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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave. But if you chose to ignore this warning, it's your own fault!


Chapter 6 The Agenda


( ) Personal thoughts

< > Telepathic conversations

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In a galaxy known on earth as M-31 (Andromeda Galaxy)

Deathbird Royal Majesty of the Shi'ar Empire-


Deathbird: What news have you for me?

Royal Guard: My queen, the telepaths have located the Prophesy child!

Deathbird: Where is the child?

Royal Guard: On earth, my queen!

Deathbird: We must move quickly, if our telepaths were finally able to locate the child, it wont be long before my sister Lilandra, or Corsair and his starjammers locate the child themselves. Summon my most vicious men, under no circumstance can the child slip through are fingers. My hour is at hand, with the power of the prophesy child, victory shall be mine! (Sinister laugh)Ha, ha, ha!

Back on Earth-

Xander: (Scott has me cooped up, studying all there is to know about enemy profiles, other X-men, and other mutants) Scott I'm done!

Scott: You've read and study them all, so if I were to say who is Galactus, you would say?

Xander: Galactus is the only survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. He was actually born billions of years ago. When the Big Bang was approaching he was saved by the Phoenix Force and brought into the new universe in a cosmic egg. The egg exploded outward with the Big Bang eventually turning into stars and planets.

Galactus was created along with his starship and the embodiments of Death and Eternity. He stayed here, inert, for billions of years. His ship became an incubation chamber and Galactus stayed there for several hundreds of years. During a space war, his ship was fired upon and Galactus was awakened. This was the first time Galactus fed upon the energy of a planet.

At this time, he could go centuries before he needed to feed again. He started out feeding upon the energies of uninhabited worlds. Soon, his hunger grew more quickly and the time between feedings grew shorter. He stopped worrying about only feeding upon uninhabited worlds as he felt he was above other beings.

When he came across Death and Eternity, it was believed that Galactus served as the balance between the two forces.

Galactus soon decided it would be more efficient to have others search out the worlds with compatible energies rather than seek them out himself. This was the start of his heralds. His first herald, the Fallen One, didn't work out so well due to its corrupt nature. When Galactus was about to feed upon the planet Zenn-La, it was Norrin Radd, a native of the planet, that persuaded Galactus to spare the planet. In return, he agreed to become his new herald. Galactus empowered Norin with the power cosmic and even went so far as to suppress his morals to prevent inhabited planets from being overlooked. Thus the Silver Surfer was born.

Coming upon planet Earth, Alicia Masters was able to reach the Silver Surfer's morality and compassion. He chose to stand up against Galactus along with the Fantastic Four. Standing defeated, Galactus decided to bind the Silver Surfer to Earth as punishment for his betrayal. No longer could he surf the vast reaches of space. He spent several years bound to Earth.

Galactus continued to feed upon worlds and created other heralds to assist him. It is Galactus' belief that he is beyond the scope of being good or evil. He truly believes that he serves a purpose in the universe and will eventually give more back than he has taken.

Scott: Ok now that is impressive! But I really need to know how the hell did you do that?

Xander: I don't know, I just have always been able to retain anything I read!

Scott: Photographic memory! That will come in real handy. Alright were done here! Go hang out with your friends!

Xander: Are you mad at me?

Scott: No not at all, why would you think that?

Xander: I don't know, I want you to know that, I can never feel for anyone the way I feel about you!

Scott: What do you mean?

Xander: Scott, you have changed my life in a lot of ways, good ways, you've touched my heart, in a way that it has never been touched before. I have never felt as safe as I do when I'm with you. I just wanted you to know that.

(I walk away leaving him standing there to ponder on what I just told him. I said those things because I don't ever want to lose him, as great as it would be to mess around with him in a sexual way, I feel the connection between us is deeper than a sexual escapade)

Base of the Brotherhood of Evil-

Magneto: Impressive indeed! He clearly has the potential of an omega level mutant.

Mystique: What do you want to do?

Magneto: We need to lore him away from the X-men, will seek the aid of Mesmero.

Mystique: The boy is searching for his parents, we can have Mastermind and Mesmero make him believe we are his parents, thus allowing us full control over him!

Magneto: I have some business to complete, I shall return as soon as you have the boy here!

