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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

Chapter 5- Coming out of my shell


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Xander: (I got into the car with Scott, my stomach had knots in it, just how much trouble was I in)

Scott: Look kid, when I give an order, its because I'm looking at what's best for everyone involved. Your new to all this, the chance of you getting hurt is far greater, then it is for the rest of us, we've all been working together as a team for a long time now. I just don't want anything to happen to you, I care a lot about you. So from now on when I give an order, you follow, understood?

Xander: Yes, I'm sorry. But in my defense, I saw Jean being ganged up on by three sentinels, I couldn't just stand by and let her get hurt.

Scott: I know the feeling, but you have to trust that we know what were doing, and we always have each others back. Although, and if you tell anyone this I'll deny it, I had so much admiration for your courage and selflessness, you had no idea what you were up against, facing the sentinels and still, when you saw your friends in trouble, you rushed into the face of danger. You took out a sentinel all by yourself, the strength you had, and when the self destruct was about to go off, you actually carried the sentinel into the air, do you even know that it weighs about 18 tons.

Xander: Your embarrassing me! 18 tons huh! Hercules, Hercules! So what does the X stand for, Xavier's men? Ahhhhh! (I put my hands over my ears as the sound of something screeching, pierces my ear drums, the noise is so intense, I fly upwards into the air, I look in the direction of were the noise is coming from, I cant see anything, my eyes adjust and I'm able to see using telescopic vision)

Scott: Xander what's wrong?

Xander: A train is being derailed. The sound of the metal grinding its so intense.

Scott: Xander I don't see anything!

Xander: It right over there, Scott you have to follow me I need to help, there are people on the train, can hear there screams!

Scott: Xander wait!

Xander: (I cant wait, I've wasted enough time already, so I fly as fast as I can, and arrive seconds later, I grab onto the front part of the train that is on its side sliding through the dirt off to the side of the tracks. My feet are firmly planted in the ground as I use all my strength to try and bring the train to a complete stop, by the time I'm buried knee high in the ground the train has stopped. When I'm suddenly grabbed at the neck, from behind, and thrown, I slide across the ground till I stop. I turn and look to see a man, 6ft 10, easily weighs 900 pounds, wearing a brown outfit, with a metal helmet, he is running at me, I stagger to get back on my feet, I wait, just another second, as he is almost at me, I bend at the knees grab him by the waist and flip him back over my head, using his momentum against him, by the time I turned around, bam I was punched so hard in the face, flying backwards and crashing into the now empty front of the train.)

Juggernaut: Who do you think you messing with kid, I'm the Juggernaut bitch! Now stay down!

Xander: Why are you doing this? These are innocent people!

Juggernaut: I do what I want, when I want, and how I want!

Xander: Well your going to have to go through me, I wont let you hurt anyone else! (I fly straight at him, holding my fists straight at him, I make impact with his stomach, as I'm flying with him, he brings both fists down upon my back, instantly sending me into the ground. He grabs me lifts me up, and punches my face again and again, I spit out blood, my head pounds from the pain, I don't understand no one has hurt me, anytime I have been punched. I lift my hands up and bring them down on both his shoulders, he lets go of me, and I flip backwards, kicking him upwards as my feet make connection with his head, I land on all fours and look up only to see him running at me again, what does it take to stop this guy? I fly faster than I have ever before and like a bomb going off the impact sends both of us flying in opposite directions. As I slide through the earth, I cant help but think where the hell is Scott, I don't know what else to do to stop this guy. When I hear, Scott I am full of relief and see the rest of the group with him)

Scott: Stand down Juggernaut the X-men are here!

Juggernaut: And I was having so much fun, tearing that brat apart!

Scott: X-men just like we practiced get his helmet off! (Scott uses his optic beam but the Juggernaut just holds hit wrists in the shape of an X and blocks it)

Juggernaut: Is that the best you can do one eye? (He puts his fists together and brings them down hard upon the ground, making it break up and shake knocking everyone over on its path)

Rogue: How bout you try me on for size sugar'! (Rogue flies at him, knocking him back and grabs his hands behind him) Wolverine, now's your chance!

