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Subject: Alexander the newest of the X-Men

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Chapter 9- Agendas


( ) Personal conversations

< > Telepathic conversations

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The home of Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange-

Topaz: With all due respect what do you wish to accomplish?

Doc: By allowing them to believe he is their brother, they will keep him safe!

Topaz: But I don't understand why you did this!

Doc: I planted those memories in their heads so that they would keep him safe, while I search for the way to remove the powers the Shi'ar want the prophecy child for.

Topaz: But he is your son!

Doc: You fool don't you think I know that! This is not easy for me either, to watch him from a far never being able to reveal myself to him.

Topaz: Then why do it?

Doc: Because, the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the one!

Topaz: Cryptic much!

Doc: I must sacrifice my love for the child, to keep the worlds from falling into chaos. If the power of the prophecy child are not extracted from within him, the consequences would be dire. For now my son will have as much of a normal life as possible!

Topaz: And when the truth comes out, as it always does, what then, do you think he will ever forgive you, for all you have done to him?

Doc: I cant think about that now. That's a worry for another day!

Topaz: What of his powers!

Doc: I have endowed him with abilities, that will allow him to always protect himself! However they are weakening, Vulcan took a lot of power from him. Nonetheless he is still endowed with enough! Oh, my son may your heart be big enough to forgive your fathers trespasses!


The Xavier School of gifted youngsters-

Xander: (I woke up in my bed, laying on Scotts shoulder. We must have talked all night long. He's my brother, that must have been the connection I've felt with him since we first met, here I thought it was lust. So where do we go from here, our father is probably millions of miles away, and Alex is leaving today, but at least I have Scott!)

Scott: Hey kid-o, shit I must have knocked out last night!

Xander: We were pretty worn out!

Scott: Sorry didn't mean to hog your bed!

Xander: I don't mind, it felt great having you in my bed!

Scott: You want to change that sentence a little, incest is illegal in this state!

Xander: You know what I mean!

Scott: We need to get ready, Lorna and Alex will be leaving soon!

Xander: I'm going to jump in the shower!

Scott: Want me to join we could save time!

Xander: You'd like that wouldn't you, sick-o! (Secretly I would love to shower with him, as gross as that may be, but I cant help it he's a stud. I get up and go into the bathroom as he leaves to go to his room. Twenty minuets and a hot solo jack-off later, I zoom over to Scotts room. Knock, knock, knock!)

Scott: Come in!

Xander: You ready!

Scott: Yep, lets go!

Xander: (After making our way down stairs, we see Lorna and Alex bringing their bags to the door!) Hey I can take those to your car!

Alex: Knock yourself out!

Xander: (I super speed the bags out to his car and load them up) Done!

Lorna: Your pretty handy to have around!

Xander: It's nice to help out!

Alex: So we talked about it, and Scott and I would like to take you camping this coming weekend, sort of like a brothers bonding retreat!

Xander: (My face must have lit up like I won the lottery) Heck ya, I don't have any gear, do you have extra gear, I've never been camping, can we fish, I'm going to need a sleeping bag, a tent, a lantern...

Alex: Easy tiger, will bring the stuff, you just have to be there!

Scott: Ha, ha, he gets excited like that!

Lorna: You are adorable!

Alex: Alright, we need to get on the road! Call us anytime day or night. And don't let Scott give you a hard time!

Xander: So I wont seem to needy if I call you tonight, just to see that you made it back ok and stuff!

Alex: Anytime, you don't even have to have a reason to call!

Lorna: He's a couch potato anyway! Maybe the following weekend you could come and stay with us!

Scott: If he's a good boy, I'll see about sending him to you guys!

Lorna: Alright, give me a hug!

Xander: (We all hug, and Scott and I stand on the porch and watch them leave. I pick up Scott and wiz through the air with him and come back down)

Scott: What was that for?

Xander: I'm just so happy right now!

Scott: (Rubbing his head) Come on lets go eat I'm starved!

Xander: (We enter the cafeteria, Jubilee and Amara coming running once they spot me, they jump on me, almost knocking me over, as they hug me) Hey!

Jubilee: Sorry Scott but where stealing him!

Scott: He's all yours ladies!

Amara: We were so worried about you mister, don't ever scare us like that again!

Jubilee: Come on everyone is waiting for us!

Xander: (We walk over to the table, where Bobby, Josh, Rogue, Kitty, Jamie, are waiting. I haven't spoken to Bobby since are fight) Hey guys!

Rogue: Your face is healing pretty good!

Xander: I think this shiner makes my eyes bluer than it already is!

Bobby: So are we cool?

Xander: (I lean in and whisper into his ear) As long as you don't ever talk that way to me again. Where a-ok!

Bobby: Sorry!

Jamie: So is the rumors about you true?

Xander: Huh?

Jamie: That Mr. Summers is your brother!

Xander: Oh, yeah that's true!

Jamie: Wow, so either he's going to be riding your ass hard, or your going to be getting all the breaks!

Xander: I think he will treat me just like everyone else!

Kitty: So can you believe John was a mole, giving Magneto information on us!

Xander: (Oh, John, I completely forgot what Pietro and I did to him)Ya that's crazy!

Josh: < What did you guys do to him? >

Xander: < You heard that? >

Josh: < Yes and I want details!>

Xander: < Maybe if you're a good boy, I'll tell you! >

Jubilee: Did you get your class schedule yet, I want to see if we have classes together or not?

