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This story is a sequel to my previous story Artie and Finn that was posted 12/22/2009. That story had some proofing errors, for which I apologize. I'll try to keep those to a minimum here.

Kurt was not a stalker. While he had been lusting after the sexy Glee stud Finn since the beginning of the year, Kurt had kept limited his obsession to lingering glances across the choir room. That being said, when Kurt drove by Arties house on his way home only to see Fin's rusted out shit box of a car parked in front, Kurt's interest was peaked.

Kurt parked across the street and racked his brain for an excuse to knock on Artie's front door and somehow interject himself into whatever conversation or activity Finn might be involved in behind those doors. Kurt figured perhaps Finn and Artie were practicing a song. And there was his excuse to knock. He would say he wanted to stop by and rehearse a new number; that Artie's bass would be the perfect compliment for Kurt's soprano. Before Kurt had more time to think about the lie he would tell, he realized that he was walking up Artie's front walk.

Kurt had his fist raised to knock when from within the house, Kurt heard Fin's amazing voice in an unmistakable yell of pain tinged with ecstasy. Kurt was so surprised that he nearly fell into the door trying to keep from knocking on the door. In quick response to the first cry, he heard another. This was clearly the sound of Finn having sex. The thought of it make Kurt's cock instantly begin to rise.

"Who could he be in there fucking?" Kurt thought. Quin was his girlfriend, but Kurt doubted that either Quin or Fin would have been up for sex while Quin was pregnant. Then, as an almost obvious thought, Kurt surmised that it must be Rachel. Rachel was annoying, but Kurt (hell, everyone) could sense the sexual tension between Finn and Rachel. That must be it. But then another thought occurred to Kurt. "Why are they fucking at Artie's house?" Kurt then realized that he hadn't just thought that, but had said it out loud.

Kurt suddenly felt conspicuous standing alone on Artie's front porch, listening for more sex sounds. Kurt thought about going back to his car and driving home, but then he thought again. As if he didn't have a choice, Kurt began skulking around the corner of the house and looking through each window he passed. He hadn't really thought about it, but he just had to see who Finn was fucking. Kurt was a gossip, and loved new info to share. He hadn't yet admitted to himself that he was really hoping to catch a peak of a naked Fin.

After he rounded to the back of the house, he passed two windows with nothing. Before he even reached the third to look into it, he knew it was the correct one. The sound of sex was as plain as day. Kurt was no stranger to internet porn, so he knew what sex sounded like. But when Kurt gingerly poked his head above the sill and peaked through the window blind, he was shocked by what he saw.

Finn was there, he was naked and gorgeous. His smooth naked chest was glistening with sweat. But it wasn't Quin he was fucking. It wasn't Rachel. In fact, to get technical, Finn wasn't fucking anyone. Finn was getting a guy! Kurt's heart jumped. The flamboyantly gay Kurt had not even in his wildest dreams (ok, well, his wildest dreams yes) imagined that Finn was gay. But here he was, the glorious stud Finn was riding a guy's dick. Kurt's mouth was agape as he watched. Finn was clearly very into it. He was bobbing up and down, fucking himself on the guy's dick. Kurt clearly had not been spotted, but he couldn't see the face of the other guy.

Kurt was puzzled for a moment, then he noticed the empty wheelchair near the bed, and the dorky glasses cast aside on the night stand and then Kurt remembered once more whose house this was. Thankfully, when Kurt once more spoke his thoughts this time, his tone was hushed enough that the couple he was watching didn't hear him.

"Artie is fucking Fin."

The next day at school, Kurt was on a mission. The day before, as he had crouched under Artie's window watching as Artie and Finn had sex, Kurt had gone through a thousand scenarios of how he could not get with Fin. His innocent crush was quickly grown to a full blown obsession. It seemed like a long time as the two guys fucked furiously while Kurt watched. They had not seen him. He was incredibly excited, but his mind was spinning so fast. Kurt watched with rapt attention as Fin climaxed and sprayed a huge amount of jizz on Artie. But it was what happened next that changed everything for Kurt. When Fin finally eased up off of Artie's cock, Kurt saw the almost unbelievable dick that Artie had. Kurt could only guess from here, but Artie looked to be packing 9 inches, maybe more? And it was so thick. As Kurt watched Finn sucking Artie's huge dick, he realized that it wasn't Finn that he was lusting after just that moment, it was Artie.

Artie's porn star size cock wasn't the only reason. This was what Kurt had thought that night as he lay in bed after having furiously masturbated thinking of the days events. His chances of Artie freaking out if being approached were much lower than with Fin. Kurt had always thought that Fin was a little too close to freaking out at any given time (even for a high school student). But in reality, the last thing Kurt thought about before he fell asleep was Artie's big cock.

