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I placed my lips on his shoulders, licking and kissing the hard flesh underneath. Somewhere in the back of my mind I feel my neck being softly kissed and it gives me goosebumps. I place my arms around him and rub his upper back gently. He pulls me back to look at him and our lips meet, igniting the passion and the love that we both share. A little gasp escapes my mouth as I still can't believe that this guy was all mine. I knew that it couldn't be forever. I knew that the Finale of American Gladiators would either way make him a famous dude, whether he won or not. I have ears and eyes in my head and I have heard the females on the crew that I work with talk and gossip about him. How they lust after his six pack abs in that tight fitting red contender outfit. He isn't sexy, no that isn't the right word. He is beautiful. And he is mine...but for how long?

Once I had put on some clothes and made both of us some coffee, I sat down to go over my filming schedule for the next month. Evan came down the stairs looking right at me, and then suddenly running towards me, making it look like he was going to jump my bones. I threw away the papers in my hand and caught him, lifting him up in the air, twirling around nearly a dozen times. I pushed my forehead up to meet his and nuzzled his neck.

"Can't we stay like this forever, Danny boy?" he whispered.

"Tempting as that may be, no. You have the Final this evening, remember, Mr Gladiator?"

"Yeah, man. You better be there! Im so pcyched, I can feel that new set of wheels coming my way!"

"Oh yeah and also to get up close and personal with some of the ladies...I hear that Venom and Stealth are quite something for the roving eye..."

"Shut up! I've only got eyes for one person and he is holding me in his arms at this moment, where I will always be..." he said before leaning up and giving me a kiss. Craving his tongue aswell as his scent in my mouth as much as I was, something was wrong. I knew that we couldn't go one seeing eachother after the Gladiators episodes started airing, because then people would start to recognise him. He will become famous and everybody will know him. I can't keep him in my heart for much longer, that I knew. And it hurt.

Just before the final Eliminator of the series, I quickly snapped my crew up for a last minute photosession of all the Gladiators aswell as individual photos of all the remaining four contenders. Evan was so far ahead in the points tally that I knew he would win. There was no way that he could be caught, once that he got a head start. When the director called for a break, I quickly snuck into the locker room and called for Evan. There he was, sitting on the bench and he was shaking. I ran up to him and I took him in my arms. This was it. This was what we had waited for all these weeks. We embraced eachother, arms tightly around eachother's shoulders. I kissed him on the cheek as I stood up and after that I walked out of the room with the tears rolling down my cheeks. I would never love anyone as much as I loved Evan at that moment.

The croud went wild at the end of the recording. As Evan and Monica stepped onto the platform alongside all the other Gladiators, my chest was beaming with pride. Evan had done it. He had become an American Gladiator. My prince had become a king at last.

I turned the key into the lock, opening my front door. I locked it from the inside and walked over to the kitchen. The house seemed strange without Evan. I closed my eyes and I remembered fondly the good times that we had. That first moment that I layed my eyes on him, when I ran into him at that diner, when we became best friends, when he climbed into my bed and transferred part of his soul into me by giving me the mother of all kisses, that horny and hot photoshoot and ofcourse, the first time I had sucked him off and when we made love in my backyard. I would always treasure those memories. As I switched on the kettle, my phone started buzzing. I looked at the screen; it was my ex-girlfriend. What the hell did she want now?

"Hey Nadia."

"Dan...we have to talk."

"Please Nadia, I've had one hell of a day, I have just walked in and Im tired as fuck. What is it?"

"Im pregnant."

Those two words took the wind out of my sails. PREGNANT. Only eight letters, but enough to scared the crap out of me. My mobile fell out of my hand. It shattered on the floor. And with those pieces of phone that scattered all over the kitchen tile floor, my dreams of a happy life with Evan went along with it. A love so pure and so beautiful, distroyed with one fucking sentence. But then I realised that it wasn't Nadia's fault. Hell no, there was a lot of strange things that happened nowadays, but no way can you get pregnant by yourself. I was a much part of this as she was.

