Disclaimer - This story is fiction and is no reflection on the characters mentioned or the actors who play them, As the World Turn is owned by Proctor and Gamble

Cast: Emma Snyder, Vienna Hyatt, Luke Snyder, Lily Snyder, Meg Snyder, Parker Snyder, Lucinda Walsh, Aaron Snyder, Brad Snyder, Katie Peretti-Snyder, Liberty Ciccone, Noah Mayer, JJ Snyder, Sage Snyder, Faith Snyder, Natalie Snyder, Jack Snyder, Henry Coleman, Holden Snyder, Bonnie McKechnie, Dallas Griffin, Janet Ciccone, Chris Hughes, Cole Norbeck, Bob Hughes, Susan Stewart, Lynn Michaels, Alison Stewart

Emma, matriarch of the Snyder clan, was already having a very good day. The farm was bustling with life, a result of an impromptu family gathering called by her grandson Luke. Emma stood on one side of the kitchen counter with former tenant Vienna Hyatt packing mountains of food up to take down to the pond for the big Snyder picnic.

"Oh, Emma it's so wonderful to be back in your kitchen again" Vienna said

"Well, it's wonderful to have you, even if we aren't fixing all those Swedish delicacies we used to whip up when you lived here!" Emma said. Across the counter from Emma and Vienna, Luke and his mother Lily were tearing up lettuce and chopping home grown vegetables for a huge salad. The girls and JJ had already drug Noah down to the pond to help Jack set things up, Aaron was out in the front yard tinkering with his bike, Holden was upstairs getting Ethan ready and Meg sat at the table with Parker. Parker was extra sullen today and had not said two words to anyone, he just kept playing games on his cell phone. Aaron walked into the kitchen, wiping his greasy hands on his already greasy wife-beater and went into the parlor. Aaron's pretty sullen too, Luke thought. Luke was about to go talk to him when Brad, Katie and Liberty arrived carrying even more food and supplies for the picnic.

"Welcome, Welcome" Emma said as Brad's family entered

"Hey, tough guy" Liberty hollered to Parker

"So good to see you Brad" Lily said almost sounding sincere

"Yeah, great to see you too Lily" Brad said kissing her on the cheek

"Luke, thanks so much for inviting us" Katie said "I really want to apologize again for..."

"Hey, no more of that!" Luke said "All's forgiven and forgotten on all sides. That's what today's all about."

Meg closed her cell phone, finishing her conversation with Paul, who was out of town on World Wide business. She walked up to Luke and asked "Did Aaron seem alright to you?"

Luke shrugged "About as OK as Parker over there". Liberty was teasing Parker as usual, but obviously trying to get him to tell her what was wrong. Luke heard him say "I don't want to talk about it" then try to ignore Liberty.

"I think I'll go talk to Aaron" Meg said "We don't want any black clouds hanging over us today right?"

"Right" Luke said "Thanks, Meg"

As Meg went to check on her nephew, Holden came down the stairs with Ethan. "Play nice brother" Meg said to Holden. Holden grimaced and went over to greet Katie & Vienna. He looked out the window to see Faith, Natalie and Sage all dragging Noah back to the house. JJ trailed behind them followed by Jack and the newly arrived Henry carrying Pepper. All piled into the kitchen. Noah went immediately to Luke's side and Henry to Vienna's greeting his best friend Katie in the process, while Jack pulled Sage and JJ over to where Parker was sitting and had what looked like a serious talk with them.

Emma cornered Brad over by the stove. "Bradley, do you want to explain to me why you did what you did. Why would a happily married man like you be going after other...men!" Emma asked

Because I saw Jack do it, Brad thought "Look, Emma, there's a reason but it's someone else's secret to tell, anyway, you heard Luke, everything's OK now."

"You better hope it is mister" Emma said shaking a finger at him "Or you'll answer to me!" she said smiling in the end.

Lucinda blew into the kitchen at that moment "Hello, darlings!" she said "I'm ready for some good down home fun on the farm!" she laughed "Emma how do you stand all these visitors" she said casting a disapproving eye at Brad and Katie.

"Oh, believe it or not," Emma said "It's actually been kind of lonely around here lately "With Holden back home with Lily were he belongs and Meg at Fairwinds and Luke and Noah getting a room at the Lakeview. Jack even got Juicy Janet an apartment and then last night he started packing up saying he had found a place."

Lucinda scoffed "Who on earth is Juicy Janet?"

"Liberty's mother." Brad answered " that's what we called her in high school anyway."

"Oo, did you have little nicknames like that for all your conquests" Lucinda said talking in a tough guy voice "You know it wasn't that many years ago we were rolling around my pool house! What did you call me, Luscious Lucy?" she asked laughing and slapping him on both arms.

