Fic: The Art of (Un)Subtlety I

The Art of (Un)subtlety

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Inspired by true events, but sadly fiction nonetheless.

Rating: R bordering NC-17- let's say NC-17 to play it safe.

Summary: David takes notes from Michael's handbook of subtlety.

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The Art of (Un)subtlety

David has never seen eyes the shade of blue that Jason has. In fact, many have echoed the same sentiment about Jason's eyes. It was as if God had taken a paint brush, dipped it in the Caribbean Ocean, and colored Jason's eyes with the kaleidoscope of blues. They are so mesmerizing that David often finds himself drowning in their depths, unable to swim to the surface. He's afraid that if this continues on, there will be a time when the boy will completely snuff the last breath out of his lungs. He's afraid that the boy will become the death of him because each and every time he glances the boy's way, the boy always renders him completely and utterly breathless. Each and every time.

Michael has seen David drowning in Jason's eyes far too often that Michael is now David's lifeguard. Whenever he sees David's eyes gloss over and his lips turn just a bit cyanotic blue, he nudges David in the side, breaking Jason's spell on him.

"You need to stop being so obvious." Michael tells him. "Let it go, David. He's as straight as an arrow. He wears a fuckin' cross around his neck. He's not going to let you blow him. He has Mandy for that. If you keep this shit up, either you'll end up getting hurt or even worse you'll lose him as friend. Let it go, David."

"I know, Michael." David says, still unable to peel his eyes off of Jason- this time it's Jason's ass that captivates David's attention.

"Stop staring so hard at his ass or you'll end up getting cross-eyed."

"At least, I won't be drowning."

Michael whispers into David's ear, "I can see that my advice just goes in one ear and out the other ear. If you must continue your infatuation, you need to stop being so obvious. You need to learn the art of subtlety or you'll scare the boy away. People are starting to talk and sooner or later, the shit is going to hit the fan. Are you prepared for the consequences of your puppy dog crush? Is Jason going to be okay with being the sacrificial lamb? David, you are the American Idol. Jason's just another pretty face that they still could not accept as being more than a pair of nice eyes and a tight ass in a pair of blue jeans. They've invested so much in your success. They're not going to let this secret infatuation, which is becoming more apparent everyday, ruin record sales. Do you think they're going to cut the American Idol or the boy who refused to let them brush him off as another pretty face? David, for Jason's sake, let it go or tone it down a bit."

"I can't help myself, Michael," David says, his eyes dancing upon every exposed inch of silky tan skin that covers strong, defined muscled flesh that comprises the world's most beautiful boy. "I mean who the fuck bends over like that to pick up bags in public no less. He's killing me."

"Don't let him, David. Stay away from him. For your and Jason's best interest, stay away from the boy. I'm going to check out the mall downtown. You wanna come, mate?" David is unresponsive. Michael follows David's eyes to Jason's bouncing dreads as the boy runs toward the bus. Michael shakes his head and sighs deeply. He gets up and claps David on the shoulders. "You're not only going to get hurt. Even worse Jason will end up bearing the brunt of their wraths." He says and disappears inside the bus.

Jason waves at David to wait for him. Within minutes, the boy is inches away from David, panting real hard, sweat teeming down his temples and dimpled flushed cheeks. His lips of wine are even more plump and juicy than the other day. Jason touches David's arm and innately David's hand moves to the small of the boy's back, bringing him closer for an embrace- his lips just inches away from the boy's head when suddenly a flash of light blinds his vision of beauty before him. He quickly lets go of the boy and runs in the direction of the flashing light. He finds the culprit behind the voyeuristic lens and grabs the camera out of the paparazzo's hand and smashes the camera on the ground. A shouting argument ensues with profanity escaping both men's lips as fist fly in all directions. Jason rushes toward the commotion with Michael sprinting after him.

"Stop fighting, you guys!"

Michael hears Jason screaming as the boy valiantly attempts to stop David and the paparazzo from fighting each other. The screaming stops as does the yelling. When Michael arrives at the scene, he finds the boy on his stomach on the ground and David kneeling down beside him.

"That's how you like him, don't you? On the floor on his stomach with his ass in the air to fuck." The paparazzo laughs and Michael hears enough. He takes a couple of long strides and strikes the paparazzo in the stomach. The man doubles over in pain and scrambles away finally.

Michael kneels down next to David.

"What happened?"

David shakes his head. "It's all my fault," he says as he lifts Jason's prone body into his arms and carries him away.

The ambulance arrives moments later and Jason is wheeled into the ambulance. He's conscious now, but the American Idol handlers do not want to take any chances. He waves at David good-bye with his goofy smile before the doors swing close.

