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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.



Chapter 4 - Where do we go from here

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Xander : (I woke up once again in the med bay. Oh my aching head. I feel like a mach truck hit me. Rogue, shit is she ok, although what the hell was she trying to do to me. Alright open your eyes, come on I need to open my eyes. As I slowly open them everything is a bit blurry at first, and then I see the oh so familiar body of Mr. Scott Summers sleeping in the chair next to me)

"Scott, wake up!"

Scott: Oh hey you gave us quite a scare!

Xander: Haven't we been here before?

Scott: Yes we have and we really need to stop meeting like this!

Xander: So you want to tell me what the hell it was that Rogue was trying to do to me?

Scott: Rogue absorbs the memories, physical strength, and, in the case of super-powered persons, abilities of anyone she touches. This potentially fatal power prevents her from making physical contact with anyone that is why she wears the gloves. She wasn't trying to hurt you, you have to believe that, however as to what exactly happened you're going to have to wait about 30 more seconds to find out!

Xander: 30 more seconds?

Scott: That's when Jean and the Professor will be here and explain everything to you!

Xander: So over all how do you think I did today?

Scott: Aside from winding up in the infirmary, you did a great job! You really came through kid, I was proud of you. As well as your teammates, you saved a few of them, you even showed mercy to John and saved him, when you could have let the debris fall on him, you didn't and that says a lot about the person you are!

Pro-X: (Entering through the door) I agree, that is completely the standard of humanity I try to uphold here at this school. I was proud to see you make that decision, even after the argument you two had earlier today.

Xander: You heard about that?

Pro-X: Not a lot of things get by me here!

Jean: He isn't the best telepath for no reason. How are you feeling Xander?

Xander: A bit tired of being in this room, I have yet to even know what my bed feels like!

Jean: I promise you when were done here, you can sleep in your bed tonight!

Xander: I'll hold you to that! So Scott explained to me Rogues powers. But he said you would finish the rest! Is Rogue ok by the way?

Pro-X: Alexander, Rogue is fine, she past out the same way you did, but only for a moment. Xander, another memory came to surface today, it was a woman who I believe to be your mother.

Xander: My mother, you really think it was my mother?

Pro-X: I actually do believe its your mother. Rogue allowed me into her mind, so that I was able to see what she saw. But I feel it is in your best interest if you allow me, to once again, enter your mind for the full memory. You have to understand now that the memory has come to the surface it will be easier for me to see the memory as a whole, and hopefully give us a clue as to who your parents are, and what may have happened to them!

Xander: (I look from Scott to Jean with pleading eyes, I want the answer, but I'm also afraid of what I might find) So the same thing wont happen to be as last time?

Pro-X: I do not believe it will.

Scott: Xander, if were going to be able to help you find out who your parents are, unfortunately like the old saying goes, no pain no gain. But know that when you wake up, we will be right here for you, always.

Xander: (He just knows all the right things to say) What if I don't like what I see?

Jean: Xan, that's a chance your just going to have to take, deep down you know you couldn't live with it, if you never took this chance to find out the truth.

Xander: I know, I know. Alright.

Pro-X: Ok, Alexander I want you to relax your mind, take deep breaths.

Xander: (Once again, here I am, laying here in a bed in the med bay, about to find another memory that has been stored in my head all this time, Professor wants me to relax, easier said than done, I know I'm not a little kid, and I should be a man about this, but I just feel like so much is happening at one time, so much change, revelations, powers, new people, its all a bit overwhelming. But I'm tough I can handle this, hell I have dealt with worse my whole life. Ah the tingling sensation, he must be getting close. The light shines so bright, all the darkness that had been there just moments ago, is completely gone. Its him, my father I cant see his face still, but this time I at least get to see his head, his hair is a reddish brown color, he's tall, and looks like he has a muscular build. He's walking into a building, carefully looking behind him, as if he is checking to make sure no one is following him. He comes to a door and opens it, walks in locks the door, walks o ver to a couch were a blonde haired woman is breast feeding a baby. This must be my mother, I can feel it. Her hair is long and its in her face, I can only see the right side, I have her eyes, there so blue like the ocean, is that really how my eyes look, you could get lost in them. He leans in and kisses her)

Father: We don't have much time their going to find us Kat, we need to make a decision.

Kat: How can this be happening to us again? Are we doomed to lose the ones we love, do I have to live through this again and again. You should have let him kill me.

Father: Don't talk like that, will come back for him, I promise you!

Kat: You said that before, and here we are in the same situation!

Father: If you can think of another way, then tell me damn it, but you know this is the only way to make sure our son is safe!

Kay: (Crying) I know your right, but he's our son, he's just a baby, he'll never know the touch of his mother and father, nor the love we have for him. Tell me is that any way for a child to have to grow up, without the love of his parents.

Father: The ultimate sacrifice, what child wouldn't think his parents love him. He'll grow up and know the truth. And we don't know that we wont come back for him, we have to believe will make it though this.

Kat: I know, here take him and put him down for me.

