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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

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Chapter 26- All that was, and what's to be



Xander: (As the battle waged on the body count grew! This wasn't right, this shouldn't be happening! If my father had never brought me here, these people would not have died, and what about the innocent people who now wont ever be saved in the future! He can change this, I know he can, he has to. I fly over to my Scott) Scott, I know what we have to do!

Scott: What!

Xander: Dr. Strange, he can make it so that this never happened!

Scott: Xander, what if he takes you away again!

Xander: Scott, look at what's happening here, we don't really have a choice! We don't even know how bad we've changed the future!

Scott: I know, I just don't want to lose you again!

Xander: I promise you I wont let that happen! (Shouting into the air) Father! Father! (In a puff of smoke he appears)

Dr. Strange: I know why you've called me, and I will do it, but on one condition!

Scott: If you even say what I think your going to, I'll kill you myself!

Dr. Strange: I don't remember talking to you! Alexander, in order to insure your safety, the only way to protect you, is for you to be with me! I will reverse all of this, make it as if it never happened, but you will have to stay with me after its all done!

Xander: You're a son of a bitch, you know that, I hate you, more than anything, I hate you!

Scott: Xander, will find another way!

Xander: The only reason he is making me this deal is because he knows I cant say no!

Scott: Xander, you cant be serious, who knows where he'll take you, what he'll do to you!

Xander: Scott, unless you can think of another way to reverse everything that's happened, what choice do I have!

Scott: (I grab Dr. Strange, and go to hit him, and he disappears and re-appears behind me) Why are you doing this, how can you do this!

Dr. Strange: One day Scott Summers you will become a parent, and you will realize that you will do anything to protect your child! Alexander your doing the right thing!

Xander: I'm doing it for them, I'm doing it for all the people that will suffer by their deaths, but never forget that I am not doing this for you, I will hate you till the day I die, your not my father, you will never be my father, your incapable of understanding what being a father means!

Dr. Strange: Come home when your ready to do this! (Disappears in a puff of smoke)

Xander: (I grab Scott and I fly at super speed away from all of the fighting. I feel bad leaving but I know once I get to the home of Dr. Strange this will be as if it had never happened) Scott, I'm so sorry!

Scott: Don't do it, we can find another way, I know we can!

Xander: Scott, we cant be selfish, as much as all I want is to be with you, we just cant let the ones we love suffer, for us to be happy!

Scott: How did you get to be so selfless! I wont stop searching for you! I will never stop, as long as I have a breath in my body, I will find you!

Xander: I know we will be together, coming here and still being able to fine you has proved that to me! Now more than ever we have to have faith in that love, and faith that we will be together again, we will find each other, I know it in my heart of hearts! (Scott grabs me and kisses me with a passion that burns like a fire inside me. My heart breaks with every second that passes, the more he kisses me, the more my soul aches, I try to hold back my tears to no avail, they poured as if flood gates had been opened!) S-Scott I go!

Scott: Xander I cant...I just cant do this, I wont lose you, I need you, I love you! You've opened my heart, my soul, you've taught and showed me so much, If I lose you again, I don't know if I can ever find my way back again!

Xander: You can and you will, at the end of the day we're still X-men, we swore to hold up what is right, protect all that's good. The lives of our friends, the people that are our family depend on us doing what is right. I don't regret a second of knowing you, being with you, and all that we have been through, just please don't give up on us, I will find you, there is nothing Strange can ever do to stop me from finding you. It may seem hopeless, but I swear to you Scott Summers that I we will be together again if it's the last thing I ever do! I have all these powers inside me, powers I haven't even tapped into, just give me the chance to save our friends, our home, and then nothing will ever keep us apart again!

Scott: How is it you always know the right thing to say, and how can you be so sure?

Xander: Do you really have to ask that! I know the right thing to say because I've had the best teachers, you, Jean, the Professor, and I can be sure...(And just like that, it was like a light bulb went off, I had an idea, I could only hope that it would work! I grab Scott and kiss him, I hug him tightly, till I realize he's gasping for air!) Sorry!

