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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

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Chapter 3 - Powerboy


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Xander: (After an hour of running test, I was getting antsy. Jean was hardly saying a word to me, her and Hank seem to be flustered with whatever they were finding. She looks so serious, which could only mean one of two things, either I should be happy that she takes her job seriously, or I should be worried that there is something really wrong with me. I wonder what Scott is doing right now, is he missing the pleasure of my company, listen to me, like I'm actually a thought in his head, I'm so sure, if it wasn't there job to break the new kid in, he most likely wouldn't give me the time of day. And what about that jerk off John, I'm so going to have to watch my back when it comes to that one. So much for making friends, I'm sure the rest of his gang aren't going to want to be friends with me after they find out he has detention for a week. Oh well its not like I'm losing anything, I'm used to not having friends, so you really cant feel bad about what your not use to havin g. I know it hasn't even been a full day, but I wish Spidy would come see me, I miss him. I've really got to get my head on straight, I have a chance to finally find my parents, or at least find out who they were, that's my main focus, as well as getting a handle on my powers, the sooner I learn to control them, the better off I'll be.)

Jean: Ok, I think we've done all we can for right now.

Xander: So what's the verdict doc, how long do I have to live?

Jean: Not funny, we have a long way to go, before I can give you any answers!

Xander: Why do I not believe that?

Jean: What!

Xander: Jean, I might be new to being around people, but I can tell when someone is trying to keep something from me!

Jean: You don't have anything to worry about, me and Hank have everything under control!

Hank: Young man, test take time to be completed, but if there were something seriously wrong with you we would tell you immediately.

Jean: < Thanks Hank >

Hank: < As soon as the professor is done in the danger room, we need to meet right away >

Jean: You ready to go?

Xander: Lead the way! (We walked to the danger room, Jean stayed pretty quite, like she had a lot on her mind, which only made me wonder even more what she was keeping from me)

Jean: Alright, you need to go through those doors, here, on this paper is a combination to locker 21. There should be something for you to wear in the locker, if Scott remembered.

Xander: Ok, do I meet you back here when I'm done?

Jean: No, after you dress, in the back of the locker room, you'll see a set of automatic sliding doors, enter through there.

Xander: Ok, see you in a few! (I walked into the Locker room, I couldn't believe just how huge it was, compared with the communal showers at the foster home, this locker room was the size of the whole orphanage. I walked up to my locker put in the combination opened it up and found a black spandex outfit and a pair of boots, Scott, remembered, not only that he put in an extra pair of underwear, tee shirt and jeans for me, I cant help but get turned on by the fact that I'm putting my cock and balls in the same underwear, where his junk was in as well. I quickly change and make my way to the back of the locker room, where just like Jean said two sliding doors where found, ok just breath, this is going to be fun, you can do this, I'm not going to get hurt, and I'm in control of my powers, they don't control me)

Jean: < Come on sunshine you'll be fine >

Xander: < Jeez, scare the crap out of me why don't you! Jean you need to put a bell on your telepathy >

Jean: < I'll keep that in mind >

Xander: Alright here goes nothing!

(I walk through the doors, and find a huge room, completely surrounded in black, the walls look like liquid its so shinny. And look to find Scott waiting with a smile on his face, Jean is standing next to him, and to my utter horror, standing behind them, is John giving me a death glare, along side him, Jubilee smiling at me, Amara smiling as well, Bobby I thought he would be giving me a dirty look as well, but surprisingly he waves and smiles as well, Jaime, and two other people I have yet to meet.)

Scott: Took you long enough! Does the suit fit you?

Xander: The test went to long, so you can blame Jean for being late, and it fits perfectly, thanks!

Scott: Great, so lets get started. First off you already know these five, the other two, are Rogue and Josh Foley. Their going to be waiting up there with the professor while we complete the first parts of your tests.

Xander: (I wave at them) Hey!

Scott: Professor if you will!

Pro-X: { Thank you Scott. Alexander first we want to get a feel for the powers you have, so were going to have you run through a few exercises on your own, and then we will test how you work within a team perimeter. Whenever your ready! }

Scott: Look Xan, I'll be right here if you need me!

Jean: And just remember, concentrate, your powers don't control you, you control them!

Xander: Yes a master, wax on wax off!

Jean: Smart ass!