Xander: I think Jean has it!

Amara: Classes start in 20 minuets! You better get it from her!

Xander: Your right! Hey where did they all go?

Jamie: I saw all the teachers get up together and leave, maybe the professor called them into his office!

Xander: Hmm, hope there isn't any trouble, I just want to get through this week!

Bobby: Why, what happens after this week?

Xander: I'm going camping with my brothers this weekend!

Jamie: I want to go camping!

Xander: Sorry, but it's a brother's bonding weekend!


Xavier's office-

Pro-X: Thanks to Beast's work on the new Cerebra, we have located Cassandra Nova. If you all remember Jean's discovery that Cassandra Nova is the mummudrai from a Shi'ar legend, meaning opposite of myself. "Legend says each of us faces our own personal mummudrai in the womb, shortly before birth - it is our first experience of the alien, the other, the different". In reality, the mummudrai are a parasitic species born bodiless on the astral plane, and it was only through becoming entangled with my developing telepathic mind that Cassandra Nova created a body for herself. Now we have located her in Genosha. Emma Frost is there now, teaching her final classes. I want Scott, and Logan to go there and do some recon, I want to know what she is doing there. You live in 20 minuets. Any questions?

Scott: Don't you need to be guarded most of all from her?

Pro-X: I'm ready for her this time. And I am not here alone!

Logan: Times a ticking lets go Cyck!

Scott: Jean can I talk to you for a minuet.

Jean: Sure I'll walk with you!

Scott: I don't like it something feels off!

Jean: I know I feel it too!

Scott: Keep an eye out on the professor and let Beast do the same! Last thing we need is someone getting to the professor!

Jean: Just be careful, she's dangerous.

Scott: You know I will be. Can you telepathically call Xander here!

Jean: < Xander, meet us down the hall from the professors room >

Xander: < Ok. > (I run down the hall and to the right and meet them.) What's up!

Scott: Xander, I have to leave on a mission!

Xander: What? When?

Scott: Right now! Logan and I are leaving!

Xander: Is it dangerous?

Scott: No, not at all!

Xander: Your lying, I can tell your lip twitches! Let me go with you!

Scott: You start school today, and my lip doesn't twitch!

Jean: It twitches!

Xander: Do you think you'll be back by the weekend?

Scott: I don't know, but I will do everything to get back as soon as possible!

Xander: Grumble, grumble!

Jean: Come on you've still got me!

Xander: What is it with Summers men, always leaving me to go on missions, is the only way for me to get attention, is for me to be the mission?

Scott: Don't worry your pretty little head, I'll be back before you know it, I have to go, be good, and don't get into any trouble, the Summers name, has a reputation, to uphold!

Xander: Yes mommy dearest!



Cassandra: I didn't ask you, Donald Trask lll, here for any other reason than to activate a pair of enormous sentinels. You have a chance to do what your father couldn't. Destroy 16 million mutants here on this island!

Donald: Finally my chance to show the world that the Trask family could do what the government couldn't!

Cassandra: Then lets get to work shall we!

Emma Frosts class-


Emma: Telepathy is one ability that is really useful and fun to use. It involves communicating, receiving thoughts, and sharing thoughts using your mind. Twins are normally born with a strong ability for Telepathy with the other twin. But, it can also be developed by any person who really wants it. One of the most common abilities for mutants is telepathy. All though not every mutant can master it the highest level. One expert is none other then Charles Xavier.

To use telepathy, you must know how to link your minds together. To do this, focus on the person you want to link with. There are two methods of linking together. each one is for a different purpose.

Method one:
This method is for communicating through your mind with somebody at a visual range. The person who you are going to talk to normally has to ready to receive your message, but once you get advanced enough, you can do it without them knowing your about to. To begin, Visualize a beam coming from your brain and going into his. This means he can receive your message. Once you are fully concentrated on the beam, Focus on the words you want him to receive traveling through the beam into you partner's head. If done correctly, he should receive the message.

Method two:
This method is for long range communication, mind training, and for communicating with multiple people at the same time. To this, grab or focus on the person who you want to communicate with. Now visualize your minds connecting together into one brain. Now you can talk freely within each other. For mind training, use the same procedure, but when you are in the dark void, you should see the other person in there too. For communicating with multiple people, just visualize all of your minds connecting at the same time. This method is mainly for more advanced practitioners. Method one is for beginners. (Bell rings ending class) Alright I want you all to practice this tonight and be ready to try it out tomorrow. (As my next class arrived, the walls to the school started to be smashed in, upon turning into my diamond form, I realized we were being attacked by sentinels, I could hear the screams of people everywhere on the island as they were being slaughtered by these sentinels. T he building came tumbling down upon us and I was trapped somewhere below.)

At the mansion-

Pro-X: Argh! Noooo!

Student: Professor, what is it, professor can you hear me!

Student#2: I'll go get Miss Grey! (Running to Jeans room)

Jean: (Grabbing onto my head, I could hear the screams and deaths echo in my head)

Student#2: Miss Grey, the professor, there is something wrong with him, he's not responding to us!

Jean: Josh, take over my class for me! (I run to the professor) Can you hear me? < Professor, what's happening >

Pro-X: < Jean, oh Jean, their all dead, sentinels slaughtering millions of mutants.>

Jean: < What do we do? >

Pro-X: Its to late to do anything!

Jean: Where did this happen?

Pro-X: Genosha!


