Alex's Hollywood Stories

Chapter 2: The Beginning

By P. Ruthford

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not intended to suggest or imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned nor anything about their personal life.

Thanks for all the comments and the emails, really appreciate it! Keep sending them through! This is the second installment of Alex's Hollywood Stories; it's a little steamier than the first. Hope you all enjoy it!

Liam pulled of his shirt, revealing that hot body that got tons of teenage girls probably masturbating at pictures of him. His body was super toned, with washboard abs and nicely defined pecs. It wasn't as buff as his brother, Chris, but it was definitely something out of a model magazine. Alex couldn't wait to lick those pert nipples and bite them.

Alex breathed and walked over, "Fuck yeah."

​ He walked over to Liam and immediately captured Liam's soft lips. Thank god, Liam wasn't one of those shy, closeted guys who were afraid or disliked kissing, or didn't mind topping but was a huge coward of bottoming and giving blowjobs. Alex groaned at how soft Liam lips were and gave an involuntary moan when he slipped his tongue in and gently caressed Alex's tongue.

​ He moved his hands up Liam's tight body, up towards his soft brown hair and weaved his fingers into it, gripping harder at strands as he pulled Liam's face in and crushed his lips together, harder and deeper.

​ "Fuck, you're so hot" Liam said, finally pulling his mouth away from Alex as he looked up and down at him.

​ "Could say the same about you, can't believe I get to fuck the world-famous Liam Hemsworth" he replied, moving a hand to Liam's ass and gave it a gentle squeeze, his dick growing even harder as he felt how tight it was.

​ He seized Liam's blue shirt and pulled him tighter, crushing his lips again and swiftly slipped his tongue in. He couldn't wait to feel that hot tongue lick his dick and his balls. He could feel Liam's hands slipped under his t-shirt and slowly work their way up to his nipples, gently brushing them at first before squeezing as the buds hardened.

​ Still kissing Liam as passionately as he could, he slowly unbuttoned his blue shirt, taking his time to revel in how hard his muscles were, from the six-pack abs to the defined pecs and the occasional soft mat of brown curly hair. Liam wasn't too hairy nor was he completely hairless. He flicked his fingers against Liam's nipples, groaning into his mouth as he felt how quickly they hardened. He brushed his thumbs against them over and over again, grinned inside at how Liam responded: gripped Alex's body tighter, moaning loudly into his mouth and smashing their lips closer.

​ "Shit, I'm so hard, I'm gonna burst out of the jeans if I don't release my hard-on from my jeans" Liam said, his horniness seeping through his rough voice. He moved his hands down towards Liam's crotch and groped the sizeable bulge that was trapped in denim. Liam groaned out a "Don't, I'm so horny, don't want to cum in these jeans".

​ Alex gave Liam a sexy grin before kissing his neck gently and then slightly harder, leaving a mark. He slowly worked his way down from the neck towards Liam's nipples before taking one of them in his teeth and giving them a gentle nibble.

​ "That feels so fucking good, yes, fuck, bite my nipples."

​ Urged on by his words and his cries, Alex bit a little harder, not enough to draw blood but just below the fine line between pleasure and pain. He switched to the other neglected nipple, lavishing it with attention while working his hand down Liam's world-famous six-pack abs before cupping his crotch. Rubbing his hand over the protruding bulge and savouring how big and hard it was, he moved his mouth back to Liam's neck, kissing it sensually.

​ He began to unbutton the jeans and work the zipper down and then thrusted his hand into Liam's jeans, groaning at how there wasn't any underwear or briefs covering his cock and instead Liam had decided to go commando. He grasped Liam's burning cock, pumping it a couple of times.

​ "Want me to suck your cock, huh? Want to feel my lips all around your dick, my tongue licking your cock?" he breathed into Liam's ears, feeling the cock harden if it was anymore possible at his words.

​ Without waiting for confirmation, he knelt down and pulled down the jeans. Out popped a gorgeous seven-inch dick with two long-hanging egg-shaped balls. Alex grasped hold of it and pumped it gently with his hands, watching closely as the head began to form a gentle bead of pre-cum. He brought his face nearer to Liam's dick and outstretched his tongue and lapped at the bead of pre-cum. He tasted salty with just a hint of sweetness. Delicious.

