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It just so happens that the Final of season 1 is being broadcasted here in South Africa tonight, the 15th of December 2008 and I can't wait to see what will happen. Maybe some of you, especially in America will perhaps already know who will win, and whether or not Evan becomes a gladiator.


Please remember that this is just a story, not real life events that happened. Everything I write is fiction and totally not true. I have never met Evan Dollard before (God if only...) and I probably never will. Im just a guy that thinks he is very goodlooking and I just wanted to portray his beauty in a story of love and friendship. IT IS FICTION.


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As Evan entered the studio my eyes started to wander other places as I knew that should I lay my eyes upon him I will definetly jump his delicious bones, and he still needs all of them for the Final that was drawing ever closer. He was already dressed in his red outfit...God, the very same outfit that was fitting so damn tight on his body, the same body to which I smeared on my juicy cum...Focus, Daniel! You have a job to do, I thought sternly to myself. At that moment I just so happened to be turning around and became aware that I was being watched. I didn't notice that while I was thinking all these yummy thought about Evan that he and I became the only people left in the studio. He gave a little shy smile as he saw me realise this, which was so unlike him. That boyish glimmer in his blue eyes was back. I quickly look to my left, and then my right, and then I...fuck it all. I ran over to him and kissed him deeply, lovingly running my fingers through his sexy blond hair and I had come to adore, while I felt his hands on my back. He returned the urgency of my tongue with his as I caressed the insides of his mouth. We heard movement in the passage way and I released him, pushing him away. I have been through a lot in my twenty-six years of living and that was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. Letting go of Evan.

I took the other three finalists's photos and interviews first, leaving me to be one on one with Evan at the end, him being the last. After I was done with Shinay, one of the women's finalists, it was only Evan that remained. Everyone had left the studio, and since I was the camera man and in charge of conducting and recording the interview, the make up artist and the crew left for a delayed lunch break, leaving me here all alone with my man.

"So, Mr Evan. Give me one good reason that I should not make you look like Godzilla in this shoot," I asked him, totally professionally, crossing my right leg upon my left as I asked this. Yeah right, I couldn't keep a fucking straight face even if my life depended on it. God...those thighs and strong arms...

"Well, for starters, the man behind the camera totally couldn't bare for little o'l me to look like Godzilla, however that was a good movie. Secondly, that same man couldn't bare to do anything remotely dangerous to me."

My boner started to rise upwards like a steel pendulum as he stood up and walked closer to me, kneeling by my left side. He placed his hand on my chest, near my heart, rubbing my flesh a little all while looking straight into my eyes.

"And finally, because the man behind the camera has fallen in love with me, and vice versa."

"Evan, I..."

"Dan, no. I need to say this. I have come to love you very much these past couple of weeks. I have never felt this way before. Please promise me that you will always be a part of my life."

"I can't promise you that, Evan. Someday you would want to have a wife and children of your own. Then you won't have time for me. We're still young, my friend. Let's just enjoy our time together for now, yeah?"

He nodded and rose up to kiss me gently on the cheek. I ruffled his hair and held my arms open to embrace him. We stood there of a minute or so, with neither wanting to let the other go, and finally pulled away.

"Come on, Mr Gladiator. If we don't take those pictures now, we'll never get done. Come on; give me your sexiest smile, you hot piece of ass."

How either one of us managed to survive that afternoon I'll never know. It didn't help that the lights were making everything so damn hot and having me and Evan sweat like crazy either. I packed the equipment away while he undressed and when he came out, I was ready to take us home. In the car, he placed his right hand upon my left, and we drove home that way. Quite frankly I couldn't care a fuck if somebody would see us. Once home, I grabbed two beers and we went outside to play a game of B-ball. There was nothing better than seeing him fly through the air and dunking a ball into the net, lifting up his shirt for me to see his chiseled abs each time he scored. I think the bastard knew exactly what effect that had on me as he defeated me with nearly fifty points. LOL.