"Lucinda!" Emma scolded playfully, enjoying seeing Brad's face turn red with embarrassment.

"Looks like everyone's here" Noah said to Luke "Ready to get this show on the road?"

"Sure, hey Nat" Luke asked his youngest sister "Can you go in the parlor and get Meg and Aaron in here so I can make a little announcement?"

"Sure" Natalie said and ran off for the parlor.

* * *

Aaron sat on the big overstuffed sofa in his grandmother's living room lost in his own thoughts. Meg leaned over the back of the sofa and flicked his ear. "Hey nephew", she said "Penny for your thoughts?" just then Aaron's phone, lying on the couch beside him, began to buzz. Meg glanced at it then asked "Did that just say 16 unread messages"

"I don't know" Aaron said sourly "Lost count"

"Well someone must really want to get a hold of you" Meg said "You want to tell me why you don't' want to let them?" Aaron started to say something but then Natalie ran into the room.

"Luke says hurry up an come in the kitchen so we can go swim" Natalie said grabbing Aaron's hand and pulling him up off the sofa.

"Ok, I'm coming, I'm coming" Aaron said and Natalie led he and Meg out of the room.

* * *

"Can I get everyone's attention please" Luke called over the din as Nat, Aaron and Meg entered the room. Everyone turned their attention to Luke, standing in the middle of the room with his arms wrapped around Noah. "Noah and I would like to thank everyone for being here today, especially our very special guests of honor, Henry and Vienna and Pepper, who helped Noah and I find our way back to each other."

"Well, we were happy to play cupid." Vienna said

Noah grimaced "Ugh...I just got a mental image of Henry in a cupid's costume." He said

"Well, he does..."Vienna started to say

"Doesn't think you need to finish that sentence!" Henry interrupted laughing nervously.

"Anyway" Luke said "Today isn't just a celebration of Noah and I being back together, but of the whole Snyder clan being together. I know there was some drama, some highly televised drama, of some issues between Brad and I and Brad and my father, but that's all to be forgiven and forgotten. We're family" Luke said smiling at Noah "So, I don't want anyone blaming Brad or Katie or holding any grudges..."

"Yes, why should we blame Brad and Katie when we can all blame Lisa!" Lucinda interjected.

"Mother" Lily warned

"Anyway" Luke said again "That's all the past, and today grandma and Vienna have hade a huge feast for us all, so let's head down to the pond for some good ole' Snyder fun in the sun." Luke said. All the kids, except Parker, cheered and headed for the door, but Jack spoke up stopping them in their tracks.

"Um...if I could get everyone's attention" Jack said "I don't want to steal you thunder, Luke, but can I make and announcement too?" Jack asked. Luke nodded and Jack shifted uncomfortably. "I figured it would be easiest to do this all at once, while we were all together" Jack said "I already talked to the kids about it...anyway I want to tell everyone, I have someone new in my life, someone I'm very happy with and very committed to. It's Dallas Griffin, Dallas and I are a couple, a very happy man/man couple and I hope all of you guys can be happy for us, because I'm happier than I've ever been." The room fell very silent and everyone looked shocked, except, Emma noticed, Brad and Katie.

"If anyone wants to faint that would be great" Bonnie said from the doorway where she had just entered with Dallas "That was my initial reaction."

It was Vienna who broke the silence "Well, that's just because you're such a frigid shrew" Vienna said walking up to Jack and hugging him "I'm very happy for you Jack" she said "And what a hunky catch too" she said looking Dallas over "To bad for us girls though!"

"Congratulations Jack" Lily said starting a flood of Snyder's going to hug and congratulate Jack.

Emma again cornered Brad "This is why you messed around with Noah, isn't Bradley? Because you knew Jack had started having... relationships with men!?"

"Well, yeah" Brad said

"Oh seriously Bradley!" Emma said "You have to end this silly, silly rivalry you have with your brother." She scolded and turned to welcome Bonnie and Dallas. Sage ran over and grabbed Dallas' hand.

"So, you and daddy are boyfriends, just like Luke and Noah?" she asked

"Yes" Dallas said smiling at Jack "Yes we are"

"Well" Sage said "Luke and Noah are super cool, so daddy must be way cooler than I thought since you're his boyfriend!"

"Gee thanks honey" Jack said and then his eyes went wide as he saw Juicy Janet in the doorway holding a pan of lasagna.

"Did she just say your Jack's boyfriend?" Janet asked. Dallas nodded. Janet's mouth hung open a second and then she fainted, spilling lasagna all over herself.

"There" Bonnie said "That's what I was waiting for someone to do!"

