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Chapter 4 - Alex’s Hollywood Stories

“Liam! You made it!” a loud, cheerful voice called out, coming from the stairs. The voice belonged to a tall, brown-haired, blue-eyed man with extremely sharp cheekbones. Chace Crawford.

Definitely one on the bang list, Alex thought as he look on as Chace and Liam shared a brotherly hug. He thought back to his high school days where fellow girl classmates kept ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the latest episodes of Gossip Girl and shared posters of his handsome face. He had kept it hush but he quite enjoyed it when they were pulling up pictures of Chace on their phones and laptops. Something about Chace’s blue eyes and his cheekbones really stirred his bones; he had a couple of naked nights on his bed, pulling on his cock as he fantasized about Chace.

“This is my mate, Alex,” Liam said, pulling Alex by the shoulders and presenting him in front of Chace.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” Chace greeted, extending his hand for a one-armed hug, blue-eyes twinkling in friendliness.

“Good, nice house, man!” Alex replied, accepting a bottle of beer from one of Chace’s friends, standing next to him. All of them, of course, extremely hot and tall. They all nodded their greetings and Alex reciprocated accordingly. Liam and Chace disappeared off together, while Miley walked off in a different direction - probably looking for friends of her own, leaving Alex leaning against a pillar as he sipped his beer. Around him, he could see groups of people drinking from bottles and cups of alcohol, dancing and swaying to the music that just seemed to come from every room.

“Hey man, Greg,” said a guy, standing in front of him, hand outstretched.

Alex took his hand and shook it, taking in the sight of the cute, dirty-blonde haired slim fit guy, “Alex.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m one of Chace’s friends,” Greg said, grinning, “I was there when Liam introduced you, remember?”

“Oh shit, sorry, man. Didn’t see you there. Are you also an actor as well? Sorry, but don’t think I’ve seen you in any films,” Alex said and then cringing immediately, adding, “Shit, that was a really shit thing to say.”

Greg laughed out loud in response, “Don’t worry about it, Alex. And no, I am not an actor. I am just one of Chace’s running buddies, we work out together whenever he’s in town.”

“Oh, I see. So what do you do, if you’re not acting in front of the camera?”

“I work in real estate, selling and renting properties like this beauty right here,” Greg replied, waving his hand around at the space around them.

“Yeah, it’s a really nice house, Chace is a lucky man, but then again, he can afford to buy it,” Alex remarked in response.

“Nah, he didn’t buy it. He’s only renting it while he’s shooting on some film here,” Greg said, “Come on, I’ll show you around.” He took Alex by his shoulders and brought him along, pointing out the interesting features of each room, any really expensive fixtures or cool stories (nothing with a murderous or heinous background, fortunately). Alex thought it was pretty funny to hear all these facts and developers stories that were quite boring, to be honest, but this was obviously coming from a real estate agent who definitely enjoyed his job.

“Come on, let’s go on and dance,” Alex said, taking Greg’s hands in an effort to stop the real estate gabble, and pulled him towards the makeshift dance floor by the pool in the massive backyard of Chace’s house.

“Oh, yeah. Sure,” he heard Greg mumble in response. Definitely took him by surprise, Alex thought. They joined the groups of people already dancing and swaying to music as the DJ on the second floor pumped out tune after tune. He pulled Greg to a somewhat empty space on the dance floor and let go of his hand and started moving to the beat of Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch.

So I put my faith in something unknown…

He moved and started to switch and change his feet, drinking his bottle of beer after a couple of seconds. He was at a party on a Saturday night, a night where he might have just been at home, watching movies alone, so might as well make the most out of it. Together, he and Greg danced, letting a bunch of other guys and girls join in as they enjoyed the song.

You’re giving me such sweet nothing...

Finding his beer empty, he danced his way towards Greg and spoke loudly into his ear, “Going to get a drink, you want anything?”

Taking Greg’s raised hand with a full bottle of beer in his hand as an answer, he left the dance floor and made his way to what must have been one of several improvised bars. He caught the bartender’s attention and was about to call out his drink order, when Chace plonked himself next to him and call out, “A row of tequila shots for me and my man here.”

“Thanks man, but was just gonna order another bottle of beer,” Alex said, turning his body to face an insanely hot-looking Chace, his face a little flushed from the heat and the alcohol.

