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Cast: Casey Hughes, Matt O'Connor, Luke Snyder, Noah Mayer, Dallas Griffin, Bonnie McKechnie, Brad Snyder, Vienna Hyatt, Alison Stewart, Katie Peretti-Snyder, Kim Hughes, Tom Hughes, Margo Hughes, Lucinda Walsh, Lisa Grimaldi, Nancy Hughes, Holden Snyder, Snyder.

Casey lay back in his bed moaning with pleasure. He opened his eyes and looked up through his up stretched legs to see the face of his lover Will staring back at him. Will stroked his long dick in and out of Casey's tight ass slowly and longingly. Will smiled in that goofy, yet sexy way he had while he dicked his boyfriends ass. Will had light alabaster skin and red wavy hair, his pecs were tight and smooth, his stomach flat and his long dick stuck straight up from a fiery red bush.

"Oh Casey, I love you" Will moaned "How could I have ever left you?"

"I love you too, Will" Casey moaned "Please fuck me dude, never stop!" Casey pleaded

Will grabbed Casey's shoulders and began thrusting hard and fast, making Casey's whole body shake. "Will, Will" Casey kept saying.

"Casey, Casey" Will repeated, oddly, not with the same passion Casey was talking with.

Suddenly it was no longer Will thrusting into Casey, but Matt, Casey's prison cellmate.

"Casey, Casey" Matt said

Casey woke suddenly to see Matt standing over him shaking his shoulders to wake him up. "Casey, Casey, wake up!" Matt said

"Matt?" Casey asked groggily "What the hell are you doing?"

"Trying to wake you up obviously" Matt said "but you just kept saying "will", will what?" Matt asked

"Probably will you stop shaking me!" Casey said

"Come on Case, get up!" Matt said "This is the first day I can get out of house. Let's go hit the basketball court or the batting cages or something, I need to get out a get some exercise and sun!"

"I'm not ready to get up" Casey said squirming under the covers.

"You look pretty up to me" Matt said. Casey looked down and saw his erect boner was tenting the sheets. "Why don't I take care of that for you and then we can get out into the world." Matt said. Before Casey could protest Matt had flung the sheets back and wrapped his wet mouth around Casey's raging hard on. Casey's body arched up reflexively, he couldn't protest now if he wanted to, his body had already given in.

* * *

Luke watched Noah dribble around the basketball court at the park and smiled. Noah's grey tank top would gape open as he moved around showing off his hot bod. Luke sat on the bench wearing his own green tank top and shorts marveling at his lover's skills on the court.

"Come on Luke" Noah said "Let play"

"No, way" Luke said "Every time we play you win by a landslide and make me feel all inadequate"

"What just cause I can do one thing better than you?" Noah asked "Come on, I'll go easy one you." Noah said

"You'll dominate the court and you know it" Luke said

"So" Noah said "I dominate the court and you dominate the bedroom" then Noah smiled and said "Well, I guess I do get the best parts of both those scenarios."

"I don't know" Luke said walking over to Noah "I come off pretty good in that second one too." Luke said leaning in to kiss Noah.

"Hey guys" Luke heard some one behind him say. Luke turned to see Casey and another guy approaching.

"Oh, Hey Case." Luke said

"Hey, Casey" Noah said then looked confused "Hey, aren't you...you're Matt right? Noah asked "I thought, I mean, weren't you back in prison?" Noah asked sheepishly.

"Yeah I was" Matt said "Got out early for good behavior and the Hughes' have been helping me out, you know since I helped them in the end. You guys up for a game?"

"Yeah sure" Noah said energetically

"All right" Matt said slapping Noah on the ass as he headed for the court. Noah and Luke exchanged a quick glance and joined him, Casey rolled his eyes and finally followed the others.

The four boys played a fast and furious game. Matt always guarded Noah and Casey watched exasperated as Matt continually grinded up against Noah on the court. Casey kept watching Matt rub up on Noah and Luke kept knocking Casey all over the court guarding him. Casey's head was not in the game and he spent most of the time picking himself up off the concrete. Luke and Noah were beating the pants off of Matt & Casey, but Matt didn't seem to notice, he was too busy macking on Noah.

"Break!" Casey yelled "Let's take a break" he said picking himself up off the pavement again. Luke helped him up.

"I can't believe you have less game than I do" Luke said to Casey.

"I'm just having a bad day" Casey snapped back a little too sensitively.

"Boy your soaked" Casey heard Matt say and turned to see Matt tugging on Noah's sweat soaked tank top.

"Yeah" Luke said walking over to Noah and putting his arm around Noah's shoulder and kissing him on the cheek "Noah sweats like a whore in church"

"Luke!" Noah yelled "I told you to stop saying that!"

"What do you want me to say?" Luke asked "Sweating like a pig?"

"Well...I am a pig when it comes to you" Noah said seductively and the two boys began kissing.

