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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

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Chapter 8- Family



New York 17 years ago-

Christopher: Katherine, we have to go now! There isn't anytime!

Katherine: How am I suppose to leave my baby?

Christopher: Katherine, we have two other children and another on the way, we cant afford to take him with us, we can protect the boys, their older, we will come back for him, but he's a baby, he stands a better chance if we hide him.

Katherine: Why would they want to hurt an innocent baby?

Christopher: Their barbarians, with no value for human life! A life on the run is no place for a baby, he stands a better chance if we leave him. Katherine, please give me the baby, let me get him to safety, so I can try and save the rest of our family! I'm sorry Katherine, there is just no time for this!

Katherine: We haven't even named him. How will we find him again? How will we know its him? (Holding up her son, tears rolling down her face) My son, may this world be kind to you, may you find the light to guide you through the dark. I will always be near you, watching over you. My little angel!!

Christopher: He is our son, we will look into his eyes, and know that he is ours. Katherine he has your eyes, I will know him, as I know you, my heart my soul! And I was hoping to name him Christopher jr. (Christopher takes the baby out of her hands and leaves into the cold rainy night)

The next day-

(A test pilot for the National Aeronautical Space Administration, United States Air Force Major Christopher Summers, was flying himself, his wife and their two young sons Scott and Alex in their private plane, a rebuilt de Havilland Mosquito, down the Western American coast from Alaska when their plane was attacked by a starship from the alien Shi'ar Empire on an exploratory mission to Earth. The Shi'ar pursued Summers' craft to prevent Summers from making their presence on Earth known to the general public. The Shi'ar craft fired on Summers' plane, which was made of wood, causing it to burst into flame. Unable to find more than one usable parachute in time, Katherine Anne put it on her eldest son Scott, told him to hold onto Alex, and pushed them both out the plane door, hoping to save them both.)

Present Day- Muir Island

Beast: { Storm some fog would allow us some cover! }

Storm: { Considered it done! } (Holding her arms out at full length the clouds begin to darken and a heat is lowered to the cool air below, the fog moves in with speed and force)

Jubilee: Hey who turned off the lights!

Iceman: (Holding out his hands and shooting ice at Vulcan before he can adjust to the fog, he freezes him from head to toe, but iceman doesn't stop there, he continues to freeze him encasing Vulcan in the thickest ice block, he has ever done) { I have him frozen in ice, I don't know how long it will hold him for}

Beast: { Very good, Storm is there anyway you could create a tornado strong enough to send him back into the far reaches of space? }

Storm: { I am the Weather Witch, of course I can } Powers of the elements hear your mistress do my bidding! (She floats in the air, holding out her hands and the winds pick up at speeds so intense, Vulcan starts to be lifted off the ground, faster and faster the cyclone spins and as it raises so does Storm, when she is as high as she can go, she raises her hands sending Vulcan flying in the center of the tornado she has created, and out into space.) { Beast it is done! }

Beast: { Now for Eric the Red! }


Asteroid M-

Jean: I have sensed Magneto here, he is on the far side of the base. Xander is in the upper north level, and Mesmero Is in the lower east level.

Cyclopes: Very good, Now Jean, Emma, and Betsy, you three will take Mesmero, down, Havok, Polaris we get Xander! How long do you think you'll need to break the hold on Xander?

Jean: 10 minuets tops!

Cyclopes: We all understand this is a rescue mission, until they break the hold Mesmero has on Xander, he will view us as the enemy, but I don't want him hurt!

Havok: We got it!

Cyclopes: Let's do this!

Inside Xander's room-

Xander: You don't think we were too mean to him do you?

Pietro: He deserved it! Don't go getting all regretful!

Xander: How much longer do we have to sit around here?

Pietro: You want some action, we could sneak out of here, and go raise some hell somewhere, it would be fun!

Xander: As long as dad doesn't catch us, I'm down!

Pietro: Do you think you could keep up with me?

Xander: I think I'd leave you in my dust! (We race to the hanger bay)

Pietro: Not as slow as I expected, but we still need to have a real race!

