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Artie had lusted after Finn since he had joined Glee club. It was for this reason that Artie could barely contain his excitement when Finn had stopped him after practice to ask him if Artie would be willing to help Finn with his calculus. Finn was stretched so thin between football, glee club, and his pregnant girlfried Quin, he was dangerously close to failing his least favorite class. It was the school counselor Ms. Pillbury that had suggested he get a tutor.

Since every dime Finn could scrape up at his part time job went to Quin's medical costs, he figured he had to ask a friend to tutor him for free. Since his only smart friend was the brainy and nerdy Artie, he had only one choice. This suited Artie just fine. Artie had told him to come by his house at 5. Artie's family wouldn't be home until late, so they would have no distractions.

Artie had no great plans of seducing Fin. He was just glad to spend time with the tall, handsome, self-described "Glee Stud." Artie had realized several years before that he was bisexual. There were lots of girls and guys and William McKinley that he was attracted to, and while Artie's "equipment" was fully functional, his being in a wheel chair didn't do anything good for his sex life. His nerdy clothes and glasses didn't seem to help either. Artie was still a virgin with guys and girls, and while he really hot for Fin, Artie had no intention of making a move.

Artie was combing his hair for the third time, primping for Finn without even realizing it, when the doorbell rang. Artie wheeled toward the front door while yelling "come in". The door opened and Finn peeked his head in.

"Hey Artie," he said quietly. Finn flashed his toothy smile, but Artie could tell that something was bothering him. Artie didn't think it would be appropriate to bring it up, so he smiled politely back and said, "come on in. I thought we could work on your calculus in my room. " Artie offered Finn a pop, Fin accepted, and after they retrieved their sodas from the kitchen, Artie led the way by wheeling past the dining room toward the back of the house. Artie's room was, for obvious reasons, on the ground floor.

Artie and Finn entered Arties room. The walls were covered with posters from obscure movies that Finn had never heard of. There were multiple book cases filled with books, many of which Finn had also not heard of. There was a dresser, a small flat screen tv with a Wii, a lot of the same stuff that Finn had in his own room. Artie's bed was in the corner, and aside from being made, was just like Fin's. For some reason, Finn had expected that there would be pulleys and levers and stuff, but it all looked the same. Had he not known it was Artie's room, Finn wouldn't have figured it belonged to a kid in a wheel chair. Finn hadn't realized that Artie wasn't so different just because of the wheel chair, but he was starting too.

There was a good size desk with a computer on it at the wall by the door. There wasn't a chair, which Finn didn't get for a minute, until Artie rolled up to the desk. He was off to one side, clearly leaving a space for Fin. The absence of a chair occurred to Artie too, which made him grin. Finn returned the grin, which pleased Artie. At Artie's suggestion, Finn disapeared to the dining room and moments later was back in the bedroom with a chair.

The two spent the next ten minutes beginning a lesson in calculus. Artie realized quickly that Finn didn't just need a little help. Finn was clearly not getting much from the lesson, but Artie was patient and kind. Artie was a natural teacher, but the same thing that had caused Fin's smile to be labored was making it difficult for him to concentrate on the task at hand. It wasn't long before Artie could tell that Finn was getting angry. Artie continued to patient, but it made no difference. After getting yet another problem wrong, Finn yelled, "I just can't do this!" and shoved the book off the side of the desk. At the same time he stood up so fast that the chair fell out from under him as he stood. He spun around yelling, "I'm just too stupid! I can't learn this shit!" he screamed as he swept a shelf's worth of books into the floor.

Artie was a little scared by this. He rolled himself around to face Fin, but as quickly as this outburst had begun, it became something else. Finn balled his fist and slammed it into the wall. When Finn drew back, he rubbed his now red knuckles and collapsed on Artie's bed in tears. Finn seemed inconsolable as he cried, but he was also clearly embarrased for Artie to see him cry. Artie rolled closer to Fin, and when he was sure that Finn wasn't going to take another swing at anything (including him) he got close enough that he reached out and rouched Fin's shoulder.