Cyclopes: What happened here? All these mutants massacred!

Wolverine: I'm going to see if I can find anyone still alive!

Cassandra headquarters-

Cassandra: It is done!

Donald: I did it, I did it!

Cassandra: And now that I have no use for you! Now I'll take your DNA and control them myself! (Putting my hands on him taking his DNA and injecting myself with it)

Cyclopes: Cassandra, stop right there!

Cassandra: If it isn't the pestering X-men! You cant stop me!

Cyclopes: I think we can, now Wolverine! (Wolverine jumps in from the window, and comes up behind her, kicks her sending her flying towards me, I shoot her with a tranquilizer knocking her out.) Let's take her back to the mansion!

At the mansion-

Jubilee: I don't get it why did they cancel the rest of the day's classes?

Jamie: Who cares as long as we don't have to go!

Bobby: No something must be seriously wrong if they canceled school!

Xander: You don't think this has anything to do with Scott does it?

Bobby: I don't know?

Josh: I could check to see if he's back!

Xander: Would you!

Josh: Hold on: (Closing my eyes, I reach out and find Scott is here, in the med bay.) He's here, he's in the med bay!

Xander: Hurt in the med bay, or just in the med bay?

Josh: I didn't sense him to be hurt!

Kitty: Come on guys what are we sitting around here for, lets go investigate!

Xander: I'm with Kitty!

Med bay-

Scott: I don't understand what would bring someone to slaughter 16 million mutants?

Jean: Does evil ever make sense!

Scott: What are you going to do with her professor?

Pro-X: I feel I have no other choice but to invade her mind, and erase it!

Cassandra: (Waking up) Charles!

Pro-X: Cassandra!

Cassandra: Do you really think these restraints can hold me? (She use her telekinesis to undo the restraints, sends a pulse that sends everyone flying backwards and runs out the door, as she's running she enters Cerebro's room and while in there started to use Cerebro.)

Emma: (Entering the lower levels) Where is she!

Beast: Emma your alright!

Emma: Where is Cassandra?

Beast: We are searching for her now.

Emma: (Using her telepathy she locates Cassandra and sets off to face her)

Cassandra: Now you will pay Charles! (She connects with the professors mind and switches bodies with him. Emma enters the room)

Emma: You killed all those innocent people!

Pro/Cass: Wait, Emma! (To late she grabs Cassandra by the neck and snaps it)

Jean: Emma what have you done?

Emma: She's not dead, although she should be!

Cass/Pro: Bring her to the med bay!


On the grounds of the mansion-

Xander: I don't believe this!

Jubilee: Neither can I, all those mutants dead.

Josh: She is one crazy bitch!

Bobby: You know she's suppose to be like the professors evil twin!

Kitty: Doesn't matter Emma snapped her neck!

Xander: What's up with that! (Jaime comes running)

Jaime: (Panting) Did, (Pant) you, (Pant) hear what just happened?

Jubilee: Spit it out already!

Jaime: The professor shot Cassandra!

Xander: What, that's impossible, why would he shoot her?

Josh: Has everyone taken a crazy pill today!

Kitty: Something is not right, with all the powers he has, why would he ever use a gun on someone!


Beast's lab-

Beak: Hank are you in here?

Hank: Barnell come on in, just need a moment to recheck this last test!

Beak: What are you working on?

Hank: Sorry its X-men stuff!

Beak: I thought you trusted me!

Hank: I do! Hold on! <Jean, its as I expected Charles and Cassandra share the same DNA>

Beak: I have a present for you!

Hank: One second! < Jean, you have to..Ahh!>

Beak: Take that! (Beats up hank with a titanium baseball bat, before Hank ever had a chance to defend himself, he beat him into a coma!)

Jean: <All X-men to Beast's lab immediately! >

Xander: (I fly at super speed so I'm the first one there. I come in to see this guy standing over Hank with a bat full of blood on it.) What the hell have you done! (He just stands there looking at me, I go over and grab him, put his hands behind his back as Jean and the others enter!)

Jean: Oh my God, Hank!

Xander: What do you want to do with him! (Jean levitates Hank to the med bay!)

Logan: I'll take him from here Xan!

Scott: I want this all kept under wraps. There is no need to scare the rest of the students. Xander come with me!

Xander: Yes sir! (I follow him into the med bay where Jean is tending to Hank)

Jean: Scott I think I know what's happening here!

Scott: What is it!

Jean: Well is it alright for Xander to be here for this?

Scott: He`s ok!

Jean: This body doesn't belong to Cassandra, its actually the professor!

Scott: What, how?

Jean: When she was in Cerebro's room, she used it to switch bodies with the professor!

Xander: I knew there was no way the professor would ever shoot anyone!

Jean: Exactly, which lead Hank to checking the DNA on them, she must have found out what he was doing, and used Barnell to beat Hank before he could reveal anything to anyone!

Scott: What do you think her ultimate agenda is?

Jean: Aside from destroying Charles, I believe she wants to complete what she already started, she wants to destroy all mutants!

Xander: Can she do that?

Jean: Using Cerebro she most certainly can!

Scott: How do you stop someone with the most powerful psychic mind?

Jean: Scott, me and the professor have been working on allowing me to tap into the phoenix force. I can use that to I could split the professors consciousness into pieces and store apart of him in every single living mutants mind. At that exact moment she will be so off guard I will be able to mentally attack her, and force her out of the professors body.

