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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

Disclaimer: All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my own. This is a fan fiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the product of my imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely coincidental. This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave.

Chapter 7- Fractured

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Shi'ar Empire 806 A.D.

Landau: My queen the oracles have spoken!

Queen: Tell me does fortune favor the Shi'ar?

Landau: "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge, and a child shall be born, the child shall hold the key to salvation".

Queen: By the Gods! Have the mystics begun to decipher the meaning. I need to know when will this take place!

Landau: My queen I have your best people working on it as we speak!

Queen: I fear my dreams will come to pass, the Shi'ar empire will not be able to avoid war with the Skrull and the Kree empires!

Landau: But now there is hope my queen!

Queen: For the future of our people I hope your right!

Present day River bank Canada-

Kitty: I've got Avalanche! (I grab onto him and phase out into the woods)

Lance: What do you think your doing?

Kitty: Lance please, you said you loved me, now I want you to prove it, where have they taken Xander?

Lance: I do love you, you know that, but I cant tell you!

Kitty: Lance, he's my friend!

Lance: And Magneto would kill me, if I tell!

Kitty: Just leave the brotherhood, you don't have to stay there!

Lance: We have different views on who's on the right side. You cant ask me to leave. I would never do that to you.

Kitty: Lance, the X-men protect people, the brotherhood harms, you cant tell me you don't see anything wrong with that.

Lance: I'm not saying I don't, I just believe the ends justify the means!

Kitty: So your not going to tell me where they took him too?

Lance: I'm sorry but I cant!

Kitty: Then you can dig yourself out of this! (I phase him waist high into the ground I kiss is forehead and take off back to the battle. I walk up and see Scott has John by the neck)

Scott: Tell me where they took him you trader!

John: I don't know anything!

Scott: Liar, we know you've been leaking information to the brotherhood, NOW TELL ME WHERE HE IS?

Jean: Scott, your never going to get anything out of him if you kill him!

Scott: Jean, we don't have much time, you need to go in his mind, and find out where they took Xander to!

Jean: Alright! (I put my hands on either side of his head and search his mind for any information. He's in love with Xander, he doesn't want anything to happen to him either.) Scott he doesn't know anything!

Scott: Damn it Jean! (I throw John on the ground, when I'm hit in the back of the head by Mystique)

Mystique: Brotherhood exit strategy now!

Scott: X-men don't let them escape! (There is an explosion and a blinding bright light. After it dissipates the brotherhood is no where to be seen)

Jean: Is everyone alright?

Ororo: Everyone is accounted for, but John and Xander!

Scott: How could I let this happen, I promised him I would never let anything happen to him. I failed him!

Bobby: You didn't I did, this is all my fault, he was scared as it was, and I just made matters worse.

Jubilee: Quit blaming yourselves, its not going to help us find him, lets get back to the mansion and use Cerebro!

Logan: She's right, lets go!

Asteroid M a few hours later-

Magneto: Mesmero should be done by the morning!

Mystique: I'm afraid we lost John as a contact inside!

Magneto: No matter, we have the boy, and all the information John has stolen from them all this time. We can always place another mole inside the school! We shall return in the morning, and begin the next phase of our plan!

Back at the mansion-

Pro-X: So Lilandra sent Corsair and the Starjammers!

Scott: With all due respect professor, Xander is my first priority!

Pro-X: When you spoke from the jet, I got in contact with Lilandra and asked her to try and locate the prophecy child again, using his mutant signature upon doing so she said the child left Canada and was headed north!

Jean: Professor are you saying what I think your saying?

Scott: What?

Pro-X: Yes Jean, I believe the child to be none other than Alexander!

Scott: But you went into his mind, and he was born here!

Pro-X: The prophecy said a child would be born, but didn't say where!

Scott: What makes you think its him though!

Pro-X: I asked Lilandra if she could find a way to send me the mutant signature, after a short time, using Cerebro I was able to connect and gather enough of the signature, that leads me to believe they are one in the same!

Scott: But he's just a kid, he's not ready to carry a burden like that!

Hank: That's not really for us to decide! Magneto has him, Deathbird has men after him, and we need to find him, if Magneto has control of him, there is no telling what he will use him for!