In a galaxy known on earth as M-31 (Andromeda Galaxy)

Corsair: Lilandra, our contact inside the royal guards, has sent an urgent message. It seems Deathbird has deployed her most vicious men to earth, to capture, the prophecy child!

Lilandra: That can not be the child was hidden, there was a shield placed around his mutant signature so he would never be discovered!

Corsair: Who is this prophecy child?

Lilandra: In the book of ages a prophecy foretelling the birth of one so powerful everyone in all of the galaxy's would try to capture and take control of the child. For he who controls the child would be unstoppable. If my sister finds this child, she will enslave life on every planet in every galaxy! We can not allow this to happen!

Corsair: How do we find the child before she does?

Lilandra: You must follow my sisters men, I will speak telepathically with Charles Xavier, and ask for his aid in locating the child, before she can.

Corsair: What will you do with the child?

Lilandra: We will keep him safe. Corsair, please protect the child at all costs. His coming will bring peace to all worlds, something we can not afford to lose.

Corsair: I will protect him with my life!

Back at the mansion-

Pro- X: You've all heard what Logan has to say! Are we all in agreement?

Jean: Yes!

Scott: Yes!

Ororo: Yes!

Hank: Yes!

Betsy: Yes!

Piotr: Yes!

Pro-X: Then we shall follow the trap Logan has laid out.

Scott: I don't like the idea of using Xander as bait!

Logan: Give the kid some credit, he's handled himself so far!

Scott: He's still green, with inexperience!

Logan: And this is how he'll learn!

Scott: All you care about is proving your right, well I'm not interested in throwing a boy who is in a still fragile state to the wolves!

Logan: Back off one eye, I care about all these kids here, we might have different methods, but we share a common goal!

Jean: Scott calm down will all be there, and will make sure nothing happens to him.

Pro-X: Then let's get started!

In the backyard of the mansion-

Jubilee: Truth or dare!

Amara: Ya let's play!

Xander: I don't know, some of you guys just might have some outrages dares!

John: What are you scared?

Xander: No! Count me in!

Bobby: I'm down!

Josh: Me too!

Kitty: I'm totally in!

Jubilee: I'll go first! Kitty, truth or dare?

Kitty: Like you know I'm totally going with dare!

Jubilee: I dare you to kiss Amara, open mouths, for 10 seconds!

John: That's what I'm talking about!

Kitty: Bite me!

John: When and where?

Kitty: Come on Amara! (She grabs Amara and French kisses her for 10 seconds)

Xander: Wow, you guys sure don't start off small!

Jubilee: Why waste time!

Kitty: Bobby!

Bobby: Truth!

John: Chicken!

Bobby: Stick a sock in it already!

Kitty: Describe your sexual fantasy!

Bobby: (I cant help but look at Xander) To have a sex slave for a night, where I'm completely in control, with full on punishment with a paddle, candle wax the works!

Jubilee: Now your talking, that's hot!

Bobby: John!

John: Dare of course I am not a wimp!

Amara: Make him suck you dick!

Kitty: Ya!

John: Fuck that shit, I'm no fag!

Jubilee: It's truth or dare, and anything goes, if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen!

Bobby: You going to stay playing or show that you're the real chicken!

John: That wasn't even your idea!

Bobby: You don't know that!

John: Fine but I'm not doing it in front of you guys!

Bobby: Alright, take one guy and go into the bathroom!

John: Fine! (He stands up and grabs Xander) Come on!

Xander: What, why me, I didn't even say anything!

John: I wouldn't touch you to scratch you! Your just coming to be my witness!

Bobby: Who are you going to take?

John: I'm not telling, only me, Xander and whoever I pick will know! (I walk inside the mansion with Xander, I march us straight into the bathroom)

Xander: What are we going to do, wait for someone to come in?

John: Just come into the stall with me!

Xander: Why?

John: Just shut up and come in here! ( I take him in pull down his pants and am shocked to see a semi hard cock in front of me) Dude like your already getting hard!

Xander: Its always that size genius! Don't flatter yourself! I don't want to do this, we can just say you did it! Why did you even pick me anyway?

John: You cant tell me you don't feel the chemistry between us. I'm not gay I'm Bi but no one knows, and my gay-dar is never wrong. I know you want this too! (I take his cock and swallow it whole I feel it start to grow in my mouth, after a few up and down's his cock swells to an impressive 8inches, it starts leaking a sweet tasting pre-cum, which only makes me hungry for more)

Xander: John, ahh, John, as good as this feels shouldn't we get back?