Xander: Anytime! Love to wipe the floor with you! Ahh! (Someone hit me with an optic blast sending me flying into a wall!)

Pietro: Cant hit what you cant see! (I run circles around them as they shoot at me, till suddenly I am lifted off the ground, metal objects are sent at me, and I am encased in a metal cage!) Let me out of here!

Cyclops: Xander we don't want to hurt you, lets just talk about this!

Xander: Talk about this, you shoot first and then want to talk. (Using my optic beam, I melt the metal and free Pietro, he runs to my side.) Now lets make them regret breaking into our home! (I fly at Cyclops punching him in the gut, and sending him flying into a near by table.) And who might you be, the green haired banshee! (I shoot at her with my optic beam but she blocks it with some sort of force field, time for something else. I fly straight through the ground and come up under her, sending her flying to the side)

Havok: That's my girlfriend you just hit!

Xander: Come on big boy show me what you got, defend your girls honor! (He starts shooting energy beams at me from his hand, I fly around dodging them, Quicksilver super speeds at him, and starts creating a whirlwind lifting him off the ground, the faster he runs, the less air is left in the whirlwind, and finally Havok cant breath and is knocked out, Cyclops blows the ground out beneath Quicksilver's feet and he trips and goes flying into a wall head first. Its now just me and Cyclops!) Just the two of us, I was hoping to fight you alone.

Cyclops: Xander, don't do this, I love you, you're my friend, try and remember!

Xander: (I look at him, confused what is he talking about, why would he say he loves me, other than the fight we had earlier I have never met him before)

In the lower levels-

Emma- Don't even try it Mesmero, your no match for the three of us!

Mesmero- Really, try this! (He sends Jean a mental picture, making her think she has lost control of the Phoenix, Jean starts screaming. He sends Betsy a mental picture of her body being right in front of her, Betsy scrambles to try and get her body back.)

Emma- You foolish girls, fight it, its not real! (Entering their minds I send a mental picture, of are real surroundings, after connecting with them, we head into Mesmero head, we start flooding him, with emotions of fear, trying to break down his control) < Jean now, find the part of his mind that he's using to control Xander, will hold him off >

Jean: < Ok! > (Using my telepathy I force myself into the deepest recess of his mind, find the wave length that belongs to Xander, and follow it back to the source so that I can sever the tie to Xander!)

The hanger bay-

Xander: Why do you look at me with pleading eyes! You're an enemy to my father which makes you an enemy to me! (I lift Cyclops up by the neck I can easily crush him, but something doesn't feel right. Just then Magneto and Mystique bust through the wall) Father, they broke in, Pietro and I stopped them!

Magneto: Do it son, crush his neck!

Havok: Don't you touch him! (He shoots an energy blast through his hands at me, my father makes a force field around me blocking it. My mother runs and flips into the air and lands and does a spin kick, kicking him in the face)

Mystique: Do it son, kill Cyclopes, do it now!

Polaris: Xander, don't he came here for you, to protect you, to save you from this lie, don't listen to them their not your parents, please you have to believe me!

Magneto: Son, I told you they would say things to trick you, now be a good boy, and listen to your father, kill him!

Xander: (My head feels faint, images start to flash of different places, the orphanage, a mansion, a med bay, Cyclops sleeping next to my bed. Is this real, are they messing with my mind making me see this.) No, I, what's happening to me, my head, ahh, I don't know, what is real!

Cyclops: Xander, fight it, Jean is stopping the control Mesmero has over you, remember me, remember Spiderman and Firestar brought you to the school, and me and Jean, took you into our hearts, were friends.

Xander: I, I, I REMEMBER EVERYTHING AND NOW I AM REALLY PISSED OFF! MAGNETO YOU USED ME, AND NOW YOU WILL PAY! (I fly at Magneto, he puts up a force field, and I start punching harder than I have ever punched before, I slowly but surly start to break through.) How could you play with people's minds like that, do you have no regard for people, is it only about you! (I make it through and start whaling on him, punching him again and again)

Cyclops: Xander, XANDER stop this, it isn't you, don't let him turn you into a monster, if you kill him you'll never be able to live with yourself.