In the low deep voice that Artie almost always used, he spoke softly to Finn as he touched his shoulder , "It's okay Fin. I know it's hard, but I'll help you with it."

Finn was still crying, and while his tone of voice was still slightly combative and angry, he didn't push Artie's hand away from his shoulder. "It's not just that math. It's everything. I'm QB, I've got glee club. I'm working now, and what am I suppose to do about Quin? She's having my baby! I'm not ready to be a father. I'm not even sure I wan't to be Quin."

Finn was talking so fast, but Artie understood. His heart had gone out to Finn when news had spread all over the school that Quin was pregnant and Finn was the father. Quin didn't even seem to like Finn that much, and she was such a bitch to him. Artie realized that Finn was getting more and more upset as he spoke.

"Fin, Fin," Artie said softly. "Just take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. I know that the world is crashing down on you right now, but anything I can do to help you, I will."

Artie said this because it seemed the right thing to say, but at the same time, he realized that he meant it. Glee club had brought him closer to everyone in the club, and if it was in his ability to do a thing, he would.

Fin looked up at Artie with tears still in his eyes. Fin, touched by Artie's kind words, looked at Artie. As Artie thought Finn was about to get his composure back, Finn collapsed forward onto Artie in what Artie finally realized was a hug. Finn wrapped his arms around Artie's slim frame and buried his face into Artie's chest. Artie could feel Fin's soft sobs again his chest. Artie's heart went out to Finn and patted him on the back.

After maybe thirty seconds, Artie realized that Fin's hand was now gently moving around his chest and slightly down his side. Artie thought for a moment that this was nothing, but then realized that Finn was now gently rubbing Artie's chest and that Finn had stopped sobbing. Artie stopped patting Fin's back, half out of confusion and half out of fear (of what, Artie didn't know). Finn looked up at Artie's face (which was awash with confusion). Fin's face was puffy and slightly red from crying. Fin leaned forward and before Artie had time to even know what was going on, Fin touched his mouth to Artie's in a gentle kiss. Five seconds went by, and just as a wave of terror was about to overtake Finn (terror that he had made a huge mistake, terror that Artie might react badly to this kiss, terror of being rejected) Finn felt a faint brush of Arties tongue against his own.

After another ten seconds or so of gentle kissing, the two broke away from one another. Artie smiled, "Umm," nervously smiling now. "What was that."

Fin seemed embarrassed, but he grinned too. This grin wasn't labored and forced like before, it was the happy smile that Artie recognized. That Artie loved.

"I hope that was okay," Finn said, nervously. "I just felt...I think..." Finn was clearly struggling for words. Artie, not knowing what to say either, simply leaned forward slightly and kissed Fin. This kiss lasted longer than the first. As they continued to kiss, Finn once again began to rub Artie's side and moved on to his chest. Artie began to do the same. Finn rose up off the bed, trying to re-situate himself toward Artie and inadvertantly pushed Arties chair, sending him back about a foot before Artie stopped the chair. Finn freaked out a little bit, but also chuckled a little at the same time.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to.."

"It's okay," Artie said, also slightly laughing.

As Artie rolled back toward Fin, Finn leaned over and kissed Artie again and whispered into Artie's ear (which was odd, since there was no one else home to hear) "Umm...Do you want to sit on the bed?"

Artie smiled, "Sure." Artie began to roll to the bed when Finn put a hand on his chair and said, "Can I help?". Artie could tell from his voice that Fin wasn't asking if he could help in the way people sometimes did when they felt weird about him being in the chair. Artie could tell from the gently smile Finn continued to flash as he spoke so softly, that Finn was making an attempt at intamacy. "Sure" Artie said softly.

Fin positioned himself next to Artie's chair. Finn bent his knees slightly. Artie leaned forward a little to allow Finn to put his strong arm behind Artie's back and under his left arm. At the same time, Artie wrapped his arms around Fin's neck. This caused their faces to be very close together again and both smiled at one another. Finn put his other arm under Artie's legs at the knee and gently lifted him out of his chair. Finn stood upright with Artie in his arms. Artie was unbelievably light. Artie could feel the muscles in Fin's strong arms and back as he held him.

