Alex's Hollywood Stories

Chapter 1: The Beginning

By P. Ruthford

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not intended to suggest or imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned nor anything about their personal life.

‚Äč "Anyone sitting here?"

Alex looked up from his iPhone and stared at the stranger who just interrupted his casual browsing of the internet on his phone. He thought he would see some young-ass student looking to set camp at the juice-slash-coffee cafe near his gym, but instead the voice belonged to a tall handsome man, dressed in a casual blue shirt and tight jeans, all impeccably fitted on this brown-haired, sunglasses-wearing hunk of a man.

"Huh? No, it's free", Alex said, immediately taking away his gym bag from the seat next to him.

"Thanks, everywhere is full" the hot man replied. Alex looked around and indeed, everywhere just seemed to be crowded with people. How weird, when he first came in after his workout, there were only a couple of people ordering coffees and their detox juices.

"Name's Liam" the stranger said, extending a muscular arm towards Alex.

He took it -- found a strong grip that immediately made him think of how that hand would feel wrapped around his cock -- and shook it, "I'm Alex, nice to meet you".

Alex looked Liam up and down, somehow, he looked familiar but didn't quite know where to place him. The sunglasses and the baseball hat combination was a bit weird to wear inside the shop but who was he to judge what people wore indoors. He had seen worse in the streets of Los Angeles.

"Do you mind watching my stuff while I order a coffee? Do you want anything" Liam asked, gesturing to his own gym bag.

"No, that's fine. Go right ahead" said Alex, giving Liam a small smile.

"Cheers mate" Liam said, giving another smile that jolted Alex's cock with a slight shock. Man, even with the sunglasses and the hat, Liam was one handsome fellow. Alex watched him walk away, keeping an eye on how that tight ass looked in those jeans. What he would give to be able to rim that ass and smack it, leaving a bright red hand print on what he imagined to be a nice, round, white ass.

Liam turned and nearly caught Alex checking him out, but then Liam gave Alex a small smile as if he knew what dirty thoughts was running in his mind. Looks like Liam played for the same team as he did, now it was just a matter of being able to convert that fantasy into reality.

"Man, the queue here is insane. Don't know you managed to get your juice smoothie, there was a lady who had about twenty different special requests just for her caramel macchiato", Liam said grumpily as he sat in the chair next to Alex, carrying some sort of detox juice smoothie.

"Tell me about it, I was just lucky that when I finished my workout, it was quite empty and there was no bored housewife who wants to make the barista's life a living hell".

Liam chuckled, "All the housewives are now here in the building. So what did you think of my ass just now?"

He nearly spit out his juice and had to clear his throat nervously but then Liam clapped his him on the back.

"Don't freak out man, there's a reason I chose to sit next to you rather than walk out. With those gorgeous lips on your face, all I could think of how it would feel wrapped around my boner that I've had ever since I laid eyes on you" Liam said, giving that same gorgeous grin.

Alex cast a look at Liam's crotch and sure enough, there seemed to be a sizeable bulge there. Fuck! Now he was getting a hard-on, but it was going to be hard to hide if these basketball shorts.

"Well, dude, that was pretty direct" said Alex.

"What can I say? I know what I want" replied Liam, giving Alex a wink that shot directly to his groin. Alex mentally groaned.

"Well, then it's good that we both want the same things. What do you say? My place with you face down on the bed and that gorgeous ass high in the air?" Alex replied, giving just as good as he received.

Liam's face split into a massive sexy grin, "Hell yes! You lead so I can stare at the way your butt fills those basketball shorts."

Alex smiled back and finished off his smoothie, however, he didn't quite get to his feet just yet.

Liam paused with his gym bag slung over his shoulder, "Hey man, what's up? You okay?"

"Yeah, just fine," Alex sighed, "But I can't quite stand up just yet."

"Why? What's going on? Your legs working alright?"

"Yeah, no they're fine. It's just that you got me worked up so bad that if I stand up now, I'll be showing off my dick to everyone in Hollywood".

Liam laughed, "Dude, relax. First, that's fucking hot and I can't wait to have that cock in my mouth, and second, it's Los Angeles, it won't be the first time they've seen a hard-on".