Xander: You bastard, if you ever come near me or mine again, I will kill you! (I turn to Scott and he grabs me and hugs me and I just start to cry, Magneto played with the one thing I hold dear, the thought of finally being with my parents. Jean and the others enter the room, and Mystique picks up Magneto and she leaves with him, as Pietro follows behind.)

Cyclops: Lets go home!

At the mansion-

Scott: He hasn't moved from the porch since we got back!

Pro-X: Eric went to far this time. Now that boy feels like he's reliving losing his parents all over again!

Alex: We don't have time for this we should be helping the others on Muir Island!

Lorna: Why don't we go and they can join us when their ready?

Alex: He's just a kid Scott, he'll get over it!

Scott: Alex you don't understand what this "kid" has been through! Were the only family he has!

Jean: Lorna's right, you guys go and will catch up!

Alex: You know Scott, maybe if you paid attention to your own family as much as you do this stranger, we would be closer than we are!

Scott: What, how can you even say this to me, I've done everything to try and be a part of your life. I've asked you to join the X-men and stay here at the school, but you insist on running off, and being everywhere but here with me!

Xander: (Running inside) Please don't fight, you two are brothers, don't fight over me, I'm sorry, I'm done feeling sorry for myself, Alex is right, the others are depending on us, we should go and help them!

Lorna: How did he hear us?

Jean: Super hearing?

Lorna: Nifty!

Scott: This wasn't about you Xander! And your not going anywhere!

Alex: No just the fact that you would take anyone other than me, as a brother!

Xander: (Putting my hands on my ears) Please stop it, I cant handle this right now, I would give anything to have brothers, so don't take each other for granted, please I'm begging you, work it out!

Alex: He's right, I'm sorry, Scott, I just got jealous seeing you care for someone so much, and wishing you cared for me like that!

Scott: But I do and then some, you are my baby brother I would do anything for you, you have to know that. I love you Alex!

Alex: Me to bro!

Emma: Better than a soap opera!

Jean: You know what Emma, you've done your part, thanks for your help, your free to go, this is a family affair!

Emma: I'm not quite done here yet, the professor asked me to join in the battle on Muir Island you will need all the help you can get! Plus you should just get use to having me around, cause I'll be around more then you're going to like!

Pro-X: Ok then, if everyone is done here! I think you should all be on your way, not you Xander your not going with them!

Xander: But sir, my friends need me!

Scott: Xander, don't argue with us, your staying here and that's final!

Xander: But why I don't understand I can help you guys!

Pro-X: I want to forward you mentally what has gone on here in your absence!

Xander: Ok! (With that he projects everything, Eric the Red, Vulcan, Corsair, Kallark, and the prophecy child, which really is me!) What, how can they know its me? I'm nobody!

Scott: You're not nobody! You're somebody, somebody special to a lot of people! And now you see we are all trying to protect you from Deathbird getting you and using you to achieve her evil conquest!

Emma: Listen kid your not going! So either except it or I'll mentally knock you out for a couple of days!

Jean: Emma, don't you dare talk like that to him! He will listen to us without threats!

Xander: (So as to not make Jean look bad) If you guys feel its for the best! < Jean that was so for your benefit! >

Jean: < I know, and thank you, I owe you an explanation later! >

Scott: Let's go then! Xander will be back, you protect professor X, while were gone!

Xander: Oh, ya like he needs protection!

Pro-X: Don't worry we have a lot of things to do!

Xander: Great! Can I be excused?

Lorna: Wow manners, I'm impressed!

Pro-X: Yes, I'll be in my office, find me when your ready!

Xander: Will do! Good luck on your mission!(I walk up and hug Jean and Scott)

Scott: Try not to get kidnapped while were gone!