When Evan came over the following day I thought that I had my story straight. I knew and practised exactly what I was going to say to him.

"Hey love. What happened yesterday, you just disapeared, man."

"I had some stuff to do. Come on in. Look, I have to tell you something."

"I love you."

"Look, I have...wait what?"

"I love you, Danny boy. Call me a crazy fucknut, but I love you. I want to be with you so much", he said, rubbing my right arm.

Tears once more escaped my eyes as I realised just what I would be missing out on.

"You remember Nadia, Evan?"

"Yeah, you're ex. Sure, why?"

"She's pregnant."

Evan immediately looked down towards the ground and then slowly back up to me. He shook his head slightly, like to say, please this can't be true. I nodded, closing my eyes, more tears rolling from its sheath.

"You can't do this to me..."

"Evan, I have loved you ever since I first saw you. I want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of my life!"

"Then do it! I love you so mu..."

"Evan, there is a baby to think about! You can't expect of me to let my child grow up without his or her father, now do you?"

"No ofcourse not! Dan...yeah man I guess you're right. I guess this is something you can't go in half heartedly."

We were both silent for some time and then I walked outside. Evan followed me, but we were still quiet. I walked over to and sat on the very bench that Evan and I had made love on. Evan sat next to me and leaned in to me, placing his head on my chest. My arms, as if automaticly, went around him, squeezing him to me, never wanting to let him go.

Over the next few months me and Nadia had come together again and talked our problems through. I asked her to marry me as it was the right thing to do. Our baby boy arrived seven months later. When I entered that hospital room and saw my son for the first time, I nearly cried. It is the most amazing feeling, when those doctors place this little life that you and your wife/husband/partner have created in your arms. As I held him, I knew immediately what his name would be. When Evan came over to congratulate me, I couldn't look at him. I didn't want to get hurt all over again. I just became a father; I couldn't deal with those feelings at that point. He gave me a journal though. In that journal I have opened my heart to what I had lost, not only that, but what I had gained and learned from this whole saga. I wouldn't change anything. Evan would always be with me wherever I went. A few months before the birth of our child, Nadia and I moved to Indiana, as her parents got me a good job at the local news station. I was also freelancing for a couple of magizines. All and all, life was good.

It was a year or so that I had last seen Evan. We were in regular contact via email, but we both agreed that we shouldn't see eachother. It just was for the best. I noticed my little boy crawling over to me where I was sitting in the living room. I smiled and picked him up on my lap.

"Daniel Evan Murray. Do you know how much I love you? You're my big champion, right?"

I kissed him and held him in my arms as I switched on the TV to watch to first episode of the second series of American Gladiators. I managed to keep the tears out of my eyes, as I saw the newest member of the team do his stuff like the Rocket that he was.

After the show I told my wife that I was going to take a shower, and I grabbed my journal. While the water was running I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I had to get this out of me. I heard a knock at the door and I jumped up, letting the journal fall.

"I'll be out in a minute!"

As I picked up the diary I saw that the cover had come loose with the fall. I quickly jumped in the shower, washed myself in record time, dried myself; put on my PJ's and went into the kitchen to get something to mend the journal with. As I peeled the front of the cover I saw something whitish, like a piece of paper, hidden inside. I didn't want to tear off the whole cover, but in the end, curiosity got the better of me. It was indeed a piece of paper, neatly folded. I opened it, my hands shaking.

My dearest Daniel


I don't know if you will ever discover this note, I just thought I'd stick it in here so that you would always have something to remember me by. It isn't much, I know. Just know that I'll be thinking of you everyday.


I love you, Danny boy.



It was strange. Not even one tear escaping this time. It was as if I had finally made peace with what happened. I placed the note back inside and used sellotape to mend the cover back onto the journal. And as I made my way up the stairs, I peeked into my son's room.

Daniel Evan Murray.

Somehow, the one person I loved more than myself, will always remind me that I had once upon a time knew and loved a sexy, beautiful, georgeous and kind hearted man named Evan.

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