This is the first part of my new story called Anything For Love, this story will definitely be five parts long but depending on feedback it may go further than that, we'll just wait and see what happens.

Disclaimer: This is just fiction none of it is real, although there are not any celebrities mentioned in depth in this part, there will be some coming in future parts, just to cover it all - I don't know any celebrities mention throughout the length of this story and I'm not implying their sexuality in any way.


Ever done something and then wished you hadn't? yeah that's how I'm feeling right now... this is the last time I let someone talk me into doing something that I don't want to... right I'm going to start back at the beginning, it'll be a little easier to understand, okay so here we go


"what do you mean you want me there?"

"what do you mean what do you mean? I want you there"


"why the questions?"

"Chris I'm going to slap you in a minute"

"go ahead"

"dude I'm totally serious here"

"okay so I've been teaching you guitar for a year and half now, out of the fifteen students I've got you're the best..."

"you say that to everyone"

"Tristan I'm serious now"

"dude don't call me that!"

"sorry.. Tris I'm serious now, you are really my best student, most of the others take two lessons to get one song but you're the other way, you take one lesson to learn two songs"

"alright so I rock and they suck but what the heck has that got to do with me being at this gig?"

"you're not just a student like the others, you're a good friend and I really want you to come"

"I would but it's like twenty miles away from my house and it's not as if it's good roads, it's stupid sucky back roads and it'll take forever"

"please dude it'll mean a lot to me if you come", I'll regret this

"what time?"

"I love you!", nut case, "half seven... oh and you'll have to wear a shirt, it's a posh place"

"oh no way! I don't do shirts, I do ripped jeans and faded t shirts"

"well you can't at this place"

"Chris I don't think I even own a shirt"

"buy one then"

"is everything always black and white to you?"

"why not?"

"so I have to buy a shirt to wear at this gig that's twenty miles from where I live?"

"simple isn't it"

"you totally owe me one for this"


So here I am at this posh joint wearing a shirt, I managed to drag a mate into this and I think he's going to hate me forever now

"Tris, no offence, your mate was good on his own but now these tits have joined him... it sucks!", see what I mean

"they're not that bad"

"mate they're making Britney sodding spears look good"

"don't get me started on that witch"

"exactly, let's get outta here"

"I promised Chris"

"haven't you noticed that he's not exactly taking any notice of you?", that would be the part of doing something I wish I hadn't... come on Tris I really want you there... he did say hi when I turned up but that's as far as it went... oh and I forgot to mention, it's christmas fucking eve! Dan is right, we might as well leave this pit

"come on then", what was I thinking coming to this?


A few hundred sky channels and none of them have anything decent on, I know it's christmas eve but surely one channel can have a good movie or something? man I should be so damn lucky, actually now would be a good time to listen to some music, I must have about twenty cd's that I haven't even opened yet - right what's here, lost prophets? nah not in the mood for that kind of music, so that's blink 182 out of it - that's where I put the damn disc! I've just found the disc of Chris and me, it's got about twelve songs on it all in acoustic, that'll do - I need a beer... bloody hound's just started barking

"Sam, shut it!", I should've made sure I had more beer, there's only four cans left now - who am I kidding, they've only got to last tomorrow and I'm on my own anyway, "Sam!" stupid dog... alright he's not stupid, someone's at the door - who the hell could it be? it's half twelve, where are the keys? oh yeah I left them in the door

"Chris? what the hell are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see if you're alright"

"you came all the way out here to ask if I'm alright?"

"yeah, you left early and didn't say anything", it's snowing and we're standing at the door

"come in dude"

"thanks", he's very quiet, we went into the kitchen and sat down, "so why'd you go early?"

"it wasn't our thing really, my mate was bored and so was I"

"were we that bad?"

"you weren't dude but when those idiots joined you it went downhill, where'd you find those pratts anyway?"

"don't ask" , he doesn't seem right

"are you alright?"

"yeah I'm fine", no he isn't

"want a drink?"

"that would be good thanks, what've you got?"

"not much", let's see what's here, "that would be coffee, beer or bacardi - but the coffee would have to be black, the milks off"

"you really give your guests a choice - bacardi please", actually that sounds better than beer - man I've got three bottles of the stuff, every christmas I get a bottle from work and I just don't drink much anymore... could be worse, they could give me socks - might as well take the bottle with us, "who are these losers?"

"nah one of them is alright the other is a total loser"

"I knew you loved me"

"idiot - so you gonna tell me what's up?"

"nothing really, I just wanted to see if you're okay - hey, how come you haven't got a tree up?", we've already downed that glass - better have some more

"what's the point? it's only me here"

"haven't you got family coming over or something?"

"I don't have any family", and another glass

"that's what everyone wishes, surely the folks will come over?"

"seriously I haven't got any family, I was adopted and my parents died when I was sixteen"

"oh shit, I'm really sorry"

"hey it's alright", I think this is the first time ever there's been an uncomfortable silence between us - sure we only met last year but we kind of clicked straight away and became good friends

"I better get going"

"Chris you don't have to"

"it's getting late and it's a long drive", yeah it is a hell of a drive - drive and bacardi

"stay here then"

"do what?" he replied, idiot - ha give him another drink

"well it'll be really late the time you get home and you are over the limit already - let alone that one you just downed"

"ah man I've been played"

"so you gonna stay?"

"on one condition", oh crap, "you and me form a band"

"you're funny"

"serious numb nuts, listen to us we sound great, obviously I'm better but you aren't that sucky"

"do you want a punch?"

