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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

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Chapter 25- Double the fun


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A secret base-


Sinister: You'd better have good news for me?

Stryfe: I do, he's in the past, 2004!

Sinister: Who took him to the past?

Stryfe: Dr. Strange! But he still managed to become friends with the X-men!

Sinister: Then you know what to do bring back the boy!


At the mansion-

Scott: I'm going with you!

Cable: There is no need for you to come!

Scott: I'm not asking permission!

Cable: Last time I checked you didn't have a way of time travel!

Bishop: Time travel is nothing to be taken lightly, we can endanger the future!

Scott: I've time traveled enough to know the risks! It wont take long for Sinister to figure out where he is, your going to need all the help you can get!

Cable: Don't worry about your precious Xander, will bring him back!

Scott: Why does that not make me feel any better! Bishop, I'm going and that's all there is to it!

Jean: Dr. Strange, is not going to let you just take him, he'll be prepared for this!

Scott: Exactly why we need to do this quickly and together!

Jean: Xander, wont go willingly either, your going to have to convince him!

Cable: If I just hit him over the head, he'll come!

Scott: Now you know why I don't trust you to bring him back! Time is wasting lets go!

2004 the mansion-

Xander: (After a great week with Scott and Jean, I had learned many things, about the evils that are out there, about myself, and control of my powers! Scott and I had gotten a lot closer, we saved apart of everyday just to hang out in his room alone. We haven't gotten past kissing and exchanging blow jobs, but I was ready for more and today I'm going to make my move!) Scott!

Scott: Yes!

Xander: How much do you like me?

Scott: What kind of question is that!

Xander: An important one!

Scott: You know I like you more than words can say!

Xander: Then why haven't you tried to have full on sex with me?

Scott: I don't know, I guess I wanted to make sure we were ready for that!

Xander: I'm beyond ready, I'm at the point of exploding I'm so ready!

Scott: That's all I needed to hear!

Xander: (He starts kissing me again, and then biting down my neck, which drives me wild, he makes his way down my chest, and bites my nipples, I moan so loud, that he bites harder, I push his head down, and he gets to my cock, he grabs it and slaps it on his tongue, my juices start flowing and he licks it up, he swallows my cock, working it up and down, he continues to suck me for a few minuets and then I turn myself around, he gets the idea, and starts kissing my back and making his way down to my virgin hole, as he spreads my cheeks I feel his breath on my hole and I start to moan, begging him to eat me, to just burry his face in my ass, then I feel his tongue licking and then he starts tongue fucking my hole, its driving me wild, I beg him to have his way with me I tell him how much I need to feel his cock inside me, he grabs my by the back of my hair and lifts my face to his and kisses me with a passion I have never felt before.)

Scott: I want you so bad you don't even know!

Xander: Not more than I want you, since the moment I saw you, I've wanted you to be inside me, your all I think about, your all I've ever wanted, I hate being away from you!

Scott: Xander, I love you!

Xander: I've loved you since the moment I saw you! (As we kiss he slides his cock inside of me ever so slowly, I gasp, and he just bites my neck) Fuck Scott your so huge!

Scott: Do you want me to stop?

Xander: No, please don't, I love the way it feels, its like it belongs there, Scott fuck me, I want to feel you sliding in and out of my ass!

Scott: Fuck you drive me insane, your fucking hot as hell, your ass feels so good around my cock, so tight and warm, Xander I want to do this all the time!

Xander: Scott I'm yours if you want me!

Scott: I do want you, I want you all the time, I hate when you leave, I wish you could just stay here with me, forever!

Xander: Fuck, Scott, harder, please fuck me harder!

Scott: Does that mean yes, you'll stay with me forever?

Xander: Forever Scott, Forever!

Scott: Fuck ya, take my cock, you wanted it harder now your going to get!

Xander: Oh, fuck ya, fuck me Scott, use my ass good, Fuck! (He started pounding my ass hard, I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, I started raising my ass to meet his thrusts, fuck this felt so good!) Scott, I'm cumming and I didn't even touch my self, fuck ya, fuck the cum out of me!