For a moment, they remained in this pose, until Artie laughed. This made Finn laugh. Finally, Artie spoke, "Um, you wanna put me down?" Artie was laughing lightly as he said this, which made Finn laugh too. "Sure." Finn stepped to the bed, put his knee on the bed so that he could gently lay Artie down. After he had lay Artie down, Finn lay down next to him. Once again he began kissing Artie and touching his chest. Artie began to do the same. He touched Fin's powerful bicep and began to stroke around Fin's neck. After a few minutes of heavy petting through their clothes, Finn leaned back a little and said, "Can I take off your shirt?" Finn still sounded nervous. Rather than respond, Artie just smiled as he pulled his suspenders down over his shoulders and started to unbutton his shirt. Finn laughed and smiled again, still visibly nervous. Fin took over for Artie and unbuttoned Artie's plaid shirt. Finn pulled the two sides of Artie's shirt apart to reveal his slim, hairless chest. Finn touched it gently before he kissed Artie's breastbone. Artie shivered at first but quickly adjusted to the amazing feel of Fin's mouth on his skin.

Fin moved quickly to Artie's nipples. He licked gingerly around each before taking it in his mouth. Artie's nerve endings where on fire. In his wildest dreams he hadn't imagined anything could feel this good. Artie grasped at the top of the back of Fin's shirt, trying to get it up over Fin's head. Fin, realizing what Artie was after, leaned back and pulled his shirt off. Artie admired him for a moment. He was on his knees on the bed next to Artie. His tight, muscular chest and arms made him look like a greek statue. Aside from the small patch under each arm and the tiny hint of a trail from his navel to his waistband, his upper body was hairless. Finn saw Artie eyeing him and chuckled again. Artie did the same.

As they continued to touch, Artie migrated his hand down to Fin's crotch. He could feel that Finn had a hardon already. As Finn kept on kissing his chest and mouth, Artie managed to unbutton Fin's jeans and unzip them. He thrust his hand inside and found Fin's big hard dick still trapped inside his boxer briefs. As Artie grapsed Fin's dick, Finn maoned softly. After a few more moments, Artie broke his mouth away from Fin's and gasped, "Take off your pants". Finn didn't need to be told twice. He quickly stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear, revealing his fully erect cock. Fin's cock was a thick seven inches. Artie smiled at the sight of it. "Very nice!" Artie said. Artie leaned up on his elbows and quickly pulled his own shirt the rest of the way off and threw it on the floor.

When Artie leaned back to take another look at Fin, he noticed that Finn suddenly had a slightly off look on his face. "Whats wrong?" Artie said.

"Oh nothing!" Finn said, sounding like he had done something wrong. Finn sat back down next to Artie. "It's just...I wanted you to...I don't know...does your um...boy" It took Artie a second to get what Finn was asking, and when he did, he laughed out loud. Finn wanted to know if Artie's dick was effected by his disability. In Fin's effort not to offend Artie, he vocabulary had been reduced to an 8 year olds. Artie's laughter seemed to put Finn at ease. "Um, my boy parts work fine" Artie said still laughing. Finn smiled and said "sweet!" and began to undo Arties pants. As he pulled back Artie's underwear, Fin's eyes got wide. "Holy Shit!" Artie looked down and quickly saw why he was surprised.

"It's a fucking python Artie!" Finn said. "Who knew!". Finn was referring to the semi-erect eight and a half inch slab of meat that was Artie's cock. Artie just laughed again as Finn began to gently stroke him. Artie's semi-erect cock quickly became fully erect. Finn watched as Arties cock grew to it's full nine and half inches. Without a word of warning, Finn slipped his mouth down over the tip of Artie's huge cock. Artie's eyes rolled back in his head as Finn gave him the first blow job of his life. Finn slid his mouth down over Artie's cock again and again. Each time with more gusto than the moment before. Finn was able to get about 6 inches of Artie's huge cock inside his mouth before he was start to gag a little. Finn tried to force more of Artie's cock down the back of his throat, but he gagged hard. Artie laughed and said, "Hey, be careful down there!" then followed with, "Let me try that!". He motioned for Finn to reposition himself. Finn flipped himself around on the bed to a "69" position. At the same time, he pushed Artie's pants and underwear down and off, revealing Artie's skinny, pale legs.