“Come on, it’s a Chace Crawford party, you gotta live a little,” Chace said, taking the row of small glasses of tequila from the bartender, “Thanks man.” He picked up one of the small shot glasses and gestured for Alex to pick his.

Figuring that it was a lost battle, he picked up his own glass and clinked it with Chace’s and downed it in one go, breathing out as the heat of the liquor made its way from his throat and into his body.

“God, man. Just reminded me why I hate tequila,” Alex said, shaking his head.

“Exactly why you should have another shot, just until you find out you hate that you love it,” laughed Chace, picking up another shot glass and together, they both downed another.

Alex chuckled back, “That’s never going to happen.”

“We’ll see about that,” Chace replied, “So, Alex, how do you know the Hemsworths? And yeah, I know Miley is only engaged or dating or back together, but it’s bound to happen so all of us just say the Hemsworth.”

“Yeah, didn’t think they were married yet. Well, I’ve only met Miley for the first time today, but Liam and I are gym buddies, we’ve worked out a couple of times,” Alex replied innocently. Not quite sure how Chace Crawford would find the idea that his fellow actor-friend loved dicks in his ass and was one hell of a cum pig. Then again, it was also Hollywood, so who really knew.

“Excuse me, do you mind if we had a picture?” interrupted a shy, giggling female voice. Alex turned to see it was one of the many female guests, holding up her phone and eagerly looking at Chace, and not him.

He turned away, in the background he could hear Chace agreeing to a picture and getting into a conversation with the fan. Alex looked around, saw Greg still dancing, and then caught the eye of another guy on the other side of the pool. A tall black-haired guy with an almost brutal buzz-cut, reminiscent of an army man, sipping a bottle of beer amongst what looked like his own group of friends.

The guy raised his glass when he saw that Alex was looking at him.


Alex gave him a small nod in response and reached back towards the bar and knocked the remaining two glasses of tequila. He pushed himself off the bar and slowly walked to incredibly buff guy who apparently caught the signal and was excusing himself from his friend. Alex smiled to himself.

They met in the middle and Alex offered his hand in greeting, “Alex.”

“Mike. Here, I got you one,” he replied, handing a cold bottle of beer to Alex’s open palm and giving it a good shake.

“Cheers. Just finished a stint in the army?” Alex said, taking a swig.

“Is it that obvious?” Mike said, giving Alex a nervous smile, “What gave it away?”

“Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but not everyone in LA likes wearing their hair as short as you soldiers do,” Alex said, slowly moving back into the beat of the music.

Mike rubbed his hand over his head, “Oh shit, yeah, forgot about that. You get used to it eventually.”

Alex grinned devilishly, “Don’t worry about it. It’s always insanely hot on you army guys.”

Mike gave a huge smile in response, moved closer and placed his hands on Alex’s broad shoulders and began to move his hips to the music.

Together, they danced together, rocking their heads and bodies to the pulsing beat and bass of the music. Alex moved closer so they were only inches apart, breath falling on each other and arms and legs touching here and there. He could feel himself slowly get hard as he felt the heat of Mike’s body through his clothes. He felt Mike’s hands move from his shoulders down to his chest and linger on his nipples, already erect. Mike turned and now he was leaning against Alex’s toned body, ass to groin, grinding and gyrating.

        Alex felt Mike’s ass cheek rub against his crotch, his semi-hard penis. Fuck me. He moved his hands towards Mike’s hips and pulled him closer, wanting to feel even more, more friction, more body heat. Mike grabbed Alex’s hands and moved it all over his body, from his hips to his abs, up to his nipples against the thin t-shirt Mike was wearing, and then back down over the ripples of washboards abs, under the t-shirt, across those very much real abs and then a quick brush over an unmistakable bulge in Mike’s pants.

He brought his mouth to Mike’s ear and breathed, “Fuck, you’re a good dancer. Get much practice in the army?”

He didn’t get a response, instead Mike turned back around, crotch-to-crotch and grabbed Alex’s bubble butt and ground his cock against Alex’s. He brushed his lips against Alex’s cheeks, “You have no idea. We do go a little crazy sometimes.”