John: How close are you?

Xander: Very!

John: Just shoot your load in my mouth! (I suck on him for all I'm worth, till I'm rewarded with 9 spurts of sweet Xander juice)

Xander: That was awesome!

John: Was that your first time?

Xander: Yes!

John: Tell anyone and I'll make your life a living hell! (With that I turn to leave, but not before saying) If you liked that, you should come to my room tonight, and I'll give you a better treat!

Xander: (What was I thinking, although it was great, I just let John do to me, what I could have done with Scott, if I wasn't thinking about Bobby. I'm so confused! I don't owe anyone anything, even Bobby, its not like were exclusive, but I don't want to turn into the school slut, life was easier when I didn't have to worry about labels, and people's feelings)

Pro-X: < X-men report to the mission room at once >

Xander: (I have no idea where that is, and I don't want to go back outside.) <Jean can you hear me? >

Jean: < Yes honey, what is it? >

Xander: < I have no idea where to go! >

Jean: < Turn around >

Xander: (I turn to see Jean walking up, I run and hug her) Jean! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!

Jean: Awe baby! I'm always around, but you've been pretty busy!

Xander: Jean so much has happened! And you're the only one I can talk about it to!

Jean: After the meeting will have some one on one time!

Xander: Great!

In the mission room-

Pro-X: I've called you all here, because I have a mission for you! It seems that Mr. Sinister is after Alexander here, our sources say that he is getting ready to launch an attack on the school to capture Alexander. We are going to be moving Alexander to a safe house. The safe house is located in the Canadian wilderness!

Logan: Isn't that your cottage, the one we used last summer, for the kids retreat?

Pro-X: Yes Logan as a matter of fact it is. If there are no other questions we will be leaving in one hour.

Xander: Sorry, professor I have a question?

Pro-X: Yes, what is it?

Xander: What does Sinister want with me! And how does he even know about me?

Pro-X: Alexander, mutants are classified by levels of there powers. You fall in the classification of an omega-level mutant. We have a few others here that are, Jean, Robert, Ororo, Jubilee, John. An Omega-level mutant is a mutant who possess the powerful abilities beyond everyone else to manipulate energy and go beyond their physical exertion. Some Omega-level mutants have yet to reach their full potential. there is even one who has surpassed the Omega-level known as Mr. Immortal.

Xander: What would they do with me, if they were to capture me?

Pro-X: We wont let that happen!

Xander: Professor, please, what would they do to me?

Pro-X: Alexander, in the hands of evil, you would be the greatest weapon! Evil doesn't see, innocents as anything more then, casualties of war. Using you to bring upon any agenda, well lets just say it would be very bad!

Xander: What's so special about my abilities?

Pro-X: Mutants cant sustain long periods of power use, have you noticed the few times you have battled that, you have never had a loss of energy, or felt over exertion.

Xander: Other than the Juggernaut, no!

Pro-X: Your powers are limitless. You could battle for days without stopping and still continue to fight. You could actually go for days without food, water, sleep, and still continue. Your body is constantly regenerating itself. There is a lot to your powers that we still have yet to discover. And I'm afraid the world is not filled with people looking to do the right thing. Until you are fully capable of taking care of yourself, I'm afraid your safety lies with the X-men! Now you should go suit up!

At the mansion gates-

John: I have to get back quickly were leaving in a half hour.

Mystique: Good work, I shall ensemble the brotherhood!

John: Your not going to hurt him are you?

Mystique: What's this, just the other day he was your sworn enemy!

John: You said to befriend him!

Mystique: I find that a little hard to believe, you befriending him!

John: Alright, well I wouldn't exactly call it that, I just feel for the kid, he's pretty much a spas. Omega-level mutant my ass, he couldn't tie his shoe if it wasn't for Scott taking him in under his wing!

Mystique: Who said he was an Omega-level?

John: Professor X said it himself!

Mystique: He actually told the boy?

John: Yes, why?

Mystique: Contrary to the X-men's beliefs Xavier has his own agenda, he isn't the saint they all make him out to be. Hmm, interesting.

John: I got to get back now! Make sure you catch him!

Jean's room-

Jean: Xander you cant follow your sexual urges, trust me I'm speaking from experience, you'll find your self hurting others, and yourself!