Xander: What am I doing first?

Scott:: What about your optic blast?

Xander: I've only ever used that once, and it wasn't by choice!

Jean: Well now your in control it!

Xander: Easier said than done!

Scott: Well what were you thinking the first time it happened?

Xander: That's kind of embarrassing!

Scott : Come on you can tell me!

Xander: (I lean in to whisper it to him) I kind of got really horny, and it just set it off!

Jean: Ha, ha, ha, are you serious?

Xander: Hey, come on now, I was telling Scott!

Jean: Sorry baby but anyone that's has telepathic abilities heard that one!

Scott: Ha, ha, ha, kid-o, just remember the feeling you had when it happen the first time and hold that thought, and do it again.

Xander: Thanks a lot you guys are so helpful. (I try to get horny, but its hard when you have a room full of people staring down on you, and Scott and Jean standing next to you.) Um this would be kind of easier if you two weren't standing over my shoulder.

Scott: Oh, ha, ha, Ya, a Jean lets just give him a little space.

Xander: (I feel the sensation raise up within me, and next thing I knew I was shooting beams from my eyes, I could shoot for as long as I wanted to, making thin beams to wide beams, this time my eyes didn't burn at all)

Scott: Ok, good job, now were going to start the projectile firing machine, and as each shoots I want you to try and shoot as many as you can down, the better you get the faster will start shooting, after that will continue only will increase the amount of objects at one time.

Xander: Ok I'm ready! (The first one is shot out, its so fast so I completely miss, come on Xander you can do this, everyone is watching you, the next came and I hit it, one after the other I hit everyone thrown. Faster and faster they start shooting out, coming from every direction, but I'm really getting the hang of this. Next thing I know, two are shooting out at one time, I turn my head shoot the first one, quickly to the left I get the second one, they just keep coming, now were up to 4 at a time, I suddenly find myself floating in the air, shooting them down, Scott must have thought I was getting cocky cause the next thing I knew he was shooting 10 projectiles at a time, but without even a thought my head was all over the place shooting each one down)

Pro-X: Great job Xander! Let's move on Scott.

Xander: (I float slowly down, as I love this new feeling of being free in the air)

Scott: I thought you said you never used that ability before?

Xander: I never have!

Jean: Well you're a quick learner I'll give you that, awesome job!

Scott: Ok next were going to set the room, for you to go through what would be like a maze only this will be a maze of pressing tables, collapsing walls, as well as there will also be laser beams set to stun of course, shooting at you, make it through the maze and complete the test. Here is a hologram of the maze this is how I want you to go through it.

Xander: (He pushed a button on a remote in his hand and a hologram appeared in front of him, It had a layout of how the maze would be set up, and he showed me the pattern of how I should go through it. Of course he didn't show me where all the traps would be set at. I nodded that I was ready and we began. I walked up and heard him say begin, I started running forward and the walls on my left and right where pressing together in other words if I didn't time this right I would be smooched in between them. I waited till they pressed together and as they started to make there way back into the wall I ran, there must have been sensors in them, because no sooner had I started through, they were on there way back together, I knew I had no choice but to book it across, and once I started running I was in super speed, I ran so fast everything became like a blur all around me, I stopped dead in my tracts and turned around, only to see Jean and Scott wave me on. Beams were being shot at me through guns on the walls, they never said I couldn't use my powers, so I started using my optic beams to blow them off the walls, and I continued my way through the maze, suddenly the floor below me, fell open it was a trap door, so I floated in mid air and then flew up, I didn't hear anyone object to flying, so I figured I'll make this easier on myself and fly through the maze. Boy was I wrong, beams started flying at me from all directions, I was flying up and down and side to side, trying to avoid being hit, but presses were coming at me at every turn I made, I had to maneuver through them, while avoiding being hit, a net was shot at me, it caught me in mid air, and swarm of beams started hitting me, all over, ok now I was just plain getting mad, I grabbed the net and tore it apart and let it fall to the floor. I flew through the presses, and then objects started being shot at me, like metal blocks coming together to smooch me in the middle of them, a four ring of fire circled around me there was no way out without getting burned, I took a deep breath and blew, I don't know what to say other than it was instinct, I blew and they froze and fell to the floor. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I heard someone say, " I thought he never used his powers before, and for that matter he said earlier today, that he only knew what a couple of his powers were." and then I know for sure this was the professors voice answering back to the person that just spoke" he hasn't used all of his powers before, but like for most mutants, they don't manifest themselves until that person is in a highly stressful situation. He is working purely off instinct to survive right now" Could I be a telepath too, but no that was different then when Jean talks to me mentally, I actually heard them as if I was in the room with them, maybe I have super hearing, I would need to ask later. I finished through the last part of the maze and made it landing in front of Scott and Jean)

Scott: (Patting Xander on the back) Great job kid! Aren't you just a Powerboy!

