Fic: The Art of (Un)Subtlety III

The Art of (Un)subtlety

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Inspired by true events, but sadly fiction nonetheless.

Rating: R bordering NC-17- let's say NC-17 to play it safe.

Summary: David takes notes from Michael's handbook of subtlety.

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The Art of (Un)subtlety III

The following morning, David finds himself full of energy and perked up. He takes a quick shower and throws on some clothes. He runs out of the hotel and waves down a taxi-cab. He tells the cab driver where to take him and tips him generously. He steps out and walks into the establishment. There is some hesitation as he sits down on the chair, but before long he relaxes in the comfort of the leather chair as the Valium begins to take effect, turns on his Ipod, and listens to Jason serenade him to sleep.

He wakes up nearly an hour later and pays for the service, leaving another generous tip. He flags down another cab and returns to the hotel and waits. Jason doesn't emerge from his room until it is time to board the bus for the next tour stop. More disappointed than ever, David climbs onto the bus and waits for the world's most beautiful boy to grace them with his presence. Soon the girls join him in waiting. Ramielle, all 4'11", jumps onto his lap, teasing him with her very own sex dance when she inadvertently grabs the sleeve of his shirt and exposes the beautiful artwork emblazoned on his arm. It is the spitting image of Jason's remarkable, intense, mesmerizing blue eyes- well, one of them. And just to make sure there is no doubt in anyone's mind that it is Jason's eye behind the inspiration, thick and long sweeping eyelashes fan over the blue eye. Brooke's mouth drops to the floor and Carly's eyes widen in horror. Syesha just shrugs her shoulders, pretending that she has better things to do like writing a thank you note to her one and only fan on her myspace.

"Oh, Michael isn't going to like this." Carly says, trying to rub the ink stain off David's pale skin.

"I like it." Ramielle admires the ink work.

"And creepy," Brooke murmurs as she sits down next to Carly.

"I think it's pretty like Jason's eyes," Ramielle adds.

"Speaking of the devil," Syesha clears her throat.

In walks Jason and everyone jumps to their feet, casually walking to their seats, leaving David alone. Jason offers a weak smile to those that he passes on his way to the bunk area.

"He's sleeping, again?" Chiezeki complains. "We're already late because sleeping beauty wouldn't get up."

David shoots Chiezeki a death glare and makes his way into the bunk area in the back of the bus.

"Jason." He calls out, not wanting to surprise the boy. When he receives no response, he continues further into the bunk area. He sees the curtains to Jason's bunk pulled shut. He pulls them open and rouses the boy.

"I want to show you something." He says.

Jason shakes his head slightly. His pretty dreads stroke the pillow case beneath his head. "Tired. `m not interested." The boy mumbles into his pillow.

David shakes his head, crouching down on the floor beside the boy's bunk. He reaches for the hanging dreads that cover the boy's face. He slips the lose dreads behind the boy's ear and tries one more time to draw the boy's attention to him.

"Jason," he whispers. "Open those pretty baby blues of yours."

Even with his lids closed, David can still see the boy rolling his eyes. He eventually rotates his body so that he's lying on his back. Slowly, his eyes flutter open. David loses his breath for a moment, but regains his composure. He slides the sleeve down his arm and raises his arm in front of the boy. Jason furrows his eyebrows. David laughs out loud. The boy's too adorable as he looks bewilderedly at the tattoo of the blue eye with the long eyelashes.

"I didn't know Kimberly has blue eyes." The boy comments.

"She doesn't." David responds. "And no one else in my inner circle does but," David inches closer until his lips barely touch Jason's ear and breathes, "you."

Jason gulps.

"So you really did mean what you said to me, that you love me, in the hallway, last night. But why were you so distant?"

"Because I was worried about what other people think. I was listening to everyone else when I should have listened to my heart all along."

Jason hesitantly reaches his fingers across David's hard chest, stopping at the thumping sound emitting from his heart.

"Your heart," Jason looks like he's ready to cry. "It's beating so hard."

"For you and only you." David tells him.

"David, I..."

"Jason, please."

"I don't want to disappoint you. I don't want your vision of who I am to be tarnished by the reality that I'm not beautiful and perfect. I don't-"

"Jason, please."

"I know I'm going disappoint you. I can't even have sex with you." The boy is crying now, hiding his tear-stained face behind his hands.