Jean: Ya and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Xander: You guys aren't leaving me a whole lot of options! (I take off to my room, change into my X-suit. There is no way I'm letting them go do battle with these guys, and not help. I think Jean knew what I was going to do, otherwise why would she tell me don't do anything I wouldn't do. They would do this, they came to rescue me, I have better control over my powers now, I can be a great help! So I fly out of my window and land on the roof, and wait for the X-jet to come out of the hanger. Only the professor must have sensed what I was doing, cause I got a big mental picture of him as he yelled)

Pro-X: < Alexander, what do you think your doing. Come to my office this instance, I'm not going to ask you twice. >

Xander: Eek! Smart move Xan, did you forget their telepaths! (I fly down and run into his office!) I'm sorry sir, its just I feel so responsible for all of this!

Pro-X: You are the mission, we have to protect you!

Xander: (Crossing arms) This is so unfair!

Muir Island-

Rogue: { I cant get close enough to touch him, we need to distract him! }

Iceman: { Storm is down, I repeat Storm is down! }

Jubilee: { Rogue, count to five and then do your thing } (Jubilee, puts her hands out and emits photon, fireworks looking beams at Eric the Red hitting him in the face blinding him for a moment, Rogue comes up behind him and grabs his face, making sure to make skin to skin contact, they both scream as Rogue tries to hold on and not let go! She brings Eric the Red to his knees, and then is thrown back in the air, then continues sliding back along the ground)

The Cavalry arrives-

Cyclops: {Jean get Rogue out of there}

Jean: { I don't think she needs help, look! }

Rogue: { I want the prophecy child, bring the child to me, or you all shall suffer my wrath! }

Jean: {She absorbed to much from him! I'll have to try and calm her telepathically. }

In space-

Vulcan: (Breaking through the ice) I'll kill them all! (Flies back down like a comet in the sky! Lands on his feet creating a crater as he lands)

Cyclops: Vulcan!

Vulcan: Have you both come to fight your baby brother?

Havok: Don't do this Vulcan! If you give us the chance we can help you!

Vulcan: Ha, ha, ha, do you actually think either of you stands a chance against me? I shall make you regret the day that bastard of a father had you!

Kallark: (Landing in between them) You'll have to go through me first! (He blows at Vulcan sending him flying) Corsair is right behind me, lets end this once and for all!

Eric the Red: (Snapping out of it) Kallark, traitor, your queen is Deathbird, not Lilandra!

Kallark: You've been gone to long, you have no idea who is queen! (Puts his fists together and brings them down upon the ground leveling the ground, and sending Eric flying!) You're father has two power inhibitors, we just need to hold them off long enough for him to get here!

Cyclops: { You heard the man, X-men defensive maneuver 29! } (The battle to keep them at bay begins, Beast, flips in and using his feet knocks Eric the Red into Vulcan, in turn Vulcan absorbs Eric's powers, leaving Eric weakened)

Vulcan: You'll pay for that! (Manipulates the energy around him, and sends out electricity bolts at Beast, as beast flips out of the way Jubilee is hit and sent flying against a wall, knocking her unconscious. Iceman sees this and goes after Vulcan as he starts shooting shards of ice at him, Vulcan manipulates the energy around him again and this time sends a heat wave at Iceman, it melts his ice armor leaving him completely exposed, Vulcan uses this moment to his advantage and sends an electric storm lose on Iceman which sends Iceman flying)

At the mansion-

Xander: What's happening professor?

Pro-X: A few of your teammates are down, but Eric the Red is out too!

Xander: Please professor let me go and help! You said we were a team, and teams trust each other, if you want me to believe in myself, you have to start by believing in me.

Pro-X: Alright, listen and listen good. I have been working and a prototype X-suit, that can block the mutant signature from being read.

Xander: Yes!

Pro-X: Wait, that means that you listen, to everything the team leaders have to say, you don't do anything on your own, follow their lead, or you'll endanger your life, or the life of one of your teammates.

Xander: I promise! But how do I get there?

Pro-X: Your not going alone! I'll be taking you there myself!

Xander: Whoa, are you sure, didn't Scott say you needed to be protected too!

Pro-X: Young man, I was taking care of myself long before you, or Scott, were even a thought in your parents head! Now lets go!