​ With that, he opened his mouth wide and swallowed the rock-hard cock in front of his face. It felt so fucking good to have Liam Hemsworth's cock in his mouth. He bobbed on it slowly, hollowing his cheeks to create the perfect amount of suction, while keeping his tongue active and using it to lick around the shaft in his mouth. Quickening his pace, he was rewarded with a deep, guttural moan from Liam's body, a moan that travelled from his mouth all the way down to the cock in Alex's mouth.

​ He felt hands slowly caress his head and then slowly curl around his hair and then Liam's hips began to sway back and forth, pumping that dick into Alex's mouth. He hummed a little bit, hoping that Liam could feel the gentle vibration of his throat. This went on for a while before Liam's hands slowly let go of Alex's hair and went under his arm pits to pull him up.

​ "You've got a fucking great mouth" Liam said before kissing him, getting a taste of his own pre-cum.

​ "Thanks. I aim to please" Alex kissed back, devouring his mouth passionately.

​ "My turn" Liam whispered into his ear and quickly pulled off Alex's t-shirt before quickly dropping his knees to that throbbing bulge in his basketball shorts. Liam pulled down the shots and engulfed the leaking head that bounced up, upon being released from the shorts.

​ Alex felt the vibrations of Liam's moans of pleasure as he slurped and caressed his dick with his tongue. It felt amazing to have one of the hottest celebrities of Hollywood on his knees, giving him a top-class rated blowjob. Alex wondered where he had picked up such wonderful skills, maybe Liam had been practising on his brothers or some other A-list celebrity.

​ "God, your cock tastes amazing" Liam exclaimed, grabbing hold of Alex's tongue and smearing the leaking pre-cum all over his face, making his lips glisten from the clear liquid.

​ "Shut up and suck me some more" Alex responded, grabbing hold of Liam's soft brown hair and plunged his hard cock into the soft, wet mouth of Liam Hemsworth. He fucked his mouth a couple of times, letting him gag on the eight-inch cock, savouring the sounds of a hot dude slurping and licking at his cock.

​ After a couple of minutes of face-fucking Liam, Alex pulled his dick out of his mouth and grabbed him from the shoulders and pulled him up to kiss him, tasting himself of Liam's tongue. Keeping his mouth on Liam, he slowly directed the two of them towards his bed, knocking a dining chair on the way and bumping into the doorway into his bedroom. Almost there.

​ He felt the edge of the bed bump into his knee and at that, he swiftly grabbed hold of Liam and swung him on the bed. Alex took a step back to admire his handiwork. He almost came just from the sight of seeing Liam lying on his bed, naked with his cock standing straight up, brown hair all tussled and mouth pink from so much kissing.

​ "Bloody, you look so freaking hot" he said, taking a while to admire the sight.

​ He could see Liam open his mouth to answer but Alex decided to cut short his reply by grabbing his ankles and with one swift pull, tugged him towards him and covered Liam's cock with his mouth.

​ Liam's reply changed quickly into a groan of pleasure and he lifted his hips up from the bed to fuck Alex's face, watching his own hard cock disappear between those lips and appear once more, glistening with saliva.

​ Alex sucked at the cock in his mouth for a while, giving more pressure and tonguing at the head, smiling at how loud Liam's moans got when he did that. He brought his lips towards the base of Liam's cock, forcing his throat to open up as he crept towards Liam's trimmed pubic hair. Soon his nose was buried in Liam's hair and he breathed in the smell of sex emanating from the base of Liam's cock.

​ "Fuck, not even Miley could do that" Liam groaned out. Knowing that he gave a better blowjob than Liam's supposed girlfriend, he smiled and flexed his throat to drive that point further home, knowing that Liam was feeling how tight Alex's throat was.

​ Alex slowly pulled up from Liam's dick, giving the head a final suck before working his way towards Liam's round balls. He took one of them into his mouth, giving it a full and thorough tongue bath. He did that for a couple of minutes before working his way towards Liam's gorgeous bubble butt.

​ Picking up Liam's ankles, he slowly moved them over Liam's body so that his tight, pink hole was staring right at him, looking so inviting and delicious. Alex, for the time being, ignored the gorgeous hole and instead licked from Liam's balls towards his left ass cheek. Letting go of Liam's legs, Alex moved his hands to caress the slightly hairy bubble butt that was presented in-front of him. He slapped Liam's ass, watching it slowly turned pink. He immediately pressed his mouth on the pink handprint, licking all over it. He could feel Liam vibrate and shudder with pleasure at the combination of both pain and sexual pleasure and as he felt Liam slowly calm down and enjoy the gentle licking he was giving to his ass, Alex gave it a sharp bite, sharp enough to cause Liam to cry out but not hard enough to draw blood.