Alex moved his hand up Mike’s powerful athletic body, his deep chest and around his neck and brought their lips together, tasting sweat from their dancing and just the gentle hint of beer. He felt Mike pulled him closer from his ass and now they were chest to chest, nipples rubbing against each other and dicks touching each other, no longer just half-hard but now full-on, bulging, stiff erections.

They both continued to make out, hands moving all over each other’s bodies: Alex’s running from the back of Mike’s hands, feeling the strong jaw and a slightly prickly stubble, Mike’s still squeezing and grasping at Alex’s fat muscles of ass.

Alex broke apart the kiss, panting and licked his lips, “Somewhere private?”

Mike nodded in response, eyes glazed with lust and lips red and shiny. Alex took his hand and made their way out of the crowd of dancers, finding a pool house at the end of the very extensive backyard, overlooking the beach.

Alex turned the doorknob and pushed, but was met with resistance. “Fuck, it’s locked.”

“Here, let me try,” Mike said, letting go of his hand and pushing the door with two hands, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Told you, it’s locked.”

Mike chuckled, “One thing to know about army guys, we love it when someone tell us that something can’t be done,” and gave Alex an erotic, cheeky grin that made his pants throb harder than he thought was possible.

Mike pulled out his wallet from his back pocket, slipped out a card (debit or credit, he couldn’t see) and jimmied it between the lock and the door, shaking it up and down.

“Come on, it’s not going to work. That’s only something you see happen in movies and really cheesy tv shows,” Alex said, looking around to see if anyone had caught them trying to break into Chace Crawford’s pool house.

“There!” Mike suddenly exclaimed as the door suddenly gave away. He turned back to look at Alex’s surprised face, “I’m big on cheesy movies.”

Alex paused for a second and then breathed, “Fuck, you’re so hot.” He pushed Mike through the door and then grabbed his shirt, pulling him into a kiss.

He opened his mouth, feeling the heat of Mike’s mouth and lips envelop him, and then the seductive swipe of Mike’s tongue entering his. Their tongues battled for dominance as they breathed and gasped into each other’s mouths. Feeling Mike’s hands grip his shoulders and pull him forward until that delicious sensation of body against body was present again.

Alex’s fingers slipped from Mike’s rock-hard chest and slithered down to where something clearly large was straining against Mike’s zippers. He palmed the bulge, taking pleasure from the way Mike attacked his mouth with ferocity and groaned deep into it. He slid his hands under Mike’s shirt again, feeling the abs before slowly working the shirt up until it uncovered Mike’s well-defined pecs, covered in a very light fuzz and two hard nipples. He brushed his thumbs against them, feeling them stiffened with each flicker. Mike moaned even more into his mouth, gripped and scratching his back.

Alex broke apart from the kiss and pulled Mike’s shirt off him and caressed his toned, fit body, feeling the ripples of his abs and his stiff nipples. He pinched them gently, and then slightly harder, feeling Mike’s body respond with shivers and goosebumps. He felt Mike’s fingers at the bottom of his shirt as they made way with the buttons and he let him push the shirt off his shoulders, revealing his own strong body.

He kissed Mike again, pushing him in the general direction of the bed in the pool house, and once he felt Mike’s knees give upon making contact with the bed, he gave an assertive push. His arousal reached new heights at the sight of Mike sprawled on the bed, shirtless, clear defined bulge in his trousers and panting with heat and desire.

Alex bent forward, and slid his tongue over Mike’s skin, savouring the taste of cologne, soap and gentle sweat, tracing a path from his neck, to the nipples - lavishing special care to them, flicking his tongue, sucking them between his teeth - then done, Mike’s treasure trails until his mouth was met with the buckle of Mike’s pants. He glanced up to look at a smiling Mike.

He pulled the pants off, taking Mike’s underwear with them, unleashing Mike’s hard cock, standing proud from a small triangle of curly black hair and already throbbing with a glistening head. Kneeling between Mike’s thighs, he pressed his face at the base of Mike’s 6-and-a-half inch dick and breathed, inhaling the heady scent of man. He extended his tongue, licking it from the base to the head, and then back down and then up again, before swallowing his cock whole.

“Fuck!” cried out Mike. Alex felt hands grab at his hair, but not wanting to release control, he grabbed them and pinned them back down to the bed, feeling them strain under his own pair of hands. He continued to suck with alternating degrees of suction, hand fisted around the base of Mike’s cock, sliding his hand up and down the firm shaft. He worked at the tip, flicking his tongue into the head and the piss slit, teasing for the liquid response. He was rewarded for his efforts when a moan from Mike came with a small bead of glistening precum.