It doesn't take longer thereafter for the first of a series of phone calls to disturb his restful day. Everyone from Michael London to Simon Cowell phone him to find out what had happened. The last phone call comes in late at night from Nigel Lythgoe. David considers the phone call to be on the verge of threatening. David hangs up the phone and slumps down on his couch in his room. Michael invites himself in his friend's room to find David looking more forlorn than ever. He senses something is wrong with his friend and instead of prying because he knows that David will come to him if he needs anything, he just slides next to David on the couch and smiles at him.

"Just got a phone call from the hospital. Jason's cleared to go home and apparently he's driving the whole nursing staff crazy that the chief medical director wants him out asap. Wanna come?"

David continues to stare out into space for a moment longer before turning to Michael. "No."

"No?" Michael's brows furrow with confusion. This is the first time David has said no to anything Jason related.

"Michael, you're absolutely right. Today could have been worse than a concussion. I need to stop this obsession. I just don't know how I can stop all these feelings I have for him suddenly."

"Then don't." Michael says to him. "Just tone it down a little. You don't have to spend nearly every waking moment in his shadows, you know." Michael chuckles and soon David joins him in laughter.

"I do sound pathetic, don't I?"

Michael's smile widens further. "Just a little bit."

David nods his head in agreement.

"But seriously, David, no one blames you. Hell, I'm a happily married straight man and sometimes I catch myself staring at him. Like you said, who the hell bends over like that to pick up bags in public. If I weren't so happily married, I'd probably be in line to ride that ass, too."

"Thanks, Michael." David says finally. "For everything."

"You're very welcome, mate." Michael stands up and walks out of the room.

Michael leaves David's room and heads out of the hotel. He joins the rest of the crew, already waiting in the SUV outside. When he climbs into the vehicle, one of their bodyguards asks him, "David isn't joining us?"

"No," Michael tells him, buckling his seat belt.

"Well, that's a shocker. The kid is finally coming to his senses."

"I hope so."

The ride to the hospital is short and uneventful. When the SUV pulls up to the front of the hospital, Jason strolls out with balloons flying in the air and gift bags hanging off his arms. The boy looks almost in pain having to carry all those gifts.

"From the fans?" Michael asks as he helps his friend into the SUV.

Jason shakes his head. "No, the nursing staff." The boy answers, crawling over Michael to sit at the seat next to the window, which was Michael's seat just moments ago. Jason whips his head around and pouts. "Where's David?"

"At the hotel, resting." Michael answers.

"Oh. Okay." Jason reaches into one of his gift bags to pull out a PSP and occupies himself throughout the ride back to the hotel.

Before the SUV arrives at the hotel, David takes the opportunity to slip out of his hotel room, afraid that he will fall under Jason's spell if he looks the boy in the eyes, again. David takes a train ride out to the downtown area and tours the area. His phone continues to ring. He turns off the volume. His phone continues to vibrate. He turns that off, too. Each time, he glances at his phone, he sees the same number flashing on the screen-Jason's number. He finds himself in a bar eventually until the wee hours of the night when Michael arrives to fetch him back to the hotel. Michael helps him to the elevator and up to his hotel room. He fumbles for the key card when Jason's unmistakable blue eyes poke out from his hotel room.

"David," Jason rushes to the other side of David to help him up off the ground as Michael continues to slide key card after key card until he finds a perfect match.

"What the hell, David? You never return any of your key cards?" Michael returns to David and helps Jason carry their friend into his room.

All three, tangled in each other's arms, stumble into the bedroom where David falls backward onto his bed, pulling Jason on top of him. Michael moves to leave the room, but remains stationary when he hears Jason yelps. David tightens his grip on the boy's arms. Michael flashes David a warning look and David releases the boy.

"David, where have you been all day?" Jason asks, hovering over David with his dreads hanging over his face and his long, sweeping eyelashes shielding his intense blue eyes. "I've been calling you nonstop. I was worried about you."

David raises his body off his bed. He fingers the boy's dreads between his fingers, grabs a few dreads, and pulls the boy toward him. Jason gulps when he feels David's knee pressing against his crotch.


David pulls the boy closer yet, his knee pressing further into the boy's crotch, until David's lips barely touch Jason's delicate ear. "Jason, you shouldn't worry your pretty self over me. You'll get worry lines. Lord knows your pretty face is the only thing you got going for you." He grinds his knee harder into the boy's crotch as he stresses every word of his last line.

When he finally releases the boy, Jason collapses on the bed. He slides off the bed and pushes himself off the floor. As he walks past Michael, Michael grabs the boy's arm and looks at him. The boy looks like someone had just killed his puppy. He brushes Michael's hand off him and continues his way out.

Michael shakes his head as he climbs into bed next to David.

"What did you say to the boy?"

David mumbles into his pillow. "Something...pretty face...the only thing..."

David doesn't finish his line as he falls into slumber, still dreaming of Jason's remarkable blue eyes.


to be continued...