"Whoa, Whoa guys, OK no PDA's" Casey said

"What Casey?" Luke asked "Can't you handle seeing two guys in love"

"Yeah, Case" Matt said slapping Casey on the shoulder "Why should we care if they show some affection. You better take that soaked shirt off and let it dry." Matt said to Noah

"Um...I don't usually go around in public half naked" Noah said shyly

"What's the big deal?" Matt said pulling his own sleeveless shirt off, exposing his toned torso. "We'll have skins game now, so you can dry out"

"Well...OK, I am soaked" Noah said pulling his tank top off and laying it over the bench to dry. Matt slapped Noah on his bare chest and returned to the court. "Let's play, come on Luke" Noah said

Luke pulled off his own tank top, revealing his hairy, sweat soaked chest and joined his lover and Matt on the court. Casey sighed removing his red sleeveless shirt and hitting the court again. Again he watched as Matt was all over Noah, their sweat soaked bodies almost stuck together and again Luke was knocking Casey all over the court while he wasn't paying attention. Finally, after what seemed to Casey like hours of watching Matt climb all over Noah, Luke made the winning basket and the game was over.

"All right" Noah said excitedly "We won" Luke and Noah high-fived then bumped their bare chests together. "We make a hot team"

"Yeah we do" Luke said happily

"Yeah, you guts were good" Matt said putting an arm around Noah and pressing up against him patting his bare chest "You guys really did us in"

"Um, Yeah it was a good game" Noah said reaching out for Luke's hand and squirming out of Matt's grasp.

Casey picked himself up angrily off the pavement again "Yeah good game guys" He said "Come on Matt, let's go get something to eat, I'm starved" Casey said grabbing up his shirt and stalking away.

"Um, OK" Matt said "See you guys later" Matt said running after Casey.

"Well, we really did make a good team didn't we?" Luke said

"We always do" Noah said rubbing noses with his boyfriend "You want to get something to eat too?"

"You guys up for a game" a female voice asked

Luke and Noah turned to see Bonnie McKechine and her cousin Dallas standing there holding their own basketball.

"Well, what do you say Noah?" Luke asked "We are on fire today"

"What, you guys afraid to take me on?" Dallas asked

"Hell, no" Noah said with confidence "Me and Luke are unstoppable"

"Well, don't let mister inflated ego here fool you" Bonnie said "I'm the one you have to watch out for." Bonnie dribbled out onto the court and the game was on again.

* * *

Brad sat at the counter in Al's reading over the notes for today's live version of Oakdale Now. He heard two people laughing loudly and turned to see Bonnie and Dallas walking into the diner carrying a basketball.

"Hi Brad" Bonnie said as they passed to find a table. Dallas didn't say anything just crossed the room and sat down. Brad didn't see Luke and Noah enter a few minutes later and sit down behind him at the booths under the windows. Brad kept glancing over at Dallas, staring as his tank top would hang open when he leaned over the table. Noah noticed Luke staring at something and turned to see that he was looking at Brad, who was staring intently at Dallas. Did Luke know about Brad's gay sexcapades? Noah wondered Should I tell Luke what had happened between Brad and me?, he wondered for the thousandth time. But Noah was too happy with Luke to take a chance, he had to keep quiet, he'd die if he lost Luke over some onetime hook up that meant nothing. The waitress came and took Bonnie and Dallas' order, then Luke and Noah's before returning to the kitchen.

"Well, we just barely beat Dallas and Bonnie" Noah said "But we still did, we're the unstoppable combo" Noah said bumping fists with his boyfriend.

"Yeah, it feels pretty good to be on the winning side of a game for a change." Luke said.

Luke and Noah continued to make small talk and Brad continued to stare at Dallas until Vienna came stalking out of the kitchen carrying the soup and salads that were the start of Bonnie and Dallas' meal. Vienna carefully set down Dallas' meal then slammed Bonnie's down in front of her, splashing soup all over her.

"Oh dear" Vienna said in mock compassion "I've splattered it all over you. Well, at least your used to it." Vienna said haughtily "Now clean yourself up" she said throwing a cup towel in Bonnie's face and stomping away. Bonnie sat there with her mouth hanging open.

"Why do I let you talk me into coming here" Bonnie screamed "Why?" Dallas began helping her clean up and apologizing. Brad took that moment to stand up stiffly and hurry out of the diner.

* * *

Brad snuck quickly into his office at WOAK, Still an hour to show time, he thought, Plenty of time for a little self indulgence. Brad went around behind his desk and pulled out his sack of new toys. That sex shop Lisa told Katie about is really paying off he thought, as he pulled three dildos, each longer and thicker than the first, out of the sack, the third being a twelve inch man rammer. Brad looked at the clock and checked the door to make sure it was locked, then stripped completely naked. If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right! He thought. Brad got his lube bottle out and began loosing up his hole for his new rubber friends. Brad set back in his chair, rubbing his broad chest with one hand and fingering his tight ass hole with the other. Brad began to think back to his wedding,

Henry stood there in those ridiculous ministers robes, behind Brad stood two more of Katie's ex-husbands, Mike and Jack, neither looking too happy. Henry had just asked Katie in a round about fashion if she took Brad as her husband. Katie started to open her mouth, then promptly fainted.

