The following story is a work of fiction. Josh Hutcherson, Jake T. Austin, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


Another Notch on the Belt

by hottcarter1987


Jake T. Austin was so bored. Another stupid teen idol conference, another round of question and answer forums, another bunch of paparazzi photo-taking sessions. Here he was, a growing 16-year-old hormone-crazed boy, stuck behind a table signing autographs for giggling preteen girls when he'd rather be out partying and getting laid. His Disney show, The Wizards of Waverly Place, was as popular as ever, and he couldn't just shirk this meet-and-greet off, but he'd much rather be fucking one of these girls than just smiling and taking pictures. Several of them were cute little things, and though he wore his patent smile, his mind was imagining them strapped to a table with his teenage dick filling their hot pussies with his teen cream.

As the day wound down and his admirers grew thin, Jake excused himself from his Wizards booth and went down to the boiler room of the complex. Thinking about all the girls who had come to see him had made him so horny that his dick was throbbing, and he figured a quick jack-off would relieve him until he could get home for a real workout with some porn. He found a secluded corner and began grabbing at his crotch through his tight jeans. He closed his eyes, his head resting against the wall, as he manipulated his 7-inch hard-on through the fabric. One of his hands moved up underneath his black t-shirt and stroked a nipple. Not only had the girls turned him on, but quite a few of the male celebrities present that day had gotten his attention. Jake T. Austin was most definitely bisexual, and though his first time had been with a girl at 13, he'd enjoyed sexual relations with other guys as well. Jake was a bottom boy, and it had become his personal mission to be a fuck boy to as many male celebrities as possible. His first had been with his Wizards co-star, David Henrie, behind the set of the show after filming of the second season had started. David was hung like a horse and had fucked him hard, and Jake knew then that aside from acting, he had a special talent for pleasing men. David still screwed him on a semi-regular basis, but Jake hungered for much more. At a party not two weeks later, he had met up with Aaron Carter who had thrown him a fuck like no other, and three nights later, he became a fuck sandwich for Aaron and his older brother, Nick. After each fuck, Jake would return home and mark down who had done him, his own version of putting a notch in his belt. He intended to go through all of young male Hollywood before he turned 21.

On this day, he'd seen Jason Dolley, Rory Culkin, and Nathan Kress, all of whom he wanted in his boy pussy, but none had seemed interested in him. He also had seen hunky Josh Hutcherson, who'd thrown him a look or two, but he was inundated with his own fans which prevented Jake from meeting with him. He'd heard that Josh was bisexual, too, and the tight jeans he was wearing that day hinted at a nice package that would be perfect for Jake's hungry body. Sighing, Jake squeezed his bulge harder and imagined what he would do with Josh right at that moment.

As Jake got ready to pull out his hard cock, he breathed in deeply through his nose and noticed the distinct odor of cigarette smoke. He opened his eyes and realized he wasn't alone. Motherfucker, he thought as he stopped his masturbation. Someone had come into the rather large boiler room for a smoke, and now he couldn't get off. Figuring he might as well go back up to the auditorium and resigned to the fact he'd have to beat his meat later at home, Jake let go of his crotch and adjusted his boner so it wouldn't be obvious and tried to find the door. He'd gone deep into the room and had lost his way. He turned a couple of corners and came upon a sight that, at first, had him stunned.

Leaning up against a wall with his button-up shirt opened to reveal a well-developed chest was none other than the 17-year-old object of his fantasies, Josh Hutcherson. Jake's mouth fell open as he stared at him. His eyes were closed, his jeans were undone and had fallen around his ankles, and in one hand was the biggest dick Jake had ever seen. It was hard as a rock and reached 11 glorious inches. Precum dribbled from the big head onto the floor between his worn brown cowboy boots, and his other hand held a lit cigarette. Occasionally, Josh would take a drag of his smoke as he masturbated, blowing the smoke in a steady stream toward the ceiling. Quiet little grunts escaped his lips. Instantly, Jake's crotch ballooned with lust. He couldn't believe his luck.

Without opening his eyes, Josh said lustfully, "You gonna just stand there, or are you gonna suck my dick?"

Astonished, Jake replied, "You knew I was here?"

Josh opened his eyes and took another drag of his cigarette. "I saw you leave and followed you down. Heard from David Henrie was a good fuck you were, and I've been wantin' to get you alone all day. Couldn't find you when I got down here, so I thought I'd have a smoke and take care of business. Good thing you found me."

Jake smiled and came closer. He reached out and grabbed the hard torpedo jutting from Josh's nearly hairless pubes. Stroking it lightly, he licked his thick lips and said, "You need to put this thing somewhere, man?"

A wicked smile crossed the 17-year-old actor's face. Placing a hand on Jake's head, he pushed the boy to his knees and pulled him toward his penis. "A couple places, little dude. Why don't we see how hot that throat is first?"

Jake opened his mouth and said with a humorous tone, "Please be gentle."

Josh entered the boy's mouth and said, "Yeah, whatever. Just suck it, you little whore." The taste of Josh's hard flesh in his mouth made Jake's saliva flow easily. His cheeks bulged with fullness, and he choked a bit when the head pushed past his tonsils, but Jake would not be deterred. He was going to take as much as he could no matter what. "That's a good boy," Josh muttered as he drew on his smoke. "Take it all. Mmm. Got me a good bitch now." His head rested against the wall as his cock was pleasured.