* * *

Aaron was having fun in spite of himself. He stood waist deep in the cool water of the Snyder pond playing airplane with his little brother Ethan. Aaron would fly the little tike around through the air and then splash him down into the water. It was hard not to smile watching his little brother smile and giggle with delight. Still, if he took his focus off his little brother, it was easy for Aaron's sour mood to return. With the exception of Meg, Sage and Bonnie swimming nearby throwing a beach ball back and forth, Aaron was surrounded by couples. On the shore Aaron's husky father Holden was handing his t-shirt and flip-flops off to wife Lily as daughters Faith and Natalie begged him to join them in the water. Already in the water were Jack & Dallas, wrestling around like teenagers, near them Henry and Vienna were behaving much the same way. Farther across the pond swam Brad and Katie, with JJ & Liberty nearby. JJ was definitely flirting with Liberty, probably has a crush on her, Aaron thought. Luke and Noah were swimming laps around the pond, supposedly racing, but neither ever pulling ahead of the other. Aaron found his bad mood quickly returning. Aaron handed Ethan off to Holden and headed to the shore. As Aaron emerged from the water he was very aware of the eyes of Juicy Janet, who was standing near the picnic table with Emma, Lucinda & Lily, all over him. That made him feel a little better. Aaron's swimsuit was so small and tight it was almost a thong and it was the same color as his perfect bronze skin, making him look almost nude. Aaron stretched his strong muscles, enjoying Janet's ogling. Aaron began drying off, slowly running his towel over his tight, hairy pecs, then down his washboard stomach and over his hairy, powerful legs, he made sure he bent over where his perfect bubble butt was pointed straight at Janet. Janet began fanning herself with her hand. Aaron's show was interrupted by a loud ruckus in the water as Vienna and Bonnie began yelling and splashing each other in a wild water cat fight as Dallas, Jack and Henry tried to separate them and Pepper barked wildly from the shore. As Aaron lay down to sun his stunning body, Meg came running out of the water to escape the water war. As Meg came to join Aaron, Aaron's phone began to beep again.

"Someone's really trying to get a hold of you!" Meg said, but Aaron just closed his eyes and let the sun warm his body and did not respond.

Meg kept on talking "You know, this had been a pretty perfect day." She said "The only thing that would make it better would be if Paul was here to share it with me." Aaron opened his soulful eyes and looked at her. "It's hard to watch all the couples when you don't have someone of your own to share it with." Meg said knowingly.

Aaron finally spoke "Am I that transparent?" he asked

"Only to your favorite aunt" Meg said smiling "But, if you don't mind my saying, It looks like there's someone who wants to spend some time with you pretty badly" she said pointing to Aaron's phone.

"I know" Aaron said "but I just feel like it's doomed from the start. Ever since I came back to town I've just been on auto-pilot. Go to work, come home, work on the bike..."

"And try to be everyone's hero and worry about everyone else's happiness instead of your own." Meg said "You never know what something can be until you give it a try" Meg said picking up the phone and handing it to Aaron.

Aaron took the phone from his aunt and his angular face managed to crack a smile "Thanks Meg" Aaron said "I'll try and take your advice" he said getting up and heading back to the farm house, dialing his phone on the way. As Janet approached him she heard him say "Yeah I know, I'm calling you now OK, just meet me at Yo's in half an hour"

"That Aaron's one spicy meatball" Janet said out loud to herself intending to follow Aaron, but she was quickly headed off by Liberty.

"Good God mother" Liberty said condescendingly "Are you going to try and sample every hors d'oeuvre on the Snyder man platter?!"

* * *

Chris Hughes stumbled drunkenly out of Yo's, grabbing on to the door frame to support himself. Down by the curb he spied Aaron Snyder, looking around expectantly. Just what I was waiting for, Chris thought and began stumbling toward the street. Just then Cole Norbeck appeared and walked up to Aaron. Chris watched the two talk a moment and then was surprised to see Cole put his hand on Aaron's hip.Then he reached into his back pack and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Aaron snatched them out of Cole's hand and stuck them in his pocket. The two laughed and Aaron put his hand on Cole's arm, and then Chris was shocked to see the two lean in and briefly kiss each other. Aaron and Cole began to walk away to where Aaron's motorcycle was parked down the street. Chris went to follow them and lost his footing falling out into the street, a car honked and swerved to avoid Chris, running up on the curb and almost right into Aaron and Cole.

"Shit man" Cole screamed "What are you trying to do kill us! Fucker!" he yelled as the car sped away. Then he turned to see Aaron sitting on the sidewalk holding his foot in pain. "Are you OK dude?" Cole asked

"Damn thing ran right over my foot! I think it's broken!" Aaron said "You're gonna have to take me to the hospital."

"What" Cole said nervous "Are you sure, I mean..." Cole was not good in a crisis, his first instinct was just to leave, but for some reason he couldn't make himself leave Aaron, instead his just fidgeted in place.