He continued blowing Mike, wrapping his tongue around his cock and letting it roll over his pulsing veins and hard flesh. Amidst all of Mike’s groans and moans of “fuck”, Alex used his hands to massage him from his thighs, up to his abs and then to his nipples, flicking them constantly with his nipples with the occasional twist and pinch.  

Alex released the cock with an audible pop and then licked aggressively down the hard dick to its base and lapped at the two heavy balls there. Savouring the sweaty, salty musty tasty that emanated from there, he audibly groaned into Mike’s pubes.

“Yeah, fucking lick my balls,” Mike called out, his pleasure significantly heightened. Alex responded by letting go of his nipples and wrapping his hands around Mike’s cock again, pumping it nice and tight.

He licked and lapped at the two orbs in front of him, sucking in one occasionally into his mouth, letting it roll around his tongue and in his mouth before taking care of the other one. His tongue ventured nearer past Mike’s balls and towards his taint. He returned back to Mike’s hard cock and sucked it hard at the head while his hands jerked his boner up and done, slicking it with the spit and pre-cum that escaped.

He felt Mike’s hip raises slowly from the bed, pumping his cock into Alex’s mouth and in between his lips. Smiling around his cock, he let him take control and let him fuck his mouth, cock slipping through his lips and around the tunnel his hands were creating.

“Yeah, fucking hell,” Mike said between clenched teeth, “Fucking your little sexy mouth, you love that cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

He responded by sucking his lips tighter, creating an even more tight hole for Mike’s cock to go through.

“Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good.”

Alex could feel Mike’s cock bump against the back of his throat with each rapidly quickening pump. Mike’s hips thrust in strong, powerful movements and Alex responded by humming and licking it more passionately, letting him know that he could take it harder.

“Oh fuck, getting so close,” Mike groaned.

Not wanting to completely finish right now, Alex released Mike’s cock from his mouth and hand and pinned his thighs back to the bed, unrelenting even as Mike protested in frustration.

“I am not finished with you yet,” Alex said evilly, and he took Mike’s legs and raised it, exposing his puckering hole, before savagely attacking it with his tongue.

“Fuck!” Mike groaned loudly at the sensation of Alex’s tongue licking and puncturing his hole and around his ass. He gripped his legs, freeing Alex’s to lavish attention his cock, pumping it slowly.

        Alex pierced Mike’s asshole with his wet tongue, savouring the taste of his clean, sweaty ass. He alternated between just licking across the opening, letting his chin rub against it, and then tongue-fucking it. He rimmed Mike continuously for about five minutes, while slowly jerking his dick off. He loved the taste of man-ass, the feeling of a strong bubble ass around his face, his mouth focused on the sweet, salty hole in front of him, feeling the man who it belonged to moaning and writhing in pleasure.

        He could sense Mike was close, his cock was ridiculously hard and leaking profusely. He quickened his hand, using his thumb to rub against Mike’s cock head every time he pumped up.

        “Oh fucking hell, fuck, fuckkk…”

        He sensed Mike’s thighs clenching around his head and before he got squashed, Alex stopped eating out Mike and swallowed his cock until the base.

        “Fuck! I’m coming!”

With a series of hard thrusts, Mike’s cock jerked, spilling his warm seed into Alex’s mouth. Alex felt the jets of cum land on his tongue, savouring the salty taste of it, before swallowing it down his throat. He counted 6 jets of hot cum, all entering his throat and sliding it down. He continued to milk every drop, sucking out every ounce of the manly fluid and swirling it around his taste before swallowing it down.

Once he was sure that there was no more, he released Mike’s cock from his lips. He looked up at Mike. He looked exhausted, as if he had almost just ran a marathon, sweat-faced and panting and incredibly sexy.

Alex stood up from the floor, rubbing his thighs to let blood pass his sore knees and then knelt towards Mike’s satisfied face. He kissed him, slipping his tongue into Mike’s mouth, letting him taste himself on his Alex’s tongue. They kissed for a bit, while Mike wallowed in the afterglow of his orgasm, heartbeat returning to normal and his cock slowly softening.

“Hey guys, mind if I join in?”

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