Muir Island-

Cyclopes: (Corsair arrives with the starjammers) Father!

Corsair: My sons, it is good to see you both!

Havok: Dad! Wish I could say the same!

Polaris: Reunion later, battle now!

Jean: { Cyclopes, I've gotten Iceman, Jubilee and Rogue out of the way, Elixir is healing them now! }

Cyclopes: {Good! Wolverine have you found Storm yet? }

Wolverine: { She's buried underneath all this rubble, I can smell her, I'm clawing my way down to her. }

Cyclopes: { You need to move quickly, don't forget she has a phobia of small spaces!}

Wolverine: (Cant he tell me something useful.) I'm coming Ro! Grrr!

Xander: (Me and the professor land, he tells me to go help Wolverine. So I fly over there) Need a hand?

Wolverine: What are you doing her bub? You know what never mind, we need to move these rocks, Storm is down there!

Xander: Move aside. (I move at super speed, and bulldoze through the rocks, till I hear the mumbling of Storm, as I continue to move I get to her, pick her up and bring her over to where Wolverine is.)

Wolverine: Your ok now, your ok, I've got you, just breath!

Storm: (Frantically speaking) It was so dark, no air, I thought I would die, and no one would ever find me, Oh Logan, I couldn't breath.

Wolverine: I got you baby, I got ya! Kid go help them!

Xander: Alright! (I fly up to see where everyone is, and I spot Scott, so I fly to him and land next to him) Did someone say backup!

Cyclopes: What are you doing here?

Xander: The professor brought me, he said I could, help!

Cyclopes: Xander, you stay out of the way, go find some place to stay put!

Xander: Please, I want to stay with you, and the professor said I could help you he gave me this X-suit, so know one would know who I am!

Cyclopes: If you get killed, I'm never talking to you again! Stay by my side!

Xander: Consider me glued! (I look over to see Havok being thrown into a wall, by Vulcan, I cant believe their all brothers, their father Corsair, is using some kind of cool star wars looking swords, each swing is blocked by Vulcan.)

Vulcan: What would my mother say if she saw you beating on your son?

Corsair: My son died along time ago!

Vulcan: Just like you killed your wife, my mother I shall kill you!

Corsair: Your lord and master, D'ken killed her, get it through your thick skull, I loved my wife and I love my family.

Vulcan: Than here love some of this! (I muster all the energy in the area I can and shoot electricity that would light up a whole continent and shoot it at him)

Xander: (Seeing Scott's dad about to be electrocuted I ran at super speed, and push him out of the way, getting hit instead!)

Cyclopes: Xander! (I shoot my optic beams at Vulcan to get him from frying Xander any longer, I hit him in the chest and all he does is absorb my power)

Vulcan: You should be dead where you stand!

Xander: (I start walking forward towards him) Actually that tickles!

Vulcan: Than I guess I'll have to intensify it!

Xander: (He sends me sliding back, my feet never leave the ground, I have to get to him, if only I can get to him, I maybe able to beat him to a bloody pulp!) Hey behind you!

Vulcan: That's the oldest trick in the book!

Xander: Don't say I didn't warn you! (Kallark steps up behind, and hits him over the head bring Vulcan down to his knees. Vulcan turns and does a slide kick dropping Kallark down on his ass, and the two begin to wrestle it out)

Cyclopes: Xander, are you ok?

Xander: Ya, I know you said stay by you, but your dad was about to be toast!

Cyclopes: Thanks for not listening!

Corsair: I owe you my life, kid!

Xander: Don't mention it! (As he looks into my eyes, he gets the strangest face, I don't think anyone has ever looked at me like that, kind of freaky)

Cyclopes: Dad, what is it?

Corsair: You, it cant be, this just cant be its impossible!

Cyclopes: Dad what is it, what are you talking about?

Corsair: How did you guys find each other?

Xander( I have no idea what this man is talking about but he keeps staring at me up and down, hello explain yourself) Sorry got to go, the professor is calling me! (I fly up)

Corsair: No come back, please come back here!