Xander: And you can do this safely?

Jean: Yes I believe I can do it without any harm coming to me or the professor. But I will have to ask Emma to help out, which isn't going to be fun!

Scott: Jean she's been through a lot, and I'm sure she is more than willing to help if it mean bringing down Cassandra!

Jean: Than you can ask her, Xander I need you to get a few people and keep guard on professor X's body, once you see him going into Cerebro's room, contact me immediately. Will take it from there!

Xander: Done! (I head out to find my friends. Once I find Jubilee I fill them in on everything that has happened and the mission we now have)

Jubilee: Than you have point on this mission!

Xander: Me?

Kitty: Yes you, Jean told you not one of us!

Xander: (I look at Bobby who gives me a look, great stepping on toes) Alright! We go in groups of two, don't forget she is a telepath! So will need you, Josh, to block us mentally from detection.

Josh: Covered!

Xander: Jubilee and Amara, Rogue and Kitty, Jaime you stay with Josh, and Bobby and I. Jubilee, Amara, you take the lower levels, Rogue, Kitty, your in the hall of the professor, Bobby and I will be outside at his window. Keep me posted, anything looks suspicious let me know! (We all make our way to different position, Bobby and I stay outside and look through the professors window.) Are you mad at me?

Bobby: No!

Xander: Than what was that look for, when Jubilee said I have point?

Bobby: It's just, nothing, don't worry about it!

Xander: Whatever you say! (He is one strange guy)

Rogue: { The cat is on the move! }

Xander: { The Cat! Nice Rogue. Alright follow, but remain unseen! } < Jean come in, can you hear me >

Jean: < Yes Xan! >

Xander: < The Professor is on the move! >

Jean: < Ok, let me know where he's headed! >

Xander: { Jubilee, subject is heading your way! }

Jubilee: { Elevator is coming down! } (The professor wheels out of the elevator) {Subject has entered the basement. Subject heading to Cerebro.}

Xander: < Jean, the professor is heading into Cerebro now! >

Jean: < Now I want all of you out of the lower levels! > (Once she activated Cerebro, I attacked her mind, forcing her out of the professors mind, allowing Emma the chance to trick her into entering what she thought was her own body, but really was an alien body, she entered and was trapped in a self repeating program within a synthetic brain.)

Later that night-

Pro-X: I want to thank you all for pulling together and getting us all through this.

Jean: Were just glad to have you back professor.

Pro-X: I wouldn't be if it wasn't for your quick thinking. Now I understand that young Xander ran his first mission.

Xander: I'd hardly call it that.

Jean: Hey that was a very important part of my plan!

Jubilee: Come on you took control of the situation, positioned us leaving no blind spots for Cassandra to get away.

Xander: When you say it like that, I guess I did lead!

Scott: Of course you led, you're a Summers were natural born leaders!

Josh: (Coughing the words out) Cocky!

Xander: I heard that!

Kitty: Professor are classes still out for the rest of the week?

Pro-X: Yes they are canceled still!

Amara: Would it be ok for us to go out to let off some steam?

Scott: I don't know, after the past few days, maybe its not such a hot idea!

Xander: Come on Scott, I think we've earned it! Pretty please!

Jubilee: With sugar on top!

Scott: Jean a little back up!

Jean: I say they can go!

Jubilee: Yes!

Xander: Have I told you lately how much you're my favorite brother?

Scott: Ya, ya, ya get out of here all of you before I change my mind!


At club "Hot Spot"-

Kitty: I'll be right back!

Jubilee: Where you going?

Kitty: I have to make a phone call!

Jubilee: To who?

Kitty: To my mother!

Jubilee: Your mother?

Kitty: I'll be right back! (I walk over to the bathroom, go inside get into a stall and call Lance. I just need to hear his voice, I hate lying to Jubilee, but what choice do I have no one would understand, I'm dating one of the members of the brotherhood of evil!) Lance, hey its me Kitty!
Lance: Hey baby how are you?

Kitty: I'm alright! Did you hear what happened on Genosha.

Lance: Ya I heard, I cant believe that!

Kitty: Things have just gotten so tuff, I just don't know what to think anymore!

Lance: Where are you?

Kitty: Me and some friends are out!

Lance: Where?

Kitty: Why?

Lance: What do you mean why, I'm your boyfriend I think I have a right to know.

Kitty: If I tell you, what are you going to do?

Lance: What are you afraid of your friends finding out about me?

Kitty: You know I cant tell them!

Lance: So your just going to keep me a dirty little secret forever?

Kitty: Its not like that, I just need some time!

Lance: Where are you?

Kitty: The hot spot!

Lance: So what your going to be dancing with a bunch of guys all night?

Kitty: Lance, I think you know me better than that!

Lance: Do I, maybe you just like sneaking behind everyone's back and having sex with me, maybe that makes the sex hotter!

Kitty: I don't know why I even bothered calling you! (Click!) Asshole!

Josh: Hey guys are we going to sit here all night, or are we going to dance?

Jubilee: I'm ready lets get this party started, Xan your so coming!

Xander: Do I have a choice? (I didn't, she grabbed me and Rogue and we all went up and started dancing, Bobby stayed sitting down, I don't know what his problem is but I don't care right now. As were all dancing Josh, keeps rubbing up against me, I don't mind, I mean come on the dance floor is packed, Kitty comes and joins us, she doesn't look to happy, song after song plays and we just partied on the dance floor the whole time, it was great, I finally started feeling like a normal guy, friends, fun, family, things couldn't be better. Josh grabs me out of nowhere, and kisses me, I stand there with my eyes wide open, shocked, what the hell is he doing. Bobby comes out of nowhere, grabs Josh, and pushes him off of me.)