Xander: I'm honestly not looking for it, these things just seem to keep happening to me!

Jean: It's time you learn to say no!

Xander: Now you sound like an after school special!

Jean: Ha, ha, ha, lets get going!

In the hanger-

Jubilee: Bobby, why the long face?

Bobby: Just have a lot on my mind!

Kitty: I know what's on my mind! Did John actually go through with it or not!

Amara: And why didn't Xander come back, John was outside when the professor called for us?

Josh: You don't think, John did something to him?

Bobby: I feel like shit, I should never have let him take Xander! That wasn't even what I was going to dare him to do!

Josh: I could read John's mind!

Kitty: And risk getting caught by the professor, I don't think so!

Jubilee: I'll ask Xander, I think we've gotten close, maybe he'll tell me.

Amara: There he is, he's walking with Jean!

Josh: Shh, here he comes!

Kitty: Hi Xander!

Xander: Hey guys, don't forget I have super hearing, and I don't know how to turn it off!

Bobby: Sorry, we were just worried about you!

Xander: Hey, I got the best people I know, protecting me, I'm not worried, ok that's a lie, I'm sort of worried, I mean reading about villains of the world, but actually having someone want to capture me, its kind of freaky!

Bobby: That's not what we were talking about!

Xander: Oh! I don't know, if that supposed to make me feel better! Are you guys not worried about what happens to me!

Amara: Don't be such a blonde! Of course we are! But we were afraid something happened earlier with John, because you never came back!

Xander: (Here goes, get ready to lie to your would be friends) Oh! No, nothing happened! Why did he say something?

Bobby: What would he have to say if nothing happened!

Kitty: Bite his head off Bobby, why don't you!

Xander: You know what, it was your stupid dare, I didn't even say anything, how the hell did I get involved anyway! Look I have enough on my plate, I don't think I can handle this right now! (And I storm off)

Josh: Nice going Drake! The poor guy, is scared enough as It is!

Jean: < X-men into the Blackbird >

Xander: Scott who's flying the plain?

Scott: I am!

Xander: Oh!

Scott: What's wrong?

Xander: I just wanted to sit with you!

Scott: Awe baby! Do you miss me?

Xander: Is it pick on Xander day? Is there a kick me sign on the back of my shirt, that I don't know about!

Jean: Hey, guys, what's going on with you two?

Scott: Xander, what is it, what's really going on?

Xander: I'm sorry, I'm just scared, confused, and feeling a million different emotions at one time!

Jean: Your perfectly safe with us you know that!

Xander: I know, I just don't understand how I was a no one a week ago, and now, I'm on Americas most wanted list!

Scott: (I grab Xander's shoulders and look in the eyes) I told you this before and I'll say it again, I will never I mean never let anything happen to you, do you understand me, I love you kid-o, we all do, your in our hearts now, were family)

Xander: (I cant help but cry, and I hug him, and then Jean) I love you guys, too, I finally get to say those words, I love, me, Xander, I love you guys too!

At the safe house-

Cyclops: Storms team Iceman, Pyro, Logan, your to do a perimeter sweep and secure, lock down the area. The rest of you set up our gear around the cabin. I want this place on full alert in 15mins.

(Storms team fly's out in all direction)

Elixir: Xander, I'm here for you if you ever want to talk!

Xander: Thanks, I'm sorry I snapped earlier!

Elixir: We all do it! Don't worry about it!

Jubilee: Xander your one of us now, we got your back!

Kitty: And we love to look at your back, cause "baby got back and I cant not lie, you other brothers cant deny"

Xander: You are a crazy girl, and I love it!

Amara: Group hug!

Xander: Alright who's touching my ass?

Elixir: Sorry that would be me, thought it was Jubes!

Kitty: Ya right! He so meant to do that!

Elixir: Kitty cant you ever keep a secret?

Xander: Ok, I don't know if you all are playing or what?

Jubilee: Come on we just said he was one of us!

Elixir: Fine, Xander, only the girls know this, and I when I say girls I mean these crazy hell beast's from another dimension, I'm gay! But you so cant tell anyone, not even Bobby!

Xander: I never would have thought for a second, your so butch!

Elixir: You don't have to be a queen to be a queen! Right princess!

Amara: Oh, I don't know about all that, most queens I've met have been pretty queeny!

Xander: Since your all laughing but me, I'm assuming its an inside joke?