Finn was wondering if it would be alright to ask how Artie got in the chair. On second thought, that it definitely not something he wants to ask cause surely it would kill the mood, but I think that...ahhh! Hi mind was sidetracked by the incredible feeling of Artie's mouth on his throbbing cock. Finn thought for a second that he was going to cum right then, but it passed and he realized that it was just really good. He immediately went back to sucking Artie too.

The two of them lay together on the bed. Their hands ran along every inch of the other's flesh that they could reach. Their mouths ran furiously along each others cock and balls. Artie was reluctant at first to go near Fin's ass. In the back of his mind, he was afraid that Finn would recoil or freak out, so he was pleasantly surprise when as he gently brushed his finger near Fin's asshole. Finn didn't freak out, he didn't run away, he merely moaned around the mouthful of Artie's cock that he was sucking.

As Artie continued to suck Fin, he gingerly probed Fin's tight asshole with his index finger. Finn pulled Artie's cock out of his mouth long enough to say, "Oh fuck!" and then put his mouth back to work. Given Fin's enthusiastic response, Artie continued to gently finger Fin's ass. Finn continued to moan and squirm, but gave no indication for Artie to do anything but keep going. Artie switched to his middle finger so he could go a little deeper. Finn moaned and squirmed as Artie added another finger and finally a third. Fin clearly could not get enough.

Finn was so enjoying this that he actually stopped sucking Artie's big dick and climbed over on top of Artie's chest, positioning his ass directly in front of Artie. He began again to suck Artie again as Artie started to finger Finn harder. After a while longer, Finn sat up and quickly flipped himself around so that he was still straddling Artie's small chest, but was now facing Artie. He leaned down and kissed Artie more. He then put his mouth near Artie's ear and whispered, "Can you fuck me Artie?" The nervousness was gone from Fin's voice. He knew what he wanted now.

Artie was surprised by the request, but he certainly wasn't going to let him down. Instead, he just smiled, "Um, you'll probably have to ride me, is that okay?" Finn just smiled and began to move himself down to where he would be straddling Artie's hips. Artie flashed on his sex ed class. "There is a condom in the night stand" Artie said. Artie enjoyed the view of the strong, lean stud Finn as he leaned over, and rifled through the night stand drawer for a second before bringing out a a condom and a little jar of petroleum jelly.

Fin noticed that the condom was a magnum and chuckled a little. Fin's dick was long and thick, but he didn't have to wear magnums. For a second, he couldn't believe that he was doing any of this, but especially that he was about to try to take Artie's huge monster up his ass. In his horniness, that thought disappeared from Fin's head as quickly as it had come. Artie, realizing that Finn had noticed that it was a magnum condom felt obilgated to explain. "My dad bought them for me. He said I should always be prepared. And I guess this (grabbing his big dick) runs in the family." Finn thought for just a second about the fact that Artie's dad must be packing something like Artie was and was taken aback. He quickly focused once again Artie's dick.

In a flash, the condom was out of the wrapper and on Artie's dick. Finn put a dab of lube on this tip of Artie's cock and rubed it down. Then he put some on this own asshole. Finn realized that Artie's cock was so big that he wouldn't be able to just straddle him, so he got up on his feet and squatted down over Artie's dick. Artie helped to point his cock up toward Finn's ass. Finn eased down a little more and felt the tip of Artie's cock at the end of his hole. Any reservation about this that Finn may have had about this went away when he pushed himself down until his hole relented and allowed the head of Artie's dick pop inside him.

Fin didn't just yell, he screamed. "AAAhhhhhhh!". It was lucky that no one was home, or surely they would have come running. Artie wasn't sure that Finn was okay, but rather than try to pull off of Artie's dick, Finn held himself steady. "MMMM, ooooohhhh" Finn said as he started to adjust to the thick cock that was just inside his hole. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" Artie said as he put a hand up on Finn's chest. Finn had one hand on the wall to steady himself, but he put the other hand on Artie's hand and looked him in the eye. "I'm okay...I really wanna do this" Finn said.