Logan: Then what are we waiting for, Chuck use Cerebro and get a location, and lets stop talking and go bring the kid back!

Asteroid M-

Xander: Mom, dad where are you?

Mystique: In here!

Xander: Hello mother! Where is dad at?

Mystique: He should be here shortly!

Xander: Today is the big day! Dad's taking me on my first mission!

Mystique: Are you sure your ready for this?

Xander: Yes mom I am, you worry to much!

Mystique: You know how angry your father will be if you fail?

Xander: I wont let him down. I can do this.

Mystique: That's my boy, I'm so proud of you, your becoming a man!

(Enter Magneto)

Magneto: Are you ready son?

Xander: Yes father!

Magneto: Then lets go save our people!

At the mansion-

Pro-X: < X-men to the mission room immediately! > (Within moments they all arrive)

Jean: What is it professor!

Scott: Have you located Xander?

Pro-X: Calm yourselves! First I will need you to separate into two teams, one lead by Scott and the other by Ororo. Ororo, you will take your team to Muir Island, Moira MacTaggert will be waiting for you. You will set up a defense, Eric the Red has been spotted and is on his way there. We must stop him. We have the advantage right now, no one knows that Alexander is the prophecy child. Scott, your team will go to Manhattan, Magneto has been seen at the U.S navy base, there is a mutant research facility there, I'm am positive that he will try and destroy it. I have used Cerebro and discovered that Alexander is with him.

Scott: My team, Jean, Logan, Rogue, Kitty, and Josh! The rest of you with Ororo! We leave in 15mins.

Bobby: Scott I want to go with your team!

Scott: I have taken to many heavy hitters away from Storms team!

Bobby: Please, I need to be there, to help!

Scott: Bobby, I've made my decision, now go!

US Navel Base-

Magneto: Mystique, the plans for the destroyer are located on the third floor, room 313, Freedman's office. You have 15 minuets before this place explodes!

Xander: (At super speed I set up all the explosive around the base. My father says this navy base performs experiments on mutants. They are trying to find a way to destroy the mutant population. My father is a hero, saving the lives of mutants, trying to create a peaceful society.)

Magneto: Have you completed your task son?

Xander: The explosives are set, 15 minuets and they will never be able to harm anyone ever again.

Magneto: Very good son! Now, I need those missiles gathered carefully. As quickly as you can, bring them all here, the X-men should be arriving shortly!

Xander: I'll be back! (I take off, and fly I enter into each missile silo, lift out each missile and set it in the designated spot. I want to finish, so that when the X-men arrive I can be there to protect my dad. I know he doesn't really need, see he's one of the strongest people I know. But I want him to see that I am the son he always wanted, because my brother Quicksilver is a big disappointment to him, and I'm his last chance to not have another failure of a son. After setting down the last missile, I'm being shot at, by the military, I don't want to hurt them, so I land on the ground, take a deep breath and blow, blowing them all backwards away from me, more start coming from around the bend, as they begin firing at me, I run and super speed taking all of their guns from them, and run back to the spot I was in, I laugh as I see them looking around, wondering where their guns have gone. With my super hearing, I hear my father calling for me, I fly into the air, and ma ke my way to him, and low and behold who do I see, but the X-men)

X-men, I'll give you one chance and once chance only, get away from my father!

Cyclops: Xander, he's not your father! It's a trick, they have you under mind control! You have to fight it! Jean, see if you can enter his mind!

Magneto: Wolverine, when will you learn, you'll never win against me! (Lifting my hand I raise Wolverine, into the air, with my other hand I wave it, and bring two metal beams and wrap them around his body!)

Xander: Father behind you! (But its too late, Rogue has touched him.)

Scott: Xander I don't want to hurt you, but I need to bring you home.

Xander: You cant hurt me! (He uses his optic beam on me, I return the favor and use mine against him, it becomes a light show battle, are beams just meet in the middle, it's a reverse tug of war, the only difference is he's going to get drained, and I'm not! Slowly but surly he starts to weaken and I take the opening, and push as hard as I can, till bam I hit him, sending him flying back, and landing on his ass. Now to take care of Rogue)

Kitty: Wolverine hold on! (I touch Wolverine and phase him out of his steal ropes) Are you ok?