Scott: (Gasp, Gasp) What was that for?

Xander: You just gave me the inspiration I need, you're a bloody genius!

Scott: I am, I mean, I am aren't I!

Xander: Yes, yes you are! Alright baby, this is it, I have to go, I need to make a stop before I go to Dr. Strange! I'll drop you back off, get back to our time line, and I promise you, I will see you there, soon!

Scott: I wont even ask, I'll just trust that you know what your doing!

Xander: Wait Scott!

Scott: (I smile, I love when he does that) Yes!

Xander: Scott, I love you, more than anything I have ever loved before, you are the beginning and the end to me, you, you complete me!

Scott: Oh, my sweet boy, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and as you've already learned from the younger me, you're the one I have been waiting for my whole life! (I grab him and kiss him, as we start to float up into the air!)

An Hour Later Outside the home of Dr. Strange-

Xander: (Whispering) Topaz! Topaz, please I need you! (In a puff of smoke he appears) Oh, Topaz, you're the only one I can trust...(I hug him tightly)

Topaz: Master Xander, I've missed you!

Xander: Topaz, there isn't much time, I need to ask you a favor, something so important.

Topaz: What is it sir?

Xander: Many of my friends died today and its all my fault, the only way to save them is to let my father reverse all he has done, bringing us back to this time, he's going to erase my memories, make me forget my friends, all that's taken place, all I've been through...forgetting...the man I love!

Topaz: I'm sorry sir, I truly am, but I truly feel your father does what he does to protect you, I may not agree with his methods but his heart is in the right place. He loves you and wants the best for you, he just wants to keep you safe!

Xander: Thanks Topaz, I know you mean well, but I will never forgive him for what he put me through. But you, there is something you can do for me, something so important, you're the only one who can do it. I need you now, more than I've ever needed anyone in my whole life.

Topaz: What is it sir?

Xander: He's going to cast a spell on me to make me forget, I cant afford to have that happen to me, not again, to many people have played with my memories, its happen one to many times and by people I trust no less. I need a spell to counteract his spell...whatever is happening in our real timeline, my friends will be in danger of dying all over again. I cant take that chance, I cant lose them again...please Topaz, I beg of you!

Topaz: If your father finds out I do this, he will never forgive me...I could lose my job!

Xander: I promise you he will never find out, please, Apocalypse is trying to fight his way into our reality, mothers family is going to be coming after me and who knows what he'll do to my mother to get at me...and so many more, I cant be blind, I need to be prepared...Madame Web said they're all coming, a great battle lays ahead, my father is risking my life by taking my memories away...

Topaz: I'll do it, I'll do it, but only if you do as your father says, and play along as if the spell he casts worked. You cant let him discover that his spell hasn't worked! Maybe this will give you the chance to really get to know him, to understand him and why your father will even go to the lengths of making you hate him, just to keep you safe!

Xander: Whatever! Look, he'll never know, I'll be the dutiful son, and play all his games, it will be like have a double, double identity, Son, X-men, Xander! Now please, we need to do this now!

Topaz: I call upon the ancient mystics, block this boy from any magic's, one that will remove his memories, leaving him vulnerable to all his enemies! (Little swirls of lights encircled all around Xander as his whole body began to glow!)

Xander: Did it work, did it work?

Topaz: I learned from the best, your father, of course it worked!

Xander: (Hugging and jumping up and down with Topaz) Thank, thank you so much, you'll never know how much this means to me!

Topaz: Just don't forget your promise to me, please!

Xander: I promise! Alright, I'm going to go in, and you shouldn't be seen with me! Topaz, I love you and I owe you big time!

Topaz: I'll remember that! (In a puff of smoke he disappears!)

Xander: (Entering) I'm here, show yourselves!

Clea: (Running to hug Xander, but he backs away!) Alexander!

Xander: Stay back! You lost the right to mother me, when you allowed his to take my memories away!