Bobby: What the hell do you think your doing!

Josh: Back off Drake, if Xander doesn't like it he can tell me himself!

Xander: Whoa, guys we came here to have a good time not fight with each other!(out of nowhere Lance appears and grabs Kitty and kisses her, Bobby sees this and punches him in the face knocking him down)

Kitty: Bobby no don't!

Lance: I'm going to kick your ass!

Kitty: Lance, what are you doing here?

Lance: You have to make a choice Kitty, I'm not doing this anymore!

Bobby: What is he talking about Kitty?

Jubilee: Bobby its none of your business!

Lance: Ya Drake! So are you going to tell them or should I?

Kitty: Lance, come outside, lets just talk about this!

Lance: Fine, Kitty and me have been dating for 3 months now!

Kitty: Lance, you're an asshole, I hate you!

Jubilee: Kitty come back! Come on guys the parties over!

Xander: Bobby come on lets go!

Bobby: Not just yet, hey Lance!

Xander: Bobby don't! (But he did it anyway, he hits him in the face again, Lance looks like he's starting to tremble, and the whole floor starts to shake, I know what's about to happen, so I grab Bobby with one hand and Josh with the other, and fly out of there. Lance must of ran after us, when we got outside I set them down.) Bobby what the hell is wrong with you tonight, do you just want to get into a fight?

Bobby: That's Lance, remember him the guy in Magneto's group, he's the enemy!

Xander: And Josh! (But before he could say anything Lance came out of nowhere and jumped on top of him and they started fist fighting, Bobby changed into his ice armor, as Jubilee and Kitty came running back, Kitty tried to get in between them, as lance went to punch Bobby and she got hit instead! She fell to the ground)

Lance: Oh my God, Kitty I'm so sorry, it was an accident.

Kitty: Get away from me!

Bobby: You heard her now get out of here!

Lance: This is all your fault, watch your back, I'll get you for this!

Xander: Kitty are you alright?

Kitty: Can we please just go home!

Bobby: I'm sorry!

Kitty: I don't want to talk to you right now!

Josh: Xander, can you come over here for a second!

Xander: Sure!

Josh: So I was thinking maybe we can fly home, instead of being in the car?

Xander: You know what that sounds like a great idea! Jubilee, were going to fly home, don't worry I'll be above the car so will get home at the same time!

Bobby: Did you just say your flying home?

Xander: Ya!

Bobby: We came together we should leave together.

Josh: He's old enough to make his own decision!

Bobby: I wasn't talking to you!

Xander: Ok that's enough! Jubilee, hey wait where is Rogue?

Jubilee: Oh shit, we forgot about Rogue!

Xander: I'll go back and get her!

Josh: I'll go with you!

Xander: Ok! (We go back in to find Rogue tossing two guys over her shoulder. We go to her to get her out of there) Rogue what are you doing?

Rogue: They wouldn't take no for an answer! They left me no choice! Behind you!

Xander: Doe! (Some guy hits me over the back with a chair, the chair broke, but I still stood there, I turned around grabbed the guy and lifted him up.) You don't want to do this! (His friends had a different idea, they came running at us and the next thing we knew the whole club was fighting. The police came oh shit all I could think of now was Scott is so going to kick my ass!) Guys what do we do?

Rogue: Come on out the back!

Josh: Right behind you!

Xander: Shit, shit, shit, go, go, go, there's a cop on my tail, ah fuck it! (I fly in the air, grab Josh, and fly over Rogue, she see so she follows as well, we fly up to a window and fly out it.)

Back at the mansion-

Pro-X: Something just feels wrong!

Jean: I don't understand!

Pro-X: The memories don't fit! They almost feel planted!

Scott: But my father knew who he was the moment he saw him!

Pro-X: I understand, but I trust my instincts, and there telling me those memories are fake!

Jean: So what do you suggest we do?

Pro-X: We go back into the memory and see if we can make a connection to where it actually came from.

Scott: And if it's real?

Pro-X: Than I would stand corrected!

Scott: I don't want Xander to know anything about this!

Pro-X: Agreed!

Storm: (Entering) Sorry to interrupt but there is something on TV I think you should see.

Scott: Here I got it. (Turning on the TV)

TV [ Reporting live from the night club "The Hot Spot" where there was a brawl tonight, the police could only say, that mutants were involved but escaped by flying out through an upstairs window. Currently two people have been taken to receive emergency care, we will bring you the status on them as more information comes in. This is Lisa Larue Channel 9 news.]

Scott: I'm going to kill him!

Jean: Let's not jump to any conclusions!

Pro-X: Let's calm down till they arrive.

Back on the road home-

Xander: (I'm flying through the air with Josh, and the feeling is amazing) What a night!

Josh: This is amazing, I wish I could fly all the time.

Xander: Anytime you want a ride just let me know.

Josh: You can count on it!

Xander: Why did you kiss me tonight?

Josh: I don't know what came over me, I just saw you looking so sexy dancing away I just had to taste you, I mean kiss you.

Xander: How did you know I wouldn't hit you for doing it?