"'s okay," David says, trying to get into the bunk. He realizes the bunk is barely big enough to accommodate one person much less two so he pulls the boy out of the bunk. He leads the boy away from the bunk and lowers him onto the couch. He climbs on top of the boy and lowers his body onto the boy. The boy freezes momentarily- his hands rigid in the air in a catatonic state. "May I kiss those sweet lips of wine?" David asks.

Jason nods, raising his body off the couch to press his lips against David's.

"I take that as a yes." David smiles into the kiss. He deepens the kiss, lowering the boy back onto the couch. He snakes his tongue inside the warmth of Jason's mouth when the boy opens his mouth to welcome him in. Jason moans into David's mouth, which David swallows hungrily. He scrapes his tongue along the ridges of the boy's mouth and massages his tongue. When he breaks the kiss, Jason's eyes are still closed and his thick and full lips are still slightly opened. Gradually, the boy opens his eyes. David smiles at Jason as the boy licks his lips, tasting what is left of David on his lips. David's eyes roam all over the boy's delectable body until they rest between the boy's legs.

Cautiously, he lowers his hand to the fly on the boy's jeans, tugging at the waistband a bit.

"May I?"

The boy is unresponsive. There is much hesitation in his stormy blue eyes.

"Webster dictionary defines sexual intercourse as penetration of the penis." David explains to which Jason relaxes more at ease.


With Jason's permission, David strips the boy of his favorite brown shirt from Urban Outfitters. He literally rips open the boy's jeans, damaging the expensive jeans, and tears at the boy's boxers.

"David, they're my new Joie's jeans." The boy whines.

"Baby, don't worry. I'll take you shopping for another pair of jeans," David says and dips his head between the boy's legs. His tongue protrudes out and tastes the special area on Jason's beautiful body that no one has ever touched before.

"Tickles." The boy giggles, burying his face in the soft cushions of the couch.

David chuckles and takes the entire length into his mouth. Using his tongue, he slides it up and down the length, wraps around the length, and teases at the lips of the boy's penis. He wraps his lips tightly around the boy's cock and gives it a slight suction while gently massaging the globular sacs that hang on either side of the golden rod. He continues his expert ministrations for several minutes until the giggling turns into moans of pleasure and the boy's mouth open, forming a perfect `o' as orgasm waits fervently on the brink. He looks up to see Jason's baby blues roll back into his head as the boy ejaculates into David's waiting mouth. He eagerly drinks all that Jason has to offer. Jason continues to writhe underneath David, moaning delectably as David squeezes his balls tightly, wringing every last drop from his cock. David sucks on the boy's cock until it is dry and spent. When David swallows the last drop of Jason's special honey laced salty concoction, he opens his mouth and the boy's spent cock slips out of his lips as Jason collapses onto the couch. As Jason attempts to recover from his very first orgasm, David takes the opportunity to admire the beauty that is Jason Castro, all golden skin covering strong, lean muscles. His skin glistens with glittery sweat. His lips of wine whimper as his manicured nails claw at the seat cushion beneath him. His smooth, velvety cock quiver in the air as his chest rises and falls. David lowers his body to the ground next to the couch and kisses the boy's forehead when the door suddenly opens.

Michael barges in.

"What did I tell you about the art of subtlety?" Michael chastises when his eyes fall on the scene before him.

He sees David on his knees with a milky residue sliding down his chin.


Upon closer inspection, he sees Jason's favorite brown shirt from Urban Outfitters- torn- on the floor along with his ripped boxers and his dreads hanging off the couch.


Michael whispers and then bashfully walks out the same door he came through just moments ago. He wipes the grin off his face and meets his friends who all have been waiting patiently for the scoop.

"They're fuckin' each other, aren't they?" Little Archie asks and his father shoots him a disapproving glare that quickly shuts the boy up.

Michael nods. "From what I can tell, yes."

"Darn." Ramielle pouts. "All it takes is a tattoo of his blue eye. I should have gotten it first after all it was my idea about the blue eyed tattoo. He stole the idea from me. He stole Jason from me."

Michael tries his best to comfort the young broken hearted girl. He squeezes her shoulder.

"David has stolen Jason not just from you, but from millions of others. And all it took was a little art of unsubtlety."


Author's End Notes:
Well, there you have it, boys. The end. Hope everyone enjoyed the fellatio scene at the end. Now let's discuss the infamous blue eye tattoo David Cook is sporting, shall we? Mind you, David calls Jason 'Eyelashes' and suddenly he appears one day with a blue eye tattoo with long sweeping eyelashes on his arm. Hmm...Could life be imitating art? This fic and my other fics can be found at Castrofics along with many great fics by some amazingly talented writers.