Scott: Oh, fuck, I can feel you shooting, your ass is squeezing the cum right out of me, fuck I'm going to shoot in your ass, oh fuck here it comes Xander!

Xander: (The door to the room opens, as he's shooting his load inside me! I buried my head under the pillows, I was so embarrassed)

Scott: What the hell is going on here, get out of my room!

Cable: I cant believe this, you mean to tell me this kid comes from the future and still manages to find Scott and seduces him!

Scott: What are you talking about? Who are you people!

Older Scott: (Running up behind them) I told you guys to wait!

Scott: Mystique, I should have known! (I use my optic blast on them, one of the guys absorbs my power like nothing!)

Older Scott: Stop, I'm not Mystique, and you just slept with Xander!

Scott: Who are you?

Older Scott: I'm you from the future!

Xander: (Getting out from under the pillows when I heard what he just said!) Oh my God, you look exactly alike!

Older Scott: Xander!

Xander: Are you really from the future?

Older Scott: Yes, and so are you!

Xander: What! Sorry I'm not!

Cable: We don't have time for this Sinister will have sent Stryfe and others already!

Older Scott: Get dressed guys! We have a lot we need to talk about!

Scott: Can you guys get out of my room, give us a little privacy!

Cable: We already saw you guys doing it, why would you need privacy now!

Xander: Look you peeping tom, you may be into that kind of stuff, but we aren't!

Bishop: Come on Cable!

Scott: <Jean, I know you can hear me, I have trouble at my room, I need back up!>

Jean: <I'm coming!>

Xander: They cant be serious can they, I mean is that a prank or something?

Scott: I don't know, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this!

Xander: I'm sorry!

Scott: For what?

Xander: For us getting caught with our pants down!

Scott: Hey I don't regret what we did for a single second, and you shouldn't either!

Xander: I don't! (We get dressed as Jean and Storm and Logan make there way to the bedroom!)

Older Scott: Jean, I knew my younger self would call you!

Jean: Your younger self?

Older Scott: Were from the future!

Scott: Or so he says, if that's the case you wouldn't mind letting Jean read your mind?

Older Scott: Not at all! And Logan here can smell that I really am you!

Logan: He's right Cyk, he does smell just like you!

Jean: (Using my mind, I enter his, and see all that has transpired!) You are Scott!

Scott: Alright, so your me, what is it that you want?

Older Scott: There are a lot of people heading her to try and capture Xander, we need to get him out of here, and back to our time!

Xander: Capture me, know one knows who I am, why would they want me?

Older Scott: I told you, your from the future!

Xander: You people are crazy, Scott, I'm sorry but I think I need to leave now!

Older Scott: Xander, you cant leave, look your father brought you back to this time and changed your memories, this isn't your time, you belong with me, in the future!

Xander: You don't know what your talking about, my dad would do a lot of things, but play with my memories is not one of them!

Older Scott: Xander, you've told this Scott, that you've felt like you've lost something and that when you met him you felt like you found it. What you were talking about was me! We are together in the future, we've been through so much together. The reason you keep feeling like you've known this Scott and Jean, is because you do, us three are always together, we all love each other very much!

Xander: Scott if he really is you from the future I hate to break it to you, but I think you've lost all your marbles! I'm out of here! (I fly out the window, when I'm hit from someone shooting at me from the ground! Then a net is shot at me, and once it hits me it like I've been electrocuted, I crash to the ground)

Scott: Xander! Jean, get me down there! (Jean uses her telekinesis to take us down, the other Scott and his to two friends come following us. I run over to Xander and get the net off of him) Xander, are you ok?

Xander: Now I know why my father didn't want me around other mutants!

Scott: I'm sorry, look you take off and get home, I'll keep these guys back!

Xander: I cant leave you here fighting this people!

Scott: Xander please, its you they want, you just get out of here, call me later!

Xander: I love you!

Scott: I love you, and I had the best time today!

Xander: Me too! (I take off running at super speed and fly up, up and away! I flew home faster than I ever have before, I don't know what I left them to deal with, but knew if anyone could take care of themselves it was Scott!)

Older Scott: Why would you let him leave, we have to protect him!

Scott: He'll be safer with his dad!