"Look I can't drive my bike like this" Aaron said "Come on Cole, help me up and get me to a doctor"

"OK, OK" Cole said finally helping Aaron to his feet "Let's go"

* * *

Aaron sat on a bed at Memorial Hospital staring down at his purple, swollen foot. Susan Stewart entered holding his chart. "Well, I got your x-rays and it's not broken" Susan said "Just badly bruised. Your friend out there looked like he was about to crawl out of his skin waiting, so I sent him down to the pharmacy to get you prescriptions, one for pain and swelling. You need to stay off that foot as much as possible for the next several days."

"Cole is still waiting?" Aaron asked surprised

"Yes, you didn't expect him to be?" Susan asked

"Well, he's not exactly the reliable type." Aaron said

"Well he seemed to come through for you." Susan said "You can wait here till your friend gets back. Let me know if you have any problems or if the foot gets worse" Susan said and left the room.

Aaron had waited only a few moments when the door banged open. Expecting to see Cole, Aaron was shocked to see an obviously intoxicated Chris Hughes.

"What the hell are you doing here Hughes?" Aaron asked angrily "You're not a doctor here anymore."

"I saw what happened to you Aaron" Chris said "Had to come see if you were OK"

"What?! Were you driving the car like a drunken idiot, or did you try to run me down on purpose?" Aaron asked

"I wasn't driving" Chris said "I was at Yo's and saw the whole thing, do you really think I would try and run you over?"

"I don't know what kind of things a sexual harasser does." Aaron said

"Do you really think I'm a harasser, Aaron?" Chris asked leaning in very close to Aaron

Aaron leaned his head back to look at Chris and get away from his alcohol soaked breath. "What are you doing?" Aaron spat

"I said I saw you" Chris said "You and your little boyfriend. Is this harassment?" Chris asked and kissed Aaron full on the lips. Aaron kissed Chris only a moment before angrily pushing him back.

"Is this what you do all day?" Aaron spat "Go around forcing yourself on people who don't want you, you're a drunk and a pervert!"

"You don't want it?" Chris said still trying to kiss Aaron and running his hands over Aaron's tight frame. Aaron managed to hop up on one leg and pin Chris down against the bed on his back. Aaron grabbed both Chris' wrists and held him firm, staring daggers at him.

"Is this what you want?" Aaron asked before kissing Chris passionately. Chris returned the kiss and Aaron pushed both Chris' arms up over his head. Suddenly Chris felt cold steel close around his wrists. He looked up to see his wrists handcuffed over his head to the bed.

"What the hell are you doing Aaron?" Chris asked angrily

"I'm teaching you a lesson." Aaron said ripping Chris' shirt open, sending buttons flying in all directions. Aaron slapped his hands down hard on the slabs of Chris' hard pectorals, groping them and making Chris' body jump.

"Stop" Chris said "Let me go Aar...aa-ohhh" Chris trailed of as Aaron's hand went down his pants and found his already stiffening cock. Aaron's tongue and fingers traced Chris' rock hard abs making Chris jerk and tense as his sensitive stomach was tickled.

"Is this harassment Chris?" Aaron asked before suckling hard on one of Chris' nipples. Chris just moaned and gasped as Aaron nipped at his sensitive man nips, but didn't answer. "Don't have anything to say with that cocky, smart-ass mouth now Chris?" Aaron chided slapping at Chris' big pecs and nipping and sucking hard on Chris' nipples. Just then the door opened and Aaron started, but was relieved to see Cole walk in. "Lock the door." Aaron instructed Cole. "I found something for us to do together tonight." Aaron said beginning to undo Chris' pants. Cole smiled a wicked smile and locked the door and crossed to the bed marveling at Chris' sculpted body. Cole ran his hands over the peaks and valleys of Chris' torso.

"God damn this guy is ripped" Cole said amazed, feeling every inch of Chris' upper body. "What'd you have him cuffed up for?"

"Chris likes forcing it on people." Aaron answered "So we're gonna show him what it's like to have it forced on him." Aaron said

"It's so hot when you talk dirty, choir boy." Cole said leaning over Chris and kissing Aaron hard and long. Chris stared intently at the two men kissing, Aaron's hand was still down his pants wrapped around his dick, which began to pulse. Aaron felt Chris' dick twitch in his hand.

"Ooo, Chrissy likes watching us." Aaron said jerking on Chris' cock. Cole and Aaron got up on the bed on their knees on either side of Chris. "What do you want Chrissy?" Aaron asked. Chris said nothing staring daggers at Aaron and Cole, his face turning beet red.