Clea: (Tears running down) Please Alexander, we were trying to protect you!

Xander: And got all my friends killed in the process, no one persons life is worth that!

Clea: Your our son, why cant you try to see it from our point of view, from a parental point of view, you mean everything to us!

Xander: Spare me, I spent all my life not knowing who my parents were, and now more than ever I wish I had never met either of you! Now were is Dr. Strange, I want this over with now!

Strange: (Appearing) Hello son, you've made the right decision in coming here!

Xander: Please, don't insult me, you know I have no other choice, this is the only way to save my friends from dying! Make no mistake, I will never forgive the two of you, and when this is all over, and I remember everything you have done to me, you will never be a part of my life, NEVER!

Strange: I'm sorry you feel that way, but your our son, and no matter how much you hate us, our first priority is your safety, and that's what we are going to do, keep you safe!

Xander: Give me a break, cause you've done such a great job so far! Your suppose to be a Superhero, someone that stands for truth and justice, and you don't even know the meaning of the words! Your worse than Magneto himself, manipulating anyone and everything to serve your own agenda. I wish I had never been born, and that you weren't my father! Live with that while you erase my memories!

Clea: (Crying) Alexander, look at me, please, we love you, please...

Xander: Lets get this over with!

Strange: No matter what you think, we do love you and do everything in the name of that love!

Xander: Bite me! (Dr. Strange begins)

An Earth in the image of Apocalypse-

Apocalypse: Now is the time, the fabric of reality has completely ripped. Its time for me to conquer earth 1...The prophecy child has little time left before he comes of age! When there is a night within a day all truths shall be revealed! I shall bring that earth to its knees, the X-men will pay for imprisoning me here, the boy and his power that rightfully belongs to me, will be mine and Cyclops and Jean Gray and that damned professor Xavier will feel the full fury of my wrath!

Sinister: Sir it is time, the tare in reality is completely opened, its now or never!

Apocalypse: Its time to bring down a rain of fire on my enemies!

Home of Daimon Hellstrom also know as the Son of Satan-

Hellstrom: Sister, the stars are aligning, the fabric of reality has torn, our grandfather, Dormammu is going to make his move for the boy, I need you now, we need to protect the boy, his powers in the hands of Dormammu will make him unstoppable!

Satana: How do you suppose we stop him, and what do you plan on doing with our...little cousin?

Hellstrom: We stop Dormammu, trap him were he can never escape again. As for the boy, its not his fault that he was born from within our bloodline, we teach him how to use his powers, we help him, we make him the man he can be!

Satana: Always willing to help the helpless brother!

Hellstrom: Sister, as we speak Apocalypse is about to enter our realm! The boy must be prepared for the battle that lies ahead!

Satana: Dr. Strange will never agree to any of this!

Hellstrom: No he wont, he's been taking the boy and traveling through time and space, manipulating anyone and everyone! Changing the memories of everyone to keep the boy hidden, there is no telling what he will or wont do to protect him!

Satana: Are you willing to go up against Dr. Strange!?

Hellstrom: I'm hoping we wont have to! The prophecy child is the key to the universe, Dr. Strange thinks he's protecting his son, in reality he's only bring him closer to his death! The boy has tapped into his power, but has no idea of the true potential he has! He is the key to stopping them all, and without the knowledge of how to use that power, he will die, and we cant have that!

Satana: Brother you almost sound like you care!

Hellstrom: Don't you, we share the same blood, he has proven himself time and again to be a hero, selfless, cares more for the world around him than he does himself! He has gone up against our grandfather Dormammu and his sister and yet lives. This battle can only be won with him on our side, the skrull is after him, Sinister, Magneto, you name it, they all know of him and the power within, meanwhile Dr. Strange leaves him in the dark, blind of what is in store for him. It is up to us to help him. So tell me sister will you help me save one of our own, our cousin, one who grew up the same as we did, abandon and alone! Will you?

Satana: I love it when you get dramatic brother! All you had to do was say help me and I would have said yes!