Jean: Xander, I'm so proud of you! That super breath thing you did was fantastic! How did you know to use that?

Xander: I didn't, but I felt something inside me that pushed me to do that, and well it worked. And did you see the super speed, and the way I tore that net apart?

Scott: Someone's excited!

Jean: Can you blame him?

Scott: No, I love it. You look like a kid in a candy store right now, it's great. Alright, professor you want to send the rest down now.

Xander: What are we doing now?

Scott: Now we want to see how well you work in a team setting. I'm going to spilt you into two groups, the objective will be to see who can reach their flag first. Watch this!

Xander: (With those words I watched as the danger room changed to a wooded area, with mountains on either side of the room, it was amazing I could feel the heat from the sun, and smell the air as if we were outside.) This is the most amazing this I have ever seen in my whole life!

Jean: Thanks to Hank are resident genius!

Xander : Wow he really must be a genius to have created something like this.

Scott: A couple of things, 1st there will be a few surprises in there, you will have to watch out for enemies that are looking to bring all of you down, they will consist of robots, set to different levels of fighting to bring all of you down. 2nd we haven't told you anything about the fact that we all have code names, why we do I will explain to you later today, for right now, I need you to know that it is imperative, that when in any battle situation, you must always use a persons code name. Rogue is Rogue, Bobby/Iceman, Jubilee/Jubilee, John/Pyro, Jamie/Multiple man, Amara/Magma, Kitty/Showdowcat, Josh/Elixir. I'm Cyclops and well Jean is just Jean. Got it?

Xander: Got it!

Jean: Each persons code name represents the persons ability!

Xander: I get it, it also creates a form of secret identity, like Spiderman and Firestar, since I'm sure their parents didn't name them that at birth.

Scott: Ha, ha, cute! Ya, so you get the point, now do you think you might have a name for yourself, or do you need some time?

Xander: I liked what you called me earlier!

Scott: What? kid-o!

Xander: Ya I really want the others to have another reason to laugh at me! Powerboy!

Jean: That's perfect!

Scott: Since I did name you it, I like it!

Xander: Whatever!

Scott: Alright now that everyone is here, Xander's code name from now on will be Powerboy. He is aware of all your code names. Now I want two teams, Bobby your leader of group 1, John you have team two, pick your teams!

Bobby: Elixir!

John: Rogue

Bobby: Jubes!

John: Multiple man!

Bobby: Shadowcat!

John: Magma!

Bobby: Powerboy!

Xander: < Jean there is nothing like being picked last to motivate a guy>

Jean: < They are just competitive and they already know how they work together, don't take it personal >

Xander: < I'll try not too > (Who was I kidding I'm so taking this personal.)

Scott: Alright you all have two minuets to set up your plans with your teams! Starting now!

Bobby: Alright Powerboy, since you have the ability to fly, you can be our eyes, the most difficult one to watch for will be Multiple man, since he can separate himself into ten clones of himself. So try to keep an eye on him, Shawdowcat I'm leaving it up to you to make it to the flag, Jubilee your diversion girl, I've got a score to settle with Pyro, so he's all mine!

Xander: (A score to settle maybe their not as close a friends as I thought)

Sorry, just one question since I can fly at super speed, if I have the chance, did you want me to get the flag?

Bobby: Trust me if it were that easy I would have said that from the beginning. Were going to be attacked by robots from all sides, as well as keeping the other team from getting the flag first. Shadowcat is our best bet, because she can phase through anything!

Scott: Alright time is up! On three, One, Two, Three, Go!