Xander: (As my father put me down and walked out of the room, everything went black. I found myself back in the med bay, with just the memory of my parents) Dad, Dad, Mom, Dad!

Pro-X: Alexander, are you ok? Your back in the med bay, try to calm yourself.

Xander: (Sitting up in the bed, crying, I`m breathing heavy, I start speaking so fast, I don't even know if I took a breath, I just start going on and on) Yes professor I am. Confused, a lot more questions, with no answers. But satisfied that I at least got to see them, and learn my mothers name is Kat. Do you suppose that's her name or just a part of her name? Cause I think it most likely a part of her name. No one would name there child Kay, its probably, Cathleen, or Cathy, maybe even Katharine.

Scott: I think he's in shock!

Pro-X: Alexander, you need to relax, just calm yourself breath.

Jean: (Walks over and puts her arms around Xander, he leans into her and just cries) It's ok baby, just let it out, it's ok, your going to be ok.

Xander: I'm sorry, I don't mean to break down. Professor what do you think this all means, what was happing to them.

Pro-X: I don't know, there was no clear shot of his or her face, and I'm not sure if Kat, is enough to go on. But it is a start. This is all going to take sometime. But if we continue to take these steps, I'm sure will get to the bottom of this.

Meanwhile - At the front gates to the mansion


John: Here's the information I have so far Mystique.

Mystique: Your being careful?

John: No one suspects a thing.

Mystique: Your extraction is ready the second your cover is compromised.

John: Fooling these X-Tarts is easy, they just think I have an attitude problem.

Mystique: Whatever would give them that idea?

John: As long as Magneto is happy with the information, I'm gathering for the brotherhood, I'll do what I have to.

Mystique: Who is this Alexander person?

John: A thorn in my side. He just got here, and already he's the golden boy for Cy and Jean, their always with him.

Mystique: Hmm, he must be something special if there sticking with him.

John: Nothing special!

Mystique: John, don't let your ego, get in the way of business any and all information that can help the brotherhood, is your first priority. Understood?

John: Yes. All I know so far is that he is super strong, he can fly, super speed, freeze breath, optic beams from his eyes, as to anything else, it has yet to be discovered.

Mystique: Sounds very powerful. Hmm, Magneto will want to learn more about him, gather as much information on him as you possibly can, befriend him, do whatever it takes, I want to know everything on him.

John: Befriend him, we just became enemies today, how am I suppose to do that.

Mystique: Figure it out. Call me when you have something. Oh and John, Don't let Magneto down, it might just be the last thing you ever do!

John: Damn it. Nice going John. Time to make friends with the enemy!

Back at the med bay-


Scott: You ok kid?

Xander: I guess, I just don't know how to feel, I'm filled with so many different thoughts.

Jean: Why don't we do something to take your mind off of everything?

Xander: Like what more tests!

Jean: No, smarty. I was thinking why don't we go shopping get you some clothes, and go out tonight!

Scott: He's only 17 where we going to take him?

Jean: Dazzler is playing tonight, at the hot spot! I can call her and have her put our names on the guest list, no one will check Id and if they try well, lets just say, they wont!

Scott: What do you say kid, it's up to you?

Xander: I've never been to a live concert so you can count me in!

Scott: Alright then lets go shopping, get back here eat shower change and go!

Jean: Are we going to take any of the others?

Scott: I don't know Jean, maybe the kid doesn't want more company!

Jean: They'll never let me live it down if we went without them.

Xander: I don't mind as long as its not John!

Scott: My kind of guy!

Xander: (Did he really just say that)

Jean: < Yes he did >

Xander: <Opps sorry Jean, I didn't mean anything, I just thought it was funny! >

Scott: No talking smack, with your telepathy!

Xander: Moving right along. Ok then shall we go.

(We made our way to a hanger holding a bunch of cars, only to have Jubilee, Bobby, Rogue, Ororo, Josh, Kitty, Amara, and John come running in, I kind of wished they hadn't for two reasons really, one I was hella embarrassed about not having any money, and two, I was looking forward to being out with Scott and Jean alone, I was starting to feel closer to these two then I ever thought I would feel towards anyone)

Jubilee: You didn't think you guys were leaving without the party patrol!

Jean: Would never have dreamed of it!

Xander: < Liar >

Jean: < Shh, Josh is a telepath as well! >

Scott: Alright listen up, we are taking three cars, Jean will be driving, so who ever wants to go with her, get over to the jeep, Ororo will be driving as well so whoever wants to go with her to the Hummer.

Xander: Your not driving?

Scott: Oh I am, but me and you will be riding in my car, which only sits two people.

Xander: (Just when I think he couldn't get any cooler, he goes and surprises me. We make our way to the mall, we park and enter the mall.)

Jubilee: Your totally coming with us!

Xander: (I turn and look at Scott and Jean, they both nod to me, Scott takes me over on the side)

Scott: Here's some money, I want you to not only buy clothes for tonight, but clothes for everyday too, I mean shirts, shoes, pants, coat, underwear, this is your money, so please make sure you buy everything you'll need!