Older Scott: Don't you understand, his father isn't going to help him, if he finds out about this, he's going to take Xander and go, God knows where with him! And who knows if I'll be able to find him again!

Scott: Your really serious about all of this aren't you?

Older Scott: When it comes to Xander, I never joke!

Scott: Then lets take care of these guys, and go get him! I cant believe I fell in love with him in the future only to have him come to the past and fall in love with him here! This is to much to think about!

Home of Dr. Strange-

Xander: (I got home and no one was there, I don't know if I'm happy or more scared now! That older Scott had to be lying, I cant be from the future, my father would never have done something like that to me! There was a knock on my bedroom door) Who is it?

Clea: Who else would be knocking on your bedroom door?

Xander: Mom! (I get up and run to her and hug her)

Clea: What was that for?

Xander: Mom you said I could tell you anything right?

Clea: Yes!

Xander: Mom, this is going to sound crazy, but a man came to me today and said he was from the future and that I'm from the future and that dad brought me here and changed my memories! (I watched as she looked at me with tears in her eyes) Mother! Say something, tell me it isn't true, say anything!

Clea: Your father should never have let you out of this house!

Xander: What kind of answer is that?

Clea: I don't know what to do!

Xander: Mother, tell me what's going on, please!

Clea: We have to get out of here now, if they have found you, your in grave danger!

Xander: I'm not going anywhere, tell me mother, who's after me, what's happening?

Clea: Your father was right, they wont ever stop, not until they have you!

Xander: Your not making any sense!

Clea: Xander you are from the future, your father brought us back in time, to keep you safe from all the people that are after you!

Xander: Are you telling me, dad did change my memories, he played with my mind, with my life! You guys are my parents, how could you do this to me!

Clea: We had no choice, we couldn't stand by and watch you die again!


Clea: Xander please!

Xander: Mother I wont ask again, how do I get my memories back!

Clea: There is a potion that you can drink, it will give you your memories back!

Xander: Where is it?

Clea: (Pulling off her necklace) A drop of this and your memory will return!

Xander: Will I remember everything that's happened in this time?

Clea: Yes!

Xander: Then you know I'll never forgive you guys for what you did to me!

Clea: I know!

Xander: (I take a drop to my mouth and swallow, everything comes back to me) RAAAGHH! Don't ever let me see my father again, tell him to stay away from me, or I will kill him!

Clea: Alexander please!

Xander: Don't say please! Don't mother! After everything I have been through, and he actually has the nerve to do this to me, after the hell I've been through! Unforgivable! (I fly out of my bedroom window! I have to get back to Scott, I hope they're ok! I fly at super speed, and arrive at the mansion, so find it in ruins!) OH MY GOD! (I fly down and sift through the ruble that was once the mansion.) Can anybody hear me? (I was shot in the back and sent flying landing on my face, I got up and turned around and it was Cable!)

Cable: Are you happy, they're all dead!

Xander: What happened?

Cable: After you ran away like a coward, your friends stayed to clean up your mess! The Sinister of this time, and all his men, attacked, together with Stryfe and the others from the future, the X-men didn't stand a chance!

Xander: Where is Scott, Jean?

Cable: Sinister has them!

Xander: Where did he take them?

Cable: Its to late! I should have killed you myself!

Xander: You have two choices, you can work with me to help rescue the others and find a way to fix all of this, or we can waste our energy fighting, but I promise you with the mood I am in, I will kill you!

Cable: You wouldn't stand a chance!

Xander: Try me!

Cable: You've got one chance to rescue them! Lets go!

A secret base-

Sinister: When will you ever learn I always get what I want in the end!

Older Scott: Why cant you just leave him alone, he's just a kid? Use me, do what you want just leave him out of this!

Sinister: (Walking up to Scott and rubbing his face with his hand) Oh the things I've wanted to do to you! (Leans in and licks his face) But you were in love with Jean, and in the end what happens, you finally realize that you should be with a man, but who do you pick this kid! Ok well he's not just any kid, he does have the power of a hell God, but that's beside the point!

Older Scott: A hell God! (Playing along trying to act like he knows) What do you know about that?