Wolverine: Iceman freeze his helmet at the base, make it easier for me to break off! (With that, Iceman freezes the base of his helmet, as wolverine runs and jumps into the air, he waves out his arms, and metal claws shoot out of his hands, he lands on the Juggernauts shoulders and starts clawing at the base of his neck, one side of the helmet can be seen separating)

Juggernaut: Get off me! (He flings his arms out of the hold Rogue had on him, and sends her flying back, grabs Wolverine by the waist and throws him down on the ground. Wolverine lands and flips himself backwards and lands on his feet. The Juggernaut starts to run, punching his way through everyone standing before him like their not even there!)

Scott: He's heading for Xavier we cant let him!

Xander: Rogue we can stop him!

Scott: Xander, stay out of this, you barley look like you can stand as it is!

Xander: I can do this Scott, please just trust me now! (Rogue and I fly up and after him)

Rogue: You look pretty beat up!

Xander: I did some hitting myself, but he doesn't even have a mark on him!

Rogue: The mystical energy of Cyttorak gives him extraordinary resistance to injury.

Xander: I knew there had to be something! (As we approach him, I fly behind him and pick him up at the waist and flip him backwards over my head. Rogue lands and starts punching his head into the ground. He uses his hands and lifts his head out of the ground)

Juggernaut: Are you back for more punishment! (He grabs Rogue and throws her like she's a rag doll, I run at super speed punching and running, punching and running, I figure the longer I punch and run, the better chance I have. I hear the others making their way towards us. As I run to punch again he sticks out his hand and grabs me he has a hold on me and is squeezing the air out of me. I swing my self back and forth, and back and then come in with my feet knocking the wind out of him, I land on the ground and try to catch my breath, he gets up and comes running at me, I time it just right and as soon as he gets close enough I punch up sending him flying up into the air and landing, I fly over to him, and he gets up grabs me and starts pounding my face in, I can barley see out of my left eye, and my body feels like a wet noodle, Rogue grabs him from behind and flips him over, he rolls and gets up. I fly up grab onto his helmet and lift using all my might, he's waving his hands behind him, trying to grab me, but I'm just out of his reach. With one last great pull I flip backwards, with the release of his helmet, into the air. Jean Floats up into the air, has both hands on either side of her head, she must be doing something to him telepathically. The next thing I know the Juggernaut is falling to the ground mumbling incoherently)

Jean: Rogue you know where to fly him too! (Rogue picks him up and flies off with him) Xander are you ok?

Xander: (I land on the ground, I'm on all fours the Juggernauts helmet in front of me, I'm panting trying to catch my breath. I'm really in shock that I just fought this guy and lived to tell the tale) I'm ready to go home now!

Wolverine: Either your really stupid, or very brave bub! I'm Wolverine!

Xander: Xander, and I'll take stupid for 800 Alex!

Scott: Wrong the correct answer for 2000 is brave! Come on lets go home!

Xander: The best thing I've heard all day! (We get back to the mansion. I go straight to my room, strip and hop into a really hot shower, as I stand there naked I put my arms straight out in front of me on the wall, and just let the hot water, run down my body. It feels so great, my body relaxes, I don't want to look in a mirror, I'm sure I look tore up from the floor up. I get out of the shower as there is no hot water left, I hope I'm not sharing water with anyone. I get out and dry myself off, warp the towel around my waist, walk out into the bedroom and lay down on my bed, I know I need to get up and get dressed, were suppose to eat and head out, I wonder if were still going to see Dazzler, maybe everyone is worn out from the days events. I must have fell asleep for a little while. There's a knock on my door, and without even thinking I get up and answer the door in only a towel wrapped around my waist.)

Bobby: (When I opened the door, Bobby's face looked all shocked and turned red, he just started at me up and down) Whoa! Wasn't expecting a show!

Xander: I'm sorry I wasn't even thinking, I just got out of the shower, and laid down for a second. Come on in! (I turned quickly and went to grab something to put on)

Bobby: I just came to tell you that Scott wants you to meet him at the professors office right now.

Xander: Am I in trouble?

Bobby: Hell no, after all you did today, they should be giving you an award!

Xander: What getting my ass handed to me on a silver platter!

Bobby: What are you talking about, you were amazing today! You handled yourself great, made sure of the safety of the team, and innocent bystanders!

Xander: Your making me sound cooler than I am!

Bobby: Well I'm completely impressed!