Wolverine: Thanks girly! I have an opening, I'm going to take out Magneto!

Xander: You'll pay for hurting my dad! (I fly at her with such force, but she must have timed it just right, cause she dives out of the way, and I fly straight into the ground. I come back up and she's ready for me, Bam, bam, bam, she lays into my face, with punch after punch, I'm not suppose to feel any pain, but I do, she must have some kind of magic on her gloves, because I spit out blood.)

Rogue: Didn't expect that did you! (I use Magneto's powers to gather all the metal in the area, and encase Xander in it, I don't want to hurt him, but I cant let him hurt anyone either) That should hold you long enough!

Wolverine: (Grabs Magneto) What did you do to the kid?

Magneto: He's mine now! There is nothing you can do!

Kitty: (Wolverine goes to stab Magneto with his claws) Wolverine, NO! Don't do it! If you kill him, then you'll be no better than him!

Wolverine: Growl! Grr! She's right, oh how I would like to get rid of you once and for all, do the world a big favor, but your not worth it!

Xander: (I use all my might to break free from my metal prison, the metal flies everywhere after I lift my arms out freeing myself. Now I have a score to settle!)

Jean: Rogue behind you, Xander got free!

Rogue: Ahh! (I turn as Xander is flying straight at me with the force of a train, his fits hit my stomach, and I feel all the wind being knocked out of me. He flies straight into the building, pushing me through wall after wall. Then he just lets me go, and flies back out of the building)

Xander: (I hear my father whisper my name, so I leave Rogue. I fly out and see Wolverine throwing my father down onto the ground. I lose all control, I fly at him, and come down, with my fist, hitting him in the face, knocking him to the ground. I start punching relentlessly, till he doesn't move anymore, At some point Kitty comes up behind me, I'm so into what I'm doing I pay no attention)

Kitty: (I see that he's going to kill wolverine, so I phase into the ground and come up behind him, I touch him and phase into the ground with him, I leave him there and come up) Jean, he's hurt bad, where is Scott, we need a new strategy!

Xander (She phased me into the ground, hello, does she think that's actually going to hold me. I spin myself like a drill I come out of the ground, and stop right next to my father) Dad, are you alright?

Magneto: She took to much out of me, we have to go, the bomb!

Xander: I forgot about the bomb! I got you dad! ( I pick up my father, and start to fly up, I turn around) You have about 5 minuets to get out of here, before the bombs go off. I suggest you do so, if you value your lives! (I fly off)

Kitty: Jean, the people, We don't have enough time to get everyone out of here!

Jean: I got it! (I use my telepathy to go into Xander's mind, to see the location of the bombs, once I get it, I use my telekinesis and deactivate the bombs. We search for Scott.) Over here!

Kitty: I'll phase through and get him out of this wreck! (I phase through the building that has collapsed on top of him and bring him up to the surface)

Jean he looks bad, Wolverine and Rogue are out too!

Asteroid M-

Xander: Is he going to be alright, mother?

Mystique: He'll be fine!

Xander: He's going to be mad at me isn't he?

Mystique: No, you did everything he wanted! He's waking up! Eric, are you alright! She took a lot out of you!

Magneto: She certainly packs a punch! But you showed them didn't you son?

Xander: When I saw what they did to you I lost it dad!

Magneto: You took on the X-men, and took out three of there best! That's more than I can say for you Pietro!

Pietro: (Talking fast) Whateverdaditsnotlikehesyourrealkidanyway!

Xander: Why does everyone keep saying that? Dad, tell him I'm your son! Ahh! My head! (I grab my head it hurts so bad, the pain is searing, till I cant take it anymore I pass out from the intense pain)

Magneto: Pietro! If you ever say something like that again, I will kill you myself!

Mystique: I'll take him to Mesmero!

At the mansion-

Jean: Professor he tore through us like he was swatting flies!

Pro-X: I called for Dr. Strange, his mystical powers should be able to bring the real Alexander back.

Jean: Scott, Logan, and Marie are out, its taking Logan so long to heal, even with his healing factor!

Pro-X: Magneto got away with the missiles, we have no idea what plans he has!

Jean: What about Storms team, have you heard anything?