So that day, during their shared morning study hall, Kurt sat down next to Artie in the back of the room where they were no where near anyone. Kurt had thought of a thousand tactful ways to bring it up, but as soon as Kurt leaned over to whisper in Artie's ear, his libido took over.

"I saw you fucking Finn last night." Kurt whispered. As Kurt leaned back to sit upright, he saw the look of shock on Artie's face. Artie looked terrified too. "No need to worry," Kurt said, feeling his inner bitch rising up. "No one will ever hear it from me...assuming of course that you provide me the same, em, accommodations that you provided Fin."

"Artie was still in shock, but after another half a minute, he closed his open mouth and leaned in to whisper, "What do you mean?"

Kurt couldn't help but smile. He couldn't believe that he was about to blackmail Artie for sex, but he just couldn't seem to help himself.

"We should discuss this elsewhere. Will you have your place to yourself again tonight?" Kurt said. After a half a minute of confusion, Artie nodded yes.

"Very well," Kurt said as he gathered up his books and stood, "I'll be over right after school, we can discuss this then. Until then, rest assured my lips are sealed." And before Artie could argue or rebut, Kurt had walked away.

Artie spent the rest of the day in a trance. He resisted the temptation to tell Finn that Kurt had seen them. On top of everything else, Artie didn't need Finn freaking out today. So right after school, Artie had hurried right home, which was only a few blocks from the school. He wasn't really all that shocked to find Kurt sitting on his front porch.

Kurt began to say something, but Artie wheeled past him and unlocked the front door. Artie clearly had some anger in his voice, "Let's talk about this inside" Artie said as he wheeled through the door. Kurt followed him in and shut the door. Artie wheeled into the living room and Kurt followed.

Kurt thought he would have trouble here, but Artie had clearly been stewing all day and was now angry. Kurt didn't have to speak first.

"What the hell do you want Kurt?" Artie said. "Look everyone knows you have a crush on Fin, but what happened yesterday just happened. It wasn't planned. I mean, I don't think he is going to break up with Quinn with her being pregnant, so why are you harassing me?! If you want something why don't you see Fin?!" Artie was really loud. Artie didn't speak often and never raised his voice, so Kurt was taken aback a little. Kurt immediately felt guilty about how he had handled this. He realized that he shouldn't have just said that he knew and let Artie's mind try to fill in the blanks. Kurt realized that Artie was not just mad, but scared. This was a fear that Kurt had lived with for a lot of years. He thought about apologizing, but realized that a little seduction might be the way to go instead.

"You don't understand Artie," Kurt said as he began to unbutton his designer jacket and peel it off. "Finn can't give me what I want." As Kurt jacket hit the floor, so did his knees. Before Artie had time to respond, Kurt was grabbing Artie's package through his dorky dress pants. Artie was surprised and confused at first, but as Kurt kneaded Artie's cock through the fabric, Kurt watched as a big dorky, toothy grin spread across Artie's face. "Oh," Artie simply said.

The thought never occurred to Artie to argue. While he and Finn had spent an incredible evening together the day before, it's not like they were dating. Artie didn't know if he and Finn would ever do anything again, but right now he knew that he was alone in his house with a guy that was feeling him up. A guy Artie would be lying if he had said he hadn't had wet dreams about. "Oh," Artie said again. "I think we can manage that."

Without further talking, Kurt began clawing at Artie's belt. Within ten seconds, Artie's huge semi-erect cock was out of his pants and in Kurt's mouth. Kurt, unlike Artie, was not a virgin to gay sex. Kurt had started playing with other boys at a young age. A year ago, he had met a guy online. He was a year older than Kurt and had, over the course of several meetings, showed Kurt, "the ropes." While Finn had done great, Artie knew right away that Kurt was the superior cocksucker. The sensation was amazing. Artie grasped at Kurt's perfectly quaffed hair as Kurt fit about 6 inches of Artie's cock into his mouth and down the back of his throat. However, where Finn had choked when he tried to take more, Kurt had not. Kurt adjusted and forced on, and was able to deep throat almost all of Artie's huge dick. Artie was amazed, but rather than speak, he just moaned softly.