​ "Ass!" Liam cried out.

​ Alex chuckled before slowly moving towards the winking hole that was calling out to him. Taking his time, he kissed the skin next to the hole and licked around it, savouring the sweet, salty taste of a man's ass. Swerving his tongue around it, he tentatively dragged his tongue across Liam's hole and was rewarded by a loud groan of pleasure from the man on his bed.

​ Urged on by Liam's sounds of satisfaction, he rimmed Liam's ass, tongue enthusiastically licking in and out of his hole. He poked his tongue in to get it ready for the fucking it was going to receive soon and groaned into it as he felt just how tight Liam's ass was going to feel on his cock. He pressed his tongue into the warm pucker and felt it slowly dilate to welcome his velvety tongue.

​ "Damn, you can really lick ass. Nobody's ever done it as well as you're doing it to me now," Liam said in between pants. He grounded his ass back against Alex's talented lips, occasionally rubbing it up and down to feel that tongue slurp inside him.

​ Alex kept mum and just continue to work his magic against the gorgeous mound of jock ass that was squarely planted on his face. He licked at the perineum, gradually coating it with saliva and savoured the unique blend of skin and sweat and then dragged his tongue towards his target, licking across the hole, feeling it quiver beneath his tongue every time it made contact with the hole.

​ He kept at it for a while before concentrating on the centre of Liam's pleasure palace, stabbing his sphincter gently, feeling it loosen slowly with each consequent stab. After a series of quick stabs which elicited small bursts of `ahs' from Liam, he placed the tip of his tongue against the muscle and just kept it still and strong. He was rewarded with Liam raising his slightly and pushing back at it, the urgent need to have his hole filled coming through strongly.

​ He pushed back and felt his tongue enter slowly and Liam's rosebud opened up to accept his probing mouth. He spent a while swerving and manoeuvring his tongue inside, coaxing moans and groans from Liam's staggered breathing.

​ "More. I need you in me now" Liam's throaty voice called out.

​ "Not yet, turn around and get on your knees, now" Alex responded and when Liam made no attempt to turn around but instead pushed back into Alex's palms to communicate his need to be filled now, Alex gave a strong smack to his cheek, the sound of the slap echoing around the bedroom.

​ Liam quickly scampered to his feet and got on his hands and knees, and did a beautiful arch to his body, presenting his ass towards Alex. Alex grinned to himself, loving how responsive this top-notch celebrity was to a dominant top.

​ Keeping up the teasing, he placed his hands against the strong tight calves and felt the muscles under the fuzz of hair, giving it a strong squeeze. He moved on towards the thighs, caressing it sensually before palming the two cheeks in front of him. He evilly let his fingers waver towards the hole but made sure he didn't make any contact even when the ass beneath his fingers quivered and twitched impatiently.

​ Continuing to ignore the gorgeous rosebud, he moved his hands up the body, feeling it dip low as a result of Liam's well-practised back arch and rolled his hands over Liam's shoulders. He rubbed the shoulders for a bit, massaging it and feeling the strong back muscles, all of a result from the years of personal training as Liam prepared for his multiple Hollywood roles.

​ Alex took his right hand and caressed Liam's face from the back and then presented his fingers in front of Liam's panting mouth. Quickly understand the message, Liam swallowed the digits and sucked and licked eagerly at them, getting them wet and moist. Feeling that they were sufficiently moist, he removed them from Liam's lips and pressed a soft kiss on his shoulders to reward him.

​ Alex then brought the wet fingers to Liam's crack and began to stroke them against it. Using long, firm strokes up and down, his fingers flittered over his hole and then using his other hand, he pressed down of Liam's shoulders, opening up the cheeks to reveal his delicious pucker more. He pressed the tip of his forefinger to the centre of his tunnel, feeling Liam relax and slowly the fingertip disappeared inside.

​ He pressed deeper, watching his knuckle slip deeper inside Liam, and then pulled back, revealed more of his forefinger again and then pushed back inside. He continued his foreplay for a while and then it came to a point, when he pushed deeper inside until he was at his knuckles. His ears were beating with the sounds of his own pleasure and through the steady heartbeats, he could hear Liam's pants as he grew accustomed to Liam's fingers inside him.

​ Alex kept still and slowly Liam began to twitch and wiggle slowly as if he wanted the finger inside his ass to move around. In response, Alex curled his fingers downwards and made contact with what was undoubtedly his prostate. Liam groaned loudly and pushed back against Alex's fingers harder.