Pro-X: I have not heard anything since they landed!

Jean: I hope their having better luck than we did!

Muir Island-

Storm: (We arrive and are greeted by Moira.)

Moira: X-men, there is no time for pleasantries, I'm afraid I have more bad news, I have picked up another mutant with Eric the Red. Its Vulcan! Vulcan's energy manipulation powers allow him to manipulate a potentially unlimited number of energy fields and sources. This is often used to produce light, heat, force, and electricity, as well as warp or disable existing energy sources, tap into and suppress mutant energies, survive in the vacuum of space, and fly. He can also use the powers of others by manipulating the energy in their brain.

Jubilee: So your saying he can shut down our powers, or control us to use our powers against one another?

Moira: Yes I'm afraid so! Gladiator Kallark of the Shi'ar empire is on route here now, but you will have to hold Eric the Red and Vulcan, off until then!

Josh: What can Kallark do?

Moira: Gladiator possesses a number of superhuman capabilities as a result of his unique alien physiology. He possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes, and is able to survive without breathing for an unrevealed period of time. If there are no more questions I suggest you move to the southern part of the island!

Storm: X-men lets go! Hank I'll give you a lift! (I pick up Hank)

Hank: What's on your mind?

Storm: Hank, we've seen what they can do first hand. These are kids, its like were taking the lambs to the slaughter!

Hank: In the words of St. Paul "Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor?" These children have made their choice to stand and fight for truth and justice and peace! We must give them the chance to live and die with honor!


Asteroid M-

John: Xander your awake!

Xander: What happened?

John: You mean you don't remember?

Xander: Last thing I remember I was fighting the X-men!

John: Well you won! And you brought back Magneto!

Xander: Is he alright?

John: He's fine, he had other matters to attend too, he and Mystique left, they should be gone for a while. I brought you some clothes to change into!

Xander: Thanks! (I get up to change, as I take off my hospital gown, and stand there in nothing but my boxers, I notice that John doesn't seem to be taken his eyes off of my package. I start to get hard, the more he stares the more I know how much he wants me, the hornier I get, so I decide to give him a little striptease. I take off my boxers after turning my back on him, making sure to bend all the way down, so he gets a great view of my bubble butt, once I hear a slight moan escape his lips, I stand back up and turn around my semi erect cock rocking back and forth as I turn, I see his mouth hanging open, and his eyes bug out) You didn't bring me any underwear to change into?

John: I, um, I, uh!

Xander: (I grab my cock and shake it) What's going to support this?

John: I can do more than support it! But not here lets go to your bedroom!

Xander: What would be the fun in that?

John: And if Magneto catches us?

Xander: Didn't you say he would be gone for awhile?

John: Yes, but there are others here!

Xander: What's the matter you afraid they'll catch you on all fours sucking my big fat cock? Or maybe catch me shoving this hard dick into your sweet ass?

John: Hey I'm a top, I never bottom!

Xander: There's a first time for everything! Plus I have the bigger cock here, and the rule is that the smaller dick boy, has to bottom, now are you going to stand there all day or are you going to get on all fours and take care of this! (Like a good little bitch he gets down on all fours and starts sucking my cock like its going out of style! I don't know what it is, but I have this aggression towards him. I feel like I don't like him very much, but I cant remember why?) That's it fag boy choke on my cock, (As he gags I grab his head and hold him down on my cock) come on you're the big bad Pyro, show me how much you love that cock! Ya that's it, you got my juices flowing now, you like the way that tastes!

John: I love it, I love you, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you, I want you to be mine, tell me do you want me the same way?

Xander: Can you ask me again after I fuck your ass! Now lay on the table with your ass hanging over the side. Move back towards me a little more. There ya go direct shot! (I start rubbing my cock over the crack of his ass, and he moans)

John: We need some kind of lube!

Xander: Here I'll lube you up! (I grab his ass cheeks and spread them apart, and I spit right onto his hole a few times, I take my cock and run the tip of it into the spit and run it up and down, and then start to put the head of my cock into his waiting hole, he starts to grunt, its going to be a tight fit)

John: Not so hard, take it slow at first, your too big!