"nah I'm good, I can still feel the last one, come on it'll be great"

"I say yes and you'll stay the night?"



"super sweet! you're the best"

"I know"

"shouldn't have said that", he is a real idiot, "don't suppose I could take a shower?"

"sure help yourself", I'm glad he's staying the night



"I don't know where your bathroom is", good point, actually I'll have a shower now too... no not in the same one, see my house has four bedrooms, the master room, mine, has an en-suite as well has having another main bathroom upstairs and a toilet down - to summarise both nutty boys can shower at the same time without being called gay.


That's better, there's nothing like a cool shower before bed... not that we're now going to bed, we're watching a movie, Chris is still upstairs, I'm waiting for him to come... scrub that he's now coming, and jumping over the sofa beside me

"ha! you have chest hair!", more like had chest hair, he's pulled one out

"sod", hell have no fury, "ha! you have nipple hair!", we are now even

"not fair"

"yeah it was, I just restored the balance, you know sun and moon, heaven and hell, ying and yang"

"Sonny and Cher"

"very funny"

"I know - so what we watching?"

"your choice"

"sweet!", I'll probably regret this, while he's deciding I'm going to check my email - now where's that wireless adaptor... on the coffee table where you left it idiot, "how about... never mind that's shit", fair enough - damn this laptop takes a while to load up - here she goes, "bitch! you didn't tell me you had Meat Loaf live - let's watch that", good choice right start up Outlook, "where's the dvd player?"

"built in to the tv, just pull the front flap down"

"cool", oh man I must have a few emails this is taking quite a while to download, it could be a few large attachments - or both "how the hell do you work this thing?"

"press the eject button"

"this beast has got too many buttons, why can't you just have a standard tv and dvd player like normal people? - yay it works", easily amused there emails have downloaded, "I wish I was that popular", he's back beside me

"it's my work email - man I'm going to be busy next week"

"what is it you do, you only said you work for the press"

"I'm the head of advertising for all their publications, I have to design or alter adverts for clients - best thing is I'm either working at home or out on the road getting clients, I go into the office maybe five times a year tops"

"I want your job"

"tough you can't have it"

"so does that mean that you can whack in an advert for our gigs and not pay anything - we should be so lucky"

"actually I wouldn't mind betting we could, my boss is pretty damn cool", actually she's signed on, I'll ask her now - let's start by flattering her... right, 'hey Eva what's a stunning girl like you doing signed on at this time of night?', two out of three is one cool piece of music -oh a message, 'Mr Atkinson flattery will get you everywhere - just checking messages, how about you?', 'the same, I was wondering - I've kind of in a way joined a band tonight and wondered if we could put a small ad in the paper for our gigs', that blonde piece Meat Loaf has with him is one fine lady, 'will I get to come see for free and all drinks paid for by you?', that's easy, 'anything for a goddess like you', wish I could play guitar like these guys - by the looks of Chris's face so does he, 'as you are the most gorgeous employee I have, you can take a midi slot whenever you want and for special gigs you can have a half page slot', mother of god I wasn't expecting that, 'thank you so much, you're the best!' 'you're welcome, right I'm now off to bed, see you later handsome' 'you too beautiful'

"good news - anytime we want we can have a midi slot and for special gigs we get half a page"

"sweet! how big is that?"

"a midi is five inches square and a half page - even you should get that one"

"you're funny - I like your boxers"

"that was random"

"I know but they look cool... can I have them?"

"let me see - how about no?"

"you're evil" he replied - do what?

"just because I won't let you have my boxers?"

"yeah, friends are supposed to share"

"not boxers"

"I want them"

"you said"

"please can I have them?", I have never known anyone to want my boxers so badly - I've never known anyone to want my boxers period

"as much as I love you - no"

"I'll trade you mine?"

"alright then"


"no" I replied

"hang on, you love me?"

"of course I do, you're probably my best mate"



"well you're my best mate and I love you too", ah how sweet, "can I have your boxers now?"


"damn it", this is pretty fun, it may have something to with the alcohol but I think it's just we get on well, this is the best Christmas eve I've had in a few years, damn it's been the best night I've had for a while



"so you don't get on well at home?"

"not really, I go against everything my parents want out of their children - hell all of us do but Carl and Lisa got out of it already, lucky sods - anyway, why'd you ask?"

"no reason really", what's he doing? he's trying to pull my boxers down, "get out of it weirdo"

"I'm not in it yet", that's gross

"just a thought"

"the apocalypse cometh"

"yeah funny - do you want to move in here?"

"come again?"

"I haven't the first time yet", that too is gross, "seriously we've got the space here and I'd like you to move in"

"I'm not sure"

"it doesn't matter", I thought - well hoped he would, oh well never mind

"actually yeah, living with you would be sweet"


"oh hang on, before we get too excited, how much is it? remember I'm still at part time college"

"well there's no mortgage so no rent just split the bills half each"

"no rent? are you nuts?"

"not really, I can't charge my best mate rent when there's only bills to pay, it wouldn't be right"

"thank you dude"

"you're welcome, it's gonna be fun"

So that's how we spent the rest of Christmas eve, talking and drinking - Chris trying his best to get my boxers off of me and me defending the said boxers respectively, he didn't win although he was getting damn close a few times - but yeah, we just had a damn cool night and decided to go to bed about half five.


That's part one, hopefully part two will be posted within a couple of weeks, just need to tidy it up a little. Any feedback you have would really be appreciated, please email me and let me know, Please check out my other story McFly & Rooster in the boy bands section of nifty.