​ "Please...please" he begged, wanting more of Alex, more than just his forefinger, more than just this insane and torturous foreplay.

​ "Shhhh..." Alex said soothingly, pressing his lips to Liam's ass, revelling in that he had a begging A-list celebrity who was a regular feature on People's Hottest Men in the World and here he was begging to be filled with none other than his cock.

​ He took out his finger, hearing Liam's disappointed groans of pleasure, and this time, re-entered with three fingers, wanting to feel that tightness around his fingers. Liam instantly groaned at the sudden intrusion and let out a ragged breath as he tried to relax. To help, Alex licked at the hole and grab at Liam's rock-hard cock and began to stroke at it. Liam's cock had been steadily leaking pre-cum and he used the abundant supply of natural lube to coat it. He applied pressure to the cockhead while licking around his fingers and at the sphincter.

​ As soon as Liam's muscle relaxed around the three fingers, he pushed and pulled out slowly, letting Liam feel the friction between his skin and his fingers and the soft pressure of his hand against his cock. He curved his fingers down and gently stroked the prostate once more, causing Liam to push back even more on the fingers, eagerly wanting more in his ass.

​ He varied the pressure and speed of his strokes of his fingers in Liam's butt as well as the strokes on his cock as well. He quickened the pace and then as he heard Liam's groans get louder and quicker, he suddenly pulled out all his fingers and immediately, Liam moaned in disappointment.

​ "I was so freaking close, why the fuck did you stop?" he said, angrily.

​ "Exactly that. I don't want you to come just yet. When you cum, I want it to blow your freaking mind so that you will always remember this time with me."

​ "Dude, you don't have to worry about that. You've already blown my mind today more than once."

​ "Perfect, then I'll continue to do just that. Now shut up and be patient for the fucking on your life."

​ He ignored the "fuck you" that Liam said under his breath and instead gave the mound of ass in front of him another hard slap, hoping that Liam got the lesson. He watched as the white check slowly reveal a pink handprint. Typical of an Aussie lad to have a proper surfer tan; the two mounds were pale as snow while just above his hip level, it was tanned as can be. Frankly, it was hot as hell.

​ He then grabbed a condom from his bedside table and the bottle of lube and slicked his rock-hard dick up. It hadn't soften at all during the entire time he had been rimming Liam. Grabbing the sides of Liam's hips, he brought him closer, rubbing his hard dick against the rump of Liam's ass.

​ He rubbed his cock between his cheeks, teasing Liam like mad with that particular sensation. Grinding against him and occasionally brushing tip to hole, he reached around Liam and brought him up to meet chest to back and stole a breathless kiss from him. Together, they made out, tongues brushing against one another, Alex's hard nipples against Liam's back muscles and his hard cock rubbing against his arse.

​ Breaking apart from Liam's lips, he pulled back and gripped the base of his cock and began to inch towards his rosebud and waited there for a while. At his own impulse, Liam pushed back and slowly the cock-head made its way past the sphincter and at once, Alex felt the tightness of Liam's ass tunnel. He then inched forward, letting the ass rings slowly engulf more inches of his dick until his pubes and balls made contact with the skin of Liam's ass and he was fully inside of this insanely hot male Australian celebrity.

​ Liam reached his hands around and grabbed hold of Alex's firm cheeks and firmly pulled Alex towards him, sliding his cock deeper into him.

​ "Fuck, you feel so good" Alex groaned, biting Liam's shoulders hard enough to leave a sexy red mark. Feeling the muscles around his cock slowly relax, he pulled out slowly until just his cock helmet was inside and them moved forwards to once again fill the tight cavity in front of him. Liam moaned and gasped in sinful pleasure, while at the same time rocking back.

​ Slowly, he built a rhythm, sliding in and out of the tight, warm tunnel, all the while stroking Liam's leaking cock gently and kissing his neck and shoulders, nipping at the skin occasionally, giving the right blend of pain and pleasure. In and out he went, varying the speed and how deep he drove his cock inside Liam.

​ "Yes, yes. Don't stop. Fuck, that feels so fucking good. Ah yes, fuck, that's deep," Liam's cries urged him on, continuing his assault on his ass.

​ He pulled out completely and took a minute to gaze at the pink, winking hole in front of him. As Liam gasped and tried to return his heartbeat to normal, the sphincter closed and opened a couple of times, almost beckoning for Alex's cock to enter him again.