Xander: (Ya right, who's he kidding! I lean over and reach under and grab his balls and pull down really hard on them, and in turn he arches his ass up and back at me, and in turn my cock slides all the way into his warm tight ass. He screams in pain so I keep it right where its at all the way down to the base)

John: Fuck its to big! Pull it out!

Xander: Awe come on Pyro, just give it a second so you can get used to it!

John: You did that on purpose!

Xander: It got the job done didn't it! Here we go! (I rock in a circler motion, until I hear him start to moan in pleasure, now he's getting into it!)

John: Ah, oh ya, fuck me please!

Xander: What's that bitch I didn't hear you?

John: Come on please fuck my ass, I need you to pound that huge cock into me!

Xander: Tell me how much you need, how much you have to have it!

John: Please Xander, I need your cock, my ass was made for you to fuck, it feels so good in there, but I need you to fuck me, please I have to have you!

Xander: Ya bitch you need a real mans cock! (So I start to pull it all the way out and then back in, out and then in, he starts moaning like a little bitch, each time I go in I must be hitting his prostate, the big g-spot, and he just bellows!)

John: Oh, fuck me, fuck, your fucking hitting my spot, oh fuck that feel so good!

Xander: Fuck ya, you're a little bitch for this cock, I'm going to use your ass anytime I want it, make you beg for this big-boy cock! Fuck your ass is tight!

John: I'll do anything you want, anytime you want, you just say the word!

Xander: Fuck ya, you're my little bitch to do with as I please! (I turn my head cause I hear someone walking up, I look and see Pietro standing there, he's rubbing his cock, I motion with my hand for him to come in, he hesitates, and then hormones must have won out because he comes in and takes down his pants, I put my finger to my lips so that he knows not to say anything, I pull out of John) Tell me how bad you want me back in, say it?

John: Please, I need your cock in me, I'm your bitch boy, you have to fuck me, I feel so empty without your cock inside me, please fuck my ass!

Xander: Keep your head down on the table, you ready cause here it comes! (I grab Pietro and push him behind him and he sticks his 7 inches all the way in, and starts fucking like a jack rabbit, I motion him to slow down and enjoy it, he gets the point, and starts to fuck with long and hard strokes, after a few minuets I walk around to the front of the table and shock the hell out of John as he see's me standing in front of him!)

John: What the fuck, Pietro, get off of me!

Xander: Awe come on John, you said you would do anything for me, and well Pietro's my brother, and brothers that care share! Just suck on my cock while my brother works your ass over! Do it or you'll never see this cock again!

Pietro: Ya John, you were moaning while I was fucking you anyway, so you know you like my cock in your ass! Just suck my lil bro's cock!

Xander: You heard him, suck my cock bitch! (He takes my cock into his mouth and I just grab his head hold it there and fuck his face, me and Pietro are just staring into each others eyes, I can tell he's getting close to cumming, so I mouth to him, are you close, he nods yes, I motion to him that we should switch spots so he can shoot in his mouth, while I fuck him, he agrees and switches with me, I start pounding his ass hard each thrust leads to a series of moans, as he sucks my brothers cock!) Pietro tell me when your about to shoot I want to cum with you, I think that would be hot! Big brother and little brother grand finale!

Pietro: You got it man! Oh, ya un huh, I am close oh ya you picked a good little bitch to do, to bad you never told me you were a little faggot John boy, I would have been using your ass all this time! I'm ready bro get over here!

Xander: Oh yeah! (I walk over to the other side and join my brother, he looks so hot stroking that cock) Pietro, lets stick our cocks into his mouth together! (We do this for a minuet before we both go over the edge and shooting in his mouth and on his face) Ya boy drink that cock juice up, fuck ya swallow it all!

Pietro: That's it you fucking fag, drink our come, swallow our loads. Look at all that spunk on his face. Ya we are so going to do this again!

Xander: I'm going to take a shower, you coming Pietro?

Pietro: Hell ya!

John: What about finishing me off?

Xander: I'm sure you know how to use your right hand!

John: You're a fucking bastard do you know that!

Xander: I just don't like you john!

John: You used me!