Elixir: Amara here is a princess, a real princess, with real parents that are king and queen.

Xander: (Bowing down) Your royal highness, I am but your humble servant, your wish is my command!

Amara: First, why am I standing, my feet actually touching this dirty ground, is this anyway to treat your princess?

Elixir: Forgive us your majesty!

Jubilee: As advisor to your majesty, I say a punishment is required!

Kitty: As your other advisor, I concur!

Amara: Yes advisor's, advise me, what did you have in mind?

Jubilee: Since, subject number one made the mistake, subject number two should have to spank him, till he learns his lesson!

Elixir: Pardon, our stupidity but who is subject one and which is two?

Amara: Yes advisor, which is which! I have so many I forget!

Kitty: Subject one is Xander!

Jubilee: Yes off with his head! I mean spank his ass!

Elixir: As you wish! (I bend Xander over and start to spank him. We are all laughing pretty hard, as I continue my assault on his ass, Bobby comes sledding in)

Bobby: What the hell are you doing?

Elixir: Following our princess's command!

Amara: A subject bows when he enters my thrown!

Bobby: Does this look like the times for games, Xander's life is in danger, and your playing spank me with him.

Kitty: Relax Bobby, we were just taking his mind off of everything going on!

(Enter Logan)

Logan: Grr, If you guys were any louder, they would here you back at the mansion! Were suppose to be a secret safe house. Not a let everyone know where we are at!

Jean: What's going on out here, how come the gear out here isn't even set up yet?

Xander: It's my fault, I was having a nervous break down, and they were trying to calm me down!

Josh: < Nice save! >

Kitty: We're right on top of it Jean!

Xander: Move back guys, I can do this at super speed! (And with that, all that's left for them to see, is a blur as I move so fast setting up all the gear around the cabin.) Ta da, all done!

Jean: Show off!

Bobby: Xander can I talk to you for a minuet!

Josh: < Don't let him lecture you, he's the biggest clown of the group, I don't know when he started being all serious! >

Xander: < Got ya! > Bobby, I hope this isn't because he was spanking me, because we were just messing around, blowing off some steam!

Bobby: So you didn't tell them about you being gay?

Xander: I'm not ready to say anything yet, but what if I did?

Bobby: I just don't want you to say anything, yet!

Xander: Wait, so If I want to come out I have to wait till it fits into your agenda!

Bobby: Why are you in a rush for everyone to know, so that you can start sleeping with anyone that says they are too?

Xander: Where is this coming from, did I give you the impression that I'm some kind of slut or something?

Bobby: Oh I don't know, how about John, you could have easily fought not to go with him, instead you did, so that tells me you wanted to go with him. Did he make you his whore, did he make you get on your knees and suck his dick!

Xander: You know what, you just crossed a line, I just started talking to you, were no where near a point were you can speak to me that way. I have had people talking shit to me my whole life, the last thing I'm going to do now, is let a potential someone special, talk down to me! Back off! (I start walking away)

Bobby: Wait, Xander, please I'm sorry, I just got jealous is all!

Xander: Forget it Bobby, I don't want to talk right now, just leave me alone! (I fly up into the sky, and away at super speed, I find a spot near a river and land. There are some rocks there, so I sit down on one. Am I a slut. I did let John suck my cock off, and purposely went into Scott's room so I could catch him in the act. What the hell am I talking about, a slut is someone that sleeps around, I have only had a couple of experiences, and two of them were attempted rape, I would hardly call myself a slut, curious yes, slut no.)

Back at the cabin-

Scott: Where is Xander?

Josh: Bobby was talking to him!

Scott: { Everyone to the front of the cabin now}

Logan: You lost the kid!

Bobby: No Logan I lost him! We got into a fight, and he took off!

Jean: It doesn't matter now, we need to find him!

Scott: Alright, everyone pair up and spread out!

