent two robots flying into one another causing them to explode. I wanted in but I figured I needed to wait a little while. Suddenly two people appeared out of the woods, a blue woman, a big animal looking man with long blonde hair, the blue lady ran and flipped up In the air and landed in front of Scott, they began hand to hand combat, he looked amazing fighting, he must know karate or something, they still had robots coming at them, Scott would hit her and shoot the robots at the same time. Jean was using one hand to hold the guy up and the other to block the hits from the robots. I figured now was as good a time as any, so I jumped in I ran up to the guy Jean was holding up and grabbed his foot and spun him around and through him into some trees, the robots began attacking me, so I used my optic blast to shoot some, and then decided I should fly up and start punching, and that's what I did, I would punch one sending him to a line of robots behind him, I was paying attention and the guy had come out of the woods and jumped up grabbing onto my back, bringing me down with him, I landed on my feet grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder and he landed on his back, he brought his feet back and kicked my in the face sending me flying backwards, I flipped and landed on my feet and one hand, and slid across the ground till I stopped he came running at me, and I waited and timed it right, and uppercut him sending him flying over 50 yards back!)

Scott: Nice job! Now get ready for the Juggernaut!

Xander: The who? (Before I could even get an answer the ground starts shaking I turn around and this huge guy comes barreling at me, he hits me dead on and I go flying back and landing on top of Scott) You could have given me more warning!

Scott: But then I wouldn't of had the pleasure of you being on top of me! I didn't just say that did I!

Xander: Why Mr. Summers are you trying to seduce me? (I was grabbed from behind and lifted into the air, so I spun myself really fast and got out of his grasp, I came down behind him and grabbed him at the waste and flipped him backwards and he landed on his head and crashed into the ground.)

Scott: The only way to defeat him is to get his helmet off!

Xander: (Get his helmet off, ok Xander show them what your made of. He came running at me again but this time I was ready so I closed lined him and he crashed down on his back, I ran over to his head and started to try to take the helmet off, not as easy as I thought I was going to be, he grabbed my leg and slammed me down, I could see Jean and Scott standing next to each other watching, hello I helped them and now they stand and watch me get crashed by this madman. He grabbed my head and was slamming it into the ground!)

Scott: Do you want to stop?

Xander: NO! (I was going to go out like that, when he pulled me up I elbowed him in the stomach, which didn't do anything, so I tried sliding my foot and knocking him off his feet, I grabbed his foot and spun him around and threw him into the trees, I flew after and grabbed a tree that had fell and used it to start whaling on him, it really didn't seem to be doing to much to him, so I hit him one last time sending him flying landing on the face, ran at super speed and got on his back and lifted his helmet for all I was worth, till finally it flung off, and then everything disappeared and the room went back to black)

Jean: Wow now that was impressive!

Scott: With some training you could be a hell of a fighter!

Xander: Who were those people suppose to be?

Scott: They are mutants, that are bad!

Xander: So like the people my father fights?

Scott: Exactly!

Xander: Cool!

Jean: So what did you think?

Xander: It was amazing, I didn't know I had that in me! But at the same time something just feels so natural about this, like I've done it before!

Scott: Well you looked like a natural! Lets go get something to drink!

A secret base-

Sinister: I don't understand the chip was working how can he not be anywhere on the scanner?

Stryfe: It was flashing, its like he just disappeared, like he's not on the planet anymore!

Sinister: No you fool, I could detect him even in the far reaches of space!

Stryfe: Could they have found the chip?

Sinister: If they found the chip it would have self destructed and I would know about it!

Stryfe: What if Cable or Bishop took him into the future?

Sinister: That is a possibility! We need to go to the future and see if he is there, find him damn it!

Stryfe: I'm on it!


Back at the mansion-

Pro-X: What did you find out?

Bishop: He planted some kind of chip on Xander, that can locate him. Xander's chip went off but the he must have disappeared because he's no where on Sinister's scanners, so he's sending Stryfe back to the future to try and locate him there!

Pro-X: Can you check your history files and see if there is anything on Xander?

Bishop: I will try again, there was nothing earlier!

Scott: Jean, are you starting to have memories of Xander that weren't there before?