Hellstrom: Thank you sister, but know that many will die, maybe even one of us, so be sure this is what you want to do!

Satana: To die fighting by my brothers side, would be a most honorable death!

Hellstrom: I love you sister! Now we have much work to do, time is very limited! When there's a night within a day all shall be revealed!

H'kurrek- Fanatical Skrull's leader, commanding the part of the Secret Invasion directed against X-Men.- Home base of operation-

H'kurrek: When there is a night within a day all shall be revealed! That hour is drawing nigh! Soon we will take control of the ultimate power and bring Queen Veranke to her knees as well as the earth and its mighty X-men!

Ethan Edwards:- (A Skrull who is a Marvel Comics pastiche of Superman-(Super-strengthEnergy projectionCan see every frequency in the light spectrum Flight Healing power Shape shifting) - How will we know who the key is?

H'kurrek: Lilandra has already led us to who he is! There minds have been erased, by Xavier...but my spy was undetected! The boy is none other than the son of Dr. Strange! Soon I shall have my revenge over all my enemies! With the bonus of finally taking control over earth!

Ethan: What will you have my do my Lord!

H'kurrek: You will go now to earth, and prepare for our arrival! Do not attempt to take control of the boy, wait for my command, but follow closely and know his every move!

Ethan: Yes my Lord!

Home of Dr. Strange-

Xander: (We had arrived hours ago, I acted as if I was tired and went to my room! Using my super hearing, I listened closely to the conversation taking place between my father and mother, and the voice of another man!)

Dr. Strange: No I will not willingly put my son in harms way!

Clea: Stephen be reasonable, time is running out, his birthday is almost here, and you know what that means, when there is a night within a day all shall be revealed! The eclipse will take place on his birthday and all hell will break loose, it is as it was told, the eclipse is the night within a day, he will learn everything, and if he is not ready, he will die! And you will have no one to blame but yourself!

Destiny "Irene Adler": Dr. Strange listen to her, I have seen the visions of what's to come, by keeping your son in the dark, he will die, the greatest battle the earth has ever seen will begin with his death. Xavier will die, Apocalypse will succeed, the Skrull will fight Apocalypse for the right to control earth, one of them will succeed in take your sons powers and become indestructible! The only one that can save us all is him!

Dr. Strange: No! I wont do it, I wont let my son be apart of any of this, they will never find him, I will hide him somewhere he'll never be found by anyone!

Clea: You swore to protect this world, as a hero, a leader, what's happen to you, I love our son as much as you do, but his destiny is his, his choices are his, you've robbed him of his freewill, you've become the monster he should fear!

Destiny: We need to seek out all heroes everywhere and prepare them for what is about to begin, all this running and hiding, is putting all the people of this world on a one way ticket to their deaths! Your friends, people who trust and relay on you, you've turned your back on them all! Apocalypse, Skrull, Dormammu, everyone is on there way, and now where all probably doomed, and your really not going to do anything, well I'm not standing by and watching everything we love and swore to protect, fall apart around us, because you wont do anything but watch! Destiny, lets go gather the others and start preparing for what's to come! (With that Clea grabs onto Destiny and disappears!)

Xander: (Finally, someone stands up to him! Ok, so now what genius, do you leave now and risk getting caught, do I play it off and wait for a few days to pass and make it seem like his plan works, I don't know what to do.! Don't want to get Topaz in trouble, but my friends need me, and I need to know they're ok, and I need my Scott...This is crazy, but at least I learned what the whole When there is a night within a day all shall be revealed! And its all going to happen on my birthday, at least I have a time table! I need to warn the others, I need to learn how to use all my powers, and I need to do it fast! (Knock, Knock)

Dr. Strange: Alexander, are you awake?

Xander: (Whispering) Yes asshole! Yes I'm awake!

Dr. Strange: (walking in) How are you feeling?

Xander: Great, like I slept a month!

Dr. Strange: Alexander...I...

Xander: What is it?

Dr. Strange: I...there are so many things I want to tell you, should tell you...