Xander: (I took to the air, flying high above the trees, I so wish this was over, I would love to go outside and really try my hand at flying freely with the birds. Below I watched as Jubilee shoot what looked like fireworks out of her hands, in two different directions, Multiple man split up into ten clones of himself, so I followed closely to him, Iceman, and Pyro, stood in the middle of an opening in the trees, and were about to have a stand off, I didn't want to miss one second of this, So I just kept an eye on multiple man as he made his way through the woods, I saw were he would come out of the woods and just kept going back and forth from the fight about to take place, to that opening, Pyro used a Zippo to light his hand on fire and started shooting it at Iceman, Iceman dodge his stream of fire, and encased himself in a body armor of ice, he pointed his hands to the ground and as he raised them up, the ice covered his body in a whole block of ice, he then punched ou twards leaving his body in an ice armor, now that was wicked cool. Iceman then stuck out his hands releasing a torrent of ice at him, at the same time Pyro sent a stream of fire at him, and each were having to hold there ground as each element strove to put out the other. Suddenly I was bombarded with wave after wave of flying robots as they began a laser beam assault on me. I dove down and decided to take cover in the leaves of the trees, searching for Multiple man who I completely lost sight of. A line of robots were coming at me again so I flew upwards back into the sky, I had no choice it was time to take my first punch, as the first one approached I balled up my fist pulled back and punched him as hard as I could, next thing I knew the robot was flying back into the 6 other robots behind it, all of them crashing into one another like dominoes, ending with a big explosion, I looked down only to realize that the debris from the robots were falling straight down over Icem an and Pyro, I took a nose dive and flew faster than I had ever flown before and grabbed Pyro by the arm, flew over to Iceman and grabbed him by the waist and flew out of the way, just in time to see the debris all land on the ground were they once stood. I set them down and took off flying upwards to go find were multiple man had gotten too, when I saw Jubilee being surrounded by 15 robots there was only so much she could do, so I dove down and landed next to her) Need some help?

Jubilee: And they say chivalry is dead!

Xander: (I use my optic beams to fry all the robots surrounding us. Jubilee grabs me and kisses my cheek and takes off in another direction, I fly up. I look down to see what's the latest with Iceman and Pyro, to find robots shooting at Iceman, Pyro uses this to his advantage and he continues his assault on Iceman, while Iceman has no choice but to try and defend himself from both directions. I fly down land behind Iceman so that I'm getting hit instead of him, we locked eyes, and he stared like he was looking straight into my soul, winked at me, and turned around pointed both hands at Pyro, and sent streams of ice at him, completely putting out his fire, he froze his body leaving only his head. Pyro started swearing at him. Iceman turned to me)

Iceman: Let's go!

Xander:(He pointed his hands at the ground froze it and waved his hands upwards the ice creating an ice block that he jumped on and continued staying on it as he flew through the air, riding the ice the was below his feet, I'm sure they have a name for this, but for now I have no idea what it is, I'll have to remember to ask Scott later)

Iceman: Thanks for the assist back there!

Xander: Anytime glad I could help!

Iceman: I'm sorry about early at breakfast, Jonny is a big jerk!

Xander: I can see! So you have issues with him too?

Iceman: A lot!

Xander: Maybe it's that fire and ice don't mix!

Iceman: You know I never thought of it like that, your probably right! There's Shadowcat lets help her!

Xander: Aye, eye captain! (I never realized how blue his eyes were, he really is a hot guy. I flew at super speed down to Shadowcat, I flew straight into a bunch of robots shooting at her, and they exploded upon impact with my fists. Magma made her way towards us, I didn't know what to expect from her when all of the sudden she turned into a molten form, and held her hands out and the earth began to move and out shot molten lava, it started encasing me from the feet up, now talk about hot, I guess if I have to find out if I can handle hot temps this was the way) Go Shadowcat I got this!

(I took a deep breath and blew at the lava that was traveling up my body, it froze only to have her shoot up another volley of lava that covered me from head to toe, now I was getting steamed, no pun intended. I took all the energy inside me, and broke through the bodily prison she created around me, I spun myself at super speed shooting the lava off of me, sending it flying in all directions. When I thought it was all over Rogue had appeared behind me, she had taken off her gloves and put her hand against my face, before I knew it, I felt my whole body go week, it was like the life force was being ripped out of me, that's when I heard Rogue start to scream, and I saw a vision of a woman holding a baby, was it my mother, could it be, before I had a chance to think anything else, I heard her scream a piercing scream and I blacked out)