Xander: (I act like I don't hear him and keep flying till I spot Jean and land next to her) Did you miss me?

Jean: Xander, you know I did, but this is no place for you, the professor told me everything but still for your safety you shouldn't be here!

Xander: What's he doing to them?

Jean: He's healing them! What's going on over there?

Xander: The big guy is wrestling the little guy, trying to put some type of contraption on him!

Jean: Power inhibitor!

Xander: Is Scott's dad crazy?

Jean: I don't think so, don't really know him all that well! Look over there, Cyclopes needs your help!

Xander: I see! (I fly up and over to him, Vulcan has his father and Scott up in the air by their necks choking them) I'd put them down if I were you!

Vulcan: Alright, I'd rather see what your made of before I kill them anyway!

Xander: Bring it on! (We both punch at the same time, and as we impact with each other, a ripple runs through, sending everyone and everything flying back, all the windows in the buildings surrounding us explode out. And we continue like that for a few moments, I need to switch tactics, while I punch with the right, he raises to block, but I fake him out and kick him straight in the nuts, his face turned purple) How's that feel? (I shouldn't have asked, me thinking I had a few seconds, he punched upwards and I went flying into the air, he flew up, and punched down at me sending me flying into the ground, he came down and landed on top of me, pushing me into the ground further, then he grabbed my head and started pounding into the ground, I was bleeding from everywhere, so much for magic being the only thing that can hurt me. I mustered up all energy that I could and flew upwards bring him up with me, turned around and grabbed him by the chest and flew down into the ground, it must have seemed like an earthquake was happening up above, he threw me, I threw him, and then we both came up out of the ground, this was like a battle of the titans we both just kept going and going.) < Jean can you hear me? >

Jean: < yes >

Xander: < I need a weakness, or something I'm not getting anywhere? >

Jean: < Hold on! > { Cyclopes, I need a plan, Xander doesn't know what else to do, there to evenly matched! }

Cyclopes: { We just need him to hold him down so we can get the power inhibitor around his neck! }

Jean: < Xander, you need to get him on the ground, and hold him still so we can get a collar around his neck! >

Xander: < Is this really time, for S and M? > ( Get him down on the ground, alright, time to let the full fury of Powerboy loose. Or die trying. Kick he blocks, punch he blocks, I grab him and flip him over my shoulder, he pulls me as he's flipping and I flip over him, he punches and I miss calculated and got punched so hard in the face, I saw stars, that was all he needed, he let loose a fury of punches, I had to get away I don't know how much more I could take, as I go to fly backwards, he's holding on to the front of my suit, it rips down the center, exposing my naked chest. Oh no, I'm in trouble now!)

Vulcan: Its you, you're the prophecy child! I've found you!

Xander: (I spit blood in his face, he punches me) You'll never use me for evil, so you might as well kill me!

Vulcan: You will do as my lover bids!

Corsair: Vulcan no, he's your brother!

Xander: What?

Vulcan: What?

Cyclopes: What?

Havok: What?

Corsair: Yes he's your brother, before your mother and I were kidnapped by the Shi'ar we had a baby, and hid him so they couldn't hurt him too!

Vulcan: Well isn't this rich! So, I get twice the reward! The prophecy child, and your eternal pain, you watched your wife die, now you will see your son for the last time, take a good look father, for you will never see him again!

Xander: (My father, my brothers, this cant be real! He's trying to trick him!) Your not taking me anywhere! (All this talk gave me some strength back, I spin as fast as I can, he's holding on but he cant do so forever, I keep spinning till he lets go and flies back in the building, half of it collapses on top of him. I fly in after him, I start punching and punching, then I try to fly him out, when he grabs me by the balls and turns me around grabs me by the neck and flies down slamming me into the ground, I fly backwards taking him up and then down landing on top of him, he kicks me off, I get up run at him as he goes to hit I run around he gets thrown off balance and I knock him into the wall. I land in front of Corsair. I stop and stare at Corsair, waiting for him to tell me he was lying.)

Kallark: I will get Vulcan!

