Author:Philip Wester
Story Title:Angel Season IV - The New Slayer
Category:Celebrity (Angel)
Date Of Posting:2001-
Author's Other Stories:Not A Perfect Love

     AAA          NNNN         N       GGGGGGGGG   EEEEEEEEEEEEEE  LLL
       AA          N NN        N     G        GG     EE         E  LL
       A A         N  NN       N   G           G     EE            LL
       A AA        N    NN     N  GG                 EE            LL
      A   AA       N     NN    N  GG          GGG    EE      E     LL
     AAAAAAAA      N       NN  N  GG           G     EE  EEEEE     LL
    A       AA              NN N   GG          G             E     LL
   A         AA              NNN    GG         G                   LL
  A           AA                                                E  LL         L
AAA            AA                                  EEEEEEEEEEEEEE  LL LLLLLLLLL
Angel 4
--{: The New Slayer:}--

      This is the start of a series that will, hopefully, last for at least 22 "episodes". It will be based upon the hit TV-series Angel, spin-off series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I will try to write in the same way as the screenwriters of Angel/Buffy do it and incidents that take place in Angel3 and Buffy6 will take their effects on my series too. For example, if someone loses an arm, I'll have to bring that in, too.

      I hope that at least some of you will enjoy my story, Angel - The New Slayer. Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, flames, idle chat, porn, porn, nudes, porn, porn and nudes.

      "Gay-stuff" will be involved, although I will not describe it any more graphic than the TV-series do. As per example, if there's a sex scene, I will write that it's a sex scene and describe what happens. But I will not describe the sizes of big pulsing you-know-whats or color of you-know-what hair. And since there won't be any graphic sex of any kind, there's no age limit. So, even if you're fourteen, feel free to read this. And all of you who were looking for a good jackoff story about David Boreanaz, put those dicks back in your pants! Or even better, send me piccies of them!

      Enjoy. Just like the series premiere of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the first release will be a "double-episode", both episodes released simoultaneously. Coming to Nifty soon!

And now, something about me:

Name: Philip Wester
Age: 16
Nationality: Sweden (although I was originally born in Vietnam)
Aliases: Angel, Angel Of Light, Angel Of Might, Fallen Angel, Fallen Angel II, Fallen Angel III, Fallen Angel IV, Holy Angel (do you see the pattern here?)
Eye-color: Dark-dark-dark-dark-dark-brown
Hair-color: Right now, deep blue.
Height: 165 (6"6')
Weight: 48-50 kilos (varies from day to day)
Waist: Cirka 60.5 cm (cirka 24 inches) :^)
Lår: At its thickest, 45 cm (18 inches). At its thinnest, 33 cm. (13 inches) :^)
Taste in music: Dance/Techno/House/Club/Rock/Goa/Instrumental
Taste in clothes: Whatever looks good or whatever's available (if there isn't anything that looks good)
Favorite movie: Uncertain
Favorite color: The Rainbow (hint, hint!)
Favorite genres: Sci-fi, fantasy, comedy & drama
Favorite food: Do chips (potato skins) count? If not: crab.
Favorite series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!!!!
Favorite things to do: Computers, shopping, Anime-drawing, Buffy-watching, games (on the computer), MUD, MIRC och singing!

My favorite songs (in alphabetical order):

All The Small Things (Blink 182)
At The Beginning (Richard Marx)
Going Through The Motions (Sarah Michelle Gellar/BuffyTVS - The Musical)
How Soon Is Now? (Love Spit Love)
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths)
I Have A Theory (BuffyTVS - The Musical)
I'm Under Your Spell (Amber Benson/BuffyTVS - The Musical)
I Quit (Hepburn)
Human (Pretenders)
Let Me Rest In Peace (James Marsters/BuffyTVS - The Musical)
Life's A Show (Sarah Michelle Gellar/BuffyTVS - The Musical)
Magical Snow Music (Christophe Beck)
Just My Imagination (Cranberries)
Last Christmas Acapella (Backstret Boys/N'Sync (!!!!!))
Last Christmas (Beatles (!!!!!))
Last Christmas (Wham!)
Pain (Four Star Mary)
Slayer's Eligy (Christophe Beck)
Walk Through The Fire (BuffyTVS - The Musical)

My hair colors up-to-date in chronological order:

Black (well, duh!)
Carrotty blonde (orange-blonde)
Light brown
Deep brown
Chestnut brown (reddish-brown)
Carroty blonde (orange-blonde)
Greenish blonde
Blue/Green (and all shades in between)
Carrotty-blonde (orange-blonde)
Deep blue