Jean: I thought something was weird, but I just figured my mind is playing tricks on me!

Scott: Jean, I don't ever remember Xander fighting the Juggernaut in the danger room, since he came here, do you?

Jean: Only the time he really fought him but that was on your way back from the mall!

Scott: But I see us, were standing there watching him take the Juggernaut down in the danger room!

Jean: Me too! Maybe its nothing!

Scott: Maybe he's trying to send us a message from wherever he is at?

Jean: I'm going to give Cerebro another try!

Scott: Xander where are you, give me something more to help me find you!

2004 The mansion-

Xander: So this is your room huh!

Scott: Do you like?

Xander: Mines way bigger!

Scott: Yours is bigger huh!

Xander: You want to show and tell?

Scott: Your really forward!

Xander: That's the think, Scott I'm not a forward person, I'm actually quite shy. But I'm telling you, I just feel like I know you, like it just feels so right to be near you!

Scott: Whoa slow down there buddy!

Xander: I'm freaking you out aren't I!

Scott: For some strange reason your not! I don't know what it is either, but I'm am just so comfortable with you, the only person I have ever been like this around is Jean!

Xander: I put a spell on your and now your mine!

Scott: Did you really?

Xander: And I'm suppose to be the blonde! Of course I didn't! Scott don't be mad at me but (I lean in and kiss him and at first I thought I was the only one doing the kissing, but then when he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced his tongue down my throat I knew he wanted this just as much as I did! We made out for what felt like forever)

Scott: Xander, I, I've never been with a guy before!

Xander: That makes two of us!

Scott: You mean you're a virgin still?

Xander: Yes, is that so shocking?

Scott: Your just so hot, its hard to believe!

Xander: I'm not all that, you on the other hand are amazing!

Scott: Thanks!

Xander: (I start kissing him again and I let my hands roam his body, I start to undo his pants button and slide his pants and underwear down, I pull out his 10 inches and stare with my mouth open)

Scott: So your mouth is already open why don't you swallow it?

Xander: (I couldn't speak I just put my head down and started to work his cock over, just like in my fantasy!)

Jean: <Xander its 6 already you need to get your butt down here>

Xander: How embarrassing! I know she can talk, but can she see without being here?

Scott: Ha, ha, ha, Jean just spoke to you telepathically!

Xander: Yes!

Scott: She wouldn't say anything even if she did see!

Xander: I'm glad your comfortable with all this!

Scott: I'm not, I just know her and she would never do it!

Xander: I have to go!

Scott: I know, I wish you didn't though!

Xander: I'll be back tomorrow if you want me too?

Scott: I do, I love being around you, its been a really long time since I've been this excited about someone, and I would love to see where it leads!

Xander: I just feel like I had lost something and now I've found it. And the strange part is I've been feeling that way for a few days now, like I keep forgetting something, and since I've met you I don't feel that way anymore!

Scott: I'm glad you feel that way about me!

Xander: Me too, your very special!

Scott: Thanks kid-o!

Xander: You know if anyone else called me that I would through a fit, but when you say it, I love it!

Scott: Good! Now come on, we don't want your dad being mad at you on your first day of freedom!
Xander: Wait Scott!

Scott: I love it when you do that!

Xander: I just want one more kiss! (He kisses me and I feel like I'm melting I say goodbye to Jean and fly home as fast as I can I went straight to my room and laid on my bed thinking about this amazing man and the hottest time I've ever had. How life can change so quickly, one day I'm lonely the next I meet the man of my dreams! I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings for us!)

At the mansion-

Scott: Jean, its changed again!

Jean: What do you mean?

Scott: (Whispering) The first time me and Xander Kissed wasn't until he right before he died the 1st time. And now I have a memory of when I was 22 and I'm in my room, my old room and we start kissing, and he starts doing something else when you speak to him telepathically and he freaks thinking you just caught him in the act!

Jean: He's in the past!

Scott: He's in the past and he still found me, is that possible?

Jean: If I were lost or you were lost you know from our connection we always would find each other. You guys have that connection. Dr. Strange must have taken away his memories!

Scott: Yes he still found me, he wasn't kidding when he said soul mates, and the safest place he knows is with me! God I love that kid!


End Chapter-