Xander: (Impressed, nice choice of words, cant people stop playing with words, and just say weather or not they like guys or girls, it would make like so much easier for me) You weren't so bad yourself!

Bobby: I can hold my own pretty well, but you're a newbie, no one was expecting you to have so much power!

Xander: Alright I'm all dressed, could you just give me a second to do my hair, I don't want to have to come back to my room, we still are going to see Dazzler tonight?

Bobby: For sure, the gangs all hyped about it!

Xander: Great! (I go into the bathroom, take a little gel run my fingers through my hair, and then it suddenly dawns on me I only have a bruise on my eye and nothing else, the cut on my lip is completely healed, and I realize for the first time, that I really am a good looking guy, and I clean up very well)

Bobby: Ready, cause Scott really doesn't like to be kept waiting?

Xander: Ya, I'm ready!

Bobby: I'll walk you there! ( Damn this guy is fine, I wonder if he's in too guy's or not. I guess I'll find out when we go out tonight. I cant believe what a hot ass Xander has either, I'm such an ass man)

Xander: (Ok why is he walking a foot behind me. Xander slow your role, your being to self conscious! We arrive at professor X's door)

Thanks Bobby see you at dinner! (I take a deep breath and knock on the door)

Pro-X: < Please come in Alexander >

Xander: (I open the door, to find Scott, Jean, Hank, Ororo, Wolverine, and the professor. Gulp.)

Pro-X: Please have a seat! You already know everyone here, but this man is Logan!

Xander: (I wave nervously) Hi!

Pro-X: Calm yourself Alexander, your not in trouble! Jean and Scott allowed me to view there minds and see all the events that transpired today! And I have to say I am very overwhelmed with excitement at how well you were able to handle yourself, your bravery, selflessness, and determination has impressed me to no bounds. You fought sentinels, as well as my step brother Cain Marko, or the Juggernaut. These are no small feats to do. We have all discussed, your actions today and...

Xander: But I disobeyed Scotts orders, so you have no choice but to punish me I completely understand. (I put my head down, but they all started laughing)

Logan: If that was the case bub, I would be in trouble all the time!

Pro-X: No, Alexander you are far from in trouble. You know those X's you saw on everyone's costumes today?

Xander: They stand for Xavier's men right!

Pro-X: Close, they stand for the X men. As well as being a school for mutants, to learn and control their powers. We also have a group of select few that help with the criminal elements as well as to show the human race that not all mutants are a threat. The X-men serve to set an example of..

Xander: (Interrupting) With great powers, comes great responsibilities! (Now I understand what Spidy was talking about when he said that)

Pro-X: Exactly! You are definitely a wise young man! With further training I believe you would make a valuable asset to the team!

Xander: (I quickly look from Scott to Jean)

Scott: Yes, kid-o!

Jean: We all do!

Xander: The answer is yes of course I would be honored!

Pro-X: Ha, ha, ha, very good then. Starting Monday, you will begin training, along with your classes. You have to understand, things of the X-men nature are not to be discussed with anyone outside of the group!

Xander: Not a problem, don't know anyone to tell anyway, since my only friends are in this room!

Pro-X: Give that some time you will see, the other students and you will become great friends!


Mystique: What news do you have, that you would call me back this soon, Johnny boy?

John: Here I recorded this today, I didn't give that little punk enough credit, he was able to lift a sentinel all on his own, as well as withstanding an explosion that occurred, while flying away with the sentinel. He also took on the Juggernaut alone. And still lives to tell about it.

Mystique: I think you've out did yourself this time, John, Magneto will definitely be pleased with this news! Someone's coming get out of here! (Mystique fades away into the bushes and disappears into the night)

John: Who's there?

Logan: Trying to sneak out again! (Sniff, sniff)

John: No, just um clearing my head!

Logan: Hmm! (Logan jumps over the fence and starts sniffing around, looking for the person the scent belongs too. With no success)Hmm!

Back in the professors office-

Hank: Charles his powers are limitless, he`s an Omega-level mutant. Strength, flight, invulnerability to non-magical attacks of ordinary force, healing regeneration, super-speed, vision powers including optic beams, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision, super-hearing, and super-breath, which enables him to freeze objects by blowing on them, as well as exert the propulsive force of high-speed winds.

