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As I woke up the following morning I sighed and pushed my face onto the pillow. What the hell did I do last night? My head felt like it had spun the whole night. Suddenly my eyes opened wide. I kissed Evan...I held him in my arms and I kissed him. I told him I loved him. Plain and simple...how the hell am I going to look him in the eye again? Fuck, what did I do? Then I remembered that he came to me first last night. He kissed me first and layed his head on my chest. Oh God. Why did I have to go and fall in love with a man? A man soooo fucking georgeous and sexy... As I layed there I knew that there was no way I could back out of this now. I loved him. He knew that. I turned my head to the right as I heard movement in the corridor.

"Morning, sleepyhead. I thought I'd make us some breakfast. I hope you don't mind."

"Please, Evan. The fact that you're at all here is enough for celebration. When I woke up and saw you weren't here I somehow thought..."

Evan jumped onto the bed in a rather boyish kind of way that I found totally irresistible and cute. He crossed his legs and grabbed hold of my hands. His eyes sparkled in the morning sun shining through the window and he caressed my face. I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled my face closer and then I felt his soft lips on me. I moaned and got hold of his tongue in my mouth. The kiss was deepened by him sucking on my tongue. He released me and kissed my neck and while putting his arms around my back, stroking it up and down and feeling underneath my shirt. I pushed him back and grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"God, I love you Evan. You're sexy, beautiful and so fucking hot. I want you so fucking much..."

I pulled his shirt over his head and breathed in the sight that was before me. His pecks were just waiting to be kissed and caressed by me...God how did I get so lucky? I reached down and softly kissed his chest, placing small little kisses downwards to his strong stomach all while loving him more by the second. He moaned and he rubbed my arms as I decended down on his sexy body. I kissed each and every one of the six pecks on his stomach, payinf special sucking and kissing attention to each of them, before I layed my head down on his stomach, gasping at the warmth that his body spread. He pulled me up and invaded my mouth with his soul. He pulled my shirt off me so that I was lying on top of him...shirtless. We couldn't stop kissing as the sexual electricity between us was near the point of explosion.

Suddenly his phone started to ring and he groaned at the interuption. I kissed his neck and rubbed his chest once more and got up.

"Take it, ill get the coffee ready."

He blew me another kiss before he answered the phone. As I walked downstairs to start my day I wondered what the world would say should they find out. I would definetly lose my job if my boss had come to know. That was for sure. Once he came down I handed him the coffee and kissed him on his lips once more. He leaned back against the wall, letting me catch an eye full of those sculpted abs.

"That was the American Gladiators production team. They want me to come in for another photoshoot. They are doing this whole thing for the Final so that when it's actually shows on TV, they will have enough publicity for it. So...

This time it was my phone that rang. OMG that was the very same producer that had phoned Evan, telling me to do the same photoshoot that Evan was talking about. I watched Evan the entire time as I spoke on the phone.

"Sure, ill be there. Bye. Evan, I don't know how the hell im going to keep my hands of you today at that shoot. You're so hot...come here."

Me, the horny bastard that I was, pulled Evan towards me and put my fingers in the waistband of his boxers. I could feel what was hidden underneath and I wanted it so much. As his manhood came on display for me I gasped. I knew he had to be huge but these...9 inches of solid American jock meat was giving me the biggest boner I ever had. I took his pride and joy into my hands and he immediately started shaking. I looked up to him, frowning...and I read the answer to my question in his eyes.

"Don't worry, love. I'll be gentle." I said.

"Don't be, Dan. Ive wanted this for so long. Do it Danny boy. Make me cum."

I don't know whether or not it was the tempreture or the fact that I was about to blow a guy's cock for the very first time, but when he said that I shot my load into my shorts. I could feel it creaming out of my dick and sliming its way down my leg. I scooped a bit up in my hand and then I leaned towards his ear.

"Make it last, im about to make all your wishes come true." I whispered into his ear. He groaned, kissing my cheek before I once more began my trip downwards. Taking my cum, I smeared it all over his stomach and lower abdomen, before kneeling infront the giant jock cock. I scooped up yet another wad of cum from my leg and I softly applied it to his aching dick. Once I was done, I give it a solid squeeze, looking up at him. He was gasping and struggling to breathe, watching me holding his cock that was shiny and glistering with my cum.

"Dan, shit man that feels so good, man. Suck me, make me cum down your throat!" he screamed out of sheer frustration.

Giving him his wish, I took his cock and gave it a quick lick. He shivered and grabbed hold of my hair. I took his red flaring cockhead into my mouth, keeping there and giving it the minimun suction. It tasted so sweet; I just had to have more. By this time, Evan was literally pushing his cock into my throat, as his emotions got to him. As soon as his head touched my mouth I opened it up to swallow the entire gladiator cock, tasting my cum on his steel hard penis. How can something so hard be so delicious? I sucked at the base of his cock, deepthroating it until I reached his blond pubes. My God they were such a turn on.

"Ohhh, man! Shit Dan im gonna cum. You better take it out, OHHHHHH" he screamed, his voice horse with emotion but it was like music to my ears. I started to bob up and down on his cock at a furious pace, tasting the unison of my cum and his honey sweet pre cum in my mouth before feeling him tremble and shake. I released his cock and quickly pointed it to my face.

"Im cumming, man. Im gonna cum all over you. I love you so fucking much, Dan."

Evan arched that powerful back of his and his cum spew out of his red angry cockhead, slime after slime shooting on and coating my face in the process. He fell onto the ground, at the verge of passing out from the bathing that I had just given his cock. His white, jock cum was streaming in valleys over my face. I scooped as much as I could and I spread it over my torso. I needed to feel him on me. After that I reached to him and I held him in my arms while humming a toneless little song to him, running my hands through his sexy blond hair once more, and feeling his sweaty hands as it clung to my shoulder.

My heart belonged to Evan.

Now and forever.

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