​ Alex gave in and pushed himself forward, driving his cock deep inside, causing Liam to moan and groan at the sudden intrusion. He bottomed out again and then drove hit forward, and then back out, never letting Liam's pucker to get comfortable or to remain empty for long.

​ "Fucking hell, oh fuck yeah. Keep that up, love your big, hard cock inside me".

​ He kept up the pace for a good fifteen minutes, never going too fast but just at the right rhythm for Liam to feel every slide in and every pull out. He made out passionately with Liam as he fucked that tight, Australian ass that was just as tight and sexy as he had always imagined it to be. Getting a bit tired, he pulled out and leaned back on the bed and sprawled his body open and pointed his dick upwards.

​ Liam got the message immediately and climbed up and positioned his ass directly above it and slowly sat back down on it. Alex's pole penetrated him quickly and deeply and at once Liam began to bounce up and down, his very own cock swaying in the movement, with slow beads of pre-cum forming and leaving ropes of it as it bounced to and from his stomach.

​ Alex took his hand and wiped it across Liam's cockhead, coating it with the clear liquid and licked it, savouring the sweet taste of a Hemsworth's cock fluid. He did it again but this time, he brought it towards Liam's lips and watched as he engulfed his fingers and sucked it deeply, hollowing out his cheekbones.

​ "Yeah? You like the way you taste? You taste fucking awesome," Alex said, grinning at the insanely handsome man in front of him, who's brown hair began to stick to his forehead, dripping with sweat.

​ Liam didn't respond in words, instead only replied with pants and gasps as he bounced up and down on his eight-inch cock. Alex watched as his cock appeared and disappeared from his view, each time Liam came bouncing down. Liam bent his knees forward to come towards the bed, driving Alex's cock further into him and leaned forwards to kiss Alex.

​ He began to rock himself back and forth on Alex's stiff cock as he made out with him and suddenly, Alex grabbed hold of Liam's body and flipped him on his back, never letting Liam's hole be empty of his dick. Liam was now on his back, legs pointing out and like that, Alex fucked him hard and fast.

​ "Fuck, yeah. You like that? You like it hard and fast?" Alex groaned into Liam's mouth and he took Liam's passionate kisses as a confirmation of his pleasure.

​ He drove his cock faster inside, sliding in and out quickly, holding on to Liam's hips for better control of the motion. Liam's head craned backwards as he gasped and groaned with every movement inside.

​ Alex grasped Liam's rock hard cock and began to pump the big, thick rod in time to his thrusts forward and backwards. Both of their breathings intensified as Alex savoured the tightness of the hole surrounding his shaft as well as the fact that he was fucking the one and only Hemsworth, while Liam relished the long and thick dick he was being fucked with and the tight, wet grasp that was around his very own cock.

​ "Fuck, yes. Getting so close," Liam whimpered in between thrusts.

​ "Yeah? Want to see you cum, want you to cum all over your abs and your chest," Alex replied, quickening his strokes as well as he thrusts as he felt his own orgasm coming close.

​ Liam began to buck more wildly, pushing back involuntary against the cock and groaning even more louder and urging Alex to not stop fucking him. And suddenly, his face screwed up intensely and he let out a loud guttural groan as his cock exploded, the first shot of white hot cum landing on his forehead, painting that sexy face across his eye and on his right cheek.

​ Alex continued to stroke Liam's erupting dick even as he felt his own stamina slowly wane. Further jets of cum coated Liam's neck and then his nipples, and then that six-pack abs before slowly subsiding. Alex counted at least eight jets of cum and loved how this celebrity was covered in his own cum and he looked even more sexier now.

​ Feeling the tight chasm around his cock tighten during Liam's cock, Alex couldn't put off his own orgasm any longer. He pulled out and quickly removed the condom and moved his body towards Liam's face and gave his rock-hard cock one final stroke before cumin all over Liam Hemsworth's sexy face, covering it with more streaks of white cum.

​ "Fuck, I'm cumming. Yes, take that cum," as he milked his dick full of pent-up cum and watched as Liam extend his tongue out, occasionally being rewarded with his sperm.

​ Alex's breathing and heartbeat slowly returned to normal and he fell back on the bed, lying next to Liam's panting and cum-painted body.

​ "Fuck, that was amazing," Liam said, smiling with his eyes closed. His face was coated fully with the white liquid and at that, Alex leaned forward and kissed him, tasting the mixture of both his own and Liam's cum.

To be continued

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