"Finally" Henry said happily "Now we can get down to business, remove the girl" He said. Jack and Mike picked Katie up and carried her out of the room. "Now" Henry said pushing Brad down to his knees in front of him, "To the real ceremony, Do you Brad, take us as you masters, do you make yourself our cock whore fully and willfully?" Henry asked

"I do!" Brad said excitedly

"Praise be" Henry said "Now you may partake of the holy cock" Henry said parting his robes and revealing his erect dick. Brad immediately sucked the dick hungrily into his mouth, making the fake minister say "Amen".

Brad stuck the first dildo, a 6incher, into his mouth and pretended he was sucking Henry's cock.

"Verily thou art an excellent cock sucker" Henry proclaimed "But you mustn't deny your brothers this dick" Henry said. Jack and Mike got down on their knees on either side of Brad. Henry stuck his dick first in Jack's mouth, Jack slurped on it loudly and sloppily, spit oozing down his chin. Henry then let Brad suck his cock again briefly before feeding it full force to Mike's waiting lips. Mike swallowed the cock to the hilt, sucking hard and fast. "Now that we have all partaken of the holy dick," Henry said "Let us prepare this cock slut for initiation" Henry said. Jack walked over to the dessert table, pushing wedding cake and champagne flasks to the floor in a loud clatter, then he and Mike picked Brad up and deposited him on the table on his back. "Now we shall all partake of this ample booty!" Henry said positioning himself to enter Brad.

Brad shoved the 6inch dildo into his ass, slowly at first and then quickly picking up the pace as waves self-inflicted pleasure washed over him.

Henry fucked quickly in and out of Brad, his priest robes flowing around him. "Verily this is a sweet piece of ass!" Henry exclaimed. "Come my brothers and enter the holy land" Henry said to Mike & Jack. Mike stepped up pulling his dick out of his pants and taking Henry's place at Brad's hole. Mike's longer and thicker dick stretched Brad to new limits. Mike pushed in with more force and power making Brad's tight ass take it hard. Henry walked to Brad's mouth and forced Brad's throat down on his wet dick.

Brad sucked hard on the dildo that had just been up his ass and shoved a new 8incher up his hungry butt hole, pretending hunky carpenter Mike was deep inside of him.

Jack stepped up on the other side of Brad as Mike continued to mercilessly fuck his way in and out of Brad's plump ass. Brad began sucking Jack's dick and then Henry's in turn alternating back and forth between the two tasty rods. Mike rammed his dick hard into Brad over and over, Brad moaning through mouthfuls of cock for more. "How does it feel to have all the same cocks that Katie had?" Mike asked Brad "Do you love em' as much as she did, are you as big a cock bitch as she is Bradley?"

"God yes!" Brad moaned "I am such a cock bitch, give me that carpenter dick man" Brad pleaded.

Brad lubed up his big man rammer dildo and positioned it at his already stretched hole, Time for the main event, he thought.

"You haven't had every cock that ever plowed the precious Katie Peretti" a voice said from behind Brad. Brad turned to see the tall, dark and chiseled form of Simon Frasier standing there staring lustily at him. "Now it's time for this monster cock to take you to new heights" Simon said swinging his huge 12 inch dick at Brad.

"Fuck that's a huge dick" Brad said

"You want it don't you" Simon said in his sexy Australian accent.

"Fuck yeah I do, give it to me!" Brad begged

"Whatever you say mate!" Simon said, shoving his huge schlong into Brad's waiting chute. Brad's body bucked and gyrated against the giant invader.

"It's so fucking huge" Brad moaned "I'm not sure I can take it"

"Oh you'll take it" Simon yelled "You'll take it just like your bitch bride did. You'll scream for it. You'll beg for it" Simon yelled slamming long and hard into Brad.

Brad rammed the 12inch dildo hard up his ass. Dreaming of all the men that had fucked Katie fucking him had driven him over the edge. Brad worked past the pain and focused on the pleasure as he assaulted his own ass, and dreaming it was the incredibly hot Simon plowing him only made him want it more.

Simon rammed into Brad repeatedly, giving Brad the full length of his magnificent cock. "Oh god it feels like its coming out my throat" Brad moaned and growled for it, begged for that big cock up his ass "Please give me that long, hot dick Simon!". Simon's super long dick was hitting his g-spot again and again, Brad couldn't hold it in any longer.

Brad let out a loud roar of passion and let his cum fly wildly from his hard dick. He continued to pump the huge man rammer in and out of his stretched ass until he had spilled every last drop and his body stopped convulsing in pleasure. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Shit, Brad thought, someone heard me!.

"Three minutes to air Mr. Snyder!" the stage managers voice came from the other side of the door. Shit, Brad thought and began cleaning himself up.