Pro-X: How do you know that magic can hurt him?

Hank: After his battle with the Juggernaut, his face was bleeding, and he was all bruised up, but you saw him, moments ago, there was not a scratch on him. Cain gets his powers as you well know, from a mystical origin, thus, Xander being hit by him, actually harmed the boy.

Pro-X: Then we made the right choice in making him an ally.

Hank: If the brotherhood, or any group for that matter learns of his abilities it wont take long for them to come after him.

Pro-X: Well it's a good thing he came here when he did, will just have to keep him protected! His relationship grows stronger with Scott and Jean, they will protect him with there lives!

Hank: Professor in the wrong hands he will be used as an unstoppable weapon!

Outside Xavier's office-

John: (Magneto is going to flip)

Later that night at the Hot Spot club-


Jean: < You look great tonight>

Xander: < And you're one smoking chic, time to pull out my stick and beat the boy's off of you >

Jean: < Smoking huh! I like that, boy's eat your hearts out, were bring sexy back >

Xander: < Oh no you didn't girl! >

Jubilee: Come on guys lets go dance!

Xander: I'm good!

Jean: I didn't bring you out here to sit around, your dancing!

Xander: Scott a little help here!

Scott: You're on your own kid!

Xander: (I give him a look, and then see that Bobby is still sitting down, so I throw all caution to the wind, and grab him by the arm and take him on the dance floor with us) If I have to do this, so do you!

Bobby: (He grabbed my arm) I got your back! (Or I can just watch your ass as you move it)

Xander: You da man! (We start dancing and the music just seems to take over. Amara and Jubilee start dancing on Jean, and the guys on the dance floor seem to be eating that up) < Watch out Jean all the boys are getting jealous >

Jean: < What guy don't like girl on girl action? >

Xander: < Jean I think you know what I'm about to say>

Jean: < I was just waiting for you to trust me enough to tell me baby! >

Xander: < Have I told you lately how much I love you? > (We continue dancing, and the guys start taking off their shirts, I don't mean my group, just guys that are dancing on the dance floor, so I say the hell with it, if I'm going to come out of my shell now would be a good time to start. I take my shirt off much to the surprise of all my friends, their facial expression was worth it all, and looking over at Scott who's smile could have lit up a room. My Pecs were protruding out, and 6 pack abs glistening with sweat, the more I move my body the more you can see how cut my body is, and damn for the first time I actually feel sexy)

Jean: < Damn boy, talk about hot, you have a killer body >

Jubilee: (Screaming over the music) That's it Xander, get your grove on!

Xander: (Bobby must have been inspired because he took off his shirt as well. As I stood there frozen, staring at what had to be the hottest body I have ever seen, I get a loud message)

Jean: < Put your tongue back in your mouth, your drooling! >

Xander: < OH! Oh! Ya Opps! >

Bobby: (Shouting over the music) Cant let you have all the fun!

Xander: Glad you decided to join me! (Did I really just say that. Jubilee comes up behind me, while Amara comes up behind Bobby, push us all together, and now Bobby and me are face to face, dancing this went on for a while. I swear I don't think we stopped looking into each others eyes for a second. As all good things come to an end so must this, Bam a guy punches Bobby in the face knocking him to the ground)

Guy: This is a fagot free club!

Jubilee: Really cause last time I checked Assholes weren't allowed in here yet here you are.

Xander: (He went to hit Jubilee, so I grabbed his hand and lifted him up above me head) A real man never hit's a woman, you want to hit someone try hitting me!

Guy: Mutants, their mutants, let go of me!

Scott: Xander put him down, were leaving!

Xander: (I throw him down so he lands on his ass, and we all turn around and head out to our cars)

Jubilee: And then he was like "A real man never hit's a woman, you want to hit someone try hitting me" It was awesome!

Amara: Xander you totally rock!

Xander: Ya but I should have never grabbed that guy like that, I could have hurt him really bad.

Scott: Your right, but you stopped yourself, before you did him any harm that's what's most important here.

Back at the manor-

Scott: I'm going to call it a night, I'll see you guys later, Xander I'll come get you so we can go over some things tomorrow.

Xander: Thanks for the fun time tonight!

Scott: I'm glad you had fun, and I'm glad your starting to come out of your shirt, I mean shell!