He unfortunately had to go home as his family would be worried since he hadn't been home for the last two days. I was sitting on one of my benches that I brought into my back yard especially for sitting out here at night, and he climbed aboard, sitting on my lap. He turned his face so that he could look at me. I leaned in and touched his lips with mine. This man could fucking kiss! He sighed as he broke this kiss off.

"Do you have any idea how much im gonna miss you, Danny boy?" he asked.

"Shit Evan, we'll see eachother tomorrow," I laughed.

"But we will not be together until then, and that's the problem."

I looked at him questioningly. He leaned in to kiss my neck and he planted kisses all over my forehead before placing his arms around my neck.

"I love you, Danny boy. Make love to me."

I sat there, not knowing whether or not what he just said was a dream, I mean he couldn't have asked me to fuck him...shit he did...

"Are you sure, Evan? I don't want you to regret it later."

"Put that thing in me. Im so horny, kiss me now!"

I flooded his mouth with my kiss, and in the process nearly eating his face. He stood up and kneeled beside me once more. This time though, he didn't reach for my chest, but for my pants. Slowly unzipping the fly, he reached into the gaping hole, and rubbed my hard cock.

"Evan, if you want me to do this, don't tease me, just get it out." I realise that I was maybe a bit rude here, but honestly, he knows what effect he has on my cock by now. God, the first time I came merely on the fact that I was looking at his cock! He seemed to share my need as he forgot all this slow shit and ripped my pants and boxers off all at once, staring at my eight inches of rock hard American meat. I don't know whether or not it was a reacting mecanism, but he accidentally touched my cock while turning around and I knew I had to have him. He dropped his pants, bending over to grant me sight to his pink hole. It was staring at me as if to say, take me to the stars!

"Evan, are you sure, buddy? You know, once im in, im not sure that I'll want to get it out again."

"Make. Me. Cum."

Those three words stimulated my libido like nothing ever had before. I softly touched his asscheeks and then took hold of my throbbing red cock. I carefully placed it at his entrance.

"Evan, if I do this slowly, it's gonna be more painfull..."

"Push it in, Danny. Fuck, im one episode away from becoming an American Gladiator! I can take it. Give to me, Danny boy. I love you."

With that I pushed my cock in hard, ramming it up his hole. Evan yelped with pain, a scream that reminded me of a horror film.

"Don't you dare take it out, Daniel!" Evan hissed, obviously in pain and relising what I must be thinking.

I did the only thing that any man would do. I slowly started pushing my cock home.







My cockhead appearing and disapearing and everytime I got nearer and nearer to my goal of deposting my cum into this beautiful man. Evan was getting beyond the pain of a first time cock up in his ass by furiously wanking himself. I held him around his chest, feeling the muscles rip up and down with every stroke that my cock gave him.

"OHHHHH, Danny I can't hold it, im gonna cum Danny, gonna cum! Fuck me till I cum! Im cumming man! Shiiiiiit, OHHHH my..." he screamed as his hips started to buckle in orgasm as he emptied his cum filled balls into his hand. I held him tightly as he threatned to faint. The sight and smell of his cum was turning me on big time. I scooped up a little of his cum and I smeared it all over my stomach once again, needing to feel his essence on me. That pushed my tired red cock over the edge.

"Want me to cum inside you, man?"

"Do it, Danny boy."

With a groan and a final push, my white, creamy ball juice erupted from my rock hard fuckstick and into the man that I loved like no other. We were both heaving and oh so fucking tired, but we were in love. It was all worth it. I gently pulled out, laying him down onto the grass. I layed down beside him and caressed his back, drawing him closer to me. With a sigh, he kissed me back, giving me his love.

"Do me a favour," I whispered to him as I pulled back from the kiss.

"Anything, my love."

"Call your folks and tell them you're sleeping over."

That was part three. I want to make part four the final chapter of this series.

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