"Do you like watching us?" Cole asked pulling Aaron's shirt up to expose a hairy nipple. "Tell us what you like." Cole said licking at Aaron's nipple. "Tell us or we'll leave."

Chris still didn't respond. "OK" Cole said "let's go" and he and Aaron pretended to start to leave.

"I like watching you!" Chris blurted out before he could stop himself "It's fuckin hot" he hissed between clenched teeth.

"Well that's better" Cole said slapping Chris on the chest, then leaning down and kissing Chris hard, forcing his tongue into Chris' mouth. Chris kissed back, feeling Aaron free his dick from his pants.

"Fawwwck" Aaron breathed.

Cole turned to look at Chris' ramrod straight, fat, tapered dick. "Wow..." Cole said "That's a fuckin huge dong." He said reaching out to help Aaron stroke it. Chris moaned and squirmed as both men fisted his thick rod. "You want us to suck this big meat stick?" Cole asked licking briefly at the tapered head.

"Yes" Chris breathed

"Then you'll have to do as your told" Cole said pulling his shirt over his head. Cole pressed his chest down into Chris' face "Suck my nipple bitch." Cole demanded. Chris complied with out arguing, sucking Cole's pink nub into his wet mouth. "Yeah that's good" Cole moaned, pulling one nipple out of Chris' sucking mouth with a wet pop and replacing it with the other. Cole continued pressing his hard nipples up to Chris' wet lips over and over a gain.

Chris spit out Cole's nipple and said "I want one of those hairy nipples"

"Oh, he's getting demanding now, choir boy." Cole smirked "You gonna give him what he wants?" he asked Aaron. Aaron pulled his shirt off revealing his tight, toned and hairy body. Aaron rubbed his hairy chest all over Chris' face, Chris' lips searched for Aaron's hard nipples, trailing kisses across Aaron's pecs as they rubbed over his face. Finally Chris caught an erect nub in his lips and sucked as hard and fast as he could.

"Fuck that's good" Aaron moaned "Suck those nipples you bastard!" Chris did as he was told sucking hungrily on one nub then the other. Cole jacked Chris' hard dick and Chris began trying to squirm out of his pants.

"Ooo, he's getting horny for it" Cole said.

Aaron pulled his chest away from Chris' mouth "You wantin' it now Hughes?", he asked "You want us to suck that dick of yours"

"Yes please!" Chris whined

"Then you'll have to suck us first" Aaron said pulling his own hard dick out of his pants and jacking it in Chris' face.

"But I've never...I can't,..." Chris stammered

"I bet you're a quick learner." Aaron teased "Smart doctor like you" he added rubbing his cock down the side of Chris' face. "Stick you tongue out Hughes" he said. Chris did as he was told, slowly and Aaron pressed the tip of his dick to Chris' tongue. Aaron rubbed his dick head over Chris tongue, "Lick the slit man" Aaron instructed and Chris pointed his tongue and licked at Aaron's piss slit, getting a taste of Aaron's pre-cum. "How's that taste?" Aaron asked

"Sooo good!" Chris moaned eyes closed "So HOT!"

"You want another taste" Aaron teased slapping his cock against Chris' lips and then pulling it back quickly. Chris tried to crane his head forward to capture Aaron's dick, but could not move far in his cuffs.

"Yes I want it, damn it!" Chris shouted "Let me really suck on that dick Aaron, I'll make you feel so good" Chris begged. Aaron stuck his cock head into Chris's waiting mouth and Chris sucked faithfully staring up at Aaron with haunted eyes. Aaron went easy on Chris only few minutes then began thrusting his hips toward Chris' mouth.

"Take that dick hard Hughes" Aaron demanded "Let me Force it down your throat!" Aaron began slamming into Chris' mouth. Chris couldn't move enough to get the invading cock out of his mouth and his inexperienced throat coughed and gagged as Aaron's dick tried to slam down it. Chris' eye watered as his throat was assaulted, his mouth filled with saliva, drooling out his raped mouth. Aaron thrust hard and fast and Chris' throat began to open up and accept Aaron's hard dick. Chris couldn't believe he could feel hot cock sliding down his throat for the first time, he began to try and take it deeper and deeper, training his throat to swallow hard dick whole.

"Fuck that's hot" Cole sighed pulling his own cock out and jacking it.

"You want some?" Aaron asked

"Fuck yeah, let me rape that smart mouth" Cole said taking Aaron's place at Chris' mouth.

"Yeah, fuckin' give me more dick!" Chris spat, drool hanging from his chin. Cole slammed into Chris' mouth pushing his cock all the way down Chris' throat and holding there. Cole grinded into Chris' mouth, gyrating his hips around.

"Yeah, fuckin work that throat around my cock!" Cole demanded. Chris moved his head around Cole' cock as Cole's pubes ground into his nose. Chris sucked as best he could fighting his urge to gag and taking Cole to the hilt.