Xander: Very funny, I'm never going to live that down!

Scott: Nope! Goodnight!

Xander: Night!

Jubilee: Were going to go get something to eat in the kitchen, your coming with!

Xander: Well I guess I have no choice. (We made our way into the kitchen and ate a whole bunch of stuff and sat around talking)

Kitty: I wish I had been there tonight!

Amara: Especially these to studs, naked bodies!

Xander: Their talking about Bobby, not me!

Bobby: Ya right, everyone was checking you out, I looked like chop liver never to you! (John comes walking into the kitchen)

John: Didn't you get hit in the face for acting like a couple of fags?

Amara: All four of us were dancing on one another, that guy had no idea what he was talking about!

Xander: Do you have a problem with Gay people?

John: Why, are you trying to say you are one?

Xander: You know they say homophobia, is a tell tale sign that a person is secretly gay!

John: Are you calling me a fag?

Xander: You're the one trying find out if I am, are you trying to say you like what you see? (I stand up and raise my hands from top to bottom)

John: Do you want me to kick your ass, are you looking for a fight?

Xander: So much aggression for someone who isn't gay! Why are you trying so hard to prove your manhood?

John: That's it, its time to throw down!

Xander: Bring it on! (I walk over to where he's at and get up in his face)

Jean: Hey, what's going on in here!

Amara: Just John trying to cause problems as usual!

Jean: John, you can go to your room for the rest of the night, and see me in the morning!

John: Whatever!

Jean: You guys its really late, why don't you guys call it a night!

Jubilee: Ah man! We weren't doing anything!

Jean: I know, goodnight!

Bobby: Hey Xander I'm heading the same way, let's walk together!

Xander: Cool with me! (We start walking and there's a silence between us, one that I know means we both have something to say, yet neither of us do. We reach my door) This is my stop!

Bobby: Hey can I come in for a minuet I want to talk to you?

Xander: Sure! (Ok I'm really nervous, I almost blurted out that I was gay earlier, and now what if he asks me should I tell him. Argh!)

Bobby: Did you, um when you, I mean, when John was, are you gay?

Xander: Wow!

Bobby: I'm sorry I didn't mean to just put you on the spot like that!

Xander: (So I grabbed him and kissed him, at first I thought I was the only one kissing, but when I felt his tongue slid into my mouth, I knew he wanted it too, we must of stood there kissing for ever never coming up for air, he finally broke the kiss off and stood there looking at me) I shouldn't have done that!

Bobby: No I'm so glad you did that, I've wanted to feel your lips against mine since the moment I first saw you!

Xander: You have?

Bobby: Yes I have, don't act so surprised! You're a really hot guy, plenty of people want to kiss you!

Xander: And how is that a stud like you is single?

Bobby: I'm single for a couple of reasons. I haven't met anyone here that I would be interested in. Also no one knows about me here, and also I would like to keep it that way, I hope you understand!

Xander: I do, and the same goes for me. Well except for Jean, she kind of heard me talking about how hot you are, when we were at the club!

Bobby: Nice move slick!

Xander: I trust her though, completely!

Bobby: I just don't want anyone to know, because I feel its hard enough being a group leader as it is, I just don't want...

Xander: (Interrupting! I put my finger to his lips) Shh, its alright you don't have to explain, I get it! Your secret is safe with me, as I'm sure mine is with you. Now shut up and kiss me! (We started kissing as we made our way to the bed, he grabbed my head and slowly laid me down on the bed, and then he lay on top of me, made out for over and hour, our hands roaming over each others bodies. This was truly the best night of my life. Sometime after 3 in the morning we fell asleep, me in his arms, my head in his chest, it was the best nights sleep I have ever had. I woke up sometime after 7am to find him playing with my hair, staring at my face)

Bobby: You look so beautiful while you sleep, you have this innocence to you! I better go, before people start to wake up and see me come out of your room!

Xander: (Way to kill the moment) I guess your probably right!

Bobby: Don't give me that face, I want to just stay here with you believe me, I love being near you. But I should go, take a shower and stuff, and I can meet you for breakfast, its in an hour.

Xander: Alright, thanks for the amazing night!

Bobby: The pleasure was all mine!