Alex breathed in and placed his gym bag in front of his crotch before standing to his feet. He punched Liam's shoulder for laughing at him and walked out the door.

He was glad that his flat wasn't too far from the gym or the juice shop. He couldn't wait to fuck Liam's tight ass. However, his brain was still working into overdrive, trying to figure out where he had seen that face before. Alex kept on glancing behind him to see if Liam was still following him. He needn't have worried, he could see Liam's lecherous grin aimed directly at his own ass. Bloody hell, could this walk back home take any longer. He sped up his pace.

"Can't wait to get back home, eh?" Liam's voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Seems he wasn't the only one who was eager to get started on devouring each other. Also, it seemed like Liam had quickened his pace a bit because he spoke directly into his ear and god, if that didn't make his dick harder.

"Step back would you? I'd rather not tackle you in broad daylight", Alex muttered, picking up his feet.

"Wouldn't that make for a nice headline story: `Gay couple caught fucking in street', would love to see which picture they would pick. Your big hard cock up my ass or mine up yours" Liam said. He could hear the smile in Liam's voice.

"Shut up, I'd rather not blow my load in my shorts".

"We can't have that, can we? I'd rather much preferred you blew your load in my mouth or my ass" Liam said, gently groping Alex's ass.

Alex swatted his hand ahead, "Not here. We're almost there". Gawd, Liam was one horny dude and he was slowly eroding Alex's resistance for public sex.

They finally reached the entrance to Alex's apartment and quickly made the way to his unit. Once they were in the privacy of the apartment building, Alex could feel Liam's groping hands here and there.

Alex fumbled with the keys, trying to jam the bloody key inside but it seemed to be extra difficult today. Finally! The door opened and the two of them stumbled in while Alex quickly closed the door behind him.

"Whoa dude, nice place" Alex heard Liam remark after taking a look around. He puffed his chest out a little bit, he didn't do too bad for himself. His flat wasn't the most well-decorated of places but nor was it the crappiest.

"Thanks mate, but whoa, what's with the accent?" Alex exclaimed, a little shock at the sudden change in accent. All of a sudden Liam had a strong Australian accent, when the whole time he had a pretty neutral West Coast American accent.

That was when Liam finally took off his sunglasses and hat which he hadn't taken off at all. And it was friggin Liam Hemsworth. As in Liam Hemsworth of the Hemsworth brothers, the man who was dating or wasn't dating or broke up or something to do with Miley Cyrus. Alex nearly had a heart attack, realising that Liam Hemsworth was standing his apartment and had been hitting on him for the past ten or fifteen minutes.

"What the fuck, dude?! You're Liam Hemsworth?" Alex nearly shouted with disbelief.

Liam had the audacity to look a little sheepish, "You really had no idea? I thought you were just playing with me and pretending that you didn't know who I was".

Alex gaped at him for a couple of seconds, not quite believing he was staring at friggin Liam Hemsworth. "I don't really follow celebrities so I'm not really aware of all the stars and you didn't really look like friggin Liam Hemsworth with the sunglasses and baseball cap."

"Really? That disguise never seems to work on all the fans and none of my other hook-ups."

"And yeah, that's right. Aren't you dating, what's her name, Miley Cyrus?" Alex asked, still trying to wrap his head around the idea that Liam Hemsworth was standing in his living room and wanted to get fucked by him.

Liam at least had the grace to act a little embarrassed about his personal life, "Yeah, let's not talk about that. It's a little complicated."

Alex nodded, fair enough. The dude probably had enough complications in his life and probably didn't want his hook-up making life anymore complicated. Alex didn't quite know what to do, he wasn't sure whether to make a move.

He needn't have worried.

"So Alex," Liam said, giving a small smile while slowly unbuttoning his shirt, "How about we get to business? Can't wait to feel your cock in me, so what are you waiting for?"

Liam pulled of his shirt, revealing that hot body that got tons of teenage girls probably masturbating at pictures of him. His body was super toned, with washboard abs and nicely defined pecs. It wasn't as buff as his brother, Chris, but it was definitely something out of a model magazine. Alex couldn't wait to lick those pert nipples and bite them.

Alex breathed and walked over, "Fuck yeah."

To be continued

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