Back at the mansion-

Lilandra: < Charles can you hear me, it is urgent >

Pro-X: < Lilandra, my love what is it >

Lilandra: < Charles, do you remember when I told you about the prophecy child >

Pro-X: < Yes of course I do, one so powerful, in the hands of good he would bring peace, and in evil he would destroy life as we know it! >

Lilandra: < Charles, Deathbird has discovered that the child is indeed alive and on earth. She has sent her men to capture the child. I have sent Corsair and the starjammers, they will join the X-Men and help locate the child. I know I'm asking a lot of you, and put another burden on your shoulders, but if this wasn't a threat to all worlds I would never ask! >

Pro-X: < My love, I would be hurt if I weren't the first person you thought to ask. Of course my X-men will do everything to aid in the search for the child. Can you tell me anything about the child that will help us in the search? >

Lilandra: < We have spoken with the oracles they have given us the mutant signature of the child. My telepaths have located that the child is in the Canadian wilderness. That is all we have to go off of. Time is of the essence Charles. The fate of us all rest with you and your X-men. >

Pro-X: < We will do everything we can my love. >

At the river bank-

Mystique: Hello Alexander!

Xander: Mystique! (Ok run, I know I should run but my feet aren't moving)

Mystique: You know my name, hmm, then we can skip the formalities!

Xander: What do you want?

Mystique: Why you of course!

Xander: I know that, but why?

Mystique: Power!

Xander: Power! Is it always about power?

Mystique: Power is what runs the world, those who don't have it, want it, and well those who do never seem to know just what to do with it!

Xander: So I take your apart of the first, and the X-men apart of the latter?

Mystique: For a blonde you definitely have brains!

Xander: And the brawns to go with it! (I flip backwards kicking her in the face sending her flying, and flip all the way landing on my feet, and taking a fighting stance) Tell me what you plan to do with me?

Mystique: The first hits free! What difference does it make to you?

Xander: Who knows maybe I might want to join your band of bad doers!

Mystique: Do you take me for a fool? Of course you would never join, you believe in all the lies Charles has told you. Do you really think any of them would have given you the time of day, if Charles didn't make them. He knows the power in which you wield and the only way he can control you is to draw you in making you feel safe, and surrounded with people that he has brain washed. Its time for you to grow up boy, your in the big leagues now. Start asking the right questions, or are you to afraid of what you will find out?

Xander: You are insane and have no idea what you are talking about, you don't know me, and you don't know them.

Mystique: I struck a nerve. I am many things, but a liar I am not!

Xander: Says every bad guy before you turn your back and they knock you over the head with a mallet!

Mystique: Come with me, Magneto will show you the truth, he will not control you, he will not lie to you, he will treat you like his equal, he will be the father you have always wanted.

Xander: I ALREADY HAVE A FATHER! ( I go to punch she blocks, kick she blocks, uppercut/block. My head is filled with thoughts, my body is filled with anger, and I cant see past it. I need to get it together to fight her.)

Mystique: Come out come out where ever you are!

Xander: Who are you talking to?

Mystique: I want you to meet your new family. The brotherhood of Evil!

Xander: (I turn and look and standing from right to left is Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad, Blob, and Avalanche) All this for little ole me! I am not impressed.

Mystique: Oh, hmm and I thought brothers and a sister is just what you wanted for Christmas!

Xander: Hey Mystique you forgot something!

Mystique: What would that be?

Xander: Com-links I want to introduce you to my real family. The X-men! (Through the woods coming out and standing next to me, are my real family, Mystique's facial expression is worth a million bucks)

What's a matter cat got your tongue! (Flying in from behind her is none other than Magneto)

Magneto: No, she just knows when its my turn to talk!

Jean: Magneto, your not taking him!

Magneto: I'm not am I. I beg to differ young lady. The boy belongs with me! Brotherhood attack!

Xander: (I fly up, into the air, and go straight for Magneto, with his helmet on no one is a match for him. He has a force field around him, I start punching again and again, he laughs at my efforts, but I continue and step up my punches to super speed, again and again, I'm slowly pushing him downwards, not so funny now, I just have to keep this up, he cant hold the force field forever. I continue for what seems like a life time, till he is finally on the ground, the others have their hands full with the brotherhood, I just have to punch a little more)

Magneto: You'll never make it through!

Xander: I'm almost there!

Magneto: Almost isn't quite enough. Say goodnight!

Xander: Goodnight? Ahh! (Mastermind does something to my mind and I fall to the ground and everything goes black)

Magneto: Good job Mastermind! (I wave my hands raising the boy up, and float away with him. My men know that its time to go, they'll hold the X-men off for a few moments, to keep some distance between us.)

Jean: < Scott, Magneto is leaving with Xander! >

Scott: Xander! NOOOOOOOO!

End Chapter