* * *

Luke and Noah strolled around Old Town together after finishing their lunch at Al's.

"Well that was an interesting lunch" Luke said

"Yeah" Noah said "I didn't know we were gonna get a show with dinner! Could you believe Vienna & Bonnie?" Noah laughed

"Yeah, and what about Brad making love to Dallas with his eyes?" Luke asked

"I guess he hasn't got that experimenting thing out of his mind yet" Noah blurted out innocently.

"What?" Luke asked. Noah looked shocked and afraid and said nothing. "Do you know something about Brad experimenting with guys?" Luke asked

Noah's eyes were immediately filling with tears. "Luke..." Noah breathed "We weren't together then, and he came on to me, I mean really came on to me and..."

"You and Brad!" Luke said shocked "You experimented with Brad, Brad Snyder!?"

Tears were flowing down Noah's cheeks now "Luke please, don't be upset, we were broke up and I thought we could never be together. I was so messed up. I'm so sorry, don't leave me!" He said grabbing Luke's hand

"Oh, Noah" Luke said pulling Noah close "I'm not leaving you. I know you love me, and like you said, we weren't together. It's not like I was a monk or something when we were broke up. I love you and we're forever, remember, we promised each other. I know you love me. Of course that's no going to stop me from Killing Brad". Luke said angrily.

* * *

"Come on Case, lets go in and get something to eat." Matt said standing outside of Mabel's Red Hots.

"I'm not hungry" Casey said hostilely "Let's just go home"

"Well I'm starving" Matt said "I haven't had anything to eat today except your cum" Matt said playfully

"Matt, Shut Up! What if someone heard you" Casey said

"Since when are you so uptight?" Matt asked "You certainly weren't this uptight when you were getting gang-banged by every guy in the slammer! And so what if someone heard me, no one in the park even gave Luke and Noah a second glance"

"You sure gave Noah as second glance!" Casey said before he could stop himself

"What are you talking about?" Matt asked

"Oh come on Matt, you were all over him. Rubbing up against him, getting him to take his shirt off" Casey said

"We all took our shirts off!" Matt said "I was just guarding him!"

"Oh please!" Casey said "If he was a woman you would have fathered his children right there on the basketball court!"

"You're jealous!" Matt said smiling a big goofy smile

"Get over yourself dude" Casey said "You're full of it"

"You are jealous" Matt said laughingly "I'm flattered"

"Shut up and lets go eat" Casey said and stalked into Mabel's and sat down at a table.

"Um...I'll go order for us" Matt said and left Casey alone to sulk. What am I doing?, Casey thought angrily at himself. I am jealous; I'm picking fights with Matt and dreaming of Will when I should just be enjoying having Matt. Stupid, Stupid Case! he thought.

"Matt?!" Casey heard a familiar female voice say "When did you get back? It's so good to see you!" Casey turned to see Alison Stewart rush over and hug Matt. Great, Casey thought, now I have a female and a male for Matt to fawn over! This is fucking not gonna happen, Casey thought getting up from his seat.

"I love the new hair color" Matt was saying to Alison as Casey approached

"Hi Alison" Casey said grabbing Matt by the arm "Bye Alison" He said dragging Matt out of the restaurant. Casey drug Matt out into the alley behind Mabel's and leaned up against the wall, pulling Matt up against him.

"What are you doing Case?" Matt asked

"I'm tired of us fighting, of me acting like a dick!" Casey said "I want you Matt, I want you to take me right here in this ally in broad daylight!" Casey said pulling Matt closer and rubbing against him.

"What if someone sees us?" Matt asked fearfully

"Who cares, right?" Casey said kissing wildly around Matt's neck and pulling Matt's shirt off.

"You're gonna get us thrown in jail!" Matt protested pulling at Casey's shorts in spite of himself.

"I don't care as long as were in there together" Casey said and kissed down Matt's chest

That pushed Matt over the edge "You're such a fucking dirty stud" Matt said returning Casey's kisses and pinning him hard against the wall, pulling Casey's shorts off.

"I want you to fuck me Matt" Casey said spitting on his hand and reaching in Matt's shorts and lubing up his dick. "I want you to fuck me hard right here against this wall." Casey demanded.

"You're the boss" Matt said grabbing Casey's legs and pushing him against the wall, holding him off the ground. Casey's expert ass accepted Matt's hard dick in one quick plunge.

"Yeah that's what I want" Casey moaned trying to hold himself up against the wall so Matt could put as much force into his thrusts as possible. "Fuckin' take my ass Matt, It's all yours, It's all you need isn't it?"

"Oh yeah Case, you're all I need!" Matt grunted thrusting hard into Casey's eager butt. "Are you just figuring that out? You're the sexiest fucker I've ever known!"