Xander: (He flies into the building and comes out with Vulcan, he has put the inhibitor on him. Vulcan is out like a light! I turn and fly up and away, and land near a cliff I don't want to know if he was lying, this same joke played on my over and over again! I sit down and watch as the waves crash against the rocks.)

Pro-X: < Do you want some company? >

Xander: < I don't know what I want right now? >

Pro-X: < Would you mind if I joined you? >

Xander: < If you want to! > (A few seconds later)

Pro-X: Are you ok?

Xander: I don't know what I am!

Pro-X: He really is your father you know!

Xander: I guess I felt it, I just didn't want to be let down again!

Pro-X: Don't you want to talk to him and let him explain what happened?

Xander: Then what, what happens after that, do I go with him, into space somewhere, does he stay here and buy a house, and I move in with him, what about Scott, he's my brother, do I have to leave him, wait how can Alex be his brother and we both have the same name? Now I just plain have to many more issues to deal with! What am I suppose to do professor?

Corsair: (Walks up behind them with Scott and Alex) You can start by letting me talk to you, and get the whole story!

Xander: (I look up at him and for the first time realize just how much him and Scott look alike.) I wont fly away I promise!

Pro-X: Alexander you can call me if you need me, I'll give you guys some privacy!

Corsair: Actually professor his name is just Christopher jr. , I already have an Alexander! I told that woman at the orphanage, she must have just decided for herself to name you Alexander!

Pro-X: He prefers Xander anyhow!

Scott: (Sits down next to Xander and puts his arm around his shoulder) Hey kid! I thought you would be happy to have me as an older brother?

Xander: You're a step up from Pietro!

Scott: You know you're a little weasel!

Corsair: Scott, filled me in on things, and I'm so sorry your life has been so hard! There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about you!

Xander: Really, than why did you never come looking for me?

Corsair: I knew that was coming, and your right I have no excuses. Other than revenge on the ones that killed your mother, and keeping you safe, I knew that for the rest of my life, if my enemies ever found out who my children were they would always be in danger, and well I wasn't willing to take that chance!

Xander: Than why couldn't you have at least told Scott, or Alex about me, they could have found me, and I could have been with them.

Corsair: I only found Scott a few years ago, and that was by accident, and like I told him, I did what I thought was best!

Xander: So now what do you want a medal for giving up your kids to protect them!

Corsair: I know your angry now, but given time, I hope you can forgive me! I don't have much time to stay here, but I wanted you to know, that I love you always have and I always will, no matter what!

Xander: Your leaving?

Corsair: I have to leave I have people who need me, depend on me!

Xander: That's perfect, your telling you children about people that need and depend on you, while you cant even be here for us!

Corsair: There is a war going on, and I'm apart of that war.

Xander: So I take it your not even going to put the offer on the table for me to come with you?

Corsair: It's no life for you out there, you're better off with your brothers here!

Alex: And the worst father of a lifetime award goes to Christopher Summers!

Corsair: Alex don't make it harder on him than it has to be! Vulcan knows who he is now, if they get there hands on him, there is just no telling what could happen!

Alex: Just like you dad always hiding behind something!

Scott: The professor is wiping his mind of everything he learned he wont remember who Xander was!

Corsair: {Beep, Beep} My men are ready to take him back to prison! I have to go!

Xander: I don't understand, I don't think I will ever understand, this is not the way I dreamed meeting my parents would be, the only good thing out of this is that I have real flesh and blood brothers, I'm only doing this because I need to do it for me. (I get up and hug him, I start to cry and I hold on for dear life, I don't know if I'll ever see him, but I just have to feel him just once, so I don't regret this moment, by letting my anger get the best of me. He holds me tight, I hear his heart beat, its so fast, like a man that really is doing what he believes, yet is sadden by the choice he is making)

Corsair: I love you guys, you are Summers men, take care of each other. And I will see you again.

Xander: (We have a family hug, and then he lets go and walks away, the three of us stand by each others side watching him as he disappears)

Scott: There is no perfect family!

Alex: Dysfunctional family at its best!

Xander: But at least we've got family!

End Chapter 8