Josh: Well when you were smacking my ass the other day, I couldn't help but feel your emotions, and you got so horny, also your hard on could be seen!

Xander: Well I guess that was a dead give away.

Josh: So what's going on with you and Bobby?

Xander: Lets not mention him right now!

Josh: Ok!

Xander: Here we are! (I fly downwards staying in a standing position above the car floating forward with the car. As they park and get out of the car I land.)

Jubilee: Ok guys, lets just get prepared before we go in!

Xander: Why you don't think they know do you?

Jubilee: The cops where there, I'm sure they know!

Xander: Nothing happened, other than guys tried hitting on Rogue, and wouldn't take no for an answer! (After getting our stories straight, we try and sneak in and head to our rooms without being seen, boy where we wrong, there they were waiting for us, Jean, Ororo, Scott.)

Scott: You have two seconds to explain yourselves!

Xander: (After explaining ourselves we were all sent to our rooms, however Scott wasn't done with me yet! Him and Jean sat me down in the kitchen to talk.)

Scott: So did you have fun tonight?

Xander: Is that a trick question?

Scott: Well I hope you did cause your so grounded till further notice!

Xander: But I didn't do anything?

Scott: You used your powers in public! On non-mutants and you tell me you did nothing wrong!

Jean: Scott, he really didn't do anything wrong!

Scott: Jean, please he's my responsibility!

Jean: Scott, he's our responsibility.

Xander: Its ok, don't argue, its fine whatever you want Scott, I'm tired, I want a shower, and I want to go to bed, I don't want to witness another fight.

Scott: Why don't you just take all the fun out of grounding you! Plus, I have to let the others think I was going to yell at you, other wise they'll think I'm giving you special treatment. Which I am, but they cant know.

Jean: Damn you little shit, we worked out the good cop, bad cop routine.

Xander: You mean you were just playing a joke! I was just kind of liking being grounded by you. It made me feel important.

Scott: Your kidding right?

Xander: Do pigs fly?

Scott: Get out of here go to bed already, but you do have to clean the property with the other kids.

Xander: Goodnight!

Jean: I want details tomorrow night.

Xander: Go to bed! (I walked to my room and as I got to my door I found Bobby standing there waiting.)

Bobby: Hey can we talk?

Xander: I don't really have anything to say to you right now!

Bobby: But I have something I need to say to you!

Xander: Fine, come in!

Bobby: Look I'm sorry about the way I have been acting, a lot of things are going on, and well its all building up inside and taking its toll on me.

Xander: Everyone has some kind of shit going on, but that doesn't give you the right to start trouble every chance you get, I thought you were different, but your just like John.

Bobby: I'm nothing like him. Look my mother is really sick and my dad told me he doesn't think she's going to make it through the month. So please forgive me for being on edge.

Xander: I'm so sorry, to hear that, is there anything I can do?

Bobby: Just give me sometime to deal with this, I just need to get it together.

Xander: Did you ever stop to think maybe your friends could help you through this if you let them in?

Bobby: I've wanted to, but something has just come up every time I have gone too. Look I know it doesn't excuse my actions but if you would be willing to give me another chance, you can get to know the real me.

Xander: Sure, look I'm here for you whenever you want to talk. (He leans in and kisses me.) Bobby, stop!

Bobby: What's wrong?

Xander: Bobby, it just isn't a good time right now!

Bobby: Is it Josh?

Xander: Its no body, and that would be none of your business anyway. I just am going through to many changes as it is, I don't think I'm ready to get emotionally involved with anyone right now. I'm just really confused right now about all this gay stuff, I've never been in a situation like what I'm in now.

Bobby: Cant we just take It slow, you know work towards a relationship?

Xander: I don't want to hurt anyone, and someone always gets hurt!

Bobby: So not even a friends with benefits kind of thing?

Xander: Can you ask me that another time?

Bobby: No problem, alright I'll let you go to bed!

Xander: Bobby, wait. I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, I think you're a hot guy, and I think your sweet, your friends all love you a lot, so I know your not a bad guy, its just not you its me. I just need sometime.

Bobby: Thanks, I understand!

Xander: (I give him a hug, and walk him to the door he turns and looks at me and then walks away. I feel guilty only I know I did the right thing. If I cant give 110% to someone I shouldn't be leading them on.)

Josh: < Xander, oh Xander can you hear me? >

Xander: < What are you doing? >

Josh: < I'm thinking of you, I wanted to see if you were still up! >

Xander: < I'm actually changing into my pj's! >

Josh: < Are you naked? >

Xander: < Wouldn't you like to know! >

Josh: < I would, that's why I'm asking, you really are a blonde! >

Xander: < Hey now, lay off the blonde jokes! >

Josh: < Fly over to my room! >

Xander: < What if I get caught? >

Josh: < You wont! >

Xander: < Haven't we all got into enough trouble for one night! >

Josh: < Come on I have something important to tell you! >

Xander: < Can you mentally lead me to your room! >

Josh: < yes! >

Xander: < Ok! > (I open my window and fly out, he leads me around to his bedroom window, I stay floating outside, he opens the window.)

Josh: Come in!

Xander: No, then you'll want me to stay and I'm not going to!

Josh: Spoil sport! Well if you wont come in, I'm going to come out, and remember I cant fly!

Xander: Josh, don't! (To late he jumped out the window, I should have let him fall, but I couldn't so I flew down and caught him and started to fly up.)

Josh: Can we just fly for a little, please, come on look at that full moon its so low it looks like we could touch it.