Matt fucked Casey as hard as he could, while holding the hot stud up. The midday sun baked their naked bodies as they fucked without abandon in the outdoors for the first time. Both were drenched in sweat and moaning and grunting and calling each others names, both having completely forgotten about worrying if someone heard them. Casey felt Matt's dick fill his ass over and over again and let himself go totally, Matt was so fuckin' hot and Casey would take him as hard and as long as possible. Matt's muscles shown fully with the strain of holding Casey aloft and giving his ass the reaming of it's life.

"Oh fuck Case your so good" Matt groaned "I wish I could fuck you forever"

Matt slowly put Casey down to the ground and quickly pulled out. "What are you doing?" Casey asked "I thought you were gonna fuck me forever" He said breathing hard

"Yeah, well I'm about to nut" Matt said "and I know you love hot sperm on your tongue! Stick it out Casey" Matt commanded. Casey stuck his tongue out and looked up with bright blue eyes at his hot lover. Matt slowly jacked his cock at the tip of Casey's tongue wanting to see every drop slide down Casey's throat. Finally, Matt blew his load slowly, stream after stream spilled onto Casey's outstretched tongue and flowed back into his hungry mouth. Casey licked the last drop from Matt's slit and smiled up happily at Matt.

"I want you're seed too." Matt said getting down on the ground next to Casey and jacking and sucking on Casey's dick and sticking two fingers up Casey's hungry hole. It took only a few minutes of Matt's fingers expertly working his ass before Casey blew his load into Matt's cupped hand. Matt looked right into Casey's big blue eyes seductively and lapped Casey's thick semen out of hand, savoring every drop. When he was done he let Casey lick his hand too, just to get a taste, then kissed him passionately. "Shit man" Matt said "We better get dressed and get out of here before someone catches us. Besides we can be a lot more creative back at home!" Matt said winking devilishly.

* * *

"Now, for you men at home" Brad was saying in front of the cameras a WOAK "I'm going to show you how to improve your golf game in..."

"You pervert" a voice yelled onto the set

Brad and Katie turned to see Luke storming angrily onto the set. "Luke we're on live" Kim tried to say to stop him, but Luke stomped straight up to Brad and punched him in the jaw.

"Luke what are you doing?!" Katie yelled

"That's for taking advantage of my boyfriend you jerk." Luke yelled as Brad stared up at him from the floor. "You pushed yourself on him when he was hurt and confused and it was all just some sick experiment to you wasn't it!" Luke yelled

"No, Luke you don't know what you're talking about" Brad said rubbing his jaw

"Don't lie to me" Luke said and completely lost it, jumping on Brad and punching wildly, a knee landed in Brad's groin and he lost all ability to fight back. Kim and Katie grabbed a Luke's arms, trying to pull him off Brad but neither could manage it.

"Get over here and hold him back" Kim yelled at the camera man.

"Did that kid just say Brad screwed his boyfriend?" the camera man asked wide eyed

"Get over here and break this up or you're all fired!" Kim screamed

The crew snapped out of it and managed to haul Luke off of Brad, but Luke kept struggling.

"Luke, for heavens sake, stop it" Kim commanded

"What the hell, Luke" Brad cried nursing his bloody lip. "That thing with Noah, it just happened and it didn't mean anything to either of us."

"Brad's right Luke" Katie said tending to her husband "It wasn't even Brad's fault, I was worried about him being...you know...curious... and I told Lisa and she set the thing up between Noah and Brad as a test. It was my fault. I'm so sorry, I was sure you and Noah weren't together."

"Luke I would never try to steal your...boyfriend" Brad whispered

"You just stay away from us!" Luke yelled and stormed out of the studio.

"Are we at commercial?" Kim asked the stage manager

"Oh crap, I forgot in all the excitement" the stage manager said

"Go to commercial now, now!" Kim commanded then whirled on Brad "You have about ten minutes to come up with a story to tell our viewers to smooth this whole thing over." Kim said angrily "And you better hope this brings in higher rating, because if they go down you, sir, are fired, both of you!" she added to Katie as stalked away shouting orders to the crew.

* * *

Casey lay in his bed breathing heavily after the 6th round, it was the 6th right? In the ally, on the kitchen table covered in food, then the shower, the hallway, twice in the bed now, yup 6. Matt lay blissfully asleep. Casey certainly had not thought of Will again all afternoon. Yup, he had made the right decision, he and Matt would make a great couple. Casey woke Matt gently and got up and wrapped his towel from the shower around his waist. "Dude we haven't eaten hardly a thing all day. I'm starved, especially after all this exercise!" Casey said smiling and making a thrusting motion with his hips.

"Yeah I'm starving too!" Matt said picking up his own towel. The two went down to the kitchen and began fixing huge sandwiches. Then Casey heard the sound of cars pulling into the driveway.

"Crap it's my parents" Casey said wide-eyed

"Don't freak!" Matt said, quickly wetting his hair in the sink. "Good, now they'll think I just got out of the shower." The door swung open and Margo and Tom walked in.

"Casey don't you ever put any clothes on" Margo said

"We just got back from the courts" Matt said "We hit the showers but we were so hungry we came to eat before getting dressed."