Sinister: I know enough! Enough to want to take his powers from him, enough to know that I can rule the world with his powers!

Older Scott: Then you also know that using the power causes death?

Sinister: That's because he doesn't know how to use his powers, why he could create life, he could take it away, all within the blink of his eye!

Older Scott: You can already create life and take it away what's the difference!

Sinister: Because with his powers I will be able to traverse all realities, I will be able to enter to the dimensions of all Gods, and by doing so take all of their powers! That boy wouldn't know what to do with that power, he's so innocent, so naïve, so, so, GOOD!

Older Scott: How do you plan to get the powers out of him?

Sinister: Wouldn't you like to know?

Older Scott: What's the difference you have me here locked up, just tell me?

Sinister: No harm I suppose, you really aren't going anywhere! I've created a matter transferor, with it I will be able to transfer all of the power out of him and into me!

Older Scott: What will happen to him?

Sinister: He will die of course!

Older Scott: So I take it your not smart enough to figure out away to take his powers without killing him?

Sinister: Oh, I can do it without killing him, but what would be the fun in that! Although there might be a way to save his life!

Older Scott: What might that be?

Sinister: If you would be willing to be my bitch for one night, I'd consider letting your boy live! Think about it I'll be back!

Older Scott: Jean, wake up, Scott, Jean, wake up guys!

Jean: (Coming too) Wh-where, how do we get here?

Scott: Ow, my head!

Older Scott: Jean, can you still use your powers?

Jean: (Trying) Nothings happening! (All of the sudden the wall crumbled)

Xander: Somebody call for a rescue?

Both Scotts: Xander!

Xander: (Breaking off the claps holding them to the walls) Lets get out of here before we have company! Jean are you alright to fly?

Jean: Ya, I'm good!

Xander: (I grab onto both Scotts and flew out the same way we came. We flew back to the school.) How do we fix this?

Older Scott: Xander, there is a way, you have the power to fix all of this!

Xander: Scott, I cant bring back the dead!

Older Scott: Xander, you have the power to do it, I've learned about the powers that you have and that's one of them! Just reach inside yourself you know you have the power!

Xander: (I reach inside of myself, and concentrate, all I can think of is how much I want everyone alive and the school back to the way it was, I started to glow completely yellow, the light started shooting out over the entire school and within the glow of it all the school began to rebuild, and within moments everything was back to the way it was, I started to fall but my Scott caught me.) I did it!

Older Scott: I knew you could!

Scott: I don't get it how did you do that?

Xander: it's a really long story!

Older Scott: Wait how do you even know?

Xander: (I grab him and kiss him hard) Does that answer your question?

Scott: Hey what are you doing?

Xander: He wasn't lying when he said I was from the future, Dr. Strange changed my memories, but his wife fixed them!

Older Scott: Lets get inside and make sure everyone is ok!

Xander: (After we went back in and checked to see that everyone was fine, the two Scotts and I went to his room to sit down and talk) This is bizarre!

Older Scott: What the fact that you slept with the younger me, or the fact that you still managed to find me, even without your memories?

Xander: I told you that we were soul mates and that we would always be able to find each other!

Scott: Well at least we're together in the future, and now I know I have something to look forward too. How am I suppose to wait 4 years to meet you, after I just found you?

Xander: I'm sorry you got dragged into all this, but if it makes you feel any better its only a prelude to your future with me, just ask him!

Older Scott: And I wouldn't take back a single moment of it!

Scott: That's great just rub it in my face that you get to take him back home with you and have him anytime you want, while I sit around waiting!

Xander: I've got a great idea, but I don't know if you two would be interested!

Scott: I already know what you thinking!

Older Scott: Me too and I'm game if you are!

Scott: Me too, although I do think it's a little strange!