Xander: Your going to be nothing but trouble for me aren't you.

Josh: And your going to love every second of it!

Xander: Evil! (I fly up and as we reach a certain point that makes us look like were in the center of the moon, I stop and start to slowly turn us in circles, we kiss, and its like were dancing in the night sky!)

Kitty and Jubilee's Room-

Kitty: I'm sorry I never told you guys, I wanted to, but I was just so scared of how you would react.

Jubilee: We're B.F.F's, I don't have to like the choices you make, but I'll never turn my back on you either.

Kitty: I love you!

Jubilee: Of course you do! So I want to hear everything, did you have sex yet!

Kitty: Yes we have, and he`s amazing.

Jubilee: How big is he?

Kitty: Huge!

Base of the Brotherhood-

Lance: Fucking X-men! If I ever catch Drake I'm going to bury him!

John: What happened?

Lance: Drake's what happened! I need to figure out a way to get that punk back!

John: I'll help you with yours if you help me with mine!

Lance: Who's your beef with?

John: Xander!

Lance: Magneto says he's off limits!

John: I owe him payback!

Lance: If you can come up with something on the down low, count me in, but Drake has to get what's coming to him!

John: Will bury both of them! Give me sometime to think about the perfect plan!


Next day at the mansion-

Hank: We just want to ask you some questions to see the degree of knowledge you have in certain areas.

Jean: Nothing that you cant handle! You already took the written test!

Scott: The professor just wants to hear this for himself!

Xander: You think I cheated or something, cause I would never!

Pro-X: Not at all, you have an amazing mind and I'm just curious to see how you handle verbal, as opposed to written testing!

Xander: Alright!

Hank: What are the four basic parts of a jet engine? And how do they work?

Xander: The four basic parts of a jet engine are the compressor, turbine, combustion chamber, and propelling nozzles. Air is compressed, then led through chambers where its volume is increased by the heat of fuel combustion. On emergence it spins the compression rotors, which in turn act on the incoming air. In the combustion chamber of a jet propulsion engine the combustion of a fuel mixture generates expanding gases, which escape through an orifice to form the jet. Newton's third law of motion requires that the force that causes the high-speed motion of the jet of gas have a reaction force that is equal in magnitude and oppositely directed to push on the jet propulsion engine. Hence the term "reaction motor" is often applied to jet-propulsion engines.

The thermal jet engine operates with a continuous blast, but intermittent duct jet propulsion proceeds by a series of pulses, or intermittent explosions. The ramjet, or continuous duct, engine relies on its own forward motion to compress the air that enters it. Although highly efficient, it is designed to operate only after high speed has been attained through the use of some other power source, typically a rocket. The scramjet, or supersonic-combustion ramjet, engine is designed to operate at hypersonic speed above Mach 5, using hydrogen for fuel; in theory, a scramjet-propelled craft could achieve orbital speed, with an efficiency three times that of liquid- or solid-fuel rockets. In addition, without the need to carry oxygen, an air-breathing, scramjet-powered vehicle can carry a greater payload than a rocket-powered one. There are various thrust-augmentation methods that can be used to increase the effective driving force of jet engines: the afterburner, water-injectio n, and air bleed-off methods. An afterburner uses the exhaust gases from the engine for additional combustion, with resulting higher compression; however, it consumes large amounts of fuel. Injection of water into the air-compressor inlet also increases the thrust, but can be used only at take-off because of the high water consumption. Air bleed-off, sometimes called the fan augmentation method, also makes more efficient use of air otherwise wasted.

Hank: Astonishing!

Scott: That's my boy!

Pro-X: And you learned all this where?

Xander: I had nothing but time on my hands, so I've read anything and everything I could get my hands on, things just seem to stick with me after I read them.

Pro-X: Fascinating!

Hank: What are Newton's three laws of Motion?

Xander: First is every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. Second is the relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors, in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector. Third for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Hank: Does anyone else want to lock him up in a cage and study him?

Xander: Whoa, what?

Jean: He's just kidding!

Scott: We think!

Pro-X: Very impressive, if no one else has any questions, your free to go!

Scott: Well, free to go join your friends in cleaning the school grounds!

Xander: Ok then, (Whispers to Scott and Jean) I don't ever want to be left alone with Hank! (Walks out)

Scott: Study him in a box, nice going Hank!

Hank: Sorry, sometimes the scientist in me takes over.

Jean: So professor are you thinking, all of his powers stem from being the prophecy child?

Pro-X: Lilandra never explained to me exactly what powers the child would possess. I can not be certain as to what is his mutant abilities versus the ones prophesized

Hank: His mind is like that of a sponge any and all information, is retained and stored and can be brought out anytime he wants, as amazing as it seems, it is also very dangerous.

Scott: What are you saying?

Hank: Simply put, if he were to have information someone wanted, what would stop them from, getting to him, and retrieving that information from him by any means.

Jean: So what like we should not allow him to be privy to important X-men data?

Hank: I'm sorry but I feel that is for the best!

Scott: That's ridiculous, now were going to start holding mutant abilities against mutants. We should be utilizing those skills not holding it against him.

Pro-X: it's a little to early to be having this conversation.

Scott: I think your afraid he might just be smarter than you are!

Hank: That's absurd, I want the students of this school to surpass me, I encourage it.

Pro-X: Lets stay calm gentlemen, were all on the same side here.