"Yeah" Casey said "What are you guys doing home?"

"We have good news" Tom said "Matt is now officially a free man, I talked to the judge today, you're sentence is served."

"That's great!" Matt said clapping Casey on the back excitedly.

"That also means..." Margo said slowly "Its time for you to move out"

"What!" both Casey and Matt said.

"Susan's bringing Danny home tomorrow." Tom said "You'll have to go find your own place now Matt."

Damn, Casey thought, Nothing ever stays good in my life for long.

* * *

Lucinda Walsh blew into the Lakeview hotel like a hurricane. She quickly latched on to the first employee she saw, which just happened to be mousey little Sofie.

"Where is Mrs. Grimaldi" Lucinda demanded in her most stern voice

"Mrs. Grimaldi?" Sofie squeaked out

"Yes, yes, Lisa Grimaldi, the hair brained little woman who owns half this establishment. The other half being owned by my daughter Lily." Lucinda said threateningly

"Mrs. Grimaldi is in the dining room" Sofie squeaked out and ran for dear life.

"LISA!" Lucinda yelled storming into the dining room

"Oh, Lucinda" Lisa said mockingly, crossing her arms in front of her "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Do you have TIVO, Lisa" Lucinda asked grinning like a wolf.

"Well, yes, of course I do! What does that have to do with anything?" Lisa asked

"Do you TIVO a little piece of clap-trap called Oakdale Now?" Lucinda asked

"Well yes I do as a matter of fact." Lisa shot back

"Well, maybe you should go and watch it." Lucinda said angrily "I would never watch such drivel myself, but imagine my surprise when I was waiting in my doctor's office and saw my own grandson on that little show! And would you like to know what happened?"

"I have a feeling you're going to tell me" Lisa said wryly.

"Luke attacked Brad, right there on live television." Lucinda said "His own cousin"

"Why on earth would Luke...?" Lisa said

"It seems that Brad had some minor dalliance with Luke's beloved Noah" Lucinda said "And do you want to know the best part" Lucinda said clapping her hands together and smiling a sour smile "According to Brad's little tart Katie, you set the whole thing up!"

Lucinda shook a fist in Lisa's face "I should slug you myself!"

Lisa balled up her own fists and hopped on the heels of her feet like a banny rooster "Oh you just try it Lucy" she yelled "I'll smear you all over this hotel"

"Ladies Please" a stern voice said from across the dining room. Lisa and Lucinda both turned to see the scowling face of Oakdale's most beloved octogenarian Nancy Hughes staring at them. "What on earth are two women of your caliber doing acting like this in public!" Nancy asked

Lucinda toyed with her necklace then laughed a long haughty laugh. "So good to see you, as always, Nancy." She said and turned to stride out of the Lakeview, she shook her handbag back over her shoulder at Lisa. "You haven't heard the last of me Lisa" she said

"Oh as if I could ever get that lucky!" Lisa spat back

"Lisa" Nancy said lowering herself into a dinning chair "What have you done?"

"Now just what makes you think I did anything" Lisa said defensively

"Probably the fact I've known you the better part of 50 years and that though Lucinda Walsh is capable of many things, she rarely attacks without some perceived reason." Nancy said

"Well..." Lisa said twisting her rings and staring down at her hands "Katie and I might have done some...scheming." She said rolling her eyes

"You and Katie" Nancy said putting a hand up to the side of her face in mock horror. "Either of you on your own are bad enough, but the two of you together, the mind simply boggles!"

"Oh. Funny, Nance, funny" Lisa said tossing her hands up in the aid and plopping down in a dinning chair. "Why do I let myself get involved in these little peoples lives!?"

* * *

Outside WOAK, Luke leaned on the hood of his car and tried to catch his breath. He couldn't believe he had just beat the crap out of Brad, and all on live TV. The things you do for love! He thought. He was about to get in his car to leave when he saw Noah, coming down the street. Luke ran out to the curb to meet him.

"Did you walk all the way here?" Luke asked surprised

"I ran all the way here" Noah said "You ran off and left me in Old Town, I was afraid of what you were gonna do!" Noah then saw blood on Luke's knuckles and his eyes went wide. "What happened, are you hurt, are you alright" Noah blurted out

Luke looked embarrassedly at his knuckles "I'm fine, I sort off...beat up Brad to defend your honor." Luke said

"You beat up Brad! He's twice your size!" Noah said "Are you sure you're alright?" Noah asked and then said more fearfully "Are you sure we're alright?"

"I'm sure" Luke said kissing Noah. Luke let the kiss linger to reassure his troubled lover, but Noah pushed him back after a few minutes.

Noah pointed to the WOAK parking lot. "Isn't that you're dad's truck pulling in to WOAK?" Noah asked

* * *

"And don't forget to tune in next week for our week long special on sexuality, which will include many embarrassing moments from my own life and many more apologies to people I unintentionally upset" Brad said

"Think of Brad's tales as the "What not to do" segment folks" Katie said then she saw Kim trying to get her attention from off stage. Suddenly Holden Snyder came storming onto the set. He grabbed Brad by the collar and penned him against the counter.