Xander: I think it would be the hottest thing, double the Scotts loving me up and down! (I take turns kissing each of my lovers as we all start to strip off our clothes till we were naked, I was sitting in the middle stroking both cocks at the same time, Scott moved down and got between my legs and started sucking my cock, I lowered my head and started sucking older Scotts cock, I have in 7th heaven, my favorite guy in the world with a two for one night fuck. Older Scott moved back on the bed and I laid down on my stomach and started sucking on his dick again, while Scott went to town on my ass, getting it nice and lubed for the fuck he was about to give me.) Fuck ya, this is amazing, Scott please fuck my ass! (I didn't have to ask him twice he got up behind me, pulled me up so I was doggy style and shoved his cock all the way in in one motion, it made my head go down and I wound up swallowing Old Scott down to the base, he took advantage and held my head down o n his cock, I vibrated my throat making older Scott moan from the feeling.)

Older Scott: If you only knew how much I have missed your lips, on my mouth and my cock!

Xander: I would say I missed your too, but that would be a lie!

Older Scott: What?

Xander: I was busy falling in love with you all over again!

Older Scott: Well at least you were falling in love with me and not someone else!

Xander: (I went back to sucking on Older Scotts cock, as Scott started fucking me harder and harder, shoving all 10inches into my ass, he was getting close I could tell)

Scott: Oh, your ass is amazing, I don't know how much longer I can hold out, I'm so close to shooting!

Older Scott: Why don't we Switch places?

Scott: Fuck he feels so good thought I don't want to pull out of him!

Older Scott: Hey now, sharing is caring!

Scott: One more minuet! Fuck Xander, I'm going to miss this beautiful ass of yours when your gone. Nothing could feel more sweeter than this!

Older Scott: And nothing ever will! My turn!

Xander: (I love it both Scotts fighting over me! They switched sides older Scott got behind me and started slapping my ass)

Older Scott: Tell me how much you want your lovers cock, tell me how much you missed having me inside you!

Xander: I want you Scott, I need you, I missed having you in me, the way you tease me as your about to enter, the way you hit my g-spot every time your inside me, the way you shoot your load in me and keep your cock inside when your don't cause you don't want to pull out of me, please give me what I need, give it to me lover! (He rubbed his cock up and down my crack, as I sucked harder on Scott's cock, he moaned and moaned I made sure to give him special attention licking him up and down the shaft, down to his balls giving him a tongue bath, and back up the shaft paying special attention to his head, before I swallow it down to the base, I use my hand while I'm sucking his cock and he just moans its driving him wild. Older Scott lay on top of my back as he fucked me hard and fast, he was kissing up and down my neck and biting me in all the spots he knows I love. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it, I shoved a finger in Scotts ass as I sucked his cock, we were all ge tting ready to blow, you could smell the sex in the air!) Fuck I'm cumming, I'm shooting my load!

Scott: I'm cumming too, take my load, swallow it!

Older Scott: Fuck ya I'm shooting my load in your tight hold baby, fuck I love you, aw fuck ya, I'm cumming!

Xander: (We all laid there enjoying the after sex feeling, older Scott on top of me, kissing my neck, Scott playing with my hair, and me laying on Scotts thigh kissing his thigh.)

A secret base-

Sinister: THEY GOT AWAY! (Throwing everything all over the place)

Stryfe: Hey it was on your watch, I destroyed the school and everyone in it! I got you Summers and Grey!

Sinister: Enough games if it's a war they want it's a war they'll get, I want this over with, I want the boy, take everyone, stop at nothing find me that damned kid!


At the mansion-

Xander: (We took a shower together and got dressed and went downstairs.) I really don't like him!

Older Scott: He is my son!

Xander: He's still a jerk!

Cable: You got something to say kid, just say it!

Xander: Do you always eves drop on others conversations?

Cable: Are we going to be going soon we do have work to attend too!

Older Scott: Yes, let us just say our goodbyes!

Cable: Your such a girl!

Xander: And you need to get some, your so uptight!

Cable: I'll give you uptight!

Xander: No thanks I have all the Summers men I need for one life time!

Cable: Why you little...

Older Scott: Cable, don't you even finish that sentence!

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, the look on your face!

Hank: {X-men the school is under attack, I repeat the school is under attack}

Xander: (We went to the front door opened it to see an army of Sinister's men surrounding the school!) Oh my God, Scott what the hell are we going to do?

Older Scott: We stand our ground and we fight to win! X-men prepare to battle!

End Chapter-