Xander: (He leans in and kisses me, and gets up and walks out the door. I lay in my bed, thinking about everything that happened, and I cant help but slowly move my hand down into my pants, my cock throbs at the touch, I unzip my pants, and push them down so my cock is free, it feels so good as the air hits my cock, a drop of pre-cum leaks out of the tip, I rub it all over the head of my cock, I bring my hand to my mouth and lick my fingers first and then the whole length of my hand, I bring it back down to my cock, and rub it all over, and start stroking my cock nice and slow at first, gradually picking up the pace, with my free hand I pinch my nipples, I move my friends over the whole of my chest, I bring my finger to my mouth, and suck on it, making it nice and wet, and then lift my legs up a little, and gently rub my hole before sliding it in, I move it in and out, faster and faster as it starts to feel so good, my cock is leaking like a faucet, just as I'm starting to get real close, my door fly's open, and who catches my stroking none other than...)

Scott: Oh, oh, I'm, aye yay, yay, I was told that Bobby came out of here, I thought something was wrong!

Xander: (I was frozen, I couldn't move, I was caught in the most vulnerable position possible, stroking my cock, with a finger in my ass, why is he still standing there talking. I just lay there staring at him, I want to talk but no words can be spoken, he's just staring at my cock.)

Scott: I'm going to be going now, um Ya that's what I'm going to do, just um find me when your done, ya ok I'm going. Oh and wash your hands!

Xander: (He finally turns and walks back to the door, looks back one more time, and leaves. I am going to kill Bobby, how could he leave without locking my door. Grr argh! Since I still have my problem, I'm going to finish stroking take a shower and go down to meet Bobby.)

In Scotts room-

Scott: I'm such an idiot, I cant believe I walked into his room and caught him jacking off. Damn that boy has a cock on him, easily 8 inches, and he was fingering his ass like a pro, that was hot I have to say. Now I have a problem of my own to take care of. I start by pulling my pants down, letting my 10 inches of man meat out, I grab it with both hands pulling my cock up and then bringing it back down, I take my balls into my hand, and pull down on them, and start to twist them, while I continue to stroke my cock, I start thinking about Xander and that sweet boy cock of his, wishing I had just walked up to his bed and taking his cock into my mouth and sucking up and down on all 8 inches of it, then he starts to beg me to let him suck my cock, so I get up and take my pants down, his eyes open wide as he sees my ten inches staring him in the face, he reaches out and grabs it, and pulls me closer to him, takes my cock and starts to swallow it down, he gags at first trying t o bite off more than he can chew, I tell him to take it slow, get use to it, so he slowly starts to suck my cock up and down, each time adding another inch, he brings his hand up to my low hanging balls, and gently starts to play with them, I moan with pleasure, I tell him I'm getting closer, his mouth feels so good, on my cock, I grab his head and start to face fuck him, slow at first, and then faster and faster, till my whole cock is down his throat, oh Xander I'm going to shoot, I'm so close, swallow my load, take it all. And with that final thought I start to shoot my load, I shoot so high the first shot hits my upper lip, I take my tongue and lick it off, and right as the next load is starting to come out, my door goes flying open)

Xander: Scott, I'm so embarrassed at what you saw, oh wow, I didn't just...

Scott: Xander, I, ah, ah (My cock throbs violently, as it shoots the rest of my cum out, seeing him standing there watching is just to much, he turns to leave) Xander wait! (I grab a towel from under my bed, and begin to clean myself off) Xander, look, I don't mean look at me clean myself, I mean lets talk about this. Were both guys, we have urges that need to be taken care of, its normal ok, and its just between me and you. Alright!

Xander: Scott, I never would have walked in, but I heard you call my name, so I thought that you were calling me to come in.

Scott: (Shit, he heard me call out his name) Forget about it, its all good, were good, right?

Xander: Ya, perfect! I'm going to head down to eat, do you still want to see me afterwards?

Scott: Yes, I'll see you later!

Xander: (I leave his room, and cant help but feel like pay back is a bitch, he caught me, and its only fair that I should catch, and what a catch, that cock was huge, I wonder what it would be like to suck it, could it all fit into my mouth, wait how could I forget why the hell was he calling out my name, and I lied I wasn't outside the door, I was actually down the hall, my super hearing is how I heard him, could he be stroking his cock thinking of me! Hmm I wonder.)

End Chapter