"If you've hurt those boys," Holden yelled "I'm gonna make sure your face is never fit for television again!"

Brad babbled wildly and Katie climbed up on the counter and began slapping at Holden's arms trying to pry him off of her husband. Kim sighed from her place on the sidelines and turned to the stage manager "Well, at least this makes for exciting television" she said

* * *

"I told you this would feel great" Dallas moaned as he sat completely naked on his couch with his completely naked lover Detective Jack Snyder.

"Yeah it's good" Jack said smiling seductively as he rode up and down on a big black dildo. Jack marveled at this size of the even bigger dildo sliding in and out of Dallas' ass.

Dallas smiled at Jack "You like watching your big black stud take this huge cock don't you detective?" Dallas said "Just, wait" Dallas said "I love toys and I'm gonna introduce you to my full collection!" Dallas sighed. Dallas got up on all fours, fat dildo still clenched tight in his hole, and pointed his ass at Jack. "You want to take over for me detective?" He asked

"I'll give you a helping hand officer" Jack smirked and reached up and grabbed the end of the rubber dick sticking out of Dallas' ass. Jack slowly pulled the dildo almost all the way out and then just as slowly slide it back in, he continued stroking in and out of Dallas slow and long as Dallas moaned and squirmed. Dallas reached back to force the dildo into his ass harder and faster. Jack slapped Dallas' ass hard making his big muscley body jump "Bad boy" Jack said "I'm in charge right now!" he said continuing to slowly violate his lovers ass. Jack pulled the long dong out slowly again, then suddenly slammed it back in full force, Dallas yelped and moaned as Jack again and again slowly pulled the dildo out and then quickly rammed it in as hard as he could.

"Aw FUCK that's hot" Dallas moaned "AW FUCK" he screamed as the dildo rammed home again "Fucking ram that ass, AW FUCK, Holy Shit, DAMN dude, Oh FUCK" Dallas yelled again as his ass was slammed hard full of thick, long dildo. Jack now picked up the pace, sliding the dildo in and out of Dallas quickly, Dallas bucked his hips back into the invading toy, taking it as deep as it would go. Jack plowed his smaller dildo in and out of his own ass, making himself even hotter as he continued to delve the much bigger dildo deep into Dallas' muscled ass. "Shit dude, fuck me hard with that dick!" Dallas commanded though gritted teeth "Invade my ass, Aw YEEEAHH" Dallas yelled as Jack slammed the dildo home and grinded it around in his ass in a circular motion. Dallas' huge muscles clenched tight just to hold himself in position as Jack raped his ass, Dallas put his head down on the arm of the sofa, biting into the fabric, and arched his tight ass up as far in the air as he could to accept Jack's expertly handled dildo. Jack plugged the huge toy into Dallas over and over, throttling it into his grunting, sweaty lover. Jack bit and licked at Dallas' hard ass cheeks and even worked a few fingers in Dallas' stretched hole along with the giant rubber cock he was pounding him with. "Yeah stretch my ass farther, you hot fucking stud!" Dallas cried "Bite my ass man, tear it up" Jack kept on deep dicking Dallas until Dallas finally said "You ready for me to ram you're hole man?" Jack slammed his own dildo tight up his own ass and rolled onto his back with his legs sticking into the air.

"Ready for my cavity search Officer Griffin" Jack said with his silly, yet somehow still sexy way of trying to talk dirty. Dallas, huge dildo still up his own ass, reached down and grabbed the black rubber cock sticking out of Jack's ass. Dallas began sliding the dildo in and out "Remember how you deep dicked me long and slow?" Dallas asked "Well you're gonna get it hard!" Dallas yelled slamming the dildo quickly in and out of Jack's hole as fast as his powerful arms could manage. Jack gasped, his legs stretched out as far in the air as they would go in a perfect v and his toes curled as his ass was assaulted. Dallas crammed the dildo into Jack hard and fast, twisting and turning and thrusting it into the hot detective, making him moan and beg for it. Dallas bent down and wrapped his full lips around Jack's dick while he continued to dildo both of their holes fiercely. Finally Dallas said "I think we need to switch."

Jack looked up at him red-faced, thinking Dallas meant switching control again. He begged "No keep fucking me man"

"Oh, I'm going to!" Dallas said pulling the monster dildo out of his own ass and switching it out with the smaller one he had been screwing Jack with. Jack's red face broke out in a wide grin as Dallas shoved the smaller dildo up his own ass and began prying Jack open with the monster one.