Jubilee: So what did they want to see you for?

Rogue: I hope you didn't get in more trouble because of me.

Xander: No, they wanted to do some kind of placement test! Made me answer some questions they have, the crazy part is Dr. McCoy said he wanted to put me in a box and study me.

Josh: Wow, you must have answered in an impressive way, that's like a compliment coming from him.

Xander: It gives me the Wiggins really. So what are we doing?

Rogue: We have windows left to do!

Xander: All the windows?

Josh: Yup, here's your rag!

Amara: Why don't you super speed and do them all for us?

Xander: Shouldn't take me more than a minuet, here give me the Windex! (I super speed and do all the windows, before they even had a chance to move from their spots) Done!

Jubilee: Your awesome!

Rogue: Let's go to the back of the school!

Josh: You guys want to hear the new CD I made?

Amara: Ya put it on!

Xander: (As we make our way to the back of the school, Josh puts on his CD player and we start jamming to the music. Other students are on the grounds and they see us, starting to dance. I start popping, busting out the moves to the music, a circle gathers around us, and when one person jumps in the middle the other jumps out, everyone is getting into, and I cant help but think to myself I love this school, and how happy I am that my life is starting to get better, I feel like I finally belong, everything I have ever wanted, I have!)

Danger room-

Scott: I'm just saying Jean, I don't like where Hank is going with all this!

Jean: He's always been a cautious person, you know that.

Scott: He just better back off when it comes to Xander!

Jean: Between you and me, nothing will happen to him!

Scott: (Grabs her and kisses her) You know I love you!

Jean: I know!

Scott: His life is just starting to get normal, or as normal as its ever going to be, I just want him to have a chance at that normal life!

Jean: And will make sure he gets it! He's coming!

Scott: Thanks for always being there for me!

Jean: I'll always be there for you!

Xander: Hey guys, don't tell me I have more tests?

Scott: No, I just wanted to start some training with you, hand to hand combat and so on!

Xander: Hank's not here is he?

Jean: Ha, ha, ha, no he isn't its just us!

Xander: Good! Sorry but he freaks me out!

Scott: Don't worry your pretty little head about him, you've got me to protect you!

Xander: Ya, cause if you don't I'm telling dad on you!

Scott: Alright, so we know your strong, but strength isn't everything if there isn't any control behind it. I want you to take a punch at me!

Xander: What if I hurt you?

Scott: You need to be able to hit me, to hurt me!

Xander: Alright but don't say I didn't warn you! (I go to punch him, and he dodges grabs my hand and flips me onto my back.)

Scott: You were saying!

Xander: Lucky move!

Scott: Again!

Xander: (I punch again and he does the same thing.)

Scott: See, you punch but you never looked to see the position of my body, body language is important, you can tell the next move your opponent is going to make, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Xander: I get it. (So this time I go to punch and I do it, I don't give full force, I stop my fist as I feel it touch him.)

Scott: Very good! Again!

Xander: (We continue for a couple of hours, different punches, kicks, using staffs, sparring, and different techniques. I'm amazed at how good he is, even without his powers he would be formidable! After were done we walk out to go to the locker room, the dreaded shower, I think its to risky so I grab my stuff from my locker to leave when Scott stops me.)

Scott: Aren't you going to shower?

Xander: (Great) Oh, yea, still thinking about all I learned from you!

Scott: I just want you to be able to handle yourself with or without powers.

Xander: Thanks, your really good, I never thought about you fighting before!

Scott: I have my hidden talents kid!

Xander: I'm sure you do! (He's taken off his clothes, I slowly take mine off, hoping he'll finish first and go in, but no he stands there with a towel over his shoulder waiting for me, hi bulging shaft, damn even soft that thing looks like a brick. I take off my clothes and we walk in, and shower, he's talking the whole time I have no idea what he's saying, I'm transfixed on that amazing body, and the way he pays special attention to his cock as he washes it, I want to fall to my knees and gobble him up.)

Scott: Xander are you listening to me?

Xander: Wh-what, I didn't hear you!

Scott: I said are you excited about this weekend!

Xander: You bet your bubble butt I am!

Scott: My bubble butt huh! Your ass don't look so bad from where I'm standing.

Xander: (with that said he smacks my ass, so I turn around and smack his, and that's when it starts, he starts grabbing and I do it back, then he starts tickling me, and I cant stand being that I'm so ticklish, he pins me up against the wall and just keeps tickling, my cock gets hard as his naked flesh is so close to me, his cock jumps as he feels my cock rub against him, he looks down and see's my hard on, looks up at me, we stare for what seem like a million years, and he leans in, he's about to kiss me, when we hear.)

Josh: Xander you in here!

Xander: (Scott jumps back under his shower, I stand there at a loss, great timing Josh.) Be right out! (I finish up and walk out of the shower in just a towel.)

Josh: Hey were about to eat dinner, are you coming?

Xander: (Mumbling) Not anymore!

Josh: What?

Xander: Ya, just let me get dressed!

Scott: Hey Josh!

Josh: Hey mister Summers!

Scott: Xander bright and early tomorrow!

Xander: I'll be ready! (I cant even look up at him.)

Scott: You want me to come get you?

Xander: Whoever's done first goes to the others room!

Scott: Alright! Don't stay up to late!

Xander: I wont, see you later, lets go Josh!

Josh: Bye mister Summers!

Scott: Bye guys!



End Chapter-