"Mmm," Jake hummed as the dick traveled into his throat. He'd done that with Nick Carter, and it had the same effect on Josh. The older boy's body stiffened in lust, and a hand found it's way to the back of Jake's head, pushing him further down. In an instant, his lips were flush with Josh's spare pubs. Jake's gag reflex disappeared, and he suckled on the huge organ, causing his man to groan loudly. He didn't know if it was his blowjob technique or just knowing he was causing the hunk in front of him pleasure, but his own dick pulsed and throbbed in his jeans, and Jake reached down to squeeze the lump that had formed there. As per his own code of being a boy slut, he made no move to pull it out or even get undressed. His master would tell him what to do, when, and how to do it.

Josh finally pulled his whore's mouth away from his spit-covered tool and looked down at him. "Drop your drawers, fucker. I want a piece of that fine ass." He took a final drag of his cigarette and stomped out the butt as Jake rose and undid his jeans. Saliva dripped from Josh's dick as he pushed the younger boy forward. Softly but firmly, he ordered, "Up against the wall and spread your legs." Jake obeyed not looking back. Josh rammed two fingers into his rectum. "What do you want, boy?" he said in a low voice.

"Take me, sir," answered Jake breathlessly.

Josh fingered him harder. "Huh? What was that?"

"I said take me."

Josh rammed his fingers into Jake's prostate, and the boy jumped. "Louder, whore."

This time Jake shouted. "I want you to breed me, Daddy!! Breed my fuck hole and make me your bitch!! My filthy little cunt needs your cock!!"

"That's what I wanted to hear, bitch boy!" Josh yelled as he pulled out his fingers and plowed into Jake's tight pussy.

Jake emitted a loud hissing noise through bared teeth as he felt the long, hard penis slide inside him. His insides spread to let the invader penetrate past his sphincter and deep into his walls. Josh didn't stop until the head of his cock pressed into his prostate, and carnal lust overwhelmed his brain. As his love button was stimulated, the Disney star opened his mouth and uttered, "Oh, fuck..." This was the only speech of which he was capable as Josh wasted little time in sawing in and out of him. The older stud occasionally hit him against the ass as he sped up his fuck motion. Jake thought he was trying to shove that cock straight through his helpless body to come out of his mouth. Any pain he'd felt dulled quickly into a hot pleasure as his face slid up and down the smoothly painted wall in front of him.

Josh's head tilted back on his neck as his fuck boy's ass gripped his sex. "Hot damn," he said just above a whisper. "Suck my dick with your ass, boy. So good..." His husky voice drifted off as he humped Jake without holding to his hips. His penis was embedded in Jake so far, and the tight ass muscles gripped him so tightly, that he had no need to hold on to anything. His large nuts smacked loudly against the kid's ass, and Josh's arms swung back and forth as he copulated. Sharp bolts of ecstasy shot to and from his perverted brain. It was the best fuck he'd ever had, and Josh Hutcherson had screwed plenty of chicks and guys, including his younger brother. None were as good as this little slut.

Jake was crazy with lust, and his tongue finally loosened. "Fuck me, Daddy!" he called out. "I'm your fuckin' bitch, baby. Do me like one!! Shit, yeah!! Breed my fuckin' pussy!! Shit!! Ruin me for any other cock!! Own me!! Fuck!!" Turned on by his slutty bottom's nasty talk, Josh repeatedly beat Jake's ass with both hands, screwing him harder and deeper with each utterance of the boy's dirty mouth.

Without warning, he felt Jake's fuck tunnel spasm. Quickly, he pulled Jake off the wall and bent him back against his torso. He grabbed the boy's dick and jacked him off, grunting in his ear. "Yeah, motherfucker. Shoot that fuckin' nut. Paint the wall, baby. I wanna see your cum." Jake howled in delight as his cock blasted wad after wad against the wall. His semen splattered audibly everywhere, and streaks of his love fluid ran downward. Josh pushed him to a bent-over position and barked, "Lick it up, you cum slut!" He pressed Jake's face into the wall as the cum ran down, and the boy slurped and ate the cum as it met his mouth and tongue. Josh's own mammoth cock began to vibrate inside Jake's tight hole, and he shouted as it ejected his seed inside. Josh was known to cum in strong bursts, and now was no exception. He bred Jake T. Austin like a dog in heat, and his orgasm lasted for several minutes. After it was over, he left his horsecock inside the boy, and Jake licked all of his own cum off the wall. When he was done, he stood with Josh inside him and turned his head for a very obscene French kiss.

After the boys had finally parted, Josh lit a cigarette and smoked while Jake got to his knees, put the now-flaccid cock in his mouth, and allowed the older boy to piss in his throat. Jake gulped down the rancid fluid with his lips totally encircling the head and shaft--a show of thanks to the best fuck he'd had to this point and to show just what a perfect sex slave he was. Josh thanked him for the screw and left, giving Jake a cigarette in return. Jake lit it and watched the stud stuff that wonderful dick back in his jeans and zip up before he disappeared out the door.

Sure, Josh had used him like a two-bit whore, but that was what Jake liked. He liked being treated as the cumdump he knew he was. Just like Josh Hutcherson had treated him as another notch on his belt, Jake used Josh the same in return. The only thing he wondered as he inhaled a lungful of smoke was: who would be the next male celeb to take him on a ride?