"Oh fuck that's so huge" Jack moaned as his hole was stretched open "It's even bigger than you!" Jack's face and chest where red will the strain of taking the huge cock and he twisted roughly at his own nipples. Jack's breath caught in his throat over and over again as Dallas pushed the huge dildo in and out of his hole. "Oh God" Jack cried breathing heavily "Such a huge cock, fucking split me open with that thing, Dallas. God it's everywhere inside me, sooooo full of cock!" Soon Dallas began picking up the pace with his thrusts. The huge dildo speared in and out of Jack's hole, now opened up like a tunnel to except the wide invader to the hilt. The huge dildo made slurping and sucking sounds as Dallas plowed it in and out of Jack. Jack moaned and growled and bucked up against it as it stretched his ass to the limits. "Oh fuck it's soooo good" he whined "That fucking huge dildo is soooo gooood deep inside me" Jack growled "Oh fucking plow me wide open Dallas" Jack begged as the monster cock rammed him repeatedly, reaching down to spread his ass cheeks as wide as possible.

"Let's ride em' home" Dallas said getting on his haunches and riding up and down hard on his own dildo. Jack followed suit, bouncing up and down wildly on the huge dildo up his ass. Jack loved watching Dallas' magnificent body ride that dildo like a cowboy. The huge slabs of Dallas' pecs bounced up and down, his rock hard perfectly formed abs clenched tight and his huge erect cock flopping around oozing trails of pre-cum. Jack rode the fat monster dildo up his own ass just as hard, his own hard dick and chest bouncing fiercely as he drove the giant fake cock into himself. Suddenly the door to Dallas' apartment swung open.

"Dallas turn on channel 5, they keep showing Brad get his ass kicked over and..." Bonnie said

Dallas jumped up of the sofa, luckily he had the presence of mind to cover his crotch with a cushion, and the dildo fell out of his ass before Bonnie could see. "Oh...My...God" Bonnie said slowly as she stared at her cousin covered only in a couch cushion and Jack's naked back and shoulders showing over the top of the sofa. "What on earth...?" she asked shocked

Dallas squirmed only a minute and then said "Look Bonnie, Jack and I are together" He said reaching out and grabbing Jack's hand "We're a couple and we're together, O.K?"

"O...K..., well...I guess you won our bet." Bonnie said then promptly fainted.

* * *

Noah leaned back and tried to hold himself up on shaky arms and legs as Luke pounded up into him from beneath. Luke had already fucked Noah all over the bed and now Noah had climbed up on top of him to ride his cock, but Luke had kept control grabbing Noah's hips and holding him firmly in place as he jack hammered up into him. "Oh God Luke, Oh God Luke!" Noah kept saying, at least that's what he thought he was saying, part of him thought he was just mumbling unintelligibly as he got the hardest, hottest fuck of his life. Luke fucked relentlessly up into his lean lover, and Noah's head lolled around and groans and yelps of pleasure continually poured out of his mouth. Noah's legs and arms were shaking hard, his body overwhelmed by the intense pleasure Luke was slamming into him. Luke had no intention of stopping and he rolled Noah over flat on his stomach on the bed and continued deep dicking him. Noah begged for more "Oh Luke you're the hottest fucker ever, please fuck the life out of me Luke please, Oh god please!" Noah managed to breath out.

"Yeah, Noah, you can't get enough can you?" Luke said "I can't get enough of your sweet ass either, I `m gonna fuck you till I pass out!" Luke yelled thrusting like a man possessed. Noah lay there taking every inch of Luke deep up his ass, too exhausted with red hot sex to respond. Luke kept pounding and pounding and pounding into Noah until finally he flung his head back and let out a great yell, spilling his load deep in Noah's insides and collapsing on his sweaty back. Both boys lay breathing heavily, trying in vain to catch their breaths. Noah was completely spent. Finally, Luke rolled off of him and pulled him up on his side next to him. Noah's sticky cum, that he had blown sometime while Luke was piledriving him, strung between Noah's cock and the sheets. Luke caught some of it on his fingers and tasted it hungrily.

Noah was finally able to speak and said "God Luke that was the hottest sex ever, I'm going to have to get you all riled up more often." Noah said breathlessly

"I wanted to make you forget all about Brad" Luke said before he could stop himself

Noah turned over to face Luke and brushed his hand along Luke's cheek "Luke, I forgot about Brad the first time you kissed me again in Old Town, when Henry and Vienna got us back together. Just your touch is hotter to me than anything Brad did." Noah said "Still, if that's what inspired you to just give me the most mind blowing sex I've ever had, I'm not knocking it. But, I still feel bad about you beating up a member of your family because of me."

"You're my family" Luke said "But you're right, I want everything to be OK with the whole Snyder family. We should find a way to make peace between Brad and the rest of us."

"What are you gonna do?" Noah asked

"I think it's time for a good old fashioned Snyder family picnic at the pond" Luke said smiling


Whew, that was along chapter, probably too much story and not enough sex but I hope you still enjoy it. It was my attempt at writing a whole "episode". Don't worry next chapter will have the debut of a much requested guy from the show and a much requested pairing, with my own special twist on it of course, so keep reading. Let me know what you think at justicebyfire@aol.com, feedback makes all the difference!