Yeah, that's hot" Aaron said. Aaron and Cole both slapped there dicks at Chris' mouth "You love all this dick, don't you Hughes, you fuckin' love dick!" Aaron said

"Give me your cocks!" Chris begged sucking one dick and then the other, loving the feeling as they were shoved hard down his raw throat. "Fuck my face, fill my throat up with cock!" Chris pleaded. Aaron and Cole kept feeding one dick and then the other to Chris' hungry throat. Chris slurped eagerly on each rod staring straight into the eyes of each man in turn.

"Time to taste your fat prick" Aaron said spitting on Chris' dick while Chris continued to suck Cole. Aaron spilt lubed Chris's huge cock and took the head in his mouth, pausing only an instant before shoving the massive prick all the way down his velvety throat. Chris' hips bucked and he lost his concentration, choking on Cole's invading dick. Moans escaped Chris' throat as Aaron expertly worked his cock. Cole joined Aaron, proving just as good a deep throater as Aaron, Chris' cries filled the room as Cole and Aaron sucked his cock and removed the rest of his clothes as well as the rest of theirs. All three studs where now completely naked except for the ripped shirt around Chris' shoulders that could not be removed because of the cuffs. As Aaron continued to devour Chris' dick, Cole got up and went to the end of the bed, pushing Chris' beefy, powerful legs up to reveal his tight rosebud hole. Cole pressed a finger against the tight opening, drawing immediate attention from Chris.

"What are you doing Cole!?" Chris asked, suddenly scared again

"Look at this tight pink hole, Aaron" Cole said "What do you think we should do with that?" Aaron limped around to look a Chris' hole framed by ample butt cheeks. Aaron rubbed a finger over Chris' hole.

"I think were gonna have to pry that baby open and see what's inside!" Aaron said seductively.

"I fuckin' LOVE IT when you talk like that!" Cole said fiercely kissing Aaron.

Chris was really nervous now as he watched the two men kiss and grope each other "Look at that fat dick of mine standing up there" he tried nervously "Don't you butt-hole surfers want to ride that big cock." He said trying to sound convincing.

Aaron stopped kissing Cole and said "We might do that, but first we're gonna surf your hole!" he said pressing a finger back to Chris' opening.

"I've never had anything up my ass!" Chris protested, suddenly remembering all those prostrate exams he had given. "You guys don't want to fuck me, really you don't, right?

"Oh we're gonna fuck you" Cole said slapping Chris' ass and making him jump "We're gonna fuck your fat ass raw" he growled, slapping another ample cheek. "But you're starting to talk too much. I think I need to keep that mouth of yours busy!" Cole said

Chris continued to protest about getting fucked as Cole got up on the bed and straddled Chris' beefy body. Facing away from Chris, Cole pushed his ass back into Chris' face and grabbed both Chris' legs, pulling them up and staring down through them as Aaron prepared to eat Chris' ample booty. Chris tried to move his face out of Cole's ass but couldn't "Lick that ass of mine Dr. Bitch" Cole demanded "Taste my sweet hole, YEAH stick your tongue in there like choir boys gonna to do to you!" Chris could not help but comply as Cole's sweaty ass pressed into his face, just then Chris felt wet, warm tongue against his own hole. Sensation poured through his body as Aaron tongued his hole. Chris' rock hard body got even harder as it stiffened with pure pleasure. Feeling how good his hole felt with tongue in it inspired him to eat Cole's hole voraciously, cursing and moaning loudly as he did.

"OH GOD that feels so FUCKIN GOOD" Chris screamed in between licks of Cole's ass crack.

"You like tasting my sweaty ass?" Cole asked

"Oh fuck YEAH it tastes good" Chris yelled "Fuckin grind that ass into my face Cole. Fuckin push that tongue in my virgin hole Aaron. OH GOD it's so GOOD. FUCK YEAH AWW-UHHH-YEAH!" Chris moaned. Aaron spit and slurped at Chris' tight hole while Cole sucked hard on Chris' fat dick and held his legs up in the air for Aaron. Cole ground his ass back into Chris' thick tongue and Aaron shook his head back and forth sliding his tongue all over Chris' ass, making Chris growl for more.

"You want more now Hughes?" Aaron asked "You want more than just my tongue?"

"I want whatever you gonna fuckin do to me" Chris howled before spearing his tongue back into Cole's puckered hole.

"Alllright" Cole said popping Chris' thick meat out of his mouth "Fuckin' invade that hole man!"