Xander: Then just tell me, I'm not a little boy, I'm going to be 18, I can handle it, give me some credit please!

Dr. Strange: I...its hard for me, if you only truly knew how much I love you, everyday of your life, you've been the only thing I've ever thought about, the only one I have tried to protect, I...I've done things I'm not proud of, things that I did that I felt I had no other choice but to do what I had to do to protect my only son Your everything to me, you might never understand, you might never forgive me, you might hate me for the rest of your life, but I just need you to know right now, before all that happens, that my son, with all my heart, I love you, I have always loved you, I will always love you, I will always be there whether you know it or not, you are a part of me, a part of my soul, you're the reason I fight everyday to make the world a better place, I'm not perfect, but I try to make the best choices I can, there is no rule book on parenting, and I'm human, I will always make mistakes, I will always do the wrong thing, its human nature, but it all comes from a place of love, a love that only a father can have for his son, one that I hope you will one day understand when you have your own child. Something big is about to happen bigger than anything I've ever been through or seen, and you are in the center of it all, I've tried to protect you, but I've only hurt you, and now you're mother left me, to do what I should be doing, your not a little boy, not at all, you've become a man, and I am proud of the man you have become, its time for me to let you go and spread your wings, to find your path, your destiny. I've been wrong all this time, please forgive me, and try and find it in your heart to understand that everything I've done was what I thought needed to be done, to keep the one thing that matters most to me alive and well. I love you Alexander, I love you more than life itself, and I might just die in this battle that is forthcoming and I just need you to know, I did you wrong, I hurt you mentally and emotionally and never once stopped to realize that the bad guys out there, could never hurt you the way I have.

Xander: Why are you telling me this?

Dr. Strange: Because when you find out all I've done, I'm afraid you will never speak to me again, and when the battle takes place, I don't know who will live and who will die, and if its me, I need you to always remember your father as a man who did everything he did, because he loved you! Its always been because I loved you! I know your gay, I hate that for you, you already have enough to deal with, without the added hardships that come with that, but you've found love and I've taken that away from you, I've taken so much away from. Sorry just doesn't seem enough, the words are to weak...your mother made a choice tonight, one that I should have made along time ago, I've always know that no matter what, I could never change your destiny, but as your father I had to try, I didn't want to watch you die, I don't know what's to happen, all I know is right now, you need to be where you belong, with the X-men, they will train you and prepare you for the battle of your life, and if you will forgive me, enough to allow me to help, I would be honored to teach you all I can, if you just say the word! I cast a spell to make you forget everything that's happen, but its time your remember everything...

Xander: Father, I already know, your spell didn't work! And for the first time since I've met you, I truly am proud to call myself your son! I love you too father! (I Cry as I hug him tightly) I know it will take you time to understand my sexuality, and I'm willing to be patient with that! But no more lies, help me to face what's coming, teach me, train me, show me all I need to help win against the evil that's coming!

Dr. Strange: I'm sorry I've been so hard headed, so blind to the man that you are, your wiser then I, and that's saying a lot! Now go, see your friends, but be back for dinner, your mother and I will be expecting you, I'm hoping to get her back if I tell her I finally realized what I was doing and talked to you about it!

Xander: Good luck with that! I'll see you later father! Thanks for being the man, I wished for all my life! (I leave with an excitement that fills me with joy, so much so I could explode!)

Dr. Strange: (As Xander leaves, I change from the shape of Dr. Strange into that of Mystique! Using my telecom!) Magneto, I've learned enough to know of what's to come and what the boy is all about! They suspect nothing!

Magneto: Very good, very good indeed! Now, search the manor for the eye of Amara! Find it quickly and bring it to me!

Mystique: His wife is gone, Destiny is helping her as we speak, and the boy has gone to Xavier's! I have a couple of hours before they return, this place is like a maze, I will search now!

Magneto: We must have the gem, it's the only way to have the upper hand, do not fail me, find the gem! Keep up all pretences, Dr. Strange is trapped and will stay that way, until he has worn out his usefulness!