Xander: You cant call it using when the person throws themselves at you! You belong on your hands and knees doing what I tell you to do, you look good down there you're a whore for my cock, you wish you had gotten my ass, but guess what I got yours and now your acting like I should be telling you I love you or something, get over it, I used you and you liked it, you wanted to be used. Later John boy.

Pietro: I heard it myself, you begged him to fuck you, so its on you bro! Later!

John: I'm going to make you guys pay for this, you just wait and see!


At the mansion-

Pro-X: I'm glad you guys are all better now! It seems that Magneto has deployed the missiles, I've notified the Fantastic Four, and they are on their way. Ironman and Spiderwoman are on there way to take care of 4 other missiles, leaving only four more to be handled so I called in Ms. Marvel, I should be hearing from them soon. I have a lead on Alexander's whereabouts, for a brief moment, Mesmero lost his hold on Alexander and I was able to just catch a glimpse of his mind, I don't know what triggered it, but it was a lucky break for us. I've asked Emma Frost to help in breaking the hold Mesmero has on him. Jean I know what your thinking, but for right now, we have got to do whatever it takes to get him back. Jean you and Besty will have to help Emma in releasing the hold on Alexander! She will be here shortly, I have already programmed the coordinates into the Black Bird! Any questions!

Jean: Any word yet on the other team?

Pro-X: Matters have gotten worse, it seems Vulcan is on his way there. However Kallark is soon to be joining the X-men.

Scott: So it seem a family reunion is in order. My father, and brother, Alex needs to know what's going on. He should be here for this.

Pro-X: I assumed you would feel that way, so I took the liberty of calling him and Lorna Dane. They should be here shortly as well!

Muir Island

Bobby: Jubilee this is all my fault!

Jubilee: Bobby, friends fight all the time, and shit happens, one of us is always getting kidnapped, or brainwashed, or trying to kill one another or..

Bobby: Ok, I get the point! But still I said awful things to him.

Jubilee: Just what were you guys talking about?

Bobby: I, really don't want to say!

Jubilee: Bobby, I've known you forever, hell I know you better than you know yourself, so spill it!

Bobby: I'm just not ready to talk about it.

Jubilee: Are you guys seeing each other?

Bobby: What, why would you ask something like that?

Jubilee: I cant believe this, you mean to tell me, I'm your best friend and you come out to him before you even tell me!

Bobby: Come out, what are you talking about?

Jubilee: Bobby, I've know your gay, since we first met!

Bobby: What, how, why, are people saying that behind my back?

Jubilee: Easy there killer! Nothing is ever as it seems! Everyone thinks your straight, so calm down. But I've know, Bobby, no one hangs out with a girl, the way you and I hang out, and doesn't try to make a move on the girl! You have never tried to get busy with it, and I'm not ugly, I turn heads, and your head never turns my way.

Bobby: So all this time you've know, and you've never said a thing, why?

Jubilee: Because friends don't pressure friends. We give them room to grow, and always let them know will be there for them. When there ready they'll tell you!

Bobby: (Hugging her) You are the greatest friend a person could ever ask for!

Jubilee: Ya, I am aren't I!

Bobby: But I'm still not ready to blab it to the whole school!

Jubilee: That's fine. So now give me the scoop, what were you guys fighting about!

Bobby: Oh, Jubilee, I got jealous when I saw him spanking, Josh, and then the whole thing with John, taking him to the bathroom, I just started calling him a slut, and a bunch of hurtful stupid things, that I really didn't mean.

Jubilee: Bobby, talking about giving a cold chill! He's a smart guy, I'm sure he knows that you didn't mean it. He was already nervous and scared, you saying that just sent him over the edge, but I'm sure he doesn't think that you meant it.

Bobby: That's the thing, he was already scared, and we were suppose to be there to protect him, instead I fed him to the wolves, cause I was more concerned with my own feelings and insecurities.

Jubilee: When he comes back, and he will come back you'll just have to make it up to him. Don't worry Bobby, the best part about fights, is the making up parts.

Bobby: What do you know about make up sex?

Jubilee: I know how to purposely cause fights, so that I will get to have the make up sex after. Trust me this girl could teach you a thing or two.

Bobby: Whore!

Jubilee: Slut!

Bobby: Tramp!

Jubilee: Butt muncher!

Bobby: Ok you got me there!

End Chapter 7