Artie knodded. Fin's hole felt so good wrapped around the tip of this dick. After another 20 seconds or so, Finn began to ease himself down another inch of cock. He continued to moan and writhe as he stopped at just two inches of it inside him. He allowed himself to adjust again. Then another inch. Finn felt like he was already stretched as far as he possibly could. Artie's cock wasn't only long, but thick. It was a uniform thickness until the tapered just a little at the tip. This worked in Fin's favor in that his hole had already stretched to accomidate the full thickness. Now all he had to worry about was the length.

After five or six minutes that seemed to Finn like an enternity, Finn was sitting on about six inches of the nine plus that Artie had to offer him. Artie was rubbing Fin's chest and tummy with one hand and stroke Fin's cock with the other. Finn was down low enough now that he gingerly went from being on his feet to being on his knees. "Artie, I'm gonna go all the way, okay?" Artie didn't think it was such a good idea, but before he could say anything, Finn thrust all his wait down toward Artie's hips. As a result of the quick action, Artie's huge nine inches were forced all the way inside of Fin's asshole. As Fin's ass came to rest against Artie's hips, Finn screamed once again in both pain and orgasmic delight.

Fin doubled over, and the sound of his moans and grunts were muffled as he kissed Artie, harder this time. He sat like this, his cock filled all the way with Artie's cock, his mouth exploring Artie's mouth for about sixty seconds before he slowly started to pump gently up and down. As he did, he continued to moan. He ran his hands over Artie's face, his surprisingly strong biceps, his smooth chest, all while impaling himself over and over again on Artie's huge dick.


Fin started to tense up and knew what was coming. What was amazing to him was, he was pretty sure he was about to come without even touching his dick. He leaned back to an upright position again and continued long strokes up and down riding on Artie's dick

"Artie...Artie...I think I'm going to...mmm..." Fin's face contorted, and as the tip Artie's cock once again brushed again's Fin's prostate, he exploded. The first thick rope of jizz that shot out of Fin's cock hit Artie in the eye (Artie's glasses having been tossed aside not long after their first kiss). The second landed across his face and in his hair. The last four shots and the dribble that followed covered Artie's smooth chest in Fin's creamy white cum. As Finn screamed with delight, Artie laughed out loud as he was covered with jizz.

After Finn climaxed, he collapsed on top of Artie and into his own jizz. After a moment, he realized that Artie couldn't open his eye because of the mess he had made. Finn laughed and said, "Oh, I'm sorry dude!" as he wiped the cum away. Both laughed for a minute. Finn gently pulled himself up off of Artie's still rock hard cock. He moaned as he finally got all ofARtie's dick out of him. Finn felt empty without the huge hunk of meat inside of him. Finn lay down again next to Artie, removed the condom and immediately went to work on Arties dick again.

Fin riding his cock had already gotten Artie pretty close. Finn only had to suck Artie for maybe another half a minute before Artie's breathing got heavy. "I'm about to cum" Artie warned, but rather than pull away, Fin sped up his up and down motion on Artie's dick. As Artie began to cum, Fin pulled back just enough for Artie's cum to have room to splash against the back of Fin's throat. The load was much bigger than Finn had been prepared for, and as a result, Artie's cum began to dribble down the side of Fin's mouth. Artie shot four big shots before Fin swallowed hard all the cum thatt Artie had deposited inside his mouth. Then he swallowed again to get the reaminder and cleaned the last drop off of Artie's cock.

Finally, the two collapsed back on the bed next to one another. Much to Artie's pleasure, rather than turning away or rushing to put his clothes back one, Finn flipped over on his stomach so that he could rest his head next to Artie's and put his arm over Artie's chest. They looked into each other's eyes and giggled. They lay quietly for a minute before Artie broke the silence. "Hey, you don't need help with physics too, do you?"