Aaron struck a long bony finger slowly into Chris' ass, he felt Chris tense but except the digit fairly well. Chris kept tonguing Cole's ass as Aaron slowly slide the finger in and out of his hole. Then, with out warning, Aaron twisted not one... not two...but three fingers hard into Chris' barely opened hole. Chris screamed loudly and Cole pushed his ass back into Chris' mouth to muffle the sound. Aaron twisted and plunged his fingers in Chris' ass at break neck pace. Chris trashed and screamed but the cuffs and Cole's body pinned him in place as Aaron violated his ass. Chris thought he was going to pass out as Aaron slammed his hole and Cole's ass suffocated his face. Cole felt the mountain of muscle under him began to relax a little as said "You're starting to like it aren't you Hughes?" pulling his ass out of Chris' face to hear his reply.

"Oh my god, you're tearin' up my ass. Oh god you're fuckin raping my ass. Don't stop. I LOVE IT! OH GOD I LOVE IT, I WANT IT!" Chris cried "GRRRR.GOD!"

"You want more stud" Cole asked and shoved two of his own fingers in to Chris' already jammed packed hole.

AWWW FUUUUCK" Chris screamed tugging on his cuffs and his legs sticking straight out in the air "OOOHHH GODDDAMN. RAM IT OPEN MAN!!" he yelled as five fingers stretched his hole.

"OH He's ready for it" Aaron cried climbing up quickly onto the bed and aiming his cock towards Chris' newly stretched chute. Cole pulled his fingers out and rolled out of the way as Aaron rammed his cock into Chris' waiting ass. Chris howled like a rabid wolf as Aaron plowed him mercilessly. Aaron's strong hips fucked as hard as he could, laying full body into Chris.


"Do you love dick up you're ass you superior bastard?" Aaron spat

"Oh fuck yeah I love it" Chris cried "I love the feeling of your hairy body on me, love you dick fuckin' slammin' me" Chris said his toes curled and eyes rolling back in his head. Aaron deep dicked Chris, pulling out and slamming back in repeatedly, grinding his dick down deep inside the young doctor. Chris kept begging and yelling for it, whole body on fire as his insides were filled hard and deep with farm fed cock. Aaron was fucking the life out of him and Chris loved every minute of it. Loved being dominated, loved being cuffed down, loved Cole slapping at his chest and ass as Aaron plowed into him. Loved Aaron pinching and twisting his nipples while pile driving his ravaged ass hole. "Oh god keep givin' it to me Aaron, god you're hitting the spot" Chris cried his dick twitching with each thrust. "I want to see it ram into me!" Chris said trying to crane his head up to see Aaron's dick ramming him. Aaron pulled out and pushed Chris' body up. The full weight of Chris' beefy body rested on his neck and shoulders as Aaron leaned his body up in the air.

"Come on Cole" Aaron said "Get over here and pile drive down into this hot hole where the big slut can see it!"

Cole got up on the bed and Aaron moved around to the other side of Chris holding his ankles in the air. Cole pointed his cock down at Chris' upturned ass "You want to see this big dick plow into you Chrissy?" Cole asked teasing Chris' hungry hole

"Yes, God Yes" Chris replied "Put it in my ass Cole!" Cole slammed his dick down into Chris' waiting hole, receiving a yelp of pleasure from the hot stud doctor. Cole spanked Chris' ass while he drove his cock relentlessly in-between Chris' bubble butt cheeks. Cole fucked like a man possessed as the muscley doctor begged for dick and choir boy Aaron urged him on. Chris stared up intently at the sight of hot cock sliding in and out of his all too willing ass hole. Chris felt each hard thrust pry him open and ram into his prostrate making extra waves of pleasure wash over his over stimulated body. "Oh god its sooo good" Chris moaned longingly "Fuck my ass, oh god, fuck it" he whined. "I love dick in me. So deep in me, sooo gooood" Aaron let Chris' body back down to the bed and Cole rammed into him even harder and faster from his new position. Chris took every thrust with gusto, begging for more. As Cole continued to fuck into Chris, Aaron positioned himself over Chris' huge rod and then slammed his own ass down on the huge dick.

"AAWW FAWWCCK" Aaron cried "That's a big fat dick you have doctor! It's filling up my hot hole good!"

"Oh Aaron you feel so good!" Chris cried "Ride my dick farm boy! Fuck my ass ass-hole punk! Ride me hard and fuck me HARDER!" Chris begged Aaron and Cole.

"Oh fuck that's hot Aaron" Cole cried "Is that big dick splitin' you open?"

"My ass was made for big dicks!" Aaron bragged "It's fuckin' perfect for my hungry hole!" Aaron cried

"Oh god you feel so good on my dick Aaron, You feel so good up my tight ass Cole. Use me up boys, take everything I've got, fuckin' use my hot body! Ram me full of DICK!" Chris begged

"Your fuckin' big cock is gonna make me cum" Aaron cried bouncing up and down on Chris' fat prick as hard as he could. "I'm gonna blow my load right in your smart mouth!"