Mystique: So your prepared for all the villains that are about to enter our realm?

Magneto: Don't worry your pretty little head over it, I have it all covered! Now get the gem!

Magneto's Torture Chamber-

Dr. Strange: (As I lay on the table my heart being ripped from my body, and then re-growing...(Magneto enters) You bastard, you swore if I turned myself over to you willingly, you would keep my son hidden, and all you have managed to do is put him in harms way, everyone knows about him, everyone will be after him! Let me out of this, and I swear I'll leave you alone, I wont make you pay for what you've done.

Magneto: Now why would I do something like that!? I need the boy, he's the only way to stop what's coming and he is the next step in mutant evolution, I need that power, I need to harness that power, I need to take that power into myself, before anyone has the chance!

Dr. Strange: Damn you Magneto, he's just a boy, if you want power I will give you more power than you could ever imagine, just leave my son out of this!

Magneto: Everything has fallen into place, all my people have been placed exactly where they need to be, I've been planning this for so long now, and its finally coming to a head! And you will stay here, having your heart ripped out again and again, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Dr. Strange: When I get out of here, and I swear to you I will, I will make you suffer a suffering unlike anything you have ever known, all that you have put my son through, will pale to what I'm going to do to you!

Magneto: Hollow threats boy! Hollow threats! Every hardship your son has gone through, has been at my hands, all to prepare him, for what he is to face in the days ahead! The harder the life the stronger he will become. The stronger the power within him grows, and when the time is right, I will take that power from him, destroy Apocalypse, and any enemies that stand in the way of the rise of the mutant wave! We shall be the superior beings, controlling these mere mortal men, these lower beings!

Xavier Institute-

Xander: (I flew with a smile on my face, and a beaming heart, everything seemed to be falling in place, aside from the impending doom, which I'm so not going to think about right now, its all about seeing my friends, and making love to Scott! For the first time, I really feel its all over with, that we can finally be together, no if ands or buts, nothing to get in our way, nothing to stop us now. Little did I know what was happening at that exact moment, that would bring my dreams a crumbling down all around me!

World Of Apocalypse:

Apocalypse: All I am is what I am, I was power in the ecstasy of death, I was god to a god, now I'm trapped in this world, soon I will be free, to reign over these meaningless creatures! You don't worship me at all do you, you humans are so weak, you want truths yet you cant stand to look at them. What's the Apocalypse about u say?! The worlds a sess-pool, you live you die, yes hells on earth, but its all how you look at the glass, its here, its been here all along, underneath, the apocalypse that is, your soaking in it, not an apocalypse the main apocalypse, what did you think a bell was going to sound, well here's the rub, you cant except the world the way it is, you fight it, you don't stand around and complain, you make a choice, to stand for something, I chose to stand for power, and made that power mine.

The Beyonder: I would never worship such a distasteful thing such as yourself, and I am beyond any mere human, there are those that bow down before me, do not forget who I am, and the power in which I come from Apocalypse! For it was I who jailed you here and it is I, who is going to free you! It was, is and always was my will that you'd be freed at this point in time!

Apocalypse: All so that you can see me destroy the will of a boy, who is barley yet a man, when I have lived for centuries. I am more insulted than anything by this!

The Beyonder: Yet that fact still hasn't stopped you from being allowed to leave your little world I have created for you!

Apocalypse: I might be insulted, but not stupid, I will take this window of opportunity and use it well!

The Beyonder: I am sure you will, however, don't be in such a haste to cast this boy as you say, he truly is more than meets the eye! Now enough chatter, on with the show! (With that being said the fabric of all realities come tumbling down, unraveling into one another. What once was controlled now for a single moment has turned chaotic, in the blink of an eye, everything has changed, lives, destinies, all that the fates would once have you believe, now perished forever, reborn anew, the choices that lay ahead of all, shall pave the way for a new destiny, a new fate! But what those destinies are, hmmm, now there is a thought to savor!!!

Chapter End-