Xander: (My face is so red, I'm so embarrassed I mean come on is he like my sugar daddy now) Scott thanks, but I cant take your money!

Scott: This money is from a special account for all new students that come to the school, don't worry, the professor set this up, for the students. Jubilee come here for a second! I want you to make sure Xander gets all the clothes and necessities, before you guys come back, understood?

Jubilee: Yes sir, Mr. Summers sir!

Scott: Now get out of here, be back as soon as you guys are done.

Xander: Thanks!

Bobby: Hey are you ok after everything that happened today?

Xander: Ya, I'm alright, thanks for asking!

Rogue: Hey I'm really sorry about what happened earlier, I never meant to hurt you!

Xander: I know, I just hope your alright after being in my messed up head!

Rogue: Join the club, we all have histories here, in time I'm sure will all trust each other enough to share.

Xander: I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys! (After two hours of shopping, I was wiped out, not having money sure saves you from the headache of having to walk and try on clothes, surrounded by tons of people. Just as we were making our way back to the others all hell started to break loose as apart of the ceiling came crashing down, people started running in every direction, Scott, Jean and Ororo came running over to where we were, as a giant metallic hand came in through the opening that had just been made in the ceiling)

Scott: Sentinels, X-men Battle formation alpha- bravo. Xander, I need you to find some place safe and stay put.

Xander: (Was he seriously asking me to hide when they were about to fight, I've seen these Sentinels on TV before, and I know their not something easy to take down. I looked at our group and suddenly they were all wearing costumes, same material as what we wore in the danger room, only these had a big X on the left side of the chest. Are these guys like a group of super heroes or something, I stood there watching in awe as Storm and Rogue flew up Rogue must be one hell of a strong woman, cause she grabbed the Sentinels hand and pushed it out of the mall, smart move there trying to push them outside so no one will get hurt. I cant stay in here so I follow them outside, Scott might get mad at me, but I have to see this for myself, Rogue is pounding a Sentinel into the ground, Cyclops is using his optic beam cutting off a hand, Jean floats into the air, pushing them back, the Sentinels are shooting lasers at everyone in the group, it looks like Jean is using some kind of tele kinetic shield to block the lasers from hitting Jubilee and Scott. There is 20 Sentinels now, they are way out numbered I have to do something, Jean is now surrounded by three of them, she's being pushed back down to the ground, I cant just stand and watch. I fly up into the air, I dive through the lasers that are being shot at me, I get to one of the three that have Jean pinned down, and I start whaling on him, punches only seam to make them stagger for a second, this isn't going to work, I fly over to his head and I grab on under his metallic chin and rip his head off, I make sure there is an empty spot and I throw the head there, when suddenly I hear " Self destruction in 5, 4, 3, so I fly towards his back punch my hands into him, and lift with all my might, it takes everything in me, but I know I have to do this, I fly up as high as I can in the two seconds I have left, and I hear it 1. Boom, he explodes, and I'm thrown backwards from the explosion, I black out and free fall back down to the earth as gravity must have its way, Jean must have seen me for the next thing I knew, I snapped out of my daze and know that someone is bring me down slowly)

Jean: < Are you ok >

Xander: < Yes thanks for the catch >

Jean: < Thanks for the back up, but Scott is so going to kick your ass for disobeying him >

Xander: < Doesn't a save erase, a not following orders? >

Jean: < Just make the best puppy dog face you can make, he's a sucker for that, I know I use it all the time on him >

Xander: < Will do. I'm going to go help the others >

Jean: < Be careful >

Xander: < You too > (I fly over to where Bobby is, as he has frozen the legs on one of the Sentinels)

Bobby: Xander, go for the chest!

Xander: Roger that! (I fly at super speed into the chest of the Sentinel, and come out the backside, he starts to fall backwards so I catch it and set him down. I look over to Jubilee raising her hands, sending fireworks into the eyes, as Amara is shaking the earth below the Sentinel, she then waves another hand, and shards of earth, and lava comes shooting out of the ground and melts through his chest, so I used my optic beams to help her out and complete burn through his chest, and another one goes flying backwards, so I fly as fast as I can and catch him and set him down. Storm is creating lightning bolts and shooting them at the sentinels, but it doesn't seem to be doing any damage, she then creates a wind that blows him back as he is coming closer to the group, I fly over and punch repeatedly in the chest, Bobby slides up to next to me, and freezes it and I fly straight through another one done. After a good half hour of this, there are no more Sentinels left standing , and I see everyone starting to regroup, so I fly down to them, making sure to hide behind Jean, so Scott wont be tempted to yell at me.)

Scott: Good job everyone, now lets get out of here, before people start asking questions. Everyone get to the car you came in, will meet at the mansion. XANDER you get your ass over here right now!

Xander: < Jean a little help please >

Jean: < Puppy dog eyes >

Xander: < Thanks your a lot of help >

End Chapter-