Chris didn't know what to say to that. He had never even thought about a dude cumming in his mouth, but at this point he would have let these two studs do anything to him. Cole's relentless pounding was making Chris light headed and Aaron's ass was clamped tight around his big dick milking it for all it was worth. Aaron jockeyed on Chris' schlong a full ten minutes longer, ramming the big cock into his g-spot over and over. Finally Aaron removed the meat stick from his ass and shoved his own dick into Chris' panting mouth just as buckets of cum spilled out. Aaron had not cum in days and the white liquid filled Chris' mouth and ran down his cheeks. Aaron had shot so hard, cum had already gone down Chris' throat and he swallowed the rest as Cole continued to jack hammer his ass. Chris thought he was finally going to loose consciousness, but still begged for Cole's cock.

"You hungry for another load" Cole said grunting with the exertion of his thrusts

"Uh-huh" Chris managed to say. His ass felt suddenly empty as Cole pulled out and crawled over his ripped body and stuck his cock in Chris' mouth. It was only a second before Cole howled and spilled his load into Chris' mouth. Chris savored the hot, salty taste this time swirling it around his mouth before swallowing. "Need to cum" Chris whispered, wanting desperately to jerk his own dick but unable to in his cuffs.

"Well, we're done" Aaron said patting Chris on his meaty chest. "You'll have to take care of yourself" he said as he and Cole dressed.

"You gonna uncuff me" Chris breathed heavily "Get me off..." then Chris passed out from exhaustion, heat and booze.

"Well that was certainly a hot first date" Cole said smiling at Aaron, "even is you did get injured in the process."

Aaron looked at his swollen foot the said "It was worth it. Let's get out of here." Aaron said sticking the key to the hand cuffs in Chris's shirt pocket.

"I've got a parting gift for our good buddy first" Cole said digging around in his backpack.

* * *

Bob Hughes, chief of staff of Memorial Hospital, made his early morning rounds in his usual good humor. As he existed the stair well onto the second floor, he saw a large group of doctors and nurses gathered around an examination room door. Brenda Manning, head of the nursing program and several nurses were taking pictures with their cell phones and Susan Stewart was whipping her phone out asking Brenda how to take a picture with it. All the assembled gawkers were laughing and pointing at something in the room, except Dr. Lynn Michael, the hospitals resident psychiatrist, who was try to defuse the situation. Dr. Michaels paled visibly when she spotted Bob.

"Oh Bob!" Dr. Michaels said crossing to meet him

"Lynn what's going on up here" Bob asked "What's everyone standing around laughing at!"

"Oh Bob, you don't need to worry about it" Dr. Michael said "I'll handle it, you go back downstairs"

"You don't seem to be handling it" Bob said to Lynn, then yelled to everyone "What's going on here?" most of the nurses and doctors scatted as quickly as possible. Brenda and Susan remained.

"Oh Bob" Susan said heading him off as he went toward the examination room "You don't need to go in there trust me. We'll clean it up, right Lynn?"

"Yes, I was just telling him that!" Lynn agreed

"I want to see what's happening in that room" Bob demanded

"Oh you don't want to see this" Brenda said under her breath, gaining a withering look from the chief of staff. As Brenda slunk away, Susan and Lynn both tried to block Bob from the room but he pushed past them. He immediately wished he hadn't. There lay his son, Dr. Chris Hughes, naked, his hands handcuffed over his head and a huge dildo hanging out of his ass.

"Chris what happened to you" Bob cried pulling his lab coat off and covering Chris' nakedness "Chris!" Bob yelled shaking his son, Chris' lips were bruised as were his pecs and thighs.

"What, Dad, I'm not ready to get up yet" he mumbled and Bob smelled the alcohol on his son's breath.

Bob fumbled with the cuffs "Call maintenance up here immediately!" Bob yelled at Susan and she and Dr. Michaels hurried out of the room. Bob saw a note sticking out of the pocket of Chris' torn shirt, when he pulled it out, the key fell out with it. Bob began undoing the cuffs as he read the note written in big black letters


* * *

Aaron awoke from a sound sleep, lying on a blanket in his grandmother's hay loft. To one side of him lay a peacefully sleeping Cole Norbeck, to the other the double headed dildo they had fucked each other with most of the night. Aaron's phone suddenly began to buzz.

"Whas'that" Cole mumbled rolling over and burying his head in Aaron's chest.

"Hello" Aaron said

"OH My God Aaron" Alison's voice boomed through the phone "You won't believe what just happened at the hospital!"

Aaron smiled "Oh I'm pretty sure I'll believe it!"


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