Kurt worked Artie's cock and balls for maybe three minutes total, but to Artie, he felt like hours had passed. The sensation was so intense. Artie felt like he was about to cum, but as soon as he felt like he was going to have to say something to Kurt about it, Kurt pulled his throat and mouth up off of Artie's dick and started working once again on Artie's balls. Artie didn't think, he just spoke. "Take off your clothes, Kurt". Arties voice was surprisingly calm and authoritative. Both Artie and Kurt had noticed, but it had only served to turn Kurt on more. Kurt stood, and did a little mini-strip tease. Within second, Kurt stood completely naked before Artie. Kurt was a cute boy. His body wasn't muscled like Fin's. Kurt was at an age where he still looked more like a boy than a man. He had a tiny patch of hair beneath his navel that led to his junk. His cock was already hard. It was also not as big as Fin's, but Kurt had nothing to be ashamed of. His slim, soft body was the perfect back drop for the thick 6.5 inches that stuck straight out from between his legs.

"Very nice," Artie said smiling. "Let's move to the couch." Kurt walked to the couch and Artie wheeled behind him. "Can I help?" Kurt said, leaning over and grabbing Artie under the arms in a bear hug. "Sure," Artie said, not that he could have resisted at this point. Kurt was already pulling him upward. Kurt was not as tall or strong as Fin, so he couldn't carry him like Finn had, but with not much effort, they where soon sitting next to one another on the couch. Kurt make quick work of getting Artie's clothes off. Before a minute had passed, The two were sitting next to one another on the couch, Artie casually stroking Kurt's cock as Kurt sucked Artie's. The sensation was great for Artie. After a few minutes of this, Artie whispered for Kurt to stand up on the couch. Kurt knew why Artie wanted this, so he did so, positioning his cock in front of Artie's face. Without another word, Artie began to suck Kurt's dick. Kurt was surprised at how good a cocksucker Artie was. Kurt was enjoying himself so much that it was only a minute before Kurt's back stiffened and he announced, "I'm gonna cum." Kurt said this calmly, then pulled his dick out of Artie's mouth and stroke hard until finally, with a yelp from Kurt, a thick shot of jizz hit Artie's chest, followed by a few more. Kurt's orgasm was hard and seemed to take a lot out of him, as after the finished shaking the jizz from his dick, he collapsed on the couch next to Artie. Kurt immediately grabbed tissue from the box on the end table and cleaned Artie up. They were both smiling. Kurt nuzzled Artie's neck a little and Artie, feeling he needed to fill the silence, chuckled, "that was fun."

"Was fun???" Kurt said as he looked up, "We aren't done." He got up and went to his jacket. Artie was confused until Kurt came back with a magnum condom and a tiny bottle of astroglide. As Kurt ripped the wrapper and rolled the condom down over Artie's huge dick, Kurt said, "I'm not leaving till I get what Finn got." Artie didn't argue. Kurt clearly knew what he wanted. He just watched as the condom went on, the latex-covered cock and Kurt's asshole got a generous dose of lube, and Kurt stood up on the couch, this time straddling Artie. Without another word, Kurt looked Artie in the face as he eased down onto the tip of Artie's dick.

Where Finn had some trouble getting down onto Artie's cock, Kurt had a much easier time. In one fluid movement, which wasn't fast, but wasn't slow, Kurt let out one high moan as Artie's cock penetrated his asshole and he slid all the way down in until he was sitting in Artie's lap, impaled by Artie's 9+ inches of meat. Artie couldn't believe how easily Kurt had taken it. While Kurt was clearly in some pain, he was also feeling a lot of pleasure. Kurt moaned softly and let his eyes roll back in his head as he began to lift up off of Artie's dick until it was almost all the way out, only to glide back down on in all the way. Kurt repeated this motion, while still slowly, each stroke being quicker than the last.

Artie just enjoyed the feeling. He didn't speak. He didn't know what to do with his hands, so he just wrapped them around Kurt's ankles, which were planted next to either of his own thighs. Minute passed, but Kurt showed no signs of fatigue or a desire to stop. After another few minutes, Artie began to feel that familiar sensation at the base of his cock. He knew it wouldn't belong before he jazzed too. "I'm about to cum, " Artie said nervously. "Is that ok?"

Kurt smiled and in one motion stood up, pulling Artie's dick out of his ass. In a series of other quick motions, the condom was off and Kurt was once again kneeling in front of Artie and sucking his dick. A few moments more was all it took. "Gonna cum," was what Artie said this time. Kurt pumped his throat down over Artie's cock a couple more times, then pulled back off of it in time to see the first shot. All of Artie's cum hit Kurt in the face and in his open mouth. Kurt let it drizzle out of his mouth and down onto his own chest. When Artie's orgasm was done, the two collapsed once more onto the couch. After a few moments of rest, Kurt stood and dressed himself. He helped Artie get his clothes back on and then helped him back into his chair. They didn't talk much, but it wasn't really that awkward.

As Kurt headed for the door, Artie followed in his chair. With his hand on the doorknob, Kurt turned and